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Juan A-Contrerashernandez (U: 26) Patrick Aaron-Shrevefenwick (U: 23) Joseph Allen Aasa (M: 39)
Richard A Abbasi (M: 40) Dennis Eugene Abbott (M: 52) Robert Gregory Abel (M: 37)
Robert Gregory Abel (M: 37) Kevin Earl Abels (M: 21) Kevin Earl Abels (M: 21)
Samir Michael Abrams (M: 21) Dylan Guy Abshire (M: 20) Joseph Terry Acevedo (M: 57)
Juan Manuel Acevedo (M: 31) Manuel Rodriguez Acevedo (M: 57) Joseph Terry Acevedo (M: 57)
Chris Herbert Acha (M: 45) Chris Acha (M: 45) Richard Anthony Ackerman (M: 82)
Gregory Acuna (M: 52) Carl A Adair (M: 35) Norman Chee Adakai (M: 49)
Norman Chee Adakai (U: 49) David Paul Adams (M: 49) Edward James Adams (M: 51)
Greg Scott Adams (M: 40) James Edward Adams (M: 41) James Phillip Adams (M: 49)
Jon M Adams (M: 24) Randy Steven Adams (M: 60) Rickey Dale Adams (M: 51)
Warren Dale Adams (M: 62) Warren Dale Adams (U: 62) Greg Scott Adams (M: 40)
David Paul Adams (M: 49) Jon Michael Adams (U: 56) Randy Steven Adams (U: 60)
Sean Christopher Adams (U: 38) Rickey Dale Adams (U: 51) Jacques De Flint Audet Adams (U: 24)
James Phillip Adams (M: 49) Michael Donald Adams-Frew (M: 24) Brian Jake Adamson (M: 24)
Anthony Emilio Aguirre (M: 21) Paul R Aguirre (M: 39) Miguel Fransisco Aguirre (U: 40)
Miguel Francisco Aguirre (U: 40) Paul Ramirez Aguirre (M: 39) Paul R Aguirre (M: 39)
Jacob James Ahern (M: 26) Michael Todd Ahlstrom (M: 50) Michael Todd Ahlstrom (M: 50)
Clinton A Aiken (M: 39) Clinton A Aiken (U: 39) Jason Ainscough (M: 30)
Joseph Leonard Ainsworth (M: 31) Rodney Dean Akers (M: 37) Rodney Dean Akers (U: 37)
Abdullah Saddam Al-Atwani (M: 37) Zaki Abdul Al-Kotrani (U: 43) Jose Ceballos Alarcon (M: 45)
Jose Ceballos Alarcon (M: 45) Timothy Bryan Alberson (M: 39) Paul Allen Alberts (M: 65)
Paul Allen Alberts (M: 65) Kyle Blane Albertson (M: 27) Michelle Diane Albiston (F: 38)
Michelle Diane Albiston (U: 38) Eric Wayne Alcantara (U: 32) Tobin Chase Alder (M: 45)
Tobin Chase Alder (U: 45) Shannon Renee Alderton (F: 35) Shannon Renee Alderton (U: 35)
John Charles Aldrich (M: 57) John Charles Aldrich (M: 57) Daniel Sandoval Aleman (M: 55)
Derick Anthony Alfonso (M: 27) Ali Mohamud Ali (M: 27) Aurangzaib Safriz Ali (M: 38)
Brandon Isaac Allan (M: 36) Carl Daniel Allen (M: 54) Gary Lee Allen (M: 57)
James Gillson Allen (M: 67) James Larry Allen (M: 44) Jeremy Ian Allen (M: 37)
Monte Joseph Allen (M: 55) Randy Leroy Allen (M: 30) Richard Welton Allen (M: 69)
Rodney Scott Allen (M: 47) Shane Lee Allen (M: 31) Shawn Kristen Allen (M: 39)
Thomas Vernon Allen (M: 59) Virgil Paul Allen (M: 32) Gary Lee Allen (U: 57)
Shawn Kristian Allen (U: 39) James Larry Allen (M: 44) Shane Lee Allen (U: 31)
Monte Joseph Allen (U: 55) Erick Adam Allen (U: 38) Richard Welton Allen (M: 69)
Carl Daniel Allen (M: 54) Randy Leroy Allen (U: 30) Nicole Marie Allen (U: 28)
Ricky Doyle Allen (U: 37) James Andrew Allen (M: 45) Donald T Alley (M: 64)
Richard Marvin Alley (M: 83) Richard Allen Allison (M: 50) James Michael Allman (M: 56)
James Michael Allman (M: 56) Joseph Chauncey Allmond (M: 47) Ernest Owen Allphin (M: 41)
William R Allsop (M: 45) Stephen Scott Allured (U: 27) Stephen Scott Allured Jr (U: 27)
Victor Esquivel Almaraz (U: 49) Jose Alejandro Alonzo (M: 49) Nick Lee Alonzo (M: 54)
Nick Lee Alonzo (U: 54) Carlos Alonzo (U: 53) Aaron Keith Altes (M: 37)
Edward Eugene Altizer (M: 46) Edward Eugene Altizer (M: 46) Shaun Elliott Altman (M: 33)
Shaun Elliott Altman (U: 33) Jesus Alvarado (M: 63) Luis Rafael Alvarado (M: 40)
Luis Rafael Alvarado (U: 40) Jesus Alvarado (U: 63) Ronald Blaire Alvarado (M: 44)
David Allen Amabisco (M: 43) Hector Amador (M: 42) Hector Amador (U: 42)
Jeremy Dean Amen (M: 41) Domnike Lee Ames (M: 42) Michael Lee Ames (M: 63)
Domnike Lee Ames (U: 42) Marc Andrew Amlin (M: 43) Mark Andrew Amlin (U: 43)
Jeremiah David Ammon (M: 31) Robert Brian Amos (M: 50) Robert Brian Amos (M: 50)
Aaron Tyler Amos (U: 39) James Robert Amos (M: 47) Cecil James Amoss (U: 47)
Bryan R Anders (M: 50) Milo S Andersen (M: 63) Richard E Andersen (M: 41)
Milo S Andersen (U: 63) Richard E Andersen (M: 41) Charles Marion Anderson (M: 53)
Daniel Eugene Anderson (M: 54) Darcy J Anderson (M: 37) David Keith Anderson (M: 50)
Frank Ray Anderson (M: 54) Galen Wayne Anderson (M: 61) Joseph Michael Anderson (M: 23)
Justin Anderson (M: 21) Katherine Lynn Anderson (F: 52) Kyle D Anderson (M: 50)
Matthew John Anderson (M: 31) Merlin Moroni Anderson (M: 48) Michael Ted Anderson (M: 43)
Michael David Anderson (M: 33) Paul Glover Anderson (M: 51) Paul Warren Anderson (M: 62)
Randy Joe Anderson (M: 47) Richard James Anderson (M: 88) Ryan Dwayne Anderson (M: 24)
Steven Rex Anderson (M: 51) Wayne D Anderson (M: 42) Don Carlos Anderson (U: 59)
Randy Leon Anderson (U: 54) Wayne D Anderson (U: 42) Galen Wayne Anderson (U: 61)
Frank Ray Anderson (U: 54) Katherine Lynn Anderson (U: 52) Michael Lester Anderson (M: 63)
Richard James Anderson (M: 88) Joshua David Anderson (U: 26) Daniel Eugene Anderson (M: 54)
Clayton Earl Anderson (U: 26) Matthew John Anderson (M: 31) Darcy J Anderson (U: 37)
Joseph Michael Anderson (M: 23) Tyler James Anderson (U: 25) Joseph Blain Anderson (M: 26)
Shaun Brady Andres (M: 34) Shaun Brady Andres (U: 34) Michael Ray Andrew (M: 46)
Michael Ray Andrew (M: 46) Charles Blair Andrews (M: 73) Daniel Graham Andrews (M: 59)
Gary William Andrews (M: 59) James G Andrews (M: 42) Kenneth Gene Andrews (M: 50)
Steve Allen Andrews (M: 40) Kenneth Gene Andrews (M: 50) Daniel Graham Andrews (M: 59)
Isaac Joshua Angel (M: 34) Miguel Angel-Quirozsantos (U: 32) Daniel Amico Angeletti (M: 22)
Jack Donald Angell (M: 53) Kristopher James Anglin (M: 22) Thad Ramsey Anguiano (M: 42)
Thad Ramsey Anguiano (U: 42) William Ankrum (M: 45) William Ivan Ankrum (M: 45)
William Ankrum (M: 45) Bryan Eugene Anthis (M: 33) Bryan Eugene Anthis (U: 33)
David Allen Anthony (M: 49) Timothy Martin Anthony (M: 45) Joseph Christobol Apodaca (M: 48)
David Fred Aragon (M: 57) Matthew Andre Aragon (M: 34) David Fred Aragon (M: 57)
Daniel James Arbini (M: 35) Daniel James Arbini (M: 35) Daniel James Arbini (M: 35)
Rafael Gerrard Arbizu (M: 42) Rafael Gerardo Arbizu (U: 42) Jake Douglas Archibald (M: 27)
Robert Larry Archuleta (M: 34) Rubel Lawrence Archuleta (M: 73) Tommy James Archuleta (M: 50)
Rubel Lawrence Archuleta (U: 73) Tommy James Archuleta (U: 50) Christopher Michael Archuleta (M: 40)
Joseph Mosai Ardoine (M: 54) Timothy Jon Arent (M: 50) Timothy Jon Arent (M: 50)
Jose Luis Arias (M: 22) Matthew M Arman (M: 44) Christopher Matthew Armbrust (M: 18)
Paul Silvas Armendarez (M: 21) Bryan Douglas Armstrong (M: 28) Daniel Joseph Armstrong (M: 49)
Daniel Joseph Armstrong (M: 49) Richard William Armstrong (M: 34) Robert Addison Armstrong (M: 31)
Robert Addison Armstrong (M: 31) Carter James Armstrong (U: 27) Jeffrey P Arner (M: 57)
Robert Joseph Arnett (M: 33) Ferrell David Arnold (M: 34) Sean Scott Arquette (U: 26)
Scott Anthony Arrington (M: 49) Corey Lee Arrowchis (U: 32) David Jared Arthur (M: 34)
Ronald Dale Aschenbrenner (M: 44) Ronald Dale Aschenbrenner (M: 44) Kelly Steven Ash (M: 52)
Michael Ashcraft (M: 70) Michael Ashcraft (M: 70) Jason Albert Ashley (M: 27)
Blaine Andy Ashment (M: 34) Blaine Andy Ashment (U: 34) William Allan Ashton (M: 44)
William Allan Ashton (M: 44) Bryce Jay Ashton (U: 36) Noel Astorga (M: 32)
Noel Astorga (U: 32) Martin Daniel Atkins (M: 28) Martin Daniel Atkins (M: 28)
Randall Scott Atkins (M: 44) Jeffrey Aaron Atkinson (M: 39) Kari Jo Atkinson (U: 31)
Bryan Lee Atwell (M: 50) Bryan Lee Atwell (U: 50) David Haight Atwood (M: 55)
David Haight Atwood (M: 55) Erick Maynard Auck (M: 28) Larry Clenton Augdon (M: 66)
Pius George Augustine (M: 87) Christopher Lee Austin (M: 26) Christopher Lee Austin (M: 26)
Gary Bryan Austin (M: 37) Gary Bryan Austin (U: 37) Scott Ryan Austin (U: 40)
Samuel Raymond Avalos (U: 63) Austin Wayne Averett (M: 53) Zane Gordon Averett (M: 39)
Austin Wayne Averett (U: 53) Zane Gordon Averett (U: 39) Howard Eugene Averill (M: 63)
Howard Eugene Averill (U: 63) David Avila (M: 33) Mario A Avila (M: 50)
Richard Avila (M: 22) Mario A Avila (U: 50) Manuel Omar Avila (U: 25)
Jaime Michael Ayala (M: 27) Aaron D Ayers (M: 29) Carl David Ayers (M: 54)
Carl David Ayers (M: 54) Glen Edward Ayers (U: 37)

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