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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter P are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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David Andrew Pace (M: 45) James Patrick Pace (M: 46) Rafael E Pacheco (M: 50)
Vernon Pack (M: 57) David Lynn Padgett (M: 44) David Shannon Padgett (M: 33)
David L Padgett (M: 44) David Padgett (M: 33) Lonnie A Page (M: 69)
John B Page (M: 70) Keith Paige (M: 33) Larry Edward Paige (M: 50)
Dawn Marie Palmer (F: 42) Felice Xavier Palmer (M: 60) Jamie Lee Palmer (M: 38)
Ronnie Palmer (M: 37) Dawn M Palmer (F: 42) Hershel T Pangle (M: 34)
Steven Wayne Pannell (M: 34) Clifford P Pargen (M: 49) Clifford Paul Pargen (M: 49)
James Ivan Parish Jr (M: 39) William Ellis Park (M: 28) Alexander James Parker (M: 23)
Bobby Gene Parker (M: 73) David Anthony Parker (M: 25) Mancel Junior Parker (M: 48)
Marty Parker (M: 47) Ronald Keith Parker (M: 35) Mancel J Parker (M: 48)
Charles Parker (M: 40) Marty Parker (M: 47) Bobby G Parker (M: 73)
Dickey Lee Alias Parker (M: 55) Charles Voight Parker (M: 40) Charles Marvin Parker (M: 35)
David Michael Parks (M: 33) Donald Ray Parks (M: 41) Phillip Parks (M: 43)
Donald Ray Parks (M: 41) Phillip Parks (M: 43) James Louis Parm (M: 44)
Traveno Matrask Parm (M: 22) Joseph C Parnell (M: 36) Kendall Parnell (M: 44)
Kendall N Parnell (M: 44) Jeffrey S Parr (M: 51) Nathanael Ryan Parris (M: 23)
Howard Baunta Parrish (M: 71) John Henry Parrish (M: 61) Michael Todd Parrish (M: 40)
John H Parrish (M: 61) Michael T Parrish (M: 40) Vincent Parrott (M: 41)
Vincent Parrott (M: 41) Leslie Lee Parson (M: 26) Larry Michael Parsons (M: 43)
Ricky A Parsons (M: 55) Larry M Parsons (M: 43) Jeremy M Partaka (M: 33)
Jerry Allen Partin (M: 44) Timothy Paul Partin (M: 54) Timothy P Partin (M: 54)
Jerry Partin (M: 44) Tina Parton (F: 52) Cecil Dale Pate (M: 40)
Ronnie Clay Pate (M: 52) Jason Pate (M: 38) Divendra Kumar Patel (M: 37)
Aime Herve Patenaude (M: 48) Aime H Patenaude (M: 48) Charles Ray Patrick (M: 67)
Herbert Hoover Patrick (M: 54) Charles R Patrick (M: 67) Jerome Todd Patrick (M: 48)
Ronald Charles Patrone (M: 69) Ronald C Patrone (M: 69) Douglas D Pattangall (M: 49)
Chris Patterson (M: 34) Jimmy D Patterson (M: 51) Kurt Shannon Patterson (M: 46)
Luther Patterson (M: 66) Steven D Patterson (M: 41) Luther Patterson (M: 66)
Kurt S Patterson (M: 46) William B Patterson (M: 47) Edred Patterson (M: 52)
Michael Joseph Patterson (M: 29) Edred Patterson (M: 52) Andre Patton (M: 39)
Carl Thomas Patton (M: 49) Donald Patton (M: 60) James Berman Patton (M: 71)
Michael Scott Patton (M: 51) Robert Bryant Patton (M: 32) Rodney Patton (M: 47)
Rodney W Patton (M: 47) Ronald Patton (M: 46) Michael Scott Patton (M: 51)
Darryl W Patton (M: 50) Ronald Patton (M: 46) Donald Patton (M: 60)
Michael S Patton (M: 51) James B Patton (M: 71) Andre Fionn Patton (M: 39)
William Garfield Patton (M: 50) David M. Paul (M: 44) Kevin Paul (M: 36)
Kevin W Paul (M: 36) Allen Rann Pavey (M: 49) Francis Edward Payne (M: 55)
Francis Gerard Payne (M: 56) James William Payne (M: 63) Jeremy Donald Payne (M: 37)
Jeremy Payne (M: 31) John Edward Payne (M: 38) Robert Todd Payne (M: 48)
Ronald Alfred Payne (M: 63) Roy John Payne (M: 74) Francis E Payne (M: 55)
John E Payne (M: 38) Burlin Payne (M: 76) James W Payne (M: 63)
Jeremy D Payne (M: 37) Robert T Payne (M: 48) Roy J Payne (M: 74)
Pashal O Payne (M: 52) Pashal O Payne (M: 52) Barry Lee Payton (M: 39)
Clifford Eastwood Payton (M: 27) Darryl W Payton (M: 47) Lloyd Coleman Payton (M: 78)
Barry L Payton (M: 39) Lloyd C Payton (M: 78) Joseph W Payton (M: 36)
Joseph William Payton (M: 36) Allen Douglas Peace (M: 41) Allen D Peace (M: 41)
Jeffrey K Peace (M: 56) Jeffrey Kent Peace (M: 56) Charles Edward Peak (M: 62)
Russell Edward Peak (M: 30) John Wayne Peak (M: 42) Benjamin K Peak (M: 40)
Russell E Peak (M: 30) Benjamin Kevin Alias Peak (M: 40) John Wayne Peak (M: 43)
Joshua David Pearcy (M: 31) Arnold Raymond Pearson (M: 68) Chestel Pearson (M: 46)
Daniel Lee Pearson (M: 40) Daniel L Pearson (M: 40) Arnold R Pearson (M: 68)
Lowell Kelvin Peavley (M: 56) Lowell K Peavley (M: 56) Roy Antonio Peden (M: 50)
Roy A Peden (M: 50) Leslie Raymond Peek (M: 54) Robert Junior Peek (M: 53)
John Timmens Peel (M: 43) Nathan Clayton Peel (M: 30) John T Peel (M: 43)
Nathan C Peel (M: 30) Charles William Peeler (M: 52) Charles W Peeler (M: 52)
Adam Luther Peeno (M: 38) Adam L Peeno (M: 38) Anthony Wayne Pelfrey (M: 47)
Brandon Keith Pelfrey (M: 36) Ricky Gerald Pelfrey (M: 48) Ricky G Pelfrey (M: 48)
Anthony W Pelfrey (M: 47) Brandon Pelfrey (M: 36) Bradley William Pelletier (M: 52)
Bradly Pelletier (M: 52) Roy Dewayne Pelly (M: 57) Roy D Pelly (M: 57)
Bradley L Pemberton (M: 41) Bradley E Pemberton (M: 41) Carl G Pence (M: 77)
Carl Gaylord Pence (M: 77) Marion E Pendleton (M: 53) Leon R Pendleton (M: 69)
Leon Reese Pendleton (M: 69) Gene Paul Pendygraft (M: 40) Gene P Pendygraft (M: 40)
Richard Scott Penick (M: 61) Steven Wayne Penman (M: 55) Tracy Lamont Penman (M: 40)
Tracy L Penman (M: 40) Johnny Ray Penn (M: 29) Marvin Ray Penn (M: 61)
Marvin R Penn (M: 61) Johnny R Penn (M: 29) James William Wayne Pennington (M: 27)
Troy Allen Pennington (M: 37) Troy A Pennington (M: 37) Timothy T Pennington (M: 31)
Gregory R Pennington (M: 49) Gregory Ray Pennington (M: 49) Timothy Thomas Pennington (M: 31)
Steven Ray Pennington (M: 22) Charles Jason Pentecost (M: 39) John Woodrow Pentecost (M: 90)
John W Pentecost (M: 90) Allen Dewayne Perdue (M: 31) Michael Anthony Perdue (M: 32)
Michael A Perdue (M: 32) Joseph Finona Pereda (M: 47) Jean Marie Pericles (M: 33)
Bobby Ray Perkins (M: 68) Chad Perkins (M: 40) Charles Perkins (M: 58)
Hurley Damron Perkins (M: 51) James Anthony Perkins (M: 33) Llyric Levon Perkins (M: 36)
Michael Perkins (M: 29) Robert Lee Perkins (M: 51) Thomas Eugene Perkins (M: 39)
Willie James Perkins (M: 34) James A Perkins (M: 33) Robert L Perkins (M: 51)
Bobby R Perkins (M: 68) Willie J Perkins (M: 34) Michael T Perkins (M: 29)
Hurley D Perkins (M: 51) Michael R Perna (M: 24) Marc A Perreault (M: 34)
Charles Perry (M: 47) David Ray Perry (M: 30) Hubert Howard Perry (M: 66)
Michael Benjamin Perry (M: 37) Michael Benjamin Perry (M: 37) Richard Floyd Perry (M: 39)
Timothy L Perry (M: 32) Walter Bradley Perry (M: 52) William P Perry (M: 34)
Walter B Perry (M: 52) William Paul Perry (M: 34) Larry Persinger (M: 71)
Demetrius D Persley (M: 41) Demetrius D Persley (M: 41) Donald A Peters (M: 64)
Herman Hugh Peters (M: 70) James Lewis Peters (M: 40) James Robert Peters (M: 41)
Herman H Peters (M: 70) James L Peters (M: 40) Calvin Peters (M: 85)
Michael Paul Peters (M: 36) Andy R Peterson (M: 62) John Donald Peterson (M: 35)
Zane Joseph Peterson (M: 53) Andy R Peterson (M: 62) John D Peterson (M: 35)
Lucas Petery (M: 28) David Eugene Petrey (M: 62) David E Petrey (M: 62)
Yorel Leon Petrie (M: 41) Yorel L Petrie (M: 41) Maurice D Pettiford (M: 47)
Walter Shannon Pettit (M: 39) Walter S Pettit (M: 39) Cyrus B Pettus (M: 55)
Cyrus Benton Pettus (M: 55) Christopher Jordan Petty (M: 36) Donald Maurice Peyton (M: 64)
Lawrence William Peyton (M: 34) Troy D Peyton (M: 42) William Dan Peyton (M: 66)
William D Peyton (M: 66) Lawrence W Peyton (M: 34) David Anthony Pfaehler (M: 32)
John S Pfoff (M: 56) John S Pfoff (M: 56) David Phegley (M: 30)
David Wayne Phelps (M: 40) James Ruford Phelps (M: 43) John Phelps (M: 61)
Joshua Caleb Phelps (M: 30) Melissa Ann Phelps (F: 41) Paul William Phelps (M: 67)
Roger Leon Phelps (M: 59) Roger Andy Phelps (M: 41) Roger Leon Phelps (M: 59)
Terry Eugene Phelps (M: 39) Timothy Phelps (M: 51) Paul Phelps (M: 67)
Terry E Phelps (M: 39) Roger L Phelps (M: 59) John Phelps (M: 61)
Christopher A Phillips (M: 25) Daniel Lee Phillips (M: 24) George Edward Phillips (M: 56)
George Edward Phillips (M: 56) Leonard Phillips (M: 54) Lester Phillips (M: 52)
Michael Phillips (M: 59) Phillip Edward Phillips (M: 42) Robert Wayne Phillips (M: 56)
Ronald Douglas Phillips (M: 61) Travis Scott Phillips (M: 38) William Brian Phillips (M: 40)
William Darren Phillips (M: 52) William B Phillips (M: 40) Joe F Phillips (M: 41)
Michael Phillips (M: 59) Robert W Phillips (M: 56) Leonard W Phillips (M: 54)
George E Phillips (M: 56) Arthur Philpot (M: 46) James Philpot (M: 58)
James Philpot (M: 58) Arthur Philpot (M: 46) Alfredo Deshaun Phipps (M: 38)
David Earl Phipps (M: 44) Lannie Phipps (M: 33) Steven L Phipps (M: 56)
Lannie D Phipps (M: 33) Alfredo D Phipps (M: 38) Sophal Phoung (M: 67)
Allen Anthony Pierce (M: 44) Brett Jones Pierce (M: 24) James Edward Pierce (M: 26)
Jeffery L Pierce (M: 46) Jeffrey Lynn Pierce (M: 46) Jessica Renea Pierce (F: 31)
Lenna Pierce (F: 49) Patrick Shawn Pierce (M: 39) Ronald David Pierce (M: 68)
Jeffrey L Pierce (M: 46) Lenna Pierce (F: 49) Jessica R Pierce (F: 31)
Ronald D Pierce (M: 68) David Kent Pierce (M: 60) Stacy Q Piercefield (M: 47)
Fredrick Jay Piercy (M: 59) Fredrick J Piercy (M: 59) Daniel Allen Pierson (M: 53)
Gregory Wayne Pierson (M: 31) William B Pigg (M: 40) William Brady Pigg (M: 40)
Curtis Hays Pigman (M: 62) Sherman Gayle Pike (M: 48) Thomas Ray Pike (M: 49)
Christopher Lee Pilant (M: 40) Christopher Lee Pilant (M: 40) Lawrence Chamberlan Pilcher (M: 63)
Ricky Dewayne Pilkington (M: 32) John Pilz (M: 46) Freddy Edgardo Pineda (M: 37)
Aristeo Pineda-Morales (M: 30) Floyd Dean Pingleton (M: 58) Curtis A Pinson (M: 60)
Roland T Pinson (M: 89) Roland T Pinson (M: 89) Curtis A Pinson (M: 60)
Danny Joe Piper (M: 49) Danny J Piper (M: 49) Danny J Piper (M: 49)
Bryant Oneal Pirtle (M: 40) George Arlis Pirtle (M: 74) Gary Joe Pittard (M: 55)
Gary J Pittard (M: 55) William Eric Pittman (M: 40) Kristopher Todd Pitts (M: 41)
Robert Michael Pizzino (M: 68) Herman Platter (M: 56) Arthur Ray Pledger (M: 31)
Daniel Bernard Poe (M: 65) Daniel Bernard Poe (M: 65) Kathleen Elizabeth Poe (F: 43)
Matt Bixby Poe (M: 39) Warren R Poe (M: 51) Kathleen E Poe (F: 43)
Warren Russell Poe (M: 51) Brian Keith Poe (M: 29) Frank Edward Poff (M: 49)
Frank E Poff (M: 49) Jesse Tony Polanco (M: 31) David Polk (M: 26)
Nigel James Pollard (M: 41) Thomas Edward Pollard (M: 32) Thomas E Pollard (M: 32)
Tommy Lynn Polley (M: 36) Tommy L Polley (M: 36) Leo Estill Pollitt (M: 50)
Leo E Pollitt (M: 50) Charles Burgess Pollock (M: 48) Dennis Michael Pollock (M: 33)
Michael Demetras Pollocks (M: 40) Christy L Polly (F: 36) John Roy Polly (M: 39)
Matthew Polly (M: 49) Christopher Glenn Polston (M: 22) Christopher Glenn Polston (M: 23)
William John Henry Polston (M: 70) Kevin A Pond (M: 33) Craig Eugene Ponds (M: 48)
Craig E Ponds (M: 48) Bertram Preston Poole (M: 42) Bertram Poole (M: 42)
Leon Mark Poplar (M: 49) Mark Leon Poplar (M: 50) William Joseph Popp (M: 44)
Steven Michael Popp (M: 28) Robert Kenneth Poppe (M: 33) Robert K Poppe (M: 33)
Delfon Lamont Porter (M: 33) Eric Porter (M: 36) Franklin D Porter (M: 76)
Franklin Delano Porter (M: 76) Gerald Anthony Porter (M: 55) Ira Lee Porter (M: 52)
Lynel Robert Porter (M: 33) Lynel R Porter (M: 33) Delfon L Porter (M: 33)
Ira L Porter (M: 52) Juan Portillo (M: 39) William Posey (M: 43)
William Posey (M: 43) Daniel Patricik Post (M: 35) Kenneth Joseph Post (M: 77)
Kenneth J Post (M: 77) Jonathan Ledell Postell (M: 34) Gary H Poteet (M: 55)
Gary Hubert Poteet (M: 55) Bryant Keith Potter (M: 45) Michael T Potter (M: 44)
Bryant K Potter (M: 45) John Christopher Potts (M: 55) Rondrick Potts (M: 34)
Todd Alan Potts (M: 43) Tony R Potts (M: 33) Tony R Potts (M: 33)
Stephen P Poullard (M: 56) Otis Povaleri (M: 43) Otis Joe Povaleri (M: 43)
Anthony Wayne Powell (M: 57) Charles Robert Powell (M: 54) Charles Leonard Powell (M: 45)
Donald Lee Powell (M: 43) Henry George Powell (M: 64) Joyce Ann Powell (F: 56)
Michael David Powell (M: 38) Rickey Wayne Powell (M: 55) Tyler Wesley Powell (M: 23)
William R Powell (M: 34) William Frank Powell (M: 81) William R Powell (M: 34)
Donald L Powell (M: 43) Charles L Powell (M: 45) Henry Powell (M: 64)
Michael D Powell (M: 38) William R Powell (M: 34) Charles M Power (M: 56)
James Neil Power (M: 63) Rick Wayne Power (M: 35) James N Power (M: 63)
Rick W Power (M: 35) Charles M Power (M: 56) Glen Allen Powers (M: 48)
Holly Kaye Powers (F: 46) Steven Kelley Powers (M: 47) Terry Wayne Powers (M: 42)
Victor Allen Powers (M: 56) William Roy Powers (M: 68) Holly K Powers (F: 46)
Glen Powers (M: 48) Terry W Powers (M: 42) Johnny Ray Poynter (M: 47)
Tyler Poynter (M: 30) Johnny R Poynter (M: 47) Jamie Kenyatta Prater (M: 33)
Roma Gene Prater (M: 70) Roma G Prater (M: 70) Daniel Ray Prater (M: 45)
Terry L Prather (M: 53) Gregory A Prather (M: 54) Thomas Prather (M: 52)
Alonzo Joseph Pratto (M: 54) Dwayne Anthony Pratto (M: 55) Dwayne Anthony Pratto (M: 55)
Alonzo J Pratto (M: 54) Russell Preece (M: 50) John J Preher (M: 41)
William M Presley (M: 59) Ned Robert Presley (M: 50) Scott Gregory Presnell (M: 40)
Curtis J Presterl (M: 44) Curtis Joseph Presterl (M: 44) David Lee Preston (M: 47)
Joseph Earl Preston (M: 30) Ronnie Phillip Preston (M: 59) David L Preston (M: 47)
Daniel Dean Preston Jr (M: 21) Billy Ray Price (M: 47) Charles Calvin Price (M: 85)
Daniel Macarthur Price (M: 30) Danny Luther Price (M: 42) Donnie Price (M: 45)
George Allen Price (M: 52) Jacob Scott Price (M: 33) Jeffrey Price (M: 33)
Jerry Lee Price (M: 54) Rickey O Price (M: 55) Rickey O Price (M: 55)
Jeffrey Price (M: 33) Jerry L Price (M: 54) Billy R Price (M: 47)
Danny L Price (M: 42) Daniel M Price (M: 30) Christopher W Price (M: 34)
Timothy Wayne Prichard (M: 41) Timothy Prichard (M: 41) Troy Priddy (M: 39)
Troy Priddy (M: 39) Leonard Joseph Pridemore (M: 39) Leonard J Pridemore (M: 39)
Corey D Priest (M: 40) Earnest Sturt Pritchard (M: 44) William Jay Pritchard (M: 56)
William Pritchard (M: 56) William J Pritchard (M: 56) Thomas Edmond Pritzl (M: 48)
Thomas E Pritzl (M: 48) Dewey Joe Privett (M: 36) Nathan Privett (M: 36)
Dewey J Privett (M: 36) James Frank Procopio (M: 48) Delbert W Proffitt (M: 53)
Paul Proffitt (M: 63) Delbert W Proffitt (M: 53) Joseph Ervine Profitt (M: 61)
Joseph E Profitt (M: 61) Donald Propes (M: 61) Donald D Propes (M: 61)
Michael Steven Propes (M: 38) Turner C Propes (M: 48) Michael S Propes (M: 38)
Cassandra Ann Protsman-Ramirez (F: 35) Cassandra A Protsman-Ramirez (F: 35) Bryan Joseph Prow (M: 39)
Casey Thomas Pruden (M: 22) Brice Adam Pruitt (M: 33) Patrick Lee Prye (M: 56)
Patrick L Prye (M: 56) Demario Rontez Pryor (M: 26) Michael Steven Pryor (M: 22)
Demario R Pryor (M: 26) David L Pryse (M: 65) David Pryse (M: 65)
David Harvey Puckett (M: 54) Donald Eugene Puckett (M: 52) Donnie Eugene Puckett (M: 51)
Gerald Gregory Puckett (M: 48) Michael Todd Puckett (M: 44) Nicholas Kyle Puckett (M: 29)
Joseph C Puckett (M: 31) David H Puckett (M: 54) Gerald G Puckett (M: 48)
Donald E Puckett (M: 52) David Chris Puente (M: 31) James Edgar Pugh (M: 39)
James Alvin Pugh (M: 54) Jewell Dean Pugh (M: 87) Michael Joseph Pugh (M: 50)
Samuel L Pugh (M: 54) Jewell D Pugh (M: 87) James E Pugh (M: 39)
Wilburn E Pullen (M: 76) Darrell L Purcell (M: 42) Darrell Purcell (M: 42)
Darrell Leon Purcell (M: 42) Jay R Purdon (M: 52) Preston G Purdy (M: 28)
Suzanne Julick Purnell (F: 45) Chadwick Bascom Purvis (M: 36) Floyd Fitzgerald Purvis (M: 46)
Greg Lee Purvis (M: 44) Jimmy Doolitt Purvis (M: 45) Chadwick Purvis (M: 36)
Thomas A Puskas (M: 43) Richard Leon Puterbaugh (M: 43) David Eugene Putman (M: 37)
David E Putman (M: 37) Paul B Putty (M: 45) Paul Bryan Putty (M: 45)
Jeffrey L Pyle (M: 41) Michael Allen Pysher (M: 54) Michael A Pysher (M: 54)

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