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All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter O are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Gene Oakes (M: 78) Roger Keith Oakes (M: 51) Charles W Oakley (M: N/A)
Bobby F Obar (M: N/A) George E Ober (M: 54) Lawrence Eli Oberlitner (M: 38)
Lawrence E Oberlitner (M: N/A) Lawrence E Oberlitner (M: N/A) Patrick Obrien (M: 31)
John Glenn Obryan (M: 69) Kenneth James Obryan (M: 51) John G Obryan (M: N/A)
Kenneth J Obryan (M: N/A) Jeffery Brian Ochoa (M: 39) Robert S Ochoa (M: 29)
Robert Edward Oconnell (M: 47) Jeremy Tremain Oconner (M: 33) Rufus Clyde Oconner (M: 53)
Rufus Oconner (M: N/A) Jesse Aaron Oconner (M: 29) Louis Jerome Oconnor (M: 34)
Timothy Shawn Oconnor (M: 33) Timothy Shawn Oconnor (M: 34) Louis J Oconnor (M: N/A)
Jesse A Oconnor (M: N/A) Jesse A Oconnor (M: N/A) Kenneth Chad Odaniels (M: 29)
Kenneth C Odaniels (M: N/A) Kenneth C Odaniels (M: N/A) Ridge Daniel Oddo (M: 19)
Tyrell D Odell (M: 33) William Clayton Odell (M: 33) Tyrell D Odell (M: N/A)
William C Odell (M: N/A) Christopher Wade Odis (M: 43) Christopher W Odis (M: N/A)
Christopher W Odis (F: N/A) James Patrick Odle (M: 30) Aaron Bernard Odom (M: 37)
Billy J Odom (M: 56) Cecil L. Odom (M: 61) John Phillip Odom (M: 54)
Zachary Lee Odom (M: 21) Cecil L Odom (M: N/A) Billy J Odom (M: N/A)
Alonzo Odoms (M: 58) Alonzo Odoms (M: 61) Alton Ogden (M: 61)
Alton Jennings Ogden (M: 61) Matthew W Ogea (M: 29) William Ogle (M: 51)
Penny Dawn Oglesby (F: 36) Penny Oglesby (F: 33) Penny F Oglesby (F: N/A)
Brian David Oglesby (M: 48) Glyn Eric Ohaver (M: 34) Robert Allen Ohusky (M: 56)
Robert A Ohusky (M: N/A) Rafael Ojeda (M: 23) Richard Alfred Okeefe (M: 54)
Richard A Okeefe (M: 54) Richard A Okeefe (M: N/A) Richard Joseph Okur (M: 52)
Richard J Okur (M: N/A) Matthew Paul Olander (M: 23) Gilberto Magallan Olguin (M: 41)
Louis Edward Olinde (M: 41) Dennis Lee Oliver (M: 33) Floyd Dennell Oliver (M: 33)
Jeramee Bryon Oliver (M: 35) Jeramee B Oliver (M: 32) Jeremy Joel Oliver (M: 47)
Jeremy J Oliver (M: 47) Kelvin Johnell Oliver (M: 28) Moorette Junior Oliver (M: 28)
Renata Oliver (F: 32) Renata N Oliver (F: N/A) Dennis L Oliver (M: N/A)
Kelvin J Oliver (M: N/A) Floyd D Oliver (M: N/A) Moorette J Oliver (M: N/A)
Norman J Oliver (M: N/A) Kenneth C Oliver (M: N/A) Kevin Oliver (M: 51)
Jeremy Joel Oliver (M: 57) Antonio D Oliver (M: 24) Lennis Joseph Olivier (M: 46)
Michael Charles Olivier (M: 40) Paul Lee Olivier (M: 54) Lennis J Olivier (M: N/A)
Michael C Olivier (M: N/A) William E Olivieri (M: 41) Kevin Duane Oller (M: 46)
Kevin D Oller (M: 48) David J Ollis (M: N/A) Mario Alberto Olmos (M: 33)
Mario A Olmos (M: N/A) Scott A Olson (M: N/A) Matthew Olson (M: N/A)
Matthew Carl Olson (M: 35) Matthew Olson (M: 35) Melissa R Oman (F: 51)
Melissa R Oman (F: N/A) Chadwick C Onacle (M: N/A) Chadwick C Onacle (M: N/A)
Chadwick Christopher Oncale (M: 44) Alton Oneal (M: 53) Christopher S Oneal (M: 36)
Deandra Terrel Oneal (M: 27) Demetris D Oneal (M: 30) Freddie Dane Oneal (M: 54)
Jesse Joseph Oneal (M: 24) Jessie Oneal (M: 51) Jessie Monore Oneal (M: 53)
Lyndel Wayne Oneal (M: 53) Michael S Oneal (M: 50) Freddie D Oneal (M: N/A)
Christopher S Oneal (M: N/A) Jessie M Oneal (M: N/A) Jesse Oneal (M: N/A)
Alton Oneal (M: N/A) William R Oneal (M: N/A) Deandre T Oneal (M: N/A)
Bobby Oneal (M: 49) Charles J Oneil (M: 43) Robert Russell Oneil (M: 52)
Robert R Oneil (M: N/A) Charles J Oneil (M: N/A) Robert Francis Onellion (M: 24)
Robert F Onellion (M: N/A) Robert F Onellion (M: N/A) Stanley Neil Onstead (M: 65)
Joshua Sage Opitz (M: 38) Joshua S Opitz (M: N/A) Terry L Oquain (M: 39)
Terry Lee Oquain (M: 40) Brian E Oquinn (M: N/A) Charles W Ordner (M: 55)
Charles Wayne Ordner (M: 58) Charles Wayne Ordner (M: 58) Derrick Ordogne (M: 38)
Derrick R Ordogne (M: N/A) Derrick Lydell Ordone (M: 37) Derrick L Ordone (M: N/A)
Chad M Ordoyne (M: 31) Michael W Ordoyne (M: 36) Chad M Ordoyne (M: N/A)
Michael W Ordoyne (M: N/A) James E Orebaugh (M: N/A) Roland P Orgeron (M: 65)
Wilfred Brantly Orgeron (M: 74) Michael R Orgeron (M: N/A) Roland P Orgeron (M: N/A)
Raphael Moreno Ornellas (M: 63) Michael Joseph Orr (M: 34) Joshua P Orris (M: 28)
Fidencio Ortega (M: 48) Conley R Ortego (M: 38) Daniel Marcus Ortego (M: 28)
Delin Joseph Ortego (M: 52) Talbert Frank Ortego (M: 53) Delin J Ortego (M: N/A)
Talbert F Ortego (M: N/A) Edward Ortiz (M: 54) Jeanette Sylvia Ortiz (F: 55)
Ricardo Mercado Ortiz (M: 31) Edward Ortiz (M: N/A) Lee Osborn (M: 51)
Adelle Lee Osborne (F: 49) Bobby H Osborne (M: 55) Charles Lee Osborne (M: 56)
Aguinaldo M Osborne (M: N/A) Bobby H Osborne (M: N/A) William Cooldridge Oser (M: 34)
William Cooldridge Oser (M: 34) William Oser (M: N/A) Christopher Clarence Oswald (M: 41)
Christopher Clarence Oswald (M: 41) Kristopher C Oswald (M: 29) Christopher C Oswald (M: N/A)
Kristopher C Oswald (M: N/A) Charles Louis Otis (M: 69) Earl J Otis (M: 48)
Charles L Otis (M: N/A) Mychael Ott-Briscoe (M: 45) Anthony B Otwell (M: 40)
Anthony B Otwell (M: N/A) George Telsemar Oubre (M: 52) Jerome Oubre (M: 49)
Joseph Larry Oubre (M: 65) Jerome F Oubre (M: N/A) George T Oubre (M: N/A)
Joseph Oubre (M: N/A) Roger Oubre (M: 53) Sombat Ounsamone (M: 40)
Ronnie Oursso (M: 40) Brock Douglas Outlaw (M: 23) Willie Outley (M: 66)
Cole W Outley (M: N/A) Dale J Overstreet (M: 46) William C Ovitt (M: 43)
Bobby Lee Owens (M: 40) Darius T Owens (M: 32) Jason L Owens (M: 32)
Michael B Owens (M: 34) Michael C Owens (M: 50) Michael Charles Owens (M: 50)
Quinton E Owens (M: 26) Raymanero M Owens (M: 31) Steven J Owens (M: 27)
William David Owens (M: 32) Michael C Owens (M: N/A) William D Owens (M: N/A)
Jason L Owens (M: N/A) Bobby L Owens (M: N/A) Michael B Owens (M: N/A)
Billy N Owens (M: N/A) Steven J Owens (M: N/A) Rickey L Oxley (M: 51)

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