Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : S

All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter S are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Jerome O Saahir (M: 64) Fulbert Louis Sabathier (M: 48) Fulbert L Sabathier (M: 48)
Fulbert L Sabathier (M: 48) Fulbert L Sabathier Jr (M: 45) Chester T Sadberry (M: 34)
Chester T Sadberry (M: N/A) Epifanio S Sagona (M: N/A) David Charles Sagrera (M: 54)
David C Sagrera (M: N/A) Mark Anthony Saintes (M: 51) Mark A Saintes (M: N/A)
Byron Bernard Sakobie (M: 29) Byron Barnard Sakobie (M: 29) Byron B Sakobie (M: N/A)
Byron B Sakobie (M: N/A) Carol A Saladino (F: 43) Philip Louis Saladino (M: 62)
Philip Saladino (M: N/A) Hisham Jamil Salam (M: 41) Michael E Salas (M: 32)
Michael E Salas (M: N/A) Joe Daniel Salazar (M: 53) Kenneth Salbador (M: 58)
Michael Jennings Sales (M: 41) Michael J Sales (M: 38) Juan Isabel Salgado (M: 37)
Jhony Salinas (M: 20) Michael W Salmon (M: N/A) James Arthur Salone (M: 49)
Nelson Delaney Salone (M: 34) James A Salone (M: N/A) Jomika Dewayne Salsberry (M: 30)
Jerad R Salter (M: 30) Richard Joseph Saltzman (M: 46) Richard J Saltzman (M: N/A)
Richard J Saltzman (M: N/A) Christopher Lee Sam (M: 26) Floyd Patrick Sam (M: 52)
Gerald Lee Sam (M: 45) Gregory James Sam (M: 31) Johnny Sam (M: 40)
Ronnie Sam (M: 56) Scott Sam (M: 40) Ronnie Sam (M: N/A)
Scott Sam (M: N/A) Mark A Samperi (M: N/A) Tammy Sue Sampey (F: 47)
David P Sampognaro (M: 50) David P Sampognaro (M: N/A) Christopher James Sampson (M: 32)
Eugene Sampson (M: 28) Isaiah Sampson (M: 27) Melvin Sampson (M: 51)
Quentin Charles Sampson (M: 42) William E Sampson (M: 56) Christopher J Sampson (M: N/A)
Eugene Sampson (M: N/A) Leroy J Sampy (M: N/A) Leroy J Sampy (M: N/A)
Stephen Eric Sams (M: 43) Stephen E Sams (M: N/A) Daniel Frederick Samuel (M: 53)
Frank Samuel (M: 59) Terrell J Samuel (M: 29) Terrell J Samuel (M: N/A)
Charlie H Samuels (M: 37) Charlie Henry Samuels (M: 37) Charlie Henry Samuels (M: 37)
Ivory L Samuels (M: 51) Ontario A Samuels (M: 41) Ontario A Samuels (M: N/A)
Matthew Curtis Sanabria (M: 30) Brad Lee Sanchez (M: 29) Gary J Sanchez (M: 61)
Gerry Joseph Sanchez (M: 53) Joshua Eli Sanchez (M: 23) Juan David Sanchez (M: 44)
Michael Paul Sanchez (M: 45) Roger Dale Sanchez (M: 34) Tracy Ann Sanchez (F: 39)
Gene Sanchez (M: 53) Gerry J Sanchez (M: N/A) Joseph A Sanchez (M: N/A)
Gary J Sanchez (M: N/A) Brad L Sanchez (M: N/A) Jairo Sanchez (M: N/A)
Roger D Sanchez (M: N/A) Michael P Sanchez (M: N/A) Gerry J Sanchez (M: N/A)
Roger D Sanchez (M: N/A) Robert Sanchez (M: 47) Darrell Sanchez (M: 40)
Niels Christian Sand (M: 39) Niels Christian Sand (M: 40) Kevin D Sander (M: 31)
Jacqueline Marie Sanderford (F: 46) Jacqueline Sanderford (F: N/A) Ameal B Sanders (M: 29)
Andrew Sanders (M: 32) Bruce E Sanders (M: 51) David Ray Sanders (M: 34)
Dinah Ray Sanders (F: 33) Dustin T Sanders (M: 25) Elbert Lee Sanders (M: 55)
Gregory Sanders (M: 50) Harley Bruce Sanders (M: 34) James Micheal Sanders (M: 57)
John B Sanders (M: 47) Kendall Jude Sanders (M: 42) Kerry J Sanders (M: 42)
Marlin Damon Sanders (M: 32) Michael D Sanders (M: 31) Willie Patrick Sanders (M: 36)
Matthew W Sanders (M: N/A) Frank K Sanders (M: N/A) Ameal B Sanders (M: N/A)
Gregory G Sanders (M: N/A) James M Sanders (M: N/A) Kerry J Sanders (M: N/A)
Willie P Sanders (M: N/A) John B Sanders (M: N/A) Thomas E Sanders (M: N/A)
Kevin D Sanders (M: N/A) Dinah R Sanders (F: N/A) Vernon J Sanders (M: N/A)
Matthew W Sanders (M: N/A) Ameal B Sanders (M: N/A) Bryce E Sanders (M: N/A)
Mark Sanders (M: 47) Kendal Dewayne Sanders (M: 21) Justin Wayne Sandifer (M: 28)
Justin W Sandifer (M: N/A) Justin W Sandifer (M: N/A) Jay Donavon Sandifer (M: 41)
Robert Guerrero Sandlin (M: 45) Paul Sandman (M: 36) Deanna M Sandoz (F: 46)
Deanna M Sandoz (F: N/A) Donnell Sandpiper (M: 33) Donnell Sandpiper (M: N/A)
Leo George Sanfie (M: 26) Alvin D Sanford (M: 55) Donald Bernard Sanson (M: 31)
Marvin Lee Santiago (M: 52) Walter P Santiago (M: 31) Stephen Michael Saponara (M: 47)
Stephen M Saponara (M: N/A) Stephen M Saponara (M: N/A) Andrew A Sapp (M: 64)
Andrew A Sapp (M: N/A) April Saravia (F: 34) April Saravia (M: N/A)
James Howard Sargent (M: 59) Lloyd Sargent (M: 55) Lloyd G Sargent (M: N/A)
James H Sargent (M: N/A) Dexter James Sargent (M: 72) James W Sarre (M: 47)
Jerry Sartin (M: 81) Jerry Sartin (M: N/A) Jason Michael Sartor (M: 34)
Jason M Sartor (M: N/A) Jay M Sasser (M: N/A) Stafford N/A Sasser (M: 72)
Larry Dee Satcher (M: 63) Edward Emmitt Satchfield (M: 66) Edward E Satchfield (M: N/A)
Garett Joseph Satterlee (M: 31) Thomas C Satterwhite (M: 33) Marcus Tyler Saucier (M: 25)
Renee Juella Saucier (F: 45) Renee J Saucier (U: N/A) Renee J Saucier (F: N/A)
August Anthony Saulino (M: 31) Jesse D Saulsberry (M: 37) Paul Saulsberry (M: 51)
Lamar Edwin Savage (M: 50) Lamar E Savage (M: N/A) Lamar E Savage (M: N/A)
Patrick G Savannah (M: 31) Patrick G Savannah (M: N/A) Patrick G Savannah (M: N/A)
John Joseph Savant (M: 24) John J Savant (M: N/A) Christopher D Savant (M: N/A)
Jeremy Scott Savario (M: 35) David Wayne Savell (M: 46) Jeremy S Saverio (M: N/A)
Brian Adam Savoie (M: 25) Ricky N Savoie (M: 30) Roland J Savoie (M: 60)
David P Savoie (M: N/A) Roland J Savoie (M: N/A) Brian A Savoie (M: N/A)
Danny Paul Savoie (M: 34) Donavan Edward Savone (M: 33) Benjamine Savoy (M: 24)
Brian Savoy (M: 32) Randy Paul Savoy (M: 30) Randy P Savoy (M: 32)
Rodney Savoy (M: 30) Tony James Savoy (M: 39) William C Savoy (M: 50)
William C Savoy (M: N/A) Melvin J Savoy (M: N/A) Randy P Savoy (M: N/A)
Amanda L Sawyer (F: 45) James Clay Sawyer (M: 26) John W Saxon (M: 64)
Linnie Saxon (M: 38) James R Saylor (M: 65) James Rufus Saylor (M: 65)
James R Saylor (M: N/A) Joseph Ronald Saylor (M: 37) Irvin Scales (M: 45)
Louis N Scarborough (M: N/A) Louis Neal Scarborough (M: 43) David T Scarbrough (M: 55)
David T Scarbrough (M: N/A) Rex Allen Scarbrough (M: 42) Michael J Scardina (M: 33)
Paula Marie Scarkino (F: 37) Paula M Scarkino (F: N/A) Leonard B Schaffer (M: 36)
Charles Madison Schaffield (M: 59) Charles M Schaffield (M: N/A) Timothy A Scharfenberg (M: 34)
Robert Blair Scharmen (M: 41) Clifton J Schaubert (M: 60) James Schaubert (M: 37)
James Schaubert (M: 34) Donald L Scheaffer (M: 74) Charles Anthony Scheidel (M: 37)
Rodney Anthony Scheidel (M: 52) Rodney A Scheidel (M: N/A) Kerrie L Schexnaider (F: 45)
Kerrie L Schexnaider (F: N/A) Kirk Douglas Schexnayder (M: 54) Shelia Ann Schexnayder (F: 40)
Vilmore Keith Schexnayder (M: 40) Vilmore K Schexnayder (M: 34) Kirk D Schexnayder (M: N/A)
Donald J Schexnider (M: 64) Dennis S Schexnider (M: N/A) Michael D Schexnider (M: N/A)
Donald J Schexnider (M: N/A) Neil Thomas Schibblehut (M: 37) Earl Richard Schierbaum (M: 33)
Charlotte Ann Schiffer (F: 44) Charlotte Ann Schiffer (F: 45) Donn Joseph Schillage (M: 48)
Donn J Schillage (M: N/A) James R Schilling (M: 35) James A Schilling (M: N/A)
James A Schilling (M: N/A) Tina L Schlegel (F: 40) Eric Daniel Schmidt (M: 37)
Richard Lee Schmidt (M: 25) Eric D Schmidt (M: N/A) Leonard Alan Schmidt (M: 46)
Leonard A Schmidt (M: N/A) David M Schmolke (M: 26) Thomas Joseph Schmolke (M: 35)
Thomas J Schmolke (M: N/A) Thomas Joseph Schmolke (M: 33) Thomas J Schmolke (M: N/A)
David C Schneider (M: 59) Keith Anthony Schneider (M: 50) Stephen Andrew Schneider (M: 27)
Tiffany Schneider (F: 30) Tiffany M Schneider (F: N/A) David Schneider (M: N/A)
Raymond E Schneller (M: 30) Raymond E Schneller (M: N/A) Joshua Marcas Schoell (M: 27)
Edward G Schoppe (M: N/A) Matthew W Schueler (M: 31) Matthew W Schueler (M: N/A)
Gilbert Louis Schuler (M: 35) Gilbert Schuler (M: N/A) Stephen D Schultz (M: 52)
Stephen D Schultz (M: N/A) David K Schumann (M: 40) David K Schumann (M: N/A)
Glyn Gerald Schwartzenburg (M: 73) Glyn G Schwartzenburg (M: N/A) Giovani August Sciandra (M: 72)
Giovani August Sciandra (M: 73) James Ray Sciscoe (M: 59) Johnathan Demetrius Sconyers (M: 27)
Aaron Wesley Scott (M: 36) Andrew Scott (M: 35) Anthony L Scott (M: 43)
Bruce D Scott (M: 39) Calvin Scott (M: 46) Carlton B Scott (M: 68)
Clifford Wayne Scott (M: 43) Contrell Scott (M: 36) Craig Logan Scott (M: 50)
Darren Scott (M: 28) Dominic Scott (M: 36) Donald Scott (M: 28)
Eddie R Scott (M: 56) Frederick Jerome Scott (M: 38) Gerald Scott (M: 51)
Harold Bernard Scott (M: 44) Harold Bernard Scott (M: 44) Henry Joseph Scott (M: 52)
Ivory Scott (M: 64) James Scott (M: 50) James Randall Scott (M: 39)
Jeffrey Brett Scott (M: 42) Jerry W Scott (M: 67) John Anthony Scott (M: 48)
Kyle Scott (M: 49) Malcolm Mikel Scott (M: 42) Malcolm M Scott (M: 44)
Michael J Scott (M: 46) Mitchell G Scott (M: 60) Nancy G Scott (F: 39)
Osborn Scott (M: 51) Pharren Scott (M: 34) Phillip Ray Scott (M: 50)
Prentis Montreal Scott (M: 28) Reginal Arnold Scott (M: 65) Roger Anthony Scott (M: 43)
Ronald Leroy Scott (M: 51) Starke Scott (F: 32) Walter Earl Scott (M: 40)
William W Scott (M: 69) Willie E Scott (M: 66) Clifford W Scott (M: N/A)
Bruce D Scott (M: N/A) Philip R Scott (M: N/A) Walter E Scott (M: N/A)
Anthony L Scott (M: N/A) Ronald L Scott (M: 33) Dominic Scott (M: N/A)
Contrell Scott (M: N/A) Frederick Scott (M: N/A) William W Scott (M: N/A)
Kyle E Scott (M: N/A) Quient J Scott (M: N/A) Eddie R Scott (M: N/A)
Joseph B Scott (M: N/A) Jeffrey B Scott (M: N/A) Reginald Scott (M: N/A)
Gerald L Scott (M: N/A) Calvin E Scott (M: N/A) Prestella K Scott (F: N/A)
Mitchell G Scott (M: N/A) Malcolm M Scott (M: N/A) Darren M Scott (M: N/A)
Robert E Scott (M: N/A) Willie E Scott (M: N/A) Andrew Scott (M: N/A)
Aaron Scott (M: N/A) Joseph B Scott (M: N/A) Darren M Scott (M: N/A)
Robert E Scott (M: N/A) Henry J Scott (M: N/A) Shelton Lee Scott (M: 53)
Kendall D Scott (M: 26) Terry Scott (M: 51) Howard Craig Scott (M: 48)
Richard A Scott Jr (M: 25) William Carey Scriber (M: 36) William C Scriber (M: N/A)
Cecil Lee Scribner (M: 35) John Scroggins (M: 30) Daniel Andrew Scully (M: 37)
Brett Scully (M: 47) Jason Paul Sea (M: 32) Jason P Sea (M: N/A)
Steven Michael Seagrave (M: 47) Steven M Seagrave (M: 46) Robert Joe Seal (M: 55)
Shonnel A Seals (F: N/A) Donald W Searcy (M: 64) Dawn Marie Searles (F: 26)
Brad Allen Sears (M: 35) James R Sears (M: 70) Samuel Edward Sears (M: 34)
Brad A Sears (M: N/A) Corey Dale Seaux (M: 41) Brian F Segura (M: 47)
Brian Francis Segura (M: 45) Brian F Segura (M: N/A) Verna Maureen Selander (F: 46)
Kenny W Self (M: 29) Loring Barnell Self (M: 32) Wilbert W Self (M: 41)
William E Self (M: 50) Kenneth W Self (M: N/A) Allen H Self (M: N/A)
Loring B Self (M: N/A) Wilbert W Self (M: N/A) Sam Lavon Sellers (M: 39)
Sam L Sellers (M: N/A) William R Selser (M: N/A) Roberto A Selva (M: N/A)
Bennie Selvage (M: 48) Bennie Selvage (M: 51) Bennie Selvage (M: N/A)
Timothy Alphonse Semien (M: 38) Timothy Alphouse Semien (M: 36) John J Semien (M: N/A)
Timothy A Semien (M: N/A) Bradley Dwyane Semper (M: 47) Eugene J Senat (M: 78)
Eugene J Senat (M: N/A) Steven Jay Sencial (M: 27) Overton Obrian Senegal (M: 28)
Rufus Senegal (M: 33) Terry J Senegal (M: 35) Rufus Senegal (M: N/A)
Terry J Senegal (M: N/A) Walter Sensat (M: 25) Steven Ashley Senters (M: 56)
Steven A Senters (M: N/A) Steven A Senters (M: 53) Hermann L Senyetter (M: 31)
Davis J Sepulvado (M: 41) Johnathon Sepulvado (M: 29) Tonya L Sepulvado (F: 30)
Davis J Sepulvado (M: N/A) Phillip J Sepulvado (M: N/A) Tonya L Sepulvado (F: N/A)
Earl Seraphine (M: 51) Robert Hugh Seratt (M: 66) Michael Roy Sereal (M: 25)
Wallace Sereal (M: N/A) Paul Sereal (M: N/A) Michael M Sereal (M: N/A)
Charles H Sergent (M: 58) Charles H Sergent (M: N/A) Talbot J Serigny (M: 50)
Talbot J Serigny (M: N/A) Arnold Joseph Serpas (M: 61) Arnold J Serpas (M: N/A)
Onofre Serrano (M: 78) Fernando E Serrano (M: N/A) Chancelor Jermaine Servick (M: 33)
Kolon Demetric Servick (M: 31) Chancelor J Servick (M: N/A) Kolon D Servick (M: N/A)
Derrick L Session (M: N/A) Richard Wayne Sessions (M: 34) Richard W Sessions (M: N/A)
Richard W Sessions (M: N/A) David Settlemeyer (M: 46) Jeffrey Lynn Severio (M: 51)
Jeffery L Severio (M: N/A) Jeffery L Severio (M: N/A) Henry Thomas Sevin (M: 71)
Richard Sevin (M: 39) Vanessa Marie Sevin (F: 42) Vanessa M Sevin (F: N/A)
Henry T Sevin (M: N/A) Thomas Bernard Sewell (M: 80) Jonathan Brian Sexton (M: 25)
Jason D Sexton (M: 37) Jason D Sexton (M: N/A) Jonathan B Sexton (M: 22)
Andrea Seymore (F: 42) David James Seymour (M: 56) David J Seymour (M: N/A)
Jerred Steve Shackelford (M: 26) Jarred S Shackelford (M: N/A) John N Shafer (M: 55)
Derrick O Shaffer (M: 27) Derrick Oneal Shaffer (M: 24) Leonard B Shaffer (M: N/A)
Derrick O Shaffer (M: N/A) Shahid Hussain Shah (M: 47) Shahid H Shah (M: N/A)
Dennis M Shampine (M: 30) Christina Shank (F: 55) Christina M Shank (F: N/A)
John Carl Shankles (M: 31) John C Shankles (M: N/A) Devair Shanklin (M: 43)
David Shannon (M: 46) David Alexander Shaposka (M: 28) David Wayne Sharon (M: 49)
Bobby Lee Sharp (M: 43) Clint Mclane Sharp (M: 25) Erron Matthew Sharp (M: 34)
Joshua Antonio Sharp (M: 22) Nhuan N Sharp (M: 24) Bobby L Sharp (M: N/A)
Erron M Sharp (M: N/A) David Sharp (M: 41) Jarred N Sharper (M: 24)
Jarred N Sharper (M: N/A) Leah Shaver (F: 48) Warren G Shavers (M: 26)
Chekeria Deness Shaw (F: 39) Christopher L Shaw (M: 29) Christopher Lyn Shaw (M: 31)
Jason D Shaw (M: 27) Larry Edward Shaw (M: 26) Christopher L Shaw (M: N/A)
Chekeria D Shaw (F: N/A) Ladell Shaw (M: N/A) Larry E Shaw (M: N/A)
Ladell Shaw (M: N/A) Ladell Shaw (M: 26) Ladell Anthony Shaw (M: 29)
Miles A Shea (M: 50) Charles Leslie Shearer (M: 73) Kingsley Ramone Shearron (M: 26)
Charles E Shehee (M: 37) David Lee Shelburne (M: 25) Rex Shane Sheley (M: 23)
Dale R Shelton (M: 54) Darryl James Shelton (M: 44) Dennis Shelton (M: 49)
George Shelton (M: 35) Larry E Shelton (M: 36) Larry E Shelton (M: N/A)
George B Shelton (M: N/A) Dennis M Shelton (M: N/A) Darryl J Shelton (M: N/A)
Darryl J Shelton (M: N/A) Anthony R Shelvin (M: N/A) Brandon D Shepard (M: 34)
Brandon D Shepard (M: N/A) Quinton Jewar Shepherd (M: 33) Ricky D Shepherd (M: 55)
Sterling Joseph Shepherd (M: 20) Quentin J Shepherd (M: N/A) Travis Tremayne Sheppard (M: 26)
William Sheppard (M: 59) Dylan Marcel Sheridan (M: 49) Jackie Lloyd Sheridan (M: 66)
Quentin Cade Sheridan (M: 34) Daniel Ray Sherlin (M: 38) Albert Sherman (M: 55)
Andrea Sherman (F: 42) Andrea Patrice Sherman (F: 44) Gaila F Sherman (F: 45)
Linda A Sherman (F: 49) Ray Lee Sherman (M: 45) Travis Wayne Sherman (M: 41)
William Arthur Sherman (M: 73) Charles Sherman (M: N/A) William A Sherman (M: N/A)
Gaila F Sherman (F: N/A) Andrea P Sherman (F: N/A) Bobby J Shewmake (M: 28)
Bobby J Shewmake (M: N/A) Arthur Shief (M: 64) Arthur Shief (M: N/A)
William L Shields (M: N/A) Bobby Lowell Shifflett (M: 50) Adam Hayes Shilow (M: 31)
George Charlie Shipman (M: 66) George C Shipman (M: N/A) Randal Ben Shipp (M: 50)
Roshawn Ellis Shipp (M: 30) Randal B Shipp (M: N/A) Roshawn E Shipp (M: N/A)
Charles W Shirah (M: 54) Charles W Shirah (M: N/A) Kim B Shoemaker (F: N/A)
Kim Julia Shoemaker (F: 49) Jimmy Shofner (M: 53) Garvis Sholes (M: 89)
Milton Lewis Sholmire (M: 65) Milton Lewis Sholmire (M: 65) Milton Lewis Sholmire (M: 64)
Eric Keith Short (M: 53) Eric K Short (M: 53) Nicole Elizabeth Short (F: 31)
Pleshette Short (F: 45) Randolph Short (M: 34) Nicole E Short (F: N/A)
Louis Tyrone Shorter (M: 35) Jack David Shortt (M: 77) Dale Edward Shorty (M: 50)
Earl Bruce Shoupe (M: 55) Earl B Shoupe (M: N/A) Pierre Shows (M: 44)
Pierre Shows (M: N/A) Eugene Shropshire (M: 58) Terrance L Shufelt (M: N/A)
Terrence L Shufelt (M: 33) Charles F Shutters (M: N/A) Jamie Terrell Shy (M: 22)
Laverto W Shyne (M: 29) Laverto W Shyne (M: N/A) Donald Edwin Sibley (M: 38)
Donald E Sibley (M: N/A) Giuseppe Siciliano (M: 36) David Michael Siegel (M: 46)
David M Siegel (M: N/A) Michael Brian Sieve (M: 43) Stoy Signal (M: 59)
Samuel J Signal (M: N/A) Stoy Signal (M: N/A) Stoy Signal (M: N/A)
Keith Siirila (M: 40) Daryl Eugene Sikes (M: 48) John T Sikes (M: 49)
Keith Cornelius Silas (M: 24) Benedict Louis Silcio (M: 64) Benedict L Silcio (M: N/A)
Alice C Silk (F: 47) Mitchell Silk (M: N/A) Mitchell Silk (M: N/A)
Clyde M Silve (M: 35) Clyde Silve (M: N/A) Lawrence C Silvester (M: 42)
Lawrence C Silvester (M: N/A) Elizabeth Simeon (F: 53) Atlantis Edward Simien (M: 29)
Bernesta Simmon (F: 49) Bernesta Simmon (F: N/A) Albert Simmons (M: 34)
Alphonso Wyatt Simmons (M: 37) Arthur Simmons (M: 53) Bernesta Simmons (F: 51)
Derrick Jerome Simmons (M: 28) Frederick Douglas Simmons (M: 35) Frederick Douglas Simmons (M: 35)
James Edward Simmons (M: 62) James Curtis Simmons (M: 57) James E Simmons (M: 57)
Jerry R Simmons (M: 49) Jerry Rafael Simmons (M: 49) Joe Ann Simmons (F: 53)
Joe Ann Simmons (F: 53) John D Simmons (M: 33) John Simmons (M: 36)
Johnny R Simmons (M: 42) Keith Obrien Simmons (M: 44) Larry W Simmons (M: 60)
Larry W Simmons (M: N/A) Lisa Michelle Simmons (F: 38) Milton L Simmons (M: 50)
Randall Jay Simmons (M: 33) Ronald Simmons (M: 42) Ronald L Simmons (M: 60)
Ronnie Simmons (M: 57) Theodore Simmons (M: 52) Thomas Simmons (M: 53)
Willie D Simmons (M: 47) Johnny R Simmons (M: N/A) Harold C Simmons (M: 44)
Danny R Simmons (M: 43) Leroy K Simmons (M: N/A) Harold M Simmons (M: 41)
Albert Simmons (M: N/A) Alfonso W Simmons (M: N/A) Ronald Simmons (M: N/A)
Theodore Simmons (M: N/A) James E Simmons (M: N/A) Larry W Simmons (M: N/A)
Jerry J Simmons (M: N/A) Bernesta Simmons (F: 52) Johnny Earl Simms (M: 44)
Joroid Derell Simms (M: 35) Joshua Wayne Simms (M: 31) Joshua Simms (M: 31)
Tremayne Armand Simms (M: 32) Wayne Michael Simms (M: 31) Tremayne A Simms (M: N/A)
Johnny E Simms (M: N/A) Elliot D Simms (M: N/A) Wayne M Simms (M: N/A)
Bryan Keith Simms Sr (M: 53) Angela Marie Simon (F: 48) Brant Allen Simon (M: 41)
Carlos Lamar Simon (M: 32) Charles M Simon (M: 38) Dion Grayson Simon (M: 39)
Ernie Joseph Simon (M: 59) Jeffery Lee Simon (M: 55) John Frederick Simon (M: 39)
John Frederick Simon (M: 37) Johnathon W Simon (M: 49) Johnny Paul Simon (M: 46)
Marlon Dequincey Simon (M: 30) Navarius L Simon (M: 29) Reinaldo Quinones Simon (M: 68)
Jonathan W Simon (M: N/A) Marlon D Simon (M: N/A) Angela M Simon (F: N/A)
Carl A Simon (M: 42) Navarius L Simon (M: N/A) Carlos Simon (M: N/A)
Leroy J Simon (M: 55) John F Simon (M: 32) Johnny P Simon (M: N/A)
Reynaldo Simon (M: N/A) Jeffrey L Simon (M: N/A) Jude M Simon (M: N/A)
Carlos Simon (M: N/A) John F Simon (M: N/A) Jude Michael Simon (M: 28)
Louis Simon (M: 47) Janet Simon (F: 44) Merlin Simoneaux (M: 48)
Merlin Simoneaux (M: N/A) Kyle Simoneaux (M: 43) John William Simonelli (M: 70)
John W Simonelli (M: N/A) Archie Dewayne Simpson (M: 36) Darrell Marcel Simpson (M: 49)
Michael B Simpson (M: 28) Robert Simpson (M: 69) Victor L Simpson (M: 47)
Troy S Simpson (M: N/A) Darrell M Simpson (M: N/A) Robert E Simpson (M: N/A)
Archie D Simpson (M: N/A) Victor L Simpson (M: N/A) Michael B Simpson (M: N/A)
Victor Lee Simpson (M: 44) Brian K Sims (M: 25) Elliot Durane Sims (M: 32)
Jimmy Eugene Sims (M: 65) John David Sims (M: 28) Robert L Sims (M: 47)
Rocky Dale Sims (M: 35) Steven L Sims (M: 41) Tommy Sims (M: 57)
Toriano Jermaine Sims (M: 38) Willie Julius Sims (M: 58) Toriano J Sims (M: N/A)
Mack H Sims (M: N/A) John D Sims (M: N/A) Brian K Sims (M: N/A)
Willie J Sims (M: N/A) Brian K Sims (M: N/A) Kennen Dewayne Sinegal (M: 24)
Otis Joseph Sinegar (M: 53) Charlotte Singh (F: 53) Glenn Anthony Singleton (M: 36)
Larb Singleton (M: 53) Melvin Singleton (M: 63) Renee A Singleton (F: 42)
William Tyron Singleton (M: 45) Glen A Singleton (M: N/A) Renee A Singleton (F: N/A)
Melvin Singleton (M: N/A) William T Singleton (M: N/A) Kenneth O Singleton (M: N/A)
Kenneth O Singleton (M: 31) Christopher M Sinitiere (M: 28) Christopher M Sinitiere (M: N/A)
Elijah Sinkler (M: 51) Dale Sinnie (M: 49) Trinell Sippio (F: 47)
Trinell Sippio (F: N/A) John Michael Sipple (M: 38) John M Sipple (M: N/A)
Ricky D Sisk (M: 36) Ricky D Sisk (M: N/A) Karen Lynn Sisson (U: 46)
Virgil Wayne Sistrunk (M: 68) Virgil W Sistrunk (M: N/A) Desmond Skelton (M: 32)
Benjamin E Skerrett (M: N/A) Benjamin Elliot Moore Skerrett (M: 66) Robert P Skidmore (M: 53)
Wendell Skidmore (M: 32) Wendell Skidmore (M: N/A) Christopher D Skinner (M: 39)
Jack Woodford Skinner (M: 31) James A Skinner (M: 59) William Alvis Skinner (M: 44)
Jack W Skinner (M: N/A) William J Skinner (M: N/A) James A Skinner (M: N/A)
Damian Paul Skipper (M: 38) Damian P Skipper (M: N/A) Charles Bradley Slade (M: 43)
Charles B Slade (M: 40) Sherell Ann Slate (F: 46) Sherell Ann Slate (F: 46)
Channing Roy Slaughter (M: 29) James Kevin Slaughter (M: 29) Winnie Slaughter (M: 53)
Winnie Slaughter (M: N/A) Channing R Slaughter (M: N/A) James K Slaughter (M: N/A)
Shona Renee Slavent (F: 34) Shona Renee Slavent (F: 32) Shona R Slavent (F: N/A)
Mike Anthony Slay (M: 32) Robert Slaybaugh (M: 20) Thomas L Slaydon (M: 40)
Thomas L Slaydon (M: N/A) Jason Wayne Slayton (M: 28) Jason W Slayton (M: N/A)
Jason W Slayton (M: N/A) Jason W Slayton (M: N/A) Bobby Joe Sloan (M: 26)
Kevin Dewayne Sloan (M: 33) Michael Ray Sloan (M: 47) Kevin D Sloan (M: N/A)
Bobby J Sloan (M: N/A) Gary O Slocum (M: 41) Gary O Slocum (M: N/A)
Gary O Slocum (M: N/A) Andre Small (M: 48) Andre Small (M: 49)
Gary E Smalls (M: 31) Marcus D Smallwood (M: 32) Marcus Dewayne Smallwood (M: 31)
Jared Logan Smart (M: 23) Jeffery Dane Smiser (M: 49) Adrian J Smith (M: 37)
Albert Bernard Smith (M: 54) Aljyross Larue Smith (M: 29) Allen Smith (M: 43)
Amos Smith (M: 63) Amy Danielle Smith (F: 24) Amy Lea Smith (F: 28)
Ananias Smith (M: 26) Andre J Smith (M: 35) Andrew L Smith (M: 32)
Archester Smith (M: 62) Arthur J Smith (M: 48) Austin Lee Smith (M: 28)
Barry Lynn Smith (M: 27) Benjamin Arthur Smith (M: 77) Benny Greg Smith (M: 32)
Brad E Smith (M: 30) Bruce Anthony Smith (M: 31) Carry Thomas Smith (M: 45)
Chad A Smith (M: 27) Chad A Smith (M: 28) Christian Keller Smith (M: 22)
Christopher Daniel Smith (M: 43) Christopher J Smith (M: 35) Daisy T Smith (F: 45)
Darrell Edward Smith (M: 38) David L Smith (M: 49) David D Smith (M: 57)
David D D Smith (M: 60) Deangelo G Smith (M: 35) Dennis Smith (M: 46)
Derrick Smith (M: 44) Donald Lee Smith (M: 41) Donald Ray Smith (M: 48)
Donnell Christopher Smith (M: 24) Douglas E Smith (M: 49) Doyle R Smith (M: 34)
Dwayne Paul Smith (M: 53) Eddie Sidney Smith (M: 45) Edward Smith (M: 38)
Erik M Smith (M: 28) Ervin L Smith (U: N/A) Ervin L Smith (M: 43)
Felton Wayne Smith (M: 52) Frank Smith (M: 57) Garfield Woodard Smith (M: 58)
Gene John Smith (M: 65) General Smith (M: 61) Gregory Terrell Smith (M: 26)
Guy Smith (M: 42) Harry Smith (M: 53) Harvey Smith (M: 57)
Herman Lee Smith (M: 47) J C Smith (M: 46) James Lee Smith (M: 59)
James Adam Smith (M: 35) Jay Harrison Smith (M: 69) Jeffery Barton Smith (M: 46)
Jeffrey Smith (M: 45) Jeffrey A Smith (M: 35) Jeremiah Lynn Smith (M: 33)
Jermel Demond Smith (M: 30) Jerry Rachal Smith (M: 30) Jerry Lee Smith (M: 44)
Jessie Joseph Smith (M: 34) Jessie G Smith (M: 65) Jimmy L Smith (M: 37)
Jimmy J Smith (M: 27) Jimmy K Smith (M: 41) John Dwayne Smith (M: 36)
John Smith (M: 69) John Louis Smith (M: 66) Johnnie Lee Smith (M: 61)
Johnny M Smith (M: 32) Johnny Dewayne Smith (M: 29) Jonathan Redon Smith (M: 34)
Joseph C Smith (M: 39) Joseph Nick Smith (M: 33) Joseph Smith (M: 20)
Karel Wayne Smith (M: 46) Keith Cordell Smith (M: 33) Kenneth J Smith (M: 24)
Kenneth L Smith (M: 31) Kenneth Clarce Smith (M: 41) Kerry Smith (M: 48)
Kevin Joel Smith (M: 41) Kevin Karell Smith (M: 34) Kristopher Robin Smith (M: 34)
Lakurvia T Smith (M: 31) Larrry Raymond Smith (M: 56) Larry Raymond Smith (M: 59)
Leroy Smith (M: 40) Leroy Smith (M: 39) Leroy Smith (M: 42)
Leroy N/M/N Smith (M: 41) Linda Marie Smith (F: 39) Lisa Jane Smith (F: 42)
Lloyd J Smith (M: 59) Lloyd Smith (M: 44) Lonnie Smith (M: 31)
Lorana Smith (F: 47) Lorrin Pernell Smith (M: 49) Louis James Smith (M: 21)
Mario Torrence Smith (M: 23) Maxwell A Smith (M: 32) Michael W Smith (M: 40)
Michael S Smith (M: 39) Michael Derrel Smith (M: 30) Michael Spence Smith (M: 41)
Nathaniel Louis Smith (M: 40) Ola L Smith (F: 58) Oliver Roy Smith (M: 51)
Paul Allen Smith (M: 63) Percy E Smith (M: 56) Philip Smith (M: 62)
Quillan T Smith (M: 29) Quincy James Smith (M: 21) Randall L Smith (M: 31)
Rashied J Smith (M: 34) Rebecca G Smith (F: 51) Ricky Smith (M: 31)
Robert L Smith (M: 58) Robert M Smith (M: 50) Robert Joseph Smith (M: 78)
Robert Joseph Smith (M: 34) Robert Demond Smith (M: 36) Robert Allen Smith (M: 33)
Robert Dale Smith (M: 18) Ronald Dewayne Smith (M: 41) Rusty Lee Smith (M: 27)
Scott Bradford Smith (M: 54) Sidney Smith (M: 58) Terrence Smith (M: 38)
Terry Wayne Smith (M: 45) Terry M Smith (M: 38) Terry L Smith (M: 46)
Terry Micheal Smith (M: 40) Thomas O Smith (M: 41) Thomasina Smith (F: 40)
Timothy A Smith (M: 44) Timothy D Smith (M: 43) Walter Larry Smith (M: 28)
Walter John Smith (M: 35) William Thomas Smith (M: 55) William Smith (M: 40)
William Jimmy Smith (M: 33) William Eugene Smith (M: 39) Zantari Smith (M: 24)
Toney T Smith (M: N/A) Olivier R Smith (M: N/A) Brad E Smith (M: N/A)
Scott S Smith (M: N/A) Robert M Smith (M: N/A) Robert J Smith (M: N/A)
Archester Smith (M: N/A) Jerome Smith (M: N/A) Timothy D Smith (M: N/A)
Michael W Smith (M: N/A) Jeffery Smith (M: N/A) William J Smith (M: N/A)
Deangelo G Smith (M: N/A) Christopher J Smith (M: N/A) Kevin K Smith (M: N/A)
Coty C Smith (M: N/A) Archester Smith (M: N/A) Charles J Smith (M: N/A)
George A Smith (M: N/A) Andrew L Smith (M: N/A) Bobby J Smith (M: N/A)
James L Smith (M: N/A) Jonathan G Smith (M: N/A) Samuel Smith (M: 42)
Eddie S Smith (M: N/A) Jerry L Smith (M: N/A) Joseph C Smith (M: N/A)
Dennis W Smith (M: N/A) Leroy Smith (M: N/A) Jessie J Smith (M: N/A)
Kent F Smith (M: N/A) Dwight D Smith (M: N/A) Rashied J Smith (M: N/A)
Nathaniel L Smith (M: N/A) Maxwell A Smith (M: N/A) Mark B Smith (M: 40)
Ola L Smith (F: N/A) John J Smith (M: N/A) Albert B Smith (M: N/A)
Jeannie M Smith (F: N/A) Jason Smith (M: N/A) Allen K Smith (M: N/A)
Danieal E Smith (F: N/A) Gregory T Smith (M: N/A) Edward Smith (M: N/A)
Pamela Smith (F: N/A) Emelda Smith (F: N/A) Kerry A Smith (M: N/A)
Sidney L Smith (M: N/A) Leroy H Smith (M: 35) Terrence M Smith (M: N/A)
Terry M Smith (M: N/A) Daisy T Smith (F: N/A) Kenneth L Smith (M: N/A)
Lonnie T Smith (M: N/A) Rebecca G Smith (F: N/A) Darrell E Smith (M: N/A)
John Smith (M: N/A) Zantari Smith (M: N/A) Jeremiah L Smith (M: N/A)
Adrian J Smith (M: N/A) Christopher T Smith (M: N/A) Donald L Smith (M: N/A)
Jerry R Smith (M: N/A) Johnny M Smith (M: N/A) Lisa J Smith (F: N/A)
Joseph N Smith (M: N/A) Valintie L Smith (F: N/A) Demarcus D Smith (M: N/A)
Lloyd J Smith (M: N/A) Christopher P Smith (M: N/A) Eual H Smith (M: N/A)
Larry R Smith (M: N/A) Linda M Smith (F: N/A) Lorne P Smith (M: N/A)
Shawn M Smith (M: N/A) David D Smith (M: N/A) Douglas E Smith (M: N/A)
Jimmy J Smith (M: N/A) Quillan T Smith (M: N/A) Bruce A Smith (M: N/A)
Dwight Smith (M: N/A) Gene J Smith (M: N/A) James A Smith (M: N/A)
Jimmy K Smith (M: N/A) Jessie L Smith (M: N/A) Dwayne P Smith (M: N/A)
Gary W Smith (M: N/A) Andre J Smith (M: N/A) Erik M Smith (M: N/A)
Johnny D Smith (M: N/A) Jimmy L Smith (M: N/A) Doyal R Smith (M: N/A)
Jeffrey A Smith (M: N/A) Garfield W Smith (M: N/A) Scott B Smith (M: N/A)
Amos Smith (M: N/A) David L Smith (M: N/A) William Smith (M: N/A)
Ananias Smith (M: N/A) Rusty L Smith (M: N/A) Tony R Smith (M: N/A)
Albert B Smith (M: N/A) Barry L Smith (M: N/A) Jeannie M Smith (F: N/A)
Zantari Smith (M: N/A) Daisy T Smith (F: N/A) Ervin L Smith (M: N/A)
Lonnie T Smith (M: N/A) Terrence M Smith (M: N/A) Terry M Smith (M: N/A)
Lisa J Smith (F: N/A) Joseph N Smith (M: N/A) Larry R Smith (M: N/A)
Jimmy J Smith (M: N/A) Russell C Smith (M: N/A) Dwayne P Smith (M: N/A)
David L Smith (M: N/A) Jay H Smith (M: N/A) Erik M Smith (M: N/A)
Michael W Smith (M: N/A) John D Smith (M: N/A) Albert B Smith (M: 52)
Christopher Todd Smith (M: 34) Coty C Smith (M: 27) Danieal E Smith (F: 32)
Lonnie Ray Smith (M: N/A) Percy Edward Smith (M: 53) Shawn M Smith (M: 38)
Josephine Smith (F: 82) Stephen Smith (M: 42) Douglas Allen Smith (M: 56)
Jonathan Smith (M: 49) Robert Oneil Smith (M: 47) Christopher James Smith (M: 33)
Clifton W Smith (M: 35) Michael L Smith (M: 45) Sean Fielding Smith (M: 45)
William F Smith (M: 45) Frank Richard Smith (M: 55) Byron Smothers (M: 43)
David Smothers (M: 63) Byron Smothers (M: N/A) David Smothers (M: N/A)
James Smothers (M: 33) Ricky D Smuin (M: 53) Ricky D Smuin (M: N/A)
Clarence Joseph Smythe (M: 80) Clarence J Smythe (M: N/A) Deunta D Sneed (M: 29)
Marion J Sneed (M: 68) Marion J Sneed (M: N/A) Jasper Anthony Sneeze (M: 23)
Joshua A Snelling (M: 27) Delissa Tramel Snider (F: 32) David Lee Snoddy (M: 55)
Joe E Snodgrass (M: N/A) Joe Ed Snodgrass (M: 78) Mack M Snowden (M: 24)
Ronald R Snowden (M: 59) Christopher L Snowden (M: N/A) Ronald R Snowden (M: N/A)
Brandon D Snowton (M: 33) Patricia Snowton (F: 63) Brandon D Snowton (M: N/A)
Diana Sue Snyder (F: 45) Mark Linfield Snyder (M: 50) Nancy Lee Snyder (F: 56)
Mickey A Snyder (M: N/A) Mark L Snyder (M: N/A) Nancy L Snyder (F: N/A)
Diana S Snyder (F: N/A) Nancy L Snyder (F: N/A) Donnie Leroy Snyder (M: 55)
Bounhak Sodabanh (M: 45) Bounhak Sodabanh (M: N/A) Bounhak Sodabanh (M: 42)
Darryl Glenn Soileau (M: 46) Kenneth R Soileau (M: 33) Kevin Patrick Soileau (M: 48)
Mathew Soileau (M: 38) Paul Soileau (M: 64) Vernal J Soileau (M: 51)
Kevin P Soileau (M: N/A) Kenneth R Soileau (M: N/A) Brennan Louis Soirez (M: 27)
Miguel Ignacio Solano (M: 38) Miguel Ignacio Solano (M: 35) Miguel Solano (M: N/A)
Charles Coleman Solet (M: 35) Dale Michael Solet (M: 35) John Clayton Solet (M: 50)
Charles C Solet (M: N/A) Dale M Solet (M: N/A) Dwayne Soley (M: 42)
Timothy W Solice (M: 33) Timothy W Solice (M: 26) Julian Martin Solomon (M: 30)
Kevin Dwayne Solomon (M: 39) Milligan Lee Solomon (M: 31) Stephen Solomon (M: 81)
Milligan L Solomon (M: N/A) Stephen S Solomon (M: N/A) Kevin Solomon (M: N/A)
Cynthia Solomon (F: N/A) Julian M Solomon (M: N/A) Stephen S Solomon (M: N/A)
Hugh Joseph Songe (M: 74) Al James Sonnier (M: 29) David Troy Sonnier (M: 44)
Donald Wayne Sonnier (M: 40) Ernestine Marie Sonnier (F: 35) Jerrel Keith Sonnier (M: 22)
Jerry C Sonnier (M: 45) Joseph L Sonnier (M: 47) Joseph L Sonnier (M: 49)
Lionel Sonnier (M: 26) Marvin J Sonnier (M: 51) Michael S Sonnier (M: 25)
Michael Shane Joseph Sonnier (M: 26) Marvin J Sonnier (M: N/A) Donald W Sonnier (M: N/A)
Lionel Sonnier (M: N/A) David T Sonnier (M: N/A) Lawrence Sonnier (M: N/A)
Lionel Sonnier (M: N/A) Micheal S Sonnier (M: N/A) Mary A Sophus (F: 52)
Juaquin Soria (M: 39) Josephine Sortino (F: 43) Josephine Sortino (F: N/A)
Santiago G Soto (M: N/A) Keith A Southerland (M: 41) Kurt Michael Southerland (M: 35)
Jeremy Lawayne Sowell (M: 31) Kenneth D Sowell (M: 52) Raymond Davis Sowyer (M: 52)
Raymond Davis Sowyers (M: 52) Raymond D Sowyers (M: N/A) Leonard Francis Spady (M: 43)
Leonard F Spady (M: N/A) Jonathan G Spann (M: 45) Ray Anthony Spann (M: 31)
Ray A Spann (M: N/A) Jonathan G Spann (M: N/A) Jonathan Wade Spargo (M: 31)
Arthur R Sparkman (M: 35) Arthur R Sparkman (M: N/A) Arthur R Sparkman (M: N/A)
Louis John Sparlin (M: 46) Michael Anthony Sparrow (M: 46) Michael A Sparrow (M: N/A)
Troy Dean Speaks (M: 60) Troy Dean Speaks (M: 60) Christopher Spearman (M: 43)
Antonio Oneall Spears (M: 19) Donald Wayne Spears (M: 51) Mark A Spears (M: 46)
Michael W Spears (M: 51) Scott Everette Spears (M: 30) Donald W Spears (M: N/A)
Tauriano D Spears (M: N/A) Sandra M Spears (F: 56) Mark A Spears (M: N/A)
Scott E Spears (M: N/A) Scott E Spears (M: N/A) Terrell Lorenzo Spears (M: 23)
Brandon Patrick Spears (M: 23) Breezie Marie Speer (F: 26) Steven W Speights (M: 32)
Steven W Speights (M: N/A) Steven W Speights (M: N/A) Steven W Speights (M: 29)
Clint Wayne Spell (M: 27) Clint W Spell (M: N/A) Channell Spencer (F: 28)
Clifton Spencer (M: 62) Eddie Lee Spencer (M: 37) Marcus D Spencer (M: 32)
Roy S Spencer (M: 40) Tyler Sloan Spencer (M: 22) Eddie L Spencer (M: N/A)
Andrew K Spencer (M: N/A) Roy S Spencer (M: N/A) Michael Spensley (M: 73)
Derrick A Spicer (M: 29) David Randall Spiers (M: 47) Robert Voorhies Spiller (M: 61)
Damon Troy Spoon (M: 34) Christopher John Sprague (M: 72) David Taylor Sprague (M: 29)
Christoper J Sprague (M: N/A) Kendall Daral Spriggs (M: 29) Kendall D Spriggs (M: N/A)
Patricia Ann Springer (F: 46) Patricia A Springer (F: N/A) Gary Lee Springstead (M: 31)
Bobby F Sproles (M: 54) Bobby F Sproles (M: N/A) Anthony Davis Spruel (M: 40)
Jeremy Lee Spry (M: 31) Jeremy L Spry (M: N/A) Jeremy L Spry (M: N/A)
Adam Ray Spurgeon (M: 36) Adam R Spurgeon (M: N/A) Christopher Spurlock (M: 29)
Derodrick D Spurlock (M: 34) Derodrick D Spurlock (M: 32) Roderick L Spurlock (M: 28)
Derodrick D Spurlock (M: N/A) James Edward Spurs (M: 39) Kendall Christopher Squall (M: 27)
Kendall Christopher Squall (M: 27) Kendall C Squall (M: N/A) Jason Elmo Square (M: 53)
Jason Elmo Square Sr (M: 53) Charles David Stafford (M: 41) Christopher James Stafford (M: 26)
Henry James Stafford (M: 33) Henry Stafford (M: 33) Jackie M Stafford (F: 47)
John E Stafford (M: 41) John Everett Stafford (M: 42) Reginald Donta Stafford (M: 31)
Ronnie Bernard Stafford (M: 50) Terry L Stafford (M: 40) Terry L Stafford (M: N/A)
Henry J Stafford (M: N/A) Reginald D Stafford (M: N/A) Tommy E Stafford (M: N/A)
John Stafford (M: 30) Charles Douglas Stage (M: 30) Charles D Stage (M: N/A)
Matthew Ezekiel Stager (M: 40) Dennis Matthew Stakes (M: 34) Leroy Stalbert (M: 57)
Leroy M Stalberte (M: 59) Bennie L Stalling (M: N/A) Leonard B Stallworth (M: N/A)
Pamela Kaye Stalnakeer (F: 31) Joseph P Stamm (M: 53) Kenneth Donald Standard (M: 64)
Kenneth D Standard (M: 64) Kenneth D Standard (M: N/A) Bobby Joe Standifer (M: 45)
Bobby J Standifer (M: N/A) Jonathon Myles Standridge (M: 31) Jonathon Myles Standridge (M: 31)
Lee Mario Stanfield (M: 46) David R Stanfill (M: 28) David R Stanfill (M: N/A)
David R Stanfill (M: N/A) John M Stanford (M: 31) John Mcallen Stanford (M: 34)
Steven Lowery Stanford (M: 46) John M Stanford (M: N/A) Edwin H Stanford (M: N/A)
Steven L Stanford (M: N/A) Charlie Stanford (M: N/A) John Mcallen Stanford (M: 31)
Benny Michael Stanley (M: 36) Darrell L Stanley (M: 40) Jeremiah Stanley (M: 29)
Joshua Lanise Stanley (M: 20) Michael S Stanley (M: 43) Darrell L Stanley (M: N/A)
Benny M Stanley (M: N/A) Noland Stansberry (M: 53) Noland M Stansberry (M: N/A)
Scott Alan Stansell (M: 49) Emerson E Stanton (M: 49) Harold Stanton (M: 38)
Harold Stanton (M: 26) Harold Stanton (M: N/A) Dean Marion Stapler (M: 43)
Dean M Stapler (M: N/A) Brooks Stapleton (M: 32) Kenneth Stapleton (M: 46)
Brooks Stapleton (M: 26) Brooks Stapleton (M: N/A) Norman Alton Stark (M: 30)
William N Starkey (M: N/A) Charles Timothy Starks (M: 61) Daniel L Starks (M: 33)
Charles T Starks (M: N/A) Danielle L Starks (M: N/A) Joseph Starks (M: N/A)
Donald Ray Starr (M: 56) Dave Starr (M: N/A) Alexander D Starr (M: N/A)
Donald R Starr (M: N/A) Malcolm J Station (M: 47) Malcolm J Station (M: N/A)
Stanford D Staton (M: N/A) William Howard Steakley (M: 46) Matthew Steckroat (M: 27)
Darrell Wayne Steel (M: 58) Juanita Steel (F: 44) Darrell W Steel (M: N/A)
Boris Cornelius Steele (M: 37) Delmont Steele (M: 32) Jason Paul Steele (M: 29)
Delmont S Steele (M: N/A) Bradley Alan Steeneck (M: 29) Gary R Stefan (M: 34)
Gary R Stefan (M: N/A) Charles Edward Steffey (M: 41) Darrell Stelly (M: 53)
Jeffrey Lane Stelly (M: 26) Joseph Curtis Stelly (M: 33) Mallan Joseph Stelly (M: 52)
Wilfred Danl Stelly (M: 29) Joseph C Stelly (M: N/A) Mallan J Stelly (M: N/A)
William D Stelly (M: N/A) Michael James Stelly (M: 21) Louis Stemley (M: 64)
Jerry G Stendebach (M: 67) Jerry G Stendebach (M: N/A) Aaron Wade Stenseng (M: 47)
Aaron W Stephens (M: 27) Javan M Stephens (M: 33) John Eric Stephens (M: 34)
John Eric Stephens (M: 34) Oscar Stephens (M: 55) Timothy C Stephens (M: 31)
Virginia Stephens (F: 38) Timothy C Stephens (M: N/A) Javan M Stephens (M: N/A)
John M Stephens (M: N/A) John M Stephens (M: 43) Timothy Cole Stephens (M: 28)
Troy T Stephenson (M: 32) Troy T Stephenson (M: N/A) Derrick Paul Stepter (M: 33)
Derrick P Stepter (M: N/A) Christopher A Sterling (M: 32) Christopher August Sterling (M: 34)
Michael Sterling (M: N/A) Christopher A Sterling (M: N/A) Christopher A Sterling (M: N/A)
Alton Bertell Sterlings (M: 33) Alton B Sterlings (M: N/A) Michael Dale Stermer (M: 55)
Michael D Stermer (M: N/A) Zaly Stern (M: 56) Albert Joseph Stevens (M: 27)
Ashley A Stevens (F: 25) Danny Ray Stevens (M: 30) Jackie Stevens (M: 50)
Lennie Adam Stevens (M: 76) Michael Kelly Stevens (M: 42) Ronnie James Stevens (M: 56)
Thomas P Stevens (M: 62) Charles J Stevens (M: 48) Ronnie J Stevens (M: N/A)
Jackie G Stevens (M: N/A) David J Stevens (M: N/A) Jackie G Stevens (M: N/A)
Thomas P Stevens (M: N/A) Jackie G Stevens (M: N/A) Lennie Adam Stevens (M: 75)
Derrick D Stevenson (M: 39) Donald R Stevenson (M: 47) Donald Ray Stevenson (M: 50)
Eric Dewayne Stevenson (M: 39) Kentrell Clarence Stevenson (M: 33) Troy Wayne Stevenson (M: 40)
Woodrow Stevenson (M: 39) Donald R Stevenson (M: N/A) Errol K Stevenson (M: N/A)
Derrick Stevenson (M: N/A) Kentrell C Stevenson (M: N/A) Eric Stevenson (M: N/A)
James Earl Stevenson (M: 53) Brent Steward (M: 27) Clarence A. Steward (M: 47)
James Steward (M: 66) Clarence A Steward (M: N/A) James A Steward (M: N/A)
Gregory L Steward (M: N/A) James A Steward (M: N/A) Anthony A Stewart (M: 27)
Calvin Stewart (M: 51) Charlene Stewart (F: 40) Clarence W Stewart (M: 76)
Dedrick Gerard Stewart (M: 31) Dennis J Stewart (M: 25) Drew R Stewart (M: 31)
Drew R Stewart (M: 34) Drew Regan Stewart (M: 34) Garry Carl Stewart (M: 57)
Ira Lee Stewart (M: 52) Isaiah Jordan Stewart (M: 27) James E Stewart (M: 36)
Jerry W. Stewart (M: 46) Johnny B Stewart (M: 29) Johnny Benjamin Stewart (M: 30)
Joseph Laverne Stewart (M: 44) Lucas F Stewart (M: 49) Micheal Dewayne Stewart (M: 44)
Monica M Stewart (F: 31) Nelson Joseph Stewart (M: 55) Paul Allen Stewart (M: 54)
Percy Stewart (M: 27) Robert Stewart (M: 68) Robert L Stewart (M: 47)
Robert Stewart (M: 68) Ronterrius Keion Stewart (M: 35) Stacy Darnell Stewart (M: 43)
Tom Kelly Stewart (M: 56) Stacy D Stewart (M: N/A) Garry C Stewart (M: N/A)
Ira L Stewart (M: N/A) Paul Stewart (M: N/A) Johnny B Stewart (M: N/A)
Dedrick G Stewart (M: N/A) Tom K Stewart (M: N/A) Charlene Stewart (F: N/A)
Ronterrius K Stewart (M: N/A) Isaiah J Stewart (M: N/A) Drew R Stewart (M: N/A)
Monica M Stewart (F: N/A) Robert L Stewart (M: N/A) David Franklin Stewart (M: 57)
Jaive T Stewart Sr (M: 34) Robert Stewartt (M: N/A) Stanley M Stickell (M: 64)
James Ray Stidman (M: 61) Robert D Stidman (M: 52) Robert Deal Stidmon (M: 56)
Richard Wesley Stieffel (M: 38) Richard W Stieffel (M: N/A) Hollis W Stiles (M: 32)
Michael P Stiles (M: N/A) Hollis W Stiles (M: N/A) Jack Douglas Stilley (M: 28)
Jack D Stilley (M: N/A) Allen P Stillwell (M: 57) Allen P Stillwell (M: N/A)
Donald A Stineff (M: 73) Donald A Stineff (M: N/A) Albert J Stinnett (M: N/A)
Albert Jay Stinnett (M: 65) James Keith Stinson (M: 59) William Christopher Stinson (M: 28)
Terrence Lamont Stjulien (M: 29) Louis James Stoddard (M: 31) Louis J Stoddard (M: N/A)
Jannie M Stokes (F: 51) Nichelle Beverly Stokes (F: 36) Raymond C Stokes (M: 41)
Thomas R Stokes (M: 45) Raymond C Stokes (M: N/A) Jannie M Stokes (F: N/A)
Tony Stokes (M: N/A) Alfred Lee Stokes Jr (M: 30) Howard Francis Stoliker (M: 50)
Brandon Michael Stone (M: 30) Donald R Stone (M: 58) Donnie J Stone (M: 55)
Lester Gene Stone (M: 43) Matthew Raymond Stone (M: 26) Matthew R Stone (M: 26)
Russell Leroy Stone (M: 63) Brandon M Stone (M: N/A) Donnie J Stone (M: N/A)
Clayton F Stonecypher (M: 40) Clayton Stonecypher (M: N/A) Albert Ray Storks (M: 52)
Albert R Storks (M: N/A) Phillip E Storm (M: N/A) Dewey Joseph Stoufflet (M: 62)
Gary A Stout (M: 62) John Craig Stout (M: 63) Gary A Stout (F: N/A)
John C Stout (M: N/A) Dennis L Stoute (M: 66) Lonnie P Stoute (M: 43)
Dennis L Stoute (M: N/A) Carlton James Stoutes (M: 46) Adam Rodney Stover (M: 55)
Adam R Stover (M: N/A) Lee Aubrey Stow (M: 28) Joseph Toussaint Stpierre (M: 48)
John Strader (M: 54) David Strahan (M: 38) Jonathan David Strange (M: 33)
Charles Louis Strate (M: 27) Charles L Strate (M: 24) Catherine Straughter (F: 46)
Michael Straughter (M: 25) James Stricken (M: N/A) James Stricken (M: N/A)
Angela Renee Strickland (F: 39) Tracy Strickland (M: 44) Tracy Strickland (M: N/A)
William M Strickland (M: N/A) Tracy Strickland (M: 41) William M Strickland (M: 49)
Cedric Demond Stringer (M: 27) Cedric D Stringer (M: N/A) Kevin D Stringfellow (M: 43)
Steven N Stringfellow (M: N/A) Kim Stromain (M: N/A) Jim Lee Strong (M: 42)
Jim L Strong (M: N/A) James W Strong (M: N/A) Anthony Strong (M: N/A)
Anthony Strong (M: 36) Roy James Strong (M: 34) Cleamen Strother (M: 42)
Daniel W Strother (M: 25) Cleamen Strother (M: N/A) Daniel W Strother (M: N/A)
Shannon Strothers (M: 42) Nathen Richard Stroud (M: 47) Don Harry Strub (M: 76)
Carl Oral Struggs (M: 53) Carl O Struggs (M: N/A) Cody Dale Stubblefield (M: 23)
Michael Alan Stubblefield (M: 29) Michael A Stubblefield (M: N/A) Michael A Stubblefield (M: N/A)
David F Stubbs (M: 37) David F Stubbs (M: N/A) Hillery Eugene Stuller (M: 43)
Milton Ray Stults (M: 53) Milton R Stults (M: N/A) Randall Keith Sturdivant (M: 44)
Randall K Sturdivant (M: N/A) Danny Carl Stutts (M: 36) Earl R Stutts (M: 30)
Jerry W Stutts (M: 42) Jerry W Stutts (M: N/A) Kenneth M Suarez (M: 47)
Kenneth M Suarez (M: N/A) Clodis Suire (M: 70) Corey James Suire (M: 21)
Kevin W Suire (M: 41) Mickey J Suire (M: 37) Wilfred Adams Suire (M: 49)
Wilfred Adam Suire (M: 47) Larry P Suire (M: N/A) Kevin W Suire (M: N/A)
Andy Jerome Sullivan (M: 46) Brantley Scevallier Sullivan (M: 32) Joel Alden Sullivan (M: 39)
Nicholas James Sullivan (M: 33) Perry Sullivan (M: 30) John P Sullivan (M: N/A)
Donald Wayne Sumler (M: 54) Ronald Keith Sumler (M: 44) Donald W Sumler (M: N/A)
Virgil Summer (M: 58) Mark H Summerlin (M: 38) Mark H Summerlin (M: N/A)
Daryl Summers (M: 52) James David Summers (M: 44) Tyrone Randy Summers (M: 24)
Wayne Summers (M: 74) Daryl A Summers (M: N/A) Wayne E Summers (M: N/A)
Wayne E Summers (M: N/A) Christopher Sumrall (M: 40) James M Sumrall (M: 46)
Robin L Sumrall (M: 49) Christopher Sumrall (M: N/A) Robin L Sumrall (M: N/A)
Christopher Sumrall (M: N/A) Shelton Jamie Sumrall (M: 18) Paul F Surla (M: 50)
Paul F Surla (M: N/A) Nolan Kim Sutherland (M: 56) Kurt M Sutherland (M: N/A)
Nolan K Sutherland (M: N/A) Robert Dewayne Suttle (M: 33) Carlos O Sutton (M: 31)
Chauncey G Sutton (M: 45) Rodriguez J Sutton (M: 31) Roy Lee Sutton (M: 50)
Roy L Sutton (M: N/A) Roy L Sutton (M: N/A) Chauncey G Sutton (M: N/A)
Rodriguez J Sutton (M: N/A) Michael Joseph Svehla (M: 35) Michael J Svehla (M: N/A)
Jimmy J Swafford (M: 23) Thomas Richard Swain (M: 44) Bradley M Swain (M: N/A)
Billy Anthony Swallows (M: 25) David Ray Swann (M: 29) Rodney Brian Swann (M: 38)
Rodney B Swann (M: N/A) David R Swann (M: N/A) David Ray Swann (M: 26)
Charles Edward Swanson (M: 41) Joshua K Swanson (M: 28) Joshua K Swanson (M: N/A)
Keith Michael Swanson (M: 41) Joshua Kyle Swanson (M: 28) Donald Raymond Swart (M: 32)
Troy D Swatt (M: 40) Troy D Swatt (M: N/A) Markus B Sweat (M: 29)
Markus B Sweat (M: N/A) Markus B Sweat (M: N/A) Cameron Dale Sweatt (M: 35)
Cameron D Sweatt (M: 35) Daniel Joseph Sweeney (M: 31) Clifton J Sweet (M: 37)
Randy D Swift (M: 28) Randall Swilley (M: 42) Randall S Swilley (M: N/A)
Randall S Swilley (M: N/A) Joseph Leonard Swire (M: 59) Joseph L Swire (M: N/A)
Jerry Eugene Sword (M: 40) Joseph A Sword (M: 36) Matthew Blair Sword (M: 26)
Tyson J Sword (M: 33) Van Arnez Sykes (M: 59) Wyntrell Jerome Sykes (M: 29)
Ernest Sykes (M: N/A) Ernest Jerome Sykes Jr (M: 30) Floyd Sylvan (M: 51)
Lisa Sylvan (F: 41) Lisa M Sylvan (F: N/A) Emanuel Sylvas (M: 52)
Darrell S Sylve (M: 28) Darrick M Sylve (M: 32) Darrick M Sylve (M: N/A)
Clarence J Sylve (M: N/A) Darrell S Sylve (M: N/A) Clarence Jairus Sylvester (M: 23)
Clarence Jairus Sylvester (M: 20) James Szabo (M: 70)

Other Available Data

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