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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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Abdur Ra-Uf (M: 60) Abdur Ra-Uf (M: 60) William Joseph Rabe (M: 34)
William J Rabe (M: 34) Christopher A Raborn (M: 37) Dwight Allen Rader (M: 45)
Dwight A Rader (M: 45) Ronald Radford (M: 58) Thomas Henry Radford (M: 69)
Thomas H Radford (M: 69) Donnie Robert Ragan (M: 37) Donnie R Ragan (M: 37)
Leon Cortez Ragland (M: 39) Leon C Ragland (M: 39) Kenneth Raglin (M: 50)
Kenneth B Raglin (M: 50) Kenneth Raider (M: 64) William Norris Railey (M: 60)
Eddie L Rainbolt (M: 48) Billy M Raines (M: 35) Jeremy Robert Raines (M: 28)
Larry Wayne Raines (M: 57) Sheila Ann Rains (F: 53) Sheila A Rains (F: 53)
Jerry David Rainwater (M: 60) Jerry D Rainwater (M: 60) Charles Lee Raisor (M: 45)
Floyd M Raisor (M: 66) Timothy Raisor (M: 29) Floyd M Raisor (M: 66)
Charles L Raisor (M: 45) Timothy Raisor (M: 29) George Rakes (M: 40)
Richard Douglas Rakes (M: 68) George L Rakes (M: 40) Richard D Rakes (M: 68)
Christopher Raleigh (M: 28) Christopher Raleigh (M: 28) Terry Lee Raley (M: 40)
Terry L Raley (M: 40) James Brandon Ralph (M: 37) James B Ralph (M: 37)
Edward Ralston (M: 52) John Lee Ramey (M: 59) John L Ramey (M: 59)
Anselmo Ramirez (M: 27) Hose Emanuel Ramos (M: 39) Mauricio Ishmael Ramos (M: 43)
William Keith Ramsay (M: 43) Roderick Morgan Ramsay (M: 53) Bruce Lee Ramsey (M: 38)
James Jennings Ramsey (M: 43) Larry Tommas Ramsey (M: 46) Michael Joseph Ramsey (M: 29)
Mitchell Ray Ramsey (M: 31) Richard Ramsey (M: 43) Bruce L Ramsey (M: 38)
Richard Ramsey (M: 43) Mitchell R Ramsey (M: 31) Michael Joseph Ramsey (M: 29)
Lloyd David Rand Jr (M: 34) Arnold Stanley Randall (M: 58) Charles Chirone Randle (M: 47)
Charles Chirone Randle (M: 47) Charles C Randle (M: 47) Kenneth E Randolph (M: 46)
Curby A Randolph (M: 66) Kenneth Eugene Randolph (M: 46) Curby Allen Randolph (M: 66)
Shawn Allen Ranes (M: 39) Donald Lynn Raney (M: 55) Donald Lynn Raney (M: 55)
Donald L Raney (M: 55) Lester Theodore Range (M: 42) Alexander J Rankin (M: 47)
Charles Robert Rankin (M: 46) Matthew Wayne Rankin (M: 45) Raymond Douglas Rankin (M: 86)
Raymond Douglas Rankin (M: 86) Robert Galen Rankin (M: 73) Raymond D Rankin (M: 86)
William L Rankin (M: 69) Matthew W Rankin (M: 45) Robert G Rankin (M: 73)
William Lee Rankin (M: 69) Norman Lee Ransdel (M: 70) Terry L Ranshaw (M: 46)
Terry Lee Ranshaw (M: 46) Richard Lee Raschein (M: 46) Richard L Raschein (M: 46)
Richard L Raschein (M: 46) Garrett Rasor (M: 67) Louis Arthur Ratchford (M: 66)
Louis A Ratchford (M: 66) Roger Lee Ratcliff (M: 62) Roger L Ratcliff (M: 62)
John Edward Ratcliff (M: 60) Clinton Ratliff (M: 35) Jeffrey Allen Ratliff (M: 54)
Richard A Ratliff (M: 46) Ricky Lynn Ratliff (M: 54) Robert Ray Ratliff (M: 35)
Terry Wayne Ratliff (M: 51) Willis R Ratliff (M: 27) Ricky L Ratliff (M: 54)
Abdur Rauf (M: 60) Stephen Allen Rawlins (M: 27) Jeffrey Dewayne Rawls (M: 44)
David Allen Ray (M: 47) David Allen Ray (M: 47) James Ray (M: 48)
Robert Jonas Ray (M: 40) Ronnie Lynn Ray (M: 28) Todd William Ray (M: 36)
Michael K Ray (M: 60) Ronnie L Ray (M: 28) Todd W Ray (M: 36)
James T Ray (M: 48) Michael Ray (M: 60) William Antione Ray Sr (M: 48)
Gregory Hughes Rayborne (M: 54) Gregory H Rayborne (M: 54) Jeremiah Roy Raymer (M: 34)
Ron Allen Raymond (M: 30) Ronald A Raymond (M: 30) Kevin Razor (M: 50)
Dorothy Jean Reardon (F: 53) Dorothy J Reardon (F: 53) Theodore W Rearick (M: 72)
Theodore Rearick (M: 72) Allen Reaume (M: 29) Allen Reaume (M: 29)
William P Recer (M: 32) William Paul Recer (M: 32) Joshua Lee Rechy (M: 35)
Ronald Richard Reckers (M: 57) Ronald R Reckers (M: 57) Jonathan Dwayne Redd (M: 46)
Wallace Redd (M: 51) Jonathan D Redd (M: 46) Jonathan R Reddell (M: 34)
Jonathan R Reddell (M: 34) Gery T Redden (M: 43) Danny Wayne Redding (M: 54)
John Irvin Redding (M: 35) John I Redding (M: 35) Danny W Redding (M: 54)
Randall L Redmon (M: 46) Randall Lee Redmon (M: 46) Arnold Eugene Redmond (M: 51)
Kenneth Doyle Redmond (M: 71) Kenneth Doyle Redmond (M: 71) Ricardo Redmond (M: 57)
Ricardo Redmond (M: 57) Steven R Redmond (M: 56) Keith William Redwood (M: 43)
Billy Dwayne Reed (M: 60) Billy D Reed (M: 60) Brian Keith Reed (M: 32)
Burt Lee Reed (M: 41) Carl Reed (M: 35) David Reed (M: 54)
Donald Charles Reed (M: 29) Eddie Reed (M: 49) Eric Lamont Reed (M: 43)
Floyd Jason Reed (M: 35) John Marion Reed (M: 51) John Deshawn Reed (M: 30)
Johnathan Darrick Reed (M: 20) Judy Carol Reed (F: 53) Kenneth Okeith Reed (M: 54)
Lawanda June Reed (F: 43) Rhonda Bell Reed (F: 36) Robert Dale Reed (M: 53)
Terry L Reed (M: 33) Timothy Reed (M: 56) Arlen J Reed (M: 37)
David Reed (M: 54) Floyd J Reed (M: 35) Robert D Reed (M: 53)
Lawanda Reed (F: 43) Jerry W Reed (M: 62) Scott R Reed (M: 49)
John M Reed (M: 51) Judy C Reed (F: 53) Jerry Wayne Reed (M: 62)
Jesse Reed (M: 53) Rebecca L Reed-Alexander (F: 39) James Lewis Reese (M: 48)
Anthony Jaquay Reeves (M: 32) Barry Reeves (M: 44) Bruce L Reeves (M: 45)
Danny L Reeves (M: 60) Danny Lee Reeves (M: 60) James Edward Reeves (M: 44)
Paul Ray Reeves (M: 66) Tommy Reeves (M: 61) Tommy Reeves (M: 61)
James E Reeves (M: 44) Bruce L Reeves (M: 45) Paul R Reeves (M: 66)
Seth Andrew Reeves (M: 26) Nathan Lee Reffitt (M: 43) John Anthony Regensburger (M: 43)
John A Regensburger (M: 43) Thomas Henry Rehling (M: 63) William Shanon Reichert (M: 39)
John Reichle (M: 33) Arthur Allen Reid (M: 35) Dwayne Farrell Reid (M: 31)
Gary William Reid (M: 48) Timothy Edgar Reid (M: 27) Michael A Reid (M: 54)
Arthur A Reid (M: 35) John Jacob Reiff (M: 32) Kevin Joseph Reinhart (M: 29)
Keven J Reinhart (M: 29) Jeremy Reinitz (M: 39) William Allen Reitz (M: 36)
William Allen Reitz (M: 36) Kenneth Michael Renaker (M: 35) Merideth Wayne Renchen (M: 65)
Michael Anthony Renchen (M: 32) Michael A Renchen (M: 32) Meredith W Renchen (M: 65)
Anthony Renecker (M: 32) Anthony J Renecker (M: 32) John Edgar Reneer (M: 65)
Kenneth Perry Renn (M: 48) Dennis Raymond Rennie (M: 41) Dennis R Rennie (M: 41)
Rene Requena (M: 28) Aaron Reul (M: 33) Robin Eugene Revalee (M: 58)
Martin Andre Revely (M: 54) Martin A Revely (M: 54) Dalton K Revlett (M: 63)
Jesus A Reyes (M: 31) Juan Reyes-Canseco (M: 34) Billy W Reynolds (M: 44)
Darrell Reynolds (M: 58) Eric M Reynolds (M: 42) Herman Reynolds (M: 51)
Jerry Reynolds (M: 52) Jerry Lee Reynolds (M: 44) John Reynolds (M: 47)
John Reynolds (M: 47) Kevin Loren Reynolds (M: 53) Kevin L Reynolds (M: 53)
Marvin Wayne Reynolds (M: 50) Mary Reynolds (F: 45) Matthew Turner Reynolds (M: 40)
Richard Wilson Reynolds (M: 67) Theodore Terrel Reynolds (M: 65) Thomas Patrick Reynolds (M: 44)
Don R Reynolds (M: 51) Richard Wilson Reynolds (M: 67) Jeffrey K Reynolds (M: 40)
Matthew T Reynolds (M: 40) Kevin L Reynolds (M: 53) Calium W Reynolds (M: 46)
Theodore T Reynolds (M: 65) Michael Reynolds (M: 62) Richard W Reynolds (M: 67)
Craig Reynolds (M: 54) Craig Reynolds (M: 54) Jeffrey Keith Reynolds (M: 40)
Cecil R Rhoden (M: 48) Cecil Ray Rhoden (M: 48) Ernie Lee Rhodes (M: 53)
Gary Michael Rhodes (M: 35) Kevin Rhodes (M: 48) Robert Rhodes (M: 47)
Ernie L Rhodes (M: 53) Jameel Rice (M: 37) Jason D Rice (M: 41)
Justice Howard Rice (M: 48) Paul Matthew Rice (M: 41) Ronald Wayne Rice (M: 59)
Tommy Ray Rice (M: 48) Tommy Rice (M: 48) Jameel A Rice (M: 37)
Paul M Rice (M: 41) Justice H Rice (M: 48) Tommy Rice (M: 48)
Jason L Rice (M: 33) Jason Rice (M: 33) Marcus Rice (M: 57)
Victor Ray Richard (M: 51) Victor R Richard (M: 51) James Thomas Richard Jr (M: 25)
Donald R Richards (M: 51) Edward Gilbert Richards (M: 34) Jonathan Dwayne Richards (M: 40)
Larry Ray Richards (M: 45) Jonathan D Richards (M: 40) Donte L Richards (M: 36)
Donte Lemont Richards (M: 36) Brian Richardson (M: 37) Bryson Lee Richardson (M: 35)
Cassandra Pearl Richardson (F: 24) David Richardson (M: 59) David Ira Richardson (M: 41)
David Lang Richardson (M: 50) Delina Rose Richardson (F: 33) John Thomas Richardson (M: 53)
Leslie Earl Richardson (M: 34) Roger Richardson (M: 36) Roger Wayne Richardson (M: 35)
Shane D Richardson (M: 36) Thomas Lee Richardson (M: 54) Shane D Richardson (M: 36)
John T Richardson (M: 53) Bill Richardson (M: 73) David L Richardson (M: 50)
Bryson Lee Richardson (M: 35) Harry W Richeal (M: 72) Harry W Richeal (M: 72)
Robert Earl Richey (M: 65) William Andrew Richmond (M: 46) Russell Richmond (M: 57)
Chris Riddle (M: 39) Eddie O Riddle (M: 64) Joseph Lloyd Riddle (M: 28)
Eddie O Riddle (M: 64) Christopher Edward Ridener (M: 42) Jeremy W Ridener (M: 30)
Christopher E Ridener (M: 42) Jonathon Kyle Ridener (M: 23) Timothy Marshall Ridgway (M: 39)
Stephanie Ridings (F: 31) Stephanie D Ridings (F: 31) Philip Otho Rieger (M: 33)
Philip O Rieger (M: 33) Robert Neal Riemenschneider (M: 52) Robert N Riemenschneider (M: 52)
Zachary Michael Riffe (M: 26) Anthony Dwight Rigdon (M: 38) Richard L Rigdon (M: 61)
Anthony D Rigdon (M: 38) Richard L Rigdon (M: 61) Kenneth Lee Riggs (M: 41)
Ronald Elmo Riggs (M: 32) Ronald E Riggs (M: 32) Ronald Elmo Riggs (M: 32)
Marcus D Right (M: 29) Marcus Right (M: 29) James Douglas Rigsby (M: 45)
Timothy Brian Rigsby (M: 43) James D Rigsby (M: 45) Julio Rijos (M: 35)
Alfred Junior Riley (M: 69) Amos Lee Riley (M: 59) Amos Lee Riley (M: 59)
Benjerman Riley (M: 34) Benjerman Riley (M: 34) David A Riley (M: 44)
Donald Lee Riley (M: 54) Edwin Wayne Riley (M: 35) Frank Samuel Riley (M: 58)
Glenn Riley (M: 50) James Peter Riley (M: 50) James P Riley (M: 50)
Mark C Riley (M: 53) Max Lee Riley (M: 51) Michael Keith Riley (M: 47)
Pat Jackman Riley (M: 55) Pat Jackman Riley (M: 55) Perry Thaxton Riley (M: 56)
Randall Gene Riley (M: 39) Ricky L Riley (M: 51) Robert Michael Riley (M: 63)
James P Riley (M: 50) Edwin W Riley (M: 35) Robert M Riley (M: 63)
Michael K Riley (M: 47) Glenn Riley (M: 50) Randall G Riley (M: 39)
Donald L Riley (M: 54) Max L Riley (M: 51) Alfred Riley (M: 69)
Pat J Riley (M: 55) Gary Wayne Riley (M: 37) Joshua Lee Riley (M: 32)
Thernell Riley (M: 38) Bryan B Riney (M: 28) Tommy L Ring (M: 59)
Tommy Lee Ring (M: 59) Thomas A Ripberger (M: 51) Thomas A Ripberger (M: 51)
Henry M Risch (M: 40) Roger Eugene Risen (M: 40) Barry Wade Risinger (M: 53)
Mark L Risinger (M: 51) Barry W Risinger (M: 53) Benjamin Harvey Risner (M: 49)
Benjamin H Risner (M: 49) Asbury Taylor Rison (M: 48) Asbury T Rison (M: 48)
George C Ritchey (M: 59) Raymond J Ritchey (M: 78) Anthony Lynn Ritchie (M: 37)
Gary Wayne Ritchie (M: 51) Kenneth Wayne Ritchie (M: 63) Lewis Anthony Ritchie (M: 23)
Manuel Ritchie (M: 49) William Earl Ritchie (M: 31) Gary W Ritchie (M: 51)
Kenneth W Ritchie (M: 63) Manuel Ritchie (M: 49) Anthony L Ritchie (M: 37)
William E Ritchie (M: 31) Danny Rittinger (M: 57) Danny Rittinger (M: 57)
Mark William Rivard (M: 54) Mark William Rivard (M: 54) Pedro A Rivera-Cardona (M: 31)
Pedro Alexus Rivera-Cardona (M: 31) Antonio Jesus Rivera-Gonzalez (M: 32) Charles A Rizzo (M: 43)
Michael Donald Roa (M: 44) Charles Anthony Roach (M: 24) Leonard Carlton Roach (M: 63)
Gregory Martiall Roach (M: 32) Arnold Roark (M: 36) Roger Joe Roark (M: 43)
Roger J Roark (M: 43) Omniel Robaina (M: 36) Omniel Robaina-Ortiz (M: 36)
Elmer Robbins (M: 45) Scott Leroy Robbins (M: 30) Lonnie A Roberson (M: 46)
Richie Leanelle Roberson (M: 28) Richard Leanelle Roberson (M: 28) Acton Joseph Roberts (M: 33)
Antoine Roberts (M: 38) Charles Edward Roberts (M: 38) Charlie Edward Roberts (M: 70)
Clifford Roberts (M: 70) Cory Lee Roberts (M: 32) Daniel Lee Roberts (M: 47)
David Joseph Roberts (M: 34) David Joseph Roberts (M: 34) Donald Wayne Roberts (M: 51)
James R Roberts (M: 58) Joseph Russell Roberts (M: 41) Matthew P Roberts (M: 53)
Phillip Eugene Roberts (M: 66) Phillip William Roberts (M: 71) Ralph Leroy Roberts (M: 44)
Ronald Roy Roberts (M: 43) Thomas Boyd Roberts (M: 54) Tommy Roberts (M: 41)
Ward Douglas Roberts (M: 53) Daniel L Roberts (M: 47) Michael D Roberts (M: 41)
Donald W Roberts (M: 51) Charlie E Roberts (M: 70) Joseph R Roberts (M: 41)
Matthew P Roberts (M: 53) Thomas B Roberts (M: 54) Acton J Roberts (M: 33)
Thomas C Roberts (M: 41) Antoine Roberts (M: 38) Mike David Alias Roberts (M: 41)
Joni Kay Roberts (F: 51) Donald Lawrence Roberts (M: 54) Dale Robertson (M: 28)
Jason Edward Robertson (M: 30) William Milton Robertson (M: 46) Dale Robertson (M: 28)
Donald Edward Robey (M: 59) Benjamin Robinson (M: 40) Charles Douglas Robinson (M: 27)
Clarence Virgil Robinson (M: 50) Claude Albert Robinson (M: 61) David Alan Robinson (M: 64)
Douglas Wayne Robinson (M: 32) Edward Gary Robinson (M: 56) Ernie T Robinson (M: 51)
James Edwin Robinson (M: 45) James C Robinson (M: 65) Jeremy Gene Robinson (M: 29)
Jerrell L Robinson (M: 34) Kerry Ray Robinson (M: 48) Larry Dean Robinson (M: 54)
Mark Robinson (M: 49) Michael Paul Robinson (M: 35) Michael Shawn Robinson (M: 36)
Ronald Jackson Robinson (M: 36) Shaundrell Romine Robinson (M: 33) Timothy Edward Robinson (M: 51)
Virgil Bruce Robinson (M: 61) William Bradley Robinson (M: 45) Claude A Robinson (M: 61)
Charles W Robinson (M: 52) Virgil Robinson (M: 61) Jerrell L Robinson (M: 34)
James D Robinson (M: 45) Douglas W Robinson (M: 32) Jason E Robinson (M: 30)
Clarence Robinson (M: 50) Edward G Robinson (M: 56) Johnny Robinson (M: 63)
Ernie T Robinson (M: 51) Troy W Robinson (M: 35) Terry O Robinson (M: 50)
Larry D Robinson (M: 54) James E Robinson (M: 45) Michael P Robinson (M: 35)
Charles Robinson (M: 52) Johnny Robinson (M: 63) Andrew Todd-Ray Robinson (M: 34)
Barry Allen Robinson (M: 47) Joshua David Robles (M: 27) John Dennis Roby (M: 55)
John D Roby (M: 55) Patrick Kyle Roby (M: 25) Sergio Jose Roca (M: 55)
Sergio J Roca (M: 55) Donald Jason Rockey (M: 33) David Marshal Rockwell (M: 45)
David M Rockwell (M: 45) Donald Ricardo Rodgers (M: 58) John Robert Rodgers (M: 58)
Ronnie Charles Rodgers (M: 56) Willie L Rodgers (M: 45) Willie L Rodgers (M: 45)
Ronnie C Rodgers (M: 56) John Robert Rodgers (M: 58) Martin Rodriguez (M: 41)
Miguel Rodriguez (M: 31) Esteban Rodriguez (M: 24) Esteban Rodriguez (M: 24)
Rafael S Rodrigurez (M: 27) Rafael S Rodrigurez (M: 27) Curtis Roe (M: 39)
Francis Willoughby Roe (M: 48) John Letcher Roe (M: 75) John L Roe (M: 75)
Arvin Rogers (M: 45) Bryan Keith Rogers (M: 39) David Lane Rogers (M: 50)
Earl Rogers (M: 72) Luther Daniel Rogers (M: 35) Mongkon D Rogers (M: 42)
Robert K Rogers (M: 32) Timmy Rogers (M: 32) Timothy Dewayne Rogers (M: 32)
William Rogers (M: 64) Bryan K Rogers (M: 39) David L Rogers (M: 50)
Scott Rogers (M: 46) Harold Wayne Rogers (M: 34) Levi Rogers (M: 74)
Ted Rohrbach (M: 59) Michael E Rohrer (M: 41) Michael J Rohrer (M: 58)
Michael Joseph Rohrer (M: 58) Thomas Gerald Rohrkasse (M: 48) Thomas G Rohrkasse (M: 48)
Michael T Rohrman (M: 48) Jason Edward Neal Rolett (M: 34) Jason Rolett (M: 34)
Ronald A Rolfson (M: 47) Christopher T Roller (M: 36) Timothy Allen Rollin (M: 35)
Timothy A Rollin (M: 35) John W Rollins (M: 69) Victor W Rollka (M: 73)
Victor Walter Rollka (M: 73) Alberto Romero (M: 56) Manuel Anthony Romero (M: 38)
Manuel A Romero (M: 38) John Ronan (M: 34) John Alias Ronan (M: 34)
James Wilson Roper (M: 66) James W Roper (M: 66) William Joseph Rosa (M: 45)
William J Rosa (M: 45) Alberto Rosado-Comancho (M: 38) Rafael Ojeda Rosas (M: 41)
Burchnel Rose (M: 78) Dallas Tommy Rose (M: 47) David Duane Rose (M: 32)
Demetriet Alexander Rose (M: 35) Demetriet Alexander Rose (M: 35) Ed Rose (M: 85)
James Rose (M: 48) John Stephen Rose (M: 52) Michael Steven Rose (M: 40)
Michael Jim Rose (M: 26) Ed Rose (M: 85) Dallas T Rose (M: 47)
Thomas W Rose (M: 48) Dewayne A Rose (M: 33) Brandon Scott Roseberry (M: 25)
Rodney Ellis Rosenberry (M: 46) Anthony Vincent Ross (M: 32) Dale Lynn Ross (M: 39)
Jason Everett Ross (M: 37) Jason Everett Ross (M: 38) Jerry Michael Ross (M: 31)
Mark Anthony Ross (M: 34) Raymond Gilbert Ross (M: 50) Raymond Gilbert Ross (M: 50)
Ronald Dean Ross (M: 45) Ronnie Lee Ross (M: 51) William Mckinley Ross (M: 31)
Mark A Ross (M: 34) Ronnie L Ross (M: 51) Tony R Ross (M: 46)
Tony R Ross (M: 46) Marvin Darrell Rosser (M: 62) Marvin D Rosser (M: 62)
Richard Roth (M: 66) Richard Roth (M: 66) Michael A Rothermel (M: 42)
Martin Angel Rothman (M: 43) Martin Rothman (M: 43) Michael Rottman (M: 45)
Bryan Shaw Rouse (M: 35) Brandon Clay Rousey (M: 26) Paul Michael Routin (M: 47)
Eugene Roution (M: 81) Eugene Roution (M: 81) Kenchausa Lyynael Rowan (M: 35)
Kenchausa L Rowan (M: 35) David William Rowe (M: 40) Garnell L Rowe (M: 49)
Garnell Lee Rowe (M: 48) Hubert Elwood Rowe (M: 52) Larry Gilbert Rowe (M: 53)
Larry Lee Rowe (M: 55) Michael Clay Rowe (M: 37) Steven Edwin Rowe (M: 54)
Timothy Joe Rowe (M: 42) Nicholas J Rowe (M: 35) Steven E Rowe (M: 54)
Larry Rowe (M: 55) David W Rowe (M: 40) Timothy J Rowe (M: 42)
Garnell L Rowe (M: 49) Larry G Rowe (M: 53) Nicholas Jermai Rowe (M: 35)
Timothy James Rowe (M: 37) Sharon Rowekamp (F: 33) Steven Russell Rowland (M: 58)
Joel L Alias Rowland (M: 44) Keven Rowley (M: 42) Jimmy Roy (M: 54)
Ricky Dale Royse (M: 44) Ricky D Royse (M: 44) Thomas Wilkins Royster (M: 32)
Genoino Rubio (M: 37) Christopher Allen Rucker (M: 34) John Sf Rucker (M: 50)
Daniel Wayne Rudd (M: 36) Jeffery Rudder (M: 46) Jeffery Franklin Rudder (M: 44)
Jeffery Rudder (M: 46) David Russell Rudolph (M: 40) Brian Ellis Ruff (M: 46)
Brian E Ruff (M: 46) John Joseph Ruiz (M: 37) Travis J Rummer (M: 36)
Pamanto Rumph (M: 57) Cecil Ray Runyon (M: 55) Roger D Runyon (M: 40)
Cecil R Runyon (M: 55) Frederick Jerry Rupcke (M: 36) Frederick J Rupcke (M: 36)
Maynard Daniel Rupert (M: 35) Neal Sherman Rush (M: 47) Daryl G Rush (M: 45)
Timothy Craig Russ (M: 23) James Thomas Russelburg (M: 53) Arthur Russell (M: 47)
Bernard Russell (M: 45) Bernard Vonkeith Russell (M: 43) David Clifford Russell (M: 50)
David Francis Russell (M: 55) David Clifford Russell (M: 50) Elmer Lee Russell (M: 47)
Grover Eugene Russell (M: 54) James Hobert Russell (M: 58) James D Russell (M: 57)
James H Russell (M: 58) Jerry Leonard Russell (M: 46) John Alexander Russell (M: 42)
Michael E Russell (M: 48) Patrick Jerome Russell (M: 41) Raymond Eugene Russell (M: 59)
Raymond Dale Russell (M: 57) Ronnie D Russell (M: 34) Samuel Lee Russell (M: 55)
Teddy Gene Russell (M: 63) Patrick J Russell (M: 41) Raymond D Russell (M: 57)
Jerry L Russell (M: 46) Teddy G Russell (M: 63) Ronnie L Russell (M: 34)
John A Russell (M: 42) David F Russell (M: 55) Raymond E Russell (M: 59)
David C Russell (M: 50) Jaems H Russell (M: 58) David Clifford Russell (M: 50)
Richard Doyle Rust (M: 49) Richard Rust (M: 49) Carl Michael Ruth (M: 47)
Michael Carl Ruth (M: 47) James Maurice Rutherford (M: 32) Marion Ray Rutledge (M: 57)
Marion R Rutledge (M: 57) Anthony W Ryan (M: 42) James P Ryan (M: 50)
Anthony W Ryan (M: 42) Timothy A Ryan (M: 32) Timothy A Ryan (M: 32)
James Leslie Rybolt (M: 45) James L Rybolt (M: 45) Geoffrey Justin Ryder (M: 29)
Geoffrey J Ryder (M: 29)

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