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All sex offender data currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter A are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender information.

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Ross David Abbas (M: 29) Gordon Lee Abbas (M: 68) Earl Richard Abbey (M: 43)
Jennifer Marie Abbott (F: 22) Howard Nathaniel Abbott (M: 35) Travis Wayne Abel (M: 36)
Robert James Abels (M: 21) William Anthony Aber (M: 31) Leonard Lee Abkes (M: 39)
Richard Dale Abrahamson (M: 32) Jack Brian Abramson (M: 53) Alan Wayne Abuhl (M: 42)
Roger Ray Ackerman (M: 45) William James Ackerman (M: 31) James Rollin Ackley (M: 59)
Daniel Jay Adair (M: 19) Rashad Demarco Adair (M: 31) Allan Duane Adams (M: 56)
David Lee Adams (M: 69) Joseph Allen Adams (M: 39) Todd William Adams (M: 45)
Darrell Ray Adams (M: 48) William Arthur Adams (M: 29) Wayne Ellis Adamson (M: 63)
Matthew Lee Adelmund (M: 37) John Dale Aden (M: 54) Victor Dean Adkins (M: 52)
Violet Lavaughn Adler (F: 34) Darrell Lynn Adney (M: 44) Kodjo Hubert Afangnakossou (M: 48)
Christian Bret Agan (M: 31) Teryl Paul Agena (M: 63) Abelardo Rodriquez Aguilar (M: 62)
Julian Adrian Aguilera (M: 34) Julian Adrian Aguilera (M: 34) Antonio J Aguilera (M: 47)
Jacob Allan Ahlrichs (M: 26) Alan Robert Ahrenholtz (M: 54) Robert Alan Ahrens (M: 40)
John Michael Aiello (M: 48) Peter David Ainsworth (M: 48) Yaser Rashed Ibrahim Ajack (M: 23)
William John Akers (M: 74) John Karl Akin (M: 64) Gavino Alanis (M: 59)
Randy Joseph Alatorre (M: 41) Johnathon Michael Albee (M: 20) David Michael Albert (M: 37)
Michael John Alberts (M: 52) Christopher Daniel Albright (M: 32) Ryan A Albright (M: 31)
Ernest Donald Alcaraz (M: 29) Nathan William Aldag (M: 24) Alfredo Aldana Madera (M: 25)
Bruce Lee Alderman (M: 49) Jamie Lee Aldredge (M: 33) Kyle Leroy Aldrich (M: 25)
Kyle Leroy Aldrich (M: 26) Gary Joe Alexander (M: 61) Lance Alexander (M: 50)
Thomas Stanford Alexander (M: 67) Randy Allen Alexander (M: 45) Randy Allen Alexander (M: 45)
Jason Alan Alexander (M: 36) Adam Roy Alexander (M: 41) Richard Lewis Alger (M: 45)
Anthony James Alitz (M: 22) Joshua Lee Alitz (M: 34) Todd Roger Alleman (M: 44)
Casey Adair Allen (M: 38) Derek Dewayne Allen (M: 34) Derek Lee Allen (M: 43)
Derek Lee Allen (M: 43) Nathan Warren Allen (M: 23) Randall Lee Allen (M: 51)
Rodney Scott Allen (M: 46) Scott Lee Allen (M: 39) Tex Allen (M: 68)
Jason Allen (M: 37) Jeffrey Linn Allen (M: 45) Zane Lee Allen (M: 36)
Daniel Mark Allensworth (M: 25) Matthew John Allerton (M: 38) Larry Neolard Allgood (M: 55)
Larry Dean Allgood (M: 67) Bradley Michael Allison (M: 30) Steven Dewayne Allison (M: 44)
Michael Owen Alls (M: 50) Scott Fredrick Allspach (M: 40) Ronald John Allsteadt (M: 41)
Norman Elbert Allyn (M: 52) David John Almendinger (M: 30) David John Almendinger (M: 30)
Carl Joseph Alt (M: 63) Curtis Eugene Altemeier (M: 50) Albert Carl Althaus (M: 46)
Reed Joseph Althoff (M: 31) Christopher Lawrence Altman (M: 34) Jerry Lee Altman (M: 53)
Herminio Alvarado Sanchez (M: 27) Anastacio Alvarez (M: 41) Aaron Daniel Alvarez (M: 23)
Samuel Alvarez-Barrera (M: 57) Omar Vicente Amador-Tupy (M: 30) Albert Michael Amantea (M: 47)
Juan Pedro Amaya (M: 38) Charles Aaron Amble (M: 37) Charles A Amble (M: 36)
Raymond Leslie Amend (M: 34) L John Ames (M: 38) Avar Amiri (M: 44)
Kevin Russell Ammerman (M: 48) Kevin Allyn Ammons (M: 46) Reece Eugene Amos (M: 53)
Anthony Howard Amundson (M: 29) Jason Daniel Amundson (M: 36) Chad Paul Anciaux (M: 25)
Zachery Lee Ander (M: 28) Christian George Andersen (M: 40) John James Andersen (M: 23)
Aaron Vedel Anderson (M: 29) Andrew W Anderson (M: 39) Anthony Antonio Anderson (M: 39)
Chad Laverne Anderson (M: 31) Christopher Lee Anderson (M: 31) Christopher Anthony Anderson (M: 22)
Darrell Jerome Anderson (M: 41) Edward J Anderson (M: 75) Eugene Thomas Anderson (M: 49)
Floyd Eugene Anderson (M: 56) Frank Forrest Anderson (M: 72) Jacob James Jerome Anderson (M: 27)
John Raymond Anderson (M: 52) John Collins Anderson (M: 30) Joshua Carl Anderson (M: 33)
Leodis Fredric Anderson (M: 61) Louis Edward Anderson (M: 50) Louis Edward Anderson (M: 50)
Mark Allan Anderson (M: 51) Matthew Charles Anderson (M: 40) Michael Wells Anderson (M: 68)
Michael Leroy Anderson (M: 44) Nicholas James Anderson (M: 31) Richard Alan Anderson (M: 58)
Richard Lee Anderson (M: 55) Roy Roger Anderson (M: 40) Shay Nathan Anderson (M: 33)
Thomas Edward Anderson (M: 57) Vaughn Damon Anderson (M: 35) Zachary Michael Anderson (M: 27)
Duane Gregory Anderson (M: 49) Gerald Eugene Anderson (M: 73) James Arthur Anderson (M: 63)
Jennifer Dee Anderson (F: 28) John Toby Anderson (M: 37) Kenneth Everrett Anderson (M: 33)
Larry Dean Anderson (M: 61) Monte Edward Anderson (M: 41) Oliver Merle Anderson (M: 80)
Terry Lee Anderson (M: 49) Thomas Allen Anderson (M: 49) Steven Donald Anderson (M: 31)
Christopher Anthony Andorf (M: 24) Johnny Todd Andrew (M: 41) Clifford Duane Andrews (M: 41)
James Allen Andrews (M: 47) Robert Cecil Andrews (M: 35) Roger Jack Andrews (M: 46)
Roger Jack Andrews (M: 46) Toby Lynn Andrews (M: 38) Kelly Charles Andrie (M: 43)
Jack Glen Androy (M: 72) Robby Lee Andrus (M: 41) Jennifer Marie Anfinson (F: 29)
Chad Michael Angerman (M: 41) James Edward Ankrum (M: 82) Daniel S Antonio (M: 53)
Monte Rae Anway (M: 50) Timothy Allen Anway (M: 47) Avery Lawrence Applewhite (M: 24)
Abraham Jesus Araniva (M: 39) Francisco Antonio Araujo-Coreas (M: 33) Dennis James Arbaugh (M: 42)
Anthony Lee Arbuckle (M: 28) Brandon Scott Archer (M: 24) Jorge Macias Arciniega (M: 44)
Daniel Leslie Arends (M: 26) Jacob Glenn Arends (M: 28) Ryan Lynn Arends (M: 35)
Steven Martin Arens (M: 51) Shawn Edward Arens (M: 19) David James Arensdorf (M: 29)
Ronald Gene Argo (M: 55) Oscar Martinez Arguelles (M: 22) Anthony Michael Arguello (M: 37)
Dale William Arihood (M: 32) Manuel John Armendarez (M: 53) Calvin Floyd Armstrong (M: 61)
Jamie Wayne Armstrong (M: 29) Neil Paul Armstrong (M: 54) Millard Edward Armstrong (M: 84)
Robert Dean Arnold (M: 50) Bruce Lee Arnot (M: 58) Bruce Lee Arnot (M: 58)
Dale Charles Arp (M: 51) David Duane Arraut (M: 32) Eustaquio Arrelano-Diaz (M: 43)
Clyde D Arrington (M: 53) Clyde Darius Arrington (M: 53) Clyde Darius Arrington Jr (M: 53)
Glen Richard Arthurs (M: 25) Arturo Arvizo (M: 32) Ray Allen Ary (M: 39)
Soloman Arzola (M: 55) Jacob William Aschan (M: 21) Lloyd Lavere Aschbrenner (M: 43)
Mike Daune Aschenbrenner (M: 53) Corey Arden Ash (M: 40) Randy Dean Ash (M: 51)
Brandan Michael Ashbacher (M: 27) Noah Anthony Ashley (M: 40) Terry Jerome Ashley (M: 52)
Donald John Ashlock (M: 57) Jeffrey Alan Ashmore (M: 48) Robert Glen Asklund (M: 70)
Daniel Paul Aslin (M: 50) Daniel Paul Aslin (M: 50) Craig Allen Aswegan (M: 50)
John Patrick Atchison (M: 43) Allen John Atchison (M: 64) Charles Lee Atkinson (M: 59)
Thomas Eugene Atkinson (M: 55) Wayne Leroy Atwood (M: 64) Larry Charles Aubrey (M: 59)
John Lee Audas (M: 21) Samuel Dale Auen (M: 39) Craig Wayne August (M: 49)
Quinton Terrell Austin (M: 29) Terry Lee Austin (M: 51) Lorenzo Austin (M: 43)
Concepcion Galan Avalos (M: 25) Richard Michael Avendt (M: 46) Adam Charles Averhoff (M: 31)
James Edwin Averill (M: 41) James E Averill (M: 41) James Edwin Averill (M: 41)
Daniel L Avery (M: 43) Daniel Lewis Avery (M: 43) Alejandro Avila (M: 52)
Rufino Avila (M: 67) James Allen Axness (M: 63) Raymond Dean Axtell (M: 50)
David Omar Ayala (M: 29) Wilber De Jesus Ayala (M: 34) Leland Dirk Ayers (M: 57)
Joseph Paul Azara (M: 74) Cliff David Azelton (M: 30)

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