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All sex offender data currently in our database from Idaho whose last name begins with the letter K are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Idaho sex offender information.

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Clinton Leo Kaae (M: 49) David James Kadrlik (M: 48) William Dean Kadrmas (M: 30)
Beth Ann Kaesemeyer (F: 27) Thomas Lee Kalco (M: 50) Charles Augest Kaleck (M: 34)
Jonathon Harvey Kane (U: 18) Carl Thomas Kaplan (M: 36) Bradley Earl Karr (M: 26)
Larry D Karst (M: 53) Daniel Earl Kauffman (M: 35) Douglas R Kaufman (U: 53)
John Dale Kavanaugh (M: 55) John Dale Kavanaugh (M: 55) Mike Clifford Kay (M: 45)
Dave Mark Keane (M: 60) James Allen Keaster (M: 29) Jay William Keaton (M: 61)
Jay William Keaton (U: 61) Edwin Lloyd Kedish (M: 56) Leland Thomas Kee (U: 33)
Mackenzie O Keegan (U: 26) Christopher Clay Keen (M: 49) Chris Clay Keen (U: 49)
Daniel Jay Keenan (M: 36) Joshua Issac Keene (M: 34) Verner James Keene (M: 48)
Nathaniel Cody Keene (U: 26) Darryl Wayne Keeney (U: 28) Ronney Coleman Keeton (M: 58)
Seth Thomas Keffer (U: 20) Robert Sean Kehoe (M: 37) Stephen Lee Kehoe (M: 61)
George Wesley Keith (M: 45) Curtis Lee Kell (U: 46) Geoff Lee Keller (M: 29)
Stanley Robin Keller (U: 40) Ann Marie Kelley (F: 25) Richard Lee Kelley (M: 63)
Donald Leroy Kellis (M: 48) Rodney Lee Kellom (M: 46) Jacob Eugene Kellow (M: 22)
James Benjamin Kelly (M: 55) Michael Lemoyne Kelly (M: 61) Patrick Daniel Kelly (M: 41)
Raymond Lloyd Kelly (M: 62) Michael Lemoyne Kelly (M: 61) David Lewise Kelp (M: 61)
Jim Raymond Kemp (M: 50) David Allen Kemper (M: 53) Kevin Roger Kendall (M: 53)
Julie Ann Kent (F: 51) Jade Allen Kenton (M: 42) Daniel James Kenway (M: 28)
Gregory D Kerbs (M: 55) Gregory D Kerbs (M: 55) Michael Fredrick Kern (M: 54)
Richard Lynn Kern (M: 61) Blake Aaron Kesner (M: 54) Charles Franklin Kessler (M: 81)
Jerry Gene Kessler (M: 49) Charles Franklin Kessler (M: 81) Theodore John Kestner (M: 52)
Lee Oliver Keto (M: 32) William Orlando Key (M: 36) Codie Gregory Key (U: 26)
William Orlando Key (M: 36) Joseph D Keyes (M: 25) Steven Scott Kidwell (M: 41)
David Roy Kienholz (M: 34) Troy Lester Kiesecker (U: 50) Jeremy Lee Kiesig (M: 36)
Robert Paul Kifer (M: 38) James Henry Kimball (M: 44) Eugene Lloyd Kimbley (M: 53)
Alexander John Kimpton (U: 21) David Lee Kincheloe (M: 48) Domingo Harvie Kincheloe (M: 38)
Duane Lee Kindrick (U: 35) Dakota Michael King (M: 18) Dwayne Edward King (M: 41)
Joshua Keith King (M: 37) Michael Alfred King (M: 64) Phillip Norman King (M: 74)
Steven Lewis King (M: 42) Michael Alfred King (M: 64) Cody Blake King (U: 29)
Daniel Robert Kinghorn (M: 45) Kasey Blaine Kingsford (M: 33) Nathan Lynn Kingsford (M: 35)
Wayne Adam Kingsford (U: 36) Kasey Blaine Kingsford (U: 33) Craig Ralph Kingston (M: 61)
Ken Ross Kingston (M: 52) David Fay Kinne (M: 56) Clarence Kinney (M: 88)
Ricky Ray Kinney (M: 43) Jeffrey Floyd Kinsey (M: 50) Timothy Michael Kinsey (M: 46)
Patrick Thomas Kinstler (M: 35) Patrick Thomas Kinstler (U: 35) David Joseph Kinswa (M: 42)
Jesse William Kirk (M: 38) Christopher Jay Kirk (M: 39) Gerald Kirkpatrick (M: 68)
Clyde Kirkwood (M: 55) Clyde Kirkwood (U: 55) Adam Grant Kirtley (M: 29)
Jeremy Paul Kiser (M: 35) Amy Shannon Kissler (U: 33) Alan Michael Kitchens (U: 24)
Alan M Kitchens (U: 24) Mark Allan Kittleson (M: 43) Karl Wilhelm Klein (M: 64)
Jay Anthony Klein (U: 38) Donald Ray Kline (M: 59) Timmie Joe Kline (M: 49)
Donald Ray Kline (M: 59) Donald Ray Kline (M: 59) Donald Ray Kline (M: 59)
Robert Morgan Klingberg (M: 59) Deborah A Klingenberg (F: 45) Brian R Klinger (M: 25)
Knute David Klingler (M: 38) Charles Ryan Klopfenstein (M: 26) Frank Wayne Knapp (M: 37)
John Kirkpatrick Knapp (M: 65) Amanda Marie Knapp (U: 30) Eric James Knapp (U: 24)
Eric James Knapp (U: 24) Matthew Kenneth Knapp (M: 37) Bryan Dwayne Knight (M: 41)
Bryan Dwayne Knight (M: 41) Kenneth Daniel Knight (M: 38) Randy Wayne Knight (M: 36)
David Charles Knight (M: 58) Jerald Thomas Knight (U: 49) Melinda Leann Knop (F: 30)
James Clifford Knowles (M: 43) James Clifford Knowles (M: 43) Stephen Gerrald Knowlton (M: 72)
Christopher Dale Knox (M: 23) Travis David Knox (M: 34) David Aaron Knutsen (M: 31)
Steven Kelly Knutson (M: 60) Steven Kelly Knutson (M: 60) Jack Henry Kobelt (U: 78)
Benjamin Allen Koch (M: 31) Michael Lynn Koch (M: 47) Benjamin Allen Koch (U: 31)
Frederick Daryl Koho (M: 47) Randy Lee Koivu (U: 64) Brian Scott Kooiman (M: 49)
Vance J Koon (M: 40) Vance James Koon (U: 40) Vance J Koon (U: 40)
Todd William Kopinski (M: 40) Ardell J Koyle (M: 50) Timothy Ray Krahmer (M: 38)
William Richard Kramer (M: 39) Stephen Vaughn Kramer (U: 41) Brady Gerald Kraupp (M: 42)
Chad Robert Kraus (U: 31) Mark Andrew Krause (M: 50) Mark A Krause (U: 50)
Gregg Steven Kravitz (M: 48) Kevin G Kreisher (M: 50) Kevin Reiner Kreps (M: 50)
Wesley Allen Kretchmar (M: 49) Leslie Lewis Krivanec (M: 58) Trevor Alan Krivanec (U: 25)
James Leonard Kroll (M: 58) Timothy Michael Krommenhoek (M: 44) Stephen Christopher Krous (M: 38)
Stephen Christopher Krous (U: 38) Jonathan Jed Kruck (M: 46) Duane James Krum (M: 43)
Allen Richard Krupkin (M: 42) Michael James Kruse (M: 52) Shawn Paul Kucza (M: 39)
Shawn Paul Kucza (U: 39) Billy Ray Kuhn (M: 36) Adam Edward Kulavik (M: 25)
Brooks Dale Kunz (M: 31) Rocky Gene Kunzler (M: 51) Douglas James Kurts (U: 45)
Adam Lee Kurtz (M: 29) Adam Lee Kurtz (U: 29) Sheila Mae Kuykendall (U: 52)
Mikel Duke Kyle (U: 49)

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