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All sex offender data currently in our database from Idaho whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Idaho sex offender information.

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Steven D-Gouldferdig (U: 43) August Duane Dabel (M: 59) Eric Daeseleer (M: 66)
Eric Daeseleer (U: 66) Donald Alvin Dahl (M: 59) Douglas Greg Dahlin (U: 51)
Robert Max Dahms (M: 46) Adrian Paul Daigle (M: 30) Christopher Joe Daily (M: 37)
James Earl Daily (M: 35) Danny Jim Dale (M: 45) Danny Jim Dale (M: 45)
Jeremy Todd Daley (M: 34) Andrew Evan Dalgleish (M: 27) Anthony Wayne Damon (M: 57)
Garry Everette Damon (M: 84) Leroy S Damon (U: 62) Anthony Wayne Damon (M: 57)
Garry Everette Damon (U: 84) Larry Grant Dana (M: 39) Larry Grant Dana (M: 39)
Mark Allen Danford (M: 64) Mark Allen Danford (U: 64) Eddie Daniel (M: 37)
Christopher Joe Daniel (M: 25) Tomas Daniel-Garciaongay (U: 40) George Tyrone Daniels (M: 43)
Gregory Scott Daniels (M: 45) William James Daniels (M: 30) George Tyrone Daniels (M: 43)
Gregory Scott Daniels (M: 45) Ronnie Dean Daniels (U: 65) Leroy Daniels (U: 67)
William James Daniels (M: 30) Joshua David Danielson (M: 25) Brian Keith Danner (M: 40)
Andrew F Dansereau (M: 32) Andrew Franklin Dansereau (U: 32) Frank Michael Darby (M: 53)
Donald Richard Davenport (M: 77) Ricardo A Davenport (U: 27) Derek Craig David (M: 32)
Tawna Sue David (F: 49) Scott Thomas Davidage (M: 48) Calvin Shane Davidson (M: 45)
Daniel Eugene Davidson (M: 51) Daniel Eugene Davidson (M: 51) Jerry Dean Davidson (M: 37)
Stephen Paul Davidson (M: 26) Winfield Dennis Davidson (M: 60) Robert Wayne Davies (M: 54)
Robert Wayne Davies (M: 54) Alexander Ricardo Davis (M: 73) Billy John Davis (M: 40)
Brian L Davis (M: 39) David Ray Davis (M: 38) David Grey Davis (M: 53)
Glen Theodore Davis (M: 59) Grant William Davis (M: 52) Jacob Stephen Davis (M: 28)
James Michael Davis (M: 41) James Arthur Davis (M: 63) Jeffrey Scott Davis (M: 37)
Jens Randall Davis (M: 52) Jeremy Daniel Davis (M: 32) Jerry Harrison Davis (M: 63)
John Delbert Davis (M: 79) John Agualo Davis (M: 37) Michael Wayne Davis (M: 47)
Randall Dean Davis (M: 59) Richard Dennis Davis (M: 70) Shawn Cody Davis (M: 34)
Terry Edward Davis (M: 51) Timothy John Davis (M: 45) Toby Lee Davis (M: 35)
Benjamin Roy Davis (U: 31) Steven Leon Davis (M: 52) Jacob Russell Davis (U: 27)
Timothy Ryan Davis (M: 30) Kelly Rex Davis (U: 65) Jerry Harrison Davis (U: 63)
Daniel Mitchell Davis (M: 54) David Grey Davis (M: 53) Benjamin Roy Davis (U: 31)
Jon-Micah Wolfe Davis (U: 21) Philip Ollie Davisson (M: 64) Aaron Burr Dawson (M: 59)
Aaron Burr Dawson (U: 59) Charles R Dawson (M: 24) Charles R Dawson (M: 24)
Harold Richard Dawson (U: 56) Cory F Day (M: 41) Jeremy Lynn Day (M: 26)
Kyle Daniel Day (M: 29) Todd Randall Daylong (M: 46) Mark Tillman Dayman (U: 41)
Darwin Eric Richard Dayton (U: 35) Darwin Eric Richard Dayton (U: 35) Rosana B De La Torre (U: 43)
Carrol Lee Dean (M: 66) David Lee Dean (M: 43) Kirk Luraymond Dean (M: 45)
Leland Dale Dean (M: 41) David Lee Dean (M: 43) Robert Edward Debell (M: 39)
Jesse James Deckard (U: 63) Austin Thomas Dedmon (M: 22) Austin Thomas Dedmon (U: 22)
Steven Gregory Deeds (M: 52) Daniel Neil Deforest (M: 49) Johnathan Eugene Deforrest (U: 26)
Phillip Tyler Deforrest (U: 35) Robert Wayne Degrat (M: 66) Christopher Joseph Degutis (M: 45)
Todd Douglas Dehart (M: 34) Noel Delacruz (M: 48) Roy Delacruz (M: 52)
Noel Delacruz (U: 48) Bradley Scott Delaney (M: 37) Terry Joe Delaney (M: 24)
Tracy Shane Delange (M: 39) Tracy Shane Delange (U: 39) Rosana B Delatorre (F: 43)
Malcolm Lee Dell (M: 57) Malcolm Lee Dell (U: 57) Bradley Gale Delong (M: 53)
Jesse Brady Delong (M: 37) Jesse Brady Delong (U: 37) Bradley Moses Delorme (M: 45)
James Joseph Demello (M: 46) Daniel James Deminico (M: 52) Casey Scott Demoville (M: 52)
Shawn Lee Dempsey (M: 39) Shawn Lee Dempsey (U: 39) David Larry Dennis (M: 50)
Christopher Jon Dennis (M: 26) Brian K Denno (M: 38) Thomas Alan Denton (M: 44)
Robert Elzay Depew (M: 73) Charles Patrick Deporto (M: 40) Mario Chauncey Deprieta (M: 46)
Jason Joseph Derose (M: 34) David Arkley Derrick (M: 49) Andy Jay Derry (M: 46)
Andy Jay Derry (U: 46) Andy Jay Derry (U: 46) Andy Jay Derry (U: 46)
David Carl Derryberry (M: 39) Bo Thomas Derschon (U: 24) Randy Scott Deschamps (M: 50)
Randy Scott Deschamps (U: 50) David Leland Deshazer (M: 24) Matthew Alan Desmet (M: 29)
Christian John Dethloff (M: 66) Christian John Dethloff (U: 66) George William Devarney (M: 64)
Willard Devine (M: 75) William Ray Devine (M: 46) William Roy Devine (M: 46)
Willard Joseph Devine (U: 75) Clyde Arnold Dewey (M: 57) Dana Edward Dewey (M: 46)
Nathan Paul Dewolf (M: 43) Nathan Paul Dewolf (U: 43) David Gene Dial (M: 21)
Ismael Antonio Diaz (M: 30) Ronald Lee Diaz (M: 47) William G Diaz (M: 48)
Ismael Antonio Diaz (U: 30) Josue P Diaz (U: 27) Antonio George Dicataldo (M: 50)
Darwin R Dick (M: 38) Thomas Carl Dickerson (M: 42) Thomas Carl Dickerson (M: 42)
Scott Eugene Dickson (U: 38) Kevin Ray Dieter (M: 30) David Edmond Diffendaffer (M: 58)
Ronald Glenn Diggs (M: 62) Jessica Lynn Dillard (F: 30) Jonathan Fredrick Dillard (M: 45)
Earnest Parrie Dille (M: 56) Jeffrey Craig Dillen (M: 51) Daniel Raymond Dillon (M: 39)
Ernest Frank Dillon (M: 71) Gene Wesley Dillon (M: 81) Mikel Gene Dillon (M: 44)
Gene Wesley Dillon (U: 81) Jody Dwayne Dinicola (U: 44) Craig Ross Dinwiddie (M: 56)
Earl Gene Dionne (M: 60) David Lynn Dirkmaat (M: 32) Leslie Almond Dixon (U: 61)
Michael Andrew Doan (M: 50) Darrell Leon Doar (M: 52) David Lloyd Dobbins (M: 70)
Richard James Dobson (M: 45) Essie B Dock (M: 57) Kenneth M Dodds (M: 42)
Kenneth Michael Dodds (M: 42) Lanny Henry Dodds (M: 51) Lloyd Wilmer Dodge (U: 75)
Jeremy Bruce Dodson (M: 27) John Paul Doerflinger (M: 51) Gary Gail Dolph (M: 60)
Douglas Carlin Dolphus (M: 56) Douglas Carlin Dolphus (U: 56) David Anthony Dombeck (M: 70)
William Dale Domber (M: 49) Bruce Paul Domina (M: 48) Bryan Alan Doney (M: 39)
Tanya A Doney (F: 40) Wyn Kay Doney (M: 49) Wyn Kay Doney (U: 49)
Tanya A Doney (U: 40) Isaac Uriah Dooley (M: 35) Craig William Dooley (U: 39)
Curtis Wayne Doolittle (M: 22) Kelly Roy Dooms (M: 35) David Terrel Dopp (M: 46)
Herbert Bruce Dopp (M: 54) David Terrel Dopp (M: 46) Jason Leroy Doramus (M: 35)
David Vaughn Dorgan (M: 54) Camron James Dorman (U: 24) Camron James Dorman (U: 24)
Benjamin Michael Dorn (M: 58) Benjamin Michael Dorn (U: 58) Larry Dean Dorning (M: 60)
Larry Dean Dorning (M: 60) Gary Stanley Dorosh (M: 58) Adam Glen Dorris (M: 22)
Rick Jorden-Ray Doss (M: 19) Charles Risdon Dossey (M: 72) Charles Risdon Dossey (M: 72)
Anthony W Dotson (M: 55) Brian Cole Dougal (M: 36) Ricky Dean Dougal (M: 53)
William Earl Dougherty (M: 51) William E Dougherty (M: 51) William E Dougherty (M: 51)
John Gregory Douglas (M: 58) Scott Timothy Douglas (M: 42) Thomas Dale Douglas (M: 36)
Richard Dale Douglas (M: 62) Donald W Dove (M: 55) Douglas Ray Dowalo (M: 51)
Eric Scott Dowdle (M: 48) Eric Scott Dowdle (U: 48) Steven Ralph Dowland (M: 40)
Creston Guy Downing (M: 57) John David Downing (M: 23) John David Downing (M: 23)
Terry Lee Dowton (M: 50) Terry Lee Dowton (U: 50) Franklin L Doyle (M: 32)
Robert Leroy Draine (M: 40) Amandalynn Lee Draine (U: 27) Clair Meryl Drake (M: 60)
Jerry Paul Drake (M: 71) Clair Meryl Drake (U: 60) Wendell Welker Draney (U: 93)
Eddy Lee Drapeau (M: 61) Kristopher Alan Drapeau (M: 23) Rickey Shane Drennen (M: 57)
Richard Jay Drennon (M: 60) Randy Lynn Drown (M: 44) Randy Lynn Drown (U: 44)
Anthony Michael Duarte (M: 45) Patrick Neil Dubois (M: 46) Patrick Neil Dubois (U: 46)
Andrew Lee Duborko (U: 25) Herbert Ray Duchscher (M: 55) Mark Dudley (M: 42)
Victor Magana Duenaz (M: 32) Donald Junior Dumont (M: 60) Donald Junior Dumont (M: 60)
Jason Scott Dunbar (M: 26) Joseph Caleb Dunbar (M: 30) Alan Lee Duncan (M: 60)
Carl Freeman Duncan (M: 42) David James Duncan (M: 64) Gary Lee Duncan (M: 55)
Gary Lee Duncan (M: 55) Michael Rodney Duncan (M: 58) Randy Burril Dunham (M: 47)
Randy Burril Dunham (U: 47) Jeffrey Lewis Dunn (M: 52) William R Dunn (M: 19)
Colin Rick Dunn (U: 35) Allen Lee Dunnagan (M: 23) Leland Elroy Dunnagan (M: 54)
Cory Alan Dunne (M: 44) Edward Robert Dunning (M: 74) Lawrence Lee Dunning (M: 56)
Michael D Dunphy (M: 60) Joseph Gomez Duran (M: 71) Mitchell Edward Durbin (M: 38)
Andrew Jack Durette (M: 44) Andrew Jack Durette (U: 44) Phillip Lewis Durfee (M: 54)
Jeremy E Durkin (M: 34) Jeremy Clayton Durst (M: 31) Edward D Dursteler (M: 40)
Aric Wayne Duspiva (M: 36) Aric Wayne Duspiva (U: 36) Hans Conway Dustin (M: 54)
Robert W Dustin (M: 52) Claude Henri Duvall (M: 80) Claude Henri Duvall (U: 80)
Jeffrey Alan Duwe (M: 44) Jefferey Alan Duwe (M: 44) Adele Marie Dye (F: 41)
Scott Edward Dye (M: 39) David Lee Dye (M: 48)

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