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All sex offender data currently in our database from Georgia whose last name begins with the letter V are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Georgia sex offender information.

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Mark Andrew Vaccaro (M: 44) Anthony J Vachon (M: 28) David Ray Vail (M: 34)
Larry Vail (M: 36) George Michael Vaillant (M: 37) George Michael Vaillant (M: 37)
Marcos Valasquez-Piaz (M: 23) John Nathan Valdez (M: 26) Jose Juan Valdez (M: 25)
Nathan Valdez (M: 26) David Ortiz Valencia (M: 29) Tracy Ray Valentine (M: 38)
Miguel Angel Valentine (M: 37) Sebastian Jesus Valero (M: 30) Jose Ramon Valero (M: 37)
Frantz Valiasjean (M: 27) Sean Anthony Vallery (M: 47) Hector Valles (M: 49)
Joseph Maxwell Vallotton (M: 40) Albert Vanarckan (M: 57) Albert Vanarckan (M: 56)
James Cornelius Vanboxel (M: 63) James Cornelius Vanboxel (M: 63) Bryan Dewayne Vance (M: 36)
George Everett Vance (M: 45) Jasper L Vance (M: 47) Jasper Lemuel Vance (M: 46)
Robert E Vance (M: 41) Robert E Vance (M: 41) Robert E Vance (M: 41)
Tony Eugene Vance (M: 49) Dale Vance (M: 68) Brandon Michael Vanderbush (M: 38)
Brian Keith Vandergrift (M: 46) Enrique Vanderhorst (M: 36) Martin Everet Vandermolen (M: 52)
Martin Evert Vandermolen (M: 52) George Vanderpool (M: 39) Gary Vandiver (M: 37)
Joshua Dwayne Vandiver (M: 27) Patrick Wesley Vandiver (M: 63) Adrian F Vanegas (M: 32)
Lisa Marie Vanella (F: 45) Jacqueline Denise Vanellison (F: 45) Robert Lee Vaneman (M: 41)
John Richard Vanenkenhoort (M: 46) John Richard Vanenkenvoort (M: 73) Robert Dewayne Vangiller (M: 35)
Edwin Ray Vanhorn (M: 55) James Daniel Vanlandingham (M: 73) Dewayne Vanmeter (M: 47)
Joseph Gregory Vansickle (M: 36) John Alfred Vanterpool (M: 34) John A Vanterpool (M: 34)
John A Vanterpool (M: 35) William Arnold Vanwinkle (M: 78) Carl Eugene Varesi (M: 51)
Carl Eugene Varesi (M: 51) Donaldo Vargas (M: 24) Jose Antonio Vargas (M: 26)
Rey D Vargas (M: 57) Joel Varnado (M: 32) Reggie Adolfo Varnado (M: 34)
Shawn Scott Varnado (M: 36) Michael Varnadore (M: 29) Douglas Paul Varnell (M: 61)
Douglas Paul Varnell (M: 60) Matthew Varner (M: 39) Scott Dwayne Varney (M: 50)
Saah Diamond Varney (M: 28) Thomas Lee Varney (M: 24) William Joseph Varsane (M: 46)
William Joseph Varsane (M: 46) Gregorio Vasques (M: 79) Eulalio Larry Vasquez (M: 27)
Garcia Felix Rose Vasquez (M: 25) Jose Benito Vasquez (M: 46) Oscar Vasquez (M: 58)
Oscar Vasquez (M: 57) Pedro Vasquez (M: 44) Roberto Martinez Vasquez (M: 38)
Paul Vasquez (M: 51) Michael Gomez Vasquez (M: 47) Hector Vasquezbarba (M: 43)
Melissa Carol Vaughan (F: 44) Robert Daniel Vaughan (M: 56) Charles F Vaughn (M: 63)
Christopher Allen Vaughn (M: 24) David King Vaughn (M: 54) Demarcus C Vaughn (M: 38)
Emory Darrell Vaughn (M: 64) Keimonda Vaughn (M: 26) Lamar Vaughn (M: 55)
Mark Edward Vaughn (M: 57) Reginald Keith Vaughn (M: 49) Reginald K Vaughn (M: 49)
Robert Edsel Vaughn (M: 57) Tommy Lynn Vaughn (M: 45) Michael David Vaught (M: 38)
Jacob Vautrot (M: 26) Christopher Vaxter (M: 28) Douglas Clifton Vaxter (M: 37)
Jorge Aleja Vazquezvargas (M: 29) Frederick Bernard Veal (M: 46) Jeffery Neal Veal (M: 50)
Mark Irvin Veal (M: 43) Tommy Charles Veasley (M: 55) Matthew Veates (M: 34)
Alexander Vega (M: 61) Angel Vega (M: 38) Angel Vega (M: 38)
Juan Vega (M: 36) Ronaldo Vega (M: 36) Ronald Vega (M: 37)
Jose Eugenio Vegaduran (M: 28) Fidel Vela (M: 48) Raul Quintero Vela (M: 31)
Hector Rueben Velasquez (M: 38) Rodolfo Lopez Velazquez (M: 32) Alejandro Velazquez (M: 51)
Daniel Robert Velez (M: 42) Santos Lee Velez (M: 27) Ronny Alexander Veliz (M: 37)
Joseph Douglas Vella (M: 66) Joseph Douglas Vella (M: 66) Adam Venable (M: 27)
David Wayne Mr Venable (M: 57) David Wayne Venable (M: 43) David D Venable (M: 51)
Jose Estrada Venegas (M: 27) Michael Adam Venesky (M: 49) Clifford Neal Veon (M: 54)
Mathew Joseph Vera (M: 32) Linda Ann Verde (F: 29) Thomas Lee Verenakis (M: 28)
Salvatore A Verga (M: 63) Hernando J Vergara (M: 29) Thomas Jules Verrette (M: 56)
Thomas Verrette (M: 57) Joseph S Vess (M: 41) David Earl Vessels (M: 53)
Jack Lee Vest (M: 46) Eric Vevang (M: 27) Jose Hidalgo Vialet (M: 54)
Carl Minor Vick (M: 57) Jay Lonnie Vick (M: 41) Jessie Lester Vick (M: 61)
Michael Eugene Vick (M: 43) Chase Vickers (M: 29) David Vickers (M: 51)
James K Vickers (M: 49) Marlon Caser Vickers (M: 38) Tarryl L Vickers (M: 27)
Troy Vickers (M: 49) William Earl Vickers (M: 72) Michael Jefferson Vickers (M: 34)
Alan Scott Vickery (M: 41) Martin Newland Vickery (M: 34) William Lamar Vicks (M: 31)
Johntorious Vicks (M: 24) Dexter Lawayne Victor (M: 45) Geomar Victores (M: 64)
Charles Lee Victrum (M: 42) Ronnie Viebrock (M: 28) Victor Vera Vigel (M: 59)
Julio Vilchezrugama (M: 26) Antone Joseph Villa (M: 23) Julian Villagern (M: 32)
Santos Villalta (M: 58) Adan Arturo Villamarinovalle (M: 65) Ricardo Villanueva (M: 33)
Oscar Villareal (M: 44) Freddie Jerome Villarreal (M: 46) Shannon Villarreal (M: 45)
Raul Villegas (M: 29) Adrian Ray Vincent (M: 84) Adrian Ray Vincent (M: 84)
James Frank Vines (M: 63) Johnny Earl Vines (M: 44) David Vineyard (M: 45)
Joel Hubert Vinson (M: 61) Michael Demiahus Vinson (M: 36) Robert Hester Vinson (M: 64)
Sherwood Patrick Vinson (M: 41) William Eric Vinson (M: 31) Christopher S Vinson (M: 38)
Harold Vinson (M: 50) Wayne Charles Violette (M: 55) Jermaine Virgil (M: 36)
Nicki Virgil (M: 27) Clifford Dale Visage (M: 66) Brian Jeffery Voan (M: 31)
Brian Jeffery Voan (M: 31) Bradley Michael Vogel (M: 39) Erik C Vogelsang (M: 39)
Erik Christopher Vogelsang (M: 39) Richard Allen Vogt (M: 50) Donald Scott Voils (M: 47)
Carlton Martin Volz (M: 35) Carlton Martin Volz (M: 35) Kristopher Morgan Vonderheide (M: 27)
Mario Vonner (M: 29) Brian Anthony Voorhees (M: 32) Rusty Paul Vosgien (M: 34)
William T Voss (M: 29) Marcus James Voyles (M: 31) Richard A Vranesavich (M: 42)
Torance Nathaniel Vurgess (M: 23)

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