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All sex offender data currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter E are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender information.

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Alan Lee Eades (M: 52) Lester Thomas Ealy (M: 49) Jesse James Earhart (M: 28)
Daniel Anthony Earll (M: 38) Richard Erwin Eash (M: 67) Zachary Ward Easterday (M: 25)
Douglas Alan Easterday (M: 28) Brett Allen Eastman (M: 25) John Kirk Eaton (M: 49)
John Kirk Eaton (M: 49) Kenneth Edward Eaton (M: 41) Kyle Eugene Eaton (M: 26)
Charles Lee Eaton (M: 62) Drake Lee Eaves (M: 21) Robert William Eaves (M: 40)
David Michael Eberle (M: 28) Forrest Edwin Ebersold (M: 55) Adam Merwyn Ebert (M: 29)
Dean Joseph Echelard (M: 58) Aaron Lee Echtenkamp (M: 33) Donald Lloyd Eckerman (M: 54)
Vincent Howard Eckert (M: 40) Michael Lynn Eckles (M: 43) Stanley Dwight Eckley (M: 62)
Douglas Joe Ecklor (M: 42) Ryan Christopher Ecklund (M: 28) Robert Lee Eddington (M: 49)
Joshua David-Lee Eddington (M: 17) Jeffrey Michael Edel (M: 48) Shawn Michael Eden (M: 30)
Orie Edward Edenfield (M: 32) Christopher Michael Edens (M: 25) Frank Henry Edens (M: 42)
Frank Henry Edens (M: 42) Allan Michael Edgerton (M: 23) Joshua David Edgington (M: 33)
James David Edmiston (M: 46) Craig Allen Edmonds (M: 54) Daniel Paul Edsill (M: 60)
Lloyd Timothy Edsill (M: 60) Crystal Ann Edwards (F: 32) Eugene Carl Edwards (M: 38)
Richard Wilson Edwards (M: 49) Shawn Edwards (M: 37) Shawn Christopher Edwards (M: 37)
Steven Randall Edwards (M: 30) Robert Eugene Edwards (M: 72) Darren Douglas Edwardsen (M: 28)
James Carson Effler (M: 39) Thomas James Egan (M: 53) Zachary James Eggebeen (M: 25)
Hezekiah T Eggers (M: 41) Hezekiah Terah Eggers (M: 41) Bruce Allan Eggers (M: 55)
Joel James Ehlers (M: 34) Terrence Glen Ehlert (M: 40) Terrence Glen Ehlert (M: 40)
William Harm Ehly (M: 48) Ryan Charles Ehrig (M: 20) Travis Lawrence Ehrig (M: 30)
Cory James Eiben (M: 31) Leonard Linfred Eickholt (M: 55) Robert Eugene Eide (M: 73)
Matthew Lloyd Eilders (M: 32) Michael Theodore Eischeid (M: 64) Joshua Lee Eiskant (M: 30)
Alan Roger Ekstrom (M: 69) Beau Bradley Ekstrom (M: 19) Harold Eugene Elam (M: 48)
Harold Eugene Elam (M: 48) Jason Michael Elam (M: 26) Timothy Dwayne Elder (M: 30)
Lawrence Leo Elenz (M: 64) David Elet (M: 65) David Allen Elet (M: 68)
Timothy A Elfgen (M: 30) Timothy Allen Elfgen (M: 30) Steve Joseph Elgert (M: 52)
Elias Ibrahim Elias (M: 29) John David Elias (M: 58) Sergio Arturo Elias (M: 23)
Sergio Arturo Elias-Lopez (M: 23) Timothy Duane Eliason (M: 33) Frederick Elmer Elifritz (M: 40)
Frederick Elmer Elifritz (M: 40) Andrew Ross Elings (M: 29) Little Hawk Eagle Elk (M: 27)
Jason C Ellenbolt (M: 36) Jason Clark Ellenbolt (M: 36) Steve Reno Eller (M: 54)
Bobby Lee Ellington (M: 33) Chris Michael Ellington (M: 30) David Allen Elliott (M: 28)
Dennis James Elliott (M: 53) Jason Wayne Elliott (M: 37) Matthew Alan Elliott (M: 26)
Matthew Joseph Elliott (M: 31) Randy Lee Elliott (M: 31) Jeffrey Bernard Ellis (M: 50)
Larry E Ellis (M: 55) Larry Eugene Ellis (M: 55) Randy Ray Ellis (M: 58)
Travis Dean Ellsworth (M: 42) James Wade Elrod (M: 37) Frederick Donald Elsinga (M: 50)
Aaron Scott Elston (M: 23) Mark Anthony Elston (M: 54) Mark Anthony Elston (M: 54)
Donald Eugene Elston (M: 35) Terry William Embree (M: 50) Michael J Embrey (M: 36)
Steven E Emerick (M: 53) Daniel Darrell Emery (M: 26) Larry Wayne Emmer (M: 33)
Larry Wayne Emmer (M: 33) James Leroy Emmert (M: 63) Shawn Michael Engbretson (M: 26)
Steven Lee Engbretson (M: 48) Anthony Earl Engelbarts (M: 23) Timothy John Engelmann (M: 41)
Nicole Lynn Engler (F: 34) Jeremy John English (M: 35) Joseph Glenn Enloe (M: 47)
Brooks Laroy Ennis (M: 33) Joshua Michael William Enos (M: 29) Laren Lynn Ensign (M: 31)
Scott Tyler Ensign (M: 30) Gene C Entinger (M: 55) Thomas Joseph Eppler (M: 26)
Thomas Lee Eppstein (M: 56) Daniel Marcelo Erazo (M: 19) Jesus Rolando Erazo-Garcia (M: 44)
Adam Allen Erickson (M: 31) Jeffrey Lee Erickson (M: 42) Trevor Lee Erickson (M: 22)
Keith Joseph Ericsson (M: 21) Bryan Michael Ernst (M: 39) Bryan Michael Ernst (M: 39)
Richard Lawrence Ernst (M: 35) Ronald Lee Erving (M: 56) Randy Allan Eschen (M: 31)
Joshua Escobar (M: 15) Francisco Escobedo (M: 51) Edgar Morris Eshelman (M: 56)
Edgar M Eshelman (M: 56) Lonnie Qvohn Eskridge (M: 20) Leroy Scott Esler (M: 42)
Thomas Richard Eslick (M: 69) Jose Garcia Esparragoza (M: 28) Jairo Fernando Espinoza (M: 36)
Gabriel Espinoza (M: 18) Ernesto Espinoza-Rodriguez (M: 29) Andrew Gene Esqueda (M: 40)
Arleigh Joe Esqueda (M: 34) Gilberto Esquivel-Sanchez (M: 27) Johnny Ray Estes (M: 34)
Roger Dean Estey (M: 42) Domingo Felan Estrada (M: 53) Kirk Jeffrey Estrada (M: 52)
Juan Jose Estrada (M: 43) Juan Jose Estrada (M: 43) Donald Gale Etheredge (M: 46)
Bryan Keith Etherington (M: 45) Bryan Keith Etherington (M: 45) Mark G Etie (M: 57)
Mark Gerard Etie (M: 57) Jonathan Ray Etter (M: 30) Tony Ray Etter (M: 52)
Caleb Dwight Etter (M: 28) Jeffrey Eugene Euans (M: 52) Kevin Dujuan Euring (M: 45)
Kevin Dujuan Euring (M: 45) Charles Henry Evans (M: 40) Charles William Evans (M: 53)
Dustin Richard Evans (M: 29) Jeffery Clifford Evans (M: 35) Michael Ray Evans (M: 50)
Monteal Lamont Evans (M: 26) Warren Gary Evans (M: 40) Alan Nemire Evans (M: 61)
Delong John Evans (M: 46) Michael Thomas Evans (M: 52) Thomas Bryson Evans (M: 53)
Monteal Lamont Evans (M: 26) Sheldon Lamar Evans (M: 26) Ryan Wayne Evans (M: 25)
Sheldon Lamar Evans (M: 26) Terry Linn Evanson (M: 48) Jerry Joe Everett (M: 70)
Daniel James Everts (M: 48) Henry Richard Ewing (M: 66) John Lilbourne Ewing (M: 51)
Kenneth Melvin Ewing (M: 49) Kenneth John Ewoldt (M: 50) Adam Jay Exline (M: 33)
James Hubert Exline (M: 41) Arcadio Junea Exum (M: 35) Leroy Cecil Eye (M: 32)

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