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All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter V are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Lovett Vagie (F: N/A) Aquiles Abheel Valdez (M: 46) Michael Valdez (M: 23)
Shane Valencia (M: 47) Shane H Valencia (M: N/A) Vincent Peter Valenti (M: 63)
Vincent P Valenti (M: 64) Vincent P Valenti (M: N/A) Robert Valentine (M: 75)
John E Valenzuela (M: 40) Lloyd Anthony Valere (M: 52) Lloyd A Valere (M: 55)
Lloyd A Valere (M: N/A) Roy Valerie (M: N/A) Preston Valin (M: 45)
Preston Valin (M: N/A) Bradley J Vallere (M: 50) Bradley J Vallere (M: N/A)
Dennis Louis Vallery (M: 32) Roland J Vallery (M: 36) Roland J Vallery (M: N/A)
Dennis L Vallery (M: N/A) Roland J Vallery (M: 33) Randy Rudolph Vallian (M: 32)
Randy R Vallian (M: N/A) Lionel Vallien (M: 48) Lionel Vallien (M: 46)
Stacy Joseph Vallier (M: 35) Stacy J Vallier (M: N/A) Scottie Wayne Vallot (M: 37)
Scottie W Vallot (M: N/A) Scottie W Vallot (M: N/A) Scottie Wayne Vallot (M: 34)
Gary W Vampran (M: 62) Jeremy Obrian Vanburen (M: 28) Linda Marie Vanburen (F: 50)
Jeremy O Vanburen (M: N/A) Donald J Vancamp (M: N/A) Aaron Mitchell Vance (M: 48)
Darrin Matthew Vance (M: 31) Lydia P Vance (F: N/A) Robert A Vanderhoff (M: 57)
Roy A Vanderhoff (M: 63) Roy Vanderhoff (M: 61) Roy A Vanderhoff (M: N/A)
Roy A Vanderhoff (M: N/A) Clarence C Vandermark (M: 39) Donald Todd Vandersypen (M: 42)
Harvey Vaneckhoven (M: N/A) Tammy Rene Vanhooser (F: 42) Leonard Wayne Vanhouten (M: 46)
Debroah L Vanlehn (F: 49) Debroah L Vanlehn (F: N/A) Patrick Dean Vanleuven Jr (M: 46)
Kenneth Gordon Vanloh (M: 27) Rayford James Vanslyke (M: 32) Hendrick Dewey Vansuffelen (M: 57)
Hendrick D Vansuffelen (M: N/A) Hendrick D Vansuffelen (M: N/A) Jorge Alfarao Vargas (M: 34)
Jorge Alfaro Vargas (M: 37) Miguel Vargas (M: 72) Jorge A Vargas (M: N/A)
Eddie L Varice (M: 31) Leon Varice (M: 59) Leon Varice (M: N/A)
Tory D Variste (M: 26) Donald R Varnado (M: 57) Fairy Varnado (F: 48)
Javonica Varnado (F: 35) John D Varnado (M: 36) Victor R Varnado (M: 38)
August E Varnado (M: N/A) August E Varnado (M: N/A) Jackie D Varnell (M: N/A)
Marilyn Varo (M: N/A) Lazaro Grass Vasquez (M: 50) Miguel A Vasquez (M: 44)
Lazaro Grass Vasquez (M: N/A) Norman G Vaughan (M: N/A) Norman G Vaughan (M: N/A)
Alvin R Vaughn (M: 53) Charles Anthony Vaughn (M: 43) Gary John Vaughn (M: 61)
James Vaughn (M: 51) John Vircie Vaughn (M: 82) Robert W Vaughn (M: 39)
James Vaughn (M: N/A) John Vaughn (M: N/A) Louis Hernan Vazquez (M: 61)
James Anthony Vead (M: 27) James A Vead (M: N/A) Samuel Veal (M: 69)
Sedrick Dewayne Veal (M: 32) Sedrick D Veal (M: N/A) Samuel Veal (M: N/A)
Craig S Veal (M: N/A) Calvin Ray Veals (M: 43) Joseph A Veazey (M: 45)
Leonard M Veazie (M: 59) Leonard M Veazie (M: N/A) Donna Lyn/ Reed Veillon (F: 43)
Arthur Garcia Vela (M: 55) Arthur G Vela (M: N/A) Rudy Velasqez (M: N/A)
Eva Marie Vellier (F: 48) Eva M Vellier (F: N/A) Chris Michael Venable (M: 26)
Christopher Michael Venable (M: 26) William Robert Venable (M: 46) William R Venable (M: N/A)
Anthony Ray Venson (M: 52) Anthony Venson (M: N/A) Anthony Venson (M: N/A)
Joseph Ventress (M: 31) Anthony Ernest Ventry (M: 42) Nathan Ventry (M: 34)
Anthony E Ventry (M: N/A) Nathan Ventry (M: N/A) Anthony Ventry (M: 40)
Jose Alfredo Ventura (M: 28) Jose A Ventura (M: N/A) Edward Tremaine Vercher (M: 34)
Joshua K Vercher (M: N/A) Edward T Vercher (M: N/A) Jack Vercher (M: 58)
Tyler Watson Vercher (M: 20) Charles J Verda (M: 37) Charles J Verdain (M: N/A)
Barthelemy B Verdin (M: 31) Cledemire Joseph Verdin (M: 75) Daniel Paul Verdin (M: 51)
Jack Wilson Verdin (M: 66) Jessie A Verdin (M: 60) Joseph Delbert Verdin (M: 48)
Kenneth Curtis Verdin (M: 41) Paul Henry Verdin (M: 49) Ray Paul Verdin (M: 26)
Troy Michael Verdin (M: 29) Daniel P Verdin (M: N/A) Cledemire J Verdin (M: N/A)
Paul A Verdin (M: N/A) Jack W Verdin (M: N/A) Jason J Verdin (M: N/A)
Wiggis J Verdin (M: N/A) Kenneth C Verdin (M: N/A) Daniel P Verdin (M: N/A)
Patrick P Verdin (M: N/A) Jack W Verdin (M: N/A) Ray P Verdin (M: N/A)
Paul A Verdin (M: N/A) Wiggis Verdin (M: 37) Paul Anthony Verdin (M: 41)
Mario Verdun (M: 35) Mario Verdun (M: N/A) Peter Rowland Vermilye (M: 52)
Joseph F Verneuil (M: 65) Joseph Verneuil (M: 62) George T Vernier (M: N/A)
Langie James Vernon (M: 29) Lain Vernon (M: N/A) Brad Michael Verret (M: 35)
Johnny Richard Verret (M: 46) Joseph Lawrence Verret (M: 63) Michael Anthony Verret (M: 52)
Phillip J Verret (M: 41) Joseph L Verret (M: N/A) Michael A Verret (M: N/A)
Phillip Verret (M: N/A) Johnny R Verret (M: N/A) Albert Kirby Verrett (M: 62)
Nollie Paul Verrett (M: 25) Zechary Emile Verrett (M: 33) Zechary E Verrett (M: N/A)
Albert K Verrett (M: N/A) Albert K Verrett (M: N/A) Eric T Verrette (M: 28)
Juan P Verrette (M: 45) Michael Verrette (M: 29) Eric T Verrette (M: N/A)
Juan G Verrette (M: N/A) Eric T Verrette (M: N/A) Michael Vespa (M: 59)
James Vessel (M: 33) Ratley D Vessel (M: 45) James Vessel (M: N/A)
Norris Vessell (M: 56) Norris L Vessell (M: N/A) Norris L Vessell (M: N/A)
David E Vessels (M: N/A) Robert Alan Vetsch (M: 58) Michael J Veuleman (M: 44)
Michael J Veuleman (M: 41) Michael J Veuleman (M: N/A) Herman Veve (M: 46)
Geary Louis Viator (M: 57) Jerry Wayne Viator (M: 59) John Arthur Viator (M: 54)
Jerry W Viator (M: N/A) Earlis J Viator (M: N/A) John A Viator (M: N/A)
Stephan Louis Viator (M: 22) John D Vice (M: 52) John Dale Vice (M: 50)
Collins Price Vicknair (M: 33) David J Vicknair (M: 32) Nolan Joseph Vicknair (M: 57)
David J Vicknair (M: N/A) Collins Vicknair (M: N/A) Nolan J Vicknair (M: N/A)
Leonard Victor (M: 55) Michael Allen Victor (M: 41) Samantha Helen Victor (F: 46)
Carey Alonzo Victorian (M: 49) Kathlen K Victorian (M: N/A) Robert E Victory Iii (M: 32)
Charles Videau (M: 36) Charles Videau (M: N/A) Ryan Alexander Vidrine (M: 29)
Tony Curtis Vidrine (M: 45) Ryan A Vidrine (M: N/A) Oscar Vifil (M: 24)
Mark E Vigier (M: 48) Mark E Vigier (M: N/A) Arthur J Viguerie (M: 40)
Arthur Joseph Viguerie (M: 38) Arthur J Viguerie (M: N/A) Eduardo Vilaseco (M: 35)
Charles Warren Villard (M: 32) Joseph A Villard (M: 30) Charles W Villard (M: N/A)
Joseph A Villard (M: N/A) Trent L Viltz (M: 23) Brad D Vincent (M: 33)
Calvin Roy Vincent (M: 45) Carl Joseph Vincent (M: 53) Daniel Ray Vincent (M: 29)
Gary W Vincent (M: 42) Jiemel Vincent (M: 79) Joshua P Vincent (M: 29)
Justin Jake Vincent (M: 22) Leonard Vincent (M: 51) Robert Neal Vincent (M: 53)
Spencer David Vincent (M: 68) Stephen Paul Vincent (M: 50) Wesley Pierre Vincent (M: 47)
Carl J Vincent (M: N/A) Jiemel Vincent (M: N/A) Wesley P Vincent (M: N/A)
Stephen P Vincent (M: N/A) Daniel R Vincent (M: N/A) Leonard Vincent (M: N/A)
Carl J Vincent (M: N/A) Leonard Vincent (M: 48) Scotty James Vincent (M: 39)
Steven C Vines (M: 29) Tracy Rupert Vines (M: 39) Winfred H Vines (M: 57)
Steven C Vines (M: N/A) Winfred H Vines (M: N/A) Joseph Paul Vinet (M: 49)
Todd D Vining (M: 34) Leo Vining (M: N/A) Leo Vining (M: 35)
Michele Marie Vinitti (F: 44) Rakisha Nicole Vinnett (F: 35) Isabella D Vinnett (F: 24)
Ethelius Vinson (M: 41) Nathaniel Virgin (M: 58) Wilton Walker Vital Jr (M: 40)
Eddie Dwayne Vitale (M: 49) Eddie D Vitale (M: N/A) Josephine Tolibao Vito (M: 36)
Richard Joshua Vito (M: 36) Luby J Vito (M: N/A) Patrick P Vito (M: N/A)
Richard J Vito (M: N/A) Brett Vitrano (M: N/A) Charles Joseph Viviano (M: 54)
Charles Joseph Viviano (M: 54) Charles J Viviano (M: N/A) Charles Joseph Viviano (M: 54)
Curtis Martin Vizinat (M: 45) Curtis M Vizinat (M: N/A) David Wayne Vogt (M: 57)
David W Vogt (M: N/A) David W Vogt (M: N/A) Justin P Voisin (M: 29)
Kirk Anthony Voisin (M: 33) Justin P Voisin (M: N/A) Kirk A Voison (M: N/A)
Kenneth Robin Vollm (M: 38) Kenny R Vollm (M: N/A) Denise Lynne Volpi (F: 51)
Denise Volpi (F: N/A) Willie Volson (M: 63) Willie Volson (M: N/A)
Jessie W Vontrees (M: 69) Jessie W Vontrees (M: N/A) Albert Voorhies (M: 58)
Brandon S Voorhies (M: 34) Michael D Voorhies (M: 30) Albert Voorhies (M: N/A)
Brandon S Voorhies (M: N/A) Davis L Vorice (M: 36) Davis L Vorice (M: N/A)
Jenny E Voris (F: N/A) Jenny E Vorise (F: 54) Steve Vorise (M: 50)
Steve Vorise (M: N/A) Page Voss (M: 48) Page C Voss (M: N/A)
Page C Voss (M: N/A) Randy Dean Voss (M: 46) Douglas Glenn Voth (M: 44)

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