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All sex offender data currently in our database from Idaho whose last name begins with the letter F are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Idaho sex offender information.

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John Miguel Fabela (M: 44) Adam Levi Fackrell (M: 49) Percy Ray Fackrell (M: 75)
Adam Levi Fackrell (U: 49) Alexander Santos Fagundes (M: 39) Alexander Santos Fagundes (U: 39)
Galen Kent Fairbank (M: 62) Rodney D Fairchild (M: 37) Larry W Faith (M: 70)
Larry Talbert Fanning (M: 55) Brandon Michael Fargo (M: 26) Michelle W Farley (F: 44)
Robbie Lee Farmer (M: 29) Robbie Lee Farmer (M: 29) Douglas Brian Farnsworth (M: 50)
Kevin Lee Farnsworth (M: 33) Matthew Allen Farnworth (M: 29) Scott Allen Farnworth (M: 35)
Brandon D Farrer (U: 24) Brian Joseph Fatten (M: 50) Donald Armand Fecteau (M: 67)
Brandon Morris Feder (M: 22) Gerald L Fehlman (U: 75) Brian Carl Fellows (M: 22)
Kenneth Wayne Felt (M: 49) Shannon Michael Fenner (M: 43) Aaron Spencer Fenwick (M: 27)
Aaron Spencer Fenwick (U: 27) Steven Parker Fenwick (M: 26) Charles Robert Ferdig (M: 83)
Paul Robert Ferguson (M: 45) Shane Lee Ferguson (M: 35) George Don Ferguson (M: 69)
Shawn Allen Fernen (M: 22) John Charles Ferrell (M: 40) John Charles Ferrell (M: 40)
James Edward Ferriby (M: 43) Dennis Grant Feucht (M: 48) James Arthur Ficker (M: 43)
William Oscar Field (M: 70) Eric Delray Fielding (M: 58) Michael Louis Fields (M: 56)
Raymond Lawrence Fields (M: 45) Gregory D Fieseler (M: 53) Robert Duane Fifield (M: 83)
Michael John Figueroa (M: 31) Matthew Evan Finch (M: 22) Scott Ray Finch (M: 44)
Brayen Allen Finch (U: 38) Joshua Keim Finley (M: 31) Michael Henry Finn (M: 45)
Peter Paul Fioritto (M: 65) Anthony Firkins (M: 52) Rodney Jay Firkins (M: 47)
Anthony Firkins (M: 52) Gerald A Fischenich (U: 84) Leroy Ray Fiscus (U: 23)
Bradley Kyle Fish (M: 27) Jeremy Robert Fishbaugh (U: 26) Byron Walter Fisher (M: 55)
Darrell Vernon Fisher (M: 78) Darrell Vernon Fisher (M: 78) Joey Dee Fisher (M: 41)
Kristian Michael Fisher (M: 38) Richard Elston Fisher (M: 78) Robert Lee Fisher (M: 50)
Ronald Alan Fisher (M: 26) Shawn Patrick Fisher (M: 43) Darrell Vernon Fisher (U: 78)
Shawn Patrick Fisher (U: 43) Kristian Michael Fisher (U: 38) Mervin Fisher (U: 69)
Robert Lee Fitzsimmons (M: 46) Christopher David Flegel (M: 41) Jean Paul Flemming (U: 36)
Gregory Lee Fleshman (M: 54) Robert Eugene Fletcher (M: 35) Lloyd Albert Flett (M: 50)
Michael Anthony Flett (M: 26) Lloyd Albert Flett (U: 50) Jesse Howard Fleury (U: 91)
Dillon John Flinn (M: 28) Timothy Levi Flintsmith (M: 33) Timothy Levi Flintsmith (M: 33)
Michael James Flippence (M: 42) Louis Edward Flood (M: 68) David Ruben Flores (M: 53)
Jose Antonio Flores (M: 31) Ricky Thomas Flores (M: 29) William Ray Flores (M: 26)
Michael John Flores (M: 46) Jesse James Flores (U: 33) David Alexander Flores Jr (M: 31)
Halton Lee Flowers (M: 29) Ronald Alvin Flowers (M: 47) Terry Alan Flowers (M: 57)
James Allen Floyd (M: 49) John A Floyd (M: 66) James Allen Floyd (M: 49)
Anthony Michael Fogg (M: 32) Steven Brain Foldvik (M: 49) Jonathon Earl Folk (U: 44)
David Emert Follett (M: 74) Robert Lee Folsom (M: 70) Jack Leroy Folsom (U: 61)
Shawn Andreas Brian Fontes (M: 21) John Roy Foote (M: 41) John Roy Foote (M: 41)
Lonnie Ray Forbes (M: 46) Jerry Zane Forbis (M: 49) Daniel Kevin Forbush (M: 17)
Michael James Ford (M: 47) Monica Ford (F: 56) Roger Dale Ford (M: 42)
Tony Shannon Ford (M: 41) Neal Eugene Foreman (M: 42) Michael Henry Forker (M: 35)
Tyler Scott Formslag (M: 32) Scott William Forsman (M: 37) Scott William Forsman (M: 37)
Scott William Forsman (U: 37) Leonard Francis Fortenberry (M: 76) Leonard Francis Fortenberry (U: 76)
Joe Dionisio Foruria (U: 44) Kerry Martin Forwood (M: 61) Marc Fortune Foss (M: 58)
Bradley Paul Foster (M: 31) Cory Duane Foster (M: 36) Donald Tracy Foster (M: 40)
Keith Adrian Foster (M: 47) Larry Wyman Foster (M: 71) Mark Edward Foster (M: 50)
Melvin P Foster (M: 20) Timmy Gene Foster (M: 51) Michael Ray Foster (M: 24)
Garland Fout (M: 88) Charles Raymond Fowler (M: 46) Robert Allison Fowler (M: 35)
Ryan Anderson Fowler (M: 34) Dennis L Fowler (U: 71) Charles Raymond Fowler (M: 46)
James Albert Fox (M: 58) Michael Donald Fox (M: 44) Timothy Fox (M: 42)
Thomas Dewey Fox (M: 43) Vernon Patrick France (M: 46) Jerry Joseph Franco (M: 41)
Greg A Frank (M: 42) Laura Ann Frank (F: 48) Daniel R Franklin (M: 32)
Mark Arelious Franklyn (M: 35) Larry Gene Franks (M: 58) William Shaun Franks (M: 42)
William Shaun Franks (M: 42) Justin Ray Fraschetti (U: 27) Tyler J Fraser (U: 20)
Jack Frates (M: 65) Jack Frates (U: 65) Charles J Frazier (M: 36)
William Robert Frazier (M: 31) Eugene Edward Freand (M: 63) Andrew Jonathon Freand (U: 17)
Jeramy Wayne Freckleton (U: 38) Stoney Lee Fred (M: 37) Jeffery Theodore Frederick (M: 55)
Gary Howard Frederick (U: 50) David Bruce Fredericks (M: 50) Richard Paul Fredlund (M: 63)
Ted Allen Fredrickson (U: 53) Cody Shane Freeburg (M: 40) Claude James Freedle (M: 42)
Claude James Freedle (U: 42) Oscar Babtist Francis Freedle (U: 41) Daniel Allen Freeman (M: 47)
Daniel Robert Freeman (M: 34) Randall Lee Freeman (M: 52) Allen Ray Freeman (U: 33)
Shawn Micheal Freeman (U: 24) Barry Dale Frei (M: 33) Barry D Frei (U: 33)
Kevin Wayne French (M: 42) Max Howard Fretz (M: 77) Max Howard Fretz (U: 77)
Gregory Bruce Frey (M: 55) Carlos Chino Frias (M: 39) Troy Dirk Fridley (M: 44)
Troy Derek Fridley (U: 44) Anthony Ray Friedlander (M: 57) Leroy Edwin Friedrichsmeyer (U: 80)
George Layman Friel (M: 33) Timothy Lyn Friel (M: 30) Timothy Ryan Friery (M: 31)
Kenneth Eugene Frigge (M: 39) Don Leo Cox Fritzsche (U: 37) Don Leo Cox Fritzsche (U: 37)
Don Leocox Fritzsche (U: 37) Edgar Dewayne Frizzell (M: 63) Fred Nicholas Frolov (U: 22)
Bruce Eugene Froman (M: 36) Franklin Sidney Froman (M: 36) Joseph Don Fromviller (M: 32)
Brian Edward Frost (M: 50) Brandon Lee Frostrom (M: 21) Rex Lee Fry (M: 77)
Wayne Dee Fuell (M: 61) Steven Ray Fugate (M: 26) George Fuller (M: 62)
William Henry Fuller (M: 51) George Fuller (U: 62) Jason Lee Fuller (M: 37)
Tony L Fuller (U: 42) Jason Lee Fuller (M: 37) Jacob Daniel Fuller (U: 25)
Edwin J Fullerton (M: 48) Andrew Theodore Fullerton (U: 41) Charles Wayne Fullmer (M: 60)
Mikel Blaine Fullmer (M: 50) Willard G Fullmer (M: 57) Willard Gene Fullmer (U: 57)
Peter Robert Furman (M: 48) Bill Jason Furtado (M: 40) James Wesley Futch (M: 51)
Steven Edward Fyffe (M: 40)

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