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Martin Scott Aaron (M: 44) Christopher Cervantez Abarca (M: 24) Christopher Cervantes Abarca Jr (M: N/A)
David Abbott (M: 49) Korey Armon Sharbutt Abbott (M: 27) Tanner Earl Abbott (M: 33)
Murad M Abdel-Razzaq (M: 29) Robert Russell Abelmann (M: 54) Jerry Dean Abercrombie (M: 68)
Daniel Lee Abson (M: 33) Anthony Walter Accurso (M: 29) Tomas Acevedo (M: 23)
David Wayne Acord (M: 45) Aaron Isaac Acosta (M: 33) Louis Acosta (M: 85)
Brent Dewayne Adams (M: 52) Herbert Lee Adams (M: 64) James Albert Adams (M: 28)
Jeremiah Cody Adams (M: 22) Jerry E Adams (M: 36) Jerry Eugene Adams (M: 36)
Jerry Dale Adams (M: 42) Justin Dain Adams (M: 32) Kevin Lee Dean Adams (M: 43)
Ryan Hunter Adams (M: 29) Timothy Earl Adams (M: 46) Timothy Wayne Adams (M: 57)
Scott Alexander Adams (M: 49) Brandon Michael Adams (M: 31) Jason Dean Adams (M: 37)
Thomas Francis Adkins (M: 59) Thomas Francis Adkins (M: 59) Alexander Justin Adler (M: 49)
David Rollin Agard (M: 39) Jerry Jay Agee (M: 40) David L Aggers (M: 45)
David Leroy Aggers (M: 44) Efrain J Aguirre (M: 26) Juan Manuel Aguirre (M: 33)
Samuel Tomanbos Aguirre (M: 67) Thomas Aguirre (M: 20) Raju Ahmed (M: 34)
Cyler Matthew Aikman (M: 20) Conrad Lee Akerberg (M: 40) Eugene Benjamin Akers (M: 65)
Shawn Michael Akins (M: 25) Wendell Lee Akins (M: 52) Kenneth Lyle Akkerman (M: 53)
Mohamed Radman Al-Hilali (M: 56) Silvio Antonio Albarracin (M: 50) Glen Frank Albers (M: 45)
Francisco Paul Albert (M: 64) Christopher Daniel Albertson (M: 28) Dennis Leroy Alcox (M: 26)
Gil Aldaco-Galvan (M: 22) Christopher William Aldrich (M: 61) Michael Lynn Aldridge (M: 50)
Gabriel Antonio Alegria (M: 37) Victor R Aleman (M: 42) Derick Kashan Alexander (M: 22)
Quinton Shane Alexander (M: 24) Robert Wayne Alexander (M: 43) Ronald Steven Alexander (M: 60)
Shane Steven Alexander (M: 42) Richard Eugene Alexander (M: 63) Glenn Howard Alexander (M: 73)
Mark Wesley Alexander (M: 34) Delbert Louis Alfaro (M: 65) Jose Luis Alfaro (M: 28)
James John Alfonsi (M: 54) Jon David Allala (M: 43) Brandon Dale Allen (M: 29)
Cody Lee Allen (M: 22) George Roy Allen (M: 38) Jeffery Lee Allen (M: 43)
Linda A Allen (F: 58) Lindon Austin Allen (M: 40) Lloyd Wayne Allen (M: 54)
Luke Charles Allen (M: 23) Randy Lee Allen (M: 60) Robert Lee Allen (M: 76)
Virgil Wayne Allen (M: 29) Benjamin Scott Allen (M: 27) Tracy Ann Allen (F: 50)
Willis Elbert Allen (M: 80) Joseph Scott Allen (M: 38) George William Allen (M: 66)
Joshua Caleb Allen (M: 20) Joseph Prescott Allen (M: 17) George Roy Allen Sr (M: 62)
Thomas Bryon Allender (M: 22) Delbert Ray Allman (M: 61) Michael Terry Allton (M: 44)
Zachery T Almond (M: 22) Julian Michael Almquist (M: 30) Julian Michael Almquist (M: 30)
Steven Joseph Alonge (M: 29) Caleb Job Alonso (M: 22) Adam Alvino Alonzo (M: 47)
Shaun Michael Altom (M: 23) Mauro Alvarado (M: 43) Oscar Alvarado (M: 51)
Alvin T Alvarado (M: 23) Mark Anthony Alvarado (M: 24) Juan Carlos Alvarez (M: 24)
Jose Carlos Alvarez-Alonso (M: 28) Daniel William Alvis (M: 38) Carl B Alvis (M: 73)
Roger Allan Amann (M: 50) Mark Anthony Amaral (M: 46) Jesse Marcus Amayo (M: 52)
Allen Michael Amenson (M: 25) Jeff Lee Amerin (M: 46) Dale Edwin Ames (M: 33)
Ricky Lee Amos (M: 34) Dale Brian Amstutz (M: 55) Dale Brian Amstutz (M: 54)
John Jessie Anders (M: 53) Brandon Lee Anderson (M: 27) Calmer Albert Anderson (M: 48)
Calvin Ray Anderson (M: 31) Demon Lamont Anderson (M: 23) Derek Allan Anderson (M: 25)
Gary Lee Anderson (M: 67) Gregory A Anderson (M: 47) James Robert Anderson (M: 47)
Jason Guy Anderson (M: 36) Jermaine Lamonte Anderson (M: 40) John T Anderson (M: 37)
Joseph Raymond Anderson (M: 22) Michael Delane Anderson (M: 24) Reginald Anderson (M: 46)
Ricky Anderson (M: 50) Robert Earl Anderson (M: 36) Timothy Lee Anderson (M: 51)
Aaron Wayne Anderson (M: 30) Michael Delane Anderson (M: 24) Samuel Julian Anderson (M: 33)
Edward Ray Anderson (M: 69) Kerry Lamoyne Anderson (M: 60) Steven S Anderson (M: 32)
Allon Dale Anderson (M: 40) Logan Demarcco Anderson (M: 18) Richard R Andrade (M: 70)
Jerrad D Andrews (M: 39) Jerry D Andrews (M: 65) Matthew Lee Andrews (M: 31)
Terrill L Andrews (M: 38) Darrell Dwayne Andrus (M: 46) Gary Matthew Andrus (M: 41)
Ray William Andrus (M: 59) Randall Lee Angle (M: 57) Romi Slade Angleton (M: 30)
Kevin D Angleton (M: 45) Jose Antonio Angulo (M: 25) Johnathon Michael Annear (M: 35)
Antwoine Donald Anthony (M: 25) William Henry Anthony (M: 77) Theodore Dennis Anthony (M: 33)
Alfred Gene Antonetti (M: 68) Michael E Anziana (M: 25) Mark Thomas Aparicio (M: 30)
Allen Francis Appelhans (M: 51) Alfred Vaughn Apperson (M: 43) Amber D Appleby (F: 25)
Ricky Applegate (M: 34) Ricky Applegate (M: 34) Lorenzo Aranda (M: 45)
Donald Raye Arbogast (M: 30) Joe A Arce (M: 33) Adrian Archuleta (M: 19)
Brian Keith Ardis (M: 47) Adam Dewayne Ardry (M: 31) Heriberto Hernandez Arevalo (M: 30)
Gabriel West Ariaz (M: 21) Dale Charles Armbrust (M: 35) Paul Matthew Armenta (M: 23)
Derwin Dean Armentrout (M: 54) Ryan Johnathan Arms (M: 35) Billy George Armstrong (M: 28)
Mark David Armstrong (M: 55) Richard Leigh Armstrong (M: 48) Robert Dale Armstrong (M: 65)
Jeffery James Arnaud (M: 34) Otis Meade Arnel (M: 55) Kenneth Eugene Arney (M: 80)
Randall Karl Arnold (M: 46) Steven Lee Arnold (M: 35) Steven Lee Arnold (M: 34)
Kris Lynn Arnold (M: 64) Gustavo Arreola-Martinez (M: 39) Carlos Ivan Arroyo (M: 53)
Carlos Antonio Arroyo (M: 25) Martin L Arthur (M: 57) Charles Eugene Arvin (M: 49)
David Allen Ashby (M: 53) Kenton Craig Ashcraft (M: 28) Roy Lloyd Wimpey Asher (M: 63)
Roy Lloyd Asher (M: 62) Robert Leo Ashford (M: 73) Michael Keith Ashley (M: 32)
Michael Jay Ashton (M: 34) Brandy Nels Aslin (M: 40) Reno Slade Aslin (M: 37)
Sean Thomas Aspedon (M: 45) Michael Moses Atakpa (M: 33) Brian James Atchison (M: 33)
James Ronald Atkins (M: 65) Ray Charles Atkins (M: 40) Ray Charles Atkins (M: 40)
Ray Charles Atkins (M: 40) Travis Alan Atkins (M: 33) Edward Lamont Atkinson (M: 43)
Thomas Brandon Atkinson (M: 20) Roger Dale Aton (M: 57) Andrew Joseph Atwell (M: 38)
Robert Michael Atwell (M: 34) Angus John Auchincloss (M: 27) Arthur Hampton Auld (M: 64)
Arthur Hampton Auld (M: 64) Kelly Brian Austin (M: 50) Sterling Dwayne Austin (M: 51)
Timothy John Austin (M: 28) Sterling Dwayne Austin (M: 52) James Francis Auten (M: 33)
Tyler Wayne Avans (M: 15) Adam Michael Avaritt (M: 32) Rafael Ignacio Avila-Juarez (M: 19)
Arnulfo Avitia-Estrada (M: 50) Byron Iban Ayala (M: 42) Juan Jose Ayala (M: 45)
Nicholas Robert Ayala (M: 32) Miguel Ayala-Ruiz (M: 18) David Leroy Ayers (M: 67)
James E Ayers (M: 35) Ronald Ayers (M: 66) Tina Elizabeth Ayers (F: 40)
Timothy Allen Ayres (M: 66)

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