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All sex offender data currently in our database from Georgia whose last name begins with the letter O are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Georgia sex offender information.

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Paul Wesley Anderson O (M: 55) Peter Raymond Oakes (M: 23) Donald Gerald Oates (M: 64)
Donald Gerald Oates (M: 65) James H Oates (M: 34) Jonathan Robert Oates (M: 50)
Nathan S Oates (M: 39) Richard L Oatis (M: 53) Larry Jerod Oats (M: 23)
Charles Leroy Oberdorf (M: 38) John Frank Oberhausen (M: 41) Perry Lynn Oberlin (M: 46)
Darryl Kipling Obey (M: 52) Evan Obijiofor (M: 32) Marcial Obregon (M: 64)
David Keith Obrien (M: 33) Enrique E Obrien (M: 53) Enrique Ely Obrien (M: 53)
Alfonso Ocapo (M: 30) Ariel Ocasio (M: 31) Freddie Ocasiopagan (M: 24)
Ezekiel Mark Ochoa (M: 28) Eric James Oconner (M: 32) Eric Oconner (M: 33)
Michael John Oconner (M: 45) Michael Andre Odea (M: 64) Milton Andrew Odea (M: 64)
Phillip Franklin Odell (M: 55) Russell Edward Odell (M: 36) Anthony Wayne Oden (M: 41)
James Edward Odett (M: 38) James Edward Odett (M: N/A) George Odom (M: 64)
George Bufford Odom (M: 56) Walter Orean Odom (M: 57) William Jeff Odom (M: 52)
Andrew Blake Odom (M: 22) John Michael Odom (M: 60) Glynn Wilson Odom Jr (M: 25)
Joseph Benjamin Odonnell (M: 47) Bruce Wayne Odum (M: 45) Richard D Odum (M: 31)
Ray Carroll Odum (M: 71) Michael Glenn Oeming (M: 34) Jason Cary Ofallon (M: 42)
Richard Lee Office (M: 49) Richard Office (M: 49) Brenton Offord (M: 27)
Cedric Kendrell Ofton (M: 29) Tony Clifford Ogburn (M: 27) Marcus Blake Ogden (M: 36)
Marcus Blake Ogden (M: 36) Glenn Ogden (M: 50) Glenn Anthony Ogden (M: 50)
Timothy Scott Ogle (M: 35) Deanna Ogle (F: 26) Timothy Michael Ogles (M: 29)
Gregory Oglesby (M: 51) Johnny James Oglesby (M: 57) Robert Michael Oglesby (M: 59)
Robert Donald Oglesby (M: 53) Theartis Oglesby (M: 28) William H Oglesby (M: 66)
Cleaton Ogletree (M: 40) Jimmy Ogletree (M: 35) Richard William Ogletree (M: 43)
Ronterreal D Ogletree (M: 32) Terry Bernard Ogletree (M: 48) Tommie Alvin Ogletree (M: 65)
Harold Vernon Ogletree (M: 45) Ayodeji Raful Ogunlana (M: 28) Antonio Ohara (M: 37)
John Michael Ohara (M: 39) John M Ohara (M: 40) Carl Gregory Ohearn (M: 46)
Michael Okeefe (M: 43) Michael Okeefe (M: 43) Charles Okelley (M: 37)
Robert Oneil Okelley (M: 45) Rufusjr Okelley (M: 78) Amatu Okodo (M: 44)
Patrick James Okrongly (M: 57) Patrick J Okrongly (M: 57) Richard Eugene Olaughlin (M: 48)
Richard Olaughlin (M: 48) Fidel Olbera (M: 33) Susan Oldfield (F: 35)
Samuel A Oldham (M: 30) Pablo Olguin-Zarate (M: 41) Stephen Lynn Oliff (M: 56)
Omar Olivares (M: 30) Victor Hugo Olivares (M: 31) Billy Oliver (M: 50)
Corey A Oliver (M: 38) Herman Lee Oliver (M: 66) James Ace Oliver (M: 32)
Jermaine Dennon Oliver (M: 40) Kenneth Darren Oliver (M: 42) Milton Cortez Ivy Oliver (M: 42)
Robert Leon Oliver (M: 51) Ronald Willis Oliver (M: 54) Sherman Oliver (M: 59)
Gene Russell Oliver (M: 63) James Alvin Oliver (M: 56) Douglas Godfery Oliver (M: 50)
Larry Darnell Oliver (M: 51) Christopher Olivia (M: 34) Jeffery Lynn Oller (M: 46)
Jeffery Lynn Oller (M: 46) Seth Cody Ollerich (M: 31) Joselito Olmo (M: 40)
Frank Fred Olmstead (M: 33) Olawale Olorunfemi (M: 28) Steven Lee Olsen (M: 38)
Tate Andrew Olsen (M: 33) Jonathan Courtney Olsson (M: 23) Shane Ashley Ondriezek (M: 25)
Bobby Oneal (M: 49) Gary Dane Oneal (M: 56) Grady Oneal (M: 33)
Kelly Oneal (M: 37) Kenneth A Oneal (M: 53) Michael Clinton Oneal (M: 34)
Michael Oneal (M: 51) Ronald Oneal (M: 45) Terence Marquis Oneal (M: 28)
Timothy Melvin Oneal (M: 68) William Todd Oneal (M: 50) Timothy M Oneal (M: 69)
Zachery Eugene Oneal (M: 25) Samwel Onduso Ooga (M: 25) Eduardo Ordonez-Becerra (M: 23)
Michael Ray Orgeron (M: 55) Michael R Orgeron (M: 55) Brenden Oriley (M: 24)
Michael Nelson Orosco (M: 22) Larry Bernard Orourke (M: 45) Rudy Anthony Orozco (M: 27)
Brandin Orr (M: 31) David Handley Orr (M: 56) Jimmy Brian Orr (M: 28)
Kristopher Lee Orr (M: 25) Kristopher Lee Orr (M: 25) Marcus Orlando Orr (M: 37)
Montrell Marquiz Orr (M: 24) Otto Jabar Orr (M: 30) Thomas James Orr (M: 45)
Michael Deshone Orr (M: 25) Randy Randolph Orr (M: 52) Mike Orrell (M: 35)
David Orrock (M: 92) Robert Edward Ortego (M: 43) Dionisio R Ortiz (M: 66)
Enrique Ortiz (M: 53) Enrique Ortiz (M: 54) Miguel Ortiz (M: 55)
Ricardo Sanchez Ortiz (M: 43) Horacio Montoya Ortizo (M: 35) Jon Marvin Orton (M: 55)
Jon Marvin Orton (M: 55) Charles Eugene Osborn (M: 46) Jarrod Charome Osborn (M: 22)
Arthur Osborne (M: 48) Cedric Lamar Osborne (M: 45) David Christian Osborne (M: 29)
Michael Joseph Osborne (M: 32) Wade Ellison Osborne (M: 60) Walter Osborne (M: 60)
Gerald J Osborne (M: 45) Arthur Osborne (M: 48) Stephen Edward Osbourne (M: 50)
Matthew Marc Osburn (M: 40) Raymond Chester Osburn (M: 44) Patrick Delano Osburn (M: 45)
Christopher Osburne (M: 60) Jeffery Bryan Osby (M: 43) Jeffery Bryan Osby (M: 43)
Walter Leon Osby (M: 63) Arthur Murray Osgood (M: 29) Preston Charles Osley (M: 38)
Travis Bryon Osley (M: 32) Matthew B Osmer (M: 24) Carlos Osorio (M: 34)
Jeremy Nelson Osteen (M: 35) Noah Osteen (M: 70) Ayor Phillip Otegbeye (M: 30)
Jerry Ott (M: 38) John Willis Otting (M: 56) Luciano Ottombrino (M: 45)
Dustin Blake Otwell (M: 25) Michael Carey Ouellette (M: 42) Michael Cary Ouellette (M: 42)
Ronald Joseph Ouellette (M: 63) Samuel Ousley (M: 49) Anthony Rhea Outlaw (M: 37)
Wendell M Outlaw (M: 50) Santana Vernodo Outlaw (M: 32) Eric Outler (M: 35)
Mark Darin Outz (M: 42) Steven Craig Ouzts (M: 51) Jonathan Alex Overbeck (M: 34)
Mitchell Wayne Overbeck (M: 26) Kelly Guy Overman (F: 35) Joshua Overstreet (M: 28)
James Dwayne Overstreet (M: 36) Carlos Deangelo Overton (M: 31) Ted Alvin Overton (M: 65)
Robert Leroy Overton (M: 30) Jeffery Overton (M: 29) Lance E Owen (M: 40)
George Wesley Owen (M: 38) Timothy L Owen (M: 53) Timothy Lee Owen (M: 53)
Lance E Owen (M: 40) Albert Owens (M: 54) Brandon Matthew Owens (M: 28)
Brandon Matthew Owens (M: 28) Carl Wesley Owens (M: 40) David Justin Owens (M: 38)
Dewayne Cecil Owens (M: 27) Dewayne Edwards Owens (M: 36) Dexter Owens (M: 33)
Greg William Owens (M: 40) Greg Owens (M: 41) Joseph Fowler Owens (M: 54)
Leon M Owens (M: 43) Lonnie Preston Owens (M: 62) Orlando Owens (M: 45)
Otto Warrington Owens (M: 50) Ramond Lamar Owens (M: 37) Roger Owens (M: 24)
Roosevelt Owens (M: 31) Samuel Shaboka Owens (M: 34) Stanley Owens (M: 41)
Stanli Robin Owens (M: 41) Timothy Owens (M: 53) William Trey Owens (M: 24)
Wilton Eugene Owens (M: 45) Wilton Eugene Owens (M: 44) Henry Gene Owens (M: 41)
Malcolm Lamont Owens (M: 40) Carl Wesley Owens (M: 41) Antonio Deshon Owens (M: 33)
James Gregory Owens Jr (M: 32) Cedric Rodiquez Owensby (M: 30) Erther Samuel Oxendine (M: 52)

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