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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kansas whose last name begins with the letter T are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kansas sex offender information.

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Joseph Andrew Tabares (M: 49) Franklin Delano Tabor (M: 79) Stephen Laron Tabron (M: 23)
Joel Thomas Taggart (M: 29) Patrick Herman Tagtmeyer (M: 49) Jimmy Lee Tague (M: 42)
Zachery Daniel Clay Tague (M: 23) Tim Joseph Talbot (M: 62) Levi Mark Talbott (M: 31)
Timothy Lee Talkington (M: 30) Barry Allan Tallchief (M: 47) Daniel Lee Talley (M: 36)
James William Talley (M: 27) Bennie Allen Talley (M: 68) William Taylor Tallmon (M: 30)
Richard E Talmage (M: 31) Houston Wise Talmasey (M: 50) Augustis Jerome Talsma (M: 21)
Lucian Alexandrue Tandara (M: 36) Lucian Alexandrue Tandara (U: N/A) Thanh Ve Tang (M: 52)
Travis Sean Tankersley (M: 30) Wilbur Jay Tannahill (M: 38) Jeremy Eugene Tanner (M: 22)
Rayburn Victor Tappendick Jr (M: 45) Edward James Tarpey (M: 51) Jesaiah Paul Tasior (M: 23)
Thomas Taste (M: 56) Donald Everett Tate (M: 40) Tyrell Lee Tate (M: 29)
James Keith Tatgenhorst (M: 33) Richard Stanley Tatman (M: 65) Jeffery Scott Tatman (M: 44)
Michael D Tatom (M: 31) Judith Anne Tatro (F: 38) Frank Lee Tatum (M: 52)
Johnny Levi Tavares (M: 29) Caleb Michael Taylor (M: 26) Chivas Andre Taylor (M: 24)
Elston Howard Taylor (M: 33) Eric Allen Taylor (M: 31) Ernest Lee Taylor (M: 48)
Isaac James Taylor (M: 29) James Allen Taylor (M: 37) James Stewart Taylor (M: 64)
John Everett Taylor (M: 32) Leann Michelle Taylor (F: 37) Quentin Cruz Taylor (M: 21)
Randy George Taylor (M: 55) Reginald D Taylor (M: 36) Richard Louis Taylor (M: 30)
Robert Lee Taylor (M: 71) Robert Daniel Taylor (M: 19) Russell Lee Taylor (M: 18)
Sherman Walker Taylor (M: 51) Steven Ray Taylor (M: 27) Thaddeus Derrick Taylor (M: 48)
Philip Greg Taylor (M: 60) Brandon Michael Taylor (M: 24) Marcus Bryan Taylor (M: 41)
Eric Todd Taylor (M: 29) Kevin Norman Teeter (M: 35) Duane Edward Teeters (M: 47)
Duane Edward Teeters (M: 48) Charles Michael Templer (M: 47) Jimmie Templeton (M: 28)
Robert Harry Tennis (M: 63) Christopher Luis Teran (M: 25) Max Wolfgang Terhune (M: 54)
Christopher Michael Terpening (M: 35) David Jason Terrazas (M: 32) Michael Allen Terrel (M: 41)
Paul Rollen Terrel (M: 46) Randal Clay Terrel Jr (M: 40) Robert Glenn Terrell (M: 30)
Victor Reyes Terreros (M: 45) David Alexander Terrones (M: 31) Michael Richard Terrones (M: 33)
David Lynn Terry (M: 54) Kenneth Charles Terry (M: 41) Doyle Ray Tesch (M: 23)
Larry Maurice Tesch (M: 44) Michael Duane Teter (M: 40) Justin Eugene Teter (M: 34)
Cecil Eugene Thacker (M: 43) Corey Lynn Tharp (M: 33) Pouky Ky Thavisay (M: 30)
Jeffery Allen Thayer (M: 26) Richard Dewayne Thedford (M: 39) Larry Charles Thiel (M: 32)
Houston Dewain Thigpen (M: 55) Houston D Thigpen (M: 55) Christopher Alan Thomann (M: 25)
Anthony Wayne Thomas (M: 32) Antonio Valentine Thomas (M: 24) Brett Ezra Thomas (M: 24)
Darrin E Thomas (M: 39) Deshaud Lequint Thomas (M: 25) Dominick Dean Thomas (M: 35)
Eddie Dewayne Thomas (M: 45) Eric Darnell Thomas (M: 32) Glenn Steven Thomas (M: 49)
Jackie Jorge Thomas (M: 43) James Paul Thomas (M: 25) Jesse Lee Thomas (M: 24)
Joseph William Thomas (M: 21) Kevin Duane Thomas (M: 48) Lashone Renea Thomas (F: 39)
Matthew Lee Thomas (M: 39) Qione Taio Thomas (M: 31) Robert Earl Thomas (M: 74)
Robert Daniel Thomas (M: 37) Stephen Gregory Thomas (M: 30) Tony Bernard Thomas (M: 41)
Keith Adolphus Thomas (M: 43) Royce Allan Thomas (M: 19) Kodi Alonzo Thomas (M: 43)
Earl E Thomas (M: 67) Walter Patrick Thomas (M: 52) Nathan Allen Thomason (M: 35)
Ashley N Thompson (F: 27) Charles Wayne Thompson (M: 51) Christopher Lee Thompson (M: 31)
Christopher J Thompson (M: 30) Christopher Lee Thompson (M: 31) Christopher Duane Thompson (M: 23)
Curtis Howard Thompson (M: 41) Dustin Skylar Thompson (M: 31) Jay Miles Thompson (M: 44)
Jessica Elise Thompson (F: 23) Joseph Michael Thompson (M: 29) Kathy S Thompson (F: 64)
Kathy Sue Thompson (F: 64) Kevin Allan Thompson (M: 36) Mark William Thompson (M: 53)
Michael Wayne Thompson (M: 42) Steven Joel Thompson (M: 50) Steven Michael Thompson (M: 24)
Allen Dean Thompson (M: 46) Joseph Michael Thompson (M: 29) Christopher J Thompson (M: 44)
James Willis Thompson Iii (M: 51) Travis Brent Thomton (M: 35) Santino Makoo Thongjur (M: 33)
Rasmy Taylor Thongkhamlot (M: 44) Paul Wesley Thornbrugh (M: 61) Robert Lee Thornton (M: 48)
Scotty Lynn Thornton (M: 37) Bruce Bernard Thornton (M: 53) Charles Allen Thorpe (M: 51)
Brian Wayne Thrash (M: 42) Ronald Eugene Throne (M: 26) Elwin Vernon Thrush (M: 69)
Joshua Martin Thrush (M: 22) Justin Wayne Thulen (M: 25) Duane C Thurlo (M: 48)
Jeffery Adam Thurman (M: 26) Leonard Alan Thurman (M: 31) Jayson D Thurston (M: 39)
Thomas Lester Thurston (M: 64) Willie Calvin Tibbs (M: 48) Robert Ronald Tichenor (M: 23)
Richard Leon Tidwell (M: 47) Roy Lee Tidwell (M: 48) Jamie Michael Tiedtke (M: 31)
Timothy Lee Tighe (M: 54) Benjamin Wayne Tiller (M: 29) Jimmie Ray Tillerson (M: 79)
Rickey Wayne Tillery (M: 55) Jeffery Darrell Tillman (M: 47) Norman Lee Tillman (M: 57)
Mickey Tillman (M: 55) Edward Elias Tillmon (M: 68) Stephan Daniel Tillotson (M: 25)
Walter Stevens Tillson (M: 29) Alvin Elias Timmerman (M: 48) Edward Scott Tingen (M: 47)
Clifton L Tinkey (M: 56) Eric David Tinney (M: 37) Alvin Edward Tinsley (M: 73)
Joseph Edward Tinsley (M: 53) Joseph Edward Tinsley Jr (M: 53) Donald Alfred Tipton (M: 84)
Kevin Dion Tipton (M: 35) Michael Ugene Tiry (M: 45) Jerry Wayne Tisdale (M: 58)
Randy Lee Titus (M: 57) Rolland Lee Tockey (M: 33) Rolland Lee Tockey (M: 33)
Gregory Alan Todd (M: 30) James Robert Todd (M: 42) David Dean Todd (M: 38)
Gerald Travis Todd (M: 30) Michael D'Wayne Toland (M: 26) Brent Nathaniel Tolbert (M: 39)
Ryan Paul Toler (M: 27) Benny David Tolin (M: 37) Melvin Lashawn Toliver (M: 27)
Donaciano Tomas-Olea (M: 32) Silverio Tomas-Ramos (M: 21) Tyler Nathan Tomevi (M: 37)
Derick William Toney (M: 38) Derick William Toney (M: 38) Souraxay Joseph Tonsavanh (M: 30)
Willie Lamont Toodle (M: 58) James Pendelton Toothman (M: 41) James Brian Toothman (M: 25)
James Ray Toothman Jr (M: 41) Kevin Mark Topham (M: 49) Allen Lee Torkelson (M: 58)
Andres Willis Torres (M: 31) Cesar Edmundo Torres (M: 30) Sergio Carrillo Torres (M: 30)
Jose Francis Torres (M: 31) Fidel Torres-Garcia (M: 34) Benito Torres-Naba (M: 48)
William Scott Torrez (M: 36) Brandon Paul Torrez (M: 28) Adrian Bravo Toscano (M: 21)
Johnny Franklin Tosh (M: 48) Kelly Jay Tosh (M: 50) Bradley Adam Totman (M: 33)
Kristofor Glenn Totten (M: 27) Kevin James Totty (M: 28) John Myles Tower (M: 44)
Charles Jospeh Townsel (M: 28) Leary Edward Townsend (M: 69) Patrick Townson (M: 69)
Patrick Anthony Townson (M: 69) Richard Michael Tracey (M: 43) Jonathan Roger Tracy (M: 28)
Anthony Miguel Trammel (M: 40) Dao Tran (M: 49) Brennan Roosevelt Trass (M: 28)
Kenneth Robert Traughber (M: 42) Kenneth Robert Traughber 2nd (M: N/A) Melvin E Trautloff (M: 47)
Glyn Edward Travis (M: 55) Joel Robert Travis (M: 46) Kelly Eugene Traxel (M: 49)
Raymond A Tredway (M: 79) Phillip Allen Trembley (M: 58) Louis Glen Trester (M: 48)
Jim Ray Trettenero (M: 59) Alejandro Gutierrez Trevino Jr (M: 40) Ronald Dean Trimmell (M: 48)
Melissa Diann Trimmer (F: 32) Kim Dinh Trinh (M: 49) James Calvin Triplet (M: 54)
Allen Sindel Triplett (M: 39) Michael Thomas Triplett (M: 24) Joseph Edmund Tripodi (M: 53)
John William Trost (M: 23) Robert C Trotter (M: 52) Aaron Dee Trout (M: 35)
Darrell William Trout (M: 31) Charles Dean Troutman (M: 28) Tony Wayne Troutman (M: 36)
Ricky L Trow (M: 36) Ricky Lee Trow (M: 37) Michael D Trowbridge (M: 42)
Nathaniel Dewaien Troyer (M: 20) Lonnie Allen Truitt (M: 26) Lonnie A Truitt (M: 26)
Fructuoso Horacio Trujillo (M: 77) Robert Wayne Trussell (M: 31) Robert Eugene Trussell (M: 58)
Jamie Allen Trusty (M: 29) Michael James Tschantz (M: 37) Farron Larry Tso (M: 30)
Charles Alan Tucker (M: 34) David August Tucker (M: 38) Frederick Douglass Tucker (M: 64)
Kenneth Wayne Tucker (M: 51) Phillip Ishmael Tucker (M: 31) Sal Minelo Tucker (M: 47)
Nicholas Robert Tull (M: 24) Nicholas Robert Tull (M: 24) Chatree Jose Tungjaroenkul (M: 34)
Allan Rendale Turner (M: 32) Christopher James Turner (M: 39) Derrick Laron Turner (M: 27)
Gregory Alan Turner (M: 42) Herbert Franklin Turner (M: 82) Izaya Micah Turner (M: 29)
Jeff Alan Turner (M: 27) Nicholas Wayne Turner (M: 23) Nikeia Toshonna Turner (F: 35)
Ranell Turner (M: 52) Richard Allen Turner (M: 44) Vernon Preston Turner (M: 43)
Robert Junior Turner (M: 51) Robert J Turner (M: 51) Terry Dean Turner (M: 52)
Cody Jacob Turner (M: 21) Dino Mark Tuzzio (M: 51) Earnest Sylvester Twaite (M: 55)
Joshua Ryan Tweedy (M: 35) Robbin Wayne Tweedy (M: 28) Dennis Wayne Tweedy (M: 49)
Johnny Dale Twilleger (M: 53) William Henry Tye (M: 61) Terry Andrew Tyler (M: 37)
Charles Richard Typer (M: 34)

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