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All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Kathlen K Victorian N/A (M: 27) Paulette Marie Roberts N/A (F: 47) Terrience Anthony Turner N/A (M: 42)
Reginal Cordell Nabonne (M: 33) Kevin Michael Nace (M: 34) Joseph Jay Nacis (M: 36)
Mark Anthony Nadeau (M: 55) Mark A Nadeau (M: N/A) Chris Andrew Nagin (M: 26)
Darrell Nails (M: 45) Marice Shamaine Nalls (M: 36) Marice S Nalls (M: N/A)
Fernando Napoles (M: 68) Fernando Napolesrecio (M: 69) Daniel J Naquin (M: 32)
David R Naquin (M: 54) Dicky N/M/N Naquin (M: 39) Douglas Naquin (M: 55)
Eugene Joseph Naquin (M: 60) Jessie James Naquin (M: 42) Ralph Naquin (M: 48)
Tillman Lee Naquin (M: 44) Wayne Michael Naquin (M: 56) Ralph Naquin (M: N/A)
Daniel J Naquin (M: N/A) Wayne M Naquin (M: N/A) David R Naquin (M: N/A)
Douglas D Naquin (M: N/A) Daniel P Naquin (M: N/A) Eugene J Naquin (M: N/A)
Jessie J Naquin (M: N/A) Tillman L Naquin (M: N/A) Troy L Naquin (M: N/A)
Tillman L Naquin (M: N/A) Daniel Peter Naquin (M: 44) Syedzamin M Naqvi (M: 65)
Peter Dalton Narcisse (M: 42) Tyrone L Narcisse (M: 33) Peter D Narcisse (M: N/A)
Tyronne L Narcisse (M: N/A) Peter Dalton Narcisse (M: 39) Tyrone Lamar Narcisse (M: 30)
Larry Dale Naset (M: 59) Larry D Naset (M: N/A) Andre P Nash (M: 30)
David Benjamin Nash (M: 25) Gregory Nash (M: 30) Jamar Leon Nash (M: 36)
Kenneth L Nash (M: 46) Lawrence G Nash (M: 43) Tommie Nash (M: 38)
Gregory Nash (M: N/A) Jamar L Nash (M: N/A) Andre P Nash (M: N/A)
John E Nash (M: N/A) James Michael Nation (M: 31) Tracey A Nault (F: 36)
Tracey A Nault (F: N/A) William E Naumann (M: 39) William E Naumann (M: N/A)
William E Naumann (M: N/A) Brandon Michael Navarre (M: 23) Nelson A Navarre (M: N/A)
Horace Navarre (M: N/A) Edmond J Navarre (M: 18) Ray B Navarro (M: N/A)
Tanya L Naverre (F: 32) Tanya L Naverre (F: N/A) Brian Edward Naviaux (M: 27)
Bryant Keaton Neal (M: 22) Cory J Neal (M: 28) Perry James Neal (M: 51)
Ryndell Neal (M: 36) Perry J Neal (M: N/A) Michael S O Neal (M: N/A)
Cory J Neal (M: N/A) Michael S O Neal (M: N/A) Perry James Neal Jr (M: 24)
Glen Edward Nealy (M: 43) Glen E Nealy (M: N/A) Jon L Neames (M: 26)
Jon Lewis Neames (M: 26) Bernell Brudzinski Nedd (M: 26) Arthur Ray Needham (M: 52)
Calvin L Neely (M: 66) Chris K Neely (M: N/A) Gary Joesph Nehlig (M: 29)
Gary Joesph Nehlig (M: 31) Gary J Nehlig (M: N/A) Gary J Nehlig (M: N/A)
Quincy Andrea Neighbors (M: 24) Anthony Robert Mc Neil (M: 22) Craig A Neil (M: 48)
Craig A Neil (M: 45) Craig Alan Neil (M: 48) Craig A Neil (M: 45)
Michael J Neil (M: 29) Michael James Neil (M: 56) Nathan John Neil (M: 31)
Craig A Neil (M: N/A) Michael J Neil (M: N/A) Nathan J Neil (M: N/A)
Michael J Neil (M: N/A) Mitchell Irving Neill (M: 40) Mitchell Neill (M: N/A)
Michael Jerome Nells (M: 57) Antonio L Nelson (M: 30) Christopher Maurice Nelson (M: 29)
Dartinia Nelson (M: 47) Dave Nelson (M: 62) James Edward Nelson (M: 49)
Jamie Nelson (M: 20) Jerry Nelson (M: 44) Jimmy Lee Nelson (M: 53)
Keith Nelson (M: 41) Phillip L Nelson (M: 31) Raymond J Nelson (M: 70)
Ricky Nelson (M: 47) Sheridan Key Nelson (M: 22) Antonio L Nelson (M: N/A)
Raymond Nelson (M: N/A) Raymond Nelson (M: N/A) James Nelson (M: 45)
Russell Nelton (M: 30) Richard Woodrow Nenigar (M: 53) Andre Nero (M: 46)
Jamey B Nesbitt (M: 35) Jamey B Nesbitt (M: N/A) Isaac Netter (M: 57)
Isaac Netter (M: 57) Isaac Netter (M: N/A) Terrell Obrien Netters (M: 25)
Terrell O Netters (M: N/A) Albert D Nettles (M: 47) Willis Ray Nettles (M: 38)
Albert D Nettles (M: N/A) Albert D Nettles (M: N/A) Timothy A Neuman (M: 72)
Timothy A Neuman (M: N/A) Michael P Neumeyer (M: N/A) Timmy W Nevels (M: 44)
Derrick Neville (M: 30) Derrick Neville (M: N/A) Kenny Nevis (M: 37)
Roger D New (M: 60) Richard Dean Newberry (M: 46) Richard D Newberry (M: N/A)
Brian Keith Newcomb (M: 34) Brian K Newcomb (M: N/A) Kathryn Jo Newell (F: 54)
Robert Newingham (M: 41) Robert L Newingham (M: N/A) Robert L Newingham (M: N/A)
Deborah Newman (F: 56) Derrick Lamont Newman (M: 37) Michael Joseph Newman (M: 48)
Robert G Newman (M: 62) Robert G Newman (M: 65) Glenn M Newman (M: N/A)
Peter L Newman (M: N/A) Glenn Morris Newman (M: 65) Dewayne Ray Newman (M: 29)
Kirk B Newsom (M: N/A) Adam Paul Newsome (M: 27) William Charles Newstead (M: 58)
William C Newstead (M: N/A) Kenny Markell Newton (M: 34) Kenny M Newton (M: N/A)
Donald O Newton (M: N/A) Can Van Nguyen (M: 49) Minh Huu Nguyen (M: 43)
Can Nguyen (M: N/A) Can Nguyen (M: N/A) Johnny Andrew Nicholas (M: 44)
Zaire Bantu Nicholas (M: 31) Zaire B Nicholas (M: N/A) Eugene Tyrone Nichols (M: 30)
Jermaine G Nichols (M: 30) Nevers Nichols (M: 29) Patrick Dewayne Nichols (M: 50)
Willie K Nichols (M: 47) Patrick D Nichols (M: N/A) Alfred G Nichols (M: N/A)
Daniel N Nichols (M: 45) Eugene T Nichols (M: N/A) Willie K Nichols (M: N/A)
Derrick D Nicholson (M: 41) Fletcher Nicholson (M: 60) Janice Nicholson (F: 47)
Derrick D Nicholson (M: N/A) Fletcher K Nicholson (M: N/A) Terry William Nicholson (M: 33)
Jeffrey Brian Nickel (M: 34) Latroy J Nickerson (M: N/A) Latroy Joseph Nickerson (M: 39)
Jesse J San Nicolas (M: 32) Jesse J San Nicolas (M: N/A) Elizaveta R Nikonova (F: 21)
Charles James Nissel (M: 51) Billy Glenn Nivens (M: 39) Curtis R Nix (M: 65)
Curtis R Nix (M: N/A) Brandon Larrell Nixon (M: 25) James Kevin Nixon (M: 44)
Jim Kerry Nixon (M: 52) John Michael Nixon (M: 37) Ronald Lee Nixon (M: 43)
John M Nixon (M: N/A) Ronald L Nixon (M: N/A) Wesley Nixon (M: N/A)
George Noa (M: 28) Raymond C Noah (M: N/A) Jeffery Allen Noble (M: 32)
Kenneth Barnard Noble (M: 54) Jeffrey A Noble (M: N/A) Robert E Noble (M: N/A)
Jeffrey Allen Noble (M: 32) Ronald G Nobles (M: 71) Charles R Nobles (M: N/A)
Bartholomew Noel (M: 42) Calvin Louis Noel (M: 44) Cameron Michael Noel (M: 28)
Garrett James Noel (M: 31) Jessie T Noel (M: 29) Joseph Gary Noel (M: 56)
Joseph F Noel (M: 66) Justin Noel (M: 36) Kevin James Noel (M: 37)
Kirk Noel (M: 42) Linton P Noel (M: 34) Marty Anthony Noel (M: 42)
Bartholomew Noel (M: N/A) Kevin J Noel (M: N/A) Marty A Noel (M: N/A)
Justin R Noel (M: N/A) Garrett J Noel (M: N/A) Joseph G Noel (M: N/A)
Robert James Nolan (M: 35) Timothy Nolan (M: 41) Noel Susano Nolasco (M: 52)
Jeffery Lynn Norbury (M: 53) Jeffrey Lynn Norbury (M: 53) Janet Norder (F: 50)
Janet L Norder (F: N/A) Gordon Edison Nordgren (M: 93) Gordon E Nordgren (M: N/A)
Kenric Jerome Norflin (M: 37) Kenric J Norflin (M: N/A) Clifford Norman (M: 64)
James Michael Norman (M: 64) Tavid L Norman (M: 27) James M Norman (M: N/A)
Tavid L Norman (M: N/A) Clifford A Norman (M: N/A) Willie Jalen Norman (M: 20)
Alvin Lee Norman (M: 53) Alvin Justin Normand (M: 33) Daniel James Normand (M: 27)
Daniel Normand (M: 25) Eric Matthew Normand (M: 32) Johnny P Normand (M: 51)
Robert Joseph Normand (M: 41) Johnny P Normand (M: N/A) Eric M Normand (M: N/A)
Daniel J Normand (M: N/A) Thomas Everett Normand (M: 28) James C Norrell (M: 71)
Artyleus Jarrell Norris (M: 21) Charles M Norris (M: 30) Charles M Norris (M: 30)
Johnny Lee Norris (M: 47) Ralph Norris (M: 73) Charles M Norris (M: N/A)
Ralph Norris (M: N/A) Johnny L Norris (M: N/A) Matthew S Norris (M: 34)
Matthew Shane Norris (M: 35) Patrick Glenn Norris (M: 42) Rodney Charles Norsen (M: 57)
Darryl Jerome North (M: 29) Kevin J Northcutt (M: 39) John Eric Norton (M: 40)
Nicholas Patrick Norton (M: 32) Roxanne E Norton (F: 49) Roxanne E Norton (F: N/A)
Thomas Louis Norvell (M: 69) Thomas L Norvell (M: N/A) Gregory G Norwood (M: 55)
Gregory G Norwood (M: N/A) Salvator A Notariano (M: 48) Salvator A Notariano (M: N/A)
Angel Marie Nouhra (F: 32) Craig M Novak (M: 45) Craig M Novak (M: N/A)
Juan R Novoa (M: 46) Juan Novoa (M: 43) Juan R Novoa (M: N/A)
Juan R Novoa (M: N/A) Paul K Nowell (M: 46) Richard David Nowell (M: 44)
Richard D Nowell (M: N/A) Paul K Nowell (M: N/A) James D Nowlin (M: 65)
Johnathan P Nowling (M: N/A) Jonathan P Nowling (M: 31) Darwyn J J Nuccio (M: 47)
Darwyn J Nuccio (M: N/A) Paul J Nuelle (M: 31) Paul J Nuelle (M: N/A)
Paul J Nuelle (M: N/A) Jerry W Nugent (M: 49) Perry L Nugent (M: N/A)
Darrin Kent Nugent (M: 42) Brein K Nugier (M: 32) Brien K Nugier (M: N/A)
Mark A Null (M: 57) Mark A Null (M: N/A) Frankie Lane Nunally (M: 44)
Jason Kirk Nunez (M: 31) Jason Kirk Nunez (M: 31) Kathleen Jeannine Nunez (F: 48)
Tyrone Nunez (M: 28) Milfred Nunez (M: N/A) Jason K Nunez (M: N/A)
Jason K Nunez (M: N/A) Jason Kirk Nunez (M: 28) James Nunnery (M: 39)
Patrick Nunnery (M: 37) Patrick W Nunnery (M: 31) Kenneth Nunnery (M: N/A)
Tanius Darchell Nunsant (F: 28) Tanius D Nunsant (F: N/A) David C Nye (M: 63)

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