Sex Offender Profile Directory : Kentucky : B

All sex offender data currently in our database from Kentucky whose last name begins with the letter B are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kentucky sex offender information.

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Charles H Baatz (M: 37) Charles Baatz (M: 37) Harold Thomas Babb (M: 62)
Timothy Babbs (M: 52) Earl Paul Bacak (M: 58) Thomas John Bach (M: 53)
James D Bach (M: 47) James Duane Bach (M: 47) Robert L Bachuss (M: 67)
Sean W Back (M: 37) Sean Wayne Back (M: 37) Donald Cardale Bacon (M: 47)
Donald C Bacon (M: 47) Gary Edward Baer (M: 51) Johnny Ray Bagby (M: 52)
Johnny R Bagby (M: 52) Edgar M Bagnell (M: 64) Lacy Boyd Bagwell (M: 49)
Lacy B Bagwell (M: 49) James Roy Baham (M: 40) Buster Bailey (M: 34)
David Gene Bailey (M: 50) Gloria Bailey (F: 52) Jared Wayne Bailey (M: 27)
Jason Allen Bailey (M: 28) Keith Renee Bailey (M: 50) Steven M Bailey (M: 30)
Verlin Gay Bailey (M: 64) Buster Bailey (M: 34) Gloria Alias Bailey (F: 52)
Verlin G Bailey (M: 64) Tillman Wayne Bain (M: 44) Windell R Baine (M: 67)
Michael Crawford Baity (M: 57) Michael C Baity (M: 57) Billy Monroe Baker (M: 28)
Bobby Dale Baker (M: 39) Bradley W Baker (M: 35) Charles Leroy Baker (M: 75)
Derrick Baker (M: 43) Donald Ray Baker (M: 49) Dormis Lodell Baker (M: 35)
Glenn Russell Baker (M: 58) Herbert A Baker (M: 70) James Randall Baker (M: 38)
James Elbert Baker (M: 67) James Kennedy Baker (M: 48) John Henry Baker (M: 53)
Junior A Baker (M: 53) Kenneth Eugene Baker (M: 47) Michael Ray Baker (M: 44)
Robert Michael Baker (M: 34) Ronnie Baker (M: 55) Roy Edward Baker (M: 76)
Sean Michael Baker (M: 33) Tammy Lynn Baker (F: 34) Tammy Lynn Baker (F: 34)
Thomas Earl Baker (M: 62) Timothy Stephen Baker (M: 60) William Baker (M: 57)
William Baker (M: 54) William Baker (M: 57) Jeremy Alexander Baker (M: 36)
William W Baker (M: 54) John H Baker (M: 53) Lane S Baker (M: 57)
Glenn R Baker (M: 58) Bradley W Baker (M: 35) Roy E Baker (M: 76)
Michael R Baker (M: 44) Junior A Baker (M: 53) Bobby D Baker (M: 39)
Conrad Baker (M: 48) Tammy L Baker (F: 34) Dormis L Baker (M: 35)
James E Baker (M: 67) Sean M Baker (M: 33) Donald R Baker (M: 49)
Jeremy D Baker (M: 28) Thomas E Baker (M: 62) John Henry Baker (M: 53)
Lane Steven Alias Baker (M: 57) Jeremy David Baker (M: 28) Laymon Lavelle Baker (M: 35)
Steve Wayne Bala (M: 55) Steve W Bala (M: 55) Troy Scott Balch (M: 49)
Anthony Wayne Baldrick (M: 33) Anthony W Baldrick (M: 33) Roy Daniel Baldridge (M: 39)
Bart Aaron Baldwin (M: 34) Vernon Baldwin (M: 54) Bart A Baldwin (M: 34)
Johnathan James Balistreri (M: 24) Rodney Lee Ball (M: 43) Paul W Ball (M: 39)
Eugene L Ballance (M: 65) Allen Joseph Ballard (M: 28) James A Ballard (M: 45)
James L Ballard (M: 28) James Turner Ballard (M: 75) Mark Anthony Ballard (M: 32)
Mary Catherine Ballard (F: 47) Melvin Ballard (M: 50) Patrick Jerome Ballard (M: 62)
Richard Ballard (M: 42) Thomas Sidney Ballard (M: 55) Travis Ballard (M: 47)
Troy Wayne Ballard (M: 44) Mary C Ballard (F: 47) Troy W Ballard (M: 44)
James A Ballard (M: 45) Melvin Ballard (M: 50) Patrick J Ballard (M: 62)
Walfredo Balaque Bandoy (M: 52) James Lee Bandy (M: 64) James L Bandy (M: 64)
Joseph Charles Bangs (M: 40) Christopher Douglas Banks (M: 44) Scotty Lydell Banks (M: 52)
Terry Eugene Banks (M: 44) Christopher Banks (M: 44) Richard Oscar Bant (M: 38)
Joseph Martin Banter (M: 34) Joseph M Banter (M: 34) Sthane Dawayne Barbeau (M: 26)
Chris Barbee (M: 41) Joseph Devon Barbee (M: 27) Joseph D Barbee (M: 27)
Charles Barber (M: 51) Justin Wayne Barber (M: 24) Eric D Barclay (M: 46)
Ivan Bard (M: 55) Darrell Wayne Barger (M: 47) Delanie R Barger (M: 63)
Hardin Lee Barger (M: 46) Larry Barger (M: 34) Scott W Barger (M: 41)
Hardin L Barger (M: 46) Darrell W Barger (M: 47) Scott Wayne Barger (M: 41)
Richard Joseph Bargiel (M: 26) Richard J Bargiel (M: 26) Baxter Bargo (M: 59)
Marcus D Barici (M: 36) John E Barker (M: 41) Kevin Reece Barker (M: 55)
John E Barker (M: 41) Kevin R Barker (M: 55) David L Barker (M: 40)
David Lee Barker (M: 40) Willie Eugene Barksdale (M: 32) Willie E Barksdale (M: 32)
Calvin Thomas Barlow (M: 53) Matthew Ryan Barlow (M: 30) Ralph Timothy Barlow (M: 53)
Robert Joseph Barlow (M: 52) Ralph T Barlow (M: 53) Joseph Antonio Barlow (M: 38)
Jeremy P Barmmer (M: 35) Jeremy Paul Barmmer (M: 35) Christopher Barnard (M: 39)
Bart Wayne Barnes (M: 48) Charles Thomas Barnes (M: 52) Donald Barnes (M: 54)
Jai T Barnes (M: 27) Jeffrey Wayne Barnes (M: 50) Joshua Holcomb Barnes (M: 30)
Jui Teran Barnes (M: 27) Kristi Lauren Barnes (F: 29) Luis Miquel Barnes (M: 46)
Marion Carl Barnes (M: 59) Nathan W Barnes (M: 36) Luis M Barnes (M: 46)
Jason L Barnes (M: 35) Kristi L Barnes (F: 29) Norma J Barnes (F: 64)
Neal Barnes (M: 43) Jason Leroy Alias Barnes (M: 35) Joseph L Barnes (M: 38)
Angela Celeste Barnett (F: 46) Arnton Barnett (M: 48) Bryan Barnett (M: 47)
Christopher Edward Barnett (M: 47) Ernest Gregory Barnett (M: 43) Gary Wayne Barnett (M: 42)
Grover Anthony Barnett (M: 48) Ison Barnett (M: 66) Leon Barnett (M: 29)
Michael Wayne Barnett (M: 31) Robert Barnett (M: 41) Christopher E Barnett (M: 47)
Angela C Barnett (F: 46) Gary W Barnett (M: 42) Arton Barnett (M: 48)
Leonard D Barnett (M: 59) Darrell Delaine Barnett (M: 66) Ricky Lee Barnett (M: 37)
Blaine Oneal Barnhart (M: 71) George Ernest Barnhill (M: 69) Michael Patrick Barnhorst (M: 45)
Kristopher M Barr (M: 29) Mark Barrantine (M: 51) John W Barrentine (M: 47)
Granville B Barrett (M: 29) James Darrell Barrett (M: 31) Hobart J Barrett (M: 66)
Granville B Barrett (M: 29) Ozzie Barron (M: 46) Ozzie Barron (M: 46)
Ozzie Barron (M: 46) Thomas Edward Barron Jr (M: 54) Gabriel J Barros (M: 33)
Francisco Barroso (M: 30) Earl William Bartels (M: 35) Harry Willman Bartle (M: 87)
Jeremy Bartlett (M: 31) William Montez Bartlett (M: 29) Jacob L Bartley (M: 24)
Richard Bartley (M: 67) Richard Bartley (M: 67) Anthony Bartley (M: 28)
Ladessia Barton (F: 28) Bryant Anthony Basham (M: 29) John Lavene Basham (M: 30)
Phillip Embry Basham (M: 60) Bryant A Basham (M: 29) Jessie Baskerville (M: 66)
Raymond Warren Baskerville (M: 51) Raymond Warren Baskerville (M: 51) Mark E Bass (M: 37)
Jerry L Bass (M: 40) Danny Lee Batchelor (M: 27) Eric James Batchelor (M: 43)
Danny L Batchelor (M: 27) Darnell L Bates (M: 34) David Shawn Bates (M: 33)
James F Bates (M: 62) Jayson David Bates (M: 26) Jesse Bates (M: 45)
David S Bates (M: 33) Jesse Bates (M: 45) Mark A Batson (M: 48)
James Allen Bauer (M: 33) James A Bauer (M: 33) Kyle Laine Baugh (M: 48)
Kyle Baugh (M: 48) Donald James Baum (M: 42) Donald James Allyn Baum (M: 42)
Thomas Baumgardner (M: 40) David Michael Baxter (M: 44) Fillmore Silas Baxter (M: 70)
James Baxter (M: 46) William Lee Baxter (M: 54) William Lee Baxter (M: 54)
William Lee Baxter (M: 54) Adam Baxter (M: 31) James Edward Bay (M: 41)
Melvin Douglas Bayless (M: 40) Melvin D Bayless (M: 40) Paul Jerome Beach (M: 52)
Frank Edmond Beal (M: 48) Ricky Joe Beal (M: 37) Kevin Beall (M: 43)
Weymouth Tillette Beals (M: 47) Edwin Altine Bean (M: 55) James Richard Bean (M: 49)
James R Bean (M: 49) Jeffrey Cleveland Beard (M: 44) Stacy Devon Beard (M: 40)
William Christopher Beard (M: 28) William C Beard (M: 28) Stacy D Beard (M: 40)
Jeffrey C Beard (M: 44) Joseph A Bearden (M: 55) Charles Richard Beasley (M: 48)
David Lee Beasley (M: 46) Jeffery Gary Beasley (M: 41) Jeffery Gary Beasley (M: 41)
Rebecca Louise Beasley (F: 57) Jeffery G Beasley (M: 41) David L Beasley (M: 46)
Rebecca L Beasley (F: 57) Henry Rodney Beatty (M: 35) Jerry Leslie Beatty (M: 80)
Kasey Walter Beaucamp (M: 48) James Chris Beauchamp (M: 37) James C Beauchamp (M: 37)
Charles E Beaven (M: 42) Frederick E Beavers (M: 44) James William Beavers (M: 74)
James William Beavers (M: 74) Paul Beck (M: 36) Randall Stewart Beck (M: 46)
Randall S Beck (M: 46) Eric Dewayne Beck (M: 48) Dale George Becker (M: 63)
John Wesley Becker (M: 50) Roger Eric Becker (M: 41) William Alvin Becker (M: 63)
Roger E Becker (M: 41) Valloyd B Becker (M: 43) William A Becker (M: 63)
Dale G Becker (M: 63) Valloyd Bruce Becker (M: 43) Robert Earl Beckhart (M: 51)
Robert E Beckhart (M: 51) Joel Henri Becks (M: 33) Joel H Becks (M: 33)
Mark Stanton Bedwell (M: 51) Mark S Bedwell (M: 51) Billy O Bedwell (M: 56)
Larry Arthur Beebe Jr (M: 44) Anthony Beechman (M: 40) Brian Scott Beechum (M: 37)
Bill L Beeman (M: 55) George Begley (M: 80) George Begley (M: 80)
Matthew A Behling (M: 46) David Kent Belcher (M: 22) Gregory Allen Belcher (M: 51)
Michael Lynn Belcher (M: 53) Royce Glenn Belcher (M: 57) Michael L Belcher (M: 53)
Royce Belcher (M: 57) Michael Antione Belk (M: 24) Brian Christopher Bell (M: 26)
Eddie Lee Bell (M: 43) John Bell (M: 63) Rayshawn D Bell (M: 31)
Rick Bell (M: 61) Robert Louis Bell (M: 63) Steven Andre Bell (M: 44)
Timothy David Bell (M: 39) Artle W Bell (M: 34) Charles K Bell (M: 43)
Steven A Bell (M: 44) Artle Wade Bell (M: 34) Charles Keith Bell (M: 43)
Roger Lee Belleu (M: 60) Roger L Belleu (M: 60) John D Bellew (M: 41)
James E Bellew (M: 77) James E Alias Bellew (M: 77) John Greg Bellomy (M: 46)
Keith Belt (M: 43) Ralph Belt (M: 61) Michael Belton (M: 23)
Ashley Bender (F: 31) Laurence Payen Benedict (M: 63) Laurence P Benedict (M: 63)
Larry Thomas Benefiel (M: 38) Anthony Benes-Cruz (M: 22) Terry Lee Bengert (M: 62)
Terry L Bengert (M: 62) Craig Arthur Benham (M: 52) Leon Benham (M: 69)
Scott Elliott A Benham (M: 32) Scott E Benham (M: 32) David Phillip Bennett (M: 35)
David Bennett (M: 51) David P Bennett (M: 35) David Alan Bennett (M: 31)
Deborah Ann Bennett (F: 58) Eric Allen Bennett (M: 48) Franklin Bennett (M: 75)
Jacob Michael Bennett (M: 20) James Robert Bennett (M: 43) Jason Wayne Bennett (M: 31)
Michael John Bennett (M: 32) Michael Bennett (M: 43) Mike Bennett (M: 43)
David P Bennett (M: 35) Jason W Bennett (M: 31) Franklin R Bennett (M: 75)
Michael J Bennett (M: 32) Mike Bennett (M: 43) William Larry Bennington (M: 68)
Haskell Bentley (M: 81) Henry Ray Bentley (M: 27) Homen Glenn Bentley (M: 53)
Jessie Bentley (M: 32) Lisa Ann Bentley (F: 52) Percy Evans Bentley (M: 66)
William Wayne Bentley (M: 62) Timothy A Bentley (M: 53) Percy E Bentley (M: 66)
Haskell Bentley (M: 81) Lisa A Bentley (F: 52) Frank Bergholtz (M: 35)
Frank Bergholtz (M: 35) Donald John Berkemeier (M: 36) Donald J Berkemeier (M: 36)
Baxter A Berkley (M: 53) Baxter A Berkley (M: 53) Don Berlin (M: 57)
Christopher Berry (M: 40) Demetris Berry (M: 28) Gary Berry (M: 26)
Jacob Clarence Berry (M: 45) Monte Berry (M: 33) Robert Berry (M: 38)
Ronald Coleman Berry (M: 68) Ronald C Berry (M: 68) Malcolm E Berry (M: 69)
Donald R Berry (M: 49) Malcolm Everett Berry (M: 69) Jared William Spencer Berry (M: 43)
Jeffery Allen Berryman (M: 53) Jeffrey Allen Berryman (M: 53) Tollie Frederick Berryman (M: 41)
Jeffery A Berryman (M: 53) Tollie F Berryman (M: 41) Joseph H Bertin (M: 61)
Walter David Bertsche (M: 42) Thomas Beschorner (M: 52) Johnny Lynn Beshears (M: 36)
Johnny L Beshears (M: 36) Allen Martin Bess (M: 36) Allen M Bess (M: 36)
Herbert Bess (M: 40) Herbert Bess (M: 40) Robert Betts (M: 56)
Robert Milton Betz (M: 31) Robert Milton Betz (M: 31) Phillip A Betzner (M: 24)
Donald Fred Bevfoden (M: 56) Donald Fred Bevfoden (M: N/A) George A Beyer (M: 90)
George Albert Beyer (M: 90) Thomas Calaunan Biagtan (M: 49) Joseph Bianco (M: 61)
Eddie Arnold Bias (M: 37) Eddie A Bias (M: 37) Terry L Bickford (M: 54)
Terry Lee Alias Bickford (M: 54) Juan Saffaro Biddix (M: 60) Jackie Davis Bidwell (M: 52)
Jackie D Bidwell (M: 52) Gregory A Biffle (M: 46) Gregory Allen Biffle (M: 46)
Anthony Wayne Bigbee (M: 51) Anthony W Bigbee (M: 51) Charlie Edward Bigelow (M: 60)
Charlie E Bigelow (M: 60) Chester Wayne Biggs (M: 36) John Biggs (M: 48)
Chester W Biggs (M: 36) Kevin W Bigham (M: 47) Craig Bigsby (M: 46)
Craig Bigsby (M: 46) Joe Henry Bijarro (M: 61) Joe H Bijarro (M: 61)
Joe Henry Bijarro (M: 61) Honold Scott Bilbrey (M: 51) William T Billings (M: 31)
Benjamin David Bills (M: 32) Ricky Dee Billups (M: 58) Larry D Bingham (M: 59)
Freddy C Bingham (M: 65) Chris M Bingham (M: 49) Larry D Bingham (M: 59)
Charles R Binion (M: 44) Scotty R Binion (M: 37) Scotty Ray Binion (M: 37)
Marcus Tiimothy Binkley (M: 50) Marcus Timothy Binkley (M: 50) Kenneth Wayne Birch (M: 46)
Russell Lee Birch (M: 57) Kenneth W Birch (M: 46) Russell L Birch (M: 57)
Johnny Birchfield (M: 41) Rodney Keith Bird (M: 51) Michael Weldon Birdwell (M: 32)
James Junior Bishop (M: 58) James Bishop (M: 58) James Gregory Bishop (M: 49)
Michael Joe Bishop (M: 52) Michael Joe Bishop (M: 52) Patrick W Bishop (M: 34)
Richard Nelson Bishop (M: 43) Thomas Bishop (M: 43) Timothy D Bishop (M: 53)
Timothy D Bishop (M: 52) Tommy Eugene Bishop (M: 54) James G Bishop (M: 49)
Timothy D Bishop (M: 52) Robert C Bishop (M: 48) James J Bishop (M: 58)
Patrick W Bishop (M: 34) Robert Charles Bishop (M: 48) Timothy Durant Bishop (M: 52)
Michael Lee Bishop (M: 31) Stacie Biven (F: 39) Cecil Eugene Bivens (M: 35)
William J Bivens (M: 45) Cecil E Bivens (M: 35) William J Bivens (M: 45)
James Dion Bixler (M: 39) Shanta Lamar Bixler (M: 30) James D Bixler (M: 39)
Howard Duane Bjerke (M: 56) Dillard Wade Black (M: 57) James Ralph Black (M: 65)
John Edward Black (M: 70) Kevin Ray Black (M: 53) Odessa Black (F: 36)
Quintin Levell Black (M: 52) Robin Ashley Black (F: 25) Thomas Edward Black (M: 40)
Thomas E Black (M: 40) Russell E Black (M: 57) Dillard W Black (M: 57)
Kevin R Black (M: 53) Russell Eugene Black (M: 57) Jason Nigel Black (M: 38)
Daniel Edward Blackburn (M: 32) Gene E Blackburn (M: 56) George Hamilton Blackburn (M: 45)
Scott A Blackburn (M: 49) George H Blackburn (M: 45) George H Blackburn (M: 45)
Melanie Mae Blackburn (F: 41) Charles David Blackmon (M: 50) Jerry Wayne Blackmon (M: 56)
Charles D Blackmon (M: 50) Deborah Kay Blackwell (F: 45) Deborah K Blackwell (F: 45)
David Blaine (M: 66) David Douglas Blair (M: 50) James Clifford Blair (M: 44)
James William Blair (M: 55) Jayme Lee Blair (M: 37) Josh Leroy Blair (M: 28)
Roy Blair (M: 39) Tommy Blair (M: 52) James C Blair (M: 44)
David D Blair (M: 50) Kevin Blair (M: 50) James W Blair (M: 55)
Jack Edward Blaisdell (M: 27) George Thomas Blake (M: 24) Gordon Richard Blake (M: 54)
Joseph M Blake (M: 51) Walter Curtis Blake (M: 53) Joseph M Blake (M: 51)
Donald R Blakley (M: 57) Carlus Blan (M: 51) Nigel Alexander Bland (M: 32)
Joseph Richard Blanford (M: 53) Joseph R Blanford (M: 53) Harrison Blankenship (M: 87)
James Nickholas Blankenship (M: 30) Randy Blankenship (M: 58) Randy Idell Blankenship (M: 58)
Justin D Blankenship (M: 32) Murl C Blankenship (M: 56) Christopher Blanton (M: 32)
Gregory Blanton (M: 49) James Blanton (M: 61) Matthew Ryan Blanton (M: 23)
Richard Blanton (M: 58) Ronnie Dale Blanton (M: 45) William A Blanton (M: 65)
James Blanton (M: 61) Ronnie D Blanton (M: 45) Derrick Ray Blasdel (M: 37)
Derrick R Blasdel (M: 37) Billy Blasingam (M: 34) Billy Wayne Blasingim (M: 34)
Nathan Alan Blaydes (M: 30) Nathan A Blaydes (M: 30) Gary L Bledsoe (M: 58)
James D Bledsoe (M: 26) Walter Earl Bledsoe (M: 58) Walter E Bledsoe (M: 58)
Steve Ray Blevens (M: 40) Steve R Blevens (M: 40) Randy Blevins (M: 41)
Ralph Nolan Blick (M: 67) James Anthony Blincoe (M: 54) Gary R Blincoe (M: 58)
Roy Lee Blizzard (M: 25) Ronald Albert Bloecher (M: 52) Ronald A Bloecher (M: 52)
Ronald Bloecher (M: 52) Robert C Blough (M: 42) Jared Bluck (M: 44)
Jared William Bluck (M: 44) James Blumenstock (M: 55) David Lee Blunkall (M: 27)
Billy Wayne Blythe (M: 53) Billy W Blythe (M: 53) Antonio Dewan Boaz (M: 34)
Cedric Lyle Boaz (M: 46) Antonio D Boaz (M: 34) Cedric L Boaz (M: 46)
Timothy Dewayne Boaz (M: 41) Ray Gene Bobbett (M: 50) Ray Gene Bobbett (M: 50)
Ray G Bobbett (M: 50) Robert Lee Bobo (M: 49) Sean Jay Bobo (M: 41)
David Bobo (M: 53) David Bobo (M: 53) Joseph Louis Boccanera (M: 49)
Herbert John Bodeman (M: 77) Joseph Leonard Boeckman (M: 70) Anthony Joseph Boes (M: 42)
Anthony Joseph Boes (M: 43) Scott Alan Bogert (M: 39) Scott Bogert (M: 39)
Gregory Wayne Boggs (M: 49) Jason Terrill Boggs (M: 33) Lee Roy Boggs (M: 57)
Roy Boggs (M: 45) Jason T Boggs (M: 33) Lee R Boggs (M: 57)
Paul E Boggs (M: 62) Alex Farron Bogle (M: 28) Steven Charles Bogus (M: 29)
David Gary Bohannon (M: 55) David Bohn (M: 46) Gregory Bohn (M: 45)
Grant Bol (M: 51) Winford Ray Boleyn (M: 57) Winford R Boleyn (M: 57)
Winford R Boleyn (M: 57) Ann Marie Bolin (F: 48) Brian Christopher Bolin (M: 29)
Donald Ray Bolin (M: 60) Joshua Joseph Bolin (M: 34) Joshua Alexander Bolin (M: 28)
Joshua A Bolin (M: 28) Donald R Bolin (M: 60) Joshua J Bolin (M: 34)
Eric Len Boller (M: 37) Eric L Boller (M: 37) Tammy Bolte (F: 40)
Michael William Bolter (M: 41) David Wayne Bond (M: 34) Matthew Kelly Bond (M: 39)
Matthew K Bond (M: 39) Charles James Bond (M: 29) James Eugene Bonds (M: 40)
James E Bonds (M: 40) Daniel Keith Bone (M: 32) Larry Duane Boner (M: 65)
Larry D Boner (M: 65) Robert A Boner (M: 49) Larry D Boner (M: 65)
Wendell Bonner (M: 41) Marcus Zane Booher (M: 30) Tony Ray Book (M: 40)
Tony R Book (M: 40) Darrell Lee Booker (M: 53) Darrell Lee Booker (M: 53)
Gregory Dale Booker (M: 20) Phillip E Booker (M: 41) Phillip Eugene Booker (M: 41)
Tyrone Spencer Booker (M: 46) Phillip E Booker (M: 41) Tyrone S Booker (M: 46)
Donald Sidney Boone (M: 67) Jack Boone (M: 39) Jason Paul Boone (M: 32)
Michael Shaun Boone (M: 46) Stephanie Rae Boone (F: 28) William R Boone (M: 45)
Jason P Boone (M: 32) Donald S Boone (M: 67) James Andrew Booth (M: 51)
Nathan Earl Booth (M: 43) William Wayne Booth (M: 58) James A Booth (M: 51)
William W Booth (M: 58) William W Booth (M: 58) Mitchell Alias Borden (M: 55)
Mitchell Borden (M: 55) Timothy Gerald Bordenet (M: 32) Timothy Gerald Bordenet (M: 32)
James Alan Borders (M: 40) James Ricky Borders (M: 55) Mark Franklin Borders (M: 56)
Mark F Borders (M: 56) James Ray Borel (M: 48) Ruth Ann Boren (F: 31)
Ruth A Boren (F: 31) Ronald Albert Borman (M: 65) Ronald Borman (M: 65)
William Bornhorst (M: 48) Jorge Luis Bosch-Chamiso (M: 54) Gene Kermit Bosley (M: 44)
Kevin James Bosley (M: 31) Kevin James Bosley (M: 31) Kevin J Bosley (M: 31)
Homer Ray Bostic (M: 33) Robert Eugene Bostic (M: 47) Robert E Bostic (M: 47)
Homer Ray Bostic (M: 33) Timothy Boston (M: 50) Kenneth Alias Boston (M: 82)
William Arvel Boswell (M: 43) David William Botson (M: 57) Tony Robert Botto (M: 44)
Stanley Stephen Bottom (M: 43) John Allen Botts (M: 30) John David Botts (M: 37)
John A Botts (M: 30) John D Botts (M: 37) Bryan Anthony Boudreaux (M: 26)
Bryan A Boudreax (M: 26) Joseph Mark Bourne (M: 51) Samuel Stephen Boutcher (M: 58)
Joseph J Bouwkamp (M: 32) Robert Wayne Bowden (M: 48) Robert Wayne Bowden (M: 48)
Robert L Bowdre (M: 41) John Bowe (M: 43) John A Bowe (M: 43)
Samuel Bowen (M: 79) William Edgar Bowen (M: 64) William E Bowen (M: 64)
Curtis Lee Bowens (M: 46) Benny Bowens (M: 47) Curtis L Bowens (M: 46)
Dennis A Bowermann (M: 49) Marcos Bowers (M: 31) Jackie Lynn Bowles (M: 54)
Johnny Keith Bowles (M: 44) Michael Wayne Bowles (M: 60) Sammy Mckay Bowles (M: 64)
Wesley Owen Bowles (M: 29) Johnny K Bowles (M: 44) Sammy M Bowles (M: 64)
Jackie L Bowles (M: 54) Michael Bowles (M: 60) Benjamin J Bowles (M: 44)
Charles Eritt Bowlin (M: 47) Jason Lee Bowlin (M: 30) Charles E Bowlin (M: 47)
Jason L Bowlin (M: 30) George R Bowling (M: 36) Helen Bowling (F: 52)
Jackie Bowling (M: 43) Ronald Wayne Bowling (M: 58) Shawn Jamison Bowling (M: 33)
Shawn Bowling (M: 33) Ronald W Bowling (M: 58) Donald George Bowling (M: 71)
Billy R Bowman (M: 40) Jerry Lee Bowman (M: 42) Keith Damount Bowman (M: 46)
Marvin Jay Bowman (M: 49) Richard Lee Bowman (M: 41) Richard L Bowman (M: 41)
Marvin J Bowman (M: 49) Gregory Keith Box (M: 58) Dewayne Lamont Boyd (M: 39)
Jeffrey Lee Boyd (M: 49) Michael Dwain Boyd (M: 33) Roger Lasson Boyd (M: 41)
Roger Boyd (M: 41) Roger Lasson Boyd (M: 41) Steven William Boyd (M: 63)
Rocky Boyd (M: 51) Steven W Boyd (M: 63) Jeffrey L Boyd (M: 49)
Dewayne L Boyd (M: 39) Rocky Lane Boyd (M: 51) Brent Boyer (M: 52)
Frankie T Boyer (M: 38) Franklin Todd Boyer (M: 38) Franklin T Boyer (M: 38)
Theodore Thomas Boyers (M: 43) Theodore T Boyers (M: 43) Robert Coyle Boyett (M: 42)
Robert C Boyett (M: 42) John David Boyken (M: 38) John David Boyken (M: 38)
Clarence Clyde Boykins (M: 55) Patrick Vernon Boyle (M: 46) Patrick Frances Boyle (M: 47)
Patrick F Boyle (M: 47) Greg Brian Boyles (M: 55) Lorie Denise Brabham (F: 48)
Lorie Denise Brabham (F: 48) James E Brackett (M: 61) Brendan Allard Braddock (M: 51)
David S Braden (M: 43) James Wayne Braden (M: 38) Raymond Wayne Braden (M: 26)
Shawn Curtis Braden (M: 32) Lester Bradfield (M: 69) Anthony Thomas Bradford (M: 40)
Robert Eugene Bradford (M: 64) Teresa Bradford (F: 49) Anthony T Bradford (M: 40)
Billy Lynn Alias Bradford (M: 58) Carlo Frank Bradley (M: 35) Carlo Frank Bradley (M: 35)
Donald Eugene Bradley (M: 63) Floyd Bradley (M: 66) Herbert Scott Bradley (M: 50)
Kenneth Wayne Bradley (M: 56) Wendell Keith Bradley (M: 57) William Lamont Bradley (M: 48)
Donald E Bradley (M: 63) Kenneth W Bradley (M: 56) Wendell K Bradley (M: 57)
Herbert Bradley (M: 50) David Shannon Bradner (M: 49) Carl Edward Bradshaw (M: 49)
Cecil Dean Bradshaw (M: 57) Rodney Jay Bradshaw (M: 45) Carl E Bradshaw (M: 49)
Gregory S Bradshaw (M: 38) Cecil D Bradshaw (M: 57) Dustin Brady (M: 22)
William Lee Braid (M: 53) William L Braid (M: 53) Keith Allen Bramblett (M: 45)
Keath A Bramblett (M: 45) Scott Bramel (M: 41) Scott Bramel (M: 41)
Jennifer Renee Brand (F: 30) Patrick A Brandon (M: 39) Patrick A Brandon (M: 39)
Monty Paul Brandon (M: 34) James Branham (M: 51) Wilson Harmon Branham (M: 45)
Wilson H Branham (M: 45) James Branham (M: 51) Clarence Herbert Branham (M: 56)
Wayne O Branker (M: 32) Gary Wayne Brannock (M: 73) Jerry Lee Branscum (M: 59)
Wallace L Branson (M: 75) Sherman Brasher (M: 49) John L Brasko (M: 51)
David Allen Brassfield (M: 39) David A Brassfield (M: 39) Benjamin Scott Bratcher (M: 35)
Bruce Allen Bratcher (M: 48) Larry R Bratcher (M: 33) Wesley Dwayne Bratcher (M: 36)
Wesley D Bratcher (M: 36) Benjamin S Bratcher (M: 35) Bruce A Bratcher (M: 48)
Gregory Scott Bravard (M: 50) Gregory S Bravard (M: 50) Roger Dale Bray (M: 65)
Matthew Troy Brazzell (M: 40) Donald E Bredenberg (M: 24) Douglas Edward Bredhold (M: 46)
William B Breeden (M: 65) William B Breeden (M: 65) James Garland Breeding (M: 67)
Curtis L Breeding (M: 64) James G Breeding (M: 67) Deno A Brekke (M: 56)
Deno A Brekke (M: 56) Deno Alexander Brekke (M: 56) Daniel W Brewer (M: 49)
David Earl Brewer (M: 49) Dewey Lee Brewer (M: 73) Herbert Travis Brewer (M: 34)
James Brewer (M: 52) Johnny Brewer (M: 37) Kimberly Faye Brewer (F: 48)
Noel Howard Brewer (M: 49) Ronald Edward Brewer (M: 57) Ronald Edward Brewer (M: 57)
Samuel M Brewer (M: 37) Wanda G Brewer (F: 39) Ronald E Brewer (M: 57)
David E Brewer (M: 49) Thomas Jefferson Brewer (M: 64) Elmer Harrison Brewster (M: 55)
Elmer H Brewster (M: 55) James Ray Bridgeman (M: 45) Richard Louis Bridgeman (M: 64)
James R Bridgeman (M: 45) Richard L Bridgeman (M: 64) Donald Ray Bridges (M: 58)
James Robert Clay Bridges (M: 37) Rondell Irvin Bridges (M: 68) Rondell Bridges (M: 67)
Donald R Bridges (M: 58) Rondell E Bridges (M: 68) James R Bridges (M: 37)
Mark Bridwell (M: 48) Anthony Wayne Briggs (M: 34) Norman Edward Briggs (M: 47)
Kenneth Paul Brightman (M: 43) Christopher Matt Brigman (M: 23) Ricky Gene Briley (M: 59)
Ricky G Briley (M: 59) Rickie Gene Briley (M: 59) Albert W Brindley (M: 32)
Mason Edward Brindley (M: 75) Albert W Brindley (M: 32) Mason E Brindley (M: 75)
Bertie W Brinegar (M: 45) Bertie W Brinegar (M: 45) Harold Vernon Brinley (M: 69)
Hubert Thomas Brisco (M: 63) Hubert T Brisco (M: 63) John Clayton Brisko (M: 34)
John C Brisko (M: 34) Juan Brito (M: 41) Antwan Britt (M: 42)
James Ronald Britt (M: 46) Douglas Wayne Brock (M: 45) Freddie Joe Brock (M: 61)
Gregory Brock (M: 43) Joshua Trent Brock (M: 28) Larry Dean Brock (M: 31)
Larry Ray Brock (M: 54) Larry Brock (M: 31) Otis Gerald Brock (M: 31)
Reginald Allen Brock (M: 64) William David Brock (M: 35) Clyde E. Brock (M: 55)
Larry R Brock (M: 54) Thomas S Brock (M: 43) Douglas W Brock (M: 45)
Freddie J Brock (M: 61) Donald Eugene Brockley (M: 47) Richard Brockway (M: 50)
Michael Anthony Broderick (M: 51) Michael Patrick Brogan (M: 56) Henry Eurvin Brokaw (M: 37)
Henry Edwin Brokaw (M: 58) Henry E Brokaw (M: 37) Henry Edwin Brokaw (M: 58)
Henry E Brokaw (M: 37) Anthony Wayne Brookins (M: 41) Wayne Anthony Brookins (M: 42)
Anthony W Brookins (M: 41) Jimmy Dale Brooks (M: 63) Billy Wayne Brooks (M: 52)
Billy Wayne Brooks (M: 52) Bryan Alan Brooks (M: 28) Dennis Fredrick Brooks (M: 64)
Glenn Edward Brooks (M: 42) Herbert L Brooks (M: 44) Jerry D Brooks (M: 70)
Jerry Dean Brooks (M: 70) Johnny Brooks (M: 46) Johnny Brooks (M: 39)
Kenneth Brooks (M: 43) Robert Vernon Brooks (M: 51) Robert Lee Brooks (M: 43)
Ronald Brooks (M: 69) Ronald Coleman Brooks (M: 35) Timothy Allen Brooks (M: 49)
Jerry D Brooks (M: 70) Glenn E Brooks (M: 42) Jimmy D Brooks (M: 63)
Timothy A Brooks (M: 49) Billy W Brooks (M: 52) Jimmy Dale Brooks (M: 63)
Edjuan Lamont Brooks (M: 45) William Darnell Brooks (M: 43) Robert Anthony Brotzge (M: 54)
Frank James Broughton (M: 59) John Broughton (M: 38) Joshua Scott Broughton (M: 32)
Paul D Broughton (M: 53) Thomas Lee Broughton (M: 44) Thomas Lee Broughton (M: 44)
Thomas Broughton (M: 44) Joshua S Broughton (M: 32) Dennis Marlon Brouse (M: 43)
Perry Browder (M: 44) Adam Charles Brown (M: 37) Anthony Lynn Brown (M: 53)
Antonio Lamont Brown (M: 44) Arthur L Brown (M: 29) Benjamin Randall Brown (M: 29)
Billy Brown (M: 34) Bradley K Brown (M: 32) Bryant Brown (M: 50)
Charles Wayne Brown (M: 47) Claude Edward Brown (M: 46) Daniel Leon Brown (M: 59)
Danny Brent Brown (M: 41) Danny Brent Brown (M: 41) Darrell Wayne Brown (M: 61)
Darrell Brown (M: 28) David Lewis Brown (M: 53) David Jason Brown (M: 33)
Donald Ray Brown (M: 36) Eddie D Brown (M: 63) Eddie Hugh Brown (M: 52)
Franklin Tipton Brown (M: 33) Fredrick M Brown (M: 50) Henry Frank Brown (M: 54)
Henry J Brown (M: 59) Ira Russell Brown (M: 44) James Leonard Brown (M: 40)
James Robert Brown (M: 58) James Robert Brown (M: 32) James Jeffrey Brown (M: 52)
James Alan Brown (M: 47) James Edward Brown (M: 55) James R Brown (M: 42)
Jason Wayne Brown (M: 27) Jason Edwin Brown (M: 42) Jermaine Brown (M: 38)
John Jason Brown (M: 35) Larry T Brown (M: 36) Larry Ray Brown (M: 56)
Lusean R Brown (M: 35) Mark Brown (M: 54) Mark Anthony Brown (M: 32)
Mark Brown (M: 37) Mark Edmund Brown (M: 42) Melissa Mae Brown (F: 37)
Melissa Mae Brown (F: 37) Monte Darnell Brown (M: 58) Paul Lynn Brown (M: 39)
Ralph Lee Brown (M: 56) Reginald Kevin Brown (M: 31) Richard Jeffrey Brown (M: 48)
Robert Shannon Brown (M: 35) Ronald Dale Brown (M: 58) Ronald Dale Brown (M: 55)
Ronnie Leroy Brown (M: 53) Scotty Brown (M: 39) Shanta R Brown (M: 35)
Stephen Gregory Brown (M: 32) Terry Wade Brown (M: 63) Timothy Brown (M: 46)
Tommy Brown (M: 46) Walter B Brown (M: 66) Wilfird Joy Brown (M: 40)
Terry Wade Brown (M: 63) William E. Brown (M: 47) Claude E Brown (M: 46)
Ralph L Brown (M: 56) Eddie H Brown (M: 52) Antonio L Brown (M: 44)
Mark E Brown (M: 42) Lucian L Brown (M: 71) Robert S Brown (M: 35)
Henry J Brown (M: 59) Tommy Brown (M: 46) Danny B Brown (M: 41)
Jason W Brown (M: 27) Ronald D Brown (M: 58) Bobbie Brown (M: 76)
Charles W Brown (M: 47) Virginia K Brown (F: 54) Edward A Brown (M: 74)
Anthony L Brown (M: 53) Donald R Brown (M: 36) Wilfird J Brown (M: 40)
Dedric J Brown (M: 32) Stephen G Brown (M: 32) Bryant Brown (M: 50)
Daniel L Brown (M: 59) James E Brown (M: 55) Marvin R Brown (M: 33)
Fred Brown (M: 79) David J Brown (M: 33) Franklin T Brown (M: 33)
James L Brown (M: 48) James A Brown (M: 47) Edward Arthur Alias Brown (M: 74)
Fred Brown (M: 79) Lucian Lee Brown (M: 71) Steven Allen Alias Brown (M: 35)
Lin Dale Brown (M: 36) Jovan R Brown (M: 22) Dwayne Brown (M: 51)
Lester Earl Brown (M: 45) Nicholas Allen Brown (M: 30) Reginald Kevin Brown Ii (M: 31)
William E Brown Jr (M: 47) Eugene Brown Jr (M: 51) David M Browne (M: 37)
David Michael Browne (M: 37) Brian Joseph Browning (M: 29) David Wayne Browning (M: 39)
John Everett Taylor Browning (M: 35) Kenzie Browning (M: 52) Robert Lee Browning (M: 48)
Vanessa Kailey Browning (F: 49) Shane Taylor Browning (M: 20) Robert L Browning (M: 48)
Roy H Browning (M: 60) David W Browning (M: 39) Brian J Browning (M: 29)
Roy Howard Browning (M: 60) Shane Taylor Browning (M: 20) Tyree Brownridge (M: 39)
Thomas Hubert Broyles (M: 57) William Blandford Broyles (M: 83) William B Broyles (M: 83)
Felix Edward Bruce (M: 48) Frank D Bruce (M: 46) Michael Alan Bruce (M: 37)
Felix E Bruce (M: 48) Frank D Bruce (M: 46) Donnie William Brumfield (M: 35)
Donnie W Brumfield (M: 35) Herbert L Brumley (M: 79) Herbert Lindberg Brumley (M: 79)
Jerry Brummett (M: 50) Randall Lee Brummett (M: 55) Randall L Brummett (M: 55)
Jerry Brummett (M: 50) Barry Douglas Bruner (M: 58) Barry D Bruner (M: 58)
Christopher L Brunner (M: 36) Christopher Lee Brunner (M: 36) Kathleen Helen Bruno (F: 50)
Kathleen Helen Bruno (F: 50) Louis James Bruno (M: 54) Louis J Bruno (M: 54)
Louis J Bruno (M: 54) Keith Steve Bruns (M: 30) Keith S Bruns (M: 30)
Jeffrey Allen Brunson (M: 55) David Dean Brunstetter (M: 57) Randy Allen Bryan (M: 46)
Randy Allen Bryan (M: 46) Brandon Montez Bryant (M: 30) Danny William Bryant (M: 51)
Jeffrey Dennis Bryant (M: 52) Martin Lewis Bryant (M: 49) Michael Wayne Bryant (M: 30)
Phillip Bryant (M: 39) Robert Gordon Bryant (M: 51) Robert Darrell Bryant (M: 51)
Sandra Ann Bryant (F: 50) Thomas Bryant (M: 67) Willie Vance Bryant (M: 52)
Thomas Bryant (M: 67) Robert D Bryant (M: 51) Jeffrey D Bryant (M: 52)
Robert G Bryant (M: 51) Willie Bryant (M: 52) Martin L Bryant (M: 49)
Eugene August Bryant (M: 33) Ronnie L Bryles (M: 37) John James Bryne (M: 67)
John J Bryne (M: 67) Ramon B Buchanan (M: 24) Timothy Ramone Buckler (M: 47)
Timothy R Buckler (M: 47) Dustin Gold Buckles (M: 32) William Lawrence Buckley (M: 40)
William L Buckley (M: 39) Bradley Oneil Buckman (M: 29) John Monroe Buckner (M: 57)
John M Buckner (M: 57) Gary David Budke (M: 42) James Kevin Buergey (M: 47)
James K Buergey (M: 47) Vincent Scott Bufkin (M: 42) Vincent Scott Bufkin (M: 42)
Marcus Buford (M: 41) Darrell Lynn Buford (M: 54) James Donald Bullington (M: 73)
James D Bullington (M: 73) James William Bullock (M: 30) Michael Shane Bullock (M: 37)
William David Bullock (M: 57) William David Bullock (M: 57) William D Bullock (M: 57)
Walter F Bullock (M: 70) James W Bullock (M: 30) Walter Bullock (M: 70)
Mitchell Glenn Bumphus (M: 56) Mitchell G Bumphus (M: 56) Charles Ray Bumpus (M: 49)
Charles Ray Bumpus (M: 49) Donald Glen Bunch (M: 57) James Richard Bunch (M: 45)
James R Bunch (M: 45) Jon Edwin Bunn (M: 26) Jon E Bunn (M: 26)
Robert L Buntain (M: 65) Robert Lee Buntain (M: 65) Cornell Rodney Burbage (M: 25)
Gregory Burbage (M: 32) Joseph G Burch (M: 53) Nicholas Burch (M: 71)
William Brown Burch (M: 70) William B Burch (M: 70) Steve Burchard (M: 48)
James Burchett (M: 31) Gary Allen Burd (M: 41) Gary A Burd (M: 41)
Benjamin Charles Burden (M: 29) Benjamin Charles Burden (M: 29) Billy Gene Burden (M: 45)
Mark Burden (M: 50) Thomas J Burden (M: 47) Rebecca D Burden (F: 35)
Benjamin David Burdette (M: 36) Benjamin D Burdette (M: 36) Jason Burgess (M: 31)
John David Burgess (M: 73) Juanita Jamie Burgess (F: 36) Okey C Burgess (M: 50)
Scottie Lee Burgess (M: 44) Jamie J Burgess (F: 36) Okey C Burgess (M: 50)
John D Burgess (M: 73) Scottie L Burgess (M: 44) Billy Ray Burgett (M: 64)
Billy R Burgett (M: 64) Bruce Alan Burgin (M: 47) Chris Burgin (M: 29)
Chris Burgin (M: 29) Bruce A Burgin (M: 47) Alexandro Rafael Burgos (M: 37)
Billy Joe Burke (M: 27) Christopher William Burke (M: 35) Glenn Edward Burke (M: 54)
Ronald Burke (M: 35) Christopher W Burke (M: 35) Billy J Burke (M: 27)
Bryan Anthony Burkett (M: 43) Christopher Burkett (M: 50) Christopher Loyd Burkett (M: 50)
Larry Floyd Burkhalter (M: 63) Bradley David Burkhard (M: 40) Bradley D Burkhard (M: 40)
Bradley David Burkhard (M: 40) Michael Burkhart (M: 28) Michael Ray Burkhart (M: 28)
Michael Burkhart (M: 28) Gary Eugene Burks (M: 55) Gary E Burks (M: 55)
Raymond Anthony Burleson (M: 67) Maliekka C Burley (M: 35) Charles Burnett (M: 46)
Clayton Stephen Burnett (M: 61) Deborah Leagh Burnett (F: 46) Morris Gordon Burnett (M: 54)
Robert Howard Burnett (M: 43) Robert Burnett (M: 46) Clayton S Burnett (M: 61)
Deborah L Burnett (F: 46) Morris G Burnett (M: 54) Lee P Burnett (M: 56)
Robert H Burnett (M: 43) Morris Gordon Burnett (M: 49) Jackie Wayne Burnette (M: 31)
Jackie W Burnette (M: 31) William Terrell Burney (M: N/A) William Terrell Burney (M: 55)
Gerald Alden Burnham (M: 71) David Burns (M: 56) Jeffrey Scott Burns (M: 23)
Michael Gregory Burns (M: 35) Michael G Burns (M: 35) Elijah Burns (M: 31)
Bernard Eugene Burrington (M: 58) Ricky Mark Burris (M: 48) Troy S Burriss (M: 32)
Troy S Burriss (M: 32) Zakrey Roger Burritt (M: 18) Larry Demetrius Burroughs (M: 33)
Larry Demetrius Burroughs (M: 33) Melvin Burrows (M: 47) William Timothy Burt (M: 49)
William T Burt (M: 49) Floyd E Burt (M: 86) Floyd Eugene Burt (M: 86)
Brian Burton (M: 50) Curtis Eugene Burton (M: 57) Darrell Wayne Burton (M: 30)
David Keith Burton (M: 52) James Burton (M: 46) Jarvis Conley Burton (M: 70)
Jesse Frederick Burton (M: 44) Joe R Burton (M: 49) Josef F Burton (M: 41)
Joseph Edward Burton (M: 56) Phillip Wayne Burton (M: 55) Tony Marshall Burton (M: 53)
Zachery Burton (M: 24) James Frederick Burton (M: 44) Josef F Burton (M: 41)
Terry Burton (M: 55) Phillip W Burton (M: 55) Joseph E Burton (M: 56)
Jesse F Burton (M: 44) Curtis E Burton (M: 57) Brian K Burton (M: 50)
David K Burton (M: 52) Curtis E Burton (M: 57) Paul Frederick Buschena (M: 52)
Paul Frederick Buschena (M: 52) Paul F Buschena (M: 52) Andrew Bush (M: 54)
Callie Bush (F: 42) Denny Ray Bush (M: 50) John Bush (M: 70)
Paul Martin Bush (M: 46) Travis Wayne Bush (M: 32) Denny R Bush (M: 50)
Terry Allen Bush Jr (M: 39) John A Bushong (M: 39) Joseph John Buska (M: 46)
Brian Thomas Bussey (M: 34) Andrew Charles Buster (M: 55) Patricia Kay Buster (F: 42)
Andrew C Buster (M: 55) Palmer Gaile Buster (M: 46) Michael Shawn Butcher (M: 36)
Michael S Butcher (M: 36) Joshua James Butcher (M: 30) Demond Montanez Butler (M: 38)
John Robert Butler (M: 53) Ronald W Butler (M: 36) Stephen Wayne Butler (M: 46)
Robert R Butler (M: 41) Edward J Butler (M: 57) Stephen W Butler (M: 46)
John R Butler (M: 53) Ronnie C Butler (M: 56) Danny R Butler (M: 41)
Jack Butterworth (M: 68) Jack Butterworth (M: 68) Delbert Wayne Buttery (M: 62)
Donald David Buttery (M: 47) Donald D Buttery (M: 47) Delbert W Buttrey (M: 62)
Corey James Butts (M: 41) Robert Butts (M: 78) Corey J Butts (M: 41)
James Manson Buttz (M: 37) James M Buttz (M: 37) William C Buxton (M: 50)
William C Buxton (M: 50) Tommy Byars (M: 66) Tommy Nmn Byars (M: 66)
Steven Byerley (M: 59) Robert J Byers (M: 69) David Byrd (M: 53)
Joshua Blake Byrd (M: 21) Myron Shawn Byrd (M: 38) Timothy Shawn Byrd (M: 34)
Vincent Oneal Byrd (M: 48) Earl Byrd (M: 52) Myron S Byrd (M: 38)
Vincent O Byrd (M: 48) Brian Marchez Byrd (M: 24) Christopher Patrick Byrne (M: 28)

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