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All sex offender data currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter J are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender information.

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Craig Pernel Jackson (M: 52) Craig Pernel Jackson (M: 52) David Lynn Jackson (M: 49)
Kathleen Jo Jackson (F: 41) Larry Dean Jackson (M: 53) Lindell Andre Jackson (M: 36)
Martin Lavern Jackson (M: 44) Russell Kimble Jackson (M: 44) Russell Kimble Jackson (M: 44)
Zachery Jacob Jackson (M: 25) Donald Marshall Jackson (M: 55) Eric Alan Jackson (M: 21)
James Patrick Jackson (M: 26) Dontavious Miquel Jackson (M: 26) Marvin Jackson (M: 27)
Maranda Jean Jacobo-Meza (F: 34) Byron Jacobs (M: 43) Rickie Lynn Jacobs (M: 36)
Russell Wayne Jacobs (M: 37) Richard Arthur Jacobs (M: 46) Francis Dean Jacobs (M: 73)
Shannon Marie Jacobsen (F: 28) Stephen William Jacobsen (M: 52) Dusty James Jacobsen (M: 38)
Stephen Gregory Jacobsmeier (M: 43) David Eldon Jacobson (M: 72) Michael Richard Jacobson (M: 49)
Richard Arthur Jacobson (M: 48) William Nicholas Jacoby (M: 30) Darwin Thomas Jaeger (M: 49)
Martin Joseph Jaeger (M: 61) Gary Lee Jaeschke (M: 38) James Allen Jahner (M: 24)
James Allen Jahner (M: 54) James Allen Jahner (M: 54) Robert John Jakubowsky (M: 43)
Charles Edward James (M: 61) Ellis Walter James (M: 51) Michael Joel James (M: 55)
Richard Brandon David James (M: 25) Thomas Gaylen James (M: 53) Keith Lloyd Jameson (M: 34)
Richard Wayne Jameson (M: 42) Dennis Robert Jamison (M: 65) Abdul Ghani Jammal (M: 33)
John Albert Janowiak (M: 62) Scott Harlon Janowski (M: 47) Ryan Christopher Janssen (M: 35)
Jeremy John Janzen (M: 35) Alex Japa (M: 36) Ted Dillon Jarrett (M: 54)
Craig Joseph Jasper (M: 58) Vincent Joseph Jasper (M: 45) Theodore Gene Jasper (M: 41)
Richard Revilla Jasso (M: 44) Kevin Andrew Jauron (M: 37) Jabbar Antwon Jefferson (M: 34)
Jovian Vernon Jefferson (M: 23) Michael Deangelo Jefferson (M: 26) Darrell Lynn Jeffery (M: 46)
Joel Wayne Jeffress (M: 29) Nicholas Franklin Jelinek (M: 33) Emil Bankole Jenkins (M: 37)
Eric Eugene Jenkins (M: 26) Jeremy Frank Jenkins (M: 40) Jeremy Frank Jenkins (M: 40)
Leland Shawn Jenkins (M: 54) Lloyd Vernon Jenkins (M: 47) Theodore Christopher Jenkins (M: 34)
Antoine Ray Jenkins (M: 35) Joshua Lee Jenkins (M: 18) Arthur Eugene Jennings (M: 49)
Arthur Eugene Jennings (M: 49) James Monroe Jennings (M: 55) Keaven Marty Jennings (M: 46)
Eugene Jennings (M: 34) James Willie Jennings (M: 39) Michael Dwight Jennings (M: 47)
Michael Lee Jennings (M: 44) Keith Eugene Jeno (M: 39) Bradley Shane Jensen (M: 39)
Bruce Dean Jensen (M: 55) Curtis Lee Jensen (M: 38) David Dale Jensen (M: 44)
Donald Walter Jensen (M: 83) Gary Lee Jensen (M: 45) Kelly William Jensen (M: 51)
Padraic Waine Jensen (M: 33) Richard David Jensen (M: 31) Scott Frederick Jensen (M: 24)
Theodore Allen Jensen (M: 39) Mark Alan Jensen (M: 42) Richard Alan Jensen (M: 51)
Robert Allan Jensen (M: 32) Gary Lee Jensen (M: 45) Jacob Cole Jenson (M: 32)
Robert Ray Jenson (M: 35) Darin Keith Jepsen (M: 22) Christopher Scott Jepsen (M: 27)
Nathan Tyler Jesse (M: 27) Roger Matthew Jessen (M: 46) Roger Matthew Jessen (M: 46)
James Lee Jessop (M: 46) James Robert Jeter (M: 35) William A Jewel (M: 53)
William Allen Jewel (M: 53) David Jimenez (M: 21) Jary Armando Jimenez (M: 25)
Richard Joseph Jimenez (M: 69) Todd Allen Joens (M: 47) James Lyle Johannes (M: 47)
Ehmos L Johnny (M: 30) Jason Lee Johns (M: 40) Alvin Duane Johnson (M: 56)
Anthony Tolondo Johnson (M: 40) Billy Joseph Johnson (M: 31) Bradley Alan Johnson (M: 29)
Brian Keith Johnson (M: 40) Brian Ray Johnson (M: 41) Brian Allen Johnson (M: 23)
Brion Dodd Johnson (M: 47) Carlis Shirrell Johnson (M: 44) Charles Russell Johnson (M: 65)
Christopher David Johnson (M: 42) Christopher Gene Johnson (M: 37) Clinton Russell Johnson (M: 32)
Darrell Johnson (M: 39) David Daniel Johnson (M: 28) David Lee Johnson (M: 59)
David Douglas Johnson (M: 33) David Leon Johnson (M: 50) David Clark Johnson (M: 35)
Dennis Ray Johnson (M: 63) Devin Wade Johnson (M: 46) Douglas Michael Johnson (M: 23)
Dwayne Allen Johnson (M: 38) Edwin Lee Johnson (M: 61) Edwin Lee Johnson (M: 61)
Floyd Marvin Johnson (M: 47) Frank Johnson (M: 43) Frederick Harold Johnson (M: 48)
Gerald James Johnson (M: 54) James Rodney Johnson (M: 53) James Edward Johnson (M: 27)
Jeffrey Dean Johnson (M: 53) Jody Lee Johnson (M: 44) John David Johnson (M: 75)
Joshua Jeremy Johnson (M: 26) Kenneth Morton Johnson (M: 44) Kenneth Morton Johnson (M: 44)
Kevin Demale Johnson (M: 37) Lawrence Johnson (M: 39) Lee Dale Johnson (M: 39)
Mark Anthony Johnson (M: 35) Merlin John Johnson (M: 61) Michael Alan Joseph Johnson (M: 45)
Neil Scott Johnson (M: 54) Philipp Nathan Johnson (M: 36) Richard Lee Johnson (M: 49)
Ricky Lee Johnson (M: 33) Robert Dana Johnson (M: 42) Robert Dana Johnson (M: 42)
Robert Michael Johnson (M: 69) Ronald Lester Johnson (M: 45) Ronald Vester Johnson (M: 68)
Shane Robert Johnson (M: 42) Shon Johnson (M: 44) Theodore Lavern Johnson (M: 44)
Thomas Frederick Allen Johnson (M: 54) Timothy Michael Johnson (M: 44) Timothy Richard Johnson (M: 31)
Ty Allen Johnson (M: 28) Vincent Antone Johnson (M: 42) William Joseph Johnson (M: 30)
William Joseph Johnson (M: 30) Willie Edward Johnson (M: 39) Dwayne Jude Johnson (M: 49)
Phillipp Nathan Johnson (M: 36) Shon Mathias Johnson (M: 44) Tery Lin Johnson (M: 54)
Christopher Thomas Johnson (M: 33) David Alan Johnson (M: 49) Dwayne Allen Johnson (M: 38)
Edwin Michael Johnson (M: 51) Eldon Revoe Johnson (M: 82) James Eugene Johnson (M: 51)
Joe Rick William Johnson (M: 41) Leroy Ervin Johnson (M: 72) Thomas Alan Johnson (M: 58)
Travis Lee Johnson (M: 38) Walter Albert Johnson (M: 55) Ronald Dean Johnson (M: 51)
James Edward Johnson (M: 51) Lowell Duane Johnson (M: 62) Tery Lin Johnson (M: 54)
Nathan Shay Johnson (M: 21) Alan Michael Johnson (M: 23) Darryl Anthony Johnson (M: 37)
David C Johnson (M: 35) Erik Daniel Johnson (M: 19) William Stewart Johnson (M: 27)
John Elliott Johnson (M: 43) Colin Eugene Johnston (M: 35) James Leslie Johnston (M: 34)
Kenneth Ray Johnston (M: 29) Jace Thomas Johnston (M: 32) Alan Wesley Jones (M: 51)
Bill Stan Jones (M: 75) Brett Michael Jones (M: 20) Dale Clell Jones (M: 39)
Dale Clell Jones (M: 39) Darwin Angelo Jones (M: 29) David Earl Jones (M: 30)
Edward Earl Jones (M: 73) Edward William Jones (M: 52) Eric Lamont Jones (M: 44)
Ernest Junius Jones (M: 59) Felicia Marie Jones (F: 27) James Franklin Jones (M: 43)
John A Jones (M: 50) John Allen Jones (M: 50) Jon Elliot Jones (M: 48)
Kelly Curtis Jones (M: 54) Marques Dean Jones (M: 30) Nicholas Ron Jones (M: 32)
Randal Earl Jones (M: 44) Raymond Scott Jones (M: 49) Ryan Strawn Jones (M: 29)
Terry Lee Jones (M: 59) William Harold Jones (M: 49) Willie Jones (M: 53)
Willie Lee Jones (M: 53) Lefta Prezell Jones (M: 43) Charles Robert Jones (M: 32)
Christopher Alan Jones (M: 40) David Anthony Jones (M: 42) Milton Sylvester Jones (M: 69)
Rosetta Lorraine Jones (F: 51) Scott Michael Jones (M: 37) Marques Dean Jones (M: 30)
Charles Richard Jones (M: 55) Joshua David Jones (M: 26) James Albert Jones (M: 49)
Lemarc Regis Jones (M: 33) Thomas Earl Jontz (M: 43) Gerold Keith Jordan (M: 31)
Jermaine Leroi Jordan (M: 39) Jermaine Leroi Jordan (M: 39) Milton L Jordan (M: 35)
Timothy Wayne Jordan (M: 50) Troy Allan Jordan (M: 45) Dennis Edward Jordan (M: 60)
Troy Harley Jorgensen (M: 29) Jeremiah Joshua (M: 27) Shadd Christopher Joslin (M: 23)
Garry Ross Joslyn (M: 58) Larry Eugene Joy (M: 41) Larry Eugene Joy (M: 41)
Heather Lynn Sorenson Judd (F: 21) Kenneth Len Judge (M: 52) Jeffrey Mathrew Juergens (M: 50)
Daniel Allen June (M: 26) Larry Eugene Jurgensen (M: 48) Dennis J Jurisic (M: 57)
James Henry Justus (M: 48)

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