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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter T are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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Gerald Alan Tabbia (M: 60) Mark A Taber (M: 52) Joseph Allan Tabor (M: 48)
Joseph A Tabor (M: 48) Ronald W Tabor (M: 58) Joseph A Tabor (M: 48)
Christopher Lee Tacker (M: 30) John P Tacker (M: 48) Anthony L Tackett (M: 53)
Betty Tackett (F: 61) Clabe Tackett (M: 40) Darrell Robert Tackett (M: 38)
Jimmy Tackett (M: 43) Lacey Thomas Tackett (M: 43) Travis Tackett (M: 32)
John G Tackett (M: 50) Jimmy Tackett (M: 43) Betty Tackett (F: 61)
Earl Tackett (M: 40) Jason S Tackett (M: 31) Anthony L Tackett (M: 53)
Lacey T Tackett (M: 43) Anthony Lynn Tackett (M: 48) John Glenn Tackett (M: 50)
Charles William Tackett (M: 64) Jason Tackett (M: 33) Jason Scott Tackett (M: 31)
Anthony Terrill Taggart (M: 32) James Haynes Taggart (M: 35) James H Taggart (M: 35)
Jeffery D Talbert (M: 50) Chester Allen Talbott (M: 37) Timothy Alan Talburt (M: 47)
Etarence Talley (M: 35) Willie Love Talley (M: 48) Willie L Talley (M: 48)
Etarence Talley (M: 35) Isaiah Demetrous Tandy (M: 36) Isaiah D Tandy (M: 36)
Isaiah D Tandy (M: 36) James Matthew Tanksley (M: 54) James Tanner (M: 32)
James Edward Tanner (M: 32) Opal Layson Tapp (M: 39) Robert J Taravella (M: 42)
Robert Joseph Taravella (M: 42) Robert J Taravella (M: 42) Robert Lane Tarrant (M: 56)
Johnny R Tarter (M: 45) Loren J Tarter (M: 67) Wayne Scott Tarter (M: 46)
Wayne S Tarter (M: 46) Furley Tarver (M: 42) Furley Tarver (M: 42)
Jerry S Taulbee (M: 43) Charles Thomas Tawney (M: 57) Charles T Tawney (M: 57)
Billy Taylor (M: 29) Billy Wayne Taylor (M: 53) Billy Graham Taylor (M: 48)
Charles Cleveland Taylor (M: 56) Charles Fredrick Taylor (M: 37) Christopher David Taylor (M: 44)
David Lee Taylor (M: 51) David Leroy Taylor (M: 38) David Taylor (M: 51)
Franklin Lee Taylor (M: 25) Gary Wayne Taylor (M: 30) Harry Alan Taylor (M: 40)
Henry Cleveland Taylor (M: 56) Jacob Scott Taylor (M: 23) James Arthur Taylor (M: 57)
John Taylor (M: 24) Kenneth Taylor (M: 45) Kenneth Adam Taylor (M: 47)
Kenneth Taylor (M: 45) Kenneth Taylor (M: 47) Larry Bill Taylor (M: 63)
Marcellus Taylor (M: 56) Michael Leeman Taylor (M: 46) Michael Leeman Taylor (M: 47)
Michael Taylor (M: 38) Norman Dean Taylor (M: 57) Tammy Lee Taylor (F: 31)
Tommy Reed Taylor (M: 37) William Donovan Taylor (M: 64) William Lamar Taylor (M: 36)
Zachary Lamar Taylor (M: 38) Norman D Taylor (M: 57) Kenneth A Taylor (M: 37)
Tommy R Taylor (M: 37) Johnnie Taylor (M: 38) David L Taylor (M: 38)
Barry J Taylor (M: 57) Zachary L Taylor (M: 38) Gregory L Taylor (M: 52)
Billy G Taylor (M: 48) Charles C Taylor (M: 56) Charles F Taylor (M: 37)
Samuel R Taylor (M: 34) Henry C Taylor (M: 56) Billy W Taylor (M: 53)
Sammy L Taylor (M: 46) Bruce Edward Taylor (M: 30) James Anthony Taylor (M: 31)
Samuel Russell Taylor (M: 34) Gregory Lynn Taylor Sr (M: 52) Louis R Teague (M: 56)
Louis Randolph Teague (M: 56) Frederick Martin Teale (M: 54) David Teasley (M: 42)
David Teasley (M: 42) Robert Allen Teegarden (M: 47) Charles Teegarden (M: 66)
Rayeford Lavon Teel (M: 55) Chancie L Teeples (M: 52) Chancie Lerue Teeples (M: 52)
Timothy Robert Telfer (M: 59) Timothy R Telfer (M: 59) Henry Castillo Telles (M: 25)
Marco Antonio Tellez (M: 47) Marco A Tellez (M: 47) Edward Lee Tenney (M: 33)
Asuncion Jimmy Tenorio (M: 50) Donald Edward Terhune (M: 34) Gary D Terrell (M: 62)
Joseph Timothy Terrett (M: 47) Elvin Ray Terry (M: 57) Gar Lee Terry (M: 72)
Gar Lee Terry (M: 71) Paul Keith Terry (M: 53) Roy Ray Terry (M: 64)
Tracey L Terry (F: 40) Walter Damon Terry (M: 45) Gar L Terry (M: 72)
Roy R Terry (M: 64) Walter D Terry (M: 45) Elvin R Terry (M: 57)
Cody Russell Tester (M: 22) Clarence Christopher Thacker (M: 38) Harold D Thacker (M: 45)
Clarence C Thacker (M: 38) Kevin Edward Thacker (M: 56) Joseph Eric Thameling (M: 31)
Hung The Than (M: 39) Phillip D Tharp (M: 44) Johnny Edward Tharpe (M: 54)
Johnny E Tharpe (M: 54) Gregory Drew Thelen (M: 29) Gregory D Thelen (M: 29)
Ryan Joseph Thibodeaux (M: 28) Allen Troy Thomas (M: 45) Benjamin David Thomas (M: 57)
Clifford Thomas (M: 61) David Robert Thomas (M: 39) David Lynn Thomas (M: 56)
Gary Lynn Thomas (M: 37) Hayden Lee Thomas (M: 27) Joseph Michael Thomas (M: 42)
Lewis K Thomas (M: 85) Michael Ray Thomas (M: 33) Mike Leon Thomas (M: 60)
Myra Jean Thomas (F: 54) Reginald Scott Thomas (M: 47) Robert A Thomas (M: 60)
Scott Christopher Thomas (M: 44) Sean Lamont Thomas (M: 41) Steven Ray Thomas (M: 37)
Steven Thomas (M: 52) Thomas Thomas (M: 45) Tico Lamont Thomas (M: 40)
Tracey Mcclain Thomas (M: 46) Daniel Joseph Thomas (M: 29) David A Thomas (M: 53)
Lewis K Thomas (M: 85) Benjamin Thomas (M: 57) Sean L Thomas (M: 41)
Mark A Thomas (M: 52) Michael R Thomas (M: 33) Raymond O Thomas (M: 48)
Steven R Thomas (M: 37) David L Thomas (M: 56) Tracey M Thomas (M: 46)
Arville Thomas (M: 71) Daniel J Thomas (M: 29) Jesse M Thomas (M: 60)
Daniel Joseph Thomas (M: 29) Mark Anthony Thomas (M: 52) Jesse Michael Thomas (M: 60)
Raymond Thomas (M: 48) Arville Thomas (M: 71) Larry Michael Thomason (M: 55)
Bruce Randall Thomley (M: 38) Bruce R Thomley (M: 38) Aaron Thompson (M: 35)
Danny Dwayne Thompson (M: 51) David Robert Thompson (M: 49) Delbert Wade Thompson (M: 68)
Elmer Clinton Thompson (M: 47) Frederick Allen Thompson (M: 49) Herbert Lee Thompson (M: 62)
Howard Douglas Thompson (M: 48) James Marian Thompson (M: 52) Jerome Lamont Thompson (M: 33)
Jess Lewis Thompson (M: 53) John Allen Thompson (M: 67) John William Thompson (M: 25)
Kenneth Dwayne Thompson (M: 46) Kenneth Raymond Thompson (M: 43) Kerry Deandre Thompson (M: 33)
Larry Joe Thompson (M: 48) Lloyd Vincent Thompson (M: 59) Michael D Thompson (M: 29)
Michael Edward Thompson (M: 35) Richard Allen Thompson (M: 52) Robert Stanley Thompson (M: 47)
Robert Stanley Thompson (M: 47) Royce Dale Thompson (M: 52) Sean Ramont Thompson (M: 45)
Terry Gene Thompson (M: 53) Tiffany Nicole Thompson (F: 25) Zachari Dale Thompson (M: 29)
Michael E Thompson (M: 35) Zachari D Thompson (M: 29) Kenneth R Thompson (M: 43)
James M Thompson (M: 52) Sean R Thompson (M: 45) Jerome L Thompson (M: 33)
David R Thompson (M: 49) Elmer C Thompson (M: 47) Howard D Thompson (M: 48)
Herbert L Thompson (M: 62) Royce D Thompson (M: 52) Jack L Thompson (M: 56)
William A Thompson (M: 51) William Allison Alias Thompson (M: 51) Joseph Michael Thompson (M: 35)
Donald R Thorn (M: 75) Donald Thornhill (M: 66) Christopher Thornsberry (M: 40)
Vernis Thornsberry (M: 37) Christopher Thornsberry (M: 40) William L Thornsburg (M: 31)
Alex Corneli Thornton (M: 40) Dylan Antoine Thornton (M: 39) James Thornton (M: 48)
James D Thornton (M: 48) Alex C Thornton (M: 40) Thomas Boyd Thornton (M: 38)
Paul Thornton (M: 60) Darryl Gene Thorpe (M: 58) Paul A Thorpe (M: 43)
Darryl G Thorpe (M: 58) Steven Lee Thresher (M: 24) Steven L Thresher (M: 24)
Joseph Steven Thunder Hawk (M: 55) Joshua Thurman (M: 26) Bobby Neal Thweatt (M: 68)
Bobby N Thweatt (M: 68) Terry Michael Tidwell (M: 30) Bobby D Tidwell (M: 55)
Terry M Tidwell (M: 30) Bobby Dewayne Tidwell (M: 55) Roy Lee Tignor (M: 68)
Bryan E Tilford (M: 48) Bobby Sands Tiller (M: 55) David Eugene Tillman (M: 49)
Logan Clyde Timberlake (M: 62) Logan C Timberlake (M: 62) Jeffrey Lee Timke (M: 49)
Raymond Earl Timmerman (M: 86) Raymond E Timmerman (M: 86) William J Timms (M: 43)
William Joseph Timms (M: 43) Robert Ray Tincher (M: 72) Robert R Tincher (M: 72)
David Kristopher Tindell (M: 33) David K Tindell (M: 33) Earl Dean Tingle (M: 51)
Terry Lee Tingle (M: 56) Terry L Tingle (M: 56) Kenneth L Tingle (M: 50)
Kenneth Lynn Tingle (M: 50) Daniel Lewis Tipton (M: 46) John Tipton (M: 30)
Teddy Lee Tipton (M: 59) Paul W Tipton (M: 60) Teddy L Tipton (M: 59)
Paul William Tipton (M: 60) Jeffrey Lynn Titus (M: 52) Terry Lee Tobar (M: 32)
Terry L Tobar (M: 32) Bernice Tobe Todd (M: 65) Johnny Hamilton Todd (M: 40)
Mark A Todd (M: 37) Michael Deandra Todd (M: 32) Michael D Todd (M: 32)
Charles Tolbert (M: 62) Charles Tolbert (M: 62) James D Toler (M: 52)
James D Toler (M: 52) Robert Tolis (M: 44) Thomas B Tollefsen (M: 65)
Travis Raymond Tollefson (M: 45) Travis Tollefson (M: 45) Paul D Tolsch (M: 44)
John Wayne Tolson (M: 45) John W Tolson (M: 45) Basil Tolson Jr (M: 53)
David Tomlinson (M: 49) Charles Edward Toney (M: 39) Jimmy Sherman Toney (M: 52)
Jimmy S Toney (M: 52) Zachariah G Tooley (M: 32) Kevin Dennis Toomey (M: 54)
Bobby Allen Torian (M: 50) Bobby A Torian (M: 50) David J Tornburg (M: 34)
Michael John Toro (M: 32) Ruben Sals Torres (M: 59) Larry James Torusio (M: 44)
Joey L Totty (M: 50) Joey L Totty (M: 50) Richard Tower (M: 45)
Timothy W Tower (M: 42) Edward Steve Towns (M: 52) Edward S Towns (M: 52)
Billy Joe Townsend (M: 60) Lonnie James Townsend (M: 39) Michael Townsend (M: 40)
Scottie Keith Townsend (M: 29) Lonnie J Townsend (M: 39) Billy J Townsend (M: 60)
Scottie K Townsend (M: 29) Kevin L Towyenis (M: 63) Gary Lynn Travis (M: 55)
Robert William Travis (M: 49) Terry W Travis (M: 52) Vencil Ray Travis (M: 55)
Vencil Ray Travis (M: 55) Gary L Travis (M: 55) Vencil R Travis (M: 55)
Terry W Travis (M: 52) Timmy Lee Treadway (M: 45) Christina A. Tremblay (F: 37)
Richard Daniel Trenary (M: 52) Michael Jerome Trenner (M: 27) Michael J Trenner (M: 27)
Virgil Trent (M: 69) William Ray Trent (M: 55) William R Trent (M: 55)
Virgil Trent (M: 69) Roger D Trent (M: 41) Chad A Trentham (M: 35)
Chad Arnold Alias Trentham (M: 35) Jason Joseph Trepanier (M: 40) Jason J Trepanier (M: 39)
Jacqueline Trice (F: 51) Jacqueline Trice (F: 51) Keith Allen Trigg (M: 54)
John Logan Trimble (M: 40) John Logan Trimble (M: 40) Timothy M Trimble (M: 55)
Timothy Mark Trimble (M: 55) Ronald Lynwood Trimner (M: 59) Ronald L Trimner (M: 59)
Melvin H Triplett (M: 61) Timmy Trobaugh (M: 30) Gerald Troidl (M: 86)
Gerald Troidl (M: 86) Richard Edward Trowell (M: 43) Richard E Trowell (M: 43)
Gordon Mcfarland True (M: 62) Jerry Wayne True (M: 39) Larry Truett (M: 51)
Vernon L Truitt (M: 72) Henry Louis Trulock (M: 69) Henry L Trulock (M: 69)
Larry Minter Truman (M: 39) Larry M Truman (M: 39) Timothy Wayne Trump (M: 30)
Timothy W Trump (M: 30) Daniel Matthew Trusty (M: 40) Elmer Lee Trusty (M: 55)
Robert Trusty (M: 51) Elmer L Trusty (M: 55) Robert S Trusty (M: 51)
Darrell W Tubbs (M: 43) Mark A Tubbs (M: 39) Mark A Tubbs (M: 39)
James Rockford Tucker (M: 57) Lon Barry Tucker (M: 55) Ronald Alan Tucker (M: 50)
Terrel M Tucker (M: 41) James Tucker (M: 81) Lon B Tucker (M: 55)
Edgar L Tucker (M: 64) Kenneth Wayne Tucker (M: 72) Travis L Tucker (M: 26)
Joseph Michael Tuohey (M: 27) Joseph Tuohey (M: 27) Hussein Mahmoud Turki (M: 55)
Chad Lewis Turley (M: 62) Clinton Ray Turley (M: 37) Robert Lewis Turley (M: 42)
Robert L Turley (M: 42) Clinton R Turley (M: 37) Dennis Turner (M: 52)
Donald Lewis Turner (M: 70) Henry Edward Turner (M: 47) Jackie Dale Turner (M: 49)
James Elmore Turner (M: 33) Jerry W Turner (M: 64) Jerry W Turner (M: 64)
Jesse Dewayne Turner (M: 35) Joe Thomas Turner (M: 56) John Turner (M: 57)
John Christopher Turner (M: 53) Kathy Turner (F: 43) Londean Turner (M: 59)
Michael Kent Turner (M: 42) Ralph Butler Turner (M: 43) Robert Edward Turner (M: 38)
Timothy Travis Turner (M: 48) Timothy Travis Turner (M: 48) Timothy Alan Turner (M: 48)
Willard J Turner (M: 29) David Allen Turner (M: 50) James E Turner (M: 33)
Jesse D Turner (M: 35) Henry E Turner (M: 47) Londean Turner (M: 59)
John C Turner (M: 53) Kathy Turner (F: 43) Jackie D Turner (M: 49)
Robert E Turner (M: 38) Ralph B Turner (M: 43) Michael K Turner (M: 42)
Dennis Turner (M: 52) David Allen Turner (M: 51) Mark Anthony Turner (M: 22)
Joseph G Turney (M: 57) Riley Turpin (M: 51) Billy Lee Turpin (M: 40)
Billy L Turpin (M: 40) Daniel J Turzillo (M: 61) Curtis Paul Tussey (M: 29)
Curtis P Tussey (M: 29) Kenneth E Tutterow (M: 49) Joseph Richard Twohey (M: 51)
Donald Roger Tyler (M: 30) Edmund Tyler (M: 43) Edward Artee Tyler (M: 45)
Joseph Bernard Tyler (M: 30) Mark Edward Tyler (M: 50) Mitchell Ray Tyler (M: 55)
Roy Eugene Tyler (M: 44) Timothy Allen Tyler (M: 46) Roy E Tyler (M: 44)
Timothy A Tyler (M: 46) Mitchell R Tyler (M: 55) Edward A Tyler (M: 45)
Donald R Tyler (M: 30) Roy Tyler (M: 44) Brian Tyler (M: 25)
Orlando Ray Tyree (M: 36) Claude Marvin Tyrie (M: 46) Claude M Tyrie (M: 46)

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