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All sex offender data currently in our database from Idaho whose last name begins with the letter T are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Idaho sex offender information.

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Laurence R Tachell (M: 60) Chris Lee Taft (M: 33) Ramon Paez Talamantes (M: 92)
Theodore Neal Talbot (M: 49) Michael Anthony Tamas (M: 40) Mark Brandon Tamura (U: 25)
Guy L Tanaka (U: 48) Juan Humberto Tanguma (M: 66) Frank James Tankovich (M: 49)
Steven John Tanner (M: 50) Miguel Tapia (M: 20) Miguel Tapia (U: 20)
Justin Wynn Tappan (M: 38) Justin Wynn Tappan (U: 38) Troy Hale Tarter (M: 39)
Joseph Aaron Taskey (M: 34) Cindy Lee Tate (F: 42) William Price Tate (M: 45)
John Lilburn Tate (M: 83) Jessie William Tatum (M: 56) Paul Edward Tatum (M: 36)
Curtis E Tatum (U: 44) Andre Carlos Clayton Tawney (M: 21) Albert Duane Taylor (M: 68)
Darin Taylor (M: 52) David Stephen Taylor (M: 44) Glen Isaac Taylor (M: 45)
Ivan Theo Taylor (M: 44) Jon C Taylor (M: 42) Kevin Gregory Taylor (M: 42)
Kim Brent Taylor (M: 57) Michael Charles Taylor (M: 40) Michael Roy Taylor (M: 28)
Nathaniel Jacob Taylor (M: 22) Richard Allen Taylor (M: 55) Robert Peter Taylor (M: 39)
Russell Malloy Taylor (M: 40) Terry Lynn Taylor (M: 51) Steven Richard Taylor (M: 39)
Alvis Jovon Taylor (U: 47) Brian Marshall Taylor (M: 33) Michael Eugene Taylor (M: 59)
Nathaniel Jacob Taylor (U: 22) Kim Brent Taylor (U: 57) Benjamin Levi Taylor (U: 17)
Devin James Taylor (U: 17) Danny A Taylor (U: 42) Jimmy Wayne Teal (M: 57)
Alan Raymond Teats (M: 31) Silas Kakianak Tegoseak (U: 62) Thomas Craig Telliano (M: 51)
David Paul Tennyson (M: 23) James Jack Teraberry (M: 32) David Allen Terry (M: 65)
Timothy Dean Terry (M: 52) Joshua Michael Tessman (M: 26) Wayne Richard Thatcher (U: 27)
William Abbott Thayer (M: 49) Martin Louis Theide (U: 41) Julius Nicholas Thelen (U: 51)
Forrest M Therrien (M: 31) Martin Louis Thiede (M: 41) David Wayne Thieme (M: 34)
William Walter Thill (M: 62) Matthew James Thivierge (M: 26) Aaron Howard Thomas (M: 34)
Isaiah Brent Thomas (M: 31) Michael Harold Thomas (M: 48) Preston Charles Thomas (M: 45)
Ronald D Thomas (M: 65) Kerry Stephen Thomas (U: 48) Levi Austin Thomas (U: 34)
James Douglas Thomas (M: 53) Charles Thompkins (M: 54) Charles Thompkins (U: 54)
Casey W Thompson (M: 31) Dennis George Thompson (M: 56) Eben Dell Thompson (M: 39)
Frank Matthew Thompson (M: 48) George Leroy Thompson (M: 70) Justin Wayne Thompson (M: 32)
Richard D Thompson (M: 51) Steve Floyd Thompson (M: 51) William Dennis Thompson (M: 63)
Timothy Dean Thompson (M: 49) Steve Floyd Thompson (U: 51) Douglas Shane Thompson (U: 39)
Michael Eugene Thompson (M: 41) Thomas Everett Thompson (M: 35) Calvin James Thomson (M: 47)
Perry Myron Thomson (M: 38) Richard Allen Thorndike (M: 56) Glen Doyle Thorne (M: 33)
Robin E Thorne (M: 51) Steven James Thorne (M: 58) Christopher Aldon Thorngren (M: 47)
Christopher A Thorngren (M: 47) George Walter Thornock (M: 82) Chris Thornock (U: 46)
David Lee Thornton (M: 35) James Scott Thornton (M: 49) Mitchell John Thornton (M: 50)
William Bryan Thornton (M: 53) Joey Allen Throneburg (U: 51) Emily Kay Thurber (F: 30)
Harold Lee Thurber (M: 60) Nixon Mel Thurman (M: 58) Billy Jo Thwreatt (M: 33)
Walter Eugene Tibbets (U: 44) Clinton Averon Tidquist (M: 86) Jody Patrick Tiedemann (M: 44)
Richard Jason Tilden (M: 38) Randall Ray Tilley (M: 57) Paul Leslie Tillman (M: 56)
Troy Michael Tillman (M: 47) Roger Dane Timblin (M: 47) Ronald F Timblin Sr (M: 65)
John Earl Timmerman (M: 23) Steve Allan Timmins (M: 59) Stephen Ray Timmons (M: 90)
Gregory Allen Timmons (M: 43) Jerry David Tiner (M: 67) Russell Lee Tiner (M: 40)
Russel Lee Tiner (U: 40) Clinton Freeman Tinker (M: 55) Sergio Manuel Tinoco (M: 26)
Thomas Andrew Tippetts (M: 63) Timothy John Titherington (M: 55) Carl Sherman Todd (M: 44)
Daniel Benjamin Todd (M: 28) James Monroe Todd (M: 51) Jerry Wayne Todd (M: 52)
Ronald Christopher Todd (M: 26) Anthony Robert Toliver (M: 39) James R Toll (M: 27)
Leroy Ross Tollard (M: 40) Leroy Ross Tollard (U: 40) Leroy Ross Tollard (U: 40)
Chuck Eugene Tollefson (M: 50) Spencer H Tolman (M: 46) Justin D Tolman (U: 32)
Jonathan E Tolman (U: 35) Alvin Tom (U: 56) William Andrew Tomson (M: 22)
Mitchel Blake Toomer (M: 27) Owen Jeffry Toone (U: 59) Glenn Allen Toothaker (M: 60)
Richard Edward Douglas Topp (M: 43) Lawrence Randell Torkelson (M: 55) Roderic Dean Torkelson (U: 43)
Samuel Torpey (M: 22) Samuel Torpey (U: 22) David Jose Torres (M: 37)
Elias Rodriquez Torres (M: 58) Gary Lee Torres (U: 67) Ismael Cuate Torres (U: 61)
Geraldo Porras Torres (U: 39) Gustavo Torres-Guzman (U: 27) Richard Roy Torrey (M: 65)
William Loyd Tosh (M: 74) Tyler Grant Totten (U: 20) James Patrick Touchette (M: 31)
Frank Cory Towell (M: 49) Art Towers (M: 59) Arthur Kenton Townsend (M: 74)
Thomas Nelson Townsend (M: 50) Thomas Nelson Townsend (M: 50) Brandy Wayne Tracy (M: 37)
Kenneth James Tracy (M: 37) Mac Thurman Tracy (U: 36) Aric Richard Scott Tracy (U: 23)
Chad Aaron Trammel (M: 23) Darrin Michael Trampleasure (M: 33) Bich Van Tran (M: 41)
Michael Patrick Trana (M: 32) Chad Michael Traughber (M: 30) Clyde Warren Travis (M: 74)
Clyde Warren Travis (U: 74) Susan Lynn Trbovich (U: 50) Susan Lynn Trbovich (U: 50)
Daniel George Trent (M: 56) Jascinto Soliz Trevino (M: 45) Daniel C Tricker (M: 35)
Christopher Allen Tricker (M: 27) Korey Michael Trimmell (U: 26) Linda Mae Trollinger (U: 53)
Raymond Adolph Trotchie (M: 73) Ernest Troupe (M: 42) Maurice Ronald Troutman (M: 30)
Kahea Kaonohiokala Troy (M: 32) Terrance Lee Trueman (M: 50) Roger Trujillo (M: 59)
David Edward Trujillo (M: 55) David Edward Trujillo (M: 55) Kelly A Trumble (M: 36)
Peter Tschetter (M: 50) Peter Tschetter (U: 50) Marvin Edward Tso (M: 43)
Cyrus Lloyd Tuchscher (M: 61) Michael L Tucker (M: 40) Albert Wallace Tuckwell (M: 77)
Michael Scott Tugman (M: 24) Frederic Craig Tullis (M: 44) Zachary D Tullis (M: 24)
Michael David Tunison (M: 35) Troy Jeffery Tunison (M: 37) Stephen Jeffrey Tupper (M: 35)
Timothy Glenn Tureson (M: 54) Travis Nicholas Turnboo (U: 24) Leo Clyde Turnbull (M: 49)
Richard Eugene Turnbull (M: 52) Richard Eugene Turnbull (M: 52) Richard Eugene Turnbull (M: 52)
Leo Clyde Turnbull Iii (M: 49) David William Turner (M: 51) David William Turner (M: 50)
Dennis Vance Turner (M: 57) Douglas J Turner (M: 44) Edward Joseph Turner (M: 28)
Joseph Dean Turner (M: 33) Lonnie Dee Turner (M: 52) Thomas Richard Turner (M: 59)
Clifford Edwin Turner (U: 76) Douglas James Turner (U: 44) Dewayne Glenn Turner (U: 22)
Jesse L Turner (U: 47) Chad Bernard Tussey (M: 41) Melvin Dean Tuttle (M: 64)
Delbert James Tuttle (U: 48) Edwin Ray Twitchell (M: 44) Rocky Ray Twitchell (M: 58)
William Dean Twitchell (M: 76) Clifton Lee Twohatchet (M: 43) Daniel David Tyler (M: 51)
Logan D Tysinger (M: 24) Robert Lee Tyson (M: 30) Kevin Karl Tyson (M: 48)

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