Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : P

All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter P are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Derek A Pace (M: 23) Derrick Dewayne Pace (M: 32) Joe Carl Pace (M: 37)
Joseph Keith Pace (M: 31) Derrick D Pace (M: N/A) Jennifer A Pacino (F: N/A)
Jerret Jermaine Pack (M: 32) Lance Taylor Pack (M: 20) Michael P Paddie (M: 37)
Charles Padgett (M: 29) Richard Brandon Padgett (M: 34) Richard B Padgett (M: N/A)
Giovanni Padilla (M: 60) Raul Padilla (M: 48) Victor Leandro Padilla (M: 72)
Justin Wayne Page (M: 32) Marty Page (M: 44) Robert Earl Page (M: 44)
Justin W Page (M: N/A) Chanel Jean Paige (F: 31) Veronica L Paige (F: 49)
Veronica L Paige (F: N/A) Scott Anson Painter (M: 36) Scott A Painter (M: N/A)
Scott A Painter (M: N/A) Evidio Palacio (M: 40) Aaron Michael Palmer (M: 30)
Douglas R Palmer (M: 34) Lois Palmer (F: 47) Aaron Palmer (M: N/A)
John D Palmer (M: N/A) Douglas R Palmer (M: 34) Cecyl Gregory Palombo (M: 68)
Kerry A Pamplin (M: 50) Kerry A Pamplin (M: N/A) Jose Pantoja (M: 78)
Jose Pantoja (M: N/A) Joseph Keith Papillion (M: 34) Joseph K Papillion (M: N/A)
Joseph K Papillion (M: N/A) Dean D Pappas (M: 45) Dean D Pappas (M: 45)
Yvonne Marie Para (F: 49) Michael Anthony Pard (M: 31) Wayde Michael Pardue (M: 33)
Elton R Pardue (M: 34) Elton R Pardue Jr (M: 38) Rogers Paul Paredes (M: 59)
Rogers P Paredes (M: N/A) Richard Parent (M: 41) Dominick A Paretti (M: 50)
Elijah James Parfait (M: 30) Elma P Parfait (F: 40) Harrison A Parfait (M: 58)
Jude Kerry Parfait (M: 47) Martin J Parfait (M: 64) Paul Anthony Parfait (M: 27)
Chad L Parfait (M: 28) Paul H Parfait (M: 29) Elijah J Parfait (M: N/A)
Elma P Parfait (F: N/A) Franklin Parfait (M: 64) Tommy Lee Parish (M: 31)
Tommy Lee Parish (M: 32) Tommy L Parish (M: N/A) Timothy Bruce Parker (M: 31)
Benjamin J Parker (M: 30) Brian E Parker (M: 37) Brian E Parker (M: 38)
Brian K Parker (M: 49) Bruce Lionel Parker (M: 47) Darlene Parker (F: 47)
David Parker (M: 50) Dwayne Joseph Parker (M: 43) Eddie Nmn Parker (M: 59)
Elijah Parker (M: 50) Fred Weldon Parker (M: 52) Jerry W Parker (M: 33)
Jerry W Parker (M: 31) Johnny Parker (M: 61) Jonathan R Parker (M: 33)
Lynnis Rufus Parker (M: 47) Michael Tyrell Parker (M: 25) Nathaniel Parker (M: 52)
Olee Parker (M: 74) Percy Gray Parker (M: 40) Phelix P Parker (M: 63)
Ryan J Parker (M: 21) Shannon Antonio Parker (M: 42) Timothy Bruce Parker (M: 31)
Walter A Parker (M: 59) Wesley Lagrand Parker (M: 31) Phelix Parker (M: N/A)
Johnny Parker (M: N/A) Jonathan R Parker (M: N/A) Walter A Parker (M: 53)
Percy G Parker (M: N/A) Lynnis Parker (M: N/A) Dwayne J Parker (M: N/A)
Casey Parker (M: N/A) Bruce L Parker (M: N/A) Elijah Parker (M: N/A)
Bruce L Parker (M: N/A) Jerry W Parker (M: N/A) Dwayne Parker (M: 40)
Samuel Donese Parker (M: 48) Ray Parker (M: 20) Millie Darlene Parker (F: 50)
Herbert Parker Jr (M: 62) Bradley James Parks (M: 64) Cordnie S Parks (M: 24)
Tammy Parks (F: 34) Bradley J Parks (M: N/A) Tammy Parks (F: N/A)
Thomas T Parks (M: 25) Cordine Parks (M: N/A) Jolene V Parks (F: 30)
Ronald Craig Parms (M: 46) Ronald C Parms (M: 46) Hannibal Parms Jr (M: 20)
Gregory Parnell (M: 26) Neil Arch Parnell (M: 60) Neil A Parnell (M: N/A)
Albert Parnell (M: 27) Michael Anthony Parnell (M: 52) Brian Ashley Parnell (M: 36)
Lionel Parnther (M: 67) Kelly F Parrett (M: 52) Kelly F Parrett (M: N/A)
Kelly F Parrett (M: N/A) Ervin W Parrie (M: 39) Joseph Matthew Parrie (M: 31)
Ervin W Parrie (M: N/A) Joseph M Parrie (M: N/A) Joseph M Parrie (M: N/A)
Armando R Parris (M: 46) Armando R Parris (M: 45) Steven Frederick Parrish (M: 42)
Gerald Parson (M: 38) Gerald Parson (M: N/A) Mark Allen Parsons (M: 49)
Mark A Parsons (M: 46) Mark A Parsons (M: N/A) Daniel Paul Parta (M: 46)
Daniel P Parta (M: N/A) Jason F Partney (M: 34) Jason F Partney (M: N/A)
Hugh James Passerini (M: 21) Joshua Caleb Pate (M: 37) James Aaron Pate (M: 53)
James A Pate (M: N/A) Daniel James Patin (M: 27) Jacoby Renee Patin (M: 24)
Milton T Patin (M: 39) Milton T Patin (M: N/A) Michael R Patrick (M: 25)
Ronnie L Patrick (M: 52) Ernest F Patrick (M: N/A) Ronnie L Patrick (M: N/A)
Ronnie Leatis Patrick (M: 49) Gerald Patt (M: 53) Gerald Patt (M: N/A)
Gerald Patt (M: N/A) Thomas Ray Patt (M: 38) Terry Monty Pattarozzi (M: 50)
Terry M Pattarozzi (M: 50) Terry M Pattarozzi (M: N/A) Tiffany K Patten (F: 28)
Clinton Wendell Patterson (M: 60) Daniel Patterson (M: 56) Edward C Patterson (M: 39)
Elvis Wayne Patterson (M: 42) Freeman Patterson (M: 58) Honore T Patterson (M: 27)
Jarvis Jermiane-Ellis Patterson (M: 32) Jeremy Norris Patterson (M: 39) Julius Patterson (M: 60)
Lorenzo Donta Patterson (M: 35) Luther Wanza Patterson (M: 43) Maurice Terrell Patterson (M: 36)
Rodrick Terraille Patterson (M: 34) Samuel Jason Patterson (M: 38) Stephen Edward Patterson (M: 52)
Timothy F Patterson (M: 50) Tony M Patterson (F: 53) Jarvis Patterson (M: N/A)
Luther W Patterson (M: N/A) Edward C Patterson (M: N/A) Tony M Patterson (F: N/A)
Stephen E Patterson (M: N/A) Melvin Patterson (M: N/A) Rodrick Patterson (M: N/A)
Lorenzo D Patterson (M: N/A) Clinton W Patterson (M: N/A) Samuel J Patterson (M: N/A)
Lorenzo D Patterson (M: N/A) Rodrick Patterson (M: N/A) Melvin Patterson (M: 49)
Stephen Patterson (M: 49) Christopher Lee Patterson (M: 24) Lorenzo Donta Patterson (M: 35)
Jeff Thomas Patterson Jr (M: 51) Billy Joe Patton (M: 52) Billy Joe Patton (M: 52)
Christopher W Patton (M: 29) Herbert C Patton (M: 47) Jessie L Patton (M: 38)
Marie Patton (F: 30) Stanley Wayne Patton (M: 41) Marie S Patton (F: N/A)
Herbert C Patton (M: N/A) Augusta Wayne Paul (M: 51) Barry Dwight Paul (M: 34)
Barry Dwight Paul (M: 35) Benjamin Franklin Paul (M: 73) Brandon Jeff Paul (M: 32)
Byron Duan Paul (M: 25) David Mitchell Paul (M: 57) Elwood J Paul (M: 46)
Freddie Paul (M: 37) Kendrick Randtell Paul (M: 30) Linda D Paul (F: 57)
Mark Wayne Paul (M: 56) Michael Dwayne Paul (M: 52) Nicholas D Paul (M: 28)
Randolph Morgan Paul (M: 26) Robert Paul (M: 54) Tyrone Paul (M: 46)
Brandon J Paul (M: N/A) Augusta W Paul (M: N/A) Tyrone Paul (M: N/A)
Barry D Paul (M: N/A) Linda D Paul (F: N/A) Robert C Paul (M: N/A)
Kendrick R Paul (M: N/A) David M Paul (M: N/A) Michael Paul (M: N/A)
Skylanda A Paul (F: N/A) Elwood J Paul (M: N/A) Mark Paul (M: N/A)
Chadrick Jontel Paul (M: 30) George Austin Pauley (M: 39) Howard Paxton (M: N/A)
Louis Payne (M: 51) Albert Lee Payne (M: 49) Gedra Denise Payne (F: 49)
Keith D Payne (M: 45) Lynn Sentelle Payne (M: 33) Wayne Payne (M: 53)
Wayne Payne (M: N/A) Lynn S Payne (M: N/A) Gedra Payne (F: N/A)
Cornelius Payne (M: N/A) Keith D Payne (M: N/A) Cornelius Payne (M: 31)
Louis Payne (M: 51) Bennie Ray Payton (M: 40) George Cleo Payton (M: 39)
Bennie R Payton (M: N/A) George C Payton (M: N/A) Valerie A Payton (F: 34)
Junius S Pazon (M: 32) Stephen Pea (M: 50) Ronald Ray Pea Jr (M: 21)
Cara Lorraine Peace (F: 29) Cara L Peace (F: N/A) Mark Lindsay Peacock (M: 48)
Mark L Peacock (M: N/A) Rickey P Peairs (M: 53) Stephen Peal (M: 38)
Artie Jay Pearce (M: 28) Artie J Pearce (M: N/A) Charles Walter Pearsall (M: 41)
Byron Pearson (M: 51) Ronald Leon Pearson (M: 26) Leonard Peart (M: 39)
Leonard Peart (M: N/A) Christopher Bernard Peck (M: 30) Johnathan Lynn Peck (M: 29)
John Andrew Pedelahore (M: 41) Clint Danton Pee (M: 26) Erick Peeler (M: 60)
Justin John Peeples (M: 23) David Wayne Peevyhouse (M: 50) Kevin Michael Pegues (M: 41)
Kevin Michael Pegues (M: 42) Robert Warren Pegues (M: 46) Robert W Pegues (M: N/A)
Kevin M Pegues (M: N/A) Erick Peirre (M: 74) Brian J Pellegal (M: 49)
Farrell John Pellegrin (M: 47) Raymond Joseph Pellegrin (M: 64) Samuel James Pellegrin (M: 58)
Timothy John Pellegrin (M: 50) Lonny P Pellegrin (M: N/A) Raymond J Pellegrin (M: N/A)
Samuel J Pellegrin (M: N/A) Jason Paul Pellerin (M: 36) Jason P Pellerin (M: N/A)
Jason P Pellerin (M: N/A) Jason Paul Pellerin (M: 33) Orlon Peloquin (M: 52)
Randy Adrien Peltier (M: 46) Winkle A Pemberton (M: 30) Joseph C Pembo (M: 50)
Joseph C Pembo (M: 47) Kyron Anthony Pembrook (M: 23) Daniel J Pena (M: 32)
Ernest Nodarse Pena (M: 53) Juan F Pena (M: 37) Sarafin Pena (M: 59)
Serafin Pena (M: 56) Daniel J Pena (M: N/A) Steven Wayne Pence (M: 32)
Steven W Pence (M: N/A) Donald Dean Pendleton (M: 42) Donald Pendleton (M: N/A)
Edward W Peneguy (M: N/A) Keith Allen Peninger (M: 47) Tracey Natalie Pennington (F: 43)
Benson L Pennington (M: 33) Gabriel Lee Pennington (M: 50) Tracey Nathalie Pennington (F: 44)
Traci N Pennington (F: N/A) Kevin Pennington (M: N/A) Benson L Pennington (M: N/A)
James W Pennington (M: 41) August Penns (M: 60) Edwin Dwight Penton (M: 40)
Clifford Paul Penton (M: 38) Curtis Wayne Penton (M: 32) Edwin Dwight Penton (M: 37)
Ervin Dewayne Penton (M: 40) Samuel Elliott Penton (M: 29) Samuel E Penton (M: 27)
Edwin D Penton (M: N/A) Ervin D Penton (M: N/A) Derrick H Peoples (M: 40)
Derrick H Peoples (M: N/A) James D Pepper (M: 36) James D Pepper (M: 36)
James Lee Percle (M: 31) Joseph P Percle (M: 22) James L Percle (M: N/A)
Diane Percy (F: 56) Jimmie R Perdue (M: N/A) Adrian F Perez (M: 35)
John Wayne Augustin Perez (M: 32) Juan M Perez (M: 59) Luis Perez (M: 34)
Damazo E Perez (M: 53) Adrian F Perez (M: N/A) John Wayne A Perez (M: N/A)
Luis A Perez (M: 56) Allen Roy Perkins (M: 73) Cathy Leena Perkins (F: 42)
Damian Victor Perkins (M: 23) Dannie Ray Perkins (M: 28) Derrick Dwayne Perkins (M: 43)
Eddie R Perkins (M: 61) Eric Gerard Perkins (M: 42) Michael Perkins (M: 50)
Robert G Perkins (M: 64) Sean Christopher Perkins (M: 39) William Perkins (M: 30)
Kevin L Perkins (M: 26) Kelly G Perkins (M: 56) Sean C Perkins (M: N/A)
Eric C Perkins (M: N/A) Allen P Perkins (M: N/A) Robert G Perkins (M: N/A)
John Perkins (M: N/A) Stewart M Perkins (M: N/A) Cathulineen Perkins (F: N/A)
Stewart M Perkins (M: N/A) Nathaniel Perkins (M: 46) James Perkins (M: 46)
Louis C Perkins (M: 60) Rodney M Perrier (M: N/A) Dustin Michael Perrillioux (M: 24)
Timmy M Perrilloux (M: 43) Timmy M Perrilloux (M: N/A) Bruce Henry Perrin (M: 28)
Darlene R Perrin (F: 37) Thomas Leo Perrin (M: 60) Bruce H Perrin (M: N/A)
Thomas L Perrin (M: N/A) Dominic Joseph Perrin (M: 23) Dominic Joseph Perrin (M: 24)
Charles Perritt (M: 41) Charles Perritt (M: N/A) Timothy Perro (M: 39)
Timothy Noel Perro (M: 42) Timothy N Perro (M: N/A) Timothy N Perro (M: N/A)
Bryant B Perrodin (M: 28) Demitrius D Perrodin (M: 29) Theodore A Perrone (M: 45)
Willie C Perrow (F: 28) Willie C Perrow (M: 30) John Davis Perry (M: 79)
Benjamin Nicholas Perry (M: 33) Billy W Perry (M: 35) Charles Brandon Perry (M: 33)
Christopher Scot Perry (M: 33) Christopher L Perry (M: 31) Curtis W Perry (M: 28)
Donice Cordell Perry (M: 31) Harvey E Perry (M: 53) James Perry (M: 58)
John Wayne Perry (M: 66) Travis Perry (M: 36) John W Perry (M: N/A)
Charles B Perry (M: N/A) Harvey E Perry (M: N/A) Billy W Perry (M: N/A)
Donice C Perry (M: N/A) Curtis W Perry (M: N/A) John Wayne Perry (M: 63)
Charles B Perry (M: 34) Raymond Perry (M: 21) Raymond John Perry (M: 21)
Leroy Perry Jr (M: 52) John Davis Perry Sr (M: 78) Stephen J. Perschall (M: 45)
Dewayne Deon Persley (M: 44) Jan K Pertuit (F: N/A) Saravanan Perumal (M: 42)
Patrick Raymond Peshoff (M: 24) Brian James Pete (M: 25) Monotor Pete (M: 50)
Norman Pete (M: 47) Terest Pete (M: 67) Terest Pete (M: 67)
Mark A Pete (M: N/A) Brian J Pete (M: N/A) Carrol J Peter (M: N/A)
Catherine Ann Peters (F: 51) Christopher J Peters (M: 34) Fred Richmond Peters (M: 78)
Gregory Peters (M: 33) Jeffrey M Peters (M: 33) Jeffrey Matthew Peters (M: 35)
Jerry Lynn Peters (M: 58) Kevin Allen Peters (M: 44) Louis Peters (M: 46)
Mark J Peters (M: 50) Matthew Allen Peters (M: 22) Michael A Peters (M: 50)
Michael Andre Peters (M: 50) Nathaniel J Peters (M: 37) Jerry L Peters (M: N/A)
Fred R Peters (M: N/A) Catherine Peters (F: N/A) James Jerrell Peters (M: 73)
Jeffery M Peters (M: N/A) Mark J Peters (M: N/A) Michael A Peters (M: N/A)
Christopher J Peters (M: N/A) Louis Peters (M: N/A) Louis Peters (M: N/A)
Earl J Peters (M: 33) Patrick J Petersen (M: 51) Patrick Petersen (M: N/A)
Caleb Russell Peterson (M: 19) Cleophas Peterson (M: 45) Cleophus Peterson (M: 44)
Jordan Irwin Peterson (M: 79) Michael L Peterson (M: 46) Oaton Peterson (M: 39)
Pierce John Peterson (M: 31) Ronnie Manuel Peterson (M: 25) Oaton Peterson (M: N/A)
Kathryn J Peterson (F: N/A) Cleophas J Peterson (M: N/A) Jorgen P Peterson (M: N/A)
Zane J Peterson (M: N/A) Tony M Petrea (M: N/A) Timothy Paul Petree (M: 20)
Charles Morris Petry (M: 34) Charles M Petry (M: 34) Justin S Petry (M: 32)
Justin Scott Petry (M: 29) Justin S Petry (M: N/A) Charles M Petry (M: N/A)
Larry Don Petterway (M: 57) Larry D Petterway (M: N/A) Detrick Jerome Pettigrew (M: 41)
Detrick J Pettigrew (M: N/A) Clarence Pettis Iii (M: 45) Rodney Dion Petty (M: 47)
Rodney D Petty (M: N/A) Rodney D Petty (M: N/A) Narvin Eugene Petty Sr (M: 67)
Joseph Peveto (M: 24) Mark Junior Pevytoe (M: 50) Mark Pevytoe (M: N/A)
Brian D Pfister (M: 55) Brian D Pfister (M: N/A) James Andrew Pharis (M: 58)
James A Pharis (M: 60) Michael Glenn Pharis (M: 59) James A Pharis (M: N/A)
Albert Leroy Phelps (M: 64) Albert L Phelps (M: 66) Clancey Lee Phelps (M: 34)
Jim Michael Phelps (M: 35) Jim M Phelps (M: 37) Kenneth Ray Phelps (M: 49)
Clancey Lee Phelps (M: 34) Clancey L Phelps (M: N/A) Albert L Phelps (M: N/A)
Kenneth R Phelps (M: N/A) Kenneth R Phelps (M: N/A) Andrea Lee Phifer (F: 28)
Angelica Marie Phillips (F: 41) Bobby Lee Phillips (M: 53) Charles R Phillips (M: 45)
Daniel K Phillips (M: 52) Darrell Wayne Phillips (M: 49) Demetrius Phillips (M: 26)
Derrick Terrell Phillips (M: 40) Donald Spencer Phillips (M: 50) Dustin L Phillips (M: 28)
Gerard Douglas Phillips (M: 49) John Wayne Phillips (M: 54) John Vincent Phillips (M: 34)
Joseph Mcduffie Phillips (M: 21) Kendrick Jermaine Phillips (M: 31) Kennedrick Phillips (M: 25)
Kenneth Phillips (M: 33) Lashown J Phillips (M: 40) Mark Phillips (M: 54)
Robert Phillips (M: 62) Stephen Phillips (M: 69) Tony Phillips (M: 54)
Vernon J Phillips (M: 29) Weston Marie Phillips (F: 48) Adam S Phillips (M: 35)
Charles R Phillips (M: N/A) Tony Phillips (M: N/A) Mark A Phillips (M: N/A)
Donald S Phillips (M: N/A) Brandon J Phillips (M: N/A) John Phillips (M: N/A)
Angelica M Phillips (F: N/A) Rawland J Phillips (M: 44) Larry Phillips (M: N/A)
Stephen Phillips (M: N/A) John W Phillips (M: N/A) Weston M Phillips (F: N/A)
Lashown J Phillips (M: N/A) Demetreus D Phillips (M: N/A) Vernon J Phillips (M: N/A)
Stephen Phillips (M: N/A) John W Phillips (M: N/A) Lashown J Phillips (M: N/A)
Weston M Phillips (F: N/A) Gregory N Phillips (M: 43) David L Phillips (M: 26)
Nathan Mcclandon Philson (M: 36) Nathan M Philson (M: N/A) Darryl E Picard (M: 59)
Ricky Picard (M: 30) Darryl E Picard (M: N/A) Monty R Picard (M: N/A)
Darryl E Picard (M: N/A) John Stephen Pichon (M: 49) Kevin G Pichon (M: 49)
Kevin J Pichon (M: N/A) James Dean Pickelsimer (M: 39) Derrick Dwayne Pickens (M: 31)
Kenneth J Pickens (M: 51) Kenneth J Pickens (M: N/A) Aubrey M Pickering (M: 50)
Charles Allen Pickering (M: 68) Keith Eugene Pickering (M: 50) Keith E Pickering (M: N/A)
James Robert Pickett (M: 47) John A Pickett (M: 42) James R Pickett (M: N/A)
Travis Pickney (M: 30) Travis Pickney (M: N/A) Melvin A Picolo (M: 37)
Isaac Picot (M: 48) Isaac Picot (M: 41) Edward K Pier (M: 42)
Edward K Pier (M: N/A) Alain Bernard Pierce (M: 47) Christopher Paul Pierce (M: 32)
Ernest Herbert Pierce (M: 22) Jason Pierce (M: 35) Maurice William Pierce (M: 41)
Randy Pierce (M: 55) Robert Pierce (M: 44) Roy Pierce (M: 80)
Alain B Pierce (M: N/A) Kevin J Pierce (M: N/A) Primus D Pierce (M: N/A)
Jason M Pierce (M: N/A) Christopher P Pierce (M: N/A) Christopher P Pierce (M: N/A)
Randy Pierce (M: N/A) Christopher Paul Pierce (M: 29) Christopher P Pierce (M: 29)
Brian John Pierre (M: 31) Dandre Pierre (M: 37) Darryl Andre Pierre (M: 31)
Deddrick Nathaniel Pierre (M: 27) James Pierre (M: 68) Darryl A Pierre (M: N/A)
Erick Pierre (M: N/A) Linda Pierre (F: N/A) Dandre Pierre (M: N/A)
James Pierre (M: N/A) Linda Pierre (F: 46) Shedrick Deon Pierson (M: 32)
Gregory W Pierson (M: 29) Shedrick D Pierson (M: N/A) Shedrick D Pierson (M: N/A)
Jeffrey Gray Pierson (M: 48) Devit Pigott (M: 52) Devit Pigott (M: N/A)
Devit Pigott (M: N/A) Kendrick Renard Pigott (M: 24) Lester O Pigott (M: 35)
David Joseph Pigrenet (M: 36) David J Pigrenet (M: N/A) Wallace R Pike (M: 25)
Wallace R Pike (M: N/A) Christopher Pikes (M: 33) Christopher Pikes (M: N/A)
John Wesley Pilinski (M: 66) John W Pilinski (M: 63) Christopher Lee Piloto (M: 28)
Christopher Lee Piloto (M: 28) Donald Paul Pinion (M: 67) Donald P Pinion (M: N/A)
Mark Edward Piot (M: 32) Mark E Piot (M: N/A) Danny Joe Piper (M: 47)
Everett J Piper (M: N/A) Everett J Piper (M: N/A) Jacob John Pipes (M: 20)
Joseph John Pirosko (M: 54) Alex Oneil Pitre (M: 24) Charles Pitre (M: 43)
Christopher Pitre (M: 21) Irvin Joseph Pitre (M: 73) James Robert Pitre (M: 33)
Kevin Pitre (M: 36) Murray P Pitre (M: 52) Norman Pitre (M: 81)
Randy James Pitre (M: 55) Terry Paul Pitre (M: 39) Randy J Pitre (M: N/A)
Norman Pitre (M: N/A) James R Pitre (M: N/A) Murray P Pitre (M: N/A)
Alex O Pitre (M: N/A) Jamie L Pitre (M: N/A) Kris J Pitre (M: N/A)
Kevin Pitre (M: N/A) Kevin Pitre (M: N/A) Alex Pittman (M: 42)
Hugh Anthony Pittman (M: 58) Margaret Vanessa Pittman (F: 49) Sarina L. Pittman (F: 37)
Shane Pittman (M: 31) Willie M Pittman (M: 47) Alex Pittman (M: 35)
Shane Q Pittman (M: N/A) Pinckney Kirkland Pittman Iii (M: 36) Ben Pitts (M: 32)
Glenn Aubrey Pitts (M: 57) Jason D Pitts (M: 33) Glenn A Pitts (M: N/A)
Ben Pitts (M: N/A) Glenn Anthony Pizani (M: 56) Joseph Pizzuto (M: 40)
Jamie Joseph Plaisance (M: 35) Ronnie Joseph Plaisance (M: 26) Ronnie J Plaisance (M: N/A)
Phillip Plaisance Iii (M: 40) Raymond B Plank (M: N/A) Raymond B Plank (M: 38)
Jonathan R Platt (M: 26) Jonathan R Platt (M: N/A) Delandra L Player (M: 39)
Edrick Boshoo Pleasant (M: 19) Eli Pleasant (M: 20) Patrick Lavelle Pleasant (M: 38)
Dewitt Plessala (M: 82) Dewitt Plessala (M: 82) Dewitt Plessala (M: N/A)
Isadore Plummer (M: 74) Isadore Plummer (M: N/A) Don Cam Plyler (M: 23)
Allen M Poche (M: 54) Jonathan Anthony Poche (M: 57) Allen M Poche (M: N/A)
Carlos J Poe (M: 59) William J Pogue (M: 47) William J Pogue (M: 45)
Jeffery Joseph Pohlmann (M: 29) Jeffery J Pohlmann (M: N/A) Chase Tremaine Poindexter (M: 29)
Johnny N/M/N Poindexter (M: 29) William Charles Poindexter (M: 50) Johnny Poindexter (M: N/A)
Chase T Poindexter (M: N/A) William C Poindexter (M: N/A) Chase T Poindexter (M: N/A)
Johnny Poindexter (M: N/A) Brandon Paul Poirier (M: 25) Floyd Polidore (M: 28)
Floyd Polidore (M: N/A) Michael Joseph Polit (M: 55) Michael J Polit (M: N/A)
Charles Joseph Polito (M: 31) Charles J Polito (M: N/A) Jack Eloise Polk (M: 27)
John Allen Polk (M: 52) Samuel Peter Polk (M: 33) Wilfred Andrew Polk (M: 47)
Jay M Polk (M: N/A) Samuel P Polk (M: N/A) Antwyla T Polk (F: N/A)
John A Polk (M: N/A) John Allen Polk (M: 49) David Lee Pollard (M: 46)
Joseph H Pollard (M: 50) Kebbins Pernell Pollard (M: 48) Kebbins Pollard (M: 48)
Mary A Pollard (F: 43) Joseph H Pollard (M: N/A) Mary A Pollard (F: N/A)
David L Pollard (M: N/A) Michael Pollet (M: 48) Jeremy Paul Pollock (M: 37)
Joseph Harrison Polston (M: 40) Christopher Pomfrey (M: 29) Christopher Pomfrey (M: N/A)
Leroy Pompey (M: 52) Timothy Michael Poniatowski (M: 35) Marshal Kevin Ponthier (M: 50)
Miles Kevin Ponthier (M: 41) Steven Joseph Ponthier (M: 31) Steven J Ponthier (M: 31)
Miles K Ponthier (M: N/A) Steven J Ponthier (M: N/A) Jamie Jay Ponthieux (M: 22)
Louis Ponthieux (M: 45) Robert Ponthieux (M: 44) Jared Paul Pontiff (M: 28)
Jared P Pontiff (M: N/A) Jared P Pontiff (M: N/A) Austin Carl Pool (M: 55)
Robert Dean Pool (M: 68) Brandon Dewayne Poole (M: 26) David K Poole (M: 44)
Kenneth Poole (M: 73) Mark Virgil Poole (M: 48) Samuel O Poole (M: 80)
Wayne Edward Poole (M: 52) Kenneth Poole (M: 67) Wayne E Poole (M: N/A)
Samuel O Poole (M: N/A) Brandon D Poole (M: N/A) Kenneth Poole (M: N/A)
Willie Pooler (M: 53) Carrie Danielle Pope (F: 30) Christopher Cornelius Porche (M: 31)
Clarence Henry Porche (M: 61) Cory Michael Porche (M: 30) Christopher C Porche (M: N/A)
Stanley Clarke Pore (M: 52) Stanley Clarke Pore (M: 52) Stanley C Pore (M: N/A)
Esau Poree (M: 41) Ernest Pormier (M: N/A) Richard C Portalis (M: 52)
Antoine Demarcus Porter (M: 23) Barry B Porter (M: 46) Hence Porter (M: 67)
James G Porter (M: 39) Johnny Porter (M: 47) Paul Ray Porter (M: 60)
Ralph David Porter (M: 38) Robert Porter (M: 27) Ronald Jose Porter (M: 42)
Timothy Lynn Porter (M: 43) Timothy Lynn Porter (M: 43) Victoria Alice Porter (F: 54)
Victoria Alice Porter (F: 57) Barry B Porter (M: N/A) James G Porter (M: N/A)
John E Porter (M: 32) Victoria A Porter (F: N/A) Rosalind Porter (F: 42)
Terry L Porter (M: N/A) Johnny Porter (M: N/A) Paul R Porter (M: N/A)
Terry L Porter (M: N/A) Ralph D Porter (M: N/A) Ronald J Porter (M: N/A)
Victoria A Porter (F: N/A) Ralph D Porter (M: N/A) Terry Lynn Porter (M: 56)
Alvin W Portier (M: 53) Alvin W Portier (M: N/A) Richard J Porzondek (M: N/A)
Juan Posadas (M: 44) Adam Lane Posey (M: 27) Dequincy Letroy Posey (M: 27)
Irvin Posey (M: 51) Dequincy L Posey (M: N/A) Michael A Positerry (M: N/A)
Robert Potier (M: 65) Cody Michael Potter (M: 34) Kenneth Douglas Potter (M: 47)
Kenneth D Potter (M: N/A) Cody M Potter (M: N/A) Anthony Daniel Potter (M: 25)
Prometheus M Potts (M: 37) Charles Daulton Potts Jr (M: 45) Darrell W Poullard (M: N/A)
Stephen P Poullard (M: N/A) Marcus Pouncy (M: 35) Marcus Pouncy (M: N/A)
Nathan D Pound (M: 54) Timmie W Pounds (M: 40) Timmy W Pounds (M: 41)
Timmy W Pounds (M: N/A) Timothy Pounds (M: 40) Warren Pounds (M: 34)
Paul Timothy Pousson (M: 38) Paul T Pousson (M: 39) Cynthia Powe (F: 51)
Junatha Powe (F: 53) Miranda Hope Powe (F: 33) William Blanchard Powe (M: 58)
Cynthia Powe (F: 45) Junatha Powe (F: N/A) Alvin Dale Powell (M: 38)
Cedrick J Powell (M: 38) Cedrick James Powell (M: 38) Christopher Michael Powell (M: 26)
Dondrell A Powell (M: 30) Joseph M Powell (M: 25) Randell Powell (M: 30)
Randy Allen Powell (M: 32) Roy W Powell (M: 53) William Allen Powell (M: 49)
Dondrell A Powell (M: N/A) Roy W Powell (M: N/A) William A Powell (M: N/A)
Roy W Powell (M: N/A) Rondell Powell (M: N/A) Dan Charles Powers (M: 56)
Tony William Powers (M: 63) Ronald J Pradia (M: 39) Ronald J Pradia (M: N/A)
Louis Markel Pradier (M: 36) Quincy Pradier (M: 27) Quincy Pradier (M: 30)
Quincy Pradier (M: N/A) Louis M Pradier (M: N/A) William M Prante (M: N/A)
Lanely James Prater (M: 49) Langley J Prater (M: N/A) Curtis Pratt (M: 55)
Tyrone Dewayne Pratt (M: 32) Tyrone Dewayne Pratt (M: 32) Samuel D Pratt (M: N/A)
Tyrone D Pratt (M: N/A) Raymond John Predium (M: 48) Raymond J Predium (M: N/A)
Anthony Prejean (M: 71) Clarence Gerald Prejean (M: 46) Leslie Joseph Prejean (M: 66)
Nelson Prejean (M: 57) Zechariah James Prejean (M: 27) Nelson Prejean (M: N/A)
Rickey J Prejean (M: N/A) Rickey James Prejean (M: 54) Antonio J Prelow (M: 32)
Antonio J Prelow (M: N/A) Arthur Paul Prestenbach (M: 54) Brenda Prestenbach (F: 40)
Tanner Prestenbach (M: 19) Arthur P Prestenbach (M: N/A) Chris A Prestenbach (M: N/A)
Frederick Preston (M: 21) Mantrell M Preston (M: 29) Palmer Preston (M: 52)
Palmer J Preston (M: N/A) Mantrel M Preston (M: N/A) Palmer J Preston (M: N/A)
August D Preuss (M: 58) August D Preuss (M: N/A) August D Preuss (M: N/A)
Meiko Prevo (F: 32) Albert Wills Prevost (M: 42) Edward F Prevost (M: 37)
Albert W Prevost (M: N/A) Edward F Prevost (M: N/A) Brandon W Price (M: 29)
Clifford Jay Price (M: 62) Cornelius Price (M: 67) Derrick D Price (M: 27)
Frederick Dewayne Price (M: 24) Gregory Wallace Price (M: 49) Herman Lee Price (M: 56)
Hirraco J Price (M: 47) Jamar A Price (M: 23) James Christopher Price (M: 42)
Jason Matthew Price (M: 26) Jeremy W Price (M: 34) Jessie J Price (M: 32)
Marty James Price (M: 31) Michael Price (M: 46) Regina Renee Price (F: 51)
Richard Anthony Price (M: 43) Robert Lee Price (M: 28) Robert D Price (M: 22)
Travis Price (M: 28) Troy E Price (M: 55) Clifford J Price (M: N/A)
Cornelius Price (M: N/A) Jessie J Price (M: N/A) Anderson Price (M: N/A)
Regina R Price (F: N/A) Gregory Price (M: N/A) Jason M Price (M: N/A)
Jeremy W Price (M: N/A) Brandon W Price (M: N/A) Marty J Price (M: N/A)
Hirraco J Price (M: N/A) Troy E Price (M: N/A) Jamar A Price (M: N/A)
Robert L Price (M: N/A) Jeremy W Price (M: N/A) Hirraco J Price (M: N/A)
Timothy Price (M: 40) Guy O Pridgen (M: 47) Starlon Tramina Prier (M: 31)
Noah Drake Primeaux (M: 34) Kevin W Primus (M: 44) Wayne Antoine Primus (M: 38)
Wayne A Primus (M: 36) Christopher Allen Prince (M: 26) Christopher Allen Prince (M: 25)
Curtis Wayne Prince (M: 34) Joseph M Prince (M: 62) Joseph Prince (M: N/A)
Alex J Pritchard (M: 51) Larry D Pritchard (M: N/A) George D Probst (M: 59)
Marc S Procell (M: 36) Raymond Q Procell (M: 44) Virgil Ray Procell (M: 47)
Randy W Procell (M: 46) Virgil R Procell (M: N/A) Marc S Procell (M: N/A)
James Cody Procella (M: 19) Devick S Proctdor (M: N/A) Devick S Proctor (M: 26)
Marquis Mandell Proctor (M: 23) Kenney L Profit (M: 49) Hollis E Prohn (M: 48)
Emmanuel Lester Prout (M: 55) Jaymetrice Provo (M: 20) Christopher Joseph Provost (M: 38)
Earl Provost (M: 62) Edward Charles Provost (M: 31) Edward C Provost (M: N/A)
Christopher Provost (M: N/A) Edward C Provost (M: N/A) Bobby Allen Prudhomme (M: 49)
Gordon W Prudhomme (M: 60) Jessie Lynn Prudhomme (M: 30) Joseph C Prudhomme (M: 30)
Reginald F Prudhomme (M: 55) Reginald F Prudhomme (M: N/A) Jessie Prudhomme (M: N/A)
Jessie Prudhomme (M: N/A) Alvin Benjamin Prue (M: 64) Alvin B Prue (M: N/A)
Bobby Glen Pruitt (M: 57) Eric S Prunn (M: 39) Artis Pryor (M: 40)
Artis Pryor (M: N/A) Artis Pryor (M: N/A) Asa Alonzo Allen Puckett (M: 47)
Charles E Puckett (M: 62) Asa A Puckett (M: N/A) Cheri Puckett (F: N/A)
Dennis M Puckett (M: N/A) Alonzo J Pugh (M: 58) Cabot Preston Pugh (M: 23)
Daniel A Pugh (M: 48) Davie Pugh (M: 69) George Pugh (M: 79)
Davie Pugh (M: N/A) David Pugh (M: N/A) George Pugh (M: N/A)
Alonzo J Pugh (M: N/A) Daniel Pugh (M: N/A) Ray Anthony Pulley (M: 39)
Sammie L Pulley (M: 45) Sammie L Pulley (M: N/A) Ray A Pulley (M: N/A)
Cassie Michael Punch (M: 29) Steven Paul Punch (M: 31) Cassie M Punch (M: N/A)
Cassie M Punch (M: N/A) Alan L Purcell (M: 56) Bryan Dale Purdom (M: 35)
Walter Purdy (M: 74) Robert W Purland (M: 33) Tanika Purnell (F: 33)
Wilburn Purnell (M: 30) Richard Scott Pursley (M: 59) Morris E Putt (M: 40)
Morris E Putt (M: N/A) Darren Dwayne Pye (M: 33) Darren D Pye (M: N/A)
Darren D Pye (M: N/A) Jerome Allen Pye (M: 36)

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