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All sex offender data currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter V are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender information.

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Patricio Valdez (M: 21) Patrick Carl Valencia (M: 27) Jose Manuel Valenzuela (M: 34)
Timothy Michael Valicka (M: 26) Christopher Lawrence Valin (M: 38) Ramiro Valles (M: 40)
Robby Dale Van (M: 35) Alexander Paul Van Dorpe (M: 30) Darin Eugene Vanarkel (M: 43)
Kevin Wayne Vanbaale (M: 56) Kenneth Duane Vanbeek (M: 57) Stephen Donnelley Vanbibber (M: 38)
Darin Vernon Vanbuskirk (M: 37) Mark Abraham Vancannon (M: 46) Troy Alan Vancannon (M: 27)
Anthony James Vance (M: 31) Timothy Andrew Vance (M: 38) William H Vance (M: 60)
William Homer Vance (M: 60) Jerry Ray Vancenbrock (M: 72) James Anthony Vandee (M: 54)
Michael Joseph Vandenberg (M: 60) Jesse Kirk Vandenbosch (M: 34) Kirk Daniel Vandenbosch (M: 51)
Lawrence Merle Vanderesch (M: 65) Robert Dean Vanderhorst (M: 57) Jack Ralph Vanderlinden (M: 54)
Chancey Dean Vanderpluym (M: 28) Jared Fredric Vanderveen (M: 26) Michael Robert Vanderveen (M: 27)
Jeffrey Duane Vanderwerff (M: 52) Joseph Allen Vandewalle (M: 37) Joshua Gordon Vandonselaar (M: 28)
Brian W Vandorn (M: 31) Brian William Vandorn (M: 31) Brian William Vandorn (M: 31)
Alexander Paul Vandorpe (M: 30) Ray Lee Vandusseldorp (M: 58) Justin Allen Vandyke (M: 28)
Steven Roy Edwen Vangen (M: 22) Darwin Lee Vanhauen (M: 50) Jeremy Paul Vanhauen (M: 31)
Heather Ann Vanhorn (F: 34) James Jerry Vanhorn (M: 40) James Jerry Vanhorn (M: 40)
Jeremy Michael Vanhove (M: 33) Douglas Lee Vanicek (M: 46) Seth James Vankekerix (M: 29)
Joshua Jacob Vanlangen (M: 26) Sonny Allen Vanlenning (M: 23) Arthur Eugene Vanloo (M: 55)
Richard Eugene Vanmanen (M: 66) Bradley Howard Vanmeeteren (M: 60) David Charles Vanpelt (M: 44)
Steve James Vanriper (M: 55) Ryan Joe Vanrossum (M: 30) Perry Dean Vansickle (M: 37)
Nicholas Jay Vansteenwyk (M: 26) Phomma Vanthong (M: 65) Michael Wayne Vanveldhuizen (M: 49)
Michael Jay Vanweelden (M: 42) William C Vanzant (M: 33) Kevin Lee Vanzee (M: 33)
Sherman Wayne Vanzee (M: 56) Armando Vargas (M: 31) Leonard James Vargason (M: 45)
Mark Kevin Varner (M: 53) Earl Raymond Varner (M: 38) Randall James Vaske (M: 58)
Adivino Alex Vasquez (M: 35) David Alberto Vasquez (M: 40) Robert Vasquez (M: 39)
Samuel Dean Vassar (M: 22) Eugene William Vatter (M: 80) Buddy Tom Vaughn (M: 38)
Scott Deneen Vaughn (M: 53) Jarelle Thomas Vaughn (M: 23) Eric William Vawter (M: 33)
Willie Veasey (M: 44) Julio Torres Vega (M: 44) Ralph David Vega (M: 59)
Jose Luz Vega-Cornejo (M: 26) Benjamin Lee Velez (M: 37) Joseph Michael Venteicher (M: 32)
Rolando Aguilar Vera (M: 57) Cory Daniel Verbeek (M: 33) Todd Michael Verhoef (M: 48)
Shawn Michael Vermeire (M: 28) Jeffery Lee Verschuure (M: 33) Fredrick Devone Vesey (M: 33)
Matthew Everett Vesey (M: 50) Thomas James Vesey (M: 36) Walter Eugene Vestal (M: 65)
Keith Allen Vestweber (M: 49) Keith Allen Vestweber (M: 49) Dewayne Michael Veverka (M: 41)
Gerald Leroy Vick (M: 50) Gerald Leroy Vick (M: 50) Kenneth Henry Viether (M: 93)
Trent Anthony Vikel (M: 41) Francisco Villa (M: 29) Walter Raul Villa (M: 32)
Antonio Villa-Barrientos (M: 30) Fredrick Joseph Villalobos (M: 59) Jesus Cerrato Villanueva (M: 41)
Roberto Perales Villanueva (M: 49) Guillermo Villanueva-Saldana (M: 24) Tomas Luis Villarreal (M: 32)
Roberto Ivan Villasenor (M: 25) Samuel Villoldo (M: 32) Gary Lee Vincent (M: 43)
Stephen Joseph Vincik (M: 37) Brandi Leigh Vineyard (F: 29) Brandi Leigh Vineyard (F: 29)
Brandi Leigh Vineyard (F: 29) William Kenneth Vint (M: 42) Johnathan Wayne Virgil (M: 59)
Jeffrey Lamer Vivian (M: 27) Jeffrey Lamer Vivian (M: 27) Joseph Lee Vivians (M: 25)
Jeffrey Stewart Vlack (M: 44) Kevin Eugene Vodraska (M: 50) Randall Fred Vogelpohl (M: 44)
Randall Fred Vogelpohl (M: 44) Lee Owen Vohs (M: 27) James William Vokes (M: 57)
Adam Daniel Vokt (M: 32) Jeremiah Daniel Volbrecht (M: 23) Travis Jacob Volesky (M: 23)
Chad Michael Volkers (M: 33) Dirk Bryan Volkmer (M: 47) Timothy Matthew Voll (M: 35)
Thane Allen Vomacka (M: 47) Anthony Minor Vonalexander (M: 40) Anthony E Vonmoore (M: 55)
Anthony Eugene Vonmoore (M: 55) Anthony Eugene Vonmoore (M: 55) Michael John Vos (M: 46)
Tuyen Quang Vu (M: 43)

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