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All sex offender data currently in our database from Kansas whose last name begins with the letter F are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Kansas sex offender information.

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Louis Donald Faas Iii (M: 36) Michaelmorrisey R ~ Facebookaliasinfo^ (M: 26) Richard John Fagan (M: 52)
Fernando Alberto Faguaga (M: 38) Brandon Cortez Fain (M: 22) Chester Earl Fairchild (M: 65)
Rodney Dean Fairchild (M: 42) Brent James Fairley (M: 46) Michael J Fanning (M: 53)
Joe Paul Farish (M: 71) Carl Lewis Farley (M: 61) Deanna Michelle Farley (F: 40)
David Junior Farmer (M: 41) Keith Alan Farmer (M: 23) Mark Daniel Farmer (M: 46)
Mark D Farmer (M: 46) Terry Louis Farney (M: 63) Gerald Ray Farnsworth (M: 51)
Robert Lee Farquhar (M: 45) Kelly Ray Farr (M: 38) Thomas Cloyd Farr (M: 33)
Nevin Alvin Farris (M: 36) Travis Lee Farrow (M: 28) Brandon Michael Farwell (M: 24)
Jeffery Gene Fatzer (M: 35) Mikel Wayne Faucett (M: 55) Joshua Doran Faulkner (M: 29)
David Michael Faulkner (M: 57) James F Faust (M: 38) John Manuel Faust (M: 23)
Logan Donald Feagin (M: 20) Joseph Michael Feagins (M: 49) Jake Dewane Feil (M: 37)
Andrew Joseph Feist (M: 77) Hector M Felix (M: 30) John Robert Felkel (M: 67)
Brian Nelson Fellers (M: 37) Dalton Lynn Felty (M: 22) Matthew Arthur Felzke (M: 25)
Matthew Arthur Felzke (M: 25) Edward Rudd Fenton (M: 79) Matthew Alan Fenwick (M: 45)
Toby Gene Fercking (M: 36) Austin William Ferguson (M: 22) Damian Michael Ferguson (M: 36)
Damian Michael Ferguson (M: 37) Johnnie Leroy Ferguson (M: 50) Johnnie Leroy Ferguson (M: 50)
Joshua Davis Ferguson (M: 35) Robert R Ferguson (M: 63) Robert E Ferguson (M: 42)
Joshua Allen Ferguson (M: 24) Erik Taylor Ferman (M: 52) Christopher Allen Fernandes (M: 23)
Gary Joe Fernandez (M: 58) Hector M Fernandez-Murillo (M: 35) Karl E Ferrell (M: 37)
Dale L Ferris (M: 58) James Thomas Ferriss (M: N/A) Eduardo Ferro-Martinez (M: 57)
Jason David Fetterolf (M: 37) Karl Rae Fetters (M: 48) William Curtis Feuerbacher (M: 41)
William C Feuerbacher (M: 42) Matthew James Feyerabend (M: 39) Kip Anthony Fiebig (M: 48)
Michael Anthony Fieger Jr (M: 25) Albrandon Louis Fields (M: 34) Donald Floyd Fields (M: 68)
Jeffrey Allen Fields (M: 44) Matthew Eugene Fields (M: 29) Marlon Edward Fields (M: 32)
Jesus Manuel Figueroa (M: 23) Michael John Figueroa (M: 31) Kris Lee Filiatreault (M: 27)
Steven Michael Filley (M: 22) Jason Duaine Finey (M: 30) Frank David Finley (M: 36)
Aaron S Finney (M: 32) Duvijen Vasquez Fira (M: 81) Richard Douglas Firman (M: 30)
Marc James Fischer (M: 36) Aron Michael Fischer (M: 29) William Neal Fishback (M: 29)
Tonya Sue Fisher (F: 37) Brandi Nicole Fisher (F: 32) Dwight Fisher (M: 60)
Gary Lynn Fisher (M: 36) Jeremy W Fisher (M: 38) Jermaine Valdez Fisher (M: 31)
Jeronimo Lee Fisher (M: 31) John Griffon Fisher (M: 83) Joseph Ladell Fisher (M: 35)
Michael David Fisher (M: 43) Ronald Gene Fisher (M: 51) Robert Lee Fisher (M: 38)
David Dale Fitchett (M: 49) Loarn Earl Fitzgerald (M: 35) Thomas Patrick Fitzmaurice (M: 58)
Aathen Lance Roy Fitzmaurice (M: 20) Dace Edward Fitzmaurice-Payne (M: 19) Ivano Ladell Fitzpatrick (M: 37)
Levi Joseph Fitzwater (M: 26) Michael Donavan Flanagan (M: 37) Michael Monroe Flanery (M: 61)
Robert James Flanigan (M: 55) Joshua Dean Fleming (M: 23) Natasha Chariss Fleming (F: 29)
Newel George Fleming (M: 44) Wayne Francis Fleming (M: 27) Timothy Vance Fleming (M: 24)
Carl N Fletcher (M: 30) Timothy Dale Fletcher (M: 34) Daniel Lee Fletcher (M: 43)
Robert James Floersch (M: 52) Thomas Oliver Flora Ii (M: 42) Joshua Wayne Florentin (M: 24)
Rocky Wayne Florentin (M: 47) Antonio Flores (M: 40) Darrel Wayne Flores (M: 50)
Duke Ryan Flores (M: 24) Jose Will Flores (M: 36) Jose Ramon Flores (M: 58)
Juan Manuel Flores (M: 36) Mario Joel Flores (M: 30) Rafael Flores (M: 25)
Rudolfo Flores (M: 27) Steven Jesus Flores (M: 23) Timothy Flores (M: 34)
Warren A Flores (M: 16) Edgar Raul Flores-Herrera (M: 36) Wilburn Randall Florez (M: 45)
Arron James Flower (M: 29) Francis Leroy Flower (M: 60) Duane Christian Flug (M: 40)
Ira Wayne Flynn (M: 25) Robert Joseph Flynn (M: 65) Jesse Flynn (M: 57)
Matthew Jeremy Focht (M: 21) Albert H Fogle (M: 79) Robert Lyle Folsom (M: 73)
Timothy Edgar Foltz (M: 41) Calvin Kenneth Fomby (M: 44) Kevin Daniel Fondren (M: 32)
John Alan Foos (M: 68) Richard Lynn Foos (M: 30) Billy John Forbes (M: 55)
Donavan Paul Forbes (M: 40) Robert E Forbes (M: 25) Faron Trevor Forbes (M: 30)
Faron Trevor Forbes (M: 30) Arthur Lee Ford (M: 32) Brandon Mitchell Ford (M: 20)
Curtis Lynn Ford (M: 60) Dustin Michael Lee Ford (M: 26) Jeremy Steven Ford (M: 27)
Jon Michael Ford (M: 49) Steven Anthony Ford (M: 31) William Earl Ford (M: 38)
Ernest Brian Foreman (M: 56) Bradley Robert Forester (M: 37) Matthew Lee Formsma (M: 38)
Robert Milton Forney (M: 49) Daniel Boyd Forrester (M: 60) Waylon Patrick Fort (M: 31)
Michael Lester Fortmeyer (M: 34) Kyle Parker Fortune (M: 25) Jerome Everette Foskuhl (M: 40)
Albert William Foster (M: 75) Dennis Lee Foster (M: 28) John Dickenson Foster (M: 52)
Joseph Allen Foster (M: 27) Matthew Joel Foster (M: 35) Michael Clayton Foster (M: 72)
Robert Shannon Foster (M: 39) Roy Wayne Foster (M: 45) Tashaun Terrell James Foster (M: 17)
John H Foulk (M: 95) Billy Ray Foulke (M: 19) Justin Lamar Fountain (M: 30)
Michael Donell Fountain (M: 50) Alan Wayne Foust (M: 43) Clifford Leon Foust (M: 63)
Grant Albert Fox (M: 76) Jason Michael Fox (M: 31) Michael Charles Fox (M: 61)
Robert Lee Fox (M: 69) Robert Wesley Fox (M: 49) Ronald Joseph Fox (M: 45)
Nathaniel Anthony Fox (M: 24) Troy Joseph Foxworthy (M: 24) Ibrahimu Godfrey Foya (M: 32)
Scott Dalton Frabel (M: 17) Heather Marie Frad (F: 16) Steven Mark Frad (M: 23)
Michael Lee Frakes (M: 43) Brian Dale Frakes (M: 53) David Wayne Fraley (M: 35)
Leslie Harvey Franch (M: 40) Danial Edward Francis (M: 34) John Cameron Francisco (M: 22)
Efrain Franco (M: 33) John Raymond Franco (M: 67) Carlos Jesus Franco-Villegas (M: 25)
Raymond Joe Frank (M: 40) Kevin Wayne Frank (M: 52) James Christopher Frank (M: 46)
Bobby Lee Franklin (M: 63) Brandon Dean Franklin (M: 34) Edward Charles Franklin (M: 59)
Howard Glen Franklin (M: 34) Richard M Franklin (M: 50) Richard Melvin Franklin (M: 50)
Brent Peters Franklin (M: 24) Keith P Franks (M: 39) Ernest Franks (M: 75)
Jerry L Franks (M: 55) Charles Martin Franz (M: 32) William Cole Frary (M: 33)
Ashley Tinna Frasure (F: 22) Michael Steven Fraundorfer (M: 50) David Shawn Frazee (M: 44)
Kent Anthony Frazier (M: 46) Clement John Frederick (M: 41) Kenneth John Frederick Ii (M: 23)
Royale Frederickson (M: 49) Jamie Walter Freeman (M: 33) Tajon Wright Freeman (M: 21)
Willie Lee Freeman (M: 34) Paul Freeman (M: 50) Samuel Stephen Freeman (M: 56)
Paul Freeman (M: 51) Floyd Freeman Sr (M: 62) Carl Wesley Freese (M: 38)
Mitchell C Freese (M: 24) Dennis Al French (M: 23) Jessie Dewayne French (M: 34)
Randall Lee French (M: 56) Steven Dwayne French (M: 53) Christopher Nolan French (M: 43)
Louis Dwayne French (M: 79) Brently Jay Frick (M: 32) Andrew Lynn Fricks (M: 20)
Christopher Alan Friedel (M: 52) Brandan Lee Friend (M: 30) Nathan Lee Fries (M: 23)
Richard Lee Frisbie (M: 54) Richard L Frisbie (M: 54) Nelson Hazelton Fritts (M: 75)
Jacob John Fritzler (M: 30) Timothy R Frobish (M: 22) Scott A Fromong (M: 25)
Russell M Fronterhouse (M: 35) Roland Eugene Frost (M: 28) Wilfred Franklin Frost (M: 49)
Robert Alan Frost (M: 44) Gregory Richard Fruit (M: 59) Bernard Thomas Fry (M: 76)
Brian Jay Fry (M: 45) Harold Gene Fry (M: 56) Harold Gene Fry (M: 56)
Justin Gene Fry (M: 37) Victor Joe Fry (M: 31) Alex David Arjun Fry (M: 23)
William Joseph Frybarger (M: 44) Brandon James Frye (M: 24) Richard Leroy Frye (M: 64)
Edward B Fryer (M: 78) Bret Andrew Fudge (M: 49) Michael Steven Fugate (M: 34)
Garry Fuller (M: 69) Johnathan Eli Fuller (M: 35) Nicholas Thomas Fuller (M: 24)
Raymond Eugene Fuller (M: 35) Robert Dale Fuller (M: 70) Charles Edward Fuller (M: 58)
Michael Wesley Fulton (M: 29) Jermayne M Fulton (M: 32) Morley L Fultz (M: 36)
Cody Steven Funk (M: 20) Imre Furedi (M: 73) Donald Kalani Furtado (M: 36)
Gary L Furthmyer (M: 59)

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