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All sex offender data currently in our database from Idaho whose last name begins with the letter J are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Idaho sex offender information.

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Andrew Boyd Jackson (M: 70) Charles Harry Jackson (M: 56) Frederick Charles Jackson (M: 63)
Jacob Russell Jackson (M: 52) Jacob Russell Jackson (M: 52) Mark Lee Jackson (M: 64)
Michael Gene Jackson (M: 47) Russel Brian Jackson (M: 53) Thomas Richard Jackson (M: 64)
Paul Scott Jackson (M: 49) Paul S Jackson (M: 49) John Carrol Jaco Jr (M: 50)
Jay Ronald Jacobs (M: 65) Joseph Frank Larry Jacobs (M: 46) Wayne Edward Jacobs (M: 32)
Jay Ronald Jacobs (U: 65) William Darrow Jacobs (M: 24) Bryan Keith Jacobs (U: 36)
Ty Alexander Jacobsen (M: 28) Gary Clell Jacobson (M: 46) Gary Clell Jacobson (U: 46)
Kenneth Dean Jacobson (M: 72) Matthew Conover Jacobson (M: 35) Donald Gene Jameison (M: 68)
Billy Joe James (M: 50) Joseph Frederick James (M: 55) Joseph Fredrick James (M: 45)
Andrew James-Walkerhash (U: 27) Cindy Lou Jamieson (U: 39) Charles Schoen Jamison (M: 22)
Charles Schoen Jamison (M: 22) Dean Lee Jandera (M: 49) Jerry Lee Jansen (U: 50)
Michele Denise Jaques (U: 51) Carlos Alfredo Jaramillo (M: 21) Edwardo L Jaramillo (M: 46)
Joshua Richard Jardine (M: 30) Zachary William Jardine (M: 36) Joshua Richard Jardine (U: 30)
Jesse Lyle Jarvis (M: 51) Thomas James Jeffords (M: 61) Jody Darrell Jeffres (M: 33)
Mark William Jeffs (M: 51) Mark William Jeffs (U: 51) James Arthur Jemison (M: 75)
Billy Quentin Jemison (U: 48) Philip Faris Jenison (M: 66) Gordon Wayne Jenkins (M: 66)
Kelly Gordon Jenkins (M: 30) Mitchell William Jenkins (M: 31) Jared Rod Jenkins (U: 24)
Jared Rod Jenkins (U: 24) Jared Rod Jenkins (U: 24) Gordon Wayne Jenkins (U: 66)
Carey Lynn Jenks (M: 57) Carey L Jenks (M: 57) Mirl Dale Jenks (M: 55)
Marcie Gene Jennings (F: 37) Curtis Christopher Jensen (M: 39) Daniel E Jensen (M: 30)
Grant Emmet Jensen (M: 29) Jay Lyle Jensen (M: 75) Jeffrey Ted Jensen (M: 26)
Jerry L Jensen (M: 71) Justin D Jensen (M: 35) Patricia Louise Jensen (F: 52)
Tommy Jensen (M: 57) Christopher Kim Jensen (M: 48) Benjamin Monroe Jensen (U: 25)
Cecil Drew Jensen (U: 23) Docken Hans Jensen (U: 15) Larry Blaine Jensen (M: 17)
Christopher Joseph Jeppesen (M: 21) Rickey Lee Jepson (M: 57) Alan George Jerge (M: 37)
Alan George Jerge (U: 37) Robert L Jesse (M: 50) Shaun David Jesse (M: 38)
Keith Charles Jester (U: 51) Donald William Jewell (M: 29) Edward M Jewett (M: 42)
Brandon Ray Jim (M: 36) Pascasio Leonardo Jimenez (U: 29) David Thomas Johannsen (M: 52)
David Thomas Johannsen (M: 52) Billy Keith Johansen (U: 59) Dan Demour John (M: 50)
Dan Demour John (M: 50) Trace Duane St John (U: 42) Trace Duane St John (U: 42)
Adam Donald Johnson (M: 29) Arnold W Johnson (M: 49) Arthur William Johnson (M: 69)
Beau Justin Johnson (M: 23) Brian Paul Johnson (M: 34) Bryon Lynn Johnson (M: 41)
Calan Culbert Johnson (M: 41) Dana Lee Johnson (M: 30) Daniel Dewitt Johnson (M: 50)
Daniel Christian Johnson (M: 28) Derik James Johnson (M: 25) Eric Wesley Johnson (M: 21)
Greggory Lee Johnson (M: 30) Jared Scott Johnson (M: 30) Jase Johnson (M: 20)
Jennifer Mae Johnson (F: 37) John Keith Johnson (M: 78) Karl Christopher Johnson (M: 51)
Lanny Ross Johnson (M: 59) Lawrence Burdette Johnson (M: 40) Logan Lyn Johnson (M: 17)
Luke Jeffrey Johnson (M: 23) Megan Anne Johnson (F: 28) Mitchell D Johnson (M: 61)
Orville Sherwood Johnson (M: 88) Randy Marlowe Johnson (M: 57) Richard Dean Johnson (M: 50)
Richard Alan Johnson (M: 63) Robert Ryan Johnson (M: 33) Ronald Alan Johnson (M: 53)
Shavon Rachelle Johnson (F: 26) Stephen Paul Johnson (M: 40) Thearon Andrew Johnson (M: 54)
Theodore Gene Johnson (M: 80) Thomas Aaron Johnson (M: 38) Troy Eldon Johnson (M: 54)
Vikki Michellee Johnson (F: 37) Stephen Paul Johnson (U: 40) Ronald Dean Johnson (M: 33)
Robert Bryan Johnson (M: 36) Zyon Dale Johnson (U: 26) John Isaac Johnson (M: 27)
Eduvigez Allen Johnson (U: 25) Christopher Ray Johnson (M: 26) Jonathan Roger Johnson (U: 35)
Clayton Douglas Johnson (U: 17) Charles Ray Johnston (M: 73) Edward Calvin Johnston (M: 36)
James Jay Johnston (M: 40) James J Johnston (M: 40) Derek Steven Joiner (M: 42)
Cary Jay Jolley (M: 39) Clyde Lamont Jolley (M: 61) Russell Howard Jollymore (M: 50)
Aaron Clair Jones (M: 25) Andrew James Jones (M: 20) Bobby Dean Jones (M: 82)
Byron Kevin Jones (M: 22) Danny P Jones (M: 42) Dennis Neill Jones (M: 65)
Donald James Jones (M: 53) Garvin Ashley Jones (M: 51) Gena Larrine Jones (F: 44)
Janard Leroy Jones (M: 68) Jason Lee Jones (M: 31) Kenneth Lee Jones (M: 73)
Lawrence Ray Jones (M: 69) Lester Laurel Jones (M: 49) Michael Anthony Jones (M: 21)
Michael Richard Jones (M: 39) Rex Albert Jones (M: 58) Robert Maurice Jones (M: 59)
Robert Everette Jones (M: 47) Ronald Edward Jones (M: 63) Shane Robert Jones (M: 39)
Thomas Zeph Jones (M: 45) Todd Nolan Jones (M: 49) Weston Martin Jones (M: 31)
Nevada K Jones (U: 29) Justin Dwayne Jones (U: 25) Kenny Joe Jones (U: 49)
Janard Leroy Jones (U: 68) Jeffrey Rudolph Jones (M: 34) Carl Jones (U: 57)
Lester Laurel Jones (U: 49) Ronald Edward Jones (M: 63) William Lynn Earl Jones (M: 66)
Bobby Dean Jones (U: 82) Jeffrey R Jones (M: 34) Jason Stanley Jones (M: 38)
Scott Michael Jones (U: 52) George Robert Jones (M: 57) Torrey Brandon Jones (U: 33)
Richard W Jones (M: 67) Travis Wayne Jones (U: 28) Brandon Kane Jordan (M: 33)
Christy Marie Jordan (F: 35) Matthew John Jordan (M: 40) Gary Lee Jordan (U: 63)
Matthew John Jordan (M: 40) Kenneth Deane Jordan (M: 31) Lon Dewayne Jorgensen (M: 50)
Lon Dewayne Jorgensen (U: 50) Jeffrey C Joseph (M: 28) Lawrence Ray Josephson (M: 27)
William Kirk Josey (M: 41) Alexander Robert Joslin (M: 28) Steven Ray Joy (M: 31)
Steven Ray Joy (M: 31) Miguel Charles Joyner (U: 49) Antonio Juarez (M: 20)
Ismael Juarez (M: 59) Timothy Lawrence Juarez (M: 44) Jacob Wayne Judd (U: 24)
Jacob Wayne Judd (U: 24) John Afton Judd (M: 35) William Mark Julian (M: 43)
Kevin Gordon Juve (M: 44)

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