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All sex offender data currently in our database from Massachusetts whose last name begins with the letter A are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Massachusetts sex offender information.

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Richard S Abany (M: 58) Richard Samuel Abany (M: 58) Michael Abbott (M: 22)
Abdel Karim Abdallah (M: 65) Saajid M Abdul-Ali (M: 44) Angelo A Abel (M: 51)
Felix Abellard (M: 47) Duncan Abodeely (M: 30) Ryan N Abramo (M: 35)
Kenneth Abrantes (M: 33) Raheem Rasheed Abubardar (M: 50) Daniel Acevedo (M: 41)
Elias M Acevedo (M: 42) Gilberto M Acevedo (M: 52) Oscar O Acuna (M: 43)
Michael Timothy Acus (M: 37) Earl L Adams (M: 77) John G Adams (M: 50)
Kenneth N Adams (M: 68) Winfield Adams (M: 56) Brian Marino Addeo (M: 34)
Joshua J Adelman (M: 40) David Alan Agazarian (M: 53) Vincent E Agostino (M: 71)
Joseph Agosto (M: 50) Roy Rodregues Agrela (M: 56) John Agrelo (M: 72)
Angel Luis Agront (M: 41) John Ahearn (M: 60) Richard Milton Ahearn (M: 64)
Herbie J Aho (M: 33) Casey Allan Aiken (M: 43) George Aiken (M: 73)
Gabriel Aka (M: 43) Horace R Akeley (M: 69) Michael Allen Albanese (M: 36)
Dana Keith Albee (M: 50) Carlton C Albert (M: 49) Christopher Albert (M: 51)
Harry L Albert (M: 53) Jose Alberus (M: 58) Joel Albino (M: 38)
Melvin Alejandro (M: 35) Steven K Alesi (M: 52) Raymond Craig Alexander (M: 39)
William John Alexander (M: 42) Roberto Estrada Alfaro (M: 48) Donald Alford (M: 60)
Sandalio Algaria (M: 43) Termos Ahmed Ali (M: 46) Jorge Luis Alicea (M: 35)
Juan J Alicea (M: 36) Palermo Alicea (M: 73) Gordon Allan (M: 82)
Rudolph Armand Allard (M: 38) Anthony Allen (M: 46) Dale Allen (M: 40)
Floyd G Allen (M: 55) James M Allen (M: 41) John Robert Allen (M: 70)
Michael Albert Allen (M: 28) Michael Albert Allen (M: 28) Robert M Allen (M: 38)
Tayon Allen (M: 36) Thurston A Allen (M: 37) William E Allen (M: 47)
Joseph Lee Allen (M: 45) Robert Allocco (M: 80) Anibal Almeida (M: 75)
Daniel Bruce Almeida (M: 36) Daniel Almeida (M: 43) Devon Almeida-Paul (M: 25)
Aaron G Alpern (M: 56) Alfred George Alsten (M: 43) Angel Luis Alvarado (M: 33)
Edgardo L Alvarado (M: 36) Jose L Alvarado (M: 54) Ruben Alvarado (M: 53)
Cristian U Alvarado (M: 35) Luis Alvarez (M: 45) Miguel Alvarez (M: 72)
Javier Alvarez-Rosario (M: 49) Gary Alverrado (M: 58) Joseph Alves (M: 61)
Michael P Alves (M: 35) Michael J Amann (M: 50) Mauricio Amaro (M: 63)
Marco A Amays (M: 60) Paul E Ambers (M: 64) Peter B Ames (M: 37)
Eduardo Amill (M: 31) Gerald A Amirault (M: 58) Bruce R Amstead (M: 43)
Patrick L Amuso (M: 39) Daniel L Anders (M: 52) David Stuart Anderson (M: 52)
David Carl Anderson (M: 60) Eddie Anderson (M: 55) Lewis E Anderson (M: 53)
Neil F Anderson (M: 59) Robert Jason Anderson (M: 47) Robert Leslie Anderson (M: 68)
Enos D Anderson (M: 41) Edward J Andrade (M: 36) Henry J Andrade (M: 54)
Henry J Andrade (M: 55) Phillip Andrade (M: 53) Robert E Andrade (M: 45)
Douglas Arthur Andrews (M: 36) Harry Dewayne Andrews (M: 50) James Michael Andrews (M: 54)
James A Andrews (M: 46) Joseph M Andrews (M: 43) Mark Anthony Andrews (M: 45)
Nathan Andrews (M: 46) Richard Andrews (M: 32) Sean Lewis Andrews (M: 26)
Walter Andrews (M: 53) Joseph M Andrews (M: 43) Kirk C Andrews (M: 25)
Jerry A Andries (M: 57) Neftaly Andujar Jr (M: 52) Mark T Anthony (M: 55)
Eric Anton (M: 41) Leroy Antone (M: 71) Steven Antone (M: 54)
George Antonelli (M: 50) Roger Anyon (M: 66) April Anziano (F: 44)
Kenneth Aoude (M: 44) Raymond M Aponte (M: 40) William R Aponte (M: 41)
Edison Aragones (M: 49) Richard Anthony Araujo (M: 47) Brian Archambault (M: 21)
Gerald Archibald (M: 72) Richard T Arden (M: 57) Paul J Arena (M: 44)
Timothy J Arena (M: 53) Ibn Yusuf Wa Arlene (M: 61) Alfred A Arment (M: 45)
Gordon K Armstrong (M: 63) Phillip Armstrong (M: 47) William C Arnold (M: 53)
Lawrence R Aronson (M: 53) Jose Arrastia (M: 60) Jose Arrastia (M: 66)
Carl L Arruda (M: 55) John Arruda (M: 63) Stephen Arsenault (M: 52)
Robert John Arsenault (M: 38) Brian Artherton (M: 33) Edward Leroy Arthur (M: 36)
Victor Francisco Arzu (M: 27) Richard M Asadoorian (M: 62) Christopher S Asante (M: 40)
Michael T Asciukiewicz (M: 55) Ronald A Aseltine (M: 69) Walter Lee Ashford (M: 59)
Kevin Lamar Ashley (M: 31) Keith D Ashwell (M: 55) Alan A Asselin (M: 58)
Douglas Arthur Atherton (M: 48) Karl Atwater (M: 43) James Albert Aucoin (M: 50)
Anthony L Austin (M: 39) Willie Avant (M: 60) Peter G Avellar (M: 46)
Allan Robert Avery (M: 46) James P Avery (M: 52) David Aviles (M: 33)
Gilberto Avilez-Suarez (M: 27) Julio Jocco Ayala (M: 52) Luis Osvaldo Ayala (M: 53)
Christopher G Ayles (M: 39)

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