Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : G

All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter G are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Richard Gabel (M: N/A) Richard E Gabel Jr (M: 31) Jay B Gabler (M: 55)
Jay B Gabler (M: 56) Jay B Gabler (M: N/A) Kesiena Gabriel (M: 28)
Van Gabriel (M: 49) Van Gabriel (M: N/A) Gordon Gabriel Jr (M: 18)
Robert D Gadberry (M: 57) Earl L Gaddis (M: 43) James N Gaddis (M: 30)
Robert L Gaddis (M: 62) Robert L Gaddis (M: N/A) Mark Edward Gafford (M: 40)
Mark E Gafford (M: N/A) Able Stafford Gagnard (M: 55) Anthony Scott Gagnard (M: 25)
Gene Paul Gagnard (M: 58) Jeffery Lee Gagnard (M: 43) Joseph W Gagnard (M: 37)
Russell John Gagnard (M: 49) Jeffery L Gagnard (M: N/A) Able S Gagnard (M: N/A)
Gene P Gagnard (M: N/A) Joseph W Gagnard (M: N/A) Anthony S Gagnard (M: N/A)
Lyle J Gagnon (M: 56) Joshua Nathan Mc Gaha (M: 23) Karen E Gainer (F: N/A)
John M Gaines (M: 39) Lawrence S Gaines (M: 36) Leonard Gaines (M: 33)
Nakia Gaines (M: 37) Sharon Gaines (F: 48) Torrance Teon Gaines (M: 29)
Leonard Gaines (M: N/A) David A Gaines (M: N/A) Sharon S Gaines (F: 45)
Dudley Gaines (M: 25) Nakia L Gaines (M: N/A) Lawrence S Gaines (M: N/A)
Torrance T Gaines (M: N/A) Torrance T Gaines (M: N/A) Sharon S Gaines (F: N/A)
Robert Joseph Gaines (M: 50) Preston H Gajan (M: 75) Preston Gajan (M: 75)
Andrew Kevin Galatas (M: 45) Andrew K Galatas (M: N/A) Martel Jamil Gales (M: 31)
Danny R Galindo (M: 38) Jack Galindo (M: 22) Lazaro A Galindo (M: N/A)
Carl Wayne Gallet (M: 58) Curlis J Gallet (M: 75) Curlis M Gallet (M: N/A)
Carl W Gallet (M: N/A) Curlis J Gallet (M: 72) Curliss Joseph Gallet (M: 72)
Lynn Paul Galliano (M: 52) Brandon Joseph Gallien (M: 27) Noel Gallo (M: 36)
Susan Rutland Gallo (F: 51) Tony Anthony Gallo (M: 47) Anthony Gallo (M: N/A)
Susan R Gallo (F: N/A) Noel Gallo (M: N/A) Anthony Gallo (M: 44)
Bradley J Gallow (M: N/A) Bradley James Gallow (M: 38) Charles Gallow (M: 42)
Phillip J Gallow (M: 30) Bradley J Gallow (M: N/A) Charles L Gallow (M: N/A)
Daniel R Gallow (M: N/A) Phillip J Gallow (M: N/A) Randy Roscoe Gallow (M: 35)
David Scott Galloway (M: 47) Larry J Galloway (M: 33) Tremayner S Galloway (M: 30)
David S Galloway (M: N/A) Tremayner S Galloway (M: N/A) Donald Galmon (M: 49)
Eric Maurice Galmon (M: 29) Donald R Galmon (M: N/A) Eric M Galmon (M: N/A)
Percy Kentrell Galmore (M: 37) Percy K Galmore (M: N/A) Salvadore A Gamberella (M: 47)
Salvadore A Gamberella (M: N/A) Brett Michael Gambino (M: 27) Brett M Gambino (M: N/A)
Richard C Gamble (M: N/A) John Ray Gammage (M: 65) John R Gammage (M: N/A)
George W Ganaway (M: 58) Billy Francis Gann (M: 77) Brian R Gann (M: 34)
Oscar Kelly Ganson (M: 77) Oscar Kelley Ganson (M: 80) Oscar K Ganson (M: N/A)
Eric Gant (M: 51) Ervin Gant (M: 43) William Patrick Gant (M: 59)
William P Gant (M: N/A) Trini B Gant (M: 45) John Randall Gantt (M: 48)
Antonio Rene Garcia (M: 36) David P Garcia (M: 51) Joaquin Garcia (M: 37)
Nicole Marie Garcia (F: 26) Paul A Garcia (M: 27) Paul Anthony Garcia (M: 30)
Ryan Crenna Garcia (M: 46) Ryan Crenna Garcia (M: 46) Sabino Garcia (M: 41)
Jaime E Garcia (M: N/A) Elizabeth Garcia (F: N/A) Jesse Garcia (M: 46)
Sabino Garcia (M: 40) Kenneth Wayne Gardner (M: 27) Lawrence M Gardner (M: 35)
Leroy Gardner (M: 45) Rex Alan Gardner (M: 43) Ronald` Eugene Gardner (M: 31)
Ryan Dale Gardner (M: 24) Lawrence M Gardner (M: N/A) Kenneth W Gardner (M: N/A)
Ronald E Gardner (M: N/A) Leroy Gardner (M: N/A) Ronald E Gardner (M: N/A)
Robert E Garey (M: N/A) Charles J Garlington (M: 31) Charles J Garlington (M: N/A)
Alan James Garmon (M: 56) Allen H Garner (M: 45) Dwight Adlai Garner (M: 59)
James E Garner (M: 69) Kinte Vanness Garner (M: 35) Roland Wayne Garner (M: 48)
Stephanie R Garner (F: 36) Timothy D Garner (M: 43) Stephanie R Garner (F: N/A)
James E Garner (M: N/A) Stephanie R Garner (F: N/A) Allen H Garner (M: N/A)
Daniel Alexander Garnett (M: 38) Hugh R Garnett (M: N/A) Hugh Roan Garnett (M: 29)
Leroy J Garret (M: N/A) Leroy J Garret (M: N/A) Adam Dewayne Garrett (M: 29)
Chevelle Garrett (F: 33) Donald Ray Garrett (M: 36) James H Garrett (M: 82)
Jessie Anthony Garrett (M: 30) John D Garrett (M: 40) Keith Duchon Garrett (M: 32)
Leroy Garrett (M: 32) Lloyd Bedford Garrett (M: 48) Troy T Garrett (M: 36)
Troy Taurus Garrett (M: 39) Troy T Garrett (M: N/A) James Garrett (M: N/A)
Chevelle L Garrett (F: N/A) Adam D Garrett (M: N/A) Lloyd B Garrett (M: N/A)
Willie Michael Garrison (M: 59) Robert Daniel Garsee (M: 31) Robert D Garsee (M: N/A)
Michael John Garst (M: 31) Michael J Garst (M: N/A) Adam Joseph Gary (M: 38)
Allen Joseph Gary (M: 61) Benjamin Wesley Gary (M: 50) Benjimin Wesley Gary (M: 50)
Daniel T Gary (M: 37) Isaac S Gary (M: 25) Adam J Gary (M: N/A)
Daniel T Gary (M: N/A) Allen J Gary (M: N/A) Kenwood J Gary (M: N/A)
Allen J Gary (M: N/A) Bobby Garza (M: 31) Gerardo Garza (M: 52)
John J Garza (M: 34) Bobby Garza (M: N/A) John J Garza (M: N/A)
Reginald D Gasaway (M: 25) Reginald D Gasaway (M: N/A) Gilbert Gasca (M: 49)
Gilbert Gasca (M: 44) Gilbert Gasca (M: N/A) David Jose Gaspar (M: 29)
Adam Joseph Gaspard (M: 31) Donald James Gaspard (M: 43) Leonard Clay Gaspard (M: 49)
Tommy James Gaspard (M: 40) David J Gaspard (M: N/A) Leonard C Gaspard (M: N/A)
Minice Gaspard (M: N/A) Tommy J Gaspard (M: N/A) Donald J Gaspard (M: N/A)
Adam J Gaspard (M: N/A) Jeremy J Gaspard (M: 36) John Vernon Gaspard (M: 51)
Romana Gaston (F: 45) Romana L Gaston (F: N/A) Melvin Gaston (M: N/A)
Melvin Gaston (M: N/A) Russel N Gatch (M: 39) Russel N Gatch (M: N/A)
Rocky David Gathright (M: 53) Rocky D Gathright (M: N/A) Donald N Gatlin (M: 37)
Clayton D Gatlin (M: N/A) Donald N Gatlin (M: N/A) Donald N Gatlin (M: N/A)
Donald D Gatlin (M: 34) Freeman Gatson (M: 49) Jerry Wayne Gatson (M: 45)
Mike Gatson (M: 55) Jerry W Gatson (M: N/A) Jerry W Gatson (M: N/A)
Melvin Gatson Sr (M: 48) Eric P Gaubert (M: 35) Wade M Gaubert (M: 45)
Eric P Gaubert (M: N/A) Curtis Joseph Gaudet (M: 69) Erroll John Gaudet (M: 49)
Jake J Gaudet (M: 36) Jerry Lee Gaudet (M: 43) John Jerry Gaudet (M: 77)
Joseph F Gaudet (M: 43) Joseph Gaudet (M: 53) Lester J Gaudet (M: 74)
Lester J Gaudet (M: 73) Lester K Gaudet (M: 71) Nicholas James Gaudet (M: 30)
Patrick Garrett Gaudet (M: 50) Lester J Gaudet (M: N/A) Erroll J Gaudet (M: N/A)
Nicholas J Gaudet (M: N/A) Jake J Gaudet (M: N/A) John J Gaudet (M: N/A)
Joseph F Gaudet (M: N/A) Perry Gauff (M: 52) Perry Gauff (M: N/A)
Dave P Gauither (M: 25) Adrian D Gaulden (M: 34) Alfred Joseph Gauthier (M: 37)
Burt J Gauthier (M: 52) Dave P Gauthier (M: 28) Guy M Gauthier (M: 27)
John Philip Gauthier (M: 32) Joseph Kevin Gauthier (M: 39) Jules Pierre Gauthier (M: 89)
Mitchell Lee Gauthier (M: 41) Newty Paul Gauthier (M: 46) Richard J Gauthier (M: 35)
Shelby James Gauthier (M: 22) Newty P Gauthier (M: N/A) Joseph K Gauthier (M: N/A)
Mitchell L Gauthier (M: N/A) Alvin L Gauthier (M: 55) Terry M Gauthier (M: 49)
Jules P Gauthier (M: N/A) Dave P Gauthier (M: N/A) Guy M Gauthier (M: N/A)
Jules P Gauthier (M: N/A) Joseph K Gauthier (M: N/A) Dave P Gauthier (M: 25)
Guy M Gauthier (M: 24) Aaron Jude Gauthreaux (M: 34) Aaron J Gauthreaux (M: 32)
Aaron Jude Gauthreaux (M: 35) Terry Michael Gautier (M: 49) Nolan M Gautier (M: N/A)
Larry Douglas Gautney (M: 61) Larry D Gautney (M: N/A) Darrell Wayne Gautreau (M: 48)
Jason C Gautreau (M: 47) Darrell W Gautreau (M: N/A) David W Gautreaux (M: 25)
John Allen Gautreaux (M: 51) Robert D Gautreaux (M: 59) Roland Anthony Gautreaux (M: 43)
Robert D Gautreaux (M: N/A) John A Gautreaux (M: N/A) David W Gautreaux (M: N/A)
Dale Roland Gaver (M: 66) Dale R Gaver (M: N/A) Arthur Gay (M: 48)
John Burton Gay (M: 56) Douglas A Gay (M: 49) Edward J Gay (M: 47)
John B Gay (M: N/A) John B Gay (M: N/A) David L Gayden (M: 34)
Alinda Marie Gayton (U: 45) Arlinda M Gayton (F: 42) Brenda Lee Gayton (F: 48)
Arlinda M Gayton (F: N/A) Donald P Gehab (M: N/A) Donald Paul Geheb (M: 73)
Frank Laurence Geimer (M: 29) Frank L Geimer (M: N/A) Frank Roddy Geisler (M: 33)
Frank R Geisler (M: N/A) Layne Gelpi (M: 60) Layne G Gelpi (M: 60)
Bryan Genda (M: 41) Bryan W Genda (M: N/A) Bobby Louis General (M: 56)
James D Gentile (M: N/A) Kevin Colbert Gentle (M: 49) Kevin Colbert Gentle (M: 49)
Carey Anthony Gentry (M: 44) Jewelee Carlean Gentry (F: 24) Carey A Gentry (M: N/A)
Gail Gautreaux Genusa (F: 52) Gail M Genusa (F: N/A) Anthony Sean George (M: 29)
Avery Raynell George (M: 38) Avery R George (M: 38) Chad A George (M: 36)
Charles L George (M: 25) Christopher M George (M: 31) Clay Anthony George (M: 51)
Dennis Demon George (M: 35) Gerald Wayne George (M: 15) Henry E George (M: 58)
Jenetta Dionne George (F: 38) Jerome Michael George (M: 34) Morris Edward George (M: 33)
Paul George (M: 32) Paul George (M: 29) Preston J George (M: 59)
Robert Jerome George (M: 33) Robert H George (M: 51) Ronald J George (M: 61)
Vincent Lee George (M: 54) Wilton Joseph George (M: 51) Gerald W George (M: N/A)
Robert J George (M: N/A) Paul George (M: N/A) Henry E George (M: N/A)
Jenetta D George (M: N/A) Preston J George (M: N/A) Robert H George (M: N/A)
Jerome M George (M: N/A) Charles L George (M: N/A) Chad A George (M: N/A)
Paul Anthony George (M: 36) Preston J George (M: 56) Robert Jerome George (M: 30)
Jonathan Alan Gerald (M: 26) James M Gerald (M: N/A) Gary H Gerard (M: 44)
Barbara J Gerber (F: 58) Barbara J Gerber (F: N/A) Richard Loren Gerdes (M: 64)
Joseph B Gerhart (M: 68) Joseph B Gerhart (M: 65) Amar Germain (M: 52)
Debra A Germain (F: 44) Debra A St Germain (F: N/A) Darren Gese (M: 40)
Darrell Eugen Geter (M: 44) Darrell E Geter (M: 46) James B Geter (M: 44)
Darrell E Geter (M: N/A) James Geter (M: N/A) Angela Gettridge (F: 48)
Angela D Gettridge (F: N/A) Charles Richard Gholson (M: 57) Charles Gholson (M: N/A)
Alton Antoine Ghoram (M: 47) Alton A Ghoram (M: N/A) Shane A Giachetti (M: 29)
Scott Christopher Giacone (M: 42) Scott C Giacone (M: 42) Stephanie Marie Giambelluca (F: 30)
Joseph Samuel Giangrosso (M: 46) Joseph S Giangrosso (M: N/A) Joseph Giangrosso (M: 43)
Nickey R Giardina (M: 61) Nickey Ray Giardina (M: 42) Nickey R Giardina (M: N/A)
Michael L Gibbons (M: N/A) Michael L Gibbons (M: 32) Charles Ray Gibson (M: 40)
Duane K Gibson (M: 26) James Michael Gibson (M: 48) Perry C Gibson (M: 26)
Redando Demon Gibson (M: 30) Tyson Voughkith Gibson (M: 35) Tyson Gibson (M: N/A)
Duane K Gibson (M: N/A) Charles M Gibson (M: N/A) Charles R Gibson (M: N/A)
Redando D Gibson (M: N/A) Jimmy Gibson (M: 50) Jacob Andrew Giddens (M: 25)
Samuel Doyle Giddens (M: 69) Samuel D Giddens (M: N/A) Jacob A Giddens (M: N/A)
Alvin Ray Giddings (M: 43) Alvin R Giddings (M: 42) Alvin R Giddings (M: N/A)
Antwain D Gilbert (M: 35) John Gilbert (M: 53) Kerry Ardell Gilbert (M: 25)
Oneil Gilbert (M: 43) Rodney L Gilbert (M: 36) Walter Lee Gilbert (M: 49)
Antwain D Gilbert (M: N/A) Steven D Gilbert (M: N/A) Oneil Gilbert (M: N/A)
John A Gilbert (M: N/A) Robert D Gilbert (M: N/A) Antwain Demont Gilbert (M: 32)
Oneil Gilbert (M: 40) Steven D Gilbert (M: 26) Jerome Edward Gilbert (M: 27)
Corey Allen Gilcrease (M: 24) Cory Gilcrease (M: 22) James M Gilcrease (M: 57)
James M Gilcrease (M: N/A) Rodney Giles (M: 50) Jasper Lee Gill (M: 29)
Joseph W Gill (M: 40) Stanley Allen Gill (M: 30) Stanley Allen Gill (M: 31)
Joseph W Gill (M: N/A) Warnie J Gillam (M: 30) Warnie J Gillam (M: N/A)
Warnie J Gillam (M: 27) Alvin Gillespie (M: 49) Thomas F Gillespie (M: 38)
Alvin Gillespie (M: N/A) Thomas F Gillespie (M: N/A) Thomas F Gillespie (M: N/A)
Alvin Gillespie (M: 46) Tony B Gillespie (M: 28) Shonda R Gilley (F: N/A)
Charles K Gilley (M: N/A) Herman Gilliam (M: 56) Joseph M Gilliam (M: 38)
Mengistu R Gilliam (M: 32) Thomas Gilliam (M: 41) Mengistu R Gilliam (M: N/A)
Herman Gilliam (M: N/A) Joseph M Gilliam (M: N/A) Joseph M Gilliam (M: 35)
Jimmie L Gilliand (M: 46) Glenn Gilliland (M: 41) Glenn Gilliland (M: 44)
Glenn M Gilliland (M: N/A) Jimmie Gilliland (M: N/A) Glenn M Gilliland (M: N/A)
Charles Melvin Gillis (M: 31) Markus Bartholomew Gillord (M: 48) Markus B Gillord (M: N/A)
Joe Gillum (M: 47) Joe Gillum (M: N/A) Keith F Gilmore (M: 58)
Michael D Gilmore (M: 63) Raymond Ray Gilmore (M: 37) Melvin Gilmore (M: 24)
Keith F Gilmore (M: N/A) Michael D Gilmore (M: N/A) Michael D Gilmore (M: N/A)
Matthew Gilmore (M: 42) Michael M Gilpin (M: 58) Timothy A Gilreath (M: N/A)
Billy J Gilson (M: 74) Billy J Gilson (M: N/A) Chris George Ginn (M: 36)
Jesse M Ginn (M: 81) Antonio J Gipson (M: 29) Joseph D Gipson (M: 50)
Lorenzo L Gipson (M: 43) Antonio J Gipson (M: N/A) Joseph D Gipson (M: N/A)
Antonio J Gipson (M: N/A) Lorenzo L Gipson (M: N/A) Gary L Girard (M: 44)
Rodney Girard (M: 66) Rodney Girard (M: 63) Rodney Girard (M: N/A)
Gary L Girard (M: N/A) Robert Leroy Girard (M: 37) Bryan Christopher Giroir (M: 45)
Frank J Giroir (M: 54) Frank J Giroir (M: N/A) Bryan C Giroir (M: N/A)
Chad E Girouard (M: 30) Norman Joseph Gisclair (M: 49) Norman J Gisclair (M: N/A)
Kyle Matthew Givens (M: 40) Austin Emile Givens (M: 45) David Joseph Givens (M: 31)
Eddie James Givens (M: 38) Ron M Givens (M: 32) Wayne Butch Givens (M: 56)
Terrence Q Givens (M: 23) Eric M Givens (M: N/A) Chris L Givens (M: N/A)
David J Givens (M: N/A) Kyle Givens (M: 40) Ronald Dewayne Gladney (M: 43)
Byron Glapion (M: 45) Kent Gerard Glapion (M: 40) Justin Henery Glasgow (M: 30)
Justin H Glasgow (M: N/A) Isiah Glasper (M: 61) Zedrick Vasshun Glasper (M: 37)
Isiah Glasper (M: N/A) Zedrick Glasper (M: N/A) Zedrick Glasper (M: N/A)
Michael Dewayne Glass (M: 32) Michael D Glass (M: N/A) Carey Glassell (M: 49)
Carey Glassell (M: N/A) Colin Warren Glenn (M: 50) Lawrence Glenn (M: 61)
Terrell Gene Glenn (M: 40) Colin W Glenn (M: N/A) Lawrence R Glenn (M: N/A)
Bryan Keith Gloston (M: 40) Bryan Gloston (M: N/A) Karnell J Gloud (M: 37)
Karnell J Gloud (M: N/A) Bobby J Glover (M: 57) Clarence Dewayne Glover (M: 37)
Edward Dewayne Glover (M: 39) Edward D Glover (M: N/A) Bobby J Glover (M: N/A)
Clarence D Glover (M: N/A) Clarence D Glover (M: N/A) Ronald Glover (M: 50)
Clarence D Glover (M: N/A) Joshua Dewayne Glynn (M: 28) Joshua D Glynn (M: N/A)
Roland Francis Patrick Gobeil (M: 49) Roland C Gobeil (M: N/A) Michael Watts Gober (M: 27)
Gary James Gobert (M: 55) Lawrence Gobert (M: 79) Gary J Gobert (M: N/A)
Alfred J Gobert (M: 32) Alvin Bernard Godette (M: 46) Larry Godfrey (M: 52)
Shelita Godfrey (F: 45) Shelita M Godfrey (F: N/A) Larry N Godfrey (M: N/A)
Larry N Godfrey (M: 63) Michael Dewayne Godwin (M: 51) Eugene Abram Goebel (M: 26)
Erastanard Alphonso Goff (M: 39) Michael Goff (M: N/A) James Ivey Goff (M: 50)
Michael Lee Goheen (M: 31) J D Goins (M: 48) James W Goins (M: 26)
James W Goins (M: 24) James W Goins (M: N/A) Herman Golden (M: 36)
Herman Golden (M: 36) Herman Golden (M: 36) Matthew D Golden (M: 25)
Paul Raybourne Golden (M: 35) Herman Golden (M: N/A) Eric Dewayne Goldman (M: 24)
Jerome Goldsby (M: 49) Jerome Goldsby (M: N/A) William Gomez (M: 59)
Francisco Javier Gomez (M: 40) Leander A Gondran (M: 42) Ricardo Gongora (M: 31)
Alejandro Gongora (M: N/A) Phillip Darrell Gongre (M: 47) Curtis B Gonsoulin (M: 48)
Jeimy Gonzales (M: 21) Nelson Gonzales (M: 46) Phillip Wesley Gonzales (M: 29)
Vicente Gonzales (M: 34) Vicente Gonzales (M: 34) Nelson Gonzales (M: N/A)
Harold Bret Gonzalez (M: 52) Luis C Gonzalez (M: 64) Luis Gonzalez (M: N/A)
Harold B Gonzalez (M: N/A) Escolastico Gonzalez (M: 42) John W Gooch (M: 55)
John Wayne Gooch (M: 56) John W Gooch (M: N/A) Authrey Jessie Goodie Jr (M: 20)
Betty Lynn Goodin (F: 47) Betty L Goodin (F: N/A) Vernon Goodings (M: 44)
Michael J Goodlett (M: N/A) Jerome Curtis Goodley (M: 49) Jerome C Goodley (M: N/A)
Arthur White Goodly (M: 32) Baron Ned Goodman (M: 48) Cardell Goodman (M: 45)
Gerald D Goodman (M: 61) Robert Goodman (M: 83) Van Rogers Goodman (M: 39)
Baron N Goodman (M: N/A) John M Goodman (M: N/A) Timothy Goodman (M: N/A)
Gerald Goodman (M: N/A) Jerry Goodrich (M: 70) Clarence Goodson (M: 55)
Joseph Dean Goodson (M: 57) Karen Marie Goodson (F: 53) Joseph D Goodson (M: N/A)
Karen M Goodson (F: N/A) Darryl Goodwin (M: 43) James Owens Goodwin (M: 44)
Roger David Goodwin (M: 42) Roger D Goodwin (M: 44) James O Goodwin (M: N/A)
Roger D Goodwin (M: N/A) Roger D Goodwin (M: N/A) Wilson J Goody (M: 46)
Wilson J Goody (M: N/A) Wilson Joseph Goody (M: 43) William Glen Goolsby (M: 43)
William G Goolsby (M: 41) William G Goolsby (M: N/A) Phillip Lynn Gooslby (M: 41)
Darryl W Gorden (M: 46) Todd Lee Gordon (M: 50) Antoinette Gordon (F: 53)
Carlton Ray Gordon (M: 42) Dequitney Jontreal Gordon (M: 22) Emanuel C Gordon (M: 37)
George Larue Gordon (M: 45) Kenon Errol Gordon (M: 27) Seigfred Gordon (M: 47)
Terrence Lee Gordon (M: 30) Timothy David Gordon (M: 41) Todd Lee Gordon (M: 50)
Antoinette Gordon (F: N/A) Seigfred L Gordon (M: N/A) Seigfred L Gordon (M: N/A)
Avery L Goree (M: 40) Avery L Goree (M: N/A) Shelby Laverne Gorenflo (M: 81)
Johl A Gorham (M: 27) Johl Andrew Gorham (M: 27) Michael T Gorman (M: N/A)
Larry Gosdin (M: 59) Steven Royal Gossett (M: 36) Terrance Khomeit Gotch (M: 32)
Terrance K Gotch (M: N/A) Shannon P Gotte (M: 37) Al Goudeau (M: 60)
Pierre Adam Goudeau (M: 55) Allen F Goudeau (M: N/A) Pierre A Goudeau (M: N/A)
Naomi Raquel Gould (F: 24) Luca Joseph Governale (M: 35) Luca J Governale (M: N/A)
Jeremy W Gowan (M: 30) Jeremy W Gowan (M: 32) John L Mc Gowan (M: 45)
Jeremy W Gowan (M: N/A) Michael Elliot Gowen (M: 46) Michael E Gowen (M: N/A)
Michael E Gowen (M: N/A) Jesse Reese Grace (M: 23) James Malcolm Grace (M: 68)
James Malcolm Grace (M: 69) Frederico Graciano (M: 24) Lawrence Lemar Gradnigo (M: 48)
Lawrence L Gradnigo (M: N/A) Richard L Grady (M: 30) Robert L Grady (M: 38)
Richard L Grady (M: N/A) Robert Lee Grady (M: 35) Bernard Graf (M: 50)
Joseph Graffagniini (M: N/A) Joseph T Graffagnini (M: 50) Charles Eric Graham (M: 55)
Charles Graham (M: 55) Christopher Scott Graham (M: 30) Joseph Washington Graham (M: 24)
Melvin Graham (M: 51) Randall K Graham (M: 41) Rene Dakota Graham (M: 23)
Charles E Graham (M: N/A) Melvin Graham (M: N/A) Randall K Graham (M: N/A)
Joseph W Graham (M: N/A) Gerald Lee Gramm (M: 48) Gerald L Gramm (M: N/A)
Jeffery B Grana (M: N/A) Anthony James Granger (M: 28) Christian Jude Granger (M: 30)
Dwayne J Granger (M: 44) Timothy G Granger (M: 49) Wilbert Granger (M: 60)
Dwayne J Granger (M: N/A) Timothy G Granger (M: N/A) Timothy G Granger (M: 45)
Zachary Ryan Granier (M: 19) Michael S Granier (M: N/A) Blaine Ernest Charles Granier (M: 22)
Carlos Keith Grant (M: 51) Clyde R Grant (M: 74) Darrell D Dwayne Grant (M: 38)
Donald R Grant (M: 53) Henry Grant (M: 79) Jamar Patrick Grant (M: 35)
Lesley Grant (M: 49) Rodney Grant (M: 45) Sylvester Grant (M: 30)
Sylvester Grant (M: 30) William Dennis Grant (M: 50) Carlos K Grant (M: N/A)
Jamar P Grant (M: N/A) Rodney Grant (M: N/A) Christopher Grant (M: N/A)
Darrell D Grant (M: N/A) Donald R Grant (M: N/A) Robert Grantz (M: 70)
Francisco Grasiano (M: N/A) Charles Jay Graver (M: 47) Charles Graver (M: 47)
Charles J Graver (M: N/A) Corey E Graves (M: 31) Donmontrel Roytron Graves (M: 35)
Dustin J Graves (M: 29) Jeremy W Graves (M: 27) Louis Lopez Graves (M: 34)
Dustin J Graves (M: N/A) Jeremy W Graves (M: N/A) Benton Gray (M: 40)
Chance Edward Gray (M: 26) Dalton J Gray (M: 42) Dan Henry Gray (M: 37)
Houston L Gray (M: 61) John M Gray (M: 71) Kelly Joseph Gray (M: 44)
Kevin Ray Gray (M: 50) Lance Tramayne Gray (M: 31) Leroy Gray (M: 42)
Lloyd Gray (M: 76) Martha Gray (F: 52) Morris Lee Gray (M: 44)
Paul E Gray (M: 29) Paul E Gray (M: 29) Paul Ellsworth Gray (M: 29)
Quinten Adam Gray (M: 28) Randall Gray (M: 50) Richard Gray (M: 50)
Robert Lee Gray (M: 32) Robert Howard Gray (M: 42) Steven H Gray (M: 29)
Terry Lee Gray (M: 52) Theophilus Gray (M: 37) Weston J Gray (M: 70)
Theophilus O Gray (M: N/A) Richard Gray (M: N/A) Terry L Gray (M: N/A)
Gary L Gray (M: N/A) Houston L Gray (M: N/A) John M Gray (M: N/A)
Dan H Gray (M: N/A) Steven H Gray (M: N/A) Weston J Gray (M: N/A)
Lloyd Gray (M: N/A) Lance T Gray (M: N/A) Martha L Gray (F: N/A)
Dan H Gray (M: N/A) Steven H Gray (M: N/A) Lloyd Gray (M: N/A)
Chance E Gray (M: N/A) Leonard Perry Gray (M: 58) Robert Gray Iii (M: 40)
Terrance Ramon Grayson (M: 36) Terrance R Grayson (M: N/A) Alven Troy Greavis (M: 34)
Andrew Dewayne Greeley (M: 28) Andrew D Greeley (M: N/A) Michael Wayne Greely (M: 44)
Michael W Greely (M: N/A) Michael W Greely (M: N/A) Bernell Green (M: 41)
Bryant Keith Green (M: 27) Chonquaro Green (M: 35) Cord R Green (M: 21)
Cord R Green (M: 24) Daniel Lamont Green (M: 38) Daryl Wayne Green (M: 39)
David Green (M: 46) Dmario Leonta Green (M: 29) Eddie Tanaka Green (M: 35)
Eddie Lee Green (M: 28) Eric Lamonte Green (M: 36) Eric Quentizes Green (M: 44)
Fredrick B Green (M: 32) James Clinton Green (M: 23) James R Green (M: 35)
James Green (M: 60) James Michael Green (M: 38) Jimmy L Green (M: 44)
Jimmy Lee Green (M: 41) Johnnie Lee Green (M: 34) Johnny R. Green (M: 51)
Johnny Ray Green (M: 62) Leonard Green (M: 48) Michael T Green (M: 27)
Montrell Green (M: 39) Raymond Lee Green (M: 38) Robert Neal Green (M: 50)
Robert James Green (M: 58) Roland Green (M: 54) Tanya Pye Green (F: 46)
Tom Green (M: 57) Troy Green (M: 37) Warren Tremel Green (M: 33)
Wendell W Green (M: 26) Willie Green (M: 49) Bryant Keith Green (M: 28)
Eric Q Green (M: N/A) Johnny R Green (M: N/A) Rodger D Green (M: N/A)
Chonquaro Green (M: N/A) Robert J Green (M: N/A) Tom Green (M: N/A)
Eric L Green (M: N/A) Eddie T Green (M: N/A) Johnnie L Green (M: N/A)
Raymond L Green (M: N/A) Johnnie R Green (M: N/A) Eddie L Green (M: N/A)
Tanya J Green (F: N/A) Spencer N Green (M: 64) Demario L Green (M: N/A)
James Green (M: N/A) Roland T Green (M: 48) Bernell J Green (M: N/A)
David Green (M: N/A) Daryl W Green (M: N/A) James R Green (M: N/A)
Cord R Green (M: N/A) Wendell W Green (M: N/A) Jimmy L Green (M: N/A)
Bryant K Green (M: N/A) Demario L Green (M: N/A) John Yemana Green (M: 34)
Kenderrick D Green (M: 18) Ronnie Dwayne Green Jr (M: 29) Milton Tony Greene (M: 42)
Nathan Paul Greenhouse (M: 54) Gary S Greenlee (M: 49) Gary S Greenlee (M: N/A)
Ronald Greenup (M: 46) Richard Allen Greenwell (M: 49) William Dale Greenwell (M: 23)
David E Greer (M: 34) Robert B. Greer (M: 30) Robert B Greer (M: N/A)
David Greer (M: 34) Frederick B Gregg (M: 49) Adam Gregoire (M: 31)
Randy Lee Gregoire (M: 27) Steven P Gregory (M: N/A) Steven Patrick Gregory (M: 38)
Carl Gremillion (M: 52) Rodney Charles Gremillion (M: 51) Rodney C Gremillion (M: N/A)
Carl Gremillion (M: N/A) Decyonka Gresham (F: 39) Decyonka Gresham (F: N/A)
Amos E Grice (M: N/A) Kareem Dermaine Griffen (M: 35) Kareem D Griffen (M: N/A)
Albert Lee Griffin (M: 46) Andrew Griffin (M: 36) Arthur Griffin (M: 37)
Calvin W Griffin (M: 40) Carl C Griffin (M: 28) Carl C Griffin (M: 28)
Christopher L Griffin (M: 33) Clarence Griffin (M: 68) Clemont Griffin (M: 49)
Eric L Griffin (M: 34) Francis J Griffin (M: 29) Gregory Griffin (M: 40)
Isaac N/M/N Griffin (M: 43) James Clifford Griffin (M: 63) Jeremy Dwayne Griffin (M: 23)
Jewel Griffin (M: 39) Katie Mae Griffin (F: 58) Kayonta Q Griffin (F: 38)
Kendrick D Griffin (M: 30) Kerry Griffin (M: 35) Richard Griffin (M: 46)
Rodney Griffin (M: 46) Sherman Griffin (M: 43) Todd Anthony Griffin (M: 27)
Jeremy Dewayne Griffin (M: 23) Sherman A Griffin (M: N/A) Andrew Griffin (M: N/A)
Eric L Griffin (M: N/A) Christopher L Griffin (M: 26) Todd A Griffin (M: N/A)
Josie Griffin (F: 36) Arthur Griffin (M: N/A) Kayonta Q Griffin (F: N/A)
Alphonse C Griffin (M: 32) Isaac Griffin (M: N/A) Francis J Griffin (M: N/A)
David J Griffin (M: N/A) Clemont D Griffin (M: N/A) Gregory W Griffin (M: N/A)
Katie M Griffin (F: N/A) Francis J Griffin (M: N/A) Carl C Griffin (M: N/A)
Clemont D Griffin (M: N/A) Travis Griffin (M: 30) Amy Griffin (F: 29)
Percy Jerome Griffin (M: 22) Anthony D Griffith (M: 36) Carlton Ashley Griffith (M: 41)
Denny J Griffith (M: 48) Jo Griffith (F: 54) Kenneth J Griffith (M: 49)
Kenneth James Griffith (M: 46) Michael D Griffith (M: 47) Nora Griffith (F: 28)
Walter Anderson Griffith (M: 47) Anthony D Griffith (M: 29) Michael D Griffith (M: N/A)
Denny J Griffith (M: N/A) Jo E Griffith (F: N/A) Walter A Griffith (M: N/A)
Albert Edward Griffith (M: 44) Walter Walter Griffth (M: 47) Bruce Allen Grigg (M: 48)
Bruce Allen Grigg (M: 48) George Thomas Griggs (M: 95) Twila A Griggs (F: 48)
Twila A Griggs (F: N/A) Twila A Griggs (F: N/A) Charles R Grigsby (M: 54)
Charles R Grigsby (M: 34) Isaac R Grigsby (M: 32) Joshua Wayne Grigsby (M: 30)
Jimmy R Grigsby (M: N/A) Charles R Grigsby (M: N/A) Archie L Grimes (U: N/A)
Archie Letroy Grimes (M: 43) Ayngo Andre Grimes (F: 36) Jack Grimes (M: 48)
Archie L Grimes (M: N/A) Carlton S Grimes (M: N/A) Walter Grimm (M: 38)
Walter Grimm (M: N/A) Clarence Grimm Sr (M: 55) Darryl Andrew Grimmer (M: 58)
Darryl A Grimmer (M: N/A) Skilo Derrell Grisby (M: 30) Isaac R Grisby (M: 30)
Johnny Lyn Grissom (M: 43) Johnny L Grissom (M: N/A) Kevin James Grob (M: 55)
Robert Duane Groff (M: 33) Robert D Groff (M: N/A) Brad D Gros (M: 29)
Eric J Gros (M: 28) Eric J Gros (M: 30) Francis Gros (M: 64)
James Joseph Gros (M: 63) Kerry A Gros (M: 47) Michael Richard Gros (M: 51)
Richard A Gros (M: 25) Sean Paul Gros (M: 30) James J Gros (M: N/A)
Michael R Gros (M: N/A) Kerry A Gros (M: N/A) Eric J Gros (M: N/A)
Richard A Gros (M: N/A) Eric J Gros (M: N/A) Brad Victor Gros (M: 26)
Eric J Gros (M: 27) Charles E Gross (M: 48) Eric Gross (M: 20)
John Wayne Grossie (M: 56) Todd D Grossie (M: 36) Todd D Grossie (M: N/A)
Todd D Grossie (M: N/A) Henry T Grubbs (M: 40) Henry T Grubbs (M: N/A)
Ronald G Grudewicz (M: 54) Anthony C Guarisco (M: 48) Tammie Lynn Guccione (F: 42)
Tammie L Guccione (F: N/A) Jacob Martin Guerin (M: 32) Jacob M Guerin (M: N/A)
Joe D Guerra (M: 53) Robert Guerrero (M: 52) Louie R Guertin (M: 35)
Jose A Guevara (M: N/A) Paris A Guffey (M: N/A) Jason Cole Guice (M: 33)
Thomas Edward Guice (M: 51) Jason Guice (M: N/A) Carl W Guidroz (M: 48)
David J Guidroz (M: 56) Elton Guidroz (M: 48) Garland G Guidroz (M: 62)
Carl W Guidroz (M: N/A) David J Guidroz (M: N/A) Garland G Guidroz (M: N/A)
Andrew Joseph Guidry (M: 30) Anthony Floyd Guidry (M: 32) Aristile Joseph Guidry (M: 68)
Barron Edward Guidry (M: 37) Clarence Emile Guidry (M: 54) Clarence Junius Guidry (M: 50)
Claude Joseph Guidry (M: 48) Daniel S Guidry (M: 38) James Gregory Guidry (M: 57)
James Vincent Guidry (M: 35) Jason Anthony Guidry (M: 40) Jodie Shane Guidry (M: 41)
Joseph Lamar Guidry (M: 58) Joseph M Guidry (M: 57) Joseph M Guidry (M: 56)
Lawrence Guidry (M: 36) Michael Paul Guidry (M: 23) Reilly J Guidry (M: 70)
Robert Wayne Guidry (M: 48) Robert John Guidry (M: 28) Sterling Vaughn Guidry (M: 34)
Sterling Joseph Guidry (M: 63) Sterling Guidry (M: 42) Tevon A Guidry (M: 36)
Todd J Guidry (M: 43) Wallace J Guidry (M: 52) Wayne Paul Guidry (M: 39)
Woodrow Paul Guidry (M: 69) Wallace J Guidry (M: N/A) James G Guidry (M: N/A)
Barron E Guidry (M: N/A) Robert W Guidry (M: N/A) Wayne P Guidry (M: N/A)
Ronald W Guidry (M: N/A) Anthony F Guidry (M: N/A) Claude J Guidry (M: N/A)
Milbern A Guidry (M: N/A) Lawrence Guidry (M: N/A) Sterling J Guidry (M: N/A)
Reilly J Guidry (M: N/A) Sterling J Guidry (M: N/A) Woodrow P Guidry (M: N/A)
Robert J Guidry (M: N/A) James Guidry (M: N/A) Tevon A Guidry (M: N/A)
Todd J Guidry (M: N/A) Alvin M Guidry (M: N/A) Andrew J Guidry (M: N/A)
Clarence J Guidry (M: N/A) Murphy J Guidry (M: N/A) Joseph M Guidry (M: N/A)
Reilly J Guidry (M: N/A) Robert J Guidry (M: N/A) Sterling J Guidry (M: N/A)
Lawrence Guidry (M: N/A) Claude Guidry (M: 45) Jodie Guidry (M: 38)
Wayne Paul Guidry (M: 36) Gerad Wayne Guidry (M: 36) Murphy J Guidry (M: 53)
Roosevelt Guient (M: 41) Roosevelt Guient (M: 31) Chad Anthony Guilbeau (M: 40)
Errol Vianney Guilbeau (M: 68) Errol Vianney Guilbeau (M: 69) Jarred Joseph Guilbeau (M: 22)
Jimmie Paul Guilbeau (M: 66) Louis Guilbeau (M: 74) Tony Guilbeau (M: 45)
Louis Guilbeau (M: N/A) John W Guilbeaux (M: 41) John W Guilbeaux (M: N/A)
John W Guilbeaux (M: N/A) Robert Guillard (M: N/A) Robert J Guilleard (M: 33)
Anthony Paul Guillory (M: 49) Bervick W Guillory (M: 51) Clarence Guillory (M: 42)
Clay J Guillory (M: 35) Clifford J Guillory (M: 69) Cody James Guillory (M: 26)
Elroy Dennis Guillory (M: 60) Herman W Guillory (M: 50) Hillory J Guillory (M: 22)
Howard Joseph Guillory (M: 50) Jean P Guillory (M: 33) Jeremy D Guillory (M: 40)
John B Guillory (M: 45) Kerry J Guillory (M: 57) Kevin Lee Guillory (M: 45)
Kevin David Guillory (M: 32) Lawrence Guillory (M: 53) Michael Bryant Guillory (M: 42)
Michael Paul Guillory (M: 30) Michael Glenn Guillory (M: 39) Michael Wayne Guillory (M: 58)
Niki John Guillory (M: 32) Robert Ross Guillory (M: 28) Rodricas Guillory (M: 48)
Shane C Guillory (M: 50) Troy Dedrick Guillory (M: 40) Wilbert Dale Guillory (M: 60)
Elroy D Guillory (M: N/A) Michael P Guillory (M: N/A) Kevin D Guillory (M: N/A)
Clifford J Guillory (M: N/A) John B Guillory (M: 38) Howard J Guillory (M: N/A)
Jean P Guillory (M: N/A) Shane C Guillory (M: N/A) Bervick W Guillory (M: N/A)
Lawrence Guillory (M: N/A) Clay J Guillory (M: N/A) Michael B Guillory (M: N/A)
Clarence Guillory (M: N/A) Robert R Guillory (M: N/A) Kevin L Guillory (M: N/A)
Bervick W Guillory (M: N/A) Lawrence Guillory (M: N/A) Clay J Guillory (M: N/A)
Brandy Lynn Guillot (F: 36) Connie Lynn Guillot (F: 52) Lornis Paul Guillot (M: 61)
Shayne Michael Guillot (M: 37) Travis Wayne Guillot (M: 27) Connie L Guillot (F: N/A)
Brandy Lynn Guillot (F: 36) Edmond M Guillotte (M: 40) Niki J Guilory (M: N/A)
Louis D Guimbellot (M: N/A) Darrell Joseph Guimont (M: 76) Oliver E Guitroz (M: 58)
Oliver E Guitroz (M: N/A) Leonard Gullage (M: N/A) Neiko Tinese Gullette (M: 38)
Neiko T Gullette (M: N/A) Donald Ray Gullette (M: 51) Eric Garland Gumas (M: 49)
Eric S Gumas (M: 42) Christine Andrea Gummeson (F: 58) James O Gunn (M: 36)
James O Gunn (M: N/A) Christian Gunter (M: 35) Dane Michael Gunter (M: 32)
John Allen Gunter (M: 51) John A Gunter (M: N/A) Christian J Gunter (M: N/A)
Dane M Gunter (M: N/A) Dane M Gunter (M: N/A) Richard Samuel Guraedy (M: 42)
Shawn H Gustafson (M: N/A) Shawn Henry Gustafson (M: 35) Kristopher D Guthrie (M: 35)
Gerardo Gutierrez (M: 43) Loretta Himelda Gutierrez (F: 50) Gilbert Gutierrez Iii (M: 45)
David P Gutweiler (M: 42) David P Gutweiler (M: N/A) Brandon James Guy (M: 31)
Donald Ray Guy (M: 31) Donald R Guy (M: 33) Patrick Henry Guy (M: 48)
Patrick Henry Guy (M: 49) Travis Paul Guy (M: 29) Brandon J Guy (M: N/A)
Travis P Guy (M: N/A) Patrick H Guy (M: N/A) Madio J Guylette (M: 68)
Madio J Guylette (M: N/A) Cristen Michael Guyote (M: 37) Cristen M Guyote (M: N/A)
Dante D Guyton (M: 33) Dante D Guyton (M: N/A) Dante D Guyton (M: N/A)
John T Guzzardo (M: 56)

Other Available Data

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