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All sex offender data currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender information.

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Russell Frank Nabholz (M: 20) Somnuk Sam Nachampassak (M: 46) Somnuk Sam Nachampassak (M: 46)
David Charles Nachtigal (M: 30) Michael John Nading (M: 33) Michael John Nading (M: 33)
Adam Lee Otto Nagunst (U: N/A) Adam Lee Otto Nagunst (M: 34) Dustin Lee Nail (M: 24)
Marc Anthony Nalls (M: 25) Marc Anthony Nalls (M: 25) Wayne Alvin Namanny (M: 63)
Kelly Joe Nance (M: 45) Rick Arnaz Nance (M: 28) Som Naonady (M: 61)
Johnathan Dean Napier (M: 25) Bruce Robert Napier (M: 50) Bruce R Napier (M: 50)
Leighton Edward Nash (M: 35) Jason Andrew Natcone (M: 37) Jose Miguel Nava (M: 53)
Leonardo Nava-Espiritu (M: 35) Enock Ndabingenge (M: 20) Andrew Noel Nebergall (M: 37)
Buckley Alan Necker (M: 32) Douglas Leon Neece (M: 50) Christopher Wayne Neel (M: 29)
Ronald Eugene Neer (M: 71) Richard Gail Neese (M: 35) Richard Gail Neese (M: 35)
Donavan Eugene Nehls (M: 63) Brett Douglass Nelsen (M: 26) Alfred James Nelson (M: 27)
Allen Eugene Cha Nelson (M: 30) Allen Eugene Charles Nelson (M: 30) Barry Nelson (M: 47)
Brett Nelson (M: 26) Gregory Francis Nelson (M: 55) James Richard Nelson (M: 55)
James Nelson (M: 55) Jason Lee Nelson (M: 34) Jason Leroy Nelson (M: 45)
Jean Ray Nelson (M: 56) Jeremiah Ryan Nelson (M: 28) Joshua Steven Nelson (M: 26)
Peter Nathan Nelson (M: 42) Robert Harold Nelson (M: 88) Timothy Michael Nelson (M: 33)
Wesley John Nelson (M: 62) Frank Duane Nelson (M: 46) James Francis Nelson (M: 55)
Loni Hayes Nelson (M: 37) Ricky Dean Nelson (M: 40) Stephen Craig Nelson (M: 60)
Sheila Marie Nelson (F: 36) Joseph Aaron Nelson (M: 28) Steven Albert Nelson (M: 48)
Barry Vaughn Nelson (M: 47) Jason Skip Nesbit (M: 33) Lucas William Nesbit (M: 25)
Lucas William Nesbit (M: 25) Leland Matthew Nesbitt (M: 39) Corey David Ness (M: 32)
Scott David Neuendorf (M: 40) Randal James Neumann (M: 58) Jason Dean Neumayer (M: 38)
Rodney Jerome Nevels (M: 32) Sheldon Scott Neville (M: 24) Johnny Dale Nevills (M: 61)
Jason Michael Newberry (M: 31) Clark Jason Newbury (M: 27) Cynthia Rae Newell (F: 54)
Todd David Newell (M: 51) Daniel Laverne Newell (M: 50) Scott Richard Newell (M: 42)
Eric Deshawn Newman (M: 30) Ronald Christian Newman (M: 32) Shawn Matthew Newman (M: 31)
Timothy Willard Newman (M: 69) Linda Brianna Newman (F: 33) Everett Dean Newsom (M: 51)
Dennis Wayne Newton (M: 60) Eugene Christian Newton (M: 29) Michael Joseph Newton (M: 34)
Robert Vernon Newton (M: 57) Wendell Arthur Newton (M: 52) Joseph Maranatha Jacob Neymeyer (M: 23)
Kuich Tang Ngor (M: 28) Nhial Bayeak Nguth (M: 33) Hein The Nguyen (M: 40)
Quoc Minh Nguyen (M: 38) Vinh Huu Nguyen (M: 31) Phung Minh Nguyen (M: 43)
Haibert Chi Nguyen (M: 50) Derek Dean Nibarger (M: 23) Steven Tyler Nichol (M: 20)
Charles Craig Nicholes (M: 28) Christopher Lynn Nicholi (M: 42) Andrew Keith Nichols (M: 32)
Derrick Lee Nichols (M: 18) Donald Lee Nichols (M: 65) Jared Lee Nichols (M: 31)
Kenneth Alan Nichols (M: 38) Ryan Bryce Nichols (M: 25) Steven Maynard Nichols (M: 51)
Christy Leon Nichols (M: 40) Donald Lee Nichols (M: 65) Donald Edgar Nickel (M: 49)
David Harold Nickell (M: 44) David Harold Nickell (M: 44) Dale Eugene Nicks (M: 57)
Trevor James Niebuhr (M: 25) Billy Joe Niederklopfer (M: 26) Jack Herman Lee Niederklopfer (M: 29)
Paul Allen Nielsen (M: 60) Henry Nieto (M: 53) Zachary Jason Nightingale (M: 27)
Zachary Jason Nightingale (U: N/A) Cole Dean Niles (M: 25) Robert Dale Nino (M: 27)
John Ellis Nish (M: 55) Lanson Geoff Nisly (M: 26) Paul Frederick Nisly (M: 57)
Calixto Niz-Niz (M: 17) Robert Dean Noah (M: 41) Paul Jay Nobiling (M: 36)
Tony Lee Noble (M: 42) Kenneth Leland Nolan (M: 32) Justin Lee Van Noort (M: 24)
Johnney Ray Nootenboom (M: 36) Chad August Nordhausen (M: 35) Gaylord Carl Nordine (M: 68)
Eric John Norelius (M: 30) Drew Edwin Norem (M: 27) Gary Lee Norem (M: 25)
Christian Jonas Norfleet (M: 32) Monty Leroy Norfleet (M: 49) Christian Jonas Norfleet (M: 32)
Joel Arnold Norman (M: 46) Willie Norman (M: 40) Matthew Norris (M: 35)
Matthew Shane Norris (M: 35) Robert Eugene Norris (M: 25) Michael Lee Northway (M: 36)
Todd Peter Norveisas (M: 45) Todd Peter Norveisas (M: 45) Nicholas Joseph Nosek (M: 30)
Dirk Hayo Notman (M: 74) Richard Donald Noud (M: 62) Terry Lee Nowell (M: 55)
James Charles Null (M: 34) Gethro Marco Nullan (M: 42) Benjamin Raymond Nuzum (M: 26)
Buoy Machana Nyoak (M: 31) Justin Allan Nystrom (M: 31)

Other Available Data

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