Sex Offender Profile Directory : Kentucky : W

All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter W are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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Charles Edward Wachowski (M: 34) Charles E Wachowski (M: 34) Newcomb James Waddell (M: 33)
Robert Jeffery Waddell (M: 41) Robert J Waddell (M: 41) Elzy Laymon Waddle (M: 71)
John Richard Wade (M: 32) Kevin Bryan Wade (M: 35) Norman Wade (M: 51)
Samuel Dean Wade (M: 43) Thomas Ulysses Wade (M: 27) Wayne Brian Wade (M: 55)
Benjamin Philip Wade (M: 42) Shannon E Wade (M: 39) Kevin B Wade (M: 35)
Norman Wade (M: 51) Thomas U Wade (M: 27) Shannon Eugene Wade (M: 39)
Christopher David Waford (M: 37) Dennis Wagers (M: 39) Lyman Ellsworth Wagers (M: 63)
Pleaz Lee Wagers (M: 45) Robert A Wagers (M: 40) Tammy Sue Wagers (F: 39)
Lyman E Wagers (M: 63) Tammy S Wagers (F: 39) Pleaz L Wagers (M: 45)
Paul Wagers (M: 58) Robert A Wagers (M: 40) Paul Wagers (M: 58)
Brian A Waggoner (M: 32) James Louis Wagner (M: 72) James Louis Wagner (M: 74)
Joel R Wagner (M: 30) John Peter Wagner (M: 49) Lester Bradley Wagner (M: 31)
Patricia Irene Wagner (F: 61) John P Wagner (M: 49) Bobby Wagoner (M: 51)
Mark Kennedy Wagoner (M: 48) Robert Joseph Wagoner (M: 58) Roger Dale Wagoner (M: 49)
Roger D Wagoner (M: 49) Robert J Wagoner (M: 58) Bobby Wagoner (M: 51)
Mark K Wagoner (M: 48) Tony James Wainscott (M: 36) Tony James Wainscott (M: 36)
Tony J Wainscott (M: 36) Delbert C Wakeland (M: 49) Delbert C Wakeland (M: 49)
Jason Michael Walburn (M: 33) Jason M Walburn (M: 33) Johnny Walden (M: 47)
Johnny Walden (M: 47) Carl Waldon (M: 38) Carl Waldon (M: 38)
Troy Scott Waldridge (M: 40) Troy S Waldridge (M: 40) Adrian A Walker (M: 33)
Bruce William Walker (M: 43) Buford Walker (M: 80) Darrell Antonio Walker (M: 49)
Demonica Shonelle Walker (M: 58) Douglas Eugene Walker (M: 35) Harmon Walker (M: 44)
Joshua Thomas Walker (M: 36) Justin Matthew Walker (M: 27) Michael A Walker (M: 36)
Michael A Walker (M: 36) Paul Michael Walker (M: 28) Robert L Walker (M: 49)
Rodney Walker (M: 41) Terrance James Walker (M: 31) Tommy Joseph Walker (M: 55)
Bruce W Walker (M: 43) Adrian A Walker (M: 33) Phillip A Walker (M: 49)
Joshua T Walker (M: 36) Douglas E Walker (M: 35) Darrell A Walker (M: 49)
Phillip Aaron Alias Walker (M: 49) Tommy Joseph Walker (M: 55) Jim Walker (M: 72)
Robert Earl Walker (M: 36) Tommy J Walker Jr (M: 55) Gary Lee Wall (M: 35)
Raymond Elmer Wall (M: 42) Raymond Elmer Wall (M: 42) Raymond E Wall (M: 42)
Donald R Wallace (M: 52) Enrique Wallace (M: 55) Joseph Franklin Wallace (M: 32)
Paul Mitchell Wallace (M: 48) Ronald Eugene Wallace (M: 37) Ronald Eugene Wallace (M: 38)
Virgil Wallace (M: 47) Willie Clay Wallace (M: 50) Kevin G Wallace (M: 54)
Joseph Wallace (M: 32) Virgil Wallace (M: 47) Joseph D Wallace (M: 43)
Richard Lee Wallace (M: 55) Steve Wallin (M: 55) Steve Wallin (M: 55)
Floyd Berling Walling (M: 77) Larry Walling (M: 62) Stanley Walling (M: 60)
Floyd B Walling (M: 77) Terry Allen Wallingford (M: 49) Darrell Preston Walls (M: 44)
Kevin James Christopher Walls (M: 42) Mario Lamont Walls (M: 25) Nathaniel Thomas Walls (M: 33)
Darrell P Walls (M: 44) Kevin Walls (M: 42) Billy Ray Walters (M: 28)
Brian Allen Walters (M: 40) Bryan Walters (M: 83) James Amber Walters (M: 43)
Christopher L Walters (M: 42) Brian A Walters (M: 40) Billy R Walters (M: 28)
James A Walters (M: 43) Elisha Walton (M: 37) Jeurne Sterling Walton (M: 23)
Kenneth David Walton (M: 61) Robert Eugene Walton (M: 54) Kenneth D Walton (M: 61)
Jeffrey Weldon Walton (M: 30) John Michael Wampler (M: 39) Billy Joe Ward (M: 39)
Daniel Lee Ward (M: 39) David Gerome Ward (M: 45) Eddie Carol Ward (M: 47)
John Allen Ward (M: 48) Terry Wayne Ward (M: 53) Timothy Wayne Ward (M: 49)
Billy J Ward (M: 39) Eddie C Ward (M: 47) Terry W Ward (M: 53)
Frederick Emman Ward (M: 58) Ernie Wardrip (M: 53) Michael Anthony Ware (M: 54)
Roger Lee Ware (M: 73) Roger L Ware (M: 73) David Sherrill Warfield (M: 75)
Rennie Delano Warfield (M: 51) David S Warfield (M: 75) Rennie D Warfield (M: 51)
Carlos Warford (M: 47) Charles S Warner (M: 53) Charles Lyle Warner (M: 40)
John Marcus Warner (M: 29) Leonard Warner (M: 54) William Darrell Warner (M: 61)
Charles L Warner (M: 40) Charles S Warner (M: 53) John M Warner (M: 29)
Jerry Lee Warner (M: 46) Bruce Warr (M: 56) Aaron D Warren (M: 29)
Antonio Warren (M: 35) Arthur Warren (M: 45) Gerald Edmund Warren (M: 31)
James Henry Warren (M: 65) Joseph C Warren (M: 46) Joseph C Warren (M: 46)
Melvin Shafton Warren (M: 43) Melvin S Warren (M: 42) Mendnile Warren (M: 37)
Raymond E Warren (M: 77) Roger Houston Warren (M: 48) Steven Ray Warren (M: 62)
Willie B Warren (M: 50) Antonio Warren (M: 35) Steven R Warren (M: 62)
Melvin S Warren (M: 43) Mendnile Warren (M: 37) Arthur Warren (M: 45)
Gerald E Warren (M: 31) Jason Lee Warren (M: 36) Paul Edward Warrick (M: 55)
Edward Adam Warriner (M: 41) Jack Kyle Wasano (M: 47) Jack K Wasano (M: 47)
Billy Washam (M: 45) John Edward Washburn (M: 46) Ronald A Washington (M: 33)
Scotty Lee Washington (M: 49) William M Washington (M: 44) Barbara Sue Waters (F: 40)
Gary Dale Waters (M: 58) Albert Lee Watkins (M: 50) Andre Lin Watkins (M: 52)
Casey Jene Watkins (M: 33) Craig C Watkins (M: 48) Donald Lester Watkins (M: 55)
James Thomas Watkins (M: 32) James Thomas Watkins (M: 32) Marion R Watkins (M: 40)
Murrell L Watkins (M: 43) Murrell Watkins (M: 43) Donald L Watkins (M: 55)
Keith M Watkins (M: 40) Murrell L Watkins (M: 43) Keith Alias Watkins (M: 40)
Billy Gene Watson (M: 27) Darrin Leonard Watson (M: 47) Joey Oshea Watson (M: 48)
Joey O Watson (M: 48) Joseph Patrick Watson (M: 42) Robert Nathan Watson (M: 28)
Ronnie Dale Watson (M: 58) Ronnie Dale Watson (M: 58) Tramaine Watson (M: 32)
Keene A Watson (M: 88) Kenneth Watson (M: 59) Billy G Watson (M: 27)
Tramaine Watson (M: 32) Carlos Shane Watts (M: 39) Harvey Nelson Watts (M: 59)
Isiah Keith Watts (M: 45) Kary Allen Watts (M: 35) Larry Dale Watts (M: 62)
Roger Dale Watts (M: 26) Kary A Watts (M: 35) Isiah K Watts (M: 45)
Larry D Watts (M: 62) Harvey Watts (M: 59) Charles Eric Waugh (M: 31)
Terry Lee Waugh (M: 31) Terry L Waugh (M: 31) Brandon Gene Waugh (M: 32)
Arthur W Way (M: 82) Arthur W Way (M: 82) James Hubert Wease (M: 65)
Christopher R Weatherspoon (M: 30) Kevin E Weaver (M: 34) William James Weaver (M: 31)
William J Weaver (M: 31) William J Weaver (M: 31) Danny Webb (M: 37)
George Washington Webb (M: 73) Jeffrey Dale Webb (M: 36) Kenneth Wayne Webb (M: 62)
Mario C Webb (M: 36) Mark Shane Webb (M: 36) Mark S Webb (M: 36)
Mark Thomas Webb (M: 38) Nathan Keith Webb (M: 21) Paul Arthur Webb (M: 62)
Rodney Lee Webb (M: 46) William Webb (M: 61) William Lee Webb (M: 52)
Willie Webb (M: 61) Norbet L Webb (M: 40) William T Webb (M: 78)
Mario C Webb (M: 36) Douglas G Webb (M: 57) Danny Webb (M: 37)
Rodney L Webb (M: 46) Jeffrey D Webb (M: 36) George W Webb (M: 73)
Louis A Webb (M: 35) Paul A Webb (M: 62) Kenneth W Webb (M: 62)
Murray D Webb (M: 58) Mark S Webb (M: 36) Douglas Gene Webb (M: 57)
Donald William Webb (M: 46) Brian Keith Webb (M: 30) Marlin Porter Webb Sr (M: 45)
Terry Jay Webie (M: 39) Terry J Webie (M: 38) David Allen Webster (M: 37)
John Cecil Webster (M: 68) William Robert Webster (M: 41) William R Webster (M: 41)
John Webster (M: 68) David A Webster (M: 37) George Melville Weedman (M: 53)
George M Weedman (M: 53) George Melville Weedmon (M: 53) Thomas Weghorst (M: 38)
Joseph Weibrodt (M: 47) John Weiss (M: 73) Lance A Welch (M: 47)
Lance A Welch (M: 47) Anthony Patrick Welch (M: 45) Anthony Patrick Welch (M: 45)
Daniel Donald Welchel (M: 74) Gary Wayne Welcher (M: 33) David Wellman (M: 39)
Donald Ray Wells (M: 57) Frank Lee Wells (M: 54) Gary Dale Wells (M: 57)
James Steven Wells (M: 35) Kevin T Wells (M: 36) Kimberly Sue Wells (F: 32)
Michael Albert Wells (M: 35) Randall Lee Wells (M: 52) William Wells (M: 52)
William Henry Wells (M: 39) Randall L Wells (M: 52) James S Wells (M: 35)
Kevin T Wells (M: 36) Donald R Wells (M: 57) William H Wells (M: 39)
Gary D Wells (M: 57) Timothy Clay Wemes (M: 40) Timothy C Wemes (M: 40)
Wesley Walter Wendler (M: 50) Wesley Walter Wendler (M: 50) Robert Allen Wentworth (M: 52)
Shawn Lee Weppler (M: 32) Douglas Michael Werner (M: 54) Troy Wesley (M: 46)
Andre Deonte Wesson (M: 22) Howard Michael West (M: 39) Jene Edward West (M: 48)
Michael Kevin West (M: 53) Michael Shay West (M: 38) Ronald Matthew West (M: 39)
Samuel West (M: 32) Michael K West (M: 53) Samuel West (M: 32)
Thomas E West (M: 46) Thomas Eugene West (M: 46) Christopher Paul West (M: 28)
Barry Lynn Westbay (M: 45) Barry L Westbay (M: 45) Ronald L Westberg (M: 56)
Charles Westerfield (M: 67) Larry E Westerfield (M: 66) Wilton Lane Westerfield (M: 49)
Wilton Lane Westerfield (M: 49) Wilton L Westerfield (M: 49) Jeremy Hayden Westfall (M: 22)
Justin Scot Westminster (M: 39) Justin Scot Westminster (M: 39) Charles R Westmoreland (M: 76)
Jeffrey Warren Weston (M: 26) Garry L Wetherill (M: 31) Marcus Todd Wethington (M: 36)
Marcus T Wethington (M: 36) Gary Othmar Weyer (M: 66) John Richard Whalen (M: 73)
Tamera Anne Whalen (F: 40) Tamera A Whalen (F: 40) John R Whalen (M: 73)
Christine A Whaley (F: 43) Lamont L Whaley (M: 43) Ronald Edward Whaley (M: 69)
Steven Ray Whaley (M: 28) Ronald E Whaley (M: 69) Christine A Whaley (F: 43)
Tyrone Wharton (M: 26) William Hollis Wharton (M: 43) William H Wharton (M: 43)
Brittany Nichole Wharton (F: 23) Raymond Walter Whatley (M: 55) Raymond W Whatley (M: 55)
Eddie Wheat (M: 52) John William Wheat (M: 48) Keith Perry Wheat (M: 57)
John W Wheat (M: 48) Keith P Wheat (M: 66) Herman Joseph Wheatley (M: 73)
Johnathan Aaron Wheatley (M: 38) Johnathan Aaron Wheatley (M: 38) Michael Edward Wheatley (M: 39)
Michael E Wheatley (M: 39) Edward Lee Wheeler (M: 51) Howard Leon Wheeler (M: 44)
Jason Carl Wheeler (M: 35) Thomas Leo Wheeler (M: 45) Jason C Wheeler (M: 35)
Thomas L Wheeler (M: 45) Kenneth Phillip Whicker (M: 57) Denzil R Whisman (M: 51)
Denzil Ralph Whisman (M: 51) Charles Wayne Whitaker (M: 36) Donald E Whitaker (M: 51)
Lloyd Whitaker (M: 56) Russell Ray Whitaker (M: 52) Sandra E Whitaker (F: 47)
Alan White (M: 47) Allie Neal White (M: 50) Bennie Raymond White (M: 56)
Billy Ray White (M: 54) Christopher E White (M: 37) Dereck White (M: 48)
Estill White (M: 56) Faron Wayne White (M: 23) Gerron L White (M: 25)
James Henry White (M: 48) James Kevine White (M: 48) James Steven White (M: 56)
Jimmy Ray White (M: 55) John Adkerson White (M: 72) John Steven White (M: 55)
Joshua James White (M: 27) Kenny White (M: 35) Mark Alan White (M: 52)
Michael Dale White (M: 36) Phillip K White (M: 33) Quentin Jacob White (M: 31)
Randall Lewis White (M: 34) Robert Allen White (M: 25) Sammy Vaughn White (M: 54)
William Allen White (M: 59) James S White (M: 56) John A White (M: 72)
Hubert L White (M: 32) Sammy White (M: 54) Jimmy R White (M: 55)
Robert L White (M: 43) Allie N White (M: 50) William A White (M: 59)
John S White (M: 55) Jesse L White (M: 29) Bryan L White (M: 50)
Bennie R White (M: 56) Joshua J White (M: 27) Hubert Lavaughn Alias White (M: 32)
Bryan L White (M: 50) Jesse Lane White (M: 29) Melvin Lee White (M: 65)
Angela Michelle Whitehair (F: 39) Angela M Whitehair (F: 39) James W Whitehead (M: 64)
James Robert Whitehead (M: 61) Robert Lee Whitehead (M: 47) Robert Lee Whitehead (M: 47)
James William Whitehead (M: 64) Tyrone Demitrius Whitehead (M: 42) Dewayne Allen Whitfield (M: 32)
James A Whitfill (M: 56) Timothy W Whitfill (M: 43) Chrystipher James Whitis (M: 37)
Chrystipher J Whitis (M: 37) Michael Keith Whitley (M: 59) Tony Whitley (M: 38)
Tony Ray Whitley (M: 38) Michael K Whitley (M: 59) Mitchell Andrew Whitlow (M: 47)
James Lee Whitney (M: 64) Roderick Dale Whitney (M: 45) James L Whitney (M: 64)
Steve Lewis Whitsey (M: 51) Steve L Whitsey (M: 51) Lyndon Howard Whitson (M: 55)
Michael Gale Whitson (M: 35) Lyndon H Whitson (M: 55) Michael G Whitson (M: 35)
Randy Whitson (M: 40) Daniel Russell Whitt (M: 41) Frank Whitt (M: 46)
Steven Whitt (M: 55) Daniel R Whitt (M: 41) Steven Whitt (M: 55)
Larry K Whitt (M: 41) Larry Keith Whitt (M: 41) Craig Randolph Whittaker (M: 41)
Harry Robert Whittamore (M: 43) David Clifford Whittie (M: 49) Glenn L Whitworth (M: 44)
Michael William Whitworth (M: 45) Michael William Whitworth (M: 45) Glenn L Whitworth (M: 44)
Robert Louis Wicke (M: 86) Luther Allen Widders (M: 29) Brian Patrick Widener (M: 30)
Charles M Widener (M: 50) Charles Marion Widener (M: 50) Rodney Widner (M: 47)
James Franklin Wiehoff (M: 77) James F Wiehoff (M: 77) Alfonse Wiernick (M: 86)
Alfonse Joseph Wiernick (M: 86) Richard Wiese (M: 58) Richard Wiese (M: 58)
William Lane Wiggins (M: 37) William L Wiggins (M: 37) Michael J Wiggins (M: 45)
Michael John Wiggins (M: 45) Todd Eugene Wiggins Sr (M: 44) Silas Eugene Wilburn (M: 49)
Russell D Wilburn (M: 50) Charles Leon Wilcox (M: 54) Darrell Lloyd Wilcox (M: 30)
Promise Nicholas Wilcox (M: 19) Raymond Steve Wilder (M: 35) Raymond Steve Wilder (M: 35)
Branty Kim Wildman (M: 45) Robert Neil Wildman (M: 37) Branty K Wildman (M: 45)
Robert N Wildman (M: 37) Tony Anthony Wilds (M: 44) Andre Lamont Wiley (M: 42)
Andrew Wiley (M: 38) David Harlan Wiley (M: 44) James Leslie Wiley (M: 66)
Raymond Carl Wilfong (M: 54) Raymond C Wilfong (M: 54) Claude Owen Wilford (M: 57)
Danny Eugene Wilford (M: 55) Edward Dewayne Wilford (M: 41) Claude O Wilford (M: 57)
Danny E Wilford (M: 55) Edward D Wilford (M: 41) Gary Nelson Wilhelm (M: 49)
Gary N Wilhelm (M: 49) Rodney Wilhoit (M: 32) Brad S Wilhoite (M: 33)
Brad S Wilhoite (M: 33) Edward Anthony Wilke (M: 49) Eldon Rudolph Wilke (M: 76)
Clelland Ray Wilkerson (M: 48) Joseph A Wilkerson (M: 30) Perry Martin Wilkerson (M: 53)
Bryon K Wilkerson (M: 38) Ronald Andrew Wilkes (M: 54) Ronald A Wilkes (M: 54)
William Wilkins (M: 64) Charlie H Wilkinson (M: 83) Max Meredith Will (M: 56)
Shawn Patrick Will (M: 31) Max M Will (M: 56) Shawn P Will (M: 31)
Charles Richard Willbanks (M: 54) Charles R Willbanks (M: 54) David Gerald Willett (M: 36)
Kenneth J Willett (M: 40) David G Willett (M: 36) Mark Louis Willey (M: 50)
Mark Louis Willey (M: 50) Ambrose Davey Williams (M: 62) Antonio Williams (M: 32)
Antonio Tyshun Williams (M: 32) Brad Louis Williams (M: 25) Bruce W Williams (M: 46)
Bryan Patrick Williams (M: 32) Christopher Shane Williams (M: 33) Christopher Williams (M: 43)
Danny C Williams (M: 40) David T Williams (M: 49) David Sylvester Williams (M: 60)
Greg Patrick Williams (M: 32) Gregory Dean Williams (M: 27) Jackie Williams (M: 52)
James T Williams (M: 58) James D Williams (M: 31) James R Williams (M: 38)
James Leroy Williams (M: 30) Jameson Roy Williams (M: 32) Jeffery Allen Williams (M: 44)
Jeffrey Allen Williams (M: 44) Jeffrey Williams (M: 41) Jeffrey Lee Williams (M: 39)
Jimmy Williams (M: 51) John Ray Williams (M: 51) Keith Allen Williams (M: 39)
Kenny Wayne Williams (M: 43) Lawrence E Williams (M: 33) Marvin Eugene Williams (M: 51)
Michael Wayne Williams (M: 44) Michael Wayne Williams (M: 44) Michael W Williams (M: 58)
Radford Noel Williams (M: 47) Ricky Dean Williams (M: 57) Ricky Lee Williams (M: 56)
Sherman Williams (M: 56) Sherman Anthony Williams (M: 32) Terrance Williams (M: 22)
Terry Norman Williams (M: 39) Theoadis Otis Williams (M: 61) Troy Williams (M: 42)
Troy Williams (M: 48) Troy Edward Williams (M: 42) Clifford Ray Williams (M: 42)
Harold David Williams (M: 58) Parrish J Williams (M: 40) Danny C Williams (M: 40)
David D Williams (M: 41) David A Williams (M: 56) Kenny W Williams (M: 43)
Jeffrey L Williams (M: 39) Ambrose D Williams (M: 62) James T Williams (M: 58)
Michael Williams (M: 61) Gene R Williams (M: 61) Radford N Williams (M: 47)
Christopher S Williams (M: 33) Lawrence E Williams (M: 33) David L Williams (M: 26)
Jimmy Williams (M: 51) Marvin E Williams (M: 51) David L Williams (M: 69)
Sherman Williams (M: 56) Sherman A Williams (M: 32) Parrish J Alias Williams (M: 40)
David Douglas Williams (M: 41) Michael Williams (M: 61) Michael Williams (M: 35)
David Allen Alias Williams (M: 56) Gene R Williams (M: 61) Louis Chester Williams (M: 56)
Harold David Williams (M: 58) Terrance Williams (M: 31) Nathan Anthony Williams (M: 33)
Allen Shane Williams (M: 25) Clifford Ray Williams (M: 43) Jeremy Wayne Williams (M: 32)
Angelo Warren Williams (M: 56) Brian Williamson (M: 45) Daniel Justin Williamson (M: 31)
Gary Lynn Williamson (M: 61) Guy L Williamson (M: 59) Hobert Edward Williamson (M: 63)
Robin Drew Williamson (M: 57) Donald E Williamson (M: 50) Robin D Williamson (M: 57)
Gary L Williamson (M: 61) Oscar Williamson (M: 55) Shawn P Williamson (M: 35)
Billy Ray Willis (M: 66) Charles A Willis (M: 75) Dustin Willis (M: 23)
James Jason Willis (M: 32) Michael Wayne Willis (M: 51) Billy Ray Willis (M: 66)
Michael W Willis (M: 51) Charles A Willis (M: 75) James J Willis (M: 32)
Elwood Matthew Willis (M: 33) Charles P Willoughby (M: 76) Elmer Willoughby (M: 51)
James Franklin Willoughby (M: 69) Jeffery Lee Willoughby (M: 50) Jeffrey Lee Willoughby (M: 49)
Michael Ray Willoughby (M: 49) Michael R Willoughby (M: 49) James F Willoughby (M: 69)
Charles P Willoughby (M: 76) Robert Luther Willoughby (M: 59) Darnell Lamar Wills (M: 34)
Delefred Ray Wills (M: 51) Kathy Ann Wills (F: 42) Michael Wills (M: 55)
Michael D Wills (M: 55) Darnell L Wills (M: 34) Delefred R Wills (M: 51)
Harold Lee Willson (M: 32) Albert Eugene Wilson (M: 37) Charles Alfred Wilson (M: 40)
David Grant Wilson (M: 59) David Eclipse Wilson (M: 34) Delmar Lee Wilson (M: 55)
Eric Rand Wilson (M: 27) Frank J Wilson (M: 72) George H Wilson (M: 33)
George Alan Wilson (M: 43) Jeffrey Lee Wilson (M: 39) Jeffrey Allen Wilson (M: 25)
Jim Wilson (M: 63) Kevin Lee Wilson (M: 40) Kevin L Wilson (M: 39)
Larry Clarence Wilson (M: 41) Michael Lance Wilson (M: 48) Ralph Herbert Wilson (M: 44)
Richard C Wilson (M: 46) Robert W Wilson (M: 62) Robert E Wilson (M: 43)
Robert Wilson (M: 54) Robert Manley Wilson (M: 47) Robert Louis Wilson (M: 47)
Robert Thomas Wilson (M: 40) Sidney Wilson (M: 52) Steven Cortez Wilson (M: 28)
Stevie L Wilson (M: 51) Terry Wayne Wilson (M: 44) Terry Lee Wilson (M: 36)
Thomas Bradley Wilson (M: 45) Delmar L Wilson (M: 55) Timothy A Wilson (M: 38)
Tony D Wilson (M: 48) Terrence Wilson (M: 44) Frank J Wilson (M: 72)
Ralph H Wilson (M: 44) Robert Wilson (M: 54) Michael L Wilson (M: 48)
David E Wilson (M: 34) Kevin L Wilson (M: 40) Thomas B Wilson (M: 45)
Gary T Wilson (M: 46) Albert E Wilson (M: 37) Robert M Wilson (M: 47)
Terrence Wilson (M: 44) Emanuel Warren Wilson (M: 43) James Henry Wilson (M: 36)
Raymond Arthur Wilson (M: 35) Gregory Russell Wilson (M: 48) Christopher Wade Wilson (M: 25)
David Allen Wilson (M: 58) Michael Edward Wimberly (M: 49) Gaylon Wimsatt (M: 42)
Joseph Edward Wimsett (M: 33) James W Winburn (M: 43) James W Winburn (M: 43)
Rondell Winchell (M: 38) Walter Winchell (M: 57) Walter Winchell (M: 57)
David M Windau (M: 52) Steven Edward Winebrenner (M: 51) Zachery Allen Winfrey (M: 26)
Jeremiah Edward Wing (M: 28) Jeremiah E Wing (M: 28) Jeffrey L Wingo (M: 38)
Jeffrey L Wingo (M: 38) Paul Everett Wininger (M: 43) Christopher Allen Winkle (M: 40)
Christopher A Winkle (M: 40) Darrell Winkler (M: 41) Marvin Alan Winland (M: 70)
David Howard Winn (M: 37) Justin Lee Winn (M: 24) Richard Alfred Winn (M: 54)
Duane Thomas Winnett (M: 34) Conley E Winslow (M: 71) Larry J Winslow (M: 62)
Terry Winstead (M: 45) Phillip Clarence Winternheimer (M: 43) James Wireman (M: 51)
James Wireman (M: 51) David Wise (M: 51) Shannon Russell Wise (M: 38)
Shannon Russell Wise (M: 38) William Blair Wise (M: 49) David Wise (M: 51)
Kevin William Wissing (M: 50) Don Withrow (M: 30) Timothy Wayne Withrow (M: 47)
Don Withrow (M: 30) James Derrick Witt (M: 26) Elijah Witt (M: 55)
William Ray Wofford (M: 42) William Ray Wofford (M: 42) William R Wofford (M: 42)
Brian Keith Wohner (M: 34) Brian Wohner (M: 34) John J Wolenec (M: 48)
George Allan Wolf (M: 43) Michael Dwayne Wolf (M: 47) Michael D Wolf (M: 47)
Eric Charles Wolfe (M: 54) Kevin Michael Wolfe (M: 33) Robert Carl Wolfe (M: 42)
Thomas Earl Wolfe (M: 63) Thomas E Wolfe (M: 63) John Charles Wolfinbarger (M: 30)
James A Wolford (M: 39) James Alan Woltman (M: 65) James A Woltman (M: 65)
Eddie Lee Wombles (M: 38) Christopher Shaun Wood (M: 30) Daniel Robert Wood (M: 56)
Daryl Scott Wood (M: 40) Dustin Reed Wood (M: 26) Joseph Wood (M: 65)
Kenny Wood (M: 49) Ray Wood (M: 36) Kristy N Wood (F: 33)
Kenny Wood (M: 49) Daniel R Wood (M: 56) Ray Wood (M: 36)
Kristy N Wood-Vest (F: 33) Donald Wayne Woodall (M: 49) Lonnie Ray Woodall (M: 44)
Donald W Woodall (M: 49) John Edward Woodall (M: 53) Clinton Leniel Woodard (M: 49)
Clinton Leniel Woodard (M: 49) Destry Woodard (M: 36) Edward David Woodard (M: 33)
Barry E Woodcock (M: 65) Barry E Woodcock (M: 65) James Edmond Wooden (M: 44)
Greg Lamont Woodford (M: 44) Greg L Woodford (M: 44) Greg Woodlee (M: 38)
Greg Woodlee (M: 38) Larry Wayne Woodrum (M: 43) Larry W Woodrum (M: 43)
Brian Stephen Woods (M: 43) Emerson Carroll Woods (M: 65) James Franklin Woods (M: 53)
Michael Wayne Woods (M: 37) Ricky Wayne Woods (M: 33) William Antonio Woods (M: 36)
Ricky W Woods (M: 33) William A Woods (M: 36) Michael W Woods (M: 37)
Emerson C Woods (M: 65) Wayne Eliott Woodson (M: 54) Charles Edward Woodward (M: 58)
Derek L Woodworth (M: 39) Derek Lee Woodworth (M: 39) Gary Dean Woody (M: 49)
Gary Dean Woody (M: 49) Gary Dean Woody (M: 49) Gary D Woody (M: 49)
Donnie Joe Wooldridge (M: 48) Matthew Carl Woolever (M: 28) Matthew Carl Woolever (M: 28)
Kenneth R Wooley (M: 47) George B Woolfolf (M: 45) Robert Lee Woolsey (M: 55)
Carl Jay Woolum (M: 54) Carl J Woolum (M: 54) Bennie Woosley (M: 65)
Tabitha Gail Woosley (F: 33) Bennie Woosley (M: 65) Tabitha G Woosley (F: 33)
Calvert Woosley Jr (M: 28) Larry Wooten (M: 55) Robbie L Wooten (M: 33)
Robbie Lee Wooten (M: 33) Samuel Dwayne Wooten (M: 51) Stephen Dewayne Wooten (M: 36)
William Wooten (M: 61) Robbie L Wooten (M: 33) William Wooten (M: 61)
Stephen D Wooten (M: 36) Alicia Ann Wooton (F: 35) Samuel Dwayne Wooton (M: 51)
Alicia A Wooton (F: 35) Terry L Word (M: 51) Terry Lynn Word (M: 51)
Kenneth Lloyd Wordlow (M: 46) D C Workman (M: 63) James Lee Workman (M: 46)
Michael Thomas Workman (M: 22) Ray Workman (M: 47) Tim Workman (M: 57)
Timothy Workman (M: 57) James L Workman (M: 46) Dc Workman (M: 63)
Terry Gene Works (M: 40) Terry G Works (M: 40) Donald Lyle Worley (M: 53)
Kevin Gene Worley (M: 39) Kevin G Worley (M: 39) Jock Wormack (M: 43)
Jock Angelo Wormack (M: 43) Christopher Worsham (M: 41) Christopher Glenn Worsham (M: 41)
William Robert Worthington (M: 35) William R Worthington (M: 35) Jessie Edward Wren (M: 57)
Jessie E Wren (M: 57) Brandon Scott Wright (M: 30) Darrell Wright (M: 49)
Francis Elaine Wright (F: 40) Gary Lee Wright (M: 62) Gerald Ian Wright (M: 46)
John Gary Wright (M: 22) Marty Allen Wright (M: 46) Marvin Lee Wright (M: 48)
Robert Wayne Wright (M: 41) Ronald Edward Wright (M: 80) Samuel Perry Wright (M: 60)
Wallace Edward Wright (M: 41) Gary Benard Wright (M: 41) Gary L Wright (M: 62)
Samuel P Wright (M: 60) Robert W Wright (M: 41) Brandon S Wright (M: 30)
Jerry W Wright (M: 54) Darrell Wright (M: 49) George L Wright (M: 100)
Willard R Wright (M: 71) Jerry Wayne Wright (M: 54) George Leron Alias Wright (M: 100)
Gary Bernard Wright (M: 41) Carl Jerome Wulff (M: 28) Lloyd Wyatt (M: 66)
Walter Wyatt (M: 65) Walter W Wyatt (M: 65) Charles L Wyatt (M: 45)
Lee Wynn (M: 72) Michael Tevar Wynn (M: 34) Phillip M Wynn (M: 34)
Michael T Wynn (M: 34) Lee Wynn (M: 72) Phillip Michael Alias Wynn (M: 34)
Monica Kaye Wyrick (F: 35) Monica K Wyrick (F: 35)

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