Sex Offender Profile Directory : Louisiana : A

All sex offender data currently in our database from Louisiana whose last name begins with the letter A are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Louisiana sex offender information.

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Edward Aaron (M: 51) Roger Dale Aaron (M: 33) Edward Aaron (M: N/A)
Roger D Aaron (M: N/A) Roy Joseph Abate (M: 68) Joseph R Abate (M: N/A)
Peter Abbate (M: 51) Shawn Nathaniel Abbington (M: 38) Shawn N Abbington (M: N/A)
Duane Oneal Abbott (M: 44) Duane Abbott (M: N/A) Reggie L Abercrumbia (M: 29)
Reggie L Abercrumbia (M: N/A) Reggie L Abercrumbia (M: N/A) Jesse Abers (M: 26)
Rathert S Able (M: 61) Rathert S Able (M: N/A) Charles Dewayne Ables (M: 47)
Jeremy J Abney (M: 26) Jeremy J Abney (M: N/A) Robert Earl Abraham (M: 26)
Robert E Abraham (M: N/A) Robert E Abraham (M: N/A) Jimmy Desmond Abram (M: 32)
Michael Abram (M: 35) Jimmy D Abram (M: N/A) Carlos Antonio Abram (M: 44)
Brent Michael Abreo (M: 33) Renildo Abreu (M: 31) Brandon Joseph Abshire (M: 30)
Doris James Abshire (M: 45) Jacky Lynn Abshire (M: 26) Lonnie J Abshire (M: 41)
Nelda Faye Abshire (F: 61) Pervis Joseph Abshire (M: 78) Ricky Dale Abshire (M: 34)
Robert K Abshire (M: 47) Steven Bob Abshire (M: 42) Clarence Abshire (M: N/A)
Robert K Abshire (M: N/A) Brandon J Abshire (M: N/A) Nelda F Abshire (F: N/A)
Pervis J Abshire (M: N/A) Ricky D Abshire (M: N/A) Steven B Abshire (M: N/A)
Robert K Abshire (M: 44) Luciano Abundis (M: 34) Luciano Abundis (M: N/A)
Anthony Joseph Accardo (M: 38) Anthony J Accardo (M: N/A) Kathy A Acevedo (F: 59)
Kathy A Acevedo (F: 52) Keith Napoleon Achane (M: 40) Keith N Achane (M: N/A)
Shelby A Achane (M: 30) Todd M Achord (M: 32) Charles R Acklen (M: 39)
Charles R Acklen (M: N/A) Alvin Joseph Adams (M: 35) Bobby Adams (M: 43)
Brandon Daniel Adams (M: 22) Brian Paul Adams (M: 34) Bronc E Adams (M: 40)
Burke Adams (M: 41) Carl Adams (M: 30) Charles L Adams (M: 46)
Clarence Joseph Adams (M: 33) Dana Jean Adams (F: 51) Earl C Adams (M: 34)
Eldridge Joseph Adams (M: 27) Faron J Adams (M: 34) Glen A Adams (M: 59)
Gregory J Adams (M: 66) Jason Dean Adams (M: 37) Jerome Adams (M: 49)
Jesse Clay Adams (M: 29) Joseph L Adams (M: 44) Joseph Edward Adams (M: 26)
Joseph Leon Adams (M: 46) Josh Joseph Adams (M: 49) Joshua Richard Adams (M: 31)
Kenneth Joseph Adams (M: 55) Kenneth Edwin Adams (M: 52) Latasha Adams (F: 34)
Lionel J Adams (M: 69) Marvin Adams (M: 35) Michael Ray Adams (M: 41)
Michael Ray Adams (M: 41) Nolan Joseph Adams (M: 52) Rodney N Adams (M: 22)
Roy Lee Adams (M: 52) Royce Eugene Adams (M: 57) Terrence Anthony Adams (M: 34)
Theron Joseph Adams (M: 33) Thomas Wayne Adams (M: 29) Tommy J Adams (M: 50)
Tracy Adams (M: 49) Walter Gerald Adams (M: 42) Wendy Ann Adams (F: 46)
Jerome Adams (M: N/A) Earl C Adams (M: 28) Charles L Adams (M: N/A)
Lionel J Adams (M: N/A) Wayne E Adams (M: 51) Theron J Adams (M: N/A)
Nolan J Adams (M: N/A) Bobby J Adams (M: N/A) Robert C Adams (M: N/A)
Joshua R Adams (M: N/A) Alvin Adams (M: N/A) Latasha S Adams (F: N/A)
Roland Adams (M: N/A) Kenneth J Adams (M: N/A) Gerald Adams (M: N/A)
Kenneth E Adams (M: N/A) Walter G Adams (M: N/A) Jessie C Adams (M: N/A)
Brian P Adams (M: N/A) Aaron D Adams (M: N/A) George W Adams (M: N/A)
Clarence J Adams (M: N/A) Michael R Adams (M: N/A) Carl D Adams (M: N/A)
Josh J Adams (M: N/A) Faron J Adams (M: N/A) Burke Adams (M: N/A)
Earl C Adams (M: N/A) Isaac Jacob Adams (M: 33) Tommy Joe Adams (M: 51)
Roy L Adams (M: 55) Alan K Addison (M: 49) Louis Freshon Addison (M: 32)
Dale J Addison (M: N/A) Alan K Addison (M: N/A) Bashiru Adeleke (M: 52)
Bradley Joseph Adelfio (M: 24) Billy L Adkins (M: 33) Brian William Adkins (M: 31)
Raymond C Adkins (M: 41) Robert Alfred Adkins (M: 28) Zaniel Jerome Adkins (M: 34)
Zaniel J Adkins (M: N/A) Billy L Adkins (M: N/A) William Charles Adkins (M: 65)
Christopher Shawn Adkison (M: 24) William A Adoue (M: 55) William A Adoue (M: N/A)
John Eric Agee (M: 37) John E Agee (M: 35) John Eric Agee (M: 37)
John E Agee (M: N/A) Diego Aguilar (M: 22) Alexander Aguilar (M: 35)
Marvin Aguillard (M: 25) Michael Chris Aguillard (M: 38) Michael Shane Aguillard (M: 35)
Ruben Lee Aguirre (M: 35) Esmer W Ahlstrom (M: 63) Esmer W Ahlstrom (M: N/A)
Esmer W Ahlstrom (M: N/A) Jeffrey N Aikens (M: 48) Jeffrey N Aikens (M: N/A)
Eddie Mcginnis Ailsworth (M: 26) Marion J Ainsworth (M: 60) Marion J Ainsworth (M: N/A)
Maurice Charles Aitch (M: 53) Maurice C Aitch (M: N/A) James Robert Aitken (M: 30)
James Aitken (M: 27) Jerry Arvin Akers (M: 45) Ron Curtis Akers (M: 41)
Ali Saddeq-Jafar Al-Ali (M: 47) Ali Saddeq-Jafar Al-Ali (M: 48) Jose Luiz Alaniz (M: 61)
Aaron Alario Albarado (M: 34) Jamey J Albarado (M: 43) Joshua Lee Albarado (M: 24)
Perry Adam Albarado (M: 56) Aaron A Albarado (M: N/A) Amy L Albercht (F: N/A)
Amy L Albercht (F: 60) Carl Anthony Albert (M: 52) Clytus Joseph Albert (M: 50)
Carl A Albert (M: N/A) Harry J Albert (M: 54) Philip Peter Albrecht (M: 53)
Philip P Albrecht (M: N/A) Brandon O Albritton (M: 35) Brandon Odell Albritton (M: 35)
Carlos T Albritton (M: 29) Jeffrey L Albritton (M: 50) Carlos T Albritton (M: N/A)
Brandon O Albritton (M: N/A) Gary L Alcaraz (M: 46) Gary L Alcaraz (M: N/A)
David Ray Aldridge (M: 30) Shawn Michael Aldridge (M: 34) David R Aldridge (M: N/A)
Shawn M Aldridge (M: N/A) David R Aldridge (M: N/A) Felix Alberto Alegria (M: 29)
Felix R Alegria (M: N/A) Cindi Jo Alello (F: 33) Cindi J Alello (F: N/A)
Bobby Ray Alex (M: 35) Derrick Latroy Alex (M: 31) Wilbert Alex (M: 30)
Derrick L Alex (M: N/A) Melvin Alex (M: N/A) Andre D Alexander (M: 35)
Cornel D Alexander (M: 40) Danny Alexander (M: 45) Dave Alexander (M: 48)
Dennis Owen Alexander (M: 66) Drew Diandre Alexander (M: 33) Eric Joseph Alexander (M: 41)
Eric Dwight Alexander (M: 51) Harvey Alexander (M: 47) Homer Smith Alexander (M: 52)
Jeremiah Alexander (M: 62) Joseph P Alexander (M: 28) Laqurry F Alexander (M: 38)
Lawrence Alexander (M: 65) Melvin Alexander (M: 47) Monte L Alexander (M: 35)
Ricky L Alexander (M: 44) Roger Dale Alexander (M: 50) Ronald Kendell Alexander (M: 24)
Ronald Dejoyce Alexander (M: 33) Samson Alexander (M: 53) Terry Alexander (M: 44)
Timothy Derrick Alexander (M: 36) Waddell Alexander (M: 49) Waddell Alexander (M: N/A)
Roger D Alexander (M: N/A) Ronald D Alexander (M: N/A) Mckinley D Alexander (M: N/A)
Drew D Alexander (M: N/A) Eric D Alexander (M: N/A) Andre D Alexander (M: N/A)
Eric J Alexander (M: N/A) Sampson G Alexander (M: N/A) Dave Alexander (M: N/A)
Cornel D Alexander (M: N/A) Ricky L Alexander (M: N/A) Dennis O Alexander (M: N/A)
Laqurry F Alexander (M: N/A) Jeremiah Alexander (M: N/A) Joseph P Alexander (M: N/A)
Andre D Alexander (M: N/A) Jeremiah Alexander (M: N/A) Dennis Owen Alexander (M: 63)
Dennis Owen Alexander (M: 63) Juan Alexander (M: 55) Mckinley Alexander (M: 31)
Ronnie Lee Alexander (M: 23) Kevin Joseph Alexie (M: 28) Jason Alexis (M: 44)
Robert Joseph Alexis (M: 32) Robert Alexis (M: N/A) Charles Michael Alford (M: 55)
James E Alford (M: 47) Jared Michael Alford (M: 24) Jc Alford (M: 52)
Joseph L Alford (M: 45) Michael Wayne Alford (M: 49) Steven Bradley Alford (M: 40)
William C Alford (M: 44) Charles M Alford (M: N/A) William C Alford (M: N/A)
Joseph L Alford (M: N/A) Joseph L Alford (M: N/A) Sherri Marie Alford (F: 45)
Cleveland Marcell Alfred (M: 36) James Joseph Alfred (M: 35) Paul J Alfred (M: 32)
Paul Joseph Alfred (M: 32) Peter Royal Alfred (M: 44) Peter R Alfred (M: N/A)
Paul J Alfred (M: N/A) Khwaja Moazzam Ali (M: 42) Khwaja M Ali (M: N/A)
John Joseph All (M: 45) John All (M: N/A) Randy P Allain (M: N/A)
Randy Paul Allain (M: 58) Bradley James Allee (M: 31) Bradley J Allee (M: 29)
Bradley J Allee (M: N/A) Bradley J Allee (M: N/A) John Paul Allee (M: 33)
Anthony Alleman (M: 87) Earl Alleman (M: 31) Earl Michael Alleman (M: 31)
Earl Alleman (M: 31) Manuel J Alleman (M: 61) Tera Nicole Alleman (F: 25)
Manuel J Alleman (M: N/A) Earl M Alleman (M: N/A) Randolph J Allemand (M: 46)
Randolph J Allemand (M: N/A) Randolph J Allemand (M: N/A) Albert Joseph Allen (M: 57)
Alex S Allen (M: 32) Andrea Allen (F: 48) Andrea Rose Allen (F: 51)
Anthony Ray Allen (M: 48) Antonio R Allen (M: 27) Arizona Allen (M: 63)
Brandon Dale Allen (M: 28) Bruce Anthony Allen (M: 21) Carl Little Allen (M: 32)
Casey A Allen (M: 29) Charles Richard Allen (M: 57) Christopher C Allen (M: 31)
Clark Anthony Allen (M: 47) Curtis A Allen (M: 32) Darrell Quinton Allen (M: 39)
Darrow Allen (M: 43) Demarcus C Allen (M: 28) Dennis Paul Allen (M: 54)
Derrick S Allen (M: 30) Derrick Dewayne Allen (M: 27) Donald Allen (M: 54)
Donnell Bailey Allen (M: 40) Edward Allen (M: 71) Emmanuel Preston Allen (M: 43)
Eugene Delane Allen (M: 33) James A Allen (M: 43) Jarvis Jerrold Allen (M: 36)
Jb Allen (M: 27) Jeri Michael Allen (M: 35) Jesse James Allen (M: 47)
John Lindsay Allen (M: 39) Johnny B Allen (M: 38) Joseph Duane Allen (M: 42)
Joshua Wayne Allen (M: 25) Lee R Allen (M: 32) Leonard O Allen (M: 26)
Leonard Oran Allen (M: 28) Leonard O Allen (M: 25) Leonard Oran Allen (M: 28)
Leonard Oran Allen (M: 28) Lonnie R Allen (M: 56) Maxwell Allen (M: 38)
Melvin Lonell Allen (M: 55) Michael Allen (M: 53) Michael Allen (M: 46)
Michael Daniel Allen (M: 46) Micheal G Allen (M: 47) Mitchell L Allen (M: 56)
Paul Lewis Allen (M: 49) Quentin Dewayne Allen (M: 35) Robert L Allen (M: 57)
Ronald Allen (M: 53) Shannon Wayne Allen (M: 35) Thomas Reed Allen (M: 45)
Timothy Lee Allen (M: 33) Tina Fay Allen (F: 40) Tommy D Allen (M: 50)
Vincent Allen (M: 45) Willie L Allen (M: 48) Willie Clarence Allen (M: 75)
Derrick S Allen (M: N/A) Tina F Allen (F: N/A) Leonard O Allen (M: N/A)
Jarvis J Allen (M: N/A) Arizona Allen (M: N/A) Claud Allen (M: N/A)
Darrow Allen (M: N/A) Shannon W Allen (M: N/A) Maxwell M Allen (M: N/A)
Albert J Allen (M: N/A) Andrea Allen (F: N/A) Christopher C Allen (M: N/A)
Quentin D Allen (M: N/A) Derrick D Allen (M: N/A) Anthony C Allen (M: N/A)
Ronald Allen (M: N/A) Vincent L Allen (M: N/A) Jesse J Allen (M: N/A)
Larry Allen (M: N/A) Willie C Allen (M: N/A) Brandon Allen (M: N/A)
Michael D Allen (M: N/A) Willie L Allen (M: N/A) Charles R Allen (M: N/A)
Joseph D Allen (M: N/A) Dennis P Allen (M: N/A) Lonnie R Allen (M: N/A)
Michael Allen (M: N/A) Anthany R Allen (M: N/A) Anthony C Allen (M: N/A)
Edward Allen (M: N/A) Thomas R Allen (M: N/A) Dennis P Allen (M: N/A)
Carl Allen (M: N/A) Joshua W Allen (M: N/A) Curtis A Allen (M: N/A)
Larry Love Allen (M: 44) Dustin Wayne Allen (M: 29) Eugene Allen (M: 41)
Charles Richard Allen Jr (M: 54) Harold Allison (M: 85) Michael Jason Allison (M: 37)
Terry L Allison (M: N/A) Michael J Allison (M: N/A) Brock E Alloway (M: 34)
Brock E Alloway (M: N/A) Brock E Alloway (M: N/A) Edward C Allums (M: 59)
Mario Lamon Allums (M: 30) Sidney D Allums (M: 47) Jeffrey Philip Alm (M: 55)
Jerald Richard Alm (M: 28) Michelle Richoux Alonzo (F: 45) Rene Tovar Alonzo (M: 44)
Bobby Wayne Alphard (M: 56) Donald Alsay (M: 31) James E Alston (M: 53)
Louis R Altazan (M: 41) Louis Altazan (M: 38) Louis R Altazan (M: N/A)
Elias Altman (M: 29) Mauricio Erick Alvarado (M: 37) Henry Alvarenga (M: N/A)
Mike Alvarez (M: 34) Mike Alvarez (M: N/A) Connie Renee Amacker (F: 38)
Dario Reyna Amador (M: 47) Dario Amador (M: 47) Dario Amador (M: 47)
Dario R Amador (M: N/A) Derrick W Ambrose (M: N/A) Claude Ammons (M: 42)
David Charles Ammons (M: 53) Claude Ammons (M: N/A) David C Ammons (M: N/A)
Amanda R Amy (F: 27) Shane Allen Amy (M: 36) Shane A Amy (M: N/A)
Timothy Jude Amy (M: 35) Myron Patrick Ancona (M: 46) Myron P Ancona (M: N/A)
Quantell Derell Anders (M: 27) Reginald J Anders (M: 31) Reginald J Anders (M: N/A)
Reginald J Anders (M: N/A) Stephen Verner Andersen (M: 67) Aaron L Anderson (M: 31)
Adam E Anderson (M: 29) Barbara Anderson (F: 62) Barry Ross Anderson (M: 50)
Berkman Anderson (M: 53) Billy Anderson (M: 52) Carl Edward Anderson (M: 43)
Charles Edward Anderson (M: 54) Chris Anderson (M: 49) Craig Dewayne Anderson (M: 31)
Daniel R Anderson (M: 36) Desmond Anderson (M: 38) Dewayne Joseph Anderson (M: 34)
Donald Wayne Anderson (M: 30) Douglas Anderson (M: 70) Earl William Anderson (M: 33)
Fredrick Anderson (M: 37) Gerald R Anderson (M: 41) Gregory Anderson (M: 57)
Hans Christian Anderson (M: 35) Jamarea D Anderson (M: 27) James Ernest Anderson (M: 50)
Jerry Anderson (M: 34) John D Anderson (M: 46) Karen Anderson (F: 53)
Lonnie Anthony Anderson (M: 46) Louis S Anderson (M: 54) Marc L Anderson (M: 33)
Marylyn Anderson (F: 52) Matthew David Anderson (M: 33) Michael Anderson (M: 47)
Orlando Lamonta Anderson (M: 29) Phillip L Anderson (M: 25) Ramon Bertell Anderson (M: 52)
Rodney Joseph Anderson (M: 40) Sharon Genise Anderson (F: 52) Tommie Anderson (M: 66)
Tracy B Anderson (M: 52) Travis Chevel Anderson (M: 32) Tyrone Anderson (M: 50)
Walter Anderson (M: 34) Walter Odell Anderson (M: 34) Craig D Anderson (M: N/A)
Desmond T Anderson (M: N/A) Donald W Anderson (M: N/A) Rodger W Anderson (M: N/A)
Gerald R Anderson (M: N/A) Tyrone Anderson (M: N/A) Michael Anderson (M: N/A)
Charles Anderson (M: 47) Lonnie A Anderson (M: N/A) Atlanta Anderson (M: 27)
Charles E Anderson (M: N/A) Hans C Anderson (M: N/A) Karen D Anderson (F: N/A)
Berkman Anderson (M: N/A) Rodney J Anderson (M: N/A) Carl E Anderson (M: N/A)
Daniel R Anderson (M: N/A) Gregory Anderson (M: N/A) James E Anderson (M: N/A)
Dewayne J Anderson (M: N/A) Edith M Anderson (F: 55) Barbara A Anderson (F: N/A)
Jamarea D Anderson (M: N/A) Phillip L Anderson (M: N/A) Frederick Anderson (M: N/A)
Barry R Anderson (M: N/A) John D Anderson (M: N/A) Travis C Anderson (M: N/A)
Tracey B Anderson (M: N/A) Adam E Anderson (M: N/A) Douglas L Anderson (M: N/A)
Carl E Anderson (M: N/A) James E Anderson (M: N/A) Tracey B Anderson (M: N/A)
Adam E Anderson (M: N/A) Micheal A Anderson (M: N/A) Patrick J Anderson (M: N/A)
Michael A Anderson (M: 47) Patrick Joseph Anderson (M: 39) Melodie Anderson (F: 31)
Patrick Anderson (M: 47) Louis Sellers Anderson (M: 57) Damieon D Anderson (M: 30)
Joshua Allen Anderson (M: 23) Frank Joseph Anderson Iii (M: 24) Justin R Anding (M: 30)
Justin R Anding (M: 30) Justin R Anding (M: N/A) Cesar Augusto Andrade (M: 27)
Clifton Joseph Andras (M: 36) Jeremy Paul Andras (M: 31) Clifton J Andras (M: N/A)
Clifton J Andras (M: N/A) Dalton Seth Andrepont (M: 23) Michael Andrew (M: 51)
Steven Christopher Andrew (M: 25) Dirk Andrews (M: 40) Donald Ray Andrews (M: 56)
Gary Andrews (M: 54) Jason Micheal Andrews (M: 34) Quincy Jermaine Andrews (M: 37)
Robert Anthony Andrews (M: 41) Robert Anthony Andrews (M: 41) Timothy Wayne Andrews (M: 44)
Donald R Andrews (M: N/A) Quincy J Andrews (M: N/A) Dirk A Andrews (M: N/A)
Jason M Andrews (M: N/A) Robert A Andrews (M: N/A) Jason M Andrews (M: N/A)
Gary Andrews (M: N/A) Walter Jermaine Andrews (M: 40) Joseph Dewayne Andrie (M: 41)
Joseph D St Andrie (M: N/A) John Wesley Andries (M: 57) John W Andries (M: N/A)
Alfred Mike Andrus (M: 48) Brennan J Andrus (M: 30) Brennan J Andrus (M: N/A)
Alfred Andrus (M: N/A) Brian Emory Angel (M: 61) Brian E Angel (M: N/A)
Bryant Angeletta (M: 48) Bryant Angeletta (M: N/A) Randolph James Angelin (M: 41)
Dustin S Angelle (U: N/A) Richard Shantell Angelle (M: 32) Ronald L Angelle (M: 40)
Richard S Angelle (M: N/A) Dustin S Angelle (M: N/A) Kevin Joseph Angelloz (M: 53)
Kevin J Angelloz (M: N/A) Kevin J Angelloz (M: N/A) Emile P D Angelo (M: N/A)
Kerry D Anglin (M: 42) Terry Lynn Anglin (M: 42) Terry L Anglin (M: 44)
Ashley Anthony (M: 29) Ashley Anthony (F: 27) Charles W Anthony (M: 47)
Dave Henry Anthony (M: 50) Earl Anthony (M: 78) Kenneth W Anthony (M: 36)
Micheal W Anthony (M: 33) Joseph P Anthony (M: N/A) Kenneth W Anthony (M: N/A)
Dave H Anthony (M: N/A) Ashley Anthony (M: N/A) Charles W Anthony (M: N/A)
Jesus Miguel Antigua (M: 22) Jeffrey Joseph Antill (M: 49) Jeffrey J Antill (M: N/A)
Jeffrey J Antill (M: N/A) Jeffrey Joseph Antill (M: 46) Joshua A Antoine (M: 24)
Joshua Anthony Antoine (M: 26) Lawrence Leo Antoine (M: 64) Lawrence L Antoine (M: N/A)
Joshua A Antoine (M: N/A) Louis S Aple (U: N/A) Louis S Aple (M: 56)
Louis S Aple (M: N/A) Louis S Aple (M: N/A) Stephen Michael Appe (M: 32)
Jason Patrick Appeldorn (M: 36) Jason P Appeldorn (M: N/A) Beloved Z Aquarius (M: 53)
Gene Woodrow Arabie (M: 66) Gene W Arabie (M: N/A) Jackie Arana (M: N/A)
Michael Jamace Arbuckle (M: 33) Travis Arbuckle (M: 33) Michael J Arbuckle (M: N/A)
Michael J Arbuckle (M: N/A) Travis Arbuckle (M: N/A) Keith Anthony Arceement (M: 42)
Keith Anthony Arcement (M: 45) Dalton T Arcement (M: N/A) Charles R Arceneaux (M: 75)
Ernest Joseph Arceneaux (M: 47) Gerald Wayne Arceneaux (M: 41) John Allen Arceneaux (M: 39)
Marcus Wayne Arceneaux (M: 23) Michael Elmo Arceneaux (M: 48) Richard Curtis Arceneaux (M: 43)
William Arceneaux (M: 32) John A Arceneaux (M: N/A) William Arceneaux (M: N/A)
Michael E Arceneaux (M: N/A) Ricky Archangel (M: 54) Tony James Archie (M: 32)
Tony J Archie (M: N/A) Chrishon M Archield (M: 37) Crishon M Archield (M: N/A)
Allen Wade Arclies (M: 42) Leonard E Ard (M: 37) Rodreguis D Ard (M: 27)
Tyrone D Ard (M: 29) Willie Ard (M: 45) Rodreguis D Ard (M: N/A)
Leonard E Ard (M: N/A) Tyrone D Ard (M: N/A) David A Ardoin (M: 41)
Jerald J Ardoin (M: 34) Lionel Ardoin (M: 64) Jerald J Ardoin (M: N/A)
Randall S Ardoin (M: 36) Philip Joseph Arena (M: 53) Philip Joseph Arena (M: 50)
Philip J Arena (M: N/A) Timmy Laverne Argo (M: 40) Richard Edward Argo Jr (M: 41)
Eddie Arguelles (M: 55) Arnoldo Arias (M: 29) Tony P Arieux (M: N/A)
Tony P Arieux (M: N/A) David Anthony Arizola (M: 41) Tardarius Lamount Arkansas (M: 24)
George M Arkansas (M: N/A) Edward L Arkansas (M: 44) Patrick Dale Armand (M: 47)
Samuel Joseph Armand (M: 22) Harold P Armand (M: N/A) Jason D Armelin (M: 23)
Jason Armelin (M: 26) Scott Lee Armentor (M: 47) Scott L Armentor (M: N/A)
Horace L Armfield (M: 54) Horace L Armfield (M: N/A) Silar P Armond (M: N/A)
Silas Peter Armond (M: 57) Douglas John Armour (M: 55) Douglas J Armour (M: N/A)
Andre Merlin Armstead (M: 45) Frederick Orlanda Armstead (M: 49) Rapheal Jashia Armstead (M: 29)
William E Armstead (M: 41) Rapheal J Armstead (M: N/A) Andre M Armstead (M: N/A)
Calvin Armstrong (M: 63) Charles Michael Armstrong (M: 55) Cleavon Armstrong (M: 47)
Craigory A Armstrong (M: 46) David E Armstrong (M: 51) Eddie Armstrong (M: 53)
Eddie Armstrong (M: 53) Frankie L Armstrong (M: 47) James Lee Armstrong (M: 37)
Jamichael Sir Derek Armstrong (M: 27) Kenneth L Armstrong (M: 85) Lametho Armstrong (M: 24)
Vidal Armstrong (M: 37) Vidal John Armstrong (M: 39) James Armstrong (M: N/A)
Jamichael S Armstrong (M: N/A) Charles M Armstrong (M: N/A) Craigory A Armstrong (M: N/A)
Verda H Armstrong (F: N/A) David E Armstrong (M: N/A) Kavin L Armstrong (M: 38)
Cleavon Armstrong (M: N/A) Kenneth L Armstrong (M: N/A) Eddie F Armstrong (M: N/A)
Kenneth L Armstrong (M: N/A) Vidal Armstrong (M: N/A) Gerard Pierre Arnaud (M: 52)
Gerard P Arnaud (M: N/A) Marvin Laverne Arnett (M: 44) Luther Colquitt Arnold (M: 64)
Arthur Junior Arnold (M: 61) Bret Michael Arnold (M: 48) Earnest Lavell Arnold (M: 66)
Edward T Arnold (M: 57) Furlon J Arnold (M: 65) Hardy J Arnold (M: 48)
Jerry Matthew Arnold (M: 46) Joey Lamar Arnold (M: 33) Julius C Arnold (M: 64)
Pagel Lynn Arnold (M: 34) Royce Dale Arnold (M: 27) Russell Wayne Arnold (M: 47)
Randall K Arnold (M: N/A) Julius C Arnold (M: N/A) Edward Arnold (M: N/A)
Bret M Arnold (M: N/A) Joey L Arnold (M: N/A) Pagel L Arnold (M: N/A)
Randall K Arnold (M: N/A) Pagel L Arnold (M: N/A) Furlon J Arnold (M: N/A)
Jerry M Arnold (M: N/A) Jerry Arnold (M: 46) Robert Michael Arnold (M: 45)
Mark Christopher Arnoult (M: 49) Mark C Arnoult (M: N/A) Jose Arocha (M: 41)
Jose Flores Arocha (M: 41) Michael Sean Arthur (M: 50) Micheal Arthur (M: N/A)
Mark Artis (M: N/A) Mark Anthony Artis (M: 39) James Greg Arvie (M: 51)
Darrell Lynn Arwood (M: 51) Darryl L Arwood (M: N/A) Gerell Asberry (M: 41)
Herman Asberry (M: 68) Gerell D Asberry (M: N/A) Bradley Wayne Ash (M: 41)
Kevin D Ashely (M: N/A) Jamie P Ashford (M: 37) Michael Lester Ashford (M: 55)
Terry Lee Ashing (M: 52) Bobby W Ashley (M: 47) Eddie Charles Ashley (M: 37)
Johnny Ray Ashley (M: 52) Lugene Ashley (M: 50) Sammy Ross Ashley (M: 51)
Sammy Ross Ashley (M: 51) West Ashley (M: 43) Bobby W Ashley (M: N/A)
Eddie C Ashley (M: N/A) Lugene Ashley (M: N/A) Johnny R Ashley (M: N/A)
Sammy R Ashley (M: N/A) Lugene Ashley (M: N/A) Jon R Ashton (M: 33)
Jon R Ashton (M: 30) Jon R Ashton (M: N/A) Ernest D Ashurst (M: 69)
Brian Lee Ashworth (M: 22) Emmitt Raymond Ashworth (M: 62) Roy Junior Ashworth (M: 39)
Shannon Carl Ashworth (M: 38) Roy Ashworth (M: N/A) Shannon C Ashworth (M: N/A)
Shannon C Ashworth (M: N/A) Anthony Assevedo (M: 44) Anthony D Assevedo (M: 47)
Anthony Assevedo (M: N/A) Casey Holmes Aston (M: 23) James E Aswell (M: 37)
Nerio Atencio (M: N/A) Timothy Marvin Ates (M: 34) Timothy M Ates (M: N/A)
Dashan A Atkins (U: N/A) Dashon A Atkins (M: 35) Howard E Atkins (M: 74)
Ray D Atkins (M: 29) Robert Clifton Atkins (M: 51) Terry Lee Atkins (M: 32)
Tyler R Atkins (M: N/A) Dashan A Atkins (M: N/A) Terry Atkins (M: N/A)
Robert C Atkins (M: N/A) Terry D Atkins (M: 30) Carlos K Atkins (M: 33)
David Atlays (M: 59) David Atley (M: N/A) Jeremie Attle (M: 30)
Jeremie Attle (M: N/A) Ricker Amedee Atwell (M: 63) Ricker A Atwell (M: N/A)
Michael Lewis Aubert (M: 30) Tremille A Aubert (M: 45) Michael L Aubert (M: N/A)
Tremille Aubert (M: N/A) Bryan J Aucoin (M: 51) Daniel P Aucoin (M: 25)
Don Adam Aucoin (M: 36) Heather Lynn Aucoin (F: 38) Willie John Aucoin (M: 30)
Donnie L Aucoin (M: N/A) Willie J Aucoin (M: N/A) Willie J Aucoin (M: N/A)
Don A Aucoin (M: N/A) Willie John Aucoin (M: 27) David Wayne Auenson (M: 23)
Clyde L Augurson (M: 57) Melvin Lasalle August (M: 38) Melin L August (M: N/A)
George L Augusta (M: 37) George L Augusta (M: N/A) George L Augusta (M: N/A)
Sheldon M Augusta (M: N/A) Jason Todd Augustine (M: 25) Kelvin Durell Augustine (M: 24)
Ray Augustine (M: 35) Jason T Augustine (M: N/A) Jonathan Wayne Augustine (M: 31)
Mitchell Ray Augustine Jr (M: 31) Gary Lee Aulph (M: 46) Gary L Aulph (M: N/A)
Donald B Austin (M: 48) Donald Bruce Austin (M: 51) Kenneth Glenn Austin (M: 53)
Kenneth Everett Austin (M: 51) Mansfield Austin (M: 35) Michael Todd Austin (M: 42)
Paul E Austin (M: 60) Willard B Austin (M: 47) Donald B Austin (M: N/A)
Mansfield Austin (M: N/A) Paul E Austin (M: N/A) Kenneth G Austin (M: N/A)
Chip Michael Authement (M: 29) Jason L Authement (M: 34) Ronald Joseph Authement (M: 56)
Ronald J Authement (M: N/A) Odis Frank Auttonberry (M: 33) Micheal Thaddeus Auzene (M: 69)
Floyd R Auzenne (M: N/A) Michael T Auzenne (M: N/A) Jamie Lynn Avant (F: 30)
James Lannie Avara (M: 54) James L Avara (M: N/A) Adam Michael Avaritt (M: 31)
Travis Avery (M: N/A) Todd Avery (M: 29) Roland T Aviles (M: 61)
Barron Steve Avist (M: 49) Barron Avist (M: 46) Barron S Avist (M: N/A)
Ernest E Avist (M: N/A) Bryan Neal Axe (M: 45) Bryan N Axe (M: N/A)
Bryan Ayers (M: 38) Morgan E Ayers (M: 46) Bryan S Ayers (M: N/A)
Ricky Lynn Ayres (M: 29) William M Ayres (M: 36) William M Ayres (M: N/A)
Ricky L Ayres (M: N/A) William M Ayres (M: N/A) Darnell Jermaine Ayro (M: 28)
Darnell J Ayro (M: N/A)

Other Available Data

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