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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter L are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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Bobby Eugene L Heureux (M: 48) Keith Laber (M: 40) Mark Joseph Laber (M: 48)
Keith W Laber (M: 40) Mark J Laber (M: 48) Randy Allen Labonte (M: 41)
Randy Allen Labonte (M: 41) Michael Labordeaux (M: 52) Alain Lacaille (M: 57)
Stephanie Lacey (F: 33) Eric Robert Lackey (M: 26) Lodice Victor Lacombe (M: 36)
Lodice Victor Lacombe (M: 36) Lodice Lacombe (M: 36) Kristopher Wesley Lacroix (M: 36)
Bobby Ladd (M: 33) Michael Wayne Ladd (M: 55) Michael W Ladd (M: 55)
Bobby Ladd (M: 33) Robert E Ladriere (M: 49) Michael Todd Lafave (M: 44)
Jeffrey A Lafave (M: 47) James Lagrand (M: 73) James A Lagrand (M: 73)
Paul A Lagrega (M: 38) Paul Anthony Lagrega (M: 38) Michael Laing (M: 30)
Robert Scott Laing (M: 51) Buddy Lairson (M: 71) William Lee Lake (M: 40)
William Lake (M: 40) William L Lake (M: 40) Dwayne Laliberte (M: 45)
Christopher Scott Lamb (M: 35) Donald Edward Lamb (M: 39) Everett William Lamb (M: 46)
Linville Jackson Lamb (M: 57) Richard Anson Lamb (M: 49) William Edsel Lamb (M: 62)
Linville J Lamb (M: 57) William E Lamb (M: 62) Everett W Lamb (M: 46)
James Bryan Alias Lamb (M: 36) Edward Lambert (M: 67) Jason Roy Lambert (M: 41)
Michael Shane Laming (M: 19) Timothy Mark Lamke (M: 50) Timothy M Lamke (M: 50)
Ronald Glen Lamoreaux (M: 50) Ronald G Lamoreaux (M: 50) Junior Thomas Lampkin (M: 53)
Jeffrey Thomas Lander (M: 46) Jeffrey Thomas Landers (M: 46) Steven Russell Landrum (M: 49)
Michael D Landry (M: 23) William Jesse Landry (M: 51) Norma Jean Lane (F: 64)
Steven Lane (M: 47) Tony Lee Lane (M: 56) Steven Lane (M: 47)
Tony L Lane (M: 56) Ariley Laney (M: 51) Richard A Laney (M: 51)
James Carroll Lanford (M: 47) James C Lanford (M: 47) Donald Keith Langley (M: 45)
John Joseph Langley (M: 77) John J Langley (M: 77) Donald K Langley (M: 45)
Homer Ray Langston (M: 63) Ricky Lynn Langston (M: 55) Rocky Brian Langston (M: 31)
Rocky B Langston (M: 31) Homer R Langston (M: 63) Raymond Langworthy (M: 42)
Raymond Charles Langworthy (M: 42) Raymond Charles Langworthy (M: 42) Dale Ray Lanham (M: 32)
Dale Ray Lanham (M: 33) Dallas Maurice Lanham (M: 47) Donald Lanham (M: 40)
Donald Lee Lanham (M: 40) Harold Bradford Lanham (M: 78) James E Lanham (M: 36)
Larry Joe Lanham (M: 54) Thomas Michael Lanham (M: 43) Harold B Lanham (M: 78)
Thomas M Lanham (M: 43) Donald L Lanham (M: 40) Dallas M Lanham (M: 47)
Larry J Lanham (M: 54) James Ray Lanter (M: 38) James R Lanter (M: 38)
Daniel Michael Lanzine (M: 52) Kevin Large (M: 43) Christopher Lorenzo Larguero (M: 48)
Christopher L Larguero (M: 48) David Ellis Laroche (M: 70) David E Laroche (M: 70)
James Howard Larson (M: 55) James H Larson (M: 55) James Henry Lasch (M: 73)
Joseph Daniel Lassiter (M: 57) Joseph D Lassiter (M: 57) Ronald K Alias Lassiter (M: 35)
Gerald L Latta (M: 50) Anthony J Laura (M: 42) Anthony J Laura (M: 42)
Curtis Lavender (M: 50) Robert Lewis Lavy (M: 61) Robert L Lavy (M: 61)
Andre Law (M: 35) Timothy Scott Law (M: 41) Timothy S Law (M: 41)
Rachel M Lawhon (F: 40) David T Lawhorn (M: 58) Gene Elzia Lawhorn (M: 43)
Ivan Douglas Lawhorn (M: 41) Ivan D Lawhorn (M: 41) Ard K Lawless (M: 54)
Ard Keith Lawless (M: 54) Barret Marshall Lawrence (M: 30) Eric Mandrell Lawrence (M: 29)
Floyd Junior Lawrence (M: 31) James Michael Lawrence (M: 46) Joseph Edward Lawrence (M: 65)
Floyd J Lawrence (M: 31) Joseph E Lawrence (M: 65) Bernard Lawson (M: 41)
Christopher Lawson (M: 35) David Tony Lawson (M: 52) Donald Martin Lawson (M: 34)
Donnie Lawson (M: 52) Estill Lawson (M: 35) Heath B Lawson (M: 46)
Homer Ray Lawson (M: 33) James Hampton Lawson (M: 32) Johnny Lawson (M: 51)
Patrick Michael Lawson (M: 50) Patrick Lawson (M: 50) Ralph Benjamin Lawson (M: 48)
Ralph B Lawson (M: 48) Robert Lawson (M: 46) Ronnie Ray Lawson (M: 38)
Russell Wade Lawson (M: 47) Patrick M Lawson (M: 50) David T Lawson (M: 52)
Estill Lawson (M: 35) Clyde Lawson (M: 66) Ronnie R Lawson (M: 38)
Clyde Junior Lawson (M: 66) Larry Sherman Laxton (M: 51) Andrew Allen Lay (M: 23)
Brandon Ray Lay (M: 33) Derrick Matthew Lay (M: 47) John Earl Lay (M: 37)
Lennie L Lay (M: 48) Brandon R Lay (M: 33) Lennie L Lay (M: 48)
Derrick M Lay (M: 47) Jonathan Dwight Laytart (M: 50) Michael Laytart (M: 32)
Jonathan D Laytart (M: 50) Michael Alias Laytart (M: 32) Deronn Kinta Layton (M: 33)
Armando Lazaro (M: 46) Dung Van Le (M: 53) Jonathan Leach (M: 34)
Michael Dale Leach (M: 45) Scott Leach (M: 53) Shawn Joseph Leach (M: 35)
Jonathan Leach-Thurman (M: 34) Cleveland Maddison Leadingham (M: 55) Jackie L Leadingham (M: 56)
Jeff L Leadingham (M: 51) Cleveland M Leadingham (M: 55) Jason League (M: 38)
Alaina Louise Lear (F: 27) Archie Timothy Lear (M: 46) Daniel Thomas Lear (M: 67)
Archie T Lear (M: 46) Daniel T Lear (M: 67) Brian Leasor (M: 45)
William David Leath (M: 35) William D Leath (M: 35) Jeff Marcel Leavell (M: 41)
Jeff M Leavell (M: 41) Arthur Julien Lebeau (M: 86) Jeffrey Michael Leblanc (M: 31)
Daryl Lee Leblang (M: 43) Daryl L Leblang (M: 43) Gordan R Lebsock (M: 64)
Gordan Russell Alias Lebsock (M: 64) Phillip Edward Leclair (M: 51) Phillip E Leclair (M: 51)
Gregory F Lecroy (M: 28) Billy Joe Ledford (M: 47) Billy J Ledford (M: 47)
Curtis Wayne Lee (M: 69) Gary Lee (M: 43) Hill Shawn Lee (M: 55)
Joseph Lee (M: 68) Joshua Edward Lee (M: 28) Kenneth Wayne Lee (M: 59)
Larry Wayne Lee (M: 61) Martin Dewayne Lee (M: 43) Michael Wayne Lee (M: 55)
Robert A Lee (M: 42) William Mantague Lee (M: 42) Kenneth W Lee (M: 59)
Michael W Lee (M: 55) Martin D Lee (M: 43) Larry W Lee (M: 61)
Gary Lee (M: 43) James Leffler (M: 68) Roy Dale Lefler (M: 54)
Roy D Lefler (M: 54) Kevin Allen Leighliter (M: 28) Randy Joe Leinenback (M: 56)
Randy J Leinenback (M: 56) David Avery Leiserson (M: 25) Raymond Frederick Leist (M: 50)
Anthony W Leitch (M: 42) Timothy Lell (M: 33) Alfred Shawn Lemaster (M: 32)
Rodney Jay Lemaster (M: 49) Alfred S Lemaster (M: 32) Rodney J Lemaster (M: 49)
Michael J Lemon (M: 56) Shoemaker Kenneth Leon (M: 40) Chad Allen Leonard (M: 30)
Fred Allen Leonard (M: 53) Chad A Leonard (M: 30) Joseph William Leonard (M: 42)
Heath Wayne Leonard (M: 40) Jonathan David Leoni (M: 32) Ted Ceaburn Leopard (M: 38)
Eugene Lepradd (M: 69) Oliver Wendell Leslie (M: 52) Rondall Hall Leslie (M: 45)
Billy Lester (M: 47) Joyce Ann Lester (F: 55) Kenneth Lester (M: 51)
Larry Norman Lester (M: 61) Robert E Lester (M: 84) Joyce A Lester (F: 55)
James M Lester (M: 49) Robert Earnest Lester (M: 84) James Michael Lester (M: 49)
Anthony Letner (M: 52) Ernie Levan (M: 24) Clyde D Lewellyn (M: 42)
Clyde Dewayne Lewellyn (M: 42) Alvin Thomas Lewis (M: 54) Christopher Matthew Lewis (M: 33)
Clarence Lewis (M: 64) Donald Lewis (M: 43) Donald C Lewis (M: 52)
Earl Lester Lewis (M: 55) Earl John Lewis (M: 62) Earl John Lewis (M: 62)
James Albert Richard Lewis (M: 29) Jason Roy Lewis (M: 29) Jason Alan Lewis (M: 39)
John Steven Lewis (M: 52) Joseph Allen Lewis (M: 33) Joseph Allen Lewis (M: 33)
Kenneth R Lewis (M: 62) Lonnie David Lewis (M: 57) Mark Anthony Lewis (M: 33)
Matthew Anthony Lewis (M: 29) Maurice Laquinto Lewis (M: 29) Michael Allan Lewis (M: 43)
Michael Edward Lewis (M: 35) Michael William Lewis (M: 37) Paul Haven Lewis (M: 41)
Raymond Clyde Lewis (M: 63) Roy Lee Lewis (M: 33) Scott Edward Lewis (M: 41)
Steve Paul Lewis (M: 43) Thomas Frankie Lee Lewis (M: 39) Tony Curtis Lewis (M: 47)
Toriano Laquan Lewis (M: 37) William Charles Lewis (M: 48) Michael Joe Lewis (M: 49)
Larry W Lewis (M: 63) Mark A Lewis (M: 33) Toriano Lewis (M: 37)
Garett Lewis (M: 72) Elmer Lewis (M: 50) Jason A Lewis (M: 39)
Matthew A Lewis (M: 29) Donald Lewis (M: 43) Michael E Lewis (M: 35)
Alvin T Lewis (M: 54) Steve Lewis (M: 43) Jim B Lewis (M: 82)
James E Lewis (M: 31) Tony C Lewis (M: 47) Earl J Lewis (M: 62)
William C Lewis (M: 48) Michael W Lewis (M: 37) Roy L Lewis (M: 33)
Garrett Lewis (M: 72) Jim Bill Lewis (M: 82) Larry W Lewis (M: 63)
William Michael Lewis (M: 31) Christopher Dean Lewis (M: 31) Ronald Bruce Lewis Sr (M: 65)
Bobby E Lheureux (M: 48) Ernest Clyde Liberty (M: 45) Ernest C Liberty (M: 45)
Glenn Arnold Licon (M: 49) Glenn A Licon (M: 49) Shawn Liedhegner (M: 48)
Mark Dean Life (M: 49) Mark D Life (M: 49) Sara L Lightfoot (F: 50)
Billy J Lightner (M: 37) Billy Joe Lightner (M: 37) Ottis Likens (M: 46)
Christopher Mic Lile (M: 39) William Temple Lilly (M: 33) William Lilly (M: 33)
Chappell Alton Lincoln (M: 38) Ira Graham Lincoln (M: 70) Louis Francis Lind (M: 78)
Louis Francis Lind (M: 78) Christopher Lee Lindauer (M: 25) Christopher L Lindauer (M: 25)
Daniel Lee Lindeman (M: 53) Stephen J Linder (M: 24) Arnold Lindquist (M: 70)
Arnold Lindquist (M: 67) Arnold Lindquist (M: 70) Clarence Rick Lindsey (M: 59)
Cody James Lindsey (M: 25) Corbet Lindsey (M: 82) Clarence Rick Lindsey (M: 58)
James E Lindsey (M: 57) David Wayne Linehan (M: 43) David W Linehan (M: 43)
James Carl Lingar (M: 47) James C Lingar (M: 47) Michael Stanley Lingenfelter (M: 38)
Michael S Lingenfelter (M: 38) Neal Rae Linker (M: 46) Neal R Linker (M: 46)
William Dale Linsman (M: 37) Adam Lister (M: 28) Billy Wayne Little (M: 53)
Billy Wayne Little (M: 53) Claudie Devern Little (M: 56) Danny Little (M: 60)
Glen Little (M: 64) Granville Little (M: 78) Keith Darrell Little (M: 36)
Lonnie Little (M: 82) Mark Little (M: 49) Randy D Little (M: 48)
Rhonda Ann Little (F: 35) Rodney Lynn Little (M: 34) Scott Allen Little (M: 41)
Scott Allen Little (M: 41) Keith D Little (M: 36) Rodney L Little (M: 34)
Granville E Little (M: 56) Claudie D Little (M: 56) Randy D Little (M: 48)
Randy Little (M: 48) Anna Faye Littleton (F: 37) Kenneth Marty Littleton (M: 55)
Kenneth M Littleton (M: 55) Anna F Littleton (F: 37) Michael G Livers (M: 60)
Brian Keith Livesay (M: 52) Brian Keith Livesay (M: 52) Ellison P Livingstone (M: 28)
Lawrence Lizotte (M: 53) Arnold Lloyd (M: 52) Ryan James Lloyd (M: 35)
Mark A Lloyd (M: 49) Arnold Lloyd (M: 52) Charles Edward Lock (M: 32)
Millissa Lock (F: 34) Murry W Locke (M: 60) Frank Locke (M: 53)
Anthony Dean Lockhart (M: 41) Anthony D Lockhart (M: 41) Douglas Lewis Lockwood (M: 29)
Joshua Eugene Lockwood (M: 27) Douglas L Lockwood (M: 29) Larry L Lockwood (M: 33)
William R Lofton (M: 47) Fleming Logan (M: 48) Mark A Logan (M: 40)
Mark Allen Logan (M: 40) Mark A Logan (M: 40) Billy Jason Logsdon (M: 36)
David Thomas Logsdon (M: 47) Hershell Logsdon (M: 70) Billy J Logsdon (M: 36)
David T Logsdon (M: 47) Randall Logston (M: 64) Gary Long (M: 51)
James Patrick Long (M: 34) Jimmy David Long (M: 37) Matthew James Long (M: 37)
Michael Wayne Long (M: 27) Robert Jewell Long (M: 56) Robert Lee Long (M: 36)
Walter Brune Long (M: 56) Robert J Long (M: 56) Robert L Long (M: 36)
Walter B Long (M: 56) James P Long (M: 34) Charles Euston Longenecker Iv (M: 19)
Dale A Longhauser (M: 53) Richard D Longmire (M: 38) David K Longo (M: 49)
Richard Joe Longstreath (M: 47) Richard J Longstreath (M: 47) John Lee Longwell (M: 67)
John L Longwell (M: 67) William Michael Longwell (M: 40) Arthur Looper (M: 60)
Thomas Neil Loos (M: 54) Thomas N Loos (M: 54) Carlos Lopez (M: 47)
Celso Lopez (M: 33) Joseph Michael Lopez (M: 32) Joshua William Lopez (M: 28)
William Augusto Lopez (M: 58) Lorenzo E Lopez (M: 46) Joseph M Lopez (M: 32)
Joshua Lopez (M: 28) Lorenzo Espinoza Lopez (M: 46) Emmett H Lotton (M: 34)
Jerry David Lotz (M: 51) Jerry D Lotz (M: 51) Kenneth K Loudermilk (M: 78)
Kenneth Keith Loudermilk (M: 78) Samuel F Louive (M: 59) Jerry R Lovell (M: 62)
Jerry Ray Lovell (M: 62) Rickey Dale Lovell (M: 56) Rickey D Lovell (M: 56)
Jerry R Lovell (M: 62) Dannie Lee Lovely (M: 62) Richard Lovely (M: 79)
David L Loving (M: 31) David L Loving (M: 31) Robby Lee Lovins (M: 39)
Dorsie David Lowe (M: 41) Ernest Edward Lowe (M: 62) Frank Paul Lowe (M: 41)
Jerry Dewayne Lowe (M: 45) Jerry Wayne Lowe (M: 54) Ricky Douglas Lowe (M: 54)
Ronnie Todd Lowe (M: 39) Victor Lowe (M: 70) Wesley Franklin Lowe (M: 48)
Willie Lowe (M: 45) Frank Paul Lowe (M: 41) Jerry D Lowe (M: 45)
Ricky D Lowe (M: 54) Ronnie T Lowe (M: 39) Ernest E Lowe (M: 62)
Willie Lowe (M: 45) Dorsie D Lowe (M: 41) Arvied Lowe (M: 27)
Andrew Paul Lowery (M: 22) Harold J Lowery (M: 34) Harold Jason Lowery (M: 34)
Harvey L Lowry (M: 26) Harvey Lee Lowry (M: 26) Juan Loyabailon (M: 35)
Juan Loyabailon (M: 35) Tori Lozier (F: 50) Tori Lozier (F: 50)
Barry Lynn Lucas (M: 54) David Warren Lucas (M: 59) David Warren Lucas (M: 59)
Ralph Edward Lucas (M: 46) Randall Scott Lucas (M: 46) Tanya Jo Lucas (F: 35)
Timothy Dewayne Lucas (M: 43) Timothy D Lucas (M: 43) Randall S Lucas (M: 46)
Edgar B Lucas (M: 68) Tanya J Lucas (F: 35) Edgar Bruce Lucas (M: 68)
Charles William Alias Lucas (M: 40) David Lyn Lucas (M: 49) Charlie Fredrick Lucas Iii (M: 29)
Jeffery Allen Lucass (M: 32) John Marty Luckett (M: 52) John M Luckett (M: 52)
Anthony D Luckett (M: 45) Carl Junior Ludwick (M: 62) James Ray Ludwick (M: 42)
Leslie L Ludwick (M: 32) Thomas Dewayne Ludwick (M: 41) David Luera (M: 51)
Alexander Joseph Luft (M: 56) Antonio Eugene Lugo (M: 34) Antonioe E Lugo (M: 34)
Paul David Lukac (M: 41) Brandon Russell Luke (M: 28) Joseph Daniel Lumpkins (M: 30)
Marcus Samuel Luna (M: 26) Samuel Joseph Luna (M: 31) Samuel M Luna (M: 26)
Marcelino Luna (M: 36) Charles A Lundburg (M: 65) Daniel Lunsford (M: 34)
Danny Joe Lunsford (M: 39) Harold Gail Lunsford (M: 48) Kenneth Lunsford (M: 60)
Daniel Lunsford (M: 34) Harold G Lunsford (M: 48) Randal Cyril Lusader (M: 30)
Gary Richard Lusk (M: 66) Gary R Lusk (M: 66) Brian Stephen Luster (M: 35)
Brian S Luster (M: 35) James Ray Lutes (M: 51) James Ray Lutes (M: 51)
Dwayne Luttrell (M: 33) Fred Marshall Luttrell (M: 68) Larry Gene Luttrell (M: 54)
Dwayne Luttrell (M: 33) Fred M Luttrell (M: 68) Larry G Luttrell (M: 54)
James E Lutz (M: 59) Kam Luy (M: 32) Jerra Jacqueline Lykins (F: 40)
Michelle Lykins (F: 32) Tommy Lykins (M: 41) Tommy Lykins (M: 41)
Michael Dale Lykins (M: 42) Anthony Lyle (M: 33) Anthony Lyle (M: 33)
Orlando Leville Lynch (M: 44) Marvin M Lynn (M: 67) Marvin Mckinley Lynn (M: 67)
Joseph Allen Lyon (M: 33) Joseph A Lyon (M: 33) Matthew Leroy Lyon (M: 35)
Joseph A Lyon (M: 33) Matthew L Lyon (M: 35) Charles Lyons (M: 51)
Scott Francis Lyons (M: 25) Charles J Lyons (M: 51) Larry Elliott Lytle (M: 62)
Larry Elliott Lytle (M: 62) Timothy Francis Lytle (M: 43) Larry E Lytle (M: 62)
Elizabeth Michelle Lyvers (F: 32)

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