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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter F are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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Robert Facen (M: 29) Samuel Fackler (M: 52) Samuel Fackler (M: 52)
Jack Edwin Fagg (M: 40) Billy Lee Fair (M: 45) Henry Alan Fair (M: 43)
Billy L Fair (M: 45) William Keith Fairchild (M: 50) William K Fairchild (M: 50)
Michael David Fallen (M: 49) Theodore Wayne Fallis (M: 44) Charles D Fambrough (M: 36)
Carlos Hobert Fancher (M: 61) Carlos H Fancher (M: 61) Tracy Fannin (M: 39)
Clyde Fannin (M: 72) Stanley Jerome Fanning (M: 43) Willie Fanning (M: 74)
Willie Fanning (M: 74) Joseph Parrish Fantuzzo (M: 34) Joseph P Fantuzzo (M: 34)
Juan Farfan (M: 42) Daniel Bert Fargo (M: 52) Gerald Wayne Farias (M: 28)
Gerald W Farias (M: 28) Timmy Farlee (M: 42) Johnny Douglas Farler (M: 36)
Johnny D Farler (M: 36) Lawrence Farler (M: 47) Lawrence Clayton Farler (M: 47)
James R Farley (M: 63) Stephen Farley (M: 50) William Farley (M: 84)
Ricky Gene Farlow (M: 52) Ricky G Farlow (M: 52) Buddy Wade Farmer (M: 63)
Jacob Layne Farmer (M: 30) Luther Ryan Farmer (M: 47) Michael Cruz Farmer (M: 23)
Jacob L Farmer (M: 30) Douglas S Farmer (M: 52) Luther R Farmer (M: 47)
Curt Eugene Farnum (M: 31) Rocky Lee Farrar (M: 63) Rocky L Farrar (M: 63)
John Patrick Farrelly (M: 69) John P Farrelly (M: 69) Donald Ray Farris (M: 38)
Hank Farris (M: 57) Victor Lynn Farris (M: 60) Victor L Farris (M: 60)
Bruno Fassler (M: 77) Michael Clay Faudere (M: 38) Michael C Faudere (M: 38)
Donnie Ray Faul (M: 47) Donnie R Faul (M: 47) Robert James Faulk (M: 53)
Robert J Faulk (M: 53) Deonte Lamore Faulkner (M: 28) Stephen Lee Faulkner (M: 35)
Wallace D Faulkner (M: 41) Deonte L Faulkner (M: 28) Wallace D Faulkner (M: 41)
Bill Wayne Faulkner Jr (M: 24) William Fauth (M: 57) Bryant Favors (M: 41)
Lonnie Clayton Fawbush (M: 74) Lonnie Clayton Fawbush (M: 74) Patrick Thomas Fayo (M: 55)
Kenneth Christopher Fazakerley (M: 35) Kenneth Christopher Fazakerly (M: 35) Robert Ray Feck (M: 39)
Terry Preston Feeback (M: 42) Terry P Feeback (M: 42) Thomas Paul Fehrenbach (M: 38)
Thomas P Fehrenbach (M: 38) Edward Lee Feiler (M: 69) Edward L Feiler (M: 69)
Earl Madison Felix (M: 68) Earl M Felix (M: 68) Robert Scott Felker (M: 40)
David Fell (M: 44) Brent Allen Felts (M: 37) Timothy A Felts (M: 46)
Timothy Alan Felts (M: 46) Scott J Felts (M: 28) Timothy A Felts (M: 46)
Brent A Felts (M: 37) John Paul Felty (M: 33) Wayne Allen Fenley (M: 50)
Wayne A Fenley (M: 50) Michael Carter Fentress (M: 51) Michael C Fentress (M: 51)
Deandre Deshawn Ferguson (M: 33) Earl Wayne Ferguson (M: 61) Edward Ray Ferguson (M: 50)
James Ferguson (M: 51) Kelly Charles Ferguson (M: 36) Mark Jacob Ferguson (M: 25)
Kelly C Ferguson (M: 36) Edward R Ferguson (M: 50) James R Ferguson (M: 53)
James Robert Alias Ferguson (M: 53) Deandre Deshawn Ferguson (M: 33) Hector M Fernandez (M: 68)
Hector M Fernandez (M: 68) Elvis Toby Ferrell (M: 33) Everett Alan Ferrell (M: 33)
Quinley Ferrell (M: 57) Quinley Russell Ferrell (M: 57) Elvis T Ferrell (M: 33)
Everett A Ferrell (M: 33) Quinley R Ferrell (M: 57) Keith Allen Fessenden (M: 48)
Keith A Fessenden (M: 48) Todd Ryamond Fey (M: 34) Andrew Fields (M: 41)
Brian Nelson Fields (M: 47) Clarence Jerry Fields (M: 38) Dale Harris Fields (M: 40)
Gregory D Fields (M: 28) Henry Clay Fields (M: 50) Jeremy Shane Fields (M: 35)
Leslie Eugene Fields (M: 53) Matthew Jason Fields (M: 25) Millard Fields (M: 60)
Millard Fields (M: 60) Raymond L Fields (M: 73) Richard Dwayne Fields (M: 42)
Ricky Fields (M: 52) Andrew G. Fields (M: 41) Leslie Fields (M: 54)
Ricky Fields (M: 52) Clarence J Fields (M: 38) William Gordon Fields (M: 56)
Ralph Fields (M: 72) Brandon J Fiessinger (M: 32) Brandon Joshua Fiessinger (M: 26)
Jimmy Lynn Filbeck (M: 57) Jimmy L Filbeck (M: 57) Todd Carl Filzek (M: 41)
Montres Dewayne Finch (M: 29) Montres D Finch (M: 29) George S Finehout (M: 30)
James Edward Fingers Jr (M: 44) Keith James Finkbonner (M: 36) Keith James Finkbonner (M: 36)
Keith J Finkbonner (M: 36) Kelly Finley (M: 46) Kori Finnell (M: 38)
Paul Francis Fiorino (M: 36) Samuel Raymond Firkins (M: 53) Anthony Deshawn Firman (M: 32)
Anthony D Firman (M: 32) Adams E Fiscus (M: 29) Adam Eugene Alias Fiscus (M: 29)
Daniel Wayne Fish (M: 67) Daniel W Fish (M: 67) Anthony L Fisher (M: 39)
Jason Keith Fisher (M: 32) Kenneth R Fisher (M: 44) Peter Joseph Fisher (M: 49)
Rick Aaron Fisher (M: 37) Roger Elijah Fisher (M: 40) Roger E Fisher (M: 40)
Jason K Fisher (M: 32) Rick A Fisher (M: 37) Anthony L Fisher (M: 39)
Kenneth R Fisher (M: 44) Tonya Sue Fisher (F: 37) Rick A Fisher (M: 37)
Gregory Alan Fisher (M: 24) David Ruel Fitch (M: 45) David R Fitch (M: 45)
Robert K Fite (M: 47) John Turner Fitz (M: 51) John T Fitz (M: 51)
John T Fitz (M: 51) Phillip Chad Fizer (M: 38) Dannette A Flaherty (F: 41)
Dannette A Flaherty-Sermon (F: 41) Jason James Flanagan (M: 34) Jason James Flanagan (M: 34)
Justin E Flannagan (M: 31) Joey Flannery (M: 33) Joey Flannery (M: 33)
Michael Flatt (M: 32) Jeffrey Fleek (M: 44) Thomas Fleischman (M: 62)
Thomas Fleischman (M: 62) Kenneth Edward Fleming (M: 52) Kenneth Edward Fleming (M: 52)
Michael W Fleming (M: 51) Ronald Allen Fleming (M: 48) Ronald Fleming (M: 47)
Barry E Fleming (M: 54) Ronald A Fleming (M: 48) Barry Eugene Fleming (M: 54)
Brandy Lamae Fletcher (F: 31) Calvin Fletcher (M: 53) Charles Dawson Fletcher (M: 55)
Jeffery Wayne Fletcher (M: 53) Marvin Lee Fletcher (M: 62) Robert Leroy Fletcher (M: 64)
Tony Maurice Fletcher (M: 49) Brandy L Fletcher (F: 31) Jeffery W Fletcher (M: 53)
Marvin L Fletcher (M: 62) Larry Joe Flick (M: 63) Richard Allen Flicker (M: 46)
Donyell Flippins (M: 42) Joseph John Flippo (M: 48) Joseph Clarence Florian (M: 36)
Joseph C Florian (M: 36) James Byron Floyd (M: 42) Justin Lane Floyd (M: 31)
Justin Lane Floyd (M: 31) Lathon Jackson Floyd (M: 41) Marvin Tyrone Floyd (M: 36)
Robert Floyd (M: 54) Lathon J Floyd (M: 41) Thomas E Floyd (M: 54)
Lee A Floyd (M: 40) Robert H Floyd (M: 54) Marvin T Floyd (M: 36)
Justin L Floyd (M: 31) Christopher John Flynn (M: 45) Kevin Scott Fogle (M: 31)
Kevin S Fogle (M: 31) James Harley Fogle (M: 40) Garry L Foley (M: 41)
Patrick Michael Foley (M: 41) Patrick Foley (M: 41) Patrick M Foley (M: 41)
Robert Followell (M: 44) Jimmy Lee Fontana (M: 65) Jimmy Fontana (M: 65)
Randall Keith Forbes (M: 48) Randall K Forbes (M: 48) David Duane Ford (M: 35)
James Ford (M: 47) Jerry Ray Ford (M: 42) John Stanley Ford (M: 56)
John Stanley Ford (M: 56) Michael Joseph Ford (M: 34) Michael Joseph Ford (M: 34)
Sheila Ann Ford (F: 53) John S Ford (M: 56) Michael Doyle Forman (M: 34)
Fabian Marieus Formosa (M: 56) David Arnaz Forrest (M: 36) David A Forrest (M: 36)
Albert Ondias Fortner (M: 21) Pete Fossett (M: 33) Pete Fossett (M: 33)
Peter H Fossett (M: 33) Andrew James Foster (M: 32) Christopher A Foster (M: 40)
Daniel Nathaniel Foster (M: 54) Eddie K Foster (M: 62) John Wayne Foster (M: 38)
Johnathon Wayne Foster (M: 35) Kenneth Foster (M: 31) Michael Foster (M: 45)
Michael Douglas Foster (M: 45) Nicholas Andrew Foster (M: 33) Richard Lee Foster (M: 52)
Nicholas A Foster (M: 33) Daniel N Foster (M: 54) John W Foster (M: 38)
Richard L Foster (M: 52) Stephanie Ann Foster-Howard (F: 35) Michael Lamont Fountain (M: 37)
James Eric Fouss (M: 37) Emma Foust (F: 45) Robert Carnail Foust (M: 45)
Cody L Foutch (M: 27) Cody Lee Foutch (M: 27) John Wesley Fowler (M: 27)
Lewis L Fowler (M: 61) Lewis L Fowler (M: 61) George Ervin Fox (M: 50)
Justin Adam Fox (M: 29) Marcus S Frair (M: 26) Brandon Fraley (M: 69)
Charles D Fraley (M: 37) Donald Ray Fraley (M: 35) Joshua Douglas Fraley (M: 29)
Thomas Douglas Fraley (M: 56) Donald R Fraley (M: 35) Thomas D Fraley (M: 56)
Bert France (M: 59) Jackie Dwayne France (M: 43) Ricky France (M: 52)
William Wendell France (M: 54) Jackie D France (M: 43) Ricky France (M: 52)
Brian Jeffrey Francoeur (M: 46) Brian Francoeur (M: 46) Floyd E Frank (M: 65)
Thomas J Frank (M: 56) Jack Lewis Franke (M: 34) Jack Lewis Franke (M: 34)
Herbert Hayes Franklin (M: 42) Marlon L Franklin (M: 40) Ralph Lee Franklin (M: 57)
Stanley L Franklin (M: 36) Steven Dewayne Franklin (M: 55) Thomas Randell Franklin (M: 62)
Timothy Franklin (M: 43) Steven D Franklin (M: 55) Thomas R Franklin (M: 62)
Ralph L Franklin (M: 57) Jason Vendrick Franklin (M: 67) William Scott Franklin (M: 55)
James Edward Franks (M: 41) Scott N Frantz (M: 49) Brian Franxman (M: 45)
Robert Frausto (M: 56) Brian Keith Frazer (M: 52) Brian K Frazer (M: 52)
Albert Jeff Frazier (M: 64) Darnell Frazier (M: 61) Jason Dewayne Frazier (M: 30)
Jessie Frazier (M: 42) Lonnie Deal Frazier (M: 32) Lonnie Deal Frazier (M: 32)
Thomas Frazier (M: 74) Lonnie D Frazier (M: 32) David Leonard Freadreacea (M: 51)
Anthony James Frederick (M: 31) Brandon R Frederick (M: 25) Junior Allen Frederick (M: 49)
Anthony J Frederick (M: 31) Junior A Frederick (M: 49) James E Fredrick (M: 36)
Howard Free (M: 91) Billy Freeman (M: 47) Thomas Freeman (M: 68)
Thomas Lee Freeman (M: 50) Thomas Freeman (M: 68) Thomas L Freeman (M: 50)
Thomas Freeman (M: 68) Thomas L Freeman (M: 50) Laura Ann Freet (F: 42)
Mark Freet (M: 45) Joseph Anthony French (M: 48) Keith Anthony French (M: 41)
Keith A French (M: 41) Marshall Wayne Frey (M: 36) Marcus Shantez Friar (M: 26)
Michael Wayne Friend (M: 44) Sidney Ray Friend (M: 78) Sidney R Friend (M: 78)
Michael W Friend (M: 44) Danny William Fritts (M: 47) Danny William Fritts (M: 47)
Vaughn E Fritts (M: 36) Vaughn Eric Fritts (M: 36) Brent Alan Frizzell (M: 49)
Jacob Frommeyer (M: 70) Matthew Thomas Fronsoe (M: 27) Lee Pascual Frost (M: 32)
Mark R Frost (M: 52) Matthew Ryan Fry (M: 25) Gale Leo Frye (M: 64)
Scott Wayne Frye (M: 34) Scott W Frye (M: 34) Antonio Luis Angel Fuentes (M: 29)
David Fugate (M: 46) Gary Fugate (M: 48) Kelvin Ray Fugate (M: 52)
Ora Fugate (M: 69) Robert Jameson Fugate (M: 28) Robert J Fugate (M: 28)
Gary Fugate (M: 48) Hershel Lee Fugett (M: 65) Phillip Ray Fugitt (M: 51)
Phillip R Fugitt (M: 51) Steven Nelson Fulcher (M: 21) Charles Jason Fulkerson (M: 32)
Duane Allen Fulkerson (M: 49) Edward Fulkerson (M: 39) Thomas Graham Fulkerson (M: 68)
Thomas G Fulkerson (M: 68) Duane A Fulkerson (M: 49) Charles J Fulkerson (M: 32)
Joseph L Fulkerson (M: 53) Kevin Fulkerson (M: 28) Felix Edward Fulmer (M: 41)
Anthony Tyler Fulton (M: 24) James Joseph Fultz (M: 55) Samuel Frederick Fultz (M: 50)
David Fultz (M: 42) Joseph Fulz (M: 37) Jeffery Wayne Fuqua (M: 48)
Randy Ray Fuqua (M: 44) Randy R Fuqua (M: 44) Jeffery A Fuqua (M: 56)
Anthony Dewayne Furkins (M: 28) Anthony D Furkins (M: 28) Steven Michael Furness (M: 41)
Steven M Furness (M: 41) Marfield Fuson (M: 47) John S Fussner (M: 41)
Jerry Michael Fuston (M: 41) Glyn Futrell (M: 59)

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