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All sex offender data currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter T are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender information.

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Russell William Taffner (M: 29) Daniel Lorado Taft (M: 65) David Lynn Taft (M: 42)
Shaw Christopher Taft (M: 30) Timothy Earl Tagge (M: 31) William Dwight Tague (M: 72)
Patrick James Tait (M: 26) Michael Anthony Taitte (M: 40) Randall Everett Talbot (M: 52)
Randall Everett Talbot (M: 52) Damon Allen Talbott (M: 24) Robert Richard Tallman (M: 37)
Coady Wayne Tallman (M: 22) Alfred Edward Tammen (M: 69) Carey Joseph Tandy (M: 32)
Stephen Philip Tanner (M: 34) Brad Michael Tanner (M: 35) Stephen Philip Tanner (M: 34)
Martin Gomez Tapia (M: 31) Darrell Calvin Tapley (M: 32) Darrell Calvin Tapley (M: 32)
Patrick Ryan Tarney (M: 32) Daniel G Tatro (M: 68) John Allen Tauzell (M: 39)
Anthony James Taylor (M: 29) Calvin Leroy Taylor (M: 55) Christopher Daniel Taylor (M: 30)
Elasondro Tyrone Taylor (M: 45) Elasondro Tyrone Taylor (M: 45) George Winston Taylor (M: 55)
George Leroy Taylor (M: 92) Harley Alan Taylor (M: 24) Joshua David Taylor (M: 28)
Keith Marlow Taylor (M: 48) Kenneth Antonio Taylor (M: 46) Kyle Ryan Taylor (M: 38)
Merlin Herbert Taylor (M: 57) Nathan Robert Taylor (M: 30) Terry Neal Taylor (M: 33)
Wc Taylor (M: 47) Willie Edward Taylor (M: 53) Keith Marlon Taylor (M: 49)
Michael Lee Taylor (M: 39) Wc Taylor (M: 47) Daniel Joseph Taylor (M: 36)
Charles Patrick Taylor Jr (M: 53) Tommy Lee Teague (M: 28) Timothy Ronald Tedrow (M: 48)
Terry Dale Teepe (M: 37) Michael Alan Tegtmeier (M: 51) Brian William Tellin (M: 24)
Jerrelle Markeith Temple (M: 29) Lee William Templeton (M: 59) Waymond Lloyd Tenny (M: 46)
Juan Diego Teobal-Castillo (M: 26) Michael Jerome Teply (M: 56) Steven Edward Terlouw (M: 33)
Jack L Terrell (M: 70) Steven Alan Terrell (M: 35) Charles Edward Terrell (M: 48)
Gregory Joe Terrones (M: 44) Gregory Joe Terrones (M: 44) Skyler Steven Terry (M: 22)
Steven Wayne Terry (M: 31) Steven Marion Terry (M: 51) Danny George Terry (M: 56)
Justin Thomas Terwilliger (M: 32) Kevin Eugene Tesch (M: 51) Victor Scott Tesdahl (M: 41)
Torrey Robert Tesla-Mccormick (M: 34) Kenneth William Testroet (M: 67) Alfred Sturgies Thacker (M: 39)
Paul Daniel Thayer (M: 44) Paul Daniel Thayer (M: 44) Gregory Harold Thede (M: 60)
Richard Lee Thibadeau (M: 56) Alex Charles Thielen (M: 26) Alex C Thielen (M: 26)
Alex Charles Thielen (M: 26) Terryjames Lee Thielmann (M: 32) Kelley Dennis Thies (M: 34)
Norman Dean Thiesse (M: 46) Anthony Gus Thilges (M: 49) Patrick Joseph Thilges (M: 48)
Anthony Joseph Thogode (M: 25) Adam Paul Thomas (M: 28) Arthur Basil Thomas (M: 61)
Bruce Lee Thomas (M: 24) Clay Thomas (M: 35) Cody Dale Thomas (M: 42)
Deondra Lamont Thomas (M: 31) Deondra L Thomas (M: 31) Derick George Thomas (M: 26)
Eric Lynn Thomas (M: 30) Harold Dean Thomas (M: 52) James Michael Thomas (M: 38)
Jeffrey Jay Thomas (M: 49) Kevin Leigh Thomas (M: 23) Raymond Eugene Thomas (M: 50)
Sean Anthony Thomas (M: 24) Steven John Thomas (M: 36) Terrill Deandre Thomas (M: 25)
Timothy Paul Thomas (M: 58) Tyrone Treme Thomas (M: 32) William Marvin Thomas (M: 41)
Todd Alan Thomas (M: N/A) Anthony Dewayne Thomas (M: 50) Marvin Lee Thomas (M: 53)
Maurice Lashawn Thomas (M: 34) Othel Jerrell Thomas (M: 45) Todd Allen Thomas (M: 45)
Charles Samuel Thomas (M: 36) Lee Edward Thomas (M: 32) Joseph Allen Thomas (M: 33)
Jeffrey Gene Thomas (M: 47) Geoffrey Gene Thomas (M: 22) Jeffrey Thomas (M: 49)
Robert Charles Thomas (M: 52) Kevin Leigh Thomas (M: 23) Andrew Joseph Thompson (M: 34)
Arthur M Thompson (M: 77) Betty Jo Thompson (F: 41) Brett Lemoine Thompson (M: 49)
Glenn Henry Thompson (M: 78) Gregory Allen Thompson (M: 36) Jacob Raymond Thompson (M: 26)
James Randall Thompson (M: 19) James Earle Thompson (M: 44) Kyle Matthew Thompson (M: 24)
Larry Earl Thompson (M: 62) Lee Freeman Thompson (M: 47) Michael Ray Thompson (M: 33)
Tommie Lee Thompson (M: 25) Tommie Lee Miquel Thompson (M: 25) Adrian Allen Thompson (M: 42)
Andy Lee Thompson (M: 34) Douglas Deforrest Thompson (M: 59) Steven Alan Thompson (M: 58)
Bernard Frazier Thompson (M: 90) Dominic William Thompson (M: 20) Sean Thomsen (M: 50)
Shane Robert Thordsen (M: 42) Robert Earl Thorngren (M: 74) Gerren Antian Thornton (M: 24)
Larry Donald Thornton (M: 50) Kristofer John Thornton (M: 19) Marvin Olendo Thorson (M: 56)
Roger Dean Thorson (M: 66) Daniel Thomas Thorsten (M: 53) Benjaman Lee Threlkeld (M: 31)
Daymen L Threlkeld (M: 35) Leroy Glen Threlkeld (M: 47) Leroy G Threlkeld (M: 47)
Leroy Glen Threlkeld (M: 47) Todd Robbert Throckmorton (M: 40) Todd Robert Throckmorton (M: 40)
David Alfred Throndson (M: 37) Dale Franklin Thurman (M: 64) Paul Eugene Tidball (M: 45)
Timothy Eugene Tidball (M: 20) Michael Frank Tielbur (M: 54) Kenneth Dale Tien (M: 52)
Lance James Tieskoetter (M: 26) Matthew Emil Tietsort (M: 26) Shawn William Tietz (M: 40)
Thomas Michael Tighe (M: 33) Francine Tilley (F: 41) Jay Benjamin Tillotson (M: 23)
Gregory Blake Tilton (M: 42) Agnes Marie Timlin (F: 53) Randolph Elliott Timm (M: 58)
Randy Lee Timmons (M: 27) Thomas Eugene Tims (M: 60) Justin Allen Tinsley (M: 22)
Matthew J Tipton (M: 35) Matthew James Tipton (M: 35) David Leroy Tisor (M: 55)
Chad Allan Titus (M: 27) Adam Douglas Tjaden (M: 29) Nathan Alan To (M: 25)
Tim John Toale (M: 52) Timothy John Toale (M: 52) Benjamin Douglas Toben (M: 32)
Everett Orville Tobiason (M: 65) Hubert Todd (M: 47) Jaleel Lamont Todd (M: 20)
David Joeseph Todd (M: 34) Richard Nelson Todd (M: 65) Jimmy Edward Tolander (M: 60)
Wesley Earl Tolley (M: 40) Melvin Keith Tomas (M: 63) James Michael Tomkins (M: 45)
Kenneth Ezekiel Tomkins (M: 29) Verne Tompkins (M: 38) Verne Irvin Tompkins (M: 38)
Christopher Noel Toms (M: 38) Michael Wesley Toms (M: 21) Macak Shagay Manyoan Tong (M: 25)
Arnold Ray Toomer (M: 48) Kevin Emmet Toomey (M: 60) James Pendleton Toothman (M: 40)
Jason Dale Top (M: 38) Karen Jean Tordoff (F: 32) Michael Wesley Tornquist (M: 40)
Carlos Guillermo Torres (M: 63) Antonio Torres-Corona (M: 24) Yasfir Torres-Cruz (M: 26)
Emmanuel Torrez (M: 24) Joshua Wayne Torrez (M: 22) Augustine Toscano (M: 19)
Dale Robert Tournier (M: 44) Dale Robert Tournier (M: 44) Kevin Eugene Towner (M: 38)
Eric L Townsel (M: 50) Gerald Keith Townsend (M: 38) Shannon Wade Townsend (M: 38)
Willis Wyatt Townsend (M: 53) Eric Eugene Townsley (M: 34) Eric Eugene Townsley (M: 34)
Richard Dale Townsley (M: 54) Richard D Townsley (M: 54) Justin Paul Trachta (M: 25)
Gregory John Tracy (M: 36) Jeremy Merrill Tracy (M: 35) Ryan Michael Tracy (M: 29)
Mark Allen Traman (M: 49) Troung Vinh Tran (M: 31) James Dean Trangsrud (M: 46)
Daniel James Tranmer (M: 39) John Michael Travis (M: 28) Marco Lemonte Travis (M: 32)
Jason Matthew Travis (M: 37) Richard Allen Treanton (M: 56) Dustin Lee Trebon (M: 23)
Fredrich Ludwig Trei (M: 27) Thomas Ray Trenary (M: 57) Jose Angel Trevino (M: 25)
Sergio Omar Trevino (M: 23) Liem Quang Trieu (M: 49) Romulo Rivas Trillo (M: 55)
Stephen Carl Trimble (M: 61) Adam Lee Triplett (M: 37) Adam L Triplett (M: 36)
Brandon Daniel Tripp (M: 28) Schuyler Cole Tripp (M: 25) Robert John Tripp (M: 46)
Ronald Ernest Tripp (M: 60) Brandon Daniel Tripp (M: 28) Robert Sammule Tripplett (M: 32)
Brent Mason Trobaugh (M: 39) Jonathan William Trobaugh (M: 25) Randolph Scott Trobee (M: 48)
Carl Walter Troendle (M: 43) Justin Paul Troendle (M: 26) Charles Irvin Trogdon (M: 20)
Lynn Marie Trosdahl (F: 32) Joseph Michael Trost (M: 39) Ronald Ray Trostheim (M: 47)
John Robert Troupe (M: 53) Christopher Mikel Troyer (M: 25) Jesse Wayne Trudeau (M: 23)
Quinten Eugene Truitt (M: 29) Chad Allen Trullinger (M: 33) Chad Alan Trullinger (M: 33)
Levi Allen Truman (M: 23) James David Truman (M: 39) Troy Matthew Trumblee (M: 44)
Donald Edward Truog (M: 79) Michael David Tubbs (M: 50) Demetrus Antonio Tucker (M: 38)
Donald Ray Tucker (M: 54) Kyle Ray Tucker (M: 26) Ray Erwin Tucker (M: 53)
Walter Raymondstanleyjr Tucker (M: 50) Demetrus Anotim Tucker (M: 38) Jd Wilbert Louis Tuecke (M: 22)
Ricky Lee Tuecke (M: 54) Trent Joseph Tuel (M: 38) Robbi Jay Tull (M: 53)
Robert Mac Tumlin (M: 41) Robert Mac Tumlin (M: 41) Kevin Merle Tupper (M: 26)
Jimmy Aaron Turnbull (M: 52) Albert Fitzgerald Turner (M: 43) Cedrick Sherrod Turner (M: 27)
Dale Turner (M: 44) David John Turner (M: 58) David Lynn Turner (M: 49)
Eugene Turner (M: 42) James Elias Turner (M: 28) Jesse Jay Turner (M: 46)
Robert Eugene Turner (M: 26) Robert James Turner (M: 46) Romain Dupree Turner (M: 32)
Barry James Turner (M: 49) Richard James Turner (M: 46) Robert Eugene Turner (M: 26)
Rodney Lee Turner (M: 22) David John Turner (M: 58) Michael Dean Tusing (M: 60)
Rick Eugene Tuthill (M: 33) Adam Dale Tuttle (M: 27) Dusty Wayne Tuttle (M: 43)
Johnathon Richard Tuttle (M: 28) Dusty Wayne Tuttle (M: 43) Larry David Twigg (M: 55)
Jeffrey David Twing (M: 53) Justin Scott Twitty (M: 30) Jeffery Todd Twitty (M: 41)
Wesley Joseph Twogood (M: 69) Jermaine Damond Tyler (M: 36) Keith Allen Tyler (M: 57)
Russell Duane Tyler (M: 37) James Timothy Tyler (M: 36) Henry Charles Tyler (M: 31)
Ambrose Henry Tyndall (M: 29) Mathew Joseph Tyson (M: 32)

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