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All sex offender data currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter F are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender information.

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Walter Germain Fabian (M: 39) Terrance John Fah (M: 38) Brandon Micheal Fahrenkrug (M: 26)
Lafayette M Fain (M: 34) Lafayette Montell Fain (M: 34) Robert Leavel Fair (M: 33)
Michael Ray Fair (M: 25) Kylee Marie Fairchild (F: 22) Tony Evert Fairchild (M: 34)
James Everett Faler (M: 46) James Michael Falk (M: 58) Joshua James Farley (M: 28)
Justin Michael Farley (M: 29) Roger Lewis Farley (M: 61) Roger Lewis Farley (M: 61)
John Walter Farlow (M: 40) Darren David Farmer (M: 41) Scott Ross Farmer (M: 44)
Bill Gene Farmer (M: 42) Christopher Wesley Farnum (M: 40) Brandon J Farr (M: 30)
James Michael Farr (M: 35) William Gene Farris (M: 51) Scott Edward Faulkner (M: 43)
Thomas James Faulkner (M: 51) Jorge Eliot Faulkner (M: 59) Jorge Faulkner (M: 59)
Derald William Faust (M: 69) Robert Joseph Fava (M: 48) Mark R Fay (M: 44)
Herbert Thomas Fayson (M: 26) Steven Harvey Federico (M: 19) Jon David Felland (M: 42)
Francis Edwin Feltner (M: 61) Donald Michael Fennelly (M: 59) Daryn Scott Fennern (M: 46)
Harley Dean Ferch (M: 30) Steven Michael Ferdig (M: 51) Michael Travis Ferguson (M: 23)
Marcos Cerda Fernandez (M: 54) Jose Ricard Fernandez-Espinoza (M: 66) Christine Faye Ferns (F: 50)
Shawn Louis Ferrara (M: 35) Matthew Monte Ferrel (M: 25) George Anthony Ferrell (M: 39)
Aric Jason Fett (M: 41) Lester Wayne Fetters (M: 59) Jon Dirk Fevold (M: 56)
John Claude Fichter (M: 61) Shawn Michael Fiddler (M: 26) Tyler Dean Fiebelkorn (M: 25)
Ricky Lee Field (M: 23) Zachary Robert Field (M: 30) Christopher Scott Fields (M: 21)
Joseph D Fields (M: 55) Keith Michael Fields (M: 33) Lonnie Duane Fields (M: 47)
Reighard Lee Fields (M: 63) Ronald Joseph Fields (M: 47) Reginald Keith Fields (M: 52)
Eric Joseph Fierce (M: 36) Leroy Howard Fifield (M: 64) Leroy Howard Fifield (M: 64)
Jason D Figg (M: 42) Jason Darin Figg (M: 42) Heather Mea Figueroa (F: 23)
Brian Dean Finch (M: 42) John Thomas Finders (M: 62) Ronald Heath Findlay (M: 41)
James Michael Finley (M: 58) Brandon Paul Finney (M: 20) Scott David Fischels (M: 31)
Ian James Fischer (M: 30) Donald Ellsworth Fish (M: 72) Brett Daniel Fisher (M: 38)
Danny Leroy Fisher (M: 40) Jeffrey Allen Fisher (M: 43) Jesse Theron Fisher (M: 30)
John Anthony Fisher (M: 52) John Anthony Fisher (M: 52) Justin Lee Fisher (M: 20)
Louis Dee Fisher (M: 64) Robert Joseph Fisher (M: 41) Roy Alfred Fisher (M: 44)
Terrence Lee Fisher (M: 69) Terrence Lee Fisher (M: 69) Alvin Lynn Fisher (M: 60)
Raymond Earl Fisk (M: 50) Scott Carl Fister (M: 42) Theodore David Fite (M: 26)
Chad Mitchell Fitz (M: 24) Brian Anthony Fitzgerald (M: 25) John Paul Fitzgibbons (M: 61)
Arthur James Fitzner (M: 33) Howard Walter Fitzner (M: 32) Ricky Lee Fitzsimmons (M: 24)
Paul Eugene Flactiff (M: 71) Douglas Scott Flagg (M: 31) Edward Kashief Flaggs (M: 27)
Leslie Lavern Flaggs (F: 51) Edward Kashief Flaggs (M: 27) Travis David Flaherty (M: 43)
Todd Emroy Fleck (M: 41) Howard Matthew Fleetwood (M: 62) Kerry Lee Fleming (M: 28)
Antoine Flemister (M: 48) Darrell Lee Flesher (M: 48) Darrell Lee Flesher (M: 48)
Antonio Ignacio Fleshner (M: 42) Kenneth Lynn Fletcher (M: 44) Fred Carl Flick (M: 49)
Scott Allen Flieder (M: 37) Phillip John Fliger (M: 59) Ryan Joseph Fligor (M: 23)
Kenneth James Flint (M: 46) James Allen Flogel (M: 38) Luis Jorge Flores (M: 30)
Luis Morales Flores (M: 30) Serjio Armando Flores (M: 32) Juan Rafael Flores (M: 28)
Moses Flores (M: 37) Jose David Flores-Alfaro (M: 44) Silvestre Flores-Garcia (M: 54)
Nicholas Michael Florine (M: 32) Keith Frances Flower (M: 50) Keith Francis Flower (M: 50)
Jason Edward Flowers (M: 36) Cory Demarlo Floyd (M: 43) Lucas Frank Floyd (M: 18)
Chad Micheal Flynn (M: 28) Robert Karl Flynn (M: 67) Sean Michael Foley (M: 28)
Dennis Michael Folkers (M: 67) Timothy Edgar Foltz (M: 41) Scott Michael Fontaine (M: 40)
Desiree Barbie Fontane (M: 49) Anthony Neal Fontenot (M: 28) Shawn Andreas Brian Fontes (M: 21)
Jeffrey Lynn Foote (M: 51) Chad William Forber (M: 41) Anthony Paul Forbes (M: 28)
Bradley Dean Forbes (M: 40) Thomas Doyle Forbes (M: 49) Johnny Christopher Ford (M: 43)
Larry Eugene Ford (M: 63) Michael Kennedy Ford (M: 51) Brandon Lee Ford (M: 31)
Frank Joseph Ford (M: 39) Edgar Lee Foree (M: 39) David Lee Forehand (M: 46)
Jason Ray Foreman (M: 40) Randall Lee Foreman (M: 31) Rusty Leroy Foreman (M: 42)
Richard Dean Formanek (M: 30) Robert Paul Formaro (M: 30) James C Forrester (M: 53)
James Clark Forrester (M: 53) Phillip Eugene Fortier (M: 52) Robert Paul Fortin (M: 48)
Jeremy Duane Fortner (M: 33) Dean Arthur Fortune (M: 49) Dean A Fortune (M: 49)
Eric Eugene Fortune (M: 45) Ronny Charles Fortune (M: 37) Ronny Charles Fortune (M: 37)
Keith Wayne Foster (M: 49) Melvin Louis Foster (M: 57) Richard Lee Foster (M: 54)
Seth Dean Foster (M: 27) Sedrick L Foster (M: 41) Benjamin John Foster (M: 34)
Jerame Lee Foster (M: 33) Larry Steven Foster (M: 49) Sedrick Lanell Foster (M: 41)
Larry Lee Foster (M: 71) Bruce Allan Foulk (M: 53) Donald Shawn Fountain (M: 35)
Roman Kenneth Fountain (M: 43) Angela Marie Fountain (F: 41) Vance Lee Fousek (M: 26)
Homer Maurice Foutch (M: 80) Steven Mikel Fowler (M: 48) Patrick Ray Fowler (M: 42)
Brian Sean Fowles (M: 51) David Lynn Fox (M: 27) George Allen Fox (M: 78)
Justin Robert Fox (M: 24) Merwyn Loftus Fox (M: 55) Ronald Jay Fox (M: 31)
Thomas Dewey Fox (M: 43) George Francis Fox (M: 44) Russell James Fox (M: 50)
Thomas Lee Fox (M: 41) David Andrew Fox (M: 33) Virgil N Frahm (M: 44)
Steven Albert Fraise (M: 54) Billy Joe Cyril Frana (M: 33) Andrew Lloyd Francis (M: 27)
Charles Marcus Francis (M: 55) Dugan Royce Franco (M: 23) Jerry Bret Francois (M: 52)
David John Frank (M: 50) Kevin Eugene Frank (M: 50) Timothy Arland Frank (M: 46)
Burton Duane Franklin (M: 50) William Wayne Franklin (M: 44) Jack Arthur Franks (M: 75)
Jerry Lee Franks (M: 55) Michael David Franson (M: 24) Colin Cordell Frantz (M: 47)
Rodney Chester Frantz (M: 43) Sterling Sebern Franzwa (M: 79) Nicholas Carl Frasher (M: 33)
Ira Eugene Frazier (M: 33) Michael Allan Frazier (M: 58) Robert Lee Frazier (M: 63)
Thomas Bryan Frazier (M: 46) John Calvin Frazier (M: 44) Reginald Ray Frazier (M: 26)
Andrew Joseph Frederick (M: 28) Dudley Neal Frederick (M: 61) Richard H Fredericks (M: 63)
Daniel John Fredericksen (M: 28) Michael Fredrick Fredrickson (M: 67) Gregory Ralph Freels (M: 59)
Timothy Scott Freeman (M: 50) Tony Nicholas Freeman (M: 57) William Christopher Freemont (M: 34)
Jerry Lee Freimuth (M: 25) Yancy Dane Freland (M: 38) Kenneth Dale French (M: 38)
Duane Manchester French (M: 50) Anthony Lee French (M: 23) Thomas Ray Frese (M: 29)
Aaron Dudley Frey (M: 42) Ernest George Friday (M: 62) Todd Lee Frieze (M: 44)
Dylan Scott Frink (M: 26) Warren Kiplying Frits (M: 47) Clifford Leroy Fritz (M: 29)
Justin Jennings Fritz (M: 24) Jesse Daniel Froehlich (M: 31) Ronald Timothy Frutiger (M: 25)
Charles Eugene Fry (M: 46) David Wayne Fry (M: 49) Jesse Dean Fry (M: 28)
Mason Shanton Fryberger (M: 24) Rodney Timothy Frye (M: 65) Rodney Timothy Frye (M: 65)
Joe Reyes Fuentes (M: 46) Brian Edward Fugate (M: 28) Frank Edward Fugate (M: 33)
Trevor James Fuhrman (M: 20) David Anthony Fulks (M: 43) Jay Allen Fuller (M: 36)
Joey Wayne Fuller (M: 28) James Dennis Fulton (M: 70) John Joseph Fulton (M: 35)
Mandy Lynn Fulton (F: 32) Mark Arnold Funderburk (M: 42) Amy Lynn Funk (F: 30)
Amy Lynn Funk (F: 30) Thomas Phillip Funkhouser (M: 30) Sean Michael Funkhouser (M: 40)
Caleb George Funmaker (M: 25) Wade William Furman (M: 44) Angeline Marie Furrey (F: 38)
Donald Dean Fuss (M: 62) Jerry Alan Futer (M: 53)

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