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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter J are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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Michael Jaber (M: 57) Michael Jaber (M: 57) Steve Lane Jablonske (M: 50)
Steve L Jablonske (M: 50) Martin Gabriel Jackopich (M: 30) Aaron Dawson Jackson (M: 57)
Aaron D Jackson (M: 57) Antonio Demetrius Jackson (M: 36) Austin Cooper Jackson (M: 29)
Branch Antonio Jackson (M: 39) Brian Lee Nelson Jackson (M: 24) Bruce L Jackson (M: 37)
Bruce Levelle Jackson (M: 37) Charles Thomas Jackson (M: 48) Charles Ray Jackson (M: 45)
Clifford Ray Jackson (M: 39) Darrell Lee Jackson (M: 49) Daveon Lee Jackson (M: 30)
Dennis Ray Jackson (M: 57) Dennis Ray Jackson (M: 57) Donald Lee Jackson (M: 54)
Fred Leslie Jackson (M: 37) Harold E Jackson (M: 55) James Edward Jackson (M: 50)
James Corey Jackson (M: 42) Jason R Jackson (M: 40) Jay Dee Jackson (M: 47)
John Edward Jackson (M: 38) Lebron Thomas Jackson (M: 34) Maurice Jackson (M: 38)
Phillip Jay Jackson (M: 45) Rafael Jackson (M: 29) Steve Allen Jackson (M: 47)
Terrance Antonio Jackson (M: 39) Travis Luther Jackson (M: 32) Van Edward Jackson (M: 41)
Van Edward Jackson (M: 41) Dennis R Jackson (M: 57) Charles R Jackson (M: 45)
Steven A Jackson (M: 47) Don E Jackson (M: 56) Harold E Jackson (M: 55)
Mark A Jackson (M: 44) Darrell L Jackson (M: 49) Clifford R Jackson (M: 39)
James E Jackson (M: 50) Lebron T Jackson (M: 34) Fred L Jackson (M: 37)
Terrance A Jackson (M: 39) Daveon L Jackson (M: 30) Mitchell D Jackson (M: 32)
Mitchell Dean Jackson (M: 32) Mark Anthony Jackson (M: 44) Tammy Jeanine Jackson (F: 44)
Richard Todd Jacob (M: 45) Richard T Jacob (M: 45) Matthew R Jacoboski (M: 25)
Billy Wayne Jacobs (M: 36) Michael Jacobs (M: 35) Oscar Jacobs (M: 50)
Timothy Lee Jacobs (M: 70) Timothy L Jacobs (M: 70) Billy W Jacobs (M: 36)
Michael R Jacobs (M: 35) Brian Michael James (M: 29) Elmer Preston James (M: 55)
Elmer P James (M: 55) Laurence Joseph James (M: 78) Carlton Arlen Jamison (M: 44)
Sheldon Patrick Jandreau (M: 44) Charles Janes (M: 51) Harold Wayne Janes (M: 48)
Michael Lee Janes (M: 55) Michael L Janes (M: 55) Harold W Janes (M: 48)
David Jarboe (M: 49) David Jarboe (M: 49) Jeremy S Jarman (M: 38)
Jeremy Shane Jarman (M: 38) Joshua Glenn Jarvis (M: 31) Joshua G Jarvis (M: 31)
John Joseph Jecker (M: 27) Andrew William Jeffers (M: 24) Robert Lee Jeffrey (M: 38)
William Albert Jeffrey (M: 55) Robert L Jeffrey (M: 38) William Albert Jeffrey (M: 55)
Raymond Keith Jeffries (M: 55) William L Jeffries (M: 63) Raymond K Jeffries (M: 55)
William L Jeffries (M: 63) James Oliver Jehle (M: 72) Charles Landon Jenkins (M: 21)
Derek Jenkins (M: 21) James Alan Jenkins (M: 40) Jerry Lee Jenkins (M: 34)
John Edward Jenkins (M: 57) Omar James Jenkins (M: 85) Reginald Jenkins (M: 50)
Reginald W Jenkins (M: 50) Richard Kevin Jenkins (M: 62) Ronnie Gene Jenkins (M: 48)
Dwight Glen Jenkins (M: 63) Jerry L Jenkins (M: 34) John E Jenkins (M: 57)
Bradley Jenkins (M: 31) Ronnie G Jenkins (M: 48) Dwight Glen Jenkins (M: 63)
Vince Thomas Jenkins (M: 41) David B Jennings (M: 36) Jasper Elmer Jennings (M: 48)
Keith Jennings (M: 34) Ralph Jennings (M: 66) Richard Jennings (M: 32)
Jasper E Jennings (M: 50) Ralph Jennings (M: 66) Richard Jennings (M: 32)
Marion Paul Jennings (M: 63) James Jensen (M: 41) Jimmy Jent (M: 40)
Kenneth Jent (M: 59) Kenneth Jent (M: 59) Thomas L Jerauld (M: 61)
David Lee Jessie (M: 43) Gloria Jean Jessie (F: 42) David L Jessie (M: 43)
Gloria J Jessie (F: 42) David Lamar Jestes (M: 45) Henry Preston Jestes (M: 48)
Henry Jestes (M: 48) Arthur Dewayne Jett (M: 54) Timothy Wayne Jett (M: 32)
Arthur Jett (M: 54) Johnny Jewell (M: 61) Johnny Jewell (M: 61)
Robert Dean Jewell (M: 55) David Ray Jiles (M: 40) David R Jiles (M: 40)
Juan Jimenez (M: 33) Raul-Shakir Jimenez (M: 35) Stanley Ray Jobe (M: 74)
Thomas Lee Johns (M: 30) Angela Barbara Johnson (F: 48) Arthur A Johnson (M: 48)
Arthur Andrew Johnson (M: 48) Ashanti Lynn Johnson (M: 37) Bengi Duane Johnson (M: 35)
Bengi Duane Johnson (M: 35) Benjamin Alexander Johnson (M: 35) Benji Duane Johnson (M: 35)
Blake M Johnson (M: 35) Blakely Michael Johnson (M: 35) Brandon Ventrel Johnson (M: 31)
Brian Lewis Johnson (M: 28) Cecil Emmanuel Johnson (M: 42) Charles Lamar Johnson (M: 48)
Christopher Johnson (M: 30) Clark Samuel Johnson (M: 38) Cory Dean Johnson (M: 53)
Daniel Craig Johnson (M: 39) Darrell Johnson (M: 50) Darvin Johnson (M: 56)
David Alan Johnson (M: 62) David Allan Johnson (M: 62) David Adam Johnson (M: 38)
David Raymond Johnson (M: 39) Derald Johnson (M: 49) Donald Dwight Johnson (M: 35)
Earl Ray Johnson (M: 51) Edward Marshell Johnson (M: 79) Edward Jennings Johnson (M: 72)
Eric Lee Johnson (M: 38) Gary Wayne Johnson (M: 53) James Wilson Johnson (M: 55)
James Paul Johnson (M: 43) Jeffrey Lee Johnson (M: 53) Jermaine B Johnson (M: 35)
John Johnson (M: 42) John Rufus Johnson (M: 50) Johnny Dean Johnson (M: 48)
Kimble Gaynor Johnson (M: 47) Kirby Ross Johnson (M: 46) Mark Anthony Johnson (M: 44)
Matthew Alan Johnson (M: 46) Mcquinn Orlando Johnson (M: 37) Michael William Johnson (M: 47)
Michael Gene Johnson (M: 55) Michael Johnson (M: 47) Michael Gene Johnson (M: 55)
Nathan Johnson (M: 35) Quinten Renard Johnson (M: 48) Raymond Eugene Johnson (M: 54)
Ricky Dale Johnson (M: 42) Robert Johnson (M: 68) Rodney Eugene Johnson (M: 49)
Ronald Johnson (M: 55) Ronnie Daryl Johnson (M: 51) Samuel Johnson (M: 57)
Scott Larry Johnson (M: 70) Tanya Hux Johnson (F: 47) Terry Lynn Johnson (M: 41)
Tim Duane Johnson (M: 44) Timothy D Johnson (M: 44) Timothy Keith Johnson (M: 30)
Trevon Marcel Johnson (M: 36) Trevor Devon Johnson (M: 45) Troy Johnson (M: 57)
Victor Farley Johnson (M: 46) William Antonio Johnson (M: 40) Antonio D Johnson (M: 36)
Donald D Johnson (M: 35) Cecil E Johnson (M: 42) Angela B Johnson (F: 48)
Edward M Johnson (M: 79) Kenneth R Johnson (M: 48) David A Johnson (M: 38)
Gary W Johnson (M: 53) Christopher Johnson (M: 30) Blakely M Johnson (M: 35)
Jeffrey L Johnson (M: 53) Frederick C Johnson (M: 27) Victor F Johnson (M: 46)
Earl R Johnson (M: 51) Tim D Johnson (M: 44) Allen Johnson (M: 75)
James W Johnson (M: 55) William A Johnson (M: 40) Johnny D Johnson (M: 48)
Timothy K Johnson (M: 30) Darvin Johnson (M: 56) Ricky D Johnson (M: 42)
Terry L Johnson (M: 41) Trevor D Johnson (M: 45) David A Johnson (M: 38)
Bengi D Johnson (M: 35) John R Johnson (M: 50) Kenneth Ray Alias Johnson (M: 48)
Michael Leonard Johnson (M: 47) Joey A Johnson (M: 41) James William Johnson (M: 55)
Edward Jennings Johnson (M: 72) Donald Richard Johnson (M: 54) Walter Franklin Johnson (M: 56)
Gary Lynn Johnson (M: 41) Harris Reed Johnson Iii (M: 39) Carl Theodore Johnston (M: 61)
Gary L Johnston (M: 32) James Johnston (M: 50) James Johnston (M: 50)
Joey R Joiner (M: 53) Frank Joseph Jolliff (M: 50) Frank J Jolliff (M: 50)
Paul Wayne Jolliff (M: 64) James Alan Jolly (M: 55) James A Jolly (M: 55)
Allen K Jones (M: 45) Alvin Richard Jones (M: 59) Bert Henry Jones (M: 47)
Billy Ray Jones (M: 48) Bobby Joe Jones (M: 70) Bobby Jones (M: 62)
Bradley Steven Jones (M: 27) Brian Hale Jones (M: 44) Burt Jones (M: 47)
Connie C Jones (M: 58) Curtis Wayne Jones (M: 44) Darrick Jones (M: 29)
Deborah Elaine Jones (F: 40) Deshane Lee Jones (M: 32) Elmo Eugene Jones (M: 35)
Eric Delon Jones (M: 33) Freddie Melvin Jones (M: 45) Frederick Dwight Jones (M: 48)
James Allen Jones (M: 64) James K Jones (M: 69) James Robert Jones (M: 62)
James C Jones (M: 52) James Lee Jones (M: 32) Jason Howle Jones (M: 36)
Jason Wesley Jones (M: 35) Jason William Jones (M: 35) Jeffrey Jones (M: 49)
Joe T Jones (M: 53) John Jolly Jones (M: 30) Joseph Earl Jones (M: 40)
Joseph Lee Jones (M: 72) Kenneth Ray Jones (M: 69) Larry Thomas Jones (M: 45)
Lawrence Jones (M: 41) Lawrence Jones (M: 58) Lee Arthur Jones (M: 66)
Lonnie Jones (M: 30) Luke Jones (M: 66) Matthew Aaron Jones (M: 43)
Michael Ray Jones (M: 49) Michael Kevin Jones (M: 40) Michael David Jones (M: 42)
Michael D Jones (M: 42) Paul Dwayne Jones (M: 48) Ramone Deon Jones (M: 44)
Randall Lynn Jones (M: 45) Randall Jones (M: 50) Robert Lee Jones (M: 48)
Robert Bruce Jones (M: 31) Rod Wayman Jones (M: 58) Rodney Dale Jones (M: 45)
Ronald Irvin Jones (M: 52) Rondal Wayne Jones (M: 64) Russell Scott Jones (M: 40)
Russell David Jones (M: 40) Scott Allen Jones (M: 33) Steven Ray Jones (M: 43)
Terry Lee Jones (M: 25) Terry Jones (M: 29) Timothy Jones (M: 43)
Tommy Randal Jones (M: 33) Wendell Ray Jones (M: 47) William Todd Jones (M: 48)
William Kenneth Jones (M: 67) Jason W Jones (M: 35) William K Jones (M: 67)
Jeff C Jones (M: 53) Joseph L Jones (M: 72) Joseph E Jones (M: 40)
Jason H Jones (M: 36) Russell S Jones (M: 40) Ronald Jones (M: 52)
Kenneth R Jones (M: 69) Steven R Jones (M: 43) William T Jones (M: 48)
Lawrence B Jones (M: 41) Rondal W Jones (M: 64) Delbert E Jones (M: 80)
Robert L Jones (M: 48) Allen K Jones (M: 45) Wendell R Jones (M: 47)
Eric D Jones (M: 33) Alvin R Jones (M: 59) Eric S Jones (M: 34)
Larry T Jones (M: 45) Paul D Jones (M: 48) Gabrielle L Jones (F: 32)
Christopher R Jones (M: 35) Lee A Jones (M: 66) Deborah E Jones (F: 40)
James L Jones (M: 32) Michael K Jones (M: 40) Michael R Jones (M: 49)
Scott A Jones (M: 33) Michael D Jones (M: 42) Delbert Edward Jones (M: 80)
Eric Scott Alias Jones (M: 34) Gabrielle L Jones (F: 32) Sanah Roy Jones (M: 70)
Joshua David Jones (M: 26) Robert Lee Jones (M: 19) Chad Matthew Jones (M: 36)
Jesse Ray Jones (M: 59) Van Alan Jones (M: 50) Ernie Wayne Jordan (M: 59)
June Noel Jordan (M: 34) Wendell Jordan (M: 62) Ernie W Jordan (M: 59)
Melvin Omar Jordan (M: 24) Kenneth Allen Joseph (M: 49) Kenneth A Joseph (M: 49)
Eddie Dean Joyce (M: 51) Eddie D Joyce (M: 51) Bradley Lee Joyner (M: 52)
John Timothy Joyner (M: 53) Joseph Melvin Joyner (M: 66) Joseph M Joyner (M: 66)
Bradley L Joyner (M: 52) Maximo Hernandez Jr (M: 57) Joe Robert Juckett (M: 51)
Joe R Juckett (M: 51) Vincent Virgil Judd-Rapp (M: 20) Cory Allen Jude (M: 22)
Ralph Jude (M: 63) Douglas Ray Judy (M: 28) Michael Wayne Jump (M: 54)
Michael Jump (M: 54) Harold Richard Jury (M: 83) Harold Jury (M: 83)
David Keith Justice (M: 48) Justin Christopher Justice (M: 25) Steven Ray Justice (M: 40)
Steven R Justice (M: 40) Jed P Justice (M: 54) David K Justice (M: 48)
Jed Palmer Justice (M: 54) Samuel Justus (M: 45)

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