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All sex offender data currently in our database from Florida whose last name begins with the letter Y are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Florida sex offender information.

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William Joseph Yacano (M: 52) Perfecto Esmad Yacub (M: 77) Charles Andrew Yaggi (M: 55)
Max Yahyavi (M: 58) Darryl Stewart Yaist (M: 53) William A Yakoumis (M: 56)
Ke W Yan (M: 50) Wayne Peter Yanatelle (M: 65) Michael James Yancey (M: 45)
Michael James Yancey (M: 45) Albert Cornelius Yancy (M: 51) Armando Yanes (M: 28)
Juan J Yanes (M: 48) Samuel G Yanes (M: 23) Roberto Yanez (M: 32)
Emilio Yannacone (M: 55) Dominic W Yannarella (M: 49) Mark A Yaple (M: 41)
Kino Yapp (M: 32) Roy Richard Yarber (M: 42) Glen Yarber (M: 49)
Brian K Yarbrough (M: 54) Christopher S Yarbrough (M: 45) Curtis Edwin Yarbrough (M: 27)
Donald Yarbrough (M: 32) Kenneth James Yarbrough (M: 29) Kenneth Edward Yarbrough (M: 63)
Michael Stacey Yarbrough (M: 44) Richard L Yarbrough (M: 41) Stanley Earl Yarbrough (M: 58)
Lonnie Joseph Yarger (M: 35) Shepard A Yarger (M: 71) Jerry W Yarley (M: 45)
Norman R Yarns (M: 57) Michael Yarrell (M: 27) Kenneth Yarter (M: 61)
Sabir Abdul-Haqq Yasir (M: 40) Aland C Yates (M: 49) Bobby Ray Yates (M: 50)
Charles Patrick Yates (M: 46) Gillis Lee Yates (M: 48) Howard Curtis Yates (M: 55)
James Kenneth Yates (M: 55) Jonathan Wayne Yates (M: 20) Kevin Lee Yates (M: 44)
Kyle Key Yates (M: 42) Larry Dale Yates (M: 43) Lester D Yates (M: 55)
Peter Paul Yates (M: 41) Richard Lewis Yates (M: 61) Ronald L Yates (M: 33)
Stanley Fredrick Yates (M: 34) Stanley F Yates (M: 34) Stanley Keith Yates (M: 42)
Walter Yates (M: 57) William Raymond Yates (M: 43) Gregory Yates (M: 39)
William Yaun (M: 32) Michael A Yaverski (M: 47) Eric Russell Yawn (M: 48)
James Yawn (M: 56) James Edward Yawn (M: 27) Christopher David Yazell (M: 38)
Mauro Ybanez (M: 35) Jose Antonio Ybarra (M: 53) Kathryn A Ybarra (F: 52)
Ruben R Ybarra (M: 41) David Randolph Yeager (M: 30) Ervin H Yeager (M: 58)
Floyd A Yeager (M: 48) Jessica Anne Yeager (F: 25) Paul Edwin Yeager (M: 53)
William Drew Yeager (M: 28) Chad Maxwell Yearby (M: 31) Kevin Dwayne Yearby (M: 32)
Toric L Yearby (M: 39) Carl Daniel Yeary (M: 28) Steven Frank Yeary (M: 50)
Avis Lee Yeatman (M: 71) Melquiades M Yebvra (M: 72) Sing T Yee (M: 63)
Clifford Guy Yegge (M: 51) James E Yeik (M: 53) Rex A Yeiter (M: 56)
Paul Thomas Yelapi (M: 52) Keith Allen Yelling (M: 28) Kenneth Stihford Yelvington (M: 61)
Sandie A Yentis (F: 38) Richard Lyle Yeoman (M: 54) Eugene Harrison Yeomans (M: 80)
Leon M Yepes (M: 60) Jose Maria Yepez (M: 55) Louis Edward Yerby (M: 72)
Christopher Mark Yerden (M: 36) Christopher Mark Yerden (M: 36) George Yerian (M: 54)
Efren Yero (M: 49) Luis Jorge Yero (M: 55) Alejandro Yescas (M: 33)
Keum S Yi (M: 58) Rekem Yahphia Yisrael (M: 47) Yehowshua Yisrael (M: 43)
Yeshuwa Yisrael (M: 36) Pedro Ynigo (M: 34) David G Yoakum (M: 50)
Roger L Yoakum (M: 32) Timothy Michael Yochum (M: 53) Marc Alan Yockel (M: 57)
William Eugene Yocum (M: 49) Curtis Allen Yoder (M: 54) Galen L Yoder (M: 42)
Melvin Larue Yoder (M: 53) Melvin Larue Yoder (M: 53) Melvin Larue Yoder (M: 53)
Brandon C Yoder (M: 26) Aaron Yoffee (M: 49) Aaron Yoffee (M: 49)
Moreno Yohai (M: 65) John Atem Yok (M: 31) Joseph Palmer Yokum (M: 33)
Johnathan Eric Yon (M: 52) Randall Earl Yon (M: 66) William Yon (M: 38)
Dennis Yonke (M: 56) Christopher Phillip Yons (M: 36) Kenneth Yoos (M: 37)
Kenneth C Yoos (M: 37) David Lester Yopp (M: 58) Luis Yordan (M: 70)
David Daniel Yore (M: 51) Artie York (M: 56) Clayton Don York (M: 39)
David Earl York (M: 61) Eddie York (M: 33) Huntley A York (M: 63)
Jack A York (M: 48) Kyle L York (M: 18) Robert William York (M: 40)
Thomas Henry York (M: 65) Thomas M York (M: 63) Tommy James York (M: 39)
Wilbur Franklin York (M: 82) Jack A York (M: 48) Lester Birt York Iii (M: 29)
Curtis Yorke (M: 37) Elliott B Yorke (M: 86) Charles O Yother (M: 54)
Jeremy Thomas Yother (M: 36) Gerald Charles Youells (M: 67) David Charles Youmans (M: 45)
Gerald Gleason Youmans (M: 45) Timothy Lee Youmans (M: 40) Albert Young (M: 56)
Albert Charles Young (M: 67) Alex H Young (M: 59) Andrew Young (M: 31)
Angel Kay Young (F: 34) Antonio T Young (M: 44) Arlene Marie Young (F: 58)
Arthur Lee Young (M: 57) Baron Darnell Young (M: 42) Bradley M Young (M: 27)
Bradley M Young (M: 27) Brenda Lee Young (F: 51) Brian K Young (M: 45)
Brian Anthony Young (M: 50) Bruce A Young (M: 63) Bruce Wayne Young (M: 61)
Bruce Edward Young (M: 49) Carl Eugene Young (M: 39) Carlos Young (M: 36)
Carlton Leon Young (M: 48) Carroll Casey Young (M: 46) Cedrie R Young (M: 57)
Charles C Young (M: 79) Clarence M Young (M: 31) Clement L Young (M: 50)
Curths Young (M: 50) Curtis R Young (M: 44) Curtis Novell Young (M: 40)
Darrell Marquis Young (M: 23) Darrell Marquis Young (M: 23) Davhon S Young (M: 30)
David Michael Young (M: 38) David Lamar Young (M: 32) David M Young (M: 28)
David Allan Young (M: 43) Dexter L Young (M: 43) Douglas Ulysses Young (M: 55)
Douglas A Young (M: 67) Duriel Keion Young (M: 29) Edward Joe Young (M: 57)
Efrem Z Young (M: 38) Eric Antonio Young (M: 37) Ernest D Young (M: 56)
Eugene Russell Young (M: 87) Gerald W Young (M: 43) Gilfred Young (M: 40)
Jack Cronan Young (M: 77) Jack Young (M: 63) James William Young (M: 57)
James A Young (M: 59) James Alexander Young (M: 46) Jason Andrew Young (M: 40)
Jason Young (M: 37) Jawnn Michael Young (M: 30) Jeffrey Alan Young (M: 54)
Jeffrey Claude Young (M: 59) Jeremy Allen Young (M: 34) John Gale Young (M: 69)
John L Young (M: 64) Johnny Nathan Young (M: 55) Jonathan Lionelle Young (M: 28)
Jose G Young (M: 42) Kendrick Leon Young (M: 24) Kenneth Leon Young (M: 67)
Kenneth Lee Young (M: 48) Larry Lorenzo Young (M: 37) Larry Robert Young (M: 32)
Lavaris D Young (M: 29) Lee Young (M: 26) Lee Andrew Young (M: 61)
Leon Travoris Young (M: 34) Leon Young (M: 55) Little Clifton Young (M: 32)
Lynn Eugene Young (M: 39) Mark Anthony Young (M: 40) Matthew Scott Young (M: 41)
Matthew Barr Young (M: 31) Maurice Tommie Young (M: 38) Michael A Young (M: 32)
Michael J Young (M: 23) Michael Preston Young (M: 30) Moses J Young (M: 49)
Oshaun J Young (M: 35) Phillip James Young (M: 45) Pylander Kurtis Young (M: 49)
Randal Wade Young (M: 34) Randy Lee Young (M: 56) Ray Everett Young (M: 63)
Rex A Young (M: 50) Richard Dennis Young (M: 69) Richard James Young (M: 80)
Richard F Young (M: 70) Robert Arthur Young (M: 51) Robert A Young (M: 51)
Robert Young (M: 56) Robert Going Young (M: 52) Robert Lee Young (M: 41)
Robert Christopher Young (M: 34) Robin Christopher Young (M: 60) Rodrick Keith Young (M: 30)
Rodrick Keith Young (M: 30) Roger Young (M: 33) Roland Lee Young (M: 68)
Rolando Young (M: 26) Ronald Edward Young (M: 46) Ronald Dennis Young (M: 52)
Roosevelt M Young (M: 41) Stacy Deon Young (M: 37) Terrance Derrell Young (M: 32)
Terry L Young (M: 57) Vincent Bernard Young (M: 48) Vonnel Young (M: 41)
Warren Young (M: 42) William Young (M: 27) William Ray Young (M: 48)
Wilson R Young (M: 69) Ulysses Douglas Young (M: 55) Benny J Young (M: 32)
David Young (M: 65) Rex Allen Young (M: 50) Aaron Wesley Young (M: 21)
Christopher Ryan Young (M: 21) Christopher S Young (M: 38) James Richard Young (M: 25)
Jason J Young (M: 38) Jason L Young (M: 28) Michael Leslie Young (M: 30)
David Youngblood (M: 65) Edward Youngblood (M: 57) Evett Youngblood (M: 46)
Randall Youngblood (M: 44) Wayne Owen Youngblood (M: 65) Willie Youngblood (M: 66)
Denver Atlee Youngblood Jr (M: 40) Robert E Younger (M: 66) Keith Earl Youngken (M: 56)
Donald Lee Youngman (M: 67) Jason William Youngs (M: 39) Ronald Roy Youngs (M: 61)
George Edward Younis (M: 41) John A Yount (M: 56) Richard James Youst (M: 53)
Drayton Leroy Yown (M: 51) Jason Ysidron (M: 37) Edilberto Cunanan Yumul (M: 43)
Angel Emilio Yune (M: 38) Man S Yung (M: 24) David A Yzaguirre (M: 44)
Pedro G Yzaguirre (M: 52) Ray Yzaguirre (M: 76)

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