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All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter E are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Benjamin J Eackles (M: 30) Benjamin J Eackles (M: N/A) Jared Michael Eaglin (M: 30)
Marlon Rendell Eaglin (M: 22) Tyrone Eaglin (M: 31) Tyrone M Eaglin (M: N/A)
Jack Ealy (M: 40) Jack Ealy (M: 41) George W Eames (M: 79)
Bobby Joe Earl (M: 49) Chrisof Joseph Earley (M: 35) Joshua Andrew Early (M: 40)
Joshua A Early (M: N/A) Tyrone D Easily (M: 33) Tyrone D Easily (M: N/A)
Vance A Easley (M: 38) Vance A Easley (M: 34) David Easlick (M: N/A)
Dennis M Eason (M: 63) Dennis Michael Eason (M: 66) Dorrce C Eason (M: 33)
John T Eason (M: 68) Raymond Lee Eason (M: 58) Dorrce C Eason (M: N/A)
Raymond Lee Eason (M: 55) Roy A East (M: 48) Roy A East (M: N/A)
Eric Enrique Easter (M: 42) Patrick Deshon Easter (M: 37) Russell Easton (M: 57)
Errol Alder Eastwold (M: 41) Errol A Eastwold (M: N/A) Daniel W Ebarb (M: 35)
John A Ebarb (M: 1) John Anthony Ebarb (M: 49) Michael K Ebarb (M: 30)
Michael Kane Ebarb (M: 32) Steven Wayne Ebarb (M: 41) Michael K Ebarb (M: N/A)
Daniel W Ebarb (M: N/A) Steven W Ebarb (M: N/A) Daniel Woodrow Ebarb (M: 35)
John A Ebarb (M: N/A) Steven W Ebarb (M: N/A) John David Ebey (M: 40)
Justin Terrance Echols (M: 30) Michael Echols (M: 41) Robert Echols (M: 43)
Michael F Echols (M: N/A) Robert J Echols (M: N/A) Laquinton D Eckles (M: 26)
Laquinton D Eckles (M: N/A) Makovec E Eddines (M: 54) Makovec E Eddines (M: 54)
Makovec E Eddines (M: N/A) Andre R Eddings (M: 37) Andre R Eddings (M: N/A)
William Eddington (M: 70) William Eddington (M: 70) Rex Howard Eddins (M: 48)
Rex H Eddins (M: N/A) Nelson P Eddy (M: 39) Nelson P Eddy (M: N/A)
Nelson Paul Eddy (M: 36) Michael L Edens (M: 30) Michael Edens (M: 30)
Michael L Edens (M: N/A) Ronald T Edgerson (M: 37) Barry Bernard Edler (M: 55)
Harold D Edman (M: 58) Harold Dale Edman (M: 59) Ashley Edmond (M: 31)
David James Edmond (M: 18) Edward Edmond (M: 41) Eric D Edmond (M: 39)
Lieu Kennye Edmonds (M: 41) Lieukennye Edmonds (M: N/A) William Eugene Edmondson (M: 54)
William E Edmondson (M: N/A) William Eugene Edmondson (M: 51) Anton D Edward (M: N/A)
Adam Quenton Edwards (M: 32) Anton Darnell Edwards (M: 31) Antonio J Edwards (M: 33)
Charles Milton Edwards (M: 37) Clifford D Edwards (M: 32) Clifford Dewayne Edwards (M: 30)
Clyde Dejuan Edwards (M: 35) Darrell Paul Edwards (M: 49) David Edwards (M: 27)
Dwight L Edwards (M: 66) Eugene Edwards (M: 48) Jack J Edwards (M: 84)
Jamie Edwards (M: 47) Jamie Edwards (M: 44) Jarvis D Edwards (M: 38)
Jeffery L Edwards (M: 37) Johnny Roy Edwards (M: 55) Kewana K Edwards (M: 31)
Larry Ventrell Edwards (M: 28) Mattie R Edwards (F: 50) Pamela A Edwards (F: 48)
Raymond Edwards (M: 57) Roy Daniel Edwards (M: 57) Steven Pewee Edwards (M: 30)
Theron Edwards (M: 23) Travis Joseph Edwards (M: 38) William Daryl Edwards (M: 55)
Xavier M. Edwards (M: 40) Clyde D Edwards (M: N/A) Roy D Edwards (M: N/A)
Eugene Edwards (M: N/A) Jack J Edwards (M: 77) Johnny R Edwards (M: N/A)
Travis J Edwards (M: N/A) Pamela A Edwards (F: N/A) Tedarryle Edwards (M: 51)
Robert C Edwards (M: N/A) Jarvis D Edwards (M: N/A) Steven P Edwards (M: N/A)
Dwight L Edwards (M: N/A) Darrell Edwards (M: N/A) Mattie R Edwards (F: N/A)
Steven P Edwards (M: N/A) Travis J Edwards (M: N/A) Melvin Reginald Edwards (M: 44)
Gabriel D Efferson (M: 38) Malcolm Craig Efferson (M: 29) Malcolm Craig Efferson (M: 29)
Gaberial D Efferson (M: 31) Malcolm C Efferson (M: N/A) Joseph Egana (M: 48)
Joseph Modesto Egana (M: 45) Joseph M Egana (M: N/A) Roderick B Eggins (M: 32)
Travis Antione Eggins (M: 27) Roderick B Eggins (M: N/A) Edward Ehli (M: 48)
Edward M Ehli (M: N/A) Edward M Ehli (M: N/A) Gary Raymond Eishtadt (M: 58)
Gary R Eishtadt (M: 58) Gary R Eishtadt (M: N/A) Altavious D Elam (M: 24)
Altavious Elam (M: N/A) Peggy Elerby (F: 25) Jerry Elize (M: 65)
James M Elkins (M: 59) Dwight J Elkins (M: N/A) Claude Ellard (M: 57)
Edsel Mckinley Elledge Jr (M: 61) Herschel William Ellender (M: 40) Herschel W Ellender (M: N/A)
Herschel W Ellender (M: N/A) Herschel W Ellender Jr (M: 40) Ronald S Ellerbe (M: 61)
Ronald R Ellerbe (M: 25) Ronald R Ellerbe (M: N/A) Daniel T Elliott (M: 55)
Jeremiah Elliott (M: 25) Michael C Elliott (M: 26) Steve Lee Elliott (M: 49)
Steven L Elliott (M: 49) William Prentice Elliott (M: 41) Steven L Elliott (M: N/A)
William P Elliott (M: N/A) Michael C Elliott (M: N/A) Alvin Bernard Ellis (M: 41)
Archie Ellis (M: 39) Dale Ellis (M: 20) Detrick Lashun Ellis (M: 31)
Felicia Ellis (F: 52) Joyce E Ellis (F: 57) Kebba Tremayne Ellis (M: 38)
Leland Murieta Ellis (M: 46) Milton Ellis (M: 62) Otis D Ellis (M: 48)
Randy Matthews Ellis (M: 36) Robert Kyle Ellis (M: 26) Tobby Latron Ellis (M: 39)
Joyce E Ellis (F: N/A) Kebba T Ellis (M: N/A) Felicia Ellis (F: N/A)
Archie Ellis (M: N/A) Randy M Ellis (M: N/A) Leland M Ellis (M: N/A)
Archie Ellis (M: N/A) Archie Ellis (M: 36) Morris Ellison (M: N/A)
Demetrius Rougez Elmore (M: 35) Jeremy R Elmore (M: N/A) Demetrius R Elmore (M: N/A)
Jeremy R Elmore (M: 30) Tyrone Elphage (M: 53) Tyrone Elphage (M: N/A)
Donald D Elsensohn (M: 56) Donald D Elsensohn (M: N/A) Calvin Elsphage (M: 56)
Calvin Elsphage (M: 50) Jerry Elzie (M: 67) Alvin Elzy (M: 52)
Ralph Elzy (M: 34) Larry G Elzy (M: N/A) Alvin Elzy (M: N/A)
Ralph Elzy (M: N/A) Theodore Anthony Emelle (M: 35) James M Emerson (M: 52)
Joshua Micheal Emerson (M: 27) Wayne Alan Emerson (M: 45) Tina M Emerson (F: 49)
James M Emerson (M: N/A) Kerry Emery (M: 32) Kerry A Emery (M: N/A)
Dennis Emmons (M: 66) Dennis E Emmons (M: 45) Harold F Emmons (M: 59)
Dennis E Emmons (M: N/A) Dennis Eugene Emmons (M: 69) Harold F Emmons (M: N/A)
Autry Encalade (M: 49) Merlin Casimere Encalade (M: 51) Autry Encalade (M: N/A)
Derrick Deonte Endries (M: 21) Gregory B England (M: 46) Patricia Ann England (F: 37)
Patricia A England (F: N/A) Tacorious Jamal English (M: 26) Terre Romondo English (M: 37)
Arthur English (M: N/A) Joshua J Enman (M: 32) Josh Enman (M: 32)
Adrian Marquis Ennis (M: 25) Jason D Ennis (M: 41) John Joseph Ennis (M: 35)
John J Ennis (M: 32) John J Ennis (M: N/A) John Joseph Ennis (M: 32)
Kenneth Ray Epperson Jr (M: 45) Ronald D Eppinett (M: 41) Jerry Dale Eppinette (M: 46)
Jerry D Eppinette (M: N/A) Yolanda D Epps (F: 52) Yolanda D Epps (F: N/A)
Edward B Erickson (M: 41) Max Vern Erickson (M: 39) Edward B Erickson (M: N/A)
Shelton W Erikson (M: 85) Terry Lynn Ernst (F: 43) Terry Lynn Ernst (F: 41)
Terry L Ernst (F: N/A) Arthur R Ervin (M: 53) Carey Ervin (M: 45)
Gregory Earl Ervin (M: 47) Gregory Earl Ervin (M: 47) Paul Edward Erwin (M: 65)
Paul E Erwin (M: N/A) Jason Gabriel Erwin (M: 43) Dallas Wayne Erwin (M: 56)
Magnus J Eschete (M: 66) James Joseph Eschette (M: 33) James J Eschette (M: N/A)
Ruben Rodriguez Escobedo (M: 40) Alex Joseph Escoyne (M: 22) Johnny Eskine (M: 54)
Johnny Eskine (M: N/A) Lester Esko (M: 31) Lester Esko (M: N/A)
Joseph Michael Esparza (M: 44) Frances A Espinoza (M: 46) Mauricio B Espinoza (M: 52)
Frances A Espinoza (M: 42) Carl A Esponge (M: N/A) Carl Anthony Esponge (M: 58)
Marlon Jarell Espree (M: 35) Marlin J Espree (M: N/A) Leonard J Este (M: 66)
Todd James Este (M: 41) Todd J Este (M: N/A) Leonard J Este (M: N/A)
Jonathan Andrew Este (M: 29) William P Estelle (M: 34) William P Estelle (M: N/A)
Charles D Estep (M: 54) Michael Dale Esters (M: 47) Jeremy Thomas Estes (M: 40)
Paul Michael Estes (M: 30) Bret Esteves (M: 53) Bret Esteves (M: N/A)
Bret Esteves (M: N/A) Bret Esteves (M: 50) Dedrick Eteinne (M: N/A)
Joseph Etheridge (M: 63) Joseph Etheridge (M: N/A) Malcolm Doyle Ethredge (M: 74)
Jerry D Ethridge (M: 31) Dedrick Leonce Etienne (M: 33) Jarvis Elliot Etienne (M: 23)
John Junius Etienne (M: 41) John J Etienne (M: N/A) Mark S Eubanks (M: 52)
Michael Dewayne Eubanks (M: 25) Arriel R Eugene (M: 37) Erskine C Eugene (M: 37)
Nelson Eugene (M: 49) Tracy Eugene (M: 47) Nelson Eugene (M: N/A)
Gary Eugene (M: N/A) Arriel B Eugene (M: N/A) Gary Eugene (M: N/A)
Gary Eugene Jr (M: 28) Gari Yatco Evangelista (M: 31) Gari Y Evangelista (M: N/A)
Richard Earl Evans (M: 47) Andrew C Evans (M: 48) Anthony L Evans (M: 54)
Artis Evans (M: 51) Aurtheal Tyerell Evans (M: 35) Aurtheal Tyerell Evans (M: 35)
Benjamin Evans (M: 34) Gerald Lee Evans (M: 54) Harold Henry Evans (M: 46)
Jesse Evans (M: 62) John R Evans (M: 70) Kenneth D Evans (M: 26)
Ray Andrew Evans (M: 39) Richard W Evans (M: 48) Ronnie Lee Evans (M: 58)
Stan Evans (M: 26) Thomas H Evans (M: 25) William Cody Evans (M: 31)
Willie Evans (M: 32) Jessie Evans (M: 62) Anson Evans (M: N/A)
James K Evans (M: 46) Richard W Evans (M: N/A) Derrick T Evans (M: N/A)
Ray A Evans (M: N/A) Ronnie Evans (M: N/A) Kenneth D Evans (M: N/A)
John R Evans (M: N/A) Anthony L Evans (M: N/A) Thomas H Evans (M: N/A)
Anson I Evans (M: 43) Djuna Everdrige (F: 45) David G Everett (M: 59)
James Ray Everett (M: 50) Anthony Everett (M: N/A) Anthony Everett (M: 39)
Henry Faro Everidge (M: 55) Henry F Everidge (M: 48) Djune Everidge (F: N/A)
Djune Everidge (F: N/A) Djuna Ann Everidge (F: 45) Reynard Evers (M: 32)
Reynard Evers (M: N/A) Carl Antohny Every (M: 48) Kent Every (M: N/A)
Carl A Every (M: N/A) Brent P Ewell (M: N/A) Anita Ewing (F: 43)
Ronald Expose (M: 30) Ray A Eymard (M: 69) Ray A Eymard (M: N/A)
James B Ezell (M: 29) Johnny Lamar Ezell (M: 20) Lavance Ezell (M: 44)
Michael B Ezell (M: 43) Michael B Ezell (M: N/A) Charles T Ezell (M: N/A)
Johnathan L Ezernack (M: 29) Joseph P Ezernack (M: 70) Johnathan L Ezernack (M: N/A)

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