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Nicholas Gayle Aaron (M: 26) Aroman Albraha Ababtain (M: 51) Maximo Abad (M: 71)
Brian Richard Abbott (M: 26) Timothy Abbott (M: 53) George D Abbott (M: 30)
George Derrick Abbott (M: 30) Charles Mutee Abdullah (M: 60) Charles Abdullah (M: 60)
Seifullah Siddiq Abdullah (M: 34) Seifullah S Abdullah (M: 34) Charles Arnold Abell (M: 47)
Daniel Ray Abell (M: 49) Eric Lee Abell (M: 42) Ivan Dwayne Abell (M: 29)
James Edwards Abell (M: 33) Ivan D Abell (M: 29) James E Abell (M: 33)
Daniel R Abell (M: 49) Charles A Abell (M: 47) Steven Joseph Abels (M: 33)
James Allen Abercrombie (M: 62) Nathan Eugene Abercrombie (M: 24) Nathan E Abercrombie (M: 24)
Joe Louis Able (M: 53) Joe L Able (M: 53) Joshua Reynolds Abnee (M: 33)
Bradley Abner (M: 31) John Anthony Abner (M: 28) Mark Anthony Abner (M: 43)
Michael William Abner (M: 28) William Jerry Abner (M: 38) William J Abner (M: 38)
Mark A Abner (M: 43) Everett Abney (M: 46) Ricky Abney (M: 54)
Bashir Al Aboudi (M: 41) Tolvey Abshire (M: 41) Brian Alonzo Acton (M: 37)
Brian A Acton (M: 37) Jason Ross Ada (M: 36) Buechel Lee Adams (M: 40)
David Kent Adams (M: 57) Don Allen Adams (M: 51) Earl Scott Adams (M: 48)
Eulis Alfred Adams (M: 41) Gary Franklin Adams (M: 51) Guy Anthony Adams (M: 54)
James C Adams (M: 85) Kenneth Eugene Adams (M: 41) Matthew Adams (M: 32)
Noah Rushing Adams (M: 28) Noah Rushing Adams (M: 28) Parker George Adams (M: 68)
Paul Robert Adams (M: 28) Randall Dean Adams (M: 50) Roosevelt Adams (M: 37)
Roy Duane Adams (M: 53) Terry Glen Adams (M: 47) Timothy Lamont Adams (M: 44)
Willard Douglas Adams (M: 84) Willard Adams (M: 84) Willie Adams (M: 37)
Gary F Adams (M: 51) Clyde C Adams (M: 53) Terry G Adams (M: 47)
Timothy L Adams (M: 44) Don A Adams (M: 51) David K Adams (M: 57)
Romie G Adams (M: 80) Roosevelt Adams (M: 37) Randall D Adams (M: 50)
Eulis A Adams (M: 41) Parker G Adams (M: 68) Buechel L Adams (M: 40)
Paul R Adams (M: 28) Willie Adams (M: 37) Kenneth E Adams (M: 41)
Willard N Adams (M: 84) Dallas A Adams (M: 64) Romie Adams (M: 80)
Dallas Arnold Adams (M: 64) Kenneth Eugene Adams (M: 41) James M Adams (M: 52)
Thomas Edward Adams (M: 53) Rod Matthew Adams (M: 28) Michael Adams (M: 33)
Lucy Dee Adamson (F: 44) Vernon Alan Adank (M: 52) Vernon A Adank (M: 52)
Carl Winston Adcock (M: 34) Larry Gilbert Adcock (M: 63) Larry Gilbert Adcock (M: 63)
Louis William Adcock (M: 55) Rocky Wayne Adcock (M: 53) Tanery Deon Addison (M: 26)
Tanery D Addison (M: 26) Joyce Coe Adington (F: 61) Lanny Jay Adington (M: 55)
Lanny J Adington (M: 55) Joyce C Adington (F: 61) Bobby Gene Adkins (M: 66)
Charles E Adkins (M: 75) Diana Rose Adkins (F: 26) Donald Scott Adkins (M: 51)
Edward Lee Adkins (M: 50) Ervin Adkins (M: 42) Jonathan Wade Adkins (M: 50)
Lawrence Reaford Adkins (M: 73) Lon Christopher Adkins (M: 66) Mark Adkins (M: 39)
Michael Dean Adkins (M: 56) Rodger Theron Adkins (M: 38) Donald S Adkins (M: 51)
Bobby G Adkins (M: 66) Edward L Adkins (M: 50) Randall Dean Alias Adkins (M: 54)
John Lacey Adkins (M: 45) David Alexander Adkinson (M: 41) David A Adkinson (M: 41)
Earnest Charles Adkirson (M: 51) Donald Ray Adler (M: 59) Sherman Garfield Adler (M: 81)
Sherman G Adler (M: 81) Donald R Adler (M: 59) Walker Adonis (M: 26)
Michael Ray Aebersold (M: 40) Alvis Franklin Agee (M: 55) Bryan Scott Agee (M: 26)
Kenneth Agee (M: 46) Paul William Agee (M: 57) Paul W Agee (M: 57)
Randy Leon Agee (M: 54) William R Agee (M: 51) Bryan S Agee (M: 26)
Alvis F Agee (M: 55) Paul W Agee (M: 57) Kenneth Agee (M: 46)
Mark Lee Agner (M: 38) Wayne Aguiar (M: 59) Fred Agyeman (M: 40)
William Walter Ahrens (M: 67) Charles Anthony Aich (M: 33) Charles Anthony Aich (M: 33)
Michael Akemon (M: 48) Danny Ray Akers (M: 31) David Akers (M: 59)
Diamond Ray Akers (M: 69) Danny R Akers (M: 31) David L Akers (M: 44)
Edward Akers (M: 59) David Lee Akers (M: 44) Muhammad Saleem Akhtar (M: 47)
Muhammad S Akhtar (M: 47) Abdulzahara A Al-Dhumed (M: 42) Samir Kamel Alaiydi (M: 42)
Humberto Martinez Alarcon (M: 25) Rene Alba-Fernandez (M: 50) William S Albano (M: 32)
Edwin O Albarran (M: 32) Paul T Albert (M: 65) Paul T Albert (M: 65)
Henley Albert (M: 63) Douglas Edward Albritton (M: 52) Delbert E Albritton (M: 55)
Douglas E Albritton (M: 52) Edward F Alcorn (M: 66) Floyd Henry Alcorn (M: 54)
Leon Alcorn (M: 61) Michael Anthony Alcorn (M: 56) Floyd H Alcorn (M: 54)
Namon Allen Alderdice (M: 47) Namon A Alderdice (M: 47) Kevin Alvin Alderman (M: 42)
Erron Cain Aldridge (M: 31) Wayne L Aldridge (M: 68) Wayne Aldridge (M: 68)
Arthur Alexander (M: 52) Brent Morris Alexander (M: 44) Cedric Dwayne Alexander (M: 46)
Delmar Alexander (M: 69) Kemnejer Lynnsha Alexander (M: 35) Kenneth Dean Alexander (M: 56)
Rebecca Lynn Alexander (F: 39) Timothy Woods Alexander (M: 30) Timothy Eugene Alexander (M: 46)
Wilbert Lee Alexander (M: 55) Wilbert L Alexander (M: 55) Cedric D Alexander (M: 46)
David Victor Alexander (M: 38) Mauricio Alfaro (M: 42) Adrian Seth Alford (M: 37)
Steven Alford (M: 50) Michael Jon Alkema (M: 53) Daniel Jacob Alkire (M: 24)
Troy Lee Allbecker (M: 36) Delburt Eugene Allbritton (M: 55) Rickie Nelson Allcock (M: 52)
Rickie Allcock (M: 52) Ricki N Allcock (M: 52) Anna Faye Allen (F: 45)
Anthony Renee Allen (M: 42) Curtis Edward Allen (M: 42) Donald Lee Allen (M: 56)
Gregory Allen (M: 55) Jacob Tyrone Allen (M: 32) James Robert Allen (M: 32)
Jerry D Allen (M: 44) John William Allen (M: 49) John William Allen (M: 49)
Kendall Ray Allen (M: 40) Michael Edward Allen (M: 32) Michael Dean Allen (M: 41)
Michael Paul Allen (M: 39) Paul Leslie Allen (M: 44) Richard Joseph Allen (M: 38)
Robert L Allen (M: 35) Robert L Allen (M: 51) Terry L Allen (M: 62)
Vernon Darrell Allen (M: 49) Vincent Edward Allen (M: 45) Michael D Allen (M: 41)
Clifford Allen (M: 63) John W Allen (M: 49) Paul Allen (M: 44)
Richard J Allen (M: 38) Paul L Allen (M: 44) Steven Joseph Allen (M: 46)
John R Allen (M: 37) Anna F Allen (F: 45) Anthony R Allen (M: 42)
Jacob T Allen (M: 32) Paul William Allen (M: 44) Bruce Allen (M: 62)
Keith D Allen/Everett (M: 35) Kenneth Howard Allender (M: 55) Kenneth H Allender (M: 55)
Danny Ray Alley (M: 40) Larry Gene Allison (M: 62) Aaron Marlo Allphin (M: 45)
Aaron M Allphin (M: 45) Carlos Almendra-Mendez (M: 44) Jassim Mohammed Alsalehy (M: 63)
William Bradford Altes (M: 33) William Bradley Altes (M: 32) Florentino Alvarado (M: 32)
Florentino Alvarado (M: 32) Juan R Alvarado (M: 46) Javier Alvarrez-Silverio (M: 24)
Phillip L Alvey (M: 60) Larry Ray Alvis (M: 49) Edward Eugene Amann (M: 63)
Edward E Amann (M: 63) Buford Amburgey (M: 78) Layton Charles Amburgey (M: 67)
Robert Dean Amburgey (M: 46) Layton C Amburgey (M: 57) Robert D Amburgey (M: 46)
Loyren Levi Americanhorse (M: 47) Loyren L Americanhorse (M: 47) Billy Ammons (M: 59)
Billy R Ammons (M: 59) Bobby Joe Amonett (M: 44) Bobby J Amonett (M: 44)
Robert Dale Amore (M: 46) James Aaron Amyx (M: 34) Michael Wayne Anders (M: 53)
Aaron Ezekial Anderson (M: 45) Billy G Anderson (M: 56) Brandon Scott Anderson (M: 30)
Brian Anderson (M: 45) Cecil Anderson (M: 50) Claudman Alexander Anderson (M: 52)
Damon Wade Anderson (M: 28) Danny Ray Anderson (M: 54) Demetriua Shawndel Anderson (M: 30)
Eugene Anderson (M: 75) Eugene Anderson (M: 75) Henry Anderson (M: 25)
Jack Garrett Anderson (M: 51) James Anderson (M: 47) Jeff Anderson (M: 39)
Jeffrey Lee Anderson (M: 52) Joseph Dean Anderson (M: 36) Kelly L Anderson (M: 55)
Kem Anderson (M: 40) Kevin Anderson (M: 44) Kevin Patrick Anderson (M: 44)
Michael D Anderson (M: 31) Paul William Anderson (M: 55) Phillip Curtis Anderson (M: 29)
Ricky A Anderson (M: 52) Roger Anderson (M: 64) Shawn Coleman Anderson (M: 33)
William James Anderson (M: 39) Wilson L Anderson (M: 52) Shawn C Anderson (M: 33)
Bonnie S Anderson (F: 48) Danny R Anderson (M: 54) William J Anderson (M: 39)
Aaron E Anderson (M: 45) Jeffrey L Anderson (M: 52) Joseph D Anderson (M: 36)
Brandon S Anderson (M: 30) Paul W Anderson (M: 55) Claudman A Anderson (M: 52)
Damon W Anderson (M: 28) Roger Anderson (M: 64) Adam T Anderson (M: 44)
Benjamin William Anderson (M: 28) Bobby Andrews (M: 52) Laurence William Andrews (M: 48)
William Eugene Andrews (M: 49) William D Andrews (M: 80) Bobby Andrews (M: 52)
Laurence W Andrews (M: 48) William E Andrews (M: 49) Joshua Keith Angel (M: 37)
Joshua Angel (M: 37) Joshua K Angel (M: 37) Timothy John Anglin (M: 29)
Steve G Anglin (M: 48) Timothy J Anglin (M: 29) Steve G Anglin (M: 48)
Juan Anota (M: 42) Steven Gregory Anselmi (M: 29) Joseph Anthony (M: 41)
Joseph Anthony (M: 41) Michael Alias Anthony (M: 33) Theodore Apking (M: 79)
Eric Aponte (M: 39) Sammy L Appel (M: 32) James E Appelt (M: 38)
Hugh Appleby (M: 54) Joseph Lawrence Appleby (M: 35) Joseph Lawrence Appleby (M: 35)
Joseph L Appleby (M: 35) Tony R Arambulo (M: 30) Jose J Arce (M: 45)
Jose Jesus Arce (M: 45) Ronald Ard (M: 32) Gregory Allen Arflack (M: 51)
Gregory Allen Arflack (M: 51) Albert L Arfman (M: 37) Richard Arlinghaus (M: 35)
James Dean Armes (M: 31) Marion Armes (M: 47) James D Armes (M: 31)
James Ray Armour (M: 36) Joshua Wayne Armour (M: 32) James R Armour (M: 36)
Carl Wyman Armstrong (M: 82) Gregory Wayne Armstrong (M: 37) Lawrence Armstrong (M: 34)
Paul J Armstrong (M: 42) Raymond Harrison Armstrong (M: 40) Thomas Lee Armstrong (M: 54)
Thomas Lee Armstrong (M: 54) Carl W Armstrong (M: 82) Jimmy R Arndell (M: 59)
Vickie G Arndell (F: 57) Richard Arnett (M: 32) Richard A Arnett (M: 32)
Lloyd Arnold (M: 44) Louis Hampton Arnold (M: 83) Stephen Conrad Arnold (M: 60)
Tennenthin Lee Arnold (M: 27) Timothy Arnold (M: 38) Tennenthin L Arnold (M: 27)
Timothy Arnold (M: 38) Steven Nash Arrasmith (M: 56) Steven N Arrasmith (M: 56)
Nobar Novoa Arredondo (M: 29) Brian Henry Arrowood (M: 36) Brian Henry Arrowood (M: 36)
Carlos Antonio Arroyo (M: 25) Miguel Guardado Arteaga (M: 49) Miguel G Arteaga (M: 49)
James Roy Arthur (M: 41) Frankie Dale Artman (M: 35) Frankie D Artman (M: 35)
Herbert Ray Arwood (M: 42) Herbert R Arwood (M: 42) Danny Lane Asberry (M: 37)
Danny L Asberry (M: 37) Ray A Asbridge (M: 49) Kevin Dale Ash (M: 38)
Jimmy Dale Ashburn (M: 57) Lee More Ashburn (M: 49) Jimmy D Ashburn (M: 57)
Harry Ashby (M: 43) Paul Douglas Ashby (M: 58) Paul D Ashby (M: 58)
Raymond Ashcraft (M: 61) Richard Ashcraft (M: 65) Raymond Ashcraft (M: 61)
Edward L Asher (M: 38) Roger D Asher (M: 68) Grady Alias Ashford (M: 62)
Roger Wayne Ashley (M: 34) Rolfe Pomeroy Ashley (M: 57) Rolfe P Ashley (M: 57)
Gil Jerome Askew (M: 31) Joseph Tyrone Askew (M: 37) Steve Askins (M: 54)
Harold Mason Atherton (M: 46) Doug Atkins (M: 61) Frank George Atkinson (M: 81)
James Joseph Attebery (M: 23) Dan Edward Atwell (M: 38) Michael Ray Aubrey (M: 28)
Walter Lyle Aubrey (M: 46) Victor W Aubrey (M: 38) Walter L Aubrey (M: 46)
Raymond Edward Aulick (M: 68) Raymond E Aulick (M: 68) David William Austin (M: 35)
Gregory Hugh Austin (M: 63) Gregory H Austin (M: 63) George Avery (M: 43)
Michael J Avery (M: 62) Patrick Mason Avery (M: 51) Ronald J Avery (M: 44)
John W Avery (M: 32) Ronald J Alias Avery (M: 44) John William Avery (M: 32)
Terry Ayer (M: 54) Stephen Warren Ayers (M: 50) Stephen Warren Ayers (M: 50)
Stephen W Ayers (M: 50) Ronald R Ayres (M: 45)

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