Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : J

All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter J are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Angela Marie Jack (F: 38) Benjamin Jermaine Jack (M: 29) Benjamin J Jack (M: 32)
Dennis Jack (M: 51) Ernest Jack (M: 70) Logan Jack (M: 88)
Norbert A Jack (M: 49) Norbert Jack (M: 49) Richard B Jack (M: 27)
Benjamin J Jack (M: N/A) Terrell Jackson (M: 37) Amy M Jackson (F: 29)
Andamore Jackson (M: 42) Antonio Jackson (M: 47) Arthur Jackson (M: 28)
Bobby Lee Jackson (M: 35) Brandon Jackson (M: 42) Calvin Jerome Jackson (M: 27)
Cavin Jackson (M: 46) Charles Edward Jackson (M: 30) Clay Jackson (M: 52)
Cleophus Roger Jackson (M: 47) Curtis Fitzgerald Jackson (M: 43) Curtis Jackson (M: 52)
Damion Jackson (M: 34) Damion J Jackson (M: 34) David Keith Jackson (M: 55)
Diamond D Jackson (M: 67) Don Wayne Jackson (M: 54) Don Edward Jackson (M: 56)
Donna Rachelle Jackson (F: 25) Douglas Edward Jackson (M: 48) Eddie R Jackson (M: 42)
Edward Benjamin Jackson (M: 37) Ellia Mandrell Jackson (M: 33) Eric Jackson (M: 36)
Fredrick B Jackson (M: 38) Gary Jackson (M: 52) Gregory L Jackson (M: 28)
Henry Jackson (M: 58) Howard L Jackson (M: 52) Isaac Jackson (M: 54)
Issac L Jackson (M: 28) James Jackson (M: 41) Jason A Jackson (M: 32)
Jeffery Lewis Jackson (M: 35) Jeffrey D Jackson (M: 32) Jevonia Lennell Jackson (F: 32)
Jimmie Joe Jackson (M: 45) John Girod Jackson (M: 45) Jonas Terrell Jackson (M: 31)
Jonathan Paul Jackson (M: 29) Jonnovann Lemarcus Jackson (M: 24) Joseph Jackson (M: 55)
Joseph Jackson (M: 44) Joseph Ervin Jackson (M: 43) Kenneth R Jackson (M: 41)
Kevin Raynard Jackson (M: 42) Larry D Jackson (M: 44) Lawrence B Jackson (M: 40)
Lazarus Jackson (M: 30) Leonard Jackson (M: 60) Lisa Jackson (F: 46)
Lonzo Jackson (M: 79) Marcus Jose Jackson (M: 44) Maurice Verndell Jackson (M: 23)
Michael T Jackson (M: 46) Michael L Jackson (M: 55) Norman Ray Jackson (M: 47)
Odell L Jackson (M: 30) Omunnakwe K Jackson (M: 34) Otis Dewayne Jackson (M: 31)
Patricia Jackson (F: 55) Ray A Jackson (M: 55) Ray Jackson (M: 52)
Reggie Jackson (M: 36) Reggie Jackson (M: 33) Reginald T Jackson (M: 40)
Robert Curtis Jackson (M: 38) Robert Jackson (M: 79) Robert Lavon Jackson (M: 50)
Rodney B Jackson (M: 38) Roger Jackson (M: 52) Ronnie Lee Jackson (M: 54)
Roosevelt Diamond Jackson (M: 66) Sean Douglas Jackson (M: 44) Shirlonda Jackson (F: 43)
Stanfford Wayne Jackson (M: 47) Stanford Wayne Jackson (M: 47) Stephen Dale Jackson (M: 38)
Terry Wayne Jackson (M: 31) Thomas Lamar Jackson (M: 33) Timothy Michael Jackson (M: 35)
Troy Michael Jackson (M: 25) Tyrone Dewayne Jackson (M: 38) Tyrone Dewayne Jackson (M: 39)
Walter Ray Jackson (M: 32) Walter Joseph Jackson (M: 47) Wesley Anderson Jackson (M: 31)
Perry Jackson (M: 50) Jonathan P Jackson (M: N/A) Jonas T Jackson (M: N/A)
Amy M Jackson (F: N/A) Odell L Jackson (M: N/A) Terry W Jackson (M: N/A)
Jared R Jackson (M: 24) Roger Jackson (M: N/A) Norman R Jackson (M: N/A)
Jeffery D Jackson (M: N/A) Jimmie J Jackson (M: N/A) Stanford W Jackson (M: N/A)
Ronnie L Jackson (M: N/A) Leonard Jackson (M: N/A) Kennie R Jackson (M: N/A)
Gerald G Jackson (M: N/A) Otis Jackson (M: N/A) Calvin J Jackson (M: N/A)
Clay Jackson (M: N/A) Arthur Jackson (M: N/A) Rodney B Jackson (M: N/A)
Tyrone D Jackson (M: N/A) Lisa Jackson (F: 40) Brandon A Jackson (M: 36)
Shirlonda E Jackson (F: N/A) Nolan S Jackson (M: N/A) Lazarus S Jackson (M: N/A)
Stephanie M Jackson (F: 38) Ray A Jackson (M: N/A) Kenneth R Jackson (M: N/A)
Damion J Jackson (M: N/A) Edward B Jackson (M: N/A) Issac L Jackson (M: N/A)
Julius L Jackson (M: N/A) Melvin C Jackson (M: N/A) Charles E Jackson (M: N/A)
Jeffery L Jackson (M: N/A) Ellia M Jackson (M: N/A) Randall D Jackson (M: N/A)
Don Jackson (M: N/A) Chris Jackson (M: N/A) Robert C Jackson (M: N/A)
Sean D Jackson (M: N/A) Troy M Jackson (M: N/A) Fredrick B Jackson (M: N/A)
Isaac Jackson (M: N/A) Stephen Jackson (M: N/A) Curtis Jackson (M: N/A)
Edward Jackson (M: N/A) Randall E Jackson (M: N/A) Henry Jackson (M: N/A)
Tyrone D Jackson (M: N/A) Shirlonda E Jackson (F: N/A) Issac L Jackson (M: N/A)
Ellia M Jackson (M: N/A) Joseph Jackson (M: N/A) Robert C Jackson (M: N/A)
Rodney B Jackson (M: N/A) Fredrick B Jackson (M: N/A) Isaac Jackson (M: N/A)
Michael L Jackson (M: N/A) Clyde Jackson (M: N/A) Clinton Cordell Jackson (M: 51)
Marcus Jose Jackson (M: 41) Omunnakwe K Jackson (M: 31) Kameco Damont Jackson (M: 35)
Daryl D Jackson (M: 29) Brian Gregory Jackson (M: 25) Herbert Jackson (M: 37)
Dennis Demarco Jackson (M: 32) Gregory Allen Jackson (M: 24) Michael N Jackson (M: 44)
Terrell Jackson (M: 37) Andrew Dwan Jackson Jr (M: 30) Tracy Lynn Jaco (F: 41)
Billy Wayne Jacobs (M: 35) Bobby D Jacobs (M: 79) Brad Jacobs (M: 48)
Cleveland Jacobs (M: 33) Cleveland Jacobs (M: 31) Demetrius Demond Jacobs (M: 34)
Donnell Lashae Jacobs (M: 34) Francis Allen Jacobs (M: 56) George C Jacobs (M: 61)
J.D. Jacobs (M: 33) John Truman Jacobs (M: 30) Joseph Patrick Jacobs (M: 47)
Joshua Glenn Jacobs (M: 29) Marcus Anthony Jacobs (M: 31) Marcus James Jacobs (M: 32)
Michael Anthony Jacobs (M: 49) Orlando Jacobs (M: 25) Terrell P Jacobs (M: 47)
John T Jacobs (M: 30) J D Jacobs (M: N/A) Francis A Jacobs (M: N/A)
Joseph P Jacobs (M: N/A) Brad Jacobs (M: N/A) Marcus A Jacobs (M: N/A)
Marcus J Jacobs (M: N/A) Demetrius Jacobs (M: N/A) George C Jacobs (M: N/A)
Michael A Jacobs (M: N/A) Demetrius Jacobs (M: N/A) Michael Anthony Jacobs (M: 46)
James Caleb Jacobs (M: 37) Charles G Jaeger (M: 74) Alvin Jagneaux (M: 36)
Trulie Lorraine Jagneaux (F: 23) Joe Betancourt Jaime (M: 54) Critton Q Jakarri (M: N/A)
George Jakub Iv (M: 21) Raymond P Jakubielski (M: 48) Raymond P Jakubielski (M: N/A)
Albert James (M: 39) Alonzo James (M: 59) Anthony James (M: 46)
Bobby Charles James (M: 46) Carolyn Lynn James (F: 58) Carolyn Lovell James (F: 59)
Curtis James (M: 22) Curtis James (M: 57) Curtis James (M: 57)
Dallas Lee James (M: 44) Derrick James (M: 34) Derwin E James (M: 43)
Earl James (M: 35) Frank A James (M: 36) Gregory Paul James (M: 34)
Johnnie Lee James (M: 59) Kevin J James (M: 44) Kevin James (M: 39)
Larry James (M: 56) Lofton Jospeh James (M: 49) Mark M James (M: 49)
Marlon Anthony James (M: 33) Martha Marie James (F: 41) Michael Anthony James (M: 45)
Norman J James (M: 27) Randall Scott James (M: 36) Reginald Isreal James (M: 43)
Robert Lee James (M: 50) Roger James (M: 45) Russell Rayne James (M: 32)
Solomon James (M: 46) Thomas Edmund James (M: 51) Tommy D James (M: 44)
Zachary Campus James (M: 51) Marlon A James (M: N/A) Bobby C James (M: N/A)
Carlos L James (M: N/A) Jenaro R James (M: N/A) Albert James (M: N/A)
Alonzo James (M: N/A) Russell R James (M: N/A) Frank A James (M: N/A)
Kevin C James (M: 33) Solomon James (M: N/A) Clifford P James (M: N/A)
Lofton J James (M: N/A) Michael A James (M: N/A) Gregory P James (M: N/A)
Dallas L James (M: N/A) Derwin E James (M: N/A) Randall S James (M: N/A)
Anthony James (M: N/A) Derrick James (M: N/A) Kevin J James (M: N/A)
Mark James (M: N/A) Thomas E James (M: N/A) Dallas L James (M: N/A)
Alonzo James (M: N/A) Johnnie L James (M: N/A) Lofton Joseph James (M: 46)
Edward Anthony James Jr (M: 21) Peter Ellery Jamieson (M: 56) David W Jamison (M: 50)
John Raymond Jamison (M: 64) Dale Wayne Janice (M: 48) Dale W Janice (M: N/A)
Johnny Ray January (M: 36) Mark Dion Jaramillo (M: 39) Mark D Jaramillo (M: N/A)
Bart Saul Jarboe (M: 51) Bruce Leo Jarboe (M: 62) Bart S Jarboe (M: N/A)
Bruce L Jarboe (M: N/A) Christopher Lee Jarmon (M: 32) Christopher Lee Jarmon (M: 34)
Christopher L Jarmon (M: 28) Thomas J Jarona (M: 33) Thomas Joseph Jarona (M: 34)
Thomas J Jarona (M: N/A) James R Jarreau (M: N/A) Brian Shadrick Jarrell (M: 32)
Chuck L Jarrell (M: 48) Evelyn Jarrell (F: 41) Kevin Jarrell (M: 40)
Kevin Roy Jarrell (M: 41) Michael Jermaine Jarrell (M: 27) Richie Arliss Jarrell (M: 43)
William G Jarrell (M: N/A) Donnie Jarrell (M: N/A) Richie A Jarrell (M: N/A)
Chuck L Jarrell (M: N/A) Richie A Jarrell (M: N/A) William G Jarrell (M: N/A)
Chuck L Jarrell (M: N/A) Randolph Eugene Jarve (M: 54) Jermaine Jarvis (M: 35)
Shaun Andrew Jarvis (M: 28) Jermaine Jarvis (M: N/A) Wolfgang Von Jas (M: 42)
Cheryl L Jason (M: 51) Sherrel L Jason (M: 49) Sherrel L Jason (M: N/A)
Rufus Martin Jean (M: 59) Brandon D Jeane (M: 27) Darwin Aubrey Jeane (M: 49)
Brandon D Jeane (M: N/A) Darwin A Jeane (M: N/A) Brandon D Jeane (M: N/A)
Robert J Jeanmarie (M: 30) Robert Joseph Jeanmarie (M: 33) Nadre Jeanpierre (F: 49)
Nadre Jeanpierre (F: 43) Al J Jeansonne (M: 42) Emile Joseph Jeansonne (M: 35)
Emile Joseph Jeansonne (M: 32) Jessie Joseph Jeansonne (M: 57) Numa Jeansonne (M: 54)
Jessie Jeansonne (M: N/A) Al J Jeansonne (M: N/A) Emile J Jeansonne (M: N/A)
Emile J Jeansonne (M: N/A) Richard Clay Jeffers (M: 48) Richard C Jeffers (M: N/A)
Bobby Ray Jefferson (M: 46) Calvin Terrell Jefferson (M: 36) Darell Andra Jefferson (M: 42)
David Wayne Jefferson (M: 52) Eric Keith Jefferson (M: 42) Kendrick Jarrod Jefferson (M: 26)
Richard Jefferson (M: 46) Romalis Jefferson (M: 34) Ronald Wayne Jefferson (M: 35)
Willie L Jefferson (M: 59) Ronald J Jefferson (M: N/A) David W Jefferson (M: N/A)
Darell A Jefferson (M: N/A) Sandra E Jefferson (F: N/A) Imeldia Jefferson (F: N/A)
Romalis Jefferson (M: N/A) Ronald W Jefferson (M: N/A) Kendrick J Jefferson (M: N/A)
Bobby R Jefferson (M: N/A) Darell A Jefferson (M: N/A) Romalis Jefferson (M: 31)
Decorion Dewayne Jefferson (M: 21) Elton Joseph Jefferson (M: 41) Lionel L Jelks (M: 30)
Lionel L Jelks (M: N/A) Amanda Louise Jemello (F: 30) Amanda Jemello (F: N/A)
Andrew Emile Jenkins (M: 64) Anthony Jenkins (M: 45) Arthur Anthony Jenkins (M: 46)
Charles Lavertt Jenkins (M: 33) Charles E Jenkins (M: 54) Christopher S Jenkins (M: 33)
Christopher Jamal James / Jenkins (M: 23) Clarence J Jenkins (M: 31) Derrick D Jenkins (M: 32)
Donald Clifton Jenkins (M: 50) Huey Lane Jenkins (M: 48) Joseph Benjamin Jenkins (M: 31)
Kentrell Jenkins (M: 33) Kevin Troy Jenkins (M: 47) Kevin D Jenkins (M: 47)
Michael Dale Jenkins (M: 50) Profit Jenkins (M: 35) Reginald Jenkins (M: 27)
Robert Alan Jenkins (M: 31) Shawn T Jenkins (M: 35) Solomon Jenkins (M: 34)
Thaddeus Jenkins (M: 38) Wilkins J Jenkins (M: 50) Clifton J Jenkins (M: N/A)
Profit Jenkins (M: N/A) Kevin T Jenkins (M: N/A) Christopher S Jenkins (M: N/A)
Derrick D Jenkins (M: N/A) Lacedrick K Jenkins (M: 24) Robert Alan Jenkins (M: 34)
Anthony Jenkins (M: N/A) Solomon Jenkins (M: N/A) Arthur A Jenkins (M: N/A)
Andrew E Jenkins (M: N/A) Wilkins J Jenkins (M: N/A) Joseph B Jenkins (M: N/A)
Robert A Jenkins (M: N/A) Reginald Jenkins (M: N/A) Clarence J Jenkins (M: N/A)
Arthur A Jenkins (M: N/A) Wilkins J Jenkins (M: N/A) Joseph B Jenkins (M: N/A)
Lacedrick K Jenkins (M: 27) Patrick O Jennings (M: N/A) Justin Lee Jensen (M: 33)
Thomas Lee Jensen (M: 34) Justin L Jensen (M: N/A) Travis D Jenson (M: 29)
Travis Jenson (M: N/A) Justin L Jentho (M: 26) Justin L Jentho (M: N/A)
Tremayne N Jernigan (M: N/A) Randee Lee Jerrell (M: 25) Adam Lloyd Jeter (M: 28)
Lee Arthur Jeter (M: 31) Paul E Jeter (M: 62) Travis Levi Jeter (M: 24)
Lee A Jeter (M: N/A) Latroy Darnell Jett (M: 31) Gary Jewell (M: N/A)
Gary Jewell (M: N/A) Gary Len Jewell (M: 54) Dean H Jiles (M: 50)
Matt Jiles (M: 61) Ramon A Jiles (M: 37) Raymond Jiles (M: 40)
Rodney S Jiles (M: 31) Rodney S Jiles (M: N/A) Leslie H Jinks (M: 40)
Travis Jinks (M: 49) Leslie H Jinks (M: N/A) Travis Jinks (M: N/A)
Leslie H Jinks (M: N/A) Joseph Jirone (M: 46) Jacob Laurence Jocelyn (M: 22)
Thomas L Jochum (M: N/A) Lester Joe (M: 53) Kyle Anthony Joffary (M: 23)
Jacob Balcer Johannessen (M: 29) Johnny R. Johansson (M: 65) Johnny Johansson (M: 65)
Dale Thomas John (M: 53) Felton J John (M: 49) Ryan Alan John (M: 34)
Dale T John (M: N/A) Felton J John (M: N/A) Katherine Ann Johns (F: 43)
Randy Paul Johns (M: 32) Randy P Johns (M: 34) Thomas Lee Johns (M: 28)
Randy P Johns (M: N/A) Abraham W Johnson (M: 35) Almenta Marie Johnson (F: 43)
Andrew Lane Johnson (M: 45) Anthony Johnson (M: 42) Anthony Phillip Johnson (M: 35)
Anthony Johnson (M: 35) Ardis E Johnson (M: 30) Avie Johnson (M: 60)
Billy Johnson (M: 42) Blaine S Johnson (M: 39) Bobby Terrell Johnson (M: 44)
Burnell Johnson (M: 48) Byron K Johnson (U: N/A) Byron Keith Johnson (M: 44)
Carlos L Johnson (M: 31) Cary L Johnson (M: 45) Cedric M Johnson (M: 33)
Chaddley Johnson (U: N/A) Chaddley Lemond Johnson (M: 37) Charles Edward Johnson (M: 45)
Chris Johnson (M: 52) Christopher L Johnson (M: N/A) Christopher Johnson (M: 43)
Chung K Johnson (F: 57) Clifford Lynn Johnson (M: 51) Clifton W Johnson (M: 44)
Clinton Johnson (M: 33) Clinton Johnson (M: 33) Constance Johnson (F: 52)
Dannie L Johnson (M: 57) Darnell Johnson (M: 24) Darrell Undra Johnson (M: 38)
David Wesley Johnson (M: 40) David Lamar Johnson (M: 44) David C Johnson (M: 43)
David Lamar Johnson (M: 42) David Johnson (M: 29) David W Johnson (M: 40)
David Alan Johnson (M: 41) David Dwayne Johnson (M: 43) Davie Lee Johnson (M: 41)
Deandre T Johnson (M: 37) Dedric Lemoine Johnson (M: 41) Dedrick Johnson (M: 42)
Demetric Dionell Johnson (M: 29) Derrell Demetric Johnson (M: 39) Derrick Anthony Johnson (M: 37)
Derrick Johnson (M: 37) Derrick G Johnson (M: 29) Derrick Joseph Johnson (M: 34)
Don Wayne Johnson (M: 23) Don Leo Johnson (M: 39) Donald Ray Johnson (M: 57)
Donald R Johnson (M: 57) Donald Ray Johnson (M: 23) Donald Dewayne Johnson (M: 51)
Doyle Johnson (M: 35) Dwayne Johnson (M: 44) Earl Byron Johnson (M: 29)
Earl Edward Johnson (M: 31) Eddie Johnson (M: 47) Edward Jerome Johnson (M: 43)
Edward E Johnson (M: 43) Edward L Johnson (M: 33) Edward E Johnson (M: 45)
Edward L Johnson (M: 30) Edwin R Johnson (M: 50) Ellis R Johnson (M: 46)
Ernest Johnson (M: 35) Essie Johnson (M: 57) Evan C Johnson (M: 51)
Fletcher Elando Johnson (M: 45) Frederick Lamar Johnson (M: 39) Gary Keith Johnson (M: 42)
Gary K Johnson (M: 39) Gary Johnson (M: 42) Gerald G Johnson (M: 28)
Gregory Lynn Johnson (M: 47) Gregory Dewayne Johnson (M: 29) Henry Lee Johnson (M: 47)
Hozea D Johnson (M: 30) Jack Johnson (M: 33) James Harold Johnson (M: 68)
James F Johnson (M: 50) James A Johnson (M: 43) James Johnson (M: 33)
Jason Dwayne Johnson (M: 31) Jeffrey Anthony Johnson (M: 50) Jemall Johnson (M: 36)
Jemall Phillip Johnson (M: 35) Jermaine Geramy Johnson (M: 30) Jermaine J Johnson (M: 29)
Jerome Johnson (M: 41) Jerrod D Johnson (M: 33) Jerry Jerome Johnson (M: 45)
Jimmie Quentin Johnson (M: 26) Jimmie Ronnell Johnson (M: 40) Jimmy Wayne Johnson (M: 53)
John Will Johnson (M: 50) Johnny Lee Johnson (M: 66) Keith Anthony Johnson (M: 26)
Keith Lamorris Johnson (M: 34) Kendrick Johnson (M: 35) Kenneth Johnson (M: 49)
Kenny W Johnson (M: 51) Krystal Michelle Johnson (F: 29) Lamarcus Earl Johnson (M: 33)
Larry Johnson (M: 57) Lathan E Johnson (M: 58) Leonard Dale Johnson (M: 48)
Lionel Johnson (M: 43) Lisa Vanessa Johnson (F: 44) Lloyd D Johnson (M: 45)
Lonnie Joe Johnson (M: 46) Lorietta Lynn Johnson (F: 33) Louis Lamont Johnson (M: 32)
Lovell Johnson (M: 52) Lyndon Wayne Johnson (M: 47) Mack Henry Johnson (M: 28)
Madeline Johnson (F: 50) Malcolm Johnson (M: 29) Malcom E Johnson (M: 33)
Marcus Montrell Johnson (M: 32) Marcus Montrell Johnson (M: 32) Marshall Johnson (M: 35)
Marvin J Johnson (M: 35) Marvin J Johnson (M: 50) Matthew Dwayne Johnson (M: 27)
Mcarthur Johnson (M: 66) Melissa M Johnson (F: 37) Michael Louis Johnson (M: 52)
Michael Borton Johnson (M: 42) Michael Wayne Johnson (M: 31) Mitchell Johnson (M: 27)
Morris Lovell Johnson (M: 38) Nelson L Johnson (M: 63) Nilo Norman Johnson (M: 46)
Phillip Albert Johnson (M: 58) Quanzzetta A Johnson (F: 31) Ralph K Johnson (M: 32)
Randy W Johnson (M: 44) Raymond Lee Johnson (M: 33) Richard L Johnson (M: 49)
Rickie Johnson (M: 30) Ricky H Johnson (M: 51) Ricky Lynn Johnson (M: 47)
Ricky Johnson (M: 48) Roger L Johnson (M: 51) Roger Johnson (M: 57)
Ronald Lee Johnson (M: 28) Ronald Johnson (M: 44) Ronald Johnson (M: 55)
Sandra Marie Johnson (F: 51) Sedric Leneal Johnson (M: 40) Sharon Deloris Johnson (F: 56)
Shawn Anthony Johnson (M: 35) Stephen Ray Johnson (M: 42) Stevell Lavar Johnson (M: 25)
Steven R Johnson (M: 47) Steven Earl Johnson (M: 50) Steven Johnson (M: 50)
Tammy Marie Johnson (F: 50) Tressa L Johnson (F: 37) Trevor Johnson (M: 34)
Troy William Johnson (M: 34) Vanessa Johnson (F: 53) Varick T Johnson (M: 37)
Wade W Johnson (M: 28) Wallace Wayne Barnett Johnson (M: 48) Ward Wayne Johnson (M: 65)
Willie C Johnson (M: 46) Tommie Leonard Johnson (M: 62) Avie Johnson (M: N/A)
Theresa A Johnson (F: N/A) Ralph K Johnson (M: N/A) Byron K Johnson (M: N/A)
Ricky L Johnson (M: N/A) Blaine S Johnson (M: N/A) Darrell U Johnson (M: N/A)
Arthur L Johnson (M: N/A) Derrick H Johnson (M: N/A) Gary K Johnson (M: N/A)
Ellis R Johnson (M: N/A) Tommy L Johnson (M: N/A) David C Johnson (M: N/A)
Carlos L Johnson (M: N/A) James A Johnson (M: N/A) Patrick D Johnson (M: N/A)
Jerry J Johnson (M: N/A) Jimmy W Johnson (M: N/A) Daryl D Johnson (M: N/A)
Jermaine G Johnson (M: N/A) Donald R Johnson (M: N/A) Bobby T Johnson (M: N/A)
Lloyd Johnson (M: N/A) Sedric L Johnson (M: N/A) Anthony F Johnson (M: N/A)
Edward J Johnson (M: N/A) Morris Johnson (M: N/A) Derrick A Johnson (M: N/A)
Felton L Johnson (M: N/A) Troy Johnson (M: N/A) David R Johnson (M: N/A)
Jason Johnson (M: N/A) Thomas E Johnson (M: 31) Earl E Johnson (M: N/A)
Marcus M Johnson (M: N/A) Mitchell A Johnson (M: N/A) James H Johnson (M: N/A)
Lisa Johnson (F: N/A) Michael L Johnson (M: N/A) Melvin L Johnson (M: N/A)
Shawn A Johnson (M: N/A) Clifford Johnson (M: N/A) Leonard D Johnson (M: N/A)
Ronald J Johnson (M: N/A) Ronald L Johnson (M: N/A) Henry L Johnson (M: N/A)
Lionel Johnson (M: N/A) Sedric M Johnson (M: N/A) Gerald G Johnson (M: N/A)
Christopher L Johnson (M: N/A) Irvin G Johnson (M: N/A) Dwayne B Johnson (M: 38)
Eddie Johnson (M: N/A) Jerome Johnson (M: 35) Bernell Johnson (M: N/A)
Ricky J Johnson (M: N/A) Cary L Johnson (M: N/A) Tressa L Johnson (F: N/A)
Larry Johnson (M: N/A) Joyce Johnson (F: N/A) Abraham W Johnson (M: N/A)
Jason Johnson (M: N/A) Kennith W Johnson (M: N/A) Vanessa A Johnson (F: N/A)
Michael B Johnson (M: N/A) Essie Johnson (M: N/A) Lyndon W Johnson (M: N/A)
Sharon D Johnson (F: N/A) Keith A Johnson (M: N/A) Troy W Johnson (M: N/A)
Edward L Johnson (M: N/A) Ronald Johnson (M: N/A) Donald D Johnson (M: N/A)
Lamarcus E Johnson (M: N/A) Anthony P Johnson (M: N/A) Deandre T Johnson (M: N/A)
Derrick G Johnson (M: N/A) Donald R Johnson (M: N/A) Nelson L Johnson (M: N/A)
Wade W Johnson (M: N/A) Dedric L Johnson (M: N/A) James P Johnson (M: N/A)
Raymond L Johnson (M: N/A) Britt N Johnson (M: N/A) Steven R Johnson (M: N/A)
Charles O Johnson (M: N/A) Edward E Johnson (M: N/A) Jeffrey A Johnson (M: N/A)
Nilo N Johnson (M: N/A) Tammy M Johnson (F: N/A) Varick T Johnson (M: N/A)
Ward W Johnson (M: N/A) Dedrick Johnson (M: N/A) Jimmie Q Johnson (M: N/A)
Steven E Johnson (M: N/A) Don L Johnson (M: N/A) Madeline Johnson (F: N/A)
David Johnson (M: N/A) Chung K Johnson (F: N/A) Donald R Johnson (M: N/A)
Donald R Johnson (M: N/A) Quanzzetta A Johnson (F: N/A) Frederick L Johnson (M: N/A)
Chaddley Johnson (M: N/A) James F Johnson (M: N/A) Stevell L Johnson (M: N/A)
Edward L Johnson (M: N/A) Lionel Johnson (M: N/A) Sedric M Johnson (M: N/A)
Anthony S Johnson (M: N/A) Ronald Johnson (M: N/A) Lamarcus E Johnson (M: N/A)
Stevell L Johnson (M: N/A) Steven E Johnson (M: N/A) Henry L Johnson (M: N/A)
Deandre T Johnson (M: N/A) Ardis E Johnson (M: N/A) Gregory L Johnson (M: N/A)
Malcolm J Johnson (M: N/A) Oscar Johnson (M: N/A) Matthew D Johnson (M: N/A)
Jimmy R Johnson (M: N/A) Britt N Johnson (M: 45) Cary Johnson (F: 42)
Dwight Troy Johnson (M: 35) Henry L Johnson (M: 44) Michael Borton Johnson (M: 39)
Oscar Johnson (M: 73) Christopher D Johnson (M: 66) Dewitt Johnson (M: 50)
Kelly Damian Johnson (M: 44) William E Johnson (M: 43) Anthony Terrell Johnson (M: 23)
Garrey Wayne Johnson (M: 22) Gerald Renard Johnson (M: 24) Melvin Johnson (M: 49)
Robert Allery Johnson (M: 31) Deboerah A Johnson (F: 57) Reginald Johnson (M: 43)
Travion Deontez Johnson (M: 24) Eric Javon Johnson (M: 24) Charles Thomas Johnson Iii (M: 50)
Nathan Johnson Iii (M: 35) Cleve Johnson Sr (M: 70) Brandon W Johnston (M: 40)
Jessica L Johnston (F: N/A) Marlin James Johnston (M: 50) Keith Joichin (M: N/A)
Harold Joiner (M: 42) Tarriean Joiner (M: 28) Harold Joiner (M: N/A)
Dale E Joiner (M: N/A) Carl William Joiner (M: 41) Brandon Keith Jolivette (M: 31)
Kelvin James Jolivette (M: 39) Larry Lee Jolivette (M: 28) Tyrone Jolivette (M: 27)
Brandon K Jolivette (M: N/A) Larry L Jolivette (M: N/A) Kelvin J Jolivette (M: N/A)
Brandon K Jolivette (M: N/A) Adrian Lamar Jones (M: 37) Alfred Jones (M: 52)
Andrew J Jones (M: 30) Antee C Jones (M: 48) Antee C Jones (M: 45)
Arthur L Jones (M: 40) Arthur Lee Jones (M: 26) Barron Sinclair Jones (M: 44)
Barry O Jones (M: 26) Billy R Jones (M: 51) Billy Jones (M: 51)
Boyd C Jones (M: 26) Bradley Monie Jones (M: 25) Brandon P Jones (M: 26)
Brian Lee Jones (M: 22) Burdette K Jones (M: 30) Byron R Jones (M: 40)
Calvin Jones (M: 49) Carl Jones (M: 35) Carlton Jones (M: 42)
Carlton R Jones (M: 45) Cedric R Jones (M: 43) Charles R Jones (M: 40)
Christopher D Jones (M: 30) Christopher Michael Jones (M: 40) Christopher D Jones (M: 41)
Clarence Orlando Jones (M: 29) Claude Jones (M: 44) Cornie Lee Jones (M: 23)
Daniel Heath Jones (M: 24) Danny Jones (M: 46) Darnell Jones (F: 49)
Darren Willie Jones (M: 43) David Jones (M: 40) David L Jones (M: 34)
David D Jones (M: 42) Davie Lynn Jones (M: 29) Demond Rashod Jones (M: 34)
Denise Jones (F: 46) Derrick Jones (M: 41) Don Paul Jones (M: 75)
Don Jones (U: N/A) Donald R Jones (M: 51) Donald R Jones (M: 51)
Douglas Charles Jones (M: 59) Dwight Davis Jones (M: 57) Edward Charles Jones (M: 46)
Eric Jerrell Jones (M: 23) Ernest Jones (M: 27) Ernest Lee Jones (M: 45)
Estelle Jones (F: 42) Ferrarai C Jones (M: 31) Fitzgerald D Jones (M: 29)
George E Jones (M: 26) Harry Dyer Jones (M: 60) James Jones (M: 48)
Jarvis Dontreal Jones (M: 25) Jeffrey Jones (M: 48) Jermaine M Jones (M: 33)
Jerry Lee Jones (M: 45) Jesse R Jones (M: 45) Jessie Roy Jones (M: 45)
Jim David Jones (M: 60) Joel N Jones (M: 37) Joey W Jones (M: 47)
John W Jones (M: 39) Joseph Lewis Jones (M: 48) Joseph Jones (M: 53)
Joyce Marie Jones (F: 52) Justin R Jones (M: 23) Keith Jones (M: 41)
Kenneth Lee Jones (M: 36) Kenneth Wayne Jones (M: 31) Kevin Mark Jones (M: 24)
Kevin Lee Jones (M: 45) Keynan D Jones (U: N/A) Keynan Dontate Jones (M: 31)
Lee Andrew Jones (M: 25) Leon L Jones (M: 70) Leroy Jones (M: 57)
Loyd Allen Jones (M: 55) Marion Dale Jones (M: 48) Mark Farris Jones (M: 30)
Mark Farris Jones (M: 28) Mark Jones (M: 50) Matthew Jones (M: 50)
Max Brennan Jones (M: 19) Michael Allen Jones (M: 42) Nathanael Gabriel Jones (M: 33)
Nathaniel G Jones (M: 33) Orbin Joseph Jones (M: 52) Otis Joe Jones (M: 62)
Phillip M Jones (M: 24) Quinn Marlon Jones (M: 44) Randell Terell Jones (M: 30)
Raymond Gene Jones (M: 76) Raymond Gene Jones (M: 76) Raymond Jones (M: 20)
Raymond J Jones (M: 20) Richard B Jones (M: 45) Richard Arland Jones (M: 29)
Robert J Jones (M: 51) Robert L Jones (M: 26) Robert L Jones (M: 29)
Robert C Jones (M: 55) Robin Vanessa Jones (F: 55) Rodney L Jones (M: 37)
Ronald W Jones (M: 40) Ronnie M Jones (M: 52) Roy Davis Jones (M: 40)
Rutherford Jones (M: 45) Ryan James Jones (M: 27) Samuel Jones (M: 63)
Sean R Jones (M: 33) Sean Robert Jones (M: 31) Sedrick D Jones (M: 30)
Shirley J Jones (F: 56) Shonda Marinell Jones (F: 31) Sidney Harris Jones (M: 60)
Sidney Jones (M: 53) Stanley Byron Jones (M: 46) Steven R Jones (M: 39)
Steven Roger Jones (M: 43) Terrin Jones (M: 41) Terry Glen Jones (M: 46)
Terry A Jones (M: 62) Terryl Flynn Jones (M: 52) Thomas Jones (M: 48)
Timothy Jones (M: 47) Timothy Jermaine Jones (M: 29) Todd Andrew Jones (M: 37)
Tori L Jones (M: 35) Travis Wayne Jones (M: 42) Troy Wayne Jones (M: 40)
Tryron F Jones (M: 43) Tyeine Lacoat Jones (M: 34) Vernell A Jones (M: 25)
Vernell Anthony Jones (M: 28) Vernita Jones (F: 46) Wayne Bolling Jones (M: 54)
William Joseph Jones (M: 54) William Clint Jones (M: 29) Willie Jones (M: 26)
Willie Carl Jones (M: 58) Wilmer J Jones (M: 43) David L Jones (M: N/A)
Samuel Jones (M: N/A) Kenneth W Jones (M: N/A) Terry G Jones (M: N/A)
Mark F Jones (M: N/A) Cedric R Jones (M: N/A) Joseph L Jones (M: N/A)
Michael A Jones (M: N/A) Don P Jones (M: N/A) Tyrone F Jones (M: N/A)
Keith D Jones (M: N/A) Don W Jones (M: N/A) Jesse R Jones (M: N/A)
Robin Jones (F: N/A) Sedrick D Jones (M: N/A) Frank J Jones (M: 43)
Billy R Jones (M: N/A) Claude Jones (M: N/A) Keith Jones (M: 35)
Patrick Jones (M: N/A) Demond R Jones (M: N/A) Raymond B Jones (M: N/A)
Vernell A Jones (M: N/A) Shirley J Jones (F: N/A) William C Jones (M: N/A)
Christopher D Jones (M: N/A) Kevin T Jones (M: N/A) Edward C Jones (M: N/A)
William Jones (M: N/A) Alfred J Jones (M: N/A) Darren W Jones (M: N/A)
Derrick T Jones (M: N/A) Carl Jones (M: N/A) Charles R Jones (M: N/A)
Tommy A Jones (M: N/A) Denise Jones (F: N/A) Cedric R Jones (M: N/A)
George E Jones (M: N/A) Tori L Jones (M: N/A) Barry O Jones (M: N/A)
Jerry L Jones (M: N/A) Kareem M Jones (M: N/A) Randell T Jones (M: N/A)
Wayne B Jones (M: N/A) Donavan S Jones (M: N/A) Arthur L Jones (M: N/A)
Otis J Jones (M: N/A) Dwight Jones (M: N/A) Ernest Jones (M: N/A)
Nathanael G Jones (M: N/A) Rodney L Jones (M: N/A) Byron R Jones (M: N/A)
Jeffery Jones (M: N/A) Shonda M Jones (F: N/A) Tyeine L Jones (M: N/A)
Terry A Jones (M: N/A) Andrew J Jones (M: N/A) Harry D Jones (M: N/A)
Steven R Jones (M: N/A) Steven R Jones (M: N/A) Justin R Jones (M: N/A)
James E Jones (M: N/A) Kenneth L Jones (M: N/A) Loyd A Jones (M: N/A)
Clarence O Jones (M: N/A) Edward A Jones (M: N/A) Keynan D Jones (M: N/A)
Denise Jones (F: N/A) Tommy A Jones (M: N/A) William Jones (M: N/A)
Robert L Jones (M: N/A) Arthur L Jones (M: N/A) Rufus M Jones (M: N/A)
Richard B Jones (M: N/A) Timothy J Jones (M: N/A) Stanley Leon Jones (M: 42)
Travis Wayne Jones (M: 38) Douglas William Jones (M: 32) Jerry Lee Jones (M: 32)
Arliss Issac Jones (M: 43) Jermaine Jones (M: 25) Lionel Jones (M: 54)
Daryl Ivan Jones (M: 52) Rayshon Nekeal Jones (M: 19) Charles Felton Jones Iii (M: 34)
Kenneth Michael Jones Jr (M: 38) Joe Henry Jones Jr (M: 38) Allen T Jordan (M: 48)
Angela N Jordan (F: 34) Angela N Jordan (F: 31) Antonio Dervoris Jordan (M: 30)
Don Otis Jordan (M: 52) Gary A Jordan (M: 32) Gary Jordan (M: 32)
Harold E Jordan (M: 85) Jeanette Weathersby Jordan (F: 49) Jeffery Neil Jordan (M: 36)
Jeffery Neil Jordan (M: 36) John Louis Jordan (M: 54) Justin Jordan (M: 23)
King Solomon Jordan (M: 41) Michael Bruce Jordan (M: 23) Michael Bruce Jordan (M: 26)
Mitchell Vincent Jordan (M: 58) Reginald R Jordan (M: 63) Ronald Adam Jordan (M: 31)
Timothy W Jordan (M: 42) Angela N Jordan (F: N/A) Antonio D Jordan (M: N/A)
King S Jordan (M: N/A) Gary A Jordan (M: N/A) John L Jordan (M: N/A)
Howard P Jordan (M: N/A) Rene Jordan (F: N/A) Don O Jordan (M: N/A)
Ronald A Jordan (M: N/A) Mitchell Jordan (M: N/A) Michael B Jordan (M: N/A)
Terry Miles Jordan (M: 29) Howard Jordon (M: 55) John William Jory (M: 44)
John W Jory (M: N/A) Ashley J Joseph (M: 38) Bobby Joseph (M: 55)
Bobby A Joseph (M: 44) Charles H Joseph (M: 29) Christopher Vandell Joseph (M: 45)
Gary P Joseph (M: 53) Harvey Clarence Joseph (M: 33) Harvey C Joseph (M: 33)
James Joseph (M: 42) Jason L Joseph (M: 28) John D Joseph (M: 51)
Lamar Q Joseph (M: 40) Michael Christopher Joseph (M: 39) Michael Clarence Joseph (M: 58)
Patrick Joseph (M: 57) Patrick Joseph (M: 29) Phillip Lee Joseph (M: 29)
Renel Joseph (M: 45) Renel R Joseph (M: 48) Ronald D Joseph (M: 25)
Sidney Anthony Joseph (M: 53) Tracey M Joseph (F: 51) Travis Lendell Joseph (M: 31)
Renel Joseph (M: 48) Sidney A Joseph (M: N/A) James M Joseph (M: N/A)
Christopher Joseph (M: N/A) Travis L Joseph (M: N/A) Michael C Joseph (M: N/A)
John D Joseph (M: 45) Tracey M Joseph (F: N/A) Michael Joseph (M: N/A)
Don A Joseph (M: N/A) Ashley J Joseph (M: N/A) Bobby A Joseph (M: N/A)
Stephen C Joseph (M: N/A) Charles H Joseph (M: N/A) Renel R Joseph (M: N/A)
Phillip L Joseph (M: N/A) Jason L Joseph (M: N/A) Jirone Joseph (M: N/A)
Gordon M Joseph (M: N/A) Ashley J Joseph (M: N/A) Jonathon Richard Joseph (M: 18)
David W Joseph (M: 51) Troy Journet (M: N/A) Benjamin H Joy (M: 50)
Steven A Joyce (M: 26) Jon P Joyner (M: 31) Tracey D Joyner (M: 42)
Jon P Joyner (M: N/A) David Howard Jr (M: 31) Felton Johnson Jr (M: 36)
Horace Navarre Jr (M: 45) Ronald James Sinegal Jr (M: 28) William Joseph Blanc Jr (M: 29)
Henry Nathan Judge (M: 49) Shannon E Judy (M: 34) Shannon E Judy (M: N/A)
Gary Juengain (M: 56) Gary Juengain (M: N/A) Gary Juengain (M: N/A)
Patrick Christopher Juge (M: 43) Patrick C Juge (M: N/A) Connie Ann Julian (F: 48)
David James Julian (M: 62) Lesley Wayne Julian (M: 46) Lesley W St Julian (M: 39)
David J Julian (M: N/A) Joseph Ernest Julien (M: 44) Terrence L St Julien (M: N/A)
Joseph E Julien (M: N/A) Broderick D June (M: 27) Demarcus A June (M: 33)
Demarcus A June (M: N/A) Cody Michael Juneau (M: 32) Jody James Juneau (M: 40)
Keith John Juneau (M: 32) Randolph Juneau (M: 61) Shawn Michael Juneau (M: 40)
Jody J Juneau (M: N/A) Evelyn Juneau (F: N/A) Keith J Juneau (M: N/A)
Kenneth Ray Jurls (M: 37) Michael Gene Justus (M: 50) Edward Jyles (M: 49)
Lawrence Jyles (M: 61) Edward Jyles (M: N/A)

Other Available Data

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