Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : R

All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Jason Paul Rabalais (M: 25) Kenneth Francis Rabalais (M: 27) Jason P Rabalais (M: N/A)
Dennis Lee Raber (M: 66) Dennis L Raber (M: N/A) Geoffrey Aaron Rabsatt (M: 23)
Geoffrey A Rabsatt (M: N/A) Gary Raby (M: 32) Huey Raby (M: 66)
Eugene Joseph Racca (M: 74) Harold Rachal (M: N/A) Harold Rachel (M: 48)
Aswell Raymond Racine (M: 34) Leon A Racine (M: 65) Aswell R Racine (M: N/A)
Daniel Clay Radcliff (M: 57) Daniel C Radcliff (M: N/A) Daniel C Radcliff (M: N/A)
Frank H Radecker (M: 43) Frank H Radecker (M: N/A) James R Radican (M: 32)
Todd Nathen Radjenovich (M: 39) Todd Nathen Radjenovich (M: 39) Ryan Ashley Raffety (M: 31)
Ryan A Raffety (M: N/A) Barry J Rafflee (M: 30) Barry J Rafflee (M: N/A)
Merlin N Ragas (M: 41) Merlin N Ragas (M: 43) Merlin N Ragas (M: N/A)
Merlin N Ragas (M: N/A) Reginald T Ragland (M: 47) Reginald T Ragland (M: N/A)
Murel Rainey (M: 37) Terrell Rainey (M: 35) Terrell D Rainey (M: N/A)
Justin Paul Rainwater (M: 19) Stephen Bates Raley (M: 31) Rebecca Ramanis (F: 41)
Isaac Rambo (M: 36) Isaac Rambo (M: 34) Issac Rambo (M: N/A)
Jerry Wayne Ramey (M: 45) Willie E Ramey (M: 50) Benny R Ramirez (M: 46)
James Ramirez (M: 41) Allan Guillermo Ramos (M: 44) Allen Joseph Ramos (M: 38)
Gerardo Ramos (M: 35) Jose Ramos (M: 35) Allan G Ramos (M: N/A)
Felicia N Ramos (F: N/A) Allen J Ramos (M: N/A) Allan G Ramos (M: N/A)
Felicia N Ramos (F: N/A) Allan G Ramos (M: N/A) Jimmy L Ramsdell (M: 49)
Jimmy L Ramsdell (M: N/A) Jimmy L Ramsdell (M: N/A) Brian R Ramsey (M: 39)
Brian R Ramsey (M: N/A) Brian R Ramsey (M: 36) Harold Keith Ramuar (M: 48)
Edward Lee Randall (M: 51) Robert Randall (M: 60) Marcus D Randall (M: N/A)
Robert Randall (M: N/A) Gerald Leon Randall (M: 50) Paige Elizabeth Randazzo (F: 30)
Gerald L Randell (M: N/A) Gerald L Randell (M: N/A) Henry Isaiah Randle (M: 55)
Henry Lee Randle (M: 30) Johndale Antoine Randle (M: 39) Samuel George Randle (M: 50)
Johndale A Randle (M: N/A) Samuel G Randle (M: N/A) Breeze L Randle (M: N/A)
Henry L Randle (M: N/A) Danny R Randle (M: 46) Janice M Rando (F: 54)
James Randolph (M: 75) Junius Randolph (M: 47) Michael Lynn Randolph (M: 51)
Troy Randolph (M: 47) James H Randolph (M: N/A) Troy L Randolph (M: N/A)
Richard M Randolph (M: N/A) Troy L Randolph (M: N/A) Richard Max Randolph (M: 59)
Pierce Randy (M: N/A) Donald Lafayette Raney (M: 50) Clinton Lee Rankens (M: 31)
Craig Harold Rannells (M: 43) Craig H Rannells (M: N/A) Craig H Rannells (M: N/A)
Antwon L Ransburg (M: N/A) Antwon Lakeith Ransburg (M: 31) Clarence Ransom (M: 43)
Yvonne Marlo Ranzino (F: 40) Abdul Khaleea Raoof (M: 63) Abdul K Raoof (M: N/A)
Abdul K Raoof (M: N/A) James Garner Rasberry (M: 57) Jeffrey L Rasmusson (M: N/A)
Allison Lee Ratcliff (F: 40) Allison L Ratcliff (F: N/A) Ken A Ratcliff (M: N/A)
Ken Aubrey Ratcliff Jr (M: 47) Sandra Marie Ratka (F: 51) Sandra A Ratka (F: N/A)
Christopher David Ratliff (M: 30) James Kevin Ratliff (M: 45) Robert Ratliff (M: 65)
Christopher D Ratliff (M: N/A) Robert Ratliff (M: N/A) Christopher D Ratliff (M: N/A)
Robert S Rausin (M: 30) Robert S Rausin (M: N/A) Barold Lequene Raven (M: 34)
Barold L Raven (M: N/A) Darry Lee Raven (M: 48) Noah C Ravia (M: N/A)
Mario L Rawls (M: 32) Mario L Rawls (M: N/A) Thomas Bruce Rawson (M: 33)
Thomas B Rawson (M: N/A) Arthur Ray (U: N/A) Arthur Ray (M: 54)
Cedric L Ray (M: 33) Clarence Ray (M: 58) Craig L Ray (M: 51)
Curtis Eugene Ray (M: 48) Edward Ray (M: 49) Edward Ray (M: 50)
Larry F Ray (M: 45) Tyskie Torrell Ray (M: 30) Willie Ray (M: 56)
Arthur Ray (M: N/A) Tyskie T Ray (M: N/A) Willie Ray (M: N/A)
Craig L Ray (M: N/A) Cedric L Ray (M: N/A) Clarence Ray (M: N/A)
Edward Ray (M: N/A) Larry F Ray (M: N/A) Cortial Monique Ray (F: 24)
Alton Ray (M: 58) Ronald Lee Raybourn (M: 47) Terrell R Rayfield (F: 34)
Maverick D Rayford (M: 47) Terence Patrick Rayford (M: 47) Johnny L Rayford (M: N/A)
Mcarthur Raymo (M: 62) Wesley Raymond (M: 40) Leonce F Readeau (M: 45)
Justin Lester Reames (M: 31) Justin L Reames (M: N/A) Jeffrey Karl Reaney (M: 39)
Jeffrey K Reaney (M: N/A) Stanley Junior Reaux (M: 34) Broderick R Reaves (M: 43)
Jared J Rebardi (M: N/A) Jose Manuel Reconco (M: 20) Johnnie Lee Red (M: 42)
Redell Redd (M: 43) Redell Redd (M: N/A) John Douglas Redden (M: 65)
Kevin Reddick (M: 36) Pierre Reddick (M: 28) Timothy Reddick (M: N/A)
Christopher Antonio Reddix (M: 29) Phillip Lawrence Redich (M: 69) Chester Leon Redmond (M: 42)
Kermit Jerome Redmond (M: 60) Ronald Louis Redmond (M: 53) Chester L Redmond (M: 35)
Kermit Redmond (M: N/A) Ronald L Redmond (M: N/A) Keith William Redwood (M: 42)
Keith W Redwood (M: N/A) Charles Edward Reece (M: 61) Robert Lee Reece (M: 61)
Grant R Reed (M: 51) Donald L Reed (M: 46) Harry J Reed (U: N/A)
James William Reed (M: 40) John Charles Reed (M: 32) Joseph H Reed (M: 54)
Kenneth Eugene Reed (M: 23) Kenneth Eugene Reed (M: 25) Kevin J Reed (M: 29)
Loys M Reed (M: 70) Loys Milton Reed (M: 73) Mandingo Douglas Reed (M: 35)
Michael Wayne Reed (M: 39) Michael Reed (M: 30) Patricia Reed (F: 56)
Rebecca Ann Reed (F: 22) Samford Reed (M: 58) Scott Reed (M: 27)
Shantell Reed (F: 30) Terrance L Reed (M: 31) Donald L Reed (M: N/A)
Kenneth E Reed (M: N/A) Harry J Reed (M: N/A) Terry Reed (M: N/A)
Mandingo D Reed (M: N/A) Patricia J Reed (F: N/A) Harry J Reed (M: N/A)
Terrance L Reed (M: N/A) Quinton P Reed (M: N/A) Harry J Reed (M: N/A)
Harry J Reed (M: 39) Edward John Reeder (M: 39) Windell M Reeder (M: N/A)
Paul J Reeks (M: N/A) Cary James Reese (M: 40) Roderick D Reese (M: 31)
Willie Ray Reese (M: 37) Willie R Reese (M: N/A) Cary J Reese (M: N/A)
Eric Reese (M: N/A) Roderick D Reese (M: N/A) Brian W Reeves (M: 27)
Jason M Reeves (M: 34) Jason Manual Reeves (M: 37) Joe Hunter Reeves (M: 44)
John Nathaniel Reeves (M: 32) Lee R Reeves (M: 60) Lee Roy Reeves (M: 61)
Luther Leon Reeves (M: 60) Mickey T Reeves (M: 57) Susan Teresa Reeves (F: 35)
Luther L Reeves (M: N/A) John N Reeves (M: N/A) Mickey T Reeves (M: N/A)
Susan T Reeves (F: N/A) Joe Reeves (M: N/A) Jason M Reeves (M: N/A)
Julian Andrew Reffue (M: 33) Julian Andrew Reffue (M: 33) Julian A Reffue (M: N/A)
Ronald Refuge (M: N/A) Glynn T Regan (M: 29) Jonathan G Regan (M: N/A)
Glynn T Regan (M: N/A) Scott Christian Reggio (M: 45) Izetta Regis (F: 46)
Izetta Fontenette Regis (F: 46) Izetta Regis (F: N/A) Darryl Rehahn (M: 28)
Malcolm Reid (M: N/A) Gino Linn Reid (M: 55) Dustin D Reine (M: 25)
Gregory Andrew Reine (M: 56) Gregory A Reine (M: N/A) Michael Paul Reines (M: 30)
Frederick William 1v Reitterer (M: 27) Frederick William Reitterer Iv (M: 28) Ryan M Reitz (M: 31)
Ryan M Reitz (M: 28) Ryan M Reitz (M: N/A) Arthur L Reliford (M: 54)
George Dwayne Reliford (M: 29) Albert Remedies (M: 75) Joe B Remedies (M: 65)
Danny D Remedies (M: N/A) Joe B Remedies (M: N/A) Louis G Remont (M: N/A)
Francois Remy (M: N/A) Perry Wayne Renard (M: 51) Kenneth Paul Rene (M: 32)
Kenneth P Rene (M: N/A) Anthony Renfro (M: 49) Wayne Rentrop (M: 53)
Wayne A Rentrop (M: N/A) Brent Allen Reppond (M: 40) Brent A Reppond (M: N/A)
Patricia Respert (F: 51) Ben E Rester (M: 61) Denise Ann Retana (F: 40)
Andrew J Rethmeyer (M: N/A) Timothy Lewis Revere (M: 35) Timothy L Revere (M: N/A)
Anderson Revish (M: 23) Yubibi Reyes (M: 31) Sergio D Reyes (M: N/A)
Edward V Reyes (M: 38) Sergio Dario Reyes (M: 53) Jeremy Michael Reyna (M: 22)
Anthony Reynolds (M: 58) Arthur Frank Reynolds (M: 75) Charles E Reynolds (M: 43)
Darrell Martin Reynolds (M: 61) Graylon Jerrell Reynolds (M: 30) Norvel Reynolds (M: 54)
Ricky Joe Reynolds (M: 57) Sonia Reynolds (F: 45) Thomas W Reynolds (M: 34)
Braxton C Reynolds (M: N/A) Sonia P Reynolds (F: N/A) Sonia P Reynolds (F: N/A)
Ricky J Reynolds (M: N/A) Braxton Reynolds (M: 33) Norvel Reynolds (M: 51)
Arthur Frank Reynolds (M: 78) James Crawford Rhea Jr (M: 29) Ray Henderson Rheams (M: 50)
Randy E Rhen (M: N/A) Ronnie E Rhine (M: 49) Ronnie Earl Rhine (M: 52)
Ronnie E Rhine (M: N/A) Roderick Rhineheart (M: 56) Derrold Terrell Rhines (M: 38)
Benjamin Louis Rhodes (M: 31) David Earl Rhodes (M: 48) Deidre E Rhodes (F: 32)
Derrick D Rhodes (M: 31) James W Rhodes (M: 60) Wendy Anne Rhodes (F: 35)
James W Rhodes (M: N/A) Derrick D Rhodes (M: N/A) David E Rhodes (M: N/A)
Wendy A Rhodes (F: N/A) Denis R Rhodes (M: N/A) Deidre E Rhodes (F: N/A)
Antoine Dwayne Rhodes (M: 37) James Fernendo Rhodes (M: 45) Ernest Lonnie Rhodus (M: 39)
Ernest L Rhodus (M: N/A) Timothy D Rhone (M: 34) David Brian Rhoto (M: 51)
Michael Joseph Ribando (M: 52) Michael J Ribando (M: N/A) Michael J Ribando (M: N/A)
Micheal J J Ribando (M: 49) Jared J Ribardi (M: 29) Darryl Ricard (M: 47)
Derrick J Ricard (M: 36) John Eugene Rice (M: 51) Lewis Edward Rice (M: 53)
Willie E Rice (M: 38) Claude F Rice (M: 66) Jerry L Rice (M: N/A)
Claude Franklin Rice Jr (M: 65) Arthur Paul Richard (M: 35) Brian Abraham Richard (M: 27)
Bryan Joseph Richard (M: 32) Calvin J Richard (M: 58) Chorderro Richard (M: 24)
Christopher J Richard (M: 35) Craig Steven Richard (M: 34) Damien Keith Richard (M: 33)
David Paul Richard (M: 59) David C Richard (M: 56) Elvis A Richard (M: 32)
Elvis A Richard (M: 30) Eugene Richard (M: 33) Freddie James Richard (M: 35)
Gene Allen Richard (M: 42) George Wayne Richard (M: 55) Gerard Jerome Richard (M: 50)
Gilbert Richard (M: 55) Gregory D Richard (M: 39) Henry John Richard (M: 49)
John A Richard (M: 64) Karyn Sibley Richard (F: 49) Linton Richard (M: 42)
Louis C Richard (M: 60) Michael Joseph Richard (M: 50) Patrick B Richard (M: 35)
Raymond Richard (M: 50) Reginald Wayne Richard (M: 35) Reginald W Richard (M: 32)
Renard Joseph Richard (M: 26) Rickey James Richard (M: 27) Robert James Richard (M: 33)
Roderick Ryan Richard (M: 38) Samuel Richard (M: 48) Toby Wayne Richard (M: 37)
Patrick B Richard (M: N/A) Gerard J Richard (M: N/A) David P Richard (M: N/A)
Bryan J Richard (M: N/A) Louis C Richard (M: N/A) Freddie J Richard (M: N/A)
Damien K Richard (M: N/A) Craig S Richard (M: N/A) Linton Richard (M: 35)
Gregory D Richard (M: N/A) Gilbert Richard (M: N/A) Christopher J Richard (M: N/A)
Elvis A Richard (M: N/A) Renard J Richard (M: N/A) Karyn S Richard (F: N/A)
Reginald W Richard (M: N/A) Roderick Richard (M: N/A) Calvin J Richard (M: N/A)
Eugene Richard (M: N/A) Gene A Richard (M: N/A) Raymond Richard (M: N/A)
Toby W Richard (M: N/A) Henry J Richard (M: N/A) Freddie J Richard (M: N/A)
Calvin J Richard (M: N/A) Raymond Richard (M: N/A) Patrick B Richard (M: N/A)
Henry J Richard (M: N/A) Robert James Richard (M: 30) Anthony Richards (M: 47)
Anthony N Richardson (M: 34) Brian Jerome Richardson (M: 33) Chad Elliot Richardson (M: 40)
Coddie Dewayne Richardson (M: 30) Courtney Richardson (M: 27) Darnell Andra Richardson (M: 33)
Donald Ray Richardson (M: 56) Jeffery Paul Richardson (M: 51) Jerome Richardson (M: 21)
John Henry Richardson (M: 36) Jonathan Lee Richardson (M: 27) Julius Gus Richardson (M: 54)
Ken Ray Richardson (M: 51) Kenneth A Richardson (M: 59) Kenneth A Richardson (M: 57)
Kinte Darnek Richardson (M: 35) Marlene Richardson (F: 46) Willie Joseph Richardson (M: 32)
Barbara A Richardson (F: N/A) Allen D Richardson (M: N/A) Fredrick D Richardson (M: N/A)
Willie J Richardson (M: N/A) Brian J Richardson (M: N/A) Anthony N Richardson (M: N/A)
Kinte D Richardson (M: N/A) Antonio C Richardson (M: N/A) Jeffrey P Richardson (M: N/A)
Donald R Richardson (M: N/A) Jonathan L Richardson (M: N/A) Julius G Richardson (M: N/A)
Coddie D Richardson (M: N/A) Kinte D Richardson (M: N/A) Barbara A Richardson (F: N/A)
Irvin M Richardson (M: 44) Demario R Richmond (M: 33) Fernell Richmond (M: 35)
Fernell Matthew Richmond (M: 36) Travis Anthony Richmond (M: 33) Travis A Richmond (M: N/A)
Nawassa J Richmond (F: N/A) Fernell M Richmond (M: N/A) Nawassa Jannel Richmond (F: 45)
Michelle M Richoux (F: 43) Michelle M Richoux (F: N/A) Michelle M Richoux (F: N/A)
Daniel H Richter (M: 30) Daniel Richter (M: 30) Milton Ellis Rick (M: 32)
Milton Ellis Rick (M: 32) Milton E Rick (M: N/A) Tiffany M Rickman (F: 41)
Tiffany M Rickman (F: N/A) Antwine D Ricks (M: 30) Calvin E Ricks (M: 44)
Chad D Ricks (M: 33) Maxwell Jerrod Ricks (M: 44) Terry N Ricks (M: 33)
Maxwell Ricks (M: N/A) Chad D Ricks (M: N/A) Maxwell Ricks (M: 41)
William Fredick Ridall (M: 64) Byron G Rideaux (M: 53) Jeff Rideaux (M: 52)
Thaddeus Rideaux (M: 45) Thaddeus T Rideaux (M: N/A) Byron G Rideaux (M: N/A)
Chad E Rider (M: 42) Steven P Rider (M: 28) Edwin Keith Rider (M: 43)
Leticia A Ridgdell (F: 28) Travis C Ridgley (M: N/A) James W Ridings (M: 42)
James W Ridings (M: N/A) Thomas W Ridley (M: 43) Joshua E Rieffel (M: 20)
Joshua Rieffel (M: 22) Darvin R Rieger (M: 67) Darvin R Rieger (M: N/A)
Edwin P Riegger (M: N/A) Vaughn Martin Rigby (M: 45) Vaughn M Rigby (M: N/A)
Cleveland Riley (M: 46) Clinton D Riley (M: 30) Darrell Riley (M: 47)
Darwin Riley (M: 38) David Riley (M: 51) Dorian Dubois Riley (M: 36)
James Joseph Riley (M: 24) James M Riley (F: 61) Joshua Joseph Riley (M: 31)
Joyce Riley (F: 61) Julian A Riley (M: 25) Keintron Algean Riley (M: 30)
Lucas H Riley (M: 33) Marvin A Riley (M: 42) Michael W Riley (M: 42)
Peter K Riley (M: 55) Regina Maire Riley (F: 47) Peter K Riley (M: N/A)
Clinton Riley (M: N/A) Jeffery D Riley (M: N/A) Cleveland Riley (M: N/A)
Michael W Riley (M: N/A) Leslie J Riley (M: N/A) James J Riley (M: N/A)
Joyce Riley (F: N/A) Dorian D Riley (M: N/A) David Riley (M: N/A)
Lucas H Riley (M: N/A) Brian Edward Riley (M: 41) William Rinehart (M: 64)
William A Rinehart (M: 64) William A Rinehart (M: 66) William A Rinehart (M: N/A)
Willie Ringold (M: 80) John Walter Rinker (M: 53) John W Rinker (M: N/A)
Charles Carlo Rinkus (M: 56) Charles C Rinkus (M: N/A) Mark E Riopelle (M: 46)
Francisco Rios (M: 20) Jason Paul Rios (M: 29) Jason P Rios (M: N/A)
Salvadore F Rios (M: N/A) Salvadore F Rios (M: N/A) Rommel Dejesus Ripley (M: 37)
Wesley Patrick Risenhoover (M: 40) Willie Joseph Riser (M: 63) Willie J Riser (M: N/A)
Joseph Koger Risher (M: 36) Jennifer L Rist (F: N/A) Mark Ritchey (M: 20)
Joshua Wayne Ritter (M: 21) Gregorio F Rivas (M: 36) Antonio Rivera (M: 29)
Dawn Idalmy Rivera (F: 28) Jorge Rivera (M: 29) Ronald Rivera (M: 44)
Salomon Garcia Rivera (M: 47) Dawn J Rivera (F: N/A) Robert Adam Rivere (M: 39)
Altan L Rivers (M: 37) Dion M Rivers (F: 32) Kenneth D Rivers (M: 31)
Michael Patrick Rivers (M: 29) Charles R Rivers (M: N/A) Dion M Rivers (F: N/A)
Alton L Rivers (M: N/A) Gregorio F Rives (M: 33) Mae Lucille Rivet (F: 51)
Darren Joseph Rixner (M: 47) Darren Rixner (M: N/A) Darren Rixner (M: N/A)
Darren Joseph Rixner (M: 44) Antonio Jasper Rizzo (M: 37) Cynthia Marie Rizzo (F: 34)
Michael Anthony Rizzo (M: 40) Kelly L Roach (F: N/A) William E Roach (M: 70)
Michael Doyle Roark (M: 46) Michael D Roark (M: N/A) Carlton Robbins (M: 75)
Michael Roberson (M: 30) Travis Catrelle Roberson (M: 31) Michael C Roberson (M: N/A)
Scott Daniel Roberson (M: 43) William D Robert (M: 55) Alberta P Roberts (F: 24)
Andrew Keith Roberts (M: 33) Brad J Joseph Roberts (M: 33) Chad Michael Roberts (M: 34)
Charles Owens Roberts (M: 53) James Melvin Roberts (M: 44) James Douglas Roberts (M: 60)
James C Roberts (M: 30) Johnny J Roberts (M: 41) Kevin Roberts (M: 45)
Leander Gregory Roberts (M: 53) Lester Roberts (M: 45) Marcus Jay Roberts (M: 41)
Norris Roberts (M: 59) Ralph Mason Roberts (M: 68) Richard Matthew Roberts (M: 43)
Shane Michael Roberts (M: 35) Stephen L Roberts (M: 31) Trenton Javone Roberts (M: 26)
Linton J Roberts (M: 43) Paulette M Roberts (F: N/A) Richard M Roberts (M: N/A)
Marcus J Roberts (M: N/A) Shane M Roberts (M: N/A) Kevin Roberts (M: N/A)
Johnny J Roberts (M: N/A) Andrew K Roberts (M: N/A) Norris Roberts (M: N/A)
Stephen L Roberts (M: N/A) Brad J Roberts (M: N/A) Charles O Roberts (M: N/A)
Shawn M Roberts (M: N/A) Chad M Roberts (M: N/A) James D Roberts (M: N/A)
James C Roberts (M: N/A) James M Roberts (M: N/A) Stephen L Roberts (M: N/A)
Paulette M Roberts (F: N/A) Brad J Roberts (M: N/A) James D Roberts (M: N/A)
James C Roberts (M: N/A) Johnny J Roberts (M: N/A) Andrew Keith Roberts (M: 30)
Marcus J Roberts (M: 38) Richard Lee Roberts (M: 46) William Douglas Roberts (M: 54)
Arthur Rothhed Robertson (M: 29) Clifton R Robertson (M: 57) Corry Joshua Robertson (M: 25)
Damien D Robertson (M: 30) Demetrius D Robertson (M: 31) Derrick C Robertson (M: 31)
Douglas Robertson (M: 47) Douglas Robertson (M: 46) Dustin Robertson (M: 28)
Joe R Robertson (M: 49) Johnny Lynn Robertson (M: 58) Keith Wayne Robertson (M: 31)
Lance T Robertson (M: 25) Lisa Robertson (F: 51) Marie Anntoinette Robertson (F: 46)
Orlando M Robertson (M: 37) Randell Fitzgerald Robertson (M: 32) Ray C Robertson (M: 52)
Rundy C Robertson (M: 40) Tore L Robertson (M: 35) Tyeast L Robertson (M: 36)
Ray C Robertson (M: N/A) Tore L Robertson (M: N/A) Lisa R Robertson (F: N/A)
Johnny L Robertson (M: N/A) Randell F Robertson (M: N/A) Larry D Robertson (M: N/A)
Demtrius Robertson (M: N/A) Lance T Robertson (M: N/A) Derrick C Robertson (M: N/A)
Orlando Robertson (M: N/A) Derrick C Robertson (M: N/A) Larry D Robertson (M: N/A)
Larry Robertson (M: 51) Sylvester Robertson (M: 54) Jeremy Robichaux (M: 30)
Vernis Mitchell Robichaux (M: 69) Vernis Mitchell Robichaux (M: 49) Ronald Robichaux (M: 28)
Vernis M Robichaux (M: N/A) Michael James Robicheaux (M: 53) Cody Shay Robideau (M: 38)
Cody Shay Robideaux (M: 35) Samantha K Robillard (F: N/A) Jack D Robin (M: 50)
Vernon Joseph Robin (M: 48) Jack D Robin (M: N/A) Henry A Robins (M: 48)
James Arthur Robins (M: 34) Henry Robins (M: N/A) James Robins (M: N/A)
Albert Robinson (M: 62) Archie Robinson (M: 59) Bennie Lee Robinson (M: 25)
Brian Keith Robinson (M: 41) Bryan T Robinson (M: 31) Charles Ray Robinson (M: 28)
Charles Ray Robinson (M: 41) Charles A Robinson (M: 35) Christopher Charles Robinson (M: 31)
Debra Ann Robinson (F: 55) Demetrich Deshon Robinson (M: 29) Demond Bradley Robinson (M: 31)
Derion Odell Robinson (M: 26) Detroy Emanuel Robinson (M: 40) Donald R Robinson (M: 59)
Dontrunner T Robinson (M: 31) Douglas Paul Robinson (M: 55) Durrell Antione Robinson (M: 35)
Edward Louis Robinson (M: 50) Harry Glenn Robinson (M: 32) Herbert L Robinson (M: 36)
J C Robinson (M: 56) James A Robinson (M: 35) Jason Gerard Robinson (M: 41)
Jerry Dewayne Robinson (M: 35) Jerry Dewayne Robinson (M: 36) John R Robinson (M: 31)
Jonathan T Robinson (M: 24) Kevin Olden Robinson (M: 30) Larry Robinson (M: 69)
Lionel Robinson (M: 49) Lonnie Ray Robinson (M: 52) Mary Bilinda Robinson (F: 45)
Maxie A Robinson (M: 43) Maxie A Robinson (M: 45) Mitchell G Robinson (M: 21)
Quinton D Robinson (M: 26) Raynell Robinson (M: 53) Rodney Robinson (M: 51)
Ronald Ray Robinson (M: 57) Ronald Robinson (M: 59) Sherman Ray Robinson (M: 46)
Steve Allen Robinson (M: 55) Steven Robinson (M: 44) Thomas Darrow Robinson (M: 61)
Tom H Robinson (M: 47) Torrey Robinson (M: 34) Valerie Buchmann Robinson (F: 42)
Walter N Robinson (M: 32) Willie Lee Robinson (M: 46) Jerry Dewayne Robinson (M: 36)
Lionel Robinson (M: N/A) Ronald R Robinson (M: N/A) Ronald R Robinson (M: N/A)
Willie L Robinson (M: N/A) Rodney Robinson (M: N/A) Bryan T Robinson (M: N/A)
Paul J Robinson (M: N/A) Torrey S Robinson (M: N/A) Jason Robinson (M: N/A)
Detroy E Robinson (M: N/A) Donrunner T Robinson (M: N/A) Tom H Robinson (M: N/A)
J C Robinson (M: N/A) Edward L Robinson (M: N/A) Mary Robinson (F: N/A)
Demond B Robinson (M: N/A) Thomas D Robinson (M: N/A) Joseph Robinson (M: N/A)
Kevin O Robinson (M: 24) Archie J Robinson (M: N/A) Christopher C Robinson (M: N/A)
Steve A Robinson (M: N/A) Earnest Robinson (M: N/A) Charles Robinson (M: N/A)
Brian E Robinson (M: N/A) Patrick K Robinson (M: N/A) Roy N Robinson (M: N/A)
Charles R Robinson (M: N/A) Kevin O Robinson (M: N/A) Dale Robinson (M: N/A)
Detroy Emanuel Robinson (M: 37) Oral Jose Robinson (M: 50) Patrick K Robinson (M: 25)
Christopher Dale Robinson (M: 23) Jonathan Deion Robinson (M: 20) Sean Robinson (M: 25)
Alton Derrick Robinson (M: 36) Jose Garcia Robles (M: 42) Chris William Robling (M: 41)
Chris W Robling (M: N/A) Michael Samuel Robvais (M: 53) Michael S Robvais (M: N/A)
Larry Marlon Roby (M: 29) Lloyd L Roby (M: 46) Shanta Roby (F: 47)
Shanta R Roby (F: 40) Earl Gustone Rocca (M: 67) Earl G Rocca (M: N/A)
Travis Andre Roche (M: 31) Travis A Roche (M: N/A) Alvin Rochelle (M: 53)
Alvin Rochelle (M: N/A) Lance Joseph Rochon (M: 23) Lance Rochon (M: N/A)
Francois Emile Rock (M: 43) Joseph Rock (M: 46) Joseph Rock (M: N/A)
Brant M Rock (M: 38) Preston Floyd Rockhold (M: 66) Preston F Rockhold (M: N/A)
Louis Falla Rockvam (M: 55) Joshua J Rockwood (M: 19) Billy Wayne Roddy (M: 26)
Billy Roddy (M: 23) David Bradley Rodgers (M: 41) James Rodgers (M: 54)
Michael Paul Rodgers (M: 31) James Rodgers (M: N/A) Gary Van Rodrigue (M: 37)
Jermaine Rodrigue (M: 29) Melvin Joseph Rodrigue (M: 43) Randy Paul Rodrigue (M: 57)
Robert Joseph Rodrigue (M: 66) Tremayne Rodrigue (M: 34) Troy Avery Rodrigue (M: 40)
Jermaine Rodrigue (M: N/A) Randy P Rodrigue (M: N/A) Tremayne M Rodrigue (M: N/A)
Gary Rodrigue (M: N/A) Melvin J Rodrigue (M: N/A) Robert J Rodrigue (M: N/A)
Troy A Rodrigue (M: N/A) Troy A Rodrigue (M: N/A) Rigoberto Rodriguez Rodriguez (M: 35)
Allen Michael Rodriguez (M: 30) Benjamin Leon Rodriguez (M: 31) Cecilio Cazares Rodriguez (M: 37)
Curtis D Rodriguez (M: 59) Dennis Lee Rodriguez (M: 49) Eric Joseph Rodriguez (M: 30)
Richard Rodriguez (M: 54) Salomon Rodriguez (M: 41) Troy Anthony Rodriguez (M: 36)
Curtis D Rodriguez (M: N/A) Dennis L Rodriguez (M: N/A) Eric J Rodriguez (M: N/A)
Richard M Rodriguez (M: N/A) Heather L Rodriguez (F: N/A) Eaisas Rodriques (M: N/A)
Eaisas Rodriquez (M: 66) Samuel Roe (M: 28) Samuel Roe (M: N/A)
Undrio Antwanne Roebuck (M: 40) Undrio A Roebuck (M: N/A) Myles Roeling (M: 54)
Myles E Roeling (M: N/A) Tracy A Roge (M: 40) Tracy Alan Roge (M: 37)
Tracy A Roge (M: N/A) Angela R Roge (F: N/A) Dale Roger (M: 41)
Dale L Roger (M: N/A) Dale Louis Roger (M: 38) Aubrey Alex Rogers (M: 78)
Bobby R Rogers (M: 56) Christopher Rogers (M: 34) Dustin Charles Rogers (M: 26)
Efren Rogers (M: 34) Ellis Rogers (M: 49) Eric Demond Rogers (M: 29)
George Lee Rogers (M: 57) Jessie James Rogers (M: 46) Johnel Rogers (M: 64)
Johnnie Rogers (M: 54) Joshua Rogers (M: 38) Larry Wayne Rogers (M: 51)
Michael G Rogers (M: 38) Michael J Rogers (M: 39) Milton Rogers (M: 51)
Quenton Dwayne Rogers (M: 37) Sammy Rogers (M: 31) Shannon Rogers (M: 37)
Tyson Neil Rogers (M: 24) Michael J Rogers (M: N/A) Christopher Rogers (M: N/A)
Samuel Rogers (M: N/A) Jessie J Rogers (M: N/A) Kurt P Rogers (M: N/A)
David B Rogers (M: N/A) Shannon Rogers (M: N/A) Efrem D Rogers (M: N/A)
Larry W Rogers (M: N/A) Bobby R Rogers (M: N/A) Aubrey A Rogers (M: N/A)
Eric D Rogers (M: N/A) Sammy B Rogers (M: N/A) Michael G Rogers (M: N/A)
Samuel Rogers (M: N/A) Larry W Rogers (M: N/A) Bobby R Rogers (M: N/A)
Johnnie Rogers (M: N/A) James L Rohner (M: 60) Henry Louis Rojas Jr (M: 56)
James Terry Rolen (M: 58) James T Rolen (M: N/A) Decarlos M Rollins (M: 29)
Michael T Rollins (M: 38) Tina Rollins (F: 40) Dennis Allen Rollison (M: 66)
Charles Rolls (M: 43) Charles Rolls (M: N/A) Aaron Romain (M: 37)
Glenn A Romain (M: 50) Kim Joseph Romain (M: 42) Wayne A St Romain (M: N/A)
Aaron St Romain (M: N/A) Elwood Luke Romaire (M: 69) Elwood L Romaire (M: N/A)
Michael Wayne Roman (M: 51) Michael W Roman (M: N/A) Corey Lee Rome (M: 22)
Casey Paul Romero (M: 36) Derek Michael Romero (M: 27) Eddie Joseph Romero (M: 39)
John Lee Romero (M: 56) Johnathon Reed Romero (M: 39) Joseph J Romero (M: 49)
Keith James Romero (M: 46) Kendal J Romero (M: 28) Kendal James Romero (M: 30)
Ronald J Romero (M: 65) Jimmy L Romero (M: 59) Joseph J Romero (M: N/A)
Casey Romero (M: N/A) Derek M Romero (M: N/A) Kendall J Romero (M: N/A)
Corey J Romero (M: N/A) Kendall J Romero (M: N/A) Derek M Romero (M: N/A)
Armando Romero (M: 46) Anthony Camille Romero (M: 20) Rex J Romig (M: 37)
Rex Romig (M: 21) Samuel Jules Ronquille (M: 54) Samuel J Ronquille (M: N/A)
Modriques Deion Roots (M: 38) Billy Clement Roper (M: 40) Donnie Roper (M: 44)
Billy C Roper (M: N/A) Sheila Ann Roper (F: 51) Lawrence Rosado (M: 37)
Lawrence Rosado (M: N/A) Jorge Rodriguez Rosales (M: 36) Allen Rose (M: 46)
Alvin Rose (M: 38) Frank Rose (M: 74) Frank Rose (M: 75)
Joseph Rose (M: 62) William Thomas Rose (M: 63) Joseph Rose (M: N/A)
William T Rose (M: N/A) Frank Rose (M: N/A) Allen Rose (M: N/A)
Joshua Paul Roseberry (M: 27) Lance Brandon Roseberry (M: 31) Lance B Roseberry (M: N/A)
Joshua Lyle Rosenbach (M: 35) Jermen Jerome Rosenthal (M: 21) Edward J Rosette (M: N/A)
Edward James Rosette (M: 67) David Roshto (M: 37) William Mitchell Roshto (M: 37)
Benjamin Wayne Ross (M: 43) Brannon J Ross (M: 35) Brent Dinell Ross (M: 43)
Christopher Ross (M: 43) Darrell Dewayne Ross (M: 31) Darrell Dewayne Ross (M: 28)
James Ross (M: 43) Kevin Cantrell Ross (M: 35) Louis Travelle Ross (M: 26)
Tonya Ross (F: 35) Willie Ross (M: 42) Herman R Ross (M: N/A)
Willie Ross (M: N/A) George B Ross (M: 36) Louis T Ross (M: N/A)
Brannon J Ross (M: N/A) Robert E Ross (M: N/A) Devin Ross (M: 20)
Bobby Leon Roszell Jr (M: 37) Bradley J Rothschild (M: 32) William Rothschild (M: 53)
William K Rothschild (M: N/A) Robert Paul Rotolo (M: 51) Robert P Rotolo (M: N/A)
Jackey J Roton (M: 53) Jackey J Roton (M: 51) Douglas Edward Rotondo (M: 34)
Douglas Edward Rotondo (M: 35) Michael Rouchon (M: 58) Michael J Rouchon (M: N/A)
Randall James Rougeau (M: 41) Randall J Rougeau (M: N/A) Jason L Rougeau (M: 30)
Spencer N/M/N Rounds (M: 22) Trevelle Omar Rountree (M: 32) Louis Kevin Rousseau (M: 48)
Steven C Rousseau (M: 33) Steven C Rousseau (M: N/A) Steven C Rousseau (M: N/A)
Harold G Roussel (M: 55) Scott Owen Roussel (M: 36) Antoinette M Roussell (F: 43)
Jonah Kevin Roussell (M: 38) Antoinette M Roussell (F: N/A) Joseph Roussell (M: 47)
Jonah K Roussell (M: N/A) Earl Joseph Rousso (M: 72) Earl J Rousso (M: N/A)
Scottie Route (M: 28) Samuel T Routon (M: 42) Richard Davis Rowan (M: 42)
Richard D Rowan (M: N/A) Richard D Rowan (M: N/A) Ricky Wayne Rowe (M: 49)
Keith Randall Rowe (M: 48) Marco Terrell Rowel (M: 30) Angela Maria Rowell (F: 37)
Brandy Nicole Hager Rowell (F: 35) Angela M Rowell (F: N/A) Wesley Lewis Rowland (M: 30)
Wesley L Rowland (M: N/A) Wesley L Rowland (M: 27) Mia Rowlette (F: 37)
Jared William Rowley (M: 20) Herman Roy (M: 48) Mervin Roy (M: 55)
Richard Paul Roy (M: 50) Mervin Roy (M: N/A) Herman Roy (M: N/A)
Joel L Roy (M: 54) Jason T Royal (M: 40) Lequal Royal (M: 18)
Shawn D Royal (M: 43) Jason T Royal (M: N/A) John R Rozas (M: 56)
John R Rozas (M: N/A) John R Rozas (M: N/A) Marcus Joel Rozier (M: 31)
Tomas B Rubalcava (M: 49) Tommy D Ruben (M: N/A) Robert Lee Rubin (M: 59)
Ryan Jude Rubin (M: 38) Ryan J Rubin (M: 36) Michael Rubin (M: 55)
Ryan J Rubin (M: N/A) Robert L Rubin (M: N/A) Oscar A Rubio (M: 68)
Robert James Rucks (M: 38) Robert James Rucks (M: 38) Robert James Rucks (M: 38)
Robert J Rucks (M: N/A) Peter M Rudholm (M: N/A) Tarvis Todd Rudison (M: 32)
Tarvis T Rudison (M: N/A) Antonio R Rudolph (M: 26) Mark Rudolph (M: 62)
Mark Stephen Rudolph (M: 62) Mark S Rudolph (M: N/A) Antonio R Rudolph (M: N/A)
Antonio R Rudolph (M: N/A) Brandon Rudzik (M: 37) Brandon J Rudzik (M: N/A)
Chris Ruffin (M: 41) Clarence Dewayne Ruffin (M: 26) Glen Roy Ruffin (M: 33)
James D Ruffin (M: 45) Jerry L Ruffin (M: 32) Jimmie L Ruffin (M: 56)
Kendall Ruffin (M: 34) Kenny D Ruffin (M: 30) Latasha Ruffin (F: 42)
Martin Louis Ruffin (M: 49) Paul L Ruffin (M: 39) Glenn Ruffin (M: N/A)
Paul L Ruffin (M: N/A) Jeanette Ruffin (F: 45) Kendall Ruffin (M: N/A)
Martin L Ruffin (M: N/A) Chris Ruffin (M: N/A) James D Ruffin (M: N/A)
Kenny D Ruffin (M: N/A) Likivu M Rufus (M: 32) Calvin A Ruiz (M: 47)
Darlene Sharie Ruiz (F: 48) Jonathan M Ruiz (M: 30) Roberto Armando Ruiz (M: 18)
Woodrow Joseph Ruiz (M: 80) Calvin A Ruiz (M: N/A) Woodrow J Ruiz (M: N/A)
Ronnie Salvadore Rumore (M: 65) Jermey Lee Rundle (M: 33) Jeremy L Rundle (M: N/A)
Wynn D Rung (M: 65) Wynn D Rung (M: N/A) Donald Ray Runnels (M: 44)
George W Ruple (M: 61) Paul W Ruple (M: N/A) George W Ruple (M: N/A)
George W Ruple (M: N/A) Jarrod Robert Rush (M: 44) Willie Jim Rush (M: 32)
Billy D Rush (M: N/A) Willie J Rush (M: N/A) Jarrod R Rush (M: N/A)
Edgar Earl Rushing (M: 44) Jed Rushing (M: 45) Edgar E Rushing (M: 37)
Jed Rushing (M: N/A) Edgar Earl Rushing (M: 40) Edgar Earl Rushing (M: 40)
Joseph P Rusk (M: 29) Joseph P Rusk (M: N/A) Joseph P Rusk (M: N/A)
Antoinette S Russell (F: 35) Brady Lee Russell (M: 48) Delisa Russell (F: 43)
Erick Reynard Russell (M: 35) Jeffery Wayne Russell (M: 47) Jeremy James Russell (M: 30)
Jesse Eldern Russell (M: 47) Mark David Russell (M: 49) Patrick Russell (M: 44)
Randy Ray Russell (M: 28) Rodger G Russell (M: 31) Vivian L Russell (F: 51)
Welton Fred Russell (M: 33) Antoinette S Russell (F: N/A) Marc Q Russell (M: N/A)
Patrick J Russell (M: N/A) Delisa M Russell (F: N/A) Brady L Russell (M: N/A)
Rodger G Russell (M: N/A) Erick R Russell (M: N/A) Jeremy J Russell (M: N/A)
Mark D Russell (M: N/A) Vivian L Russell (F: N/A) Nelton Russell (M: N/A)
Clifton J Russell (M: N/A) Erick R Russell (M: N/A) Vivian L Russell (F: N/A)
Erick Reynard Russell (M: 32) Jason B Russell (M: N/A) Michael D Rutherford (M: 45)
Shaun P Rutherford (M: 25) Michael Douglas Rutherford (M: 47) Michael D Rutherford (M: N/A)
John Saxon Rutherford (M: 34) William Jesse Rutland (M: 42) Paul Emery Ruybal (M: 31)
Paul E Ruybal (M: N/A) Alvin Larry Ryals Jr (M: 59) Christopher John Ryder (M: 24)
Joshua L Ryder (M: 33) Larry W Ryder (M: 55) Larry W Ryder (M: N/A)
Joshua L Ryder (M: N/A) Larry W Ryder (M: 52) Dangelo Ryed (M: 34)
Joseph Lloyd Ryerse (M: 35) Tracy Vernon Rylee (M: 44)

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