Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : B

All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter B are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Kenneth Dale Babb (M: 47) Kenneth Babb (M: N/A) James C Babb (M: N/A)
James C Babb (M: 51) Jules Babin (M: 58) Kenneth Wayne Babin (M: 35)
Kenneth W Babin (M: 37) Lee Micheal Babin (M: 29) Michael J Babin (M: 48)
Patrick John Babin (M: 47) Kenneth W Babin (M: N/A) Tracy A Babin (F: N/A)
Patrick J Babin (M: N/A) Jules Babin (M: N/A) Erik Dwayne Babineaux (M: 28)
Larry D Babineaux (M: 58) Larry Dale Babineaux (M: 58) Michael Joseph Babineaux (M: 61)
Phillip Juan Babineaux (M: 41) Phillip J Babineaux (M: 44) Eddie D Babineaux (M: N/A)
Michael J Babineaux (M: N/A) Larry D Babineaux (M: N/A) Erik D Babineaux (M: N/A)
Larry D Babineaux (M: N/A) Larry Dale Babineaux (M: 58) Terry Warren Babson (M: 61)
Terry W Babson (M: N/A) Phasung Lu Baccam (M: 45) James A Bachus (M: 73)
Sarah Bacon (F: 45) Werenton M Bacon (M: 37) Sarah L Bacon (F: N/A)
Anthony P Badalamenti (M: 52) Andre Lee Badeaux (M: 54) Brad E Badeaux (M: 33)
Brad E Badeaux (M: 33) Charles Aloysius Badeaux (M: 66) Jason Michael Badeaux (M: 33)
Joseph Badeaux (M: 31) Richard J Badeaux (M: 54) Joseph Badeaux (M: N/A)
Charles A Badeaux (M: N/A) Jason M Badeaux (M: N/A) Brad E Badeaux (M: N/A)
Andre L Badeaux (M: N/A) Richard J Badeaux (M: N/A) Richard J Badeaux (M: N/A)
Jason Michael Badeaux (M: 30) Erica Eve Baer (F: 42) Ericaa E Baer (F: N/A)
Erica E Baer (F: 41) John Clifford Baes (M: 69) Robert Hershel Baggett (M: 61)
Robert H Baggett (M: N/A) Robert Herschel Baggett (M: 57) Gerald Walker Bagley (M: 62)
Robert Joe Bagley (M: 56) Gerald W Bagley (M: N/A) John Boyd Baham (M: 19)
Edward James Bahwell (M: 81) Edward J Bahwell (M: N/A) Anthony James Bailey (M: 48)
Ben E Bailey (M: 31) Cody L Bailey (M: 35) David G Bailey (M: 55)
Dennis Gale Bailey (M: 63) Erick Wayne Bailey (M: 42) Gary Anthony Bailey (M: 43)
Gregory Lynn Bailey (M: 51) Jamie L Bailey (M: 27) Jason Q Bailey (M: 26)
Jason T Bailey (M: 37) Joe L Bailey (M: 45) Kenneth James Bailey (M: 53)
Lionel Bailey (M: 44) Osai Kalulu Bailey (M: 30) Paul A Bailey (M: 21)
Terrance Renard Bailey (M: 38) Thaddeous A Bailey (M: 44) Willis Abraham Bailey (M: 36)
Willis A Bailey (M: N/A) Kenneth J Bailey (M: N/A) Joe L Bailey (M: N/A)
Terrel W Bailey (M: N/A) Brandon D Bailey (M: N/A) Terrance R Bailey (M: N/A)
Jason T Bailey (M: N/A) Alfonso Bailey (M: N/A) Crystal G Bailey (F: 31)
Thaddeous A Bailey (M: N/A) Osai K Bailey (M: N/A) Pete Bailey (M: N/A)
Johnny R Bailey (M: N/A) Anthony J Bailey (M: N/A) Dennis Gale Bailey (M: 60)
Brian Keith Baird (M: 52) Henry L Baise (M: 33) Alan R Baker (M: 29)
Clyde W Williams Baker (M: 33) Corey Alvin Baker (M: 43) Holden Meril Baker (M: 54)
James Baker (M: 58) Marshall Brandon Baker (M: 29) Robert Lee Baker (M: 68)
Shone D Baker (M: 36) Terry Lamar Baker (M: 28) Alan R Baker (M: N/A)
Miranda C Baker (F: N/A) James A Baker (M: N/A) Corey A Baker (M: N/A)
Shone D Baker (M: N/A) Robert L Baker (M: N/A) James Baker (M: N/A)
J C M Baker (M: N/A) Shone D Baker (M: N/A) Anthony Lane Baker (M: 22)
Holly Ann Baker (F: 54) Johnny Baldassaro (M: 50) Johnny Baldassaro (M: 47)
Johnny Baldassaro (M: N/A) Alan L Balderamos (M: N/A) Jose L Balderas (M: 32)
Mateo Balderaz (M: 66) Wayne Edward Baldwin (M: 49) Wayne E Baldwin (M: 52)
John L Baldwin (M: N/A) John L Baldwin (M: 43) Beauandre H Ball (M: 29)
Beauandre Hugh Ball (M: 29) Bruce A Ball (M: 43) Christopher Scott Ball (M: 42)
Christopher S Ball (M: 42) Clinton Ball (M: 70) Joshua Jerome Ball (M: 29)
Joshua Jerome Ball (M: 29) Joshua J Ball (M: N/A) James Robert Ball (M: 56)
Darron Joseph Ballard (M: 32) Elvin Lynn Ballard (M: 51) Gregory Elbert Ballard (M: 49)
Kendric Howard Ballard (M: 25) Zebulon Wayne Ballard (M: 31) Gregory B Ballard (M: N/A)
Zebulon W Ballard (M: N/A) Robert J Ballard (M: N/A) Alexander Ballard (M: 28)
Darron J Ballard (M: N/A) Robert Joseph Ballard (M: 33) Darrell Glen Ballard (M: 51)
Brian Ballet (M: 42) Brian P Ballet (M: N/A) Brian P Ballet (M: N/A)
Samuel Ballett (M: 63) Martin A Balluff (M: N/A) Kevin Michael Balser (M: 22)
Gus Michael Baltzar (M: 41) Gus M Baltzar (M: N/A) Eddie L Bandy (M: 71)
Benjamin R Banes (M: 50) Benjamin R Banes (M: N/A) Irvin Alan Bang (M: 31)
Irvin A Bang (M: N/A) Cody Lynn Bankhead (M: 22) Aaron Banks (M: 33)
Arthur Banks (M: 42) Ben Banks (M: 37) Caderrian Dewayne Banks (M: 22)
Chrishop Kevin Banks (M: 39) Cornell Banks (M: 31) Darnell Lee Banks (M: 42)
Derrick Dewayne Banks (M: 40) Ellis Earl Banks (M: 41) Kenneth Lee Banks (M: 47)
Kenric Earl Banks (M: 33) Larry Darnell Banks (M: 46) Mederick Banks (M: 42)
Patricia A Banks (F: 48) Randy L Banks (M: 41) Randy Lane Banks (M: 42)
Raquel Perry Banks (F: 43) Samuel L Banks (M: 42) Tony Ray Banks (M: 53)
Derrick Banks (M: N/A) Willie L Banks (M: N/A) Cornell A Banks (M: 25)
Arthur Banks (M: N/A) Kenneth L Banks (M: N/A) Kenric E Banks (M: N/A)
Samuel L Banks (M: N/A) Mederick Banks (M: N/A) Derrick Banks (M: N/A)
Frederick Banks (M: 42) David B Bankston (M: 48) David B Bankston (M: N/A)
Marcus Anthony Bankston (M: 36) David Ray Bankston Jr (M: 31) Jonathon Christopher Banner (M: 19)
Chris A Baptiste (M: 44) Chris Baptiste (M: N/A) Michael Baptiste (M: 28)
Justin Luke Baptiste (M: 23) Moises Barajas-Martinez (M: 41) Larry Joseph Barbay (M: 46)
Larry J Barbay (M: N/A) Joseph Christopher Barbee (M: 39) Carrol L Barber (M: 43)
Christopher Barber (M: 32) Dantrell Barber (M: 18) Dustin Lee Barber (M: 26)
Hank A Barber (M: 58) Stephen Owen Barber (M: 34) William L Barber (M: 42)
William Lloyd Barber (M: 45) Stephen O Barber (M: N/A) Dustin L Barber (M: N/A)
Purnell A Barber (M: N/A) Carral L Barber (M: N/A) Hank A Barber (M: N/A)
Eric Charles Barber (M: 42) Charles Raymond Barbo (M: 69) Charles R Barbo (M: 67)
Charles R Barbo (M: N/A) Jeromy T Bare (M: 41) Jerry Bruce Bare (M: 47)
Jeromey T Bare (M: N/A) Jessica Sarah Barfield (F: 33) Jessica S Barfield (F: N/A)
John Bargky (M: N/A) Robert Joseph Barkemeyer (M: 50) Robert J Barkemeyer (M: 44)
Anthony Ray Barker (M: 51) Bobby Ray Barker (M: 72) David S Barker (M: 35)
Lucius (Nmi)Jr Barker (M: 57) Roy Barker (M: 72) Bobby R Barker (M: N/A)
Anthony R Barker (M: N/A) David Barker (M: N/A) Anthony R Barker (M: N/A)
John L Barker (M: N/A) Roy N Barker (M: N/A) Shawn P Barkley (M: N/A)
Shawn Patrick Barkley (M: 38) Charles Edward Barks (M: 44) Richard E Barksdale (M: 52)
Robert E Barling (M: 72) Robert E Barling (M: N/A) Charles Robert Barlow (M: 63)
Donald Wayne Barlow (M: 68) Kenneth Barlow (M: 33) Michael James Barmore (M: 34)
Andrew Barnes (M: 55) Cecil Calvin Barnes (M: 64) David Barnes (M: 33)
Eli Barnes (M: 55) Ernest Lee Barnes (M: 58) Frank Barnes (M: 36)
James D Barnes (M: 55) Jimmie Ray Barnes (M: 65) Joshua W Barnes (M: 27)
Kenneth E Barnes (M: 34) Kohnell M Barnes (M: 82) Kohnell M Barnes (M: 82)
Larry R Barnes (M: 65) Larry Ronnie Barnes (M: 62) Nathaniel L Barnes (M: 86)
Thomas Glenn Barnes (M: 43) Cecil C Barnes (M: N/A) Ernest L Barnes (M: N/A)
James D Barnes (M: N/A) Howard B Barnes (M: N/A) David Barnes (M: N/A)
Andrew Barnes (M: N/A) Frank Barnes (M: N/A) Jimmie R Barnes (M: N/A)
Eli Barnes (M: N/A) Larry R Barnes (M: N/A) Kohnell M Barnes (M: N/A)
David Barnes (M: 30) Kevin Darrell Barnes (M: 23) Christopher Lee Barnett (M: 30)
Jennie Diane Barnett (F: 53) Justin Todd Barnett (M: 24) Matthew Shane Barnett (M: 28)
Mervin Laroy Barnett (M: 52) Michael Shane Barnett (M: 38) A Barnett (M: 55)
Mervin L Barnett (M: N/A) Louise Barnette (F: 55) James Ray Barnwell (M: 44)
Edward J Barr (M: N/A) Felix Kent Barras (M: 52) Felix Kent Barras (M: 52)
John J Barras (M: 35) Felix K Barras (M: N/A) John Wesley Barrentine (M: 45)
Catherine T Barrett (F: 48) Catherine T Barrett (F: N/A) Jacoby Lakendrick Barrett (M: 19)
Alonso Barrientes (M: 34) Alonso Barrientes (M: N/A) Richard G Barriere (M: 45)
Terry Barrio (M: 45) Terry A Barrio (M: N/A) Jack M Barron Jr (M: 65)
Wendy Barroner (F: 44) Nathan Paul Barrow (M: 40) Nathan P Barrow (M: N/A)
Truitt Bartels (M: 54) Edward Charles Barthel (M: 37) Dwayne Barthelemy (M: 43)
Oliver Michael Barthelemy (M: 27) Owen J Barthelemy (M: 31) Raymond Barthelemy (M: 35)
Raymond Barthelemy (M: N/A) Raymond Barthelemy (M: N/A) Randall Glenn Barthelemy (M: 51)
Frank G Bartholic (M: 52) Ellis Noah Bartie (M: 29) Ellis N Bartie (M: N/A)
Gary Bartley (M: 43) Cody A Barton (M: 24) Colin Dwayne Barton (M: 47)
Fredrick James Barton (M: 33) Lance S Barton (M: 53) Roy Barton (M: 70)
Fredrick J Barton (M: N/A) Colin D Barton (M: N/A) Roy Barton (M: N/A)
Pamela Barton (F: 47) Darla Baskin (F: 46) Darla Kay Baskin (F: 46)
Albert William Bass (M: 53) Christopher R Bass (M: 29) Henry L Bass (M: 45)
John Bass (M: 34) John Charles Bass (M: 37) Leonard Paul Bass (M: 22)
Christopher R Bass (M: N/A) Albert W Bass (M: N/A) Henry L Bass (M: N/A)
Jonathan Noel Bass (M: 39) Stephen P Bateman (M: 45) Stephen Bateman (M: N/A)
Arthur L Bates (M: 65) Brandon Kingston Bates (M: 41) Darrell Lenard Bates (M: 54)
Frank James Bates (M: 30) Garold T Bates (M: 53) Grady Bates (M: 66)
Jermaine D Bates (M: 24) Kevin Earl Bates (M: 39) Richard Darren Bates (M: 47)
Jermaine D Bates (M: N/A) Jerry L Bates (M: N/A) Darrell L Bates (M: N/A)
Richard D Bates (M: N/A) Kevin E Bates (M: N/A) Garold T Bates (M: N/A)
Lonnie Bates (M: 47) Kevin William Batey (M: 49) Alfreda Mcglory Batiste (F: 40)
Corey Batiste (M: 32) Frank Batiste (M: 50) Larry Batiste (M: 28)
Lawrence Batiste (M: 30) Lee P Batiste (M: 44) Rarshard Q Batiste (M: 28)
Ronald Batiste (M: 56) Roushell Anderson Batiste (M: 43) Roushell Batiste (M: 40)
Theodore Batiste (M: 30) Trinice Batiste (F: 43) Theodore Batiste (M: N/A)
Roushell Batiste (M: N/A) Corey Batiste (M: N/A) Gilbert Batiste (M: 51)
Clifton S Batiste (M: 43) Trinice D Batiste (F: 37) Robert L Batiste (M: N/A)
Frank Batiste (M: N/A) Rarshard Q Batiste (M: N/A) Lee Batiste (M: N/A)
Lawrence Batiste (M: N/A) Raymond Batiste (M: 47) Raymond Batiste (M: 47)
Clifton Stephan Batiste (M: 49) Melody Helton Batiste (F: 50) Johnny Parker Battaglia (M: 61)
Phillip Dewayne Batten (M: 30) Gary L Battenfield (M: 67) Gary L Battenfield (M: N/A)
Elvis Elroy Battle (M: 42) Max Edward Battle (M: 26) Elvis Elroy Battle (M: 39)
Brandon Tranell Battley (M: 26) Joshua M Battley (M: 25) Joshua M Battley (M: N/A)
Nickie Ann Baudin (F: 31) Nickie Baudin (F: N/A) Christopher Henry Baudoin (M: 49)
Nicholas Paul Baudoin (M: 23) Christopher H Baudoin (M: N/A) Dorothy Lamar Baudoin (F: 31)
Jennifer Strain Bauer (F: 34) Jennifer S Bauer (F: N/A) Alcus R Baughman (M: 58)
Charles Nathan Baughman (M: 46) Charles N Baughman (M: 49) William John Baughman (M: 43)
Charles N Baughman (M: N/A) Alcus R Baughman (M: N/A) Alcus Roy Baughman (M: 55)
Charles Nathan Baughman (M: 46) Charles N Baughman (M: 46) Calvin Dewayne Baxter (M: 41)
Tanith Laura Baxter (F: 37) Glenn P Baxter (M: N/A) Tanith Baxter (F: N/A)
Bryan Keith Baxter (M: 48) Kevin Anthony Bayer (M: 29) Kevin A Bayer (M: N/A)
John J Bayham (M: 88) John J Bayham (M: N/A) Christopher E Bayless (M: 40)
Christopher E Bayless (M: N/A) Boyd Baylor (M: 52) John R Baylor (M: 22)
Boyd Baylor (M: N/A) Joseph W Bayona (M: 51) Keldric Damone Bayone (M: 32)
Keldric D Bayone (M: N/A) Jermaine Gerard Bazile (M: 27) Keith J Bazile (M: 47)
Keith Joseph Bazile (M: 50) Jervis T Bazile (M: N/A) Keith J Bazile (M: N/A)
Keith J Bazile (M: N/A) Joseph Andrew Beach (M: 44) Calvin Ray Beachem (M: 48)
Calvin Beachem (M: N/A) Jared Wayne Beal (M: 26) Wardell Beal (M: 27)
Wardell Beal (M: N/A) Jared W Beal (M: N/A) Wardell Beal (M: N/A)
John E Bealls (M: 60) John E Bealls (M: N/A) Calvin R Beals (M: 58)
John E Beals (M: 60) Michael T Beals (M: 53) Michael Thomas Beals (M: 53)
Thomas Beamon (M: 31) Aaron Levare Bean (M: 35) Aaron L Bean (M: 35)
James Richard Bean (M: 49) Charles F Bean (M: N/A) Aaron Levor Bean (M: 32)
Cory Daniel Beard (M: 24) Dustin S Beard (M: 36) George E Beard (M: 54)
Marvin L Beard (M: 39) Marvin L Beard (M: N/A) Marvinj Beard (M: 39)
James Rogers Beasley (M: 54) Joshaua Dwayne Beasley (M: 31) James R Beasley (M: N/A)
Joshaua D Beasley (M: N/A) Linda F Beasley (F: N/A) Jeremy Wade Beasley (M: 39)
Mark Beattie (M: 39) Mark D Beattie (M: N/A) Justin Michael Beatty (M: 19)
Richard Kyle Beaubouef (M: 35) David Lee Beauchamp (M: 52) David L Beauchamp (M: N/A)
David L Beauchamp (M: N/A) Roger Paul Beauclaire (M: 57) Joseph Edward Beaudion (M: 26)
Joseph Fredrick Beaudry (M: 67) Jonathan W Beaureau (M: 32) Jemery Paul Beazer (M: 32)
Jeremy P Beazer (M: N/A) David Franklin Beck (M: 46) Gary Lamar Beck (M: 37)
Walter L Beck (M: N/A) Eugene J Beck (M: N/A) Gary L Beck (M: N/A)
Walter L Beck (M: 62) Jarmel Cortez Beckett (M: 39) Dennis J Beckham (M: 32)
Dennis James Beckham (M: 32) Justin Butch Beckham (M: 27) Justin B Beckham (M: N/A)
Leon Willis Beckworth (M: 58) Michael Becnel (M: 44) Michael Becnel (M: N/A)
Bryce F Bedford (M: 26) Joseph Frank Bedford (M: 37) Joseph Bedford (M: N/A)
Joseph Bedford (M: N/A) Steven Brad Bedgood (M: 25) Toni M Bedney (F: N/A)
Otis Bedwell (M: 64) Otis L Bedwell (M: N/A) Ross Edward Begnaud (M: 28)
David Lamar Behan (M: 35) John W Behan (M: 43) John W Behan (M: N/A)
Gary K Behrens (M: 52) Gary U Behrens (M: N/A) Gary U Behrens (M: N/A)
Maurice H Behrnes (M: 90) Alton Wallace Belaire (M: 26) Alton W Belaire (M: N/A)
Alton W Belaire (M: N/A) Alvin Roy Belanger (M: 43) James Arlynn Belanger (M: 32)
Alvin R Belanger (M: N/A) Michael P Belanger (M: N/A) Michael P Belanger (M: N/A)
James H Belcher (M: 43) Jemol Jerome Belcher (M: 39) Sean C Belcher (M: 36)
James H Belcher (M: N/A) Jemol J Belcher (M: N/A) Billy Gene Belgard (M: 69)
Billy G Belgard (M: N/A) Amos Andrew Beliew (M: 30) Amos Aaron Beliew (M: 53)
Amos A Beliew (M: N/A) Edwin Belizaire (M: 24) Annette Bell (F: 47)
Calvin James Bell (M: 22) Catherine Bell (F: 49) Colleen Lambertini Bell (F: 40)
Ernest Bell (M: 49) James Edward Bell (M: 45) James A Bell (M: 48)
Jeffery Bernard Bell (M: 45) Kenta Bell (M: 35) Kenta Bell (M: 32)
Lawrence D Bell (M: 80) Luther Bell (M: 48) Marcus Dewayne Bell (M: 26)
Marvin R Bell (M: 33) Michael L Bell (M: 59) Michael Shane Bell (M: 38)
Rickie Dewayne Bell (M: 28) Robert Lee Bell (M: 49) Ronn J Bell (M: 31)
Samuel Bell (M: 38) Sherman Dewayne Bell (M: 29) Tracey L Bell (M: 37)
Walter Anthony Bell (M: 38) William R Bell (M: 32) James G Bell (M: N/A)
James E Bell (M: N/A) Marvin R Bell (M: N/A) Samuel Bell (M: N/A)
Ernest L Bell (M: N/A) Annette M Bell (F: N/A) James E Bell (M: N/A)
Lawrence D Bell (M: N/A) Tracey L Bell (M: N/A) Annette M Bell (F: N/A)
Luther Bell (M: N/A) Michael L Bell (M: N/A) Tracey L Bell (M: N/A)
Lawrence Dowl Bell (M: 77) Lawrence D Bell (M: 77) Shane Allen Bell (M: 41)
Tyrone Paul Bella (M: 41) James A Bellanger (M: N/A) Curlis J Bellard (M: 73)
Daniel Jeff Bellard (M: 41) Earl Joseph Bellard (M: 40) Kylie Nicole Bellard (F: 26)
Mitchell J. Bellard (M: 58) Rocklin Bellard (M: 59) Earl J Bellard (M: N/A)
Kylie N Bellard (F: N/A) Daniel J Bellard (M: N/A) Bryan Oneal Bellard (M: 38)
Shawn D Bellazan (M: 38) Shawn D Bellazan (M: N/A) Willie Bellazen (M: N/A)
Willie Bellazen (M: N/A) Randall Scott Belleau (M: 30) Scott Michael Bellow (M: 35)
Jeremy P Bellow (M: N/A) Scott M Bellow (M: N/A) Leo Belone (M: 36)
William Howard Belsha (M: 82) Tremain Oscar Belt (M: 37) Lee Edward Belton (M: 51)
Oscar Beltran (M: 58) Oscar Beltran (M: N/A) Duane Clayton Bemrose (M: 36)
Duane Clayton Bemrose (M: 37) Elaine Ben-Israel (F: 62) Cornelius Benard (M: 50)
Michael Emil Bendinelli (M: 44) Michael Emil Bendinelli (M: 44) Terrell Brandon Benefield (M: 26)
Terrell B Benefield (M: 24) Matthew Joseph Benge (M: 28) Elaine Benisrael (F: N/A)
Allen James Benjamin (M: 50) Christopher J Benjamin (M: 24) Dante Benjamin (M: 21)
Kevin Benjamin (M: 26) Linda J Benjamin (F: 50) Kevin Benjamin (M: N/A)
Linda J Benjamin (F: N/A) Cornell Benjamin (M: N/A) Andrew Nicholis Bennett (M: 35)
Dexter Dewayne Bennett (M: 35) Elbert Wayne Bennett (M: 65) Elbert Wayne Bennett (M: 65)
George Thomas Bennett (M: 45) Heath Carlton Bennett (M: 37) Henry Reuben Bennett (M: 88)
James Bennett (M: 58) James Bennett (M: 59) Jason C Bennett (M: 32)
Jeffery Bennett (M: 42) Joshua Michael Bennett (M: 32) Melvin Bennett (M: 64)
Melvin Bennett (M: 48) Randall Scott Bennett (M: 34) Rex Allen Bennett (M: 58)
Rex Allen Bennett (M: 59) Shannon W Bennett (M: 38) Sidney E Bennett (M: 64)
Simon Peter Bennett (M: 47) Stanley Terrell Bennett (M: 36) Dexter Bennett (M: N/A)
Stanly T Bennett (M: N/A) Joshua M Bennett (M: N/A) Jason C Bennett (M: N/A)
Shannon M Bennett (M: N/A) Melvin J Bennett (M: N/A) Andrew N Bennett (M: N/A)
Melvin Bennett (M: N/A) Randall S Bennett (M: N/A) Melvin Bennett (M: N/A)
Randall S Bennett (M: N/A) Joshua M Bennett (M: N/A) Shannon W Bennett (M: N/A)
Andrew Bennett (M: 32) Carlton N Bennett (M: 48) Justin Ward Bennett (M: 27)
Johnny Bennett (M: 49) Alvin Glenn Benoit (M: 37) Chad Benoit (M: 38)
Felix Carmaine Benoit (M: 31) Jeremiah Lloyd Benoit (M: 31) Jeremiah L Benoit (M: 34)
John Wayne Benoit (M: 64) Kevin Paul Benoit (M: 49) Kevin Paul Benoit (M: 49)
Paul Joseph Benoit (M: 50) Richard Wayne Benoit (M: 49) Timothy Aaron Benoit (M: 54)
Tony Joseph Benoit (M: 37) Wallace J Benoit (M: 80) Harold P Benoit (M: 30)
Felix C Benoit (M: N/A) John W Benoit (M: N/A) Allen L Benoit (M: N/A)
Alvin G Benoit (M: N/A) Kevin P Benoit (M: N/A) Tony J Benoit (M: N/A)
Kelsey J Benoit (M: N/A) Richard W Benoit (M: N/A) Paul J Benoit (M: N/A)
Timothy A Benoit (M: N/A) Richard W Benoit (M: N/A) Richard Wayne Benoit (M: 46)
Kelsey John Benoit (M: 34) Curtis Leandrew Benson (M: 46) Curtis L Benson (M: N/A)
Gene Bentley (M: 46) Allan Theodore Benton (M: 29) Debra A Benton (F: 52)
Debra Ann Benton (F: 52) Kelvin Dewayne Benton (M: 40) Scott Howard Benton (M: 45)
Theodore Allen Benton (M: 29) Kelvin D Benton (M: N/A) Arthur Benwoir (M: 56)
Arthur Benwoir (M: N/A) Arthur Benwoir (M: N/A) Quinton James Berard (M: 29)
Quinton J Berard (M: N/A) Quinton J Berard (M: N/A) Allen John Bercegeay (M: 53)
Craig J Bercegeay (M: 27) Troy D Bercegeay (M: 39) Troy D Bercegeay (M: N/A)
Bernard E Bercegeay (M: 44) Jared Paul Bercegeay (M: 20) Billy Oneal Berel (M: 24)
Bridgette Renee Bergeaux (F: 28) Bridget R Bergeaux (F: N/A) Benjamin J Berger (M: 47)
Benjamin J Berger (M: N/A) Aline M Bergeron (F: 46) Andrew J Bergeron (M: 65)
Andy James Bergeron (M: 54) Angela Dawn Bergeron (F: 44) Charles Lee Bergeron (M: 80)
Derek Albert Bergeron (M: 28) Henry Paul Bergeron (M: 41) Joshua Evan Bergeron (M: 29)
Joshua Douglas Bergeron (M: 32) Kirk Douglas Bergeron (M: 43) Mark A Bergeron (M: 26)
Melissa Sueann Bergeron (F: 23) Michael D Bergeron (M: 38) Norman Lee Bergeron (M: 71)
Stanley Joseph Bergeron (M: 29) Terry John Bergeron (M: 20) Tex J Bergeron (M: 46)
Aline M Bergeron (F: N/A) Charles L Bergeron (M: N/A) Joshua Bergeron (M: N/A)
Michael D Bergeron (M: N/A) Derek A Bergeron (M: N/A) Michael J Bergeron (M: N/A)
Andy J Bergeron (M: N/A) Angela D Bergeron (F: N/A) Andrew J Bergeron (M: N/A)
Stanley J Bergeron (M: N/A) Roy J Bergeron (M: N/A) Roy John Bergeron (M: 74)
William J Bergeron (M: 30) Eric M Bergman (M: 34) Roger Keith Berlin (M: 49)
Roger K Berlin (M: N/A) Robert M Berly (M: 28) Robert M Berly (M: N/A)
Bernell Ray Bernard (M: 49) Cornelius Bernard (M: 47) Bernell R Bernard (M: N/A)
Ross P Bernard (M: N/A) Donald Ray Bernard (M: 35) Michael Kim Bernard (M: 49)
Michael Lawrence Bernoudy (M: 62) Michael Bernoudy (M: 59) Michael L Bernoudy (M: N/A)
Michael Bernoudy (M: N/A) Donald J Bernucho (M: 63) Raymond E Bernucho (M: 48)
Raymond E Bernucho (M: 48) Donald J Bernucho (M: N/A) Raymond E Bernucho (M: N/A)
Bradley W Berry (M: 27) Daryl Lamar Berry (M: 26) David Berry (M: 40)
James W Berry (M: 43) Jw Berry (M: 41) Michael Berry (M: 55)
Ronald Keith Berry (M: 43) Scott David Berry (M: 38) Willie Berry (M: 34)
Ronald K Berry (M: N/A) Scott D Berry (M: N/A) Sandra F Berry (F: 37)
Bradley W Berry (M: N/A) Ronald K Berry (M: N/A) James W Berry (M: N/A)
Ronald Keith Berry (M: 40) Sandra Berry (F: 43) Joerell Berryhill (M: 27)
Patricia Musco Berryhill (F: 38) Joerell Berryhill (M: N/A) Honorie Joseph Bertinot (M: 42)
Honorie J Bertinot (M: N/A) Curtis Shawn Bertrand (M: 37) John Bertrand (M: 69)
Joshua Paul Bertrand (M: 29) Joshua Lee Bertrand (M: 33) Mitchel Paul Bertrand (M: 40)
Joshua P Bertrand (M: N/A) John F Bertrand (M: N/A) Freeman R Bertrand (M: N/A)
Joshua L Bertrand (M: N/A) Mitchel P Bertrand (M: N/A) Freeman Ray Bertrand (M: 30)
Barry Cordell Bertus (M: 47) Marvin G Besse (M: 65) Tyquincy Deshaun Bessie (M: 30)
Tyquincy D Bessie (M: N/A) Michael Herman Bessler (M: 53) Michael Herman Bessler (M: 53)
Michael H Bessler (M: 49) Eric Best (M: 39) Eric G Best (M: N/A)
Shamari Reginald Bethancourt (M: 30) Shamari R Bethancourt (M: N/A) Larry K Bethany (M: 51)
Glendon Michael Bethard (M: 61) Glendon M Bethard (M: 61) Glendon M Bethard (M: 64)
Glendon M Bethard (M: N/A) James C Betheley (M: N/A) Taborrian Dujuan Bethley (M: 31)
John Eugene Bettis (M: 77) John E Bettis (M: N/A) Christopher B Betts (M: 29)
Rennie Ray Beverly (M: 30) Rennie R Beverly (M: N/A) Terry Beverly (M: N/A)
Harry L Beverly (M: N/A) Terry Beverly (M: N/A) Felton Cofield Bey (M: N/A)
Edward Beyerback (M: 66) Edward Philip Beyerback (M: 69) Edward P Beyerback (M: N/A)
Calvin J Bezue (M: 54) Steven Patrick Bezue (M: 43) Gregory J Bianchi (M: N/A)
Gregory J Bianchi (M: 43) Auguson Bias (M: 32) Deaquarius Marquise Bias (M: 27)
Kevin J Bias (M: 46) Kevin J Bias (M: N/A) Auguson Bias (M: N/A)
Dequarius M Bias (M: N/A) Gene C Bibbins (M: 55) Patricia Ann Bibbs (F: 55)
Patricia A Bibbs (F: N/A) Kevin Gene Bickford (M: 25) Lindell L Bickham (M: 41)
Melissa Hull Bickham (F: 42) Perry Alex Bickham (M: 43) Roan R Bickham (M: 29)
Ronald Bickham (M: 52) Walter C Bickham (M: 40) Lindell L Bickham (M: N/A)
Melissa A Bickham (F: N/A) Melissa A Bickham (F: N/A) Carl Everett Bickham (M: 52)
Walter C Bickkham (M: N/A) Scott Daniel Bienvenu (M: 26) Wendell Joseph Bienvenu (M: 25)
Scott D Bienvenu (M: N/A) Rene J Bierria (M: 28) Roy Allen Bievenour (M: 41)
Roy Allen Bievenour (M: 41) Bobby J Bigger (F: N/A) Bobby J Bigger Jr (M: 49)
Charles Howard Biggers (M: 37) Charles H Biggers (M: N/A) Dale Alexander Biggs (M: 41)
Dale A Biggs (M: N/A) William Bigner (M: 53) William T Bigner (M: N/A)
Lynette Marie Bijou (F: 44) Lynette M Bijou (F: N/A) William Muhammad Bilal (M: 61)
Lisa Hebert Bilbo (F: 40) Cheyenne Lee Bilbrey (M: 32) Cheyenne L Bilbrey (M: N/A)
Cheyenne L Bilbrey (M: N/A) Dewayne Lynn Bilger (M: 31) James R Billeaud (M: 33)
James R Billeaud (M: N/A) James R Billeaud (M: N/A) James Roy Billeaud (M: 30)
Henry Allen Billings (M: 47) Henry Allen Billings (M: 44) Henry A Billings (M: N/A)
Alan Phillip Billiot (M: 28) Alvin Mack Billiot (M: 61) Brandon Allen Billiot (M: 29)
Charles Michael Billiot (M: 60) Charles Michael Billiot (M: 63) Christopher Michael Billiot (M: 51)
Darrel Anthony Billiot (M: 49) David P Billiot (M: 46) Delbert Joseph Billiot (M: 27)
Donald J Billiot (M: 58) Henry J Billiot (M: 48) Henry Joseph Billiot (M: 70)
Henry W Billiot (M: 81) Henry Joseph Billiot (M: 48) Jimmy Rene Billiot (M: 38)
John Eric Jassen Billiot (M: 48) Johnny James Billiot (M: 42) Kerry Mac Billiot (M: 34)
Louis N/M/N Billiot (M: 34) Marlene F Billiot (F: 65) Nelson John Billiot (M: 32)
Peter A Billiot (M: 47) Peter A Billiot (M: 45) Rodney Paul Billiot (M: 31)
Roy David Billiot (M: 41) Timothy Edwin Billiot (M: 45) Timothy E Billiot (M: 43)
Willard Billiot (M: 47) William A Billiot (M: 30) Delbert J Billiot (M: N/A)
Brandon A Billiot (M: N/A) Henry W Billiot (M: N/A) Henry J Billiot (M: N/A)
Peter A Billiot (M: N/A) Jimmy R Billiot (M: N/A) Christopher M Billiot (M: N/A)
Timothy E Billiot (M: N/A) Antoine A Billiot (M: N/A) John E Billiot (M: N/A)
Joseph L Billiot (M: N/A) Kerry M Billiot (M: N/A) Louis Billiot (M: N/A)
Rodney P Billiot (M: N/A) Roy D Billiot (M: N/A) Nelson J Billiot (M: N/A)
Alan P Billiot (M: N/A) Charles M Billiot (M: N/A) Christopher M Billiot (M: N/A)
Timothy E Billiot (M: N/A) Roy D Billiot (M: N/A) Brandon A Billiot (M: N/A)
Albert A Billiot (M: 34) Kevin Michael Billiot (M: 43) David Clyde Billodeau (M: 42)
Moses Anthony Billodeau (M: 41) Moses A Billodeau (M: N/A) Jonathan D Billy (M: 30)
Jonathan D Billy (M: N/A) Elvis Ray Bilodeau (M: 39) Mickal Shane Binford (M: 36)
Mickal Shane Binford (M: 36) Mickal Shane Binford (M: 36) Mickal S Binford (M: N/A)
Mickal S Binford (M: N/A) Shawn Levar Bingham (M: 32) Hobbie W Bingham (M: 22)
Shawn L Bingham (M: N/A) Patrick Terrel Bingham (M: 19) John Ellis Birdsong (M: 45)
John E Birdsong (M: N/A) John E Birdsong (M: N/A) Ronnie Nathan Bishop (M: 60)
Ronnie Nathan Bishop (M: 57) Shawn A Bishop (M: N/A) Harley B Bishop (M: N/A)
Shelita Bishop (F: N/A) George Roger Bisschop (M: 60) George R Bisschop (M: 57)
George R Bisschop (M: N/A) Elmer Lee Bissell (M: 69) Elmer Bissell (M: N/A)
Toni Lynn Bivalacoqua (F: 40) Robert Wayne Bjork (M: 25) Brandon Demario Black (M: 21)
Devin Patrick Black (M: 43) Gerald Black (M: 31) Jessie Black (M: 41)
Robert Black (M: 53) Samuel Black (M: 48) Stefan Thomas Black (M: 21)
Thomas Edward Black (M: 42) Jessie Black (M: N/A) Thomas E Black (M: N/A)
Devin Black (M: N/A) Samuel Black (M: N/A) Robert Black (M: N/A)
Stephen Wayne Blackburn (M: 34) Steve W Blackburn (M: N/A) Jake A Blackmon (M: 31)
James Thomas Blackmon (M: 39) James Thomas Blackmon (M: 39) James Thomas Blackmon (M: 39)
Jason M Blackmon (M: N/A) Marcus Newell Blackmon (M: 60) Jerome Bruce Blackmon (M: 39)
Kenneth Wayne Blackshire (M: 47) Kenneth D Blackshire (M: N/A) Robert G Blackstock (M: 32)
Albert Lyle Blackwell (M: 40) Elbert Allen Blackwell (M: 50) James Lewis Blackwell (M: 52)
James L Blackwell (M: 6) James L Blackwell (M: N/A) James L Blackwell (M: N/A)
Sterling William Blade (M: 35) L R Blades (M: 54) L R Blades (M: N/A)
Randy Charles Blady (M: 48) Randy C Blady (M: N/A) James A Blaine (M: N/A)
Jamie D Blair (M: 38) Stephen Arthur Blair (M: 49) Theodore Robert Blair (M: 46)
Jamie D Blair (M: N/A) Steven A Blair (M: N/A) Theodore R Blair (M: N/A)
Jean C Blaise (M: 32) Byron Keith Blake (M: 21) Michael Keith Blake (M: 33)
Rodney Earl Blake (M: 43) Verogers Blake (M: 43) Rodney E Blake (M: N/A)
Cedric Blake (M: N/A) Verogers Blake (M: N/A) Michael K Blake (M: N/A)
Kyle Alan Blakeney Ii (M: 20) Brandon Paul Blakes (M: 30) Shederick Blakes (M: 50)
Brandon P Blakes (M: N/A) Chad J Blanchard (M: 41) Craig Anthony Blanchard (M: 37)
James Paul Blanchard (M: 35) Joseph Paul Blanchard (M: 28) Joyce Ann Blanchard (F: 41)
Jules Blanchard (M: 32) Lee Dirk Blanchard (M: 47) Tyson Wayne Blanchard (M: 29)
Mark J Blanchard (M: N/A) Joyce A Blanchard (F: N/A) Jules T Blanchard (M: N/A)
Chad J Blanchard (M: N/A) Chad Joseph Blanchard (M: 38) Michael Christian Blanchet (M: 31)
Rogelio Jimenez Blanco (M: 47) Christopher Scot Bland (M: 26) Derrick Dewayne Blaney (M: 21)
Jerry Joseph Blank (M: 37) Kerry Wayne Blankenship (M: 28) Pernell M Blankenship (M: 47)
Kerry W Blankenship (M: N/A) Adolphus Daniel Blanks (M: 28) Michael T Blanson (M: 55)
Elizabeth Ann Blantz (F: 47) Micah David Blasingame (M: 29) Billy Paul Bledsoe (M: 34)
Sharome R Blevins (F: 41) Sharome R Blevins (F: N/A) Candida Marie Blondiau (F: 36)
Candida M Blondiau (F: N/A) Marcus Dale Bloomer (M: 33) Marcus D Bloomer (M: N/A)
Paul R Blossom (M: 33) Richard T Blount (M: 58) Tommie D Blount (M: 61)
Tommie D Blount (M: N/A) Richard T Blount (M: N/A) Lloyd Bluain (M: 69)
Charles D Blue (M: 35) Henry Blue (M: 35) Willie Blue (M: 33)
Charles D Blue (M: N/A) Derrick Dewayne Bluford (M: 49) Robert J Blume (M: N/A)
Charlotte M Blune (F: N/A) Elmeria Blunt (F: 42) Chad M Blush (M: 46)
Edward J Boast (M: 39) Waynon Gerald Boatwin (M: 57) Waynon G Boatwine (M: N/A)
Gary M Bobalek (M: 34) Gary Michael Bobalek (M: 37) Gary M Bobalek (M: 33)
Ronald Bobb (M: 43) Ronald James Bobb (M: 43) Theodore Ralphael Bobb (M: 36)
Ronald B Bobb (M: N/A) Raphael Bobb (M: N/A) Ronald B Bobb (M: N/A)
Theodore Raphael Bobb (M: 33) Jeremy J Bobbit (M: 32) Jeremy J Bobbitt (M: N/A)
Jesse L Boclair (M: 25) Steven Scott Bodemuller (M: 27) David W Bodin (M: N/A)
David Wayne Bodin (M: 44) Michael Peter Boesch (M: 59) Michael P Boesch (M: N/A)
Patricia A Bogan (F: 46) John Lee Boggs Iii (M: 20) Brendan D Bohannan (M: 32)
Brendan Bohannan (M: 29) Brendan D Bohannan (M: N/A) Patrick J Bohannon (M: N/A)
Bobby R Bolden (M: 48) Bobby R Bolden (M: 48) Brian Keith Bolden (M: 45)
Carnell Bolden (M: 46) Eric J Bolden (M: 44) Gen0ra Bolden (M: 44)
Jessie D Bolden (M: 46) Karlos Morace Bolden (M: 34) Bobby R Bolden (M: N/A)
Carnell Bolden (M: N/A) Brian K Bolden (M: N/A) Vernon Nathaniel Bolds (M: 41)
Vernon Nathaniel Bolds (M: 44) Vernon Bolds (M: N/A) Frank Edward Boles (M: 50)
Jimmy Leon Boles (M: 58) Jimmy L Boles (M: N/A) Jimmy L Boles (M: N/A)
Justin Bolian (M: 25) Justin B Bolian (M: N/A) Trent M Bollich (M: 26)
William D Bollinger (M: N/A) William D Bollinger (M: N/A) William D Bollinger (M: 27)
Denise Bolton (F: 51) Desmond F Bolton (M: 37) James Bolton (M: 51)
Robert Henry Bolton (M: 65) Timothy S Bolton (M: 44) Robert H Bolton (M: N/A)
Desmond F Bolton (M: N/A) Timothy S Bolton (M: N/A) James Bolton (M: N/A)
Denise Bolton (F: N/A) James Bolton (M: N/A) Mary Anges Bommarito (F: 56)
Mary A Bommarito (F: N/A) John Joseph Boncek (M: 46) Timothy Jarrell Bond (M: 36)
Michael Richard Boneno (M: 40) Michael R Boneno (M: N/A) Mary L Boner (F: 46)
Mary L Boner (F: N/A) Mary L Boner (F: N/A) Sal J Bonfiglio (M: 71)
Dalton Joseph Bonin (M: 58) Heath Michael Bonin (M: 23) Johnny Ray Bonin (M: 49)
Malcolm Dale Bonin (M: 46) Marty Francis Bonin (M: 47) Russell Bonin (M: 25)
Ryan J Bonin (M: 27) Troy J Bonin (M: 43) Malcolm D Bonin (M: N/A)
Johnny R Bonin (M: N/A) Troy J Bonin (M: N/A) Raymond Bonnee (M: 45)
Raymond M Bonnee (M: N/A) Jerad L Bonner (M: 21) Donald Ray Bonnett (M: 42)
Ronald Bonnett (M: 51) Ronald Bonnett (M: N/A) Terry Kenneth Bonnette (M: 24)
Loretta Bonney (F: 49) Willie Bonney (M: 48) Willie P Bonney (M: N/A)
Loretta Bonney (F: N/A) Mitchell G Bono (M: N/A) Christopher Michael Bonvillain (M: 22)
Dean Michael Bonvillain (M: 55) Travis Lamond Bonvillain (M: 40) Troy Anthony Bonvillain (M: 34)
Travis L Bonvillain (M: N/A) Troy A Bonvillain (M: N/A) Bernie P Bonvillain (M: N/A)
Bernie Paul Bonvillian (M: 31) Dean M Bonvillian (M: N/A) James O Book (M: 47)
Richard Wayne Book (M: 44) Richard W Book (M: 39) Donald B Booker (M: 34)
Douglas Fitzgerald Booker (M: 26) F L Booker (M: 86) John D Booker (M: 54)
Robert Lebruce Booker (M: 37) Shannon A Booker (M: 40) John D Booker (M: N/A)
Donald B Booker (M: N/A) Douglas F Booker (M: N/A) Shannon A Booker (M: N/A)
Douglas F Booker (M: N/A) Kenneth D Booker Jr (M: 27) Curtis Bookhardt (M: 52)
Curtis Bookhardt (M: N/A) Curtis Bookhardt (M: N/A) Jack Ferris Boone (M: 42)
James P Boone (M: 40) Jericho James Boone (M: 35) Melvin E Boone (M: 59)
Martin J Boone (M: 37) Jericho J Boone (M: N/A) Jack Boone (M: N/A)
Jack Boone (M: N/A) Melvin E Boone (M: 56) Billy Ray Boothe (M: 58)
Tracy L Boothe (M: 56) Billy Ray Boothe (M: 58) Emery L. Booty (M: 52)
Emery Lavern Booty (M: 54) Joe Louis Booze (M: 49) Joe L Booze (M: N/A)
Ernest Joseph Boquet (M: 30) Ernest J Boquet (M: N/A) Christopher Luke Bordelon (M: 26)
Curtis James Bordelon (M: 58) Curtis J Bordelon (M: 58) Douglas F Bordelon (M: 54)
Gerald James Bordelon (M: 47) Gerald Bordelon (M: 50) Gordon Matthews Bordelon (M: 59)
Jeffrey Joseph Bordelon (M: 43) Jimmy Djan Bordelon (M: 64) Kevin Paul Bordelon (M: 39)
Kevin Paul Bordelon (M: 40) Marie Ochoa Bordelon (F: 46) Rosette M Bordelon (F: 47)
Rosette Martin Bordelon (F: 47) Shannon Paul Bordelon (M: 41) Christopher L Bordelon (M: N/A)
Jeffery J Bordelon (M: N/A) Jimmy D Bordelon (M: N/A) Gordon M Bordelon (M: N/A)
Kevin P Bordelon (M: N/A) Curtis J Bordelon (M: N/A) Rosette M Bordelon (F: N/A)
Marie O Bordelon (F: N/A) Kenneth J Bordelon (M: N/A) Douglas F Bordelon (M: N/A)
Gerald J Bordelon (M: N/A) Gerald J Bordelon (M: N/A) Ralph P Bordelon Jr (M: 31)
Thomas D Borden (M: N/A) Keith Alan Borders (M: 26) Darlene Bordes (F: 40)
Alan Keith Borel (M: 55) Gordon Borel (M: 41) Nolan P Borel (M: 41)
Troy Michael Borel (M: 37) Nolan P Borel (M: N/A) Alan K Borel (M: N/A)
Troy Borel (M: N/A) Nolan P Borel (M: N/A) Bruce A Borer (M: 62)
Bruce A Borer (M: N/A) Timothy D Boris (M: 65) Timothy D Boris (M: N/A)
Devon A Borne (M: 28) Joseph Morris Borne (M: 60) Norman E Borne (M: 54)
Robert Michael Borne (M: 44) Norman E Borne (M: 55) Devon A Borne (M: N/A)
Norman E Borne (M: N/A) Andrew Thomas Boros (M: 58) Andrew T Boros (M: N/A)
Andrew T Boros (M: 54) John A Borskey (M: 45) William J Borskey (M: N/A)
John A Borskey (M: N/A) Michael E Bos (M: 40) Michael Everitt Bos (M: 43)
Carl Edward Bosby (M: 47) Jerome Buck Bosley (M: 31) Oneal Bosley (M: 34)
Jerome Bosley (M: N/A) Garret K Boston (M: 36) William Boston (M: 54)
William Boston (M: N/A) Bobby James Boteler (M: 30) James William Bott (M: 39)
James W Bott (M: N/A) James W Bott (M: N/A) Norman Dean Bottom (M: 54)
John Joseph Boudoin (M: 47) Albert L Boudreau (M: N/A) Susan Landry Boudreaux (F: 46)
Bobby Anthony Boudreaux (M: 34) Brad Anthony Boudreaux (M: 32) Clyde C Boudreaux (M: 73)
Daniel Isaac Boudreaux (M: 40) Dawn Lynn Boudreaux (F: 38) Dexter Anthony Boudreaux (M: 56)
Floyd Joseph Boudreaux (M: 35) Harris J Boudreaux (M: 32) Ira Anthony Boudreaux (M: 61)
Jarrod Joseph Boudreaux (M: 30) Jean Curley Boudreaux (M: 48) Leon A. Boudreaux (M: 67)
Leslie Thomas Boudreaux (M: 55) Lydre Paul Boudreaux (M: 33) Malcolm Francis Boudreaux (M: 61)
Mark John Boudreaux (M: 47) Nicalas Adam Boudreaux (M: 32) Nolan Joseph Boudreaux (M: 34)
Rickey L Boudreaux (M: N/A) Rickey Lee Boudreaux (M: 49) Rickey Lee Boudreaux (M: 52)
Robert Eugene Boudreaux (M: 50) Rudy Anthony Boudreaux (M: 50) Scott Boudreaux (M: 34)
Warren Paul Boudreaux (M: 46) Wilson Boudreaux (M: 60) Jean C Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Bobby A Boudreaux (M: N/A) Dawn B Boudreaux (F: N/A) Jarrod J Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Lydre P Boudreaux (M: N/A) Dexter A Boudreaux (M: N/A) Scott A Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Daniel Boudreaux (M: N/A) Joseph R Boudreaux (M: N/A) Rickey L Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Chad A Boudreaux (M: N/A) Daniel G Boudreaux (M: N/A) Malcolm F Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Floyd J Boudreaux (M: N/A) Harry T Boudreaux (M: N/A) Rudy A Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Warren P Boudreaux (M: N/A) Wilson Boudreaux (M: N/A) Daniel Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Jarrod J Boudreaux (M: N/A) Lydre P Boudreaux (M: N/A) Warren P Boudreaux (M: N/A)
Dawn B Boudreaux (F: 35) Rene Paul Boudreaux (M: 21) Susan Clare Boudreaux (F: 45)
George William Boudreaux Iii (M: 39) Perry J Boudwin (M: 54) Perry J Boudwin (M: N/A)
Hilton Joseph Bouffanie (M: 77) Hilton J Bouffanie (M: N/A) Eugene Bouie (M: 59)
Landour D Bouie (M: 42) Landour Daniel Bouie (M: 39) Landour Bouie (M: 35)
Eugene E Bouie (M: N/A) Jessie J Bouillion (M: N/A) Floyd J Bouley (M: 50)
Floyd Joseph Bouley (M: 53) Floyd J Bouley (M: N/A) Jessie Joseph Boullion (M: 45)
Kevin Bounds (M: 27) Barry P Bouqet (M: 43) Anthony T Bourda (M: 31)
Travis Tauriac Bourda (M: 32) Travis T Bourda (M: N/A) Anthony T Bourda (M: N/A)
Travis T Bourda (M: N/A) Andrew T Bourg (M: 33) Daniel Joseph Bourg (M: 27)
Douglas Paul Bourg (M: 27) Gary Joseph Bourg (M: 63) Jerry Joseph Bourg (M: 41)
Norris Henry Bourg (M: 70) Rhyan J Bourg (M: 31) Ricky James Bourg (M: 54)
Norris H Bourg (M: N/A) Douglas P Bourg (M: N/A) Jerry J Bourg (M: N/A)
Rhyan J Bourg (M: N/A) Andrew T Bourg (M: N/A) Daniel J Bourg (M: N/A)
Gary J Bourg (M: N/A) Daniel J Bourg (M: N/A) Douglas P Bourg (M: N/A)
Andrew T Bourg (M: N/A) Willie J Bourg (M: 25) Ricky John Bourg (M: 38)
Chris Gene Bourgeois (M: 31) Corby M Bourgeois (M: 35) Craig Michael Bourgeois (M: 57)
Dennis P Bourgeois (M: 33) Dennis John Bourgeois (M: 51) James Darren Bourgeois (M: 47)
Justin Jovon Bourgeois (M: 30) Kevin Joseph Bourgeois (M: 26) Michael David Bourgeois (M: 55)
Michael J Bourgeois (M: 42) Wade Anthony Bourgeois (M: 58) William Raymond Bourgeois (M: 38)
Albert J Bourgeois (M: N/A) Michael Bourgeois (M: N/A) Wade A Bourgeois (M: N/A)
Corby M Bourgeois (M: N/A) Kevin J Bourgeois (M: N/A) Michael D Bourgeois (M: N/A)
Craig M Bourgeois (M: N/A) Dennis P Bourgeois (M: N/A) William R Bourgeois (M: N/A)
Dennis J Bourgeois (M: N/A) Chris Gene Bourgeois (M: 31) John Garry Bournes (M: 59)
John Garry Bournes (M: 56) Bradley Bourque (M: 31) Bradley Scott Bourque (M: 31)
Brendall L Bourque (M: 41) Brendall Louis Bourque (M: 44) Brian Joseph Bourque (M: 22)
Calise Bourque (M: 52) Donald James Bourque (M: 60) Douglas P Bourque (M: 52)
Douglas Paul Bourque (M: 52) Eldridge Bourque (M: 29) Jeramie Odel Bourque (M: 37)
Jesse Jude Bourque (M: 43) Regan W Bourque (M: 27) Rose Guilbeau Bourque (F: 62)
Jesse J Bourque (M: N/A) Brendall L Bourque (M: N/A) Regan W Bourque (M: N/A)
Eldridge Bourque (M: N/A) Donald J Bourque (M: N/A) Donald J Bourque (M: N/A)
Jeramie O Bourque (M: N/A) Calise Bourque (M: N/A) Regan W Bourque (M: 27)
Paul A Boutan (M: 55) Shannon Boutan (M: 57) Paul A Boutan (M: N/A)
Shannon D Boutan (M: N/A) Horace J Boutin (M: 56) Randy K Boutin (M: 43)
Randy Boutin (M: 42) Alton John Boutte (M: 48) Eric Maurice Boutte (M: 45)
Jason Lee Boutte (M: 30) Kirkland Darius Boutte (M: 39) Lawrence P Boutte (M: 58)
Lawrence Boutte (M: 56) Nikita Boutte (M: 51) Jason L Boutte (M: N/A)
Eric M Boutte (M: N/A) Alton J Boutte (M: N/A) Lawrence P Boutte (M: N/A)
James A Bouvier (M: 56) James A Bouvier (M: N/A) Donald Lee Bouwell Jr (M: 22)
Steven Lloyd Bowden (M: 54) Steven Llyod Bowden (M: 53) Jonathan James Maxey Bowen (M: 41)
Thomas Robert Bower (M: 28) Dexter Ramon Bowers (M: 36) Earnell Bowers (M: 49)
John P Bowers (M: 46) Marie Bowers (F: 39) Dexter R Bowers (M: N/A)
John P Bowers (M: N/A) Earnell Bowers (M: N/A) Marie L Bowers (F: N/A)
John P Bowers (M: N/A) Joe Louis Bowie (M: 69) Timothy Keshaie Bowie (M: 36)
Tracy Wayne Bowie (M: 45) Joe L Bowie (M: N/A) Timothy K Bowie (M: N/A)
Tracy W Bowie (M: N/A) Danny L Bowles (M: 54) Jerry Thomas Bowles (M: 53)
Jerry T Bowles (M: 53) Danny L Bowles (M: N/A) Leslie Bowlin (M: 44)
Darrell S Bowman (M: 45) Glen Matthew Bowman (M: 29) John Bowman (M: 62)
Glen M Bowman (M: N/A) John B Bowman (M: 55) Darrell S Bowman (M: N/A)
Jessie Bowser (F: 52) Jessie Bowser (F: N/A) Dale Wayne Box (M: 34)
Buster W Boyce (M: 59) Derrick Lamor Boyd (M: 30) Huey Paul Boyd (M: 28)
J B Boyd (M: 44) Jerome J Boyd (M: 37) Kwame Kinta Boyd (M: 32)
Stephen Anthony Boyd (M: 44) Steven G Boyd (M: 48) Steven Glen Boyd (M: 48)
Steven Glen Boyd (M: 48) Terry Anthony Boyd (M: 38) J B Boyd (M: N/A)
Steven G Boyd (M: N/A) Kwame K Boyd (M: N/A) Tabitha R Boyd (F: N/A)
Jerome Boyd (M: N/A) Richard Eugene Thomas Boyd (M: 30) Irvin G Boydston (M: 86)
Irvin G Boydston (M: N/A) Joseph Boyette (M: N/A) Gregory Wayne Boyington (M: 34)
Gregory W Boyington (M: N/A) Gregory W Boyington (M: N/A) Joshua Ray Boykin (M: 29)
Joshua R Boykin (M: N/A) William Boykins (M: 25) Clarence Craig Boyle (M: 43)
Clarence C Boyle (M: N/A) Lisa G Bozeman (F: 47) Lisa Gayle Bozeman (F: 49)
Lisa G Bozeman (F: N/A) Michael Jason Bracken (M: 30) Sharon L Bracken (F: N/A)
Tandy Dion Bracknell (M: 32) William L Bracknell (M: 86) Tandy D Bracknell (M: N/A)
William L Bracknell (M: N/A) William L Bracknell (M: N/A) Courtney D Bradford (M: 30)
David W Bradford (M: 53) David Wayne Bradford (M: 55) Lawrence Bradford (M: 46)
Mason Paul Bradford (M: 24) Ricky Ladon Bradford (M: 49) Robert Bradford (M: 41)
Courtney D Bradford (M: N/A) Maxie R Bradford (M: N/A) Robert Bradford (M: N/A)
David W Bradford (M: N/A) Anthanor B Bradford (M: N/A) Avon Bradford (F: 53)
Ricky L Bradford (M: N/A) Charles Ray Bradley (M: 44) Courtney Bradley (M: 21)
Derek Bradley (M: 45) Floyd M Bradley (M: 49) Floyd Melvin Bradley (M: 47)
Jeffiery James Bradley (M: 48) Jeffiery James Bradley (M: 51) Obie Bradley (M: 27)
Stanley C Bradley (M: 57) Stanley C Bradley (M: N/A) Charles R Bradley (M: N/A)
Obie H Bradley (M: N/A) Jeffery J Bradley (M: N/A) Derek Bradley (M: N/A)
Jeffery J Bradley (M: N/A) Ivory N Bradshaw (M: 58) Ivory Bradshaw (M: N/A)
Michelle Mary Brady (F: 37) Richard J Brady (M: 69) Richard J Brady (M: N/A)
Michelle M Brady (F: N/A) Jonathan Paul Bragg (M: 40) Stephan T Bragg (M: N/A)
Jonathan P Bragg (M: N/A) Stephan Tyler Bragg (M: 24) Willard J Brandenburg (M: 49)
Darren D Brandon (M: 45) Russell Scott Brandstetter (M: 28) Donald Lee Branscum (M: 54)
Jerry L Brantley (M: 65) Jerry L Brantley (M: N/A) Bradley J Branum (M: 35)
Bradley J Branum (M: N/A) Jerred Scott Brashear (M: 34) Jerred Brasher (M: 33)
John Lee Brasko (M: 51) Kenya R Brass (M: 32) Kenya R Brass (M: N/A)
Paul D Brasseal (M: 47) Elliot Mccoy Brasseaux (M: 19) Zachary Brasseaux (M: 49)
Buddy Paul Brassette (M: 22) Willie A Brastfield (M: 42) Hughes Raymond Braud (M: 86)
Gregory M Braud (M: N/A) Hughes R Braud (M: N/A) Donna L Braud (F: 52)
Gregory Michael Braud (M: 47) Perry J Braud (M: 55) Jarrod F Brawley (M: N/A)
Ruby Michelle Brawner (F: 40) Ruby M Brawner (F: N/A) James Lee Braxton (M: 36)
Johnny Bray (M: 59) Matthew A Bray (M: 29) Johnny J Bray (M: N/A)
Matthew A Bray (M: N/A) Darrell Brazile (M: 19) Winfield Brazile (M: 26)
Winfield Brazile (M: N/A) Winfield Brazile (M: 29) Jodie L Brazzel (M: 28)
Jodie L Brazzel (M: N/A) Jodie L Brazzel (M: N/A) David Breakfield (M: 48)
David Breakfield (M: N/A) George Villars Breard (M: 70) George Breard (M: N/A)
George Breard (M: N/A) Clint James Breaud Sr (M: 39) Albert Breaux (M: 32)
Anthony Breaux (M: 44) Anthony James Breaux (M: 23) Bruce J Breaux (M: 52)
Cornelius Anthony Breaux (M: 32) Daniel Wallace Breaux (M: 40) Danny Paul Breaux (M: 34)
David Breaux (M: 51) Derrick James Breaux (M: 23) Desmond J Breaux (M: 79)
Dominic Breaux (M: 57) Don Breaux (M: 45) Elmar Jene Breaux (M: 47)
Gene P Breaux (M: 31) John Ray Breaux (M: 59) Teena Marie Breaux (F: 49)
Thomas Gene Breaux (M: 38) Travis Joseph Breaux (M: 30) Keith K Breaux (M: N/A)
Tyrone A Breaux (M: 47) Anthony G Breaux (M: N/A) Dominique Breaux (M: N/A)
Don Breaux (M: N/A) John R Breaux (M: N/A) Gene P Breaux (M: N/A)
Thomas G Breaux (M: N/A) Cornelius Breaux (M: N/A) Danny P Breaux (M: N/A)
Travis J Breaux (M: N/A) Don Breaux (M: N/A) Gene P Breaux (M: N/A)
Thomas G Breaux (M: N/A) Danny P Breaux (M: N/A) Cornelius Breaux (M: 29)
Regan James Breaux (M: 42) Glenn Dale Breaux (M: 55) Robert Paul Breaux Jr (M: 28)
Jedediah Daniel Breazeale (M: 28) Gerald M Brecheen (M: 56) Jason C Breda (M: 30)
Jason C Breda (M: N/A) Steven P Breeding (M: N/A) Steven P Breeding (M: 50)
Jason Lynn Breeland (M: 31) Matthew Dewayne Breeland (M: 26) Kevin D Breen (M: N/A)
Charles E Breland (M: 74) Richard Allen Brenneman (M: 46) Robert D Brenneman (M: 46)
Richard A Brenneman (M: N/A) Justin T Brew (M: 27) Dion Kelly Brewer (M: 51)
Keith Brewer (U: N/A) Keith Brewer (M: 46) Patrick Scott Brewer (M: 49)
Whittney Brewer (F: 23) Casey D Brewer (M: N/A) Patrick S Brewer (M: N/A)
Dion K Brewer (M: N/A) Keith Brewer (M: N/A) Patrick S Brewer (M: N/A)
Gerald W Brewer (M: 51) Thomas B Brewin (M: 50) Thomas B Brewin (M: N/A)
James T Brewster (M: 49) Kenneth J Brewster (M: 66) Samuel Dewayne Brewster (M: 36)
Kenneth J Brewster (M: N/A) Willie Charles Brice (M: 62) Willie C Brice (M: N/A)
Mervyn Ray Brice (M: 58) Alton Bridges (M: 53) Dwight Anterro Bridges (M: 26)
John Erich Bridges (M: 26) Kenneth W Bridges (M: 44) Rafel L Bridges (M: 46)
Alton Bridges (M: N/A) Rafel L Bridges (M: N/A) John E Bridges (M: N/A)
Kenneth W Bridges (M: N/A) Kenneth Bridgewater (M: 57) Calvin Cedric Bridgewater (M: 19)
Roy J Brien (M: 80) Roy J Brien (M: 78) Christopher Shawne Briggs (M: 29)
Clifton Jerome Briggs (M: 22) Goldyn Briggs (M: 21) Wayne Briggs (M: 56)
Christopher S Briggs (M: N/A) Wayne Briggs (M: N/A) Christopher S Briggs (M: N/A)
Kevin John Briggs (M: 45) Anthony Douglas Bright (M: 42) Anthony D Bright (M: N/A)
Anthony D Bright (M: N/A) Hosea Bright (M: 32) Christopher Tyrone Brimsey (M: 32)
John D Brimsey (M: 46) Timothy Andre Brimzy (M: 30) Rene Adam Brining (M: 51)
Rene A Brining (M: N/A) Eric Dewayne Brisco (M: 22) Ryan Christopher Briscoe (M: 22)
Shawn Joseph Briscoe (M: 28) Shawn J Briscoe (M: N/A) Corey J Briscoe (M: 29)
Carl Brister (M: 31) Donald Lewis Brister (M: 34) Donald Lewis Brister (M: 34)
Earl Stephen Brister (M: 59) Timothy George Brister (M: 33) Timothy G Brister (M: 35)
Timothy G Brister (M: N/A) Elmer E Brister (M: N/A) Jackie R Brister (M: N/A)
Jackie Ray Brister (M: 37) James Britten (M: 49) Keldric B Britton (M: 38)
Keldric B Britton (M: N/A) Maurice L Britton (M: N/A) Denny Robert Broadway (M: 52)
Earl L Broadway (M: 72) Isaiah R Broadway (M: 35) Monte S Broadway (M: 33)
Monte S Broadway (M: 35) Monte S Broadway (M: N/A) Isaiah R Broadway (M: N/A)
Oscar D Broadway (M: N/A) Denny B Broadway (M: N/A) Denny B Broadway (M: N/A)
James Gerald Brock (M: 61) James R Brock (M: N/A) Joe Robert Brode (M: 36)
Harvey Albert Brodnax (M: 28) Nicholas John Broekman (M: 30) Alvin J Brooks (M: 30)
Barbara S Brooks (F: 41) Cassandra Ann Brooks (F: 52) Christopher D Brooks (M: 30)
Daniel Brooks (M: 55) Eric Brooks (M: 27) Gerard Brooks (M: 33)
Harold Joseph Brooks (M: 24) James Brooks (M: 49) Jason Renard Brooks (M: 32)
Jeffery Lynn Brooks (M: 43) Kevin Brooks (M: 31) Lloyd Anthony Brooks (M: 47)
Marvin Christopher Brooks (M: 34) Robert Charles Brooks (M: 40) Marvin C Brooks (M: N/A)
Christopher D Brooks (M: N/A) Cassandra A Brooks (F: N/A) Jason R Brooks (M: N/A)
Gerard Brooks (M: N/A) Joseph Brooks (M: N/A) Barbara S Brooks (F: N/A)
Lloyd A Brooks (M: N/A) Melvin Brooks (M: 51) Ralph Taylor Brooks Sr (M: 58)
Barbara Sue Brooks-Jewell (F: 42) Gene Eldra Broom (M: 72) Gene E Broom (M: N/A)
Morris E Brossette (M: 47) Terry L Brossette (M: 46) Joshua A Brossette (M: N/A)
Morris E Brossette (M: N/A) Bob E Broussard (M: 44) Brent Wayne Broussard (M: 41)
Brock Dewayne Broussard (M: 35) Chad Edward Broussard (M: 37) Chris J Broussard (M: 46)
Christopher Allen Broussard (M: 39) Derek Thomas Broussard (M: 32) Donnie Lloyd Broussard (M: 37)
Donny Lloyd Broussard (M: 40) Elkin James Broussard (M: 51) Ernest Joseph Broussard (M: 52)
Harold Broussard (M: 53) Irving Peter Broussard (M: 71) James A Broussard (M: 69)
Jared Paul Broussard (M: 25) Jason Broussard (M: 46) Jeremiah John Broussard (M: 22)
Jessie James Broussard (M: 66) Jim Dwayne Broussard (M: 45) Joseph Euclide Broussard (M: 39)
Kevin J Broussard (M: 37) Kevin Broussard (M: 45) Kurt J Broussard (M: 47)
Lance P Broussard (M: 28) Larry J Broussard (M: N/A) Larry James Broussard (M: 36)
Merker Leon Broussard (M: 37) Michael Bryant Broussard (M: 43) Michael Barry Broussard (M: 31)
Nolan Broussard (M: 72) Patrick Broussard (M: 56) Patrick P Broussard (M: 59)
Randall Charles Broussard (M: 65) Scott Keith Broussard (M: 36) Steven Michael Broussard (M: 32)
Tameki Broussard (F: 43) Victor J Broussard (M: 48) Waylon J Broussard (M: 31)
Bob E Broussard (M: N/A) Kenneth L Broussard (M: N/A) Ernest J Broussard (M: N/A)
Jim D Broussard (M: N/A) Michael B Broussard (M: N/A) Joseph E Broussard (M: N/A)
Michael Broussard (M: N/A) Waylon J Broussard (M: N/A) Lance P Broussard (M: N/A)
Clarence Broussard (M: N/A) Donny L Broussard (M: N/A) Irvin P Broussard (M: N/A)
Nolan J Broussard (M: N/A) Patrick P Broussard (M: N/A) Gerald Broussard (M: N/A)
Randall C Broussard (M: N/A) Derek T Broussard (M: N/A) Kevin J Broussard (M: N/A)
Tameki Broussard (F: N/A) Christopher A Broussard (M: N/A) Brent W Broussard (M: N/A)
Michael B Broussard (M: N/A) Kevin Broussard (M: N/A) Brock D Broussard (M: N/A)
Jessie J Broussard (M: N/A) Larry J Broussard (M: N/A) Wilbert P Broussard (M: N/A)
Derek T Broussard (M: N/A) Christopher A Broussard (M: N/A) Larry J Broussard (M: N/A)
Elkin J Broussard (M: N/A) Derek Thomas Broussard (M: 29) Gerald Broussard (M: 60)
Kenneth L Broussard (M: 56) Wilbert Paul Broussard (M: 70) Brett Joseph Broussard (M: 23)
Anthony Leroy Broussard (M: 55) John Browden (M: 37) Joseph Edward Brown (M: 43)
Aaron J Brown (M: 29) Ace Rap Brown (M: 30) Adrian J Brown (M: 31)
Albert Brown (M: 59) Altealeus L Brown (F: 47) Andre O Brown (M: 56)
Anthony Patrick Brown (M: 45) Anthony W Brown (M: 53) Antonio D Brown (M: 30)
Benjamin Cal Brown (M: 38) Bennie Alan Brown (M: 70) Bennie Brown (M: 46)
Bobby J Brown (M: 26) Breit Brown (M: 54) Bryant Brown (M: 58)
Bryant Michael Brown (M: 60) Carl Ronald Brown (M: 53) Carl Ronald Brown (M: 56)
Carl R Brown (M: 53) Casey Allen Brown (M: 30) Casey A Brown (M: 27)
Charles Nicholas Brown (M: 43) Charles R Brown (M: 56) Charles Brown (M: 39)
Clarence Brown (M: 32) Curtis Lamar Brown (M: 48) Dadrian Damon Brown (M: 34)
Damium Deon Brown (M: 36) Danny Brown (M: 55) Danny Brown (M: 39)
Danny Kent Brown (M: 41) Danny J Brown (M: 51) Danny James Brown (M: 51)
Darlene Wendell Brown (F: 46) Darvan Darnell Brown (M: 24) David Clarence Brown (M: 30)
David Dewayne Brown (M: 25) Derrick Brown (M: 48) Derrick Charles Brown (M: 37)
Don Brown (M: 39) Donyale D Brown (M: 23) Doris Brown (F: 45)
Dwayne Keith Brown (M: 47) Eddie L Brown (M: 39) Eric Edward Brown (M: 61)
Erik Leon Brown (M: 31) Erik L Brown (M: 28) Eugene Brown (M: 42)
Everett E Brown (M: 53) Garry Dale Brown (M: 41) Gregory D Brown (M: 32)
Gregory Brown (M: 38) Gregory Keith Brown (M: 41) Harry J Brown (M: 65)
Heath Clifford Brown (M: 35) Helen Marie Brown (F: 45) Henry C Brown (M: 51)
Inell Gerald Brown (M: 49) James R Brown (M: 32) James Allen Brown (M: 37)
James Howard Brown (M: 53) Jermaine Lavelle Brown (M: 32) Joann Brown (F: 53)
John Henry Brown (M: 42) Joseph Brown (M: 50) Joseph Emanuel Brown (M: 29)
Joseph Arto Brown (M: 45) Joseph Lee Brown (M: 64) Joseph P Brown (M: 48)
Joseph Jermine Brown (M: 36) Justin Deleon Brown (M: 47) Karl A Brown (M: 46)
Keith A Brown (M: 22) Kent Brown (M: 47) Kerry Lynn Brown (M: 44)
Kevin Matthew Brown (M: 43) Kevin Edmond Brown (M: 49) Larry Lawrence Brown (M: 59)
Leon Brown (M: 70) Leon Brown (M: 54) Leonard L Brown (M: 28)
Levi Demetria Brown (M: 28) Lloyd Barrett Brown (M: 48) Louis Brown (M: 48)
Manuel Brown (M: 25) Mardi Tyler Brown (M: 31) Mark Brown (M: 40)
Maurice Thomas Brown (M: 40) Melvin Brown (M: 66) Michael W Brown (M: 44)
Milagros Brown (F: 51) Nicholas R Brown (M: 30) Ocie Brown (M: 79)
Patrick Antonio Brown (M: 33) Paul A Brown (M: 41) Precious Reed Brown (M: 50)
Randy A Brown (M: 39) Rita Brown (F: 46) Robert Wesley Brown (M: 27)
Ronald Delandro Brown (M: 35) Ronald James Brown (M: 28) Roy D Brown (M: 50)
Sam Allen Brown (M: 60) Shannon Charles Brown (M: 20) Stanley Tyshon Brown (M: 32)
Stanley Junior Brown (M: 32) Tabitha R Brown (F: 25) Thelma Louise Brown (F: 47)
Thelma Louise Brown (F: 47) Tiffany L Brown (F: 36) Trenton Brinell Brown (M: 32)
Tyrone Thomas Brown (M: 46) Vincent Brown (M: 43) Warren George Brown (M: 56)
Gary D Brown (M: N/A) Leon Brown (M: N/A) Cory D Brown (M: N/A)
Patrick A Brown (M: N/A) James R Brown (M: N/A) Robert W Brown (M: N/A)
Leon Brown (M: N/A) Kerry L Brown (M: N/A) Damium D Brown (M: N/A)
Ronald D Brown (M: N/A) Derrick D Brown (M: N/A) Patrick S Brown (M: N/A)
Charles N Brown (M: N/A) Maurice T Brown (M: N/A) Helen M Brown (F: N/A)
Calvin Brown (M: N/A) Louis C Brown (M: N/A) Milagros Brown (F: N/A)
Erik L Brown (M: N/A) Melvin Brown (M: N/A) Heath Brown (M: N/A)
Inell G Brown (M: N/A) Derrick M Brown (M: N/A) Rosalie Brown (F: N/A)
Erwin E Brown (M: 33) Everett E Brown (M: N/A) Rita Brown (F: N/A)
Calvin H Brown (M: N/A) Ray E Brown (M: N/A) Bryant M Brown (M: N/A)
Joseph A Brown (M: 39) Doris Brown (F: N/A) Don Brown (M: N/A)
Nesice Brown (F: 40) Kent E Brown (M: N/A) Tiffany L Brown (F: N/A)
Ace R Brown (M: N/A) Sharon Brown (F: 45) Carl L Brown (M: N/A)
Clarence Brown (M: N/A) Joann M Brown (F: N/A) Stanley T Brown (M: N/A)
Harry Brown (M: N/A) Larry L Brown (M: N/A) David D Brown (M: N/A)
Eugene Brown (M: N/A) Albert Brown (M: N/A) Justin D Brown (M: N/A)
Stanley Brown (M: N/A) Bennie Brown (M: N/A) Aaron J Brown (M: N/A)
George R Brown (M: N/A) Mardi T Brown (M: N/A) Darlene W Brown (F: N/A)
Joseph L Brown (M: N/A) Donyale D Brown (M: N/A) Levi D Brown (M: N/A)
Jermaine L Brown (M: N/A) Twantell E Brown (M: N/A) Gregory D Brown (M: N/A)
Kenneth D Brown (M: N/A) Michael W Brown (M: N/A) Eddie L Brown (M: N/A)
Mark Brown (M: N/A) Robert L Brown (M: N/A) Randy A Brown (M: N/A)
Ernest Brown (M: N/A) Nicholas R Brown (M: N/A) Paul A Brown (M: N/A)
Rosalie Brown (F: N/A) Everett E Brown (M: N/A) Ray E Brown (M: N/A)
Ace R Brown (M: N/A) Andre O Brown (M: N/A) Bryant M Brown (M: N/A)
Don Brown (M: N/A) Erik L Brown (M: N/A) Inell G Brown (M: N/A)
Darvan D Brown (M: N/A) Bennie Brown (M: N/A) Charles R Brown (M: N/A)
Gregory D Brown (M: N/A) Levi D Brown (M: N/A) Kenneth D Brown (M: N/A)
Trent Brown (M: N/A) Leon Brown (M: N/A) Garry D Brown (M: N/A)
Danny Brown (M: N/A) Charles N Brown (M: 40) Ernest Brown (M: 45)
Eugene Brown (M: 39) Heath Brown (M: 32) Inell Gerald Brown (M: 47)
Kenneth D Brown (M: 33) Patrick Shay Brown (M: 32) Twantell E Brown (M: 22)
Jerry Randal Brown (M: 42) Joseph Edward Brown (M: 43) Sterling Edward Brown (M: 21)
Stetson Kyle Brown (M: 23) Albert Lee Brown (M: 57) Corey Keon Brown (M: 26)
Arnold P Brown (M: 43) Willie Earl Brown (M: 47) Gary D Brown (M: 47)
Lc Brown Sr (M: 26) Dale W Browne (M: N/A) Jeffery Paul Browning (M: 44)
Thomas Browning (M: 69) Thomas D Browning (M: N/A) Bobby Lynn Brownlee (M: 55)
Bobby L Brownlee (M: N/A) Richard S Brozowski (M: 34) John W Bruce (M: 43)
Kevin Devon Bruce (M: 31) Kevin D Bruce (M: 34) Thomas Jay Bruce (M: 64)
Roland A Bruce (M: N/A) Gelandra Brue (F: 40) Glen G Brueckner (M: 43)
Arthur Bruer (M: 53) Arthur R Bruer (M: N/A) Benjamin Brumfield (M: 25)
Bobby K Brumfield (M: 34) Bobby Keith Brumfield (M: 36) Calvin Brumfield (M: 42)
Cedric Brumfield (M: 36) Damian A Brumfield (M: 34) Johnnie Bernard Brumfield (M: 48)
Scotty L Brumfield (M: 36) William D Brumfield (M: 47) Luther Brumfield (M: 55)
Cedric Brumfield (M: N/A) Johnnie Brumfield (M: N/A) Scotty L Brumfield (M: N/A)
Calvin Brumfield (M: N/A) William D Brumfield (M: N/A) Damian A Brumfield (M: N/A)
Calvin Brumfield (M: N/A) William D Brumfield (M: N/A) Benjamin Brumfield (M: N/A)
Darrin Paul Brumley (M: 45) Darrin P Brumley (M: N/A) Anthony D Bruner (M: 26)
Armando Joseph Brunet (M: 25) Jarrel Joseph Brunet (M: 68) Leon Joseph Brunet (M: 60)
Philip Peter Brunet (M: 67) Raleigh Paul Brunet (M: 63) Rodney Darrell Brunet (M: 36)
Roy John Brunet (M: 70) Tommy E Brunet (M: 45) Jarrel J Brunet (M: N/A)
Tommy E Brunet (M: N/A) Rodney D Brunet (M: N/A) Bryan J Brunet (M: N/A)
Leon J Brunet (M: N/A) Jarrel J Brunet (M: N/A) Eric Anthony Bruney (M: 22)
Eric Lee Bruno (M: 30) Gary Quentin Bruno (M: 47) Monique Marie Bruno (F: 47)
Robert Bruno (M: 39) Vincent Charles Bruno (M: 51) Eric L Bruno (M: N/A)
Monique L Bruno (F: N/A) Vincent C Bruno (M: N/A) Frederick D Bruton (M: N/A)
Brandon Christopher Bryan (M: 31) Clyde O Bryan (M: 74) Michael Allen Bryan (M: 38)
Brandon C Bryan (M: N/A) Michael A Bryan (M: N/A) Alexander Orinthia Bryant (M: 38)
Benjamin Earl Bryant (M: 40) Brian Keith Bryant (M: 38) Calvin Joseph Bryant (M: 32)
Charlie Bryant (M: 26) Elton James Bryant (M: 51) James Grady Bryant (M: 34)
Jaweshia Lamilered Bryant (F: 26) Jeffrey J Bryant (M: 43) Jerry Bryant (M: 53)
Joey Ray Bryant (M: 26) Kenneth D Bryant (M: 43) Lionell Bryant (M: 48)
Michael E Bryant (M: 51) Rickie Lynn Bryant (M: 45) Sandy L Bryant (M: 46)
Wayne E Bryant (M: 60) William Todd Bryant (M: 45) Willie T Bryant (M: 55)
Rickey L Bryant (M: N/A) Wayne E Bryant (M: N/A) Kenneth D Bryant (M: N/A)
Jeffery J Bryant (M: N/A) William T Bryant (M: N/A) Elton J Bryant (M: N/A)
Benjamin E Bryant (M: N/A) Calvin J Bryant (M: N/A) Brian K Bryant (M: N/A)
Michael E Bryant (M: N/A) Joey Bryant (M: N/A) General Arnez Bryant (M: 31)
Clinton Joseph Buckel (M: 52) Christopher Buckenberger (M: 58) Christopher Harry Buckenberger (M: 58)
James Louis Buckhalter (M: 58) James L Buckhalter (M: N/A) Clinton J Buckle (M: N/A)
Allen R Buckley (M: 59) Marshall Coleman Buckley (M: 27) Charles R Buckley (M: N/A)
Keenyata C Buckley (M: N/A) Lonnie D Buckley (M: N/A) Allen R Buckley (M: N/A)
Marshall C Buckley (M: N/A) Keenyata C Buckley (M: N/A) Bryan Kelly Buckner (M: 42)
Lester Ray Buckner (M: 41) Bryan K Buckner (M: N/A) Larry Buczinski (M: 65)
Napoleon Bueno (M: 52) Napoleon Bueno (M: 53) Napoleon Bueno (M: N/A)
Jerold J Buffett (M: N/A) Kent J Buffinet (M: 33) Mary E Buffinet (F: N/A)
Mary B Buffinet (F: 51) Jeremy Michael Buford (M: 31) Raymond L Buford (M: N/A)
Kip Aaron Buford (M: 22) Danny L Bugay (M: 59) Danny L Bugay (M: N/A)
Deforrest R Bugbee (M: 46) Deforrest R Bugbee (M: N/A) Deforrest R Bugbee (M: N/A)
William Henry Bugg (M: 38) Henry Rondell Bullard (M: 30) Matthew B Bullard (M: 31)
Shaun Bruce Bullard (M: 33) Henry R Bullard (M: N/A) Matthew B Bullard (M: N/A)
Shaun Bullard (M: N/A) Clarence J Bullitt (M: 33) Clarence J Bullitt (M: N/A)
Clarence J Bullitt (M: N/A) Sam Bullitts (M: 46) Sam Bullitts (M: N/A)
James J Bulloch (M: 26) James Jay Bulloch (M: 28) Ada M Bullock (F: 44)
Daryl Bullock (M: 46) Jimmy Lee Bullock (M: 40) Myron Devaray Bullock (M: 32)
Myron D Bullock (M: 34) Myron D Bullock (M: N/A) Ada M Bullock (F: N/A)
Daryl D Bullock (M: 40) James Leroy Bullock Jr (M: 39) Jared D Bumbalough (M: 31)
Jared D Bumbalough (M: N/A) Earl Nmi Bumgarden (M: 66) Earl J Bumgarden (M: N/A)
Robert E Bunch (M: 50) Robert E Bunch (M: N/A) Anthony Lee Buncie (M: 47)
Ronald G Bunje (M: N/A) Jerome M Bunnell (M: N/A) Jerome M Bunnell (M: N/A)
Jerome M Bunnell (M: 27) Tyrone Bunton (M: 47) Barry Paul Buquet (M: 46)
Diana Lynn Buras (F: 50) Dwain Buras (M: 32) William O Buras (M: 31)
Diana L Buras (F: N/A) Dwain K Buras (M: N/A) William O Buras (M: N/A)
Jason Paul Burch (M: 24) Joshua Linwood Burcham (M: 32) Christopher R Burden (M: 40)
Dalacy Treymane Bureau (M: 29) Dalacy T Bureau (M: N/A) Lonnie Joe Burge (M: 46)
Jerry J Burge (M: N/A) Lonnie J Burge (M: N/A) Brett Burger (M: 52)
Brett S Burger (M: N/A) Brett S Burger (M: N/A) Channing Stewart Burgess (M: 26)
Joseph W Burgess (M: 40) Larry Dean Burgess (M: 32) Raymond Burgess (M: 51)
Joseph W Burgess (M: N/A) Antonio Joseph Burgos (M: 27) Brian Alexander Burk (M: 57)
Brian A Burk (M: N/A) Christopher Anthony Burke (M: 45) Nicholas Joseph Burke (M: 30)
Russell Lee Burke (M: 52) Nicholas J Burke (M: N/A) Christopher A Burke (M: N/A)
Erving Burkes (M: 24) Haskell Burkes (M: 43) Haskell E Burkes (M: N/A)
Erving Burkes (M: N/A) David John Burkett (M: 69) David J Burkett (M: N/A)
Ronald L Burkett (M: 54) Lucas W Burkett (M: N/A) Reginald Dewayne Burkette (M: 33)
Reginald Burkette (M: N/A) Reginald Burkette (M: 30) Vincent Leroy Burkhalter (M: 28)
Stanley C Burkhardt (M: N/A) Stanley Carl Burkhardt (M: 58) Barry Ray Burks (M: 30)
Jesse Lee Burks (M: 35) John R Burks (M: 79) Matobby J Burks (M: 37)
Keshandra L Burks (F: N/A) Jesse L Burks (M: N/A) Howard Burl (M: 47)
Howard Burl (M: N/A) Marshall Joseph Burleigh (M: 38) Michael Duane Burleigh (M: 59)
Robert S Burlew (M: 59) Robert S Burlew (M: N/A) Jerry Frederick Burlington (M: 49)
Herman Michael Burnett (M: 32) Joseph H Burnett (M: 30) Herman M Burnett (M: N/A)
Joseph H Burnett (M: N/A) Olen Frank Burnett (M: 61) Travis Lynn Burney (M: 53)
Travis L Burney (M: N/A) Travis L Burney (M: N/A) Byruss Jerrell Burns (M: 22)
Calvin Burns (M: 46) Ladaryl Burns (M: 35) Nakiya Dshay Burns (F: 29)
Nakiya D Burns (F: 29) Steven P Burns (M: 36) Steven Paul Burns (M: 34)
Thomas P Burns (M: 33) Ladaryl D Burns (M: N/A) Steven P Burns (M: N/A)
Calvin Burns (M: N/A) Tony R Burns (M: 26) Tawon Edward Burnside (M: 29)
Tawon E Burnside (M: N/A) Elbert R Burr (M: 48) Elbert R Burr (M: N/A)
Edward Barnes Burroughs (M: 46) Edward B Burroughs (M: 43) Edward B Burroughs (M: N/A)
Keshandra Lizette Burt (F: 30) Lawrence Eugene Burt (M: 35) Lawrence Eugene Burt (M: 35)
Keshandra Lizette Burt (F: 29) Charles Alexander Burton (M: 23) Charles Ray Burton (M: 39)
David Lee Burton (M: 23) Jamal L Burton (M: 29) Lionel Burton (M: 49)
Lynderrick Lavon Burton (M: 30) Michael Shane Burton (M: 36) Sherman Burton (M: 51)
Wallace James Burton (M: 60) Lionel Burton (M: N/A) Lynderrick L Burton (M: N/A)
Jamal L Burton (M: 23) Lynderrick L Burton (M: N/A) Wallace J Burton (M: N/A)
Jamal L Burton (M: N/A) David L Burton (M: N/A) Jamal L Burton (M: 27)
Patrick Wade Busby (M: 20) Richard L Busby (M: 37) Richard L Busby (M: N/A)
Myron L Bush (M: 30) Myron Ladrae Bush (M: 32) Zevi Bush (M: 44)
Zevi S Bush (M: 37) Teddest James Bushnell (M: 41) Teddest J Bushnell (M: N/A)
Teddest J Bushnell (M: N/A) Teddest James Bushnell (M: 39) Britten Emanuel Businelle (M: 28)
Bryan J Businelle (M: 29) Glenn J Businelle (M: 64) Bryan J Businelle (M: N/A)
Glenn J Businelle (M: N/A) Bryan J Businelle (M: N/A) Donald J Busse (M: 45)
Donald Busse (M: 42) Adriane K Bussell (U: N/A) Adriane Kristin Bussell (F: 38)
Adriane K Bussell (F: N/A) Casimir Preston Butler (M: 50) Christopher Butler (M: 28)
Christopher Butler (M: 31) Colby Dominic Butler (M: 17) Colby Butler (M: 20)
David Jack Butler (M: 65) Deandre Butler (M: 22) Derrick D Butler (M: 27)
Donald G Butler (M: 47) Donald G Butler (M: 44) Donald R Butler (M: 48)
Earl Carson Butler (M: 46) Howard Junior Butler (M: 47) Jacoby Dupree Butler (M: 34)
Jason Butler (M: 29) Javon M Butler (M: 31) Kenyoda Marcel Butler (M: 36)
Kermit Roth Butler (M: 48) Murphy Joseph Butler (M: 47) Richard L Butler (M: 38)
Rick D Butler (M: 54) Victor A Butler (M: 25) Derrick D Butler (M: N/A)
David J Butler (M: N/A) Alonzo R Butler (M: N/A) Christopher Butler (M: N/A)
Rick D Butler (M: N/A) Donald G Butler (M: N/A) Kermit R Butler (M: N/A)
Richard L Butler (M: N/A) Casimir P Butler (M: N/A) Anthony Butler (M: N/A)
Javon M Butler (M: N/A) Donald G Butler (M: N/A) Derrick D Butler (M: N/A)
Christopher Butler (M: N/A) Clarence Robert Butler (M: 25) Larry D Butler (M: 48)
Carl Edward Butters (M: 54) Carl E Butters (M: N/A) John Edward Button (M: 59)
John E Button (M: N/A) Larry Butts (M: 63) Randy Butts (M: 49)
Willard Buxton (M: N/A) Timothy Lynn Buzbee Sr (M: 39) Craig Gerard Bychurch (M: 30)
Craig G Bychurch (M: N/A) Daniel F Bye (M: N/A) Jason James Bynum (M: 33)
Willie J Byone (M: 27) Ann Byrd (F: 42) Eli Byrd (M: 69)
Frederick Byrd (M: 66) Justin Byrd (M: 25) Kedrick Pedro Byrd (M: 33)
Randy Eugene Byrd (M: 50) Aaron Byrd (M: N/A) Randy E Byrd (M: N/A)
Kedrick P Byrd (M: N/A) Eli Byrd (M: N/A) Aaron Byrd (M: 53)
Gary Jefferson Byrd (M: 67) Brian Nicholas Byrnside (M: 32) Brian N Byrnside (M: N/A)

Other Available Data

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