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All sex offender data currently in our database from Colorado whose last name begins with the letter O are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Colorado sex offender information.

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Stephen Lee Oakley (M: 62) Stephen Lee Oakley (M: 62) Emile Obar (M: 82)
Kevin Michael Obert (M: 55) Gerald Ikechukwu Obi (M: 40) Henry Obiedo (M: 37)
Randall Scott Obitts (M: 51) Jason Scott Oblander (M: 23) John Joseph Oboyle (M: 51)
John Joseph Oboyle (M: 51) Shaughn Riley Obrien (M: 40) Shaughn Riley Obrien (M: 40)
Bradley Wayne Obrien (M: 59) Kim R Obryan (M: 57) Robert Preston Obryant (M: 51)
John Boutista Ocana (M: 87) John Joseph Ocana (M: 52) Reynaldo Elias Ocana (M: 56)
Richard Wayne Ocana (M: 53) Richard Wayne Ocana (M: 53) Richard Wayne Ocana (M: 53)
Anthony Ray Ocava (M: 58) Anthony Ray Ocava (M: 58) Nicholas Giovanni Occhipinti (M: 22)
Carlos Ochoa (M: 48) Carlos Ochoa (M: 48) Carlos Ochoa (M: 48)
Daniel Ochoa-Deleon (M: 28) Daniel Ochoa-Deleon (M: 28) Kevin Ochs (M: 44)
Kevin Scott Ochs (M: 44) David Michael Oconnell (M: 45) Erik Scott Oconnell (M: 32)
James Michael Oconnell (M: 46) Michael Scott Oconnell (M: 24) Michael Scott Oconnell (M: 24)
David Michale Oconnell (M: 45) Erik Scott Oconnell (M: 32) Sean Matthew Oconnor (M: 42)
Sean Matthew Oconnor (M: 42) Michael Thomas Odell (M: 24) Thomas Leo Odell (M: 64)
Samuel Ellsworth Oden (M: 57) Charles James Odorizzi (M: 45) Douglas Richard Oelgoetz (M: 51)
Kevin Scott Oelklaus (M: 36) Gary William Oertli (M: 56) Gary William Oertli (M: 56)
Robert L Oestman (M: 64) Bryan Timothy Ofarrell (M: 38) Test Offender (M: 42)
Wilford Offerman (M: 69) Wilford Offerman (M: 69) Brent Michael Officer (M: 34)
Andre Von Ogans (M: 42) Brian Edward Ogden (M: 41) Hugh Raymond Ogle (M: 47)
Hugh Raymond Ogle (M: 47) Kenneth James Ogrady (M: 53) Kenneth James Ogrady (M: 53)
Kenneth James Ogrady (M: 53) John Michael Ohara (M: 39) Scott Kennedy Ohara (M: 39)
Trudy Lynn Ohlin (F: 53) Justin Michael Ohlmacher (M: 31) Marc Okano (M: 48)
Marc Okano (M: 48) Richard Dennis Oldenburg (M: 64) Thomas Carlton Oles (M: 45)
Thomas Carlton Oles (M: 45) Ronald Lennis Oleson (M: 68) August Walter Olgren (M: 43)
Donald Roy Olguin (M: 37) James Dwane Olguin (M: 48) Lawrence Orlando Olguin (M: 52)
Toby Paul Olguin (M: 52) Donald Roy Olguin (M: 37) John Lawrence Olguin (M: 88)
Patrick Henry Oliddy (M: 56) Jeffery Paul Oliseck (M: 43) Jeffrey Paul Olisek (M: 43)
Gary Howard Oliva (M: 48) Gary Howard Oliva (M: 48) Ruben Olivares-Lopez (M: 40)
Alvaro Manuel Olivas (M: 32) Bernabe Miguel Olivas (M: 37) Franklin Charles Olivas (M: 52)
Larry Steve Olivas (M: 47) Michael Raymond Olivas (M: 66) Stanley Frank Olivas (M: 63)
Thomas Ramon Olivas (M: 49) Timothy Leroy Olivas (M: 45) Tobey Richard Olivas (M: 53)
David John Olivas (M: 40) Michael Olivas (M: 66) Stanley Frank Olivas (M: 63)
Tobey Richard Olivas (M: 53) Benjamin M Olivas (M: 37) Anthony Daniel Oliver (M: 30)
Michael Lee Oliver (M: 56) Rashad R Oliver (M: 33) Theodore Robert Oliver (M: 71)
William Lee Oliver (M: 39) Larry Eugene Oliver (M: 61) Mark Edmund Oliver (M: 52)
Shawn Michael Oliver (M: 36) Anthony Oliver (M: 30) Gary Howard Olivia (M: 48)
John Timothy Olmedo (M: 63) John Timothy Olmedo (M: 63) John Timothy Olmedo (M: 63)
John Timothy Olmedo (M: 63) Luis Gerardo Olmedo-Riano (M: 47) Christopher Todd Olmos (M: 46)
Michael Stephen Olmstead (M: 60) Ernest Michael Olmstead (M: 34) Michael Stephen Olmstead (M: 60)
Michael Stephen Olmstead (M: 60) Ernest Michael Olmstead (M: 34) Frank Nelen Olney (M: 47)
Adam Bernell Olsen (M: 39) Adam Olson (M: 39) Arvid David Olson (M: 63)
Chad Jeremy Olson (M: 34) Charles Paul Olson (M: 58) Derek Scott Olson (M: 27)
Douglas Michael Olson (M: 61) John Oscar Olson (M: 69) Michael Riley Olson (M: 37)
Ralph Eugene Olson (M: 51) Rolland Eugene Olson (M: 30) Scott David Olson (M: 40)
Chad Jeremy Olson (M: 34) Derek Scott Olson (M: 27) Douglas Michael Olson (M: 61)
Ralph Eugene Olson (M: 51) Adam Bernell Olson (M: 39) Daniel Oman (M: 38)
Daniel Lee Oman (M: 38) Timothy Jolhn Omara (M: 41) Timothy John Omara (M: 41)
Timothy John Omara (M: 41) Frank Sherman Oneal (M: 72) Russel Willie Oneal (M: 74)
Michael Edwin Oneil (M: 57) Travis Dalton Oneil (M: 32) Sean Patrick Oneill (M: 29)
Steven Haigh Opheikens (M: 40) Allen Ray Oppie (M: 30) Paul Arthur Opsahl (M: 59)
James Oquendo (M: 50) James I Oquendo (M: 50) James Joseph Oquendo (M: 50)
Aaron Douglas Orcutt (M: 28) Carlyle H Ordiway (M: 57) Alberto Ordonez-Parra (M: 37)
Jeffrey Thomas Orehek (M: 34) Kevin Richard Orlowski (M: 44) John Charles Ormsbee (M: 46)
Thomas Patrick Ormsby (M: 49) Thomas Patrick Ormsby (M: 49) Thomas Patrick Ormsby (M: 49)
Thomas Patrick Ormsby (M: 49) Ruben James Ornelas (M: 31) Salvador Ochoa Ornelaz (M: 61)
Rafael Orona-Lugo (M: 66) Rafael Orona-Lugo (M: 66) Joe Frank Orosco (M: 26)
Jamie Lee Orozco (M: 30) Luis Orozco (M: 22) Calvin Lloyd Orr (M: 75)
Adrian Ortega (M: 32) Adrian James Ortega (M: 27) Anthony Michael Ortega (M: 35)
Gary Michael Ortega (M: 46) Gary M Ortega (M: 46) Gilbert Ortega (M: 55)
Gilbert Ortega (M: 55) Jonathan Michael Ortega (M: 30) Ricardo Ortega (M: 20)
Richard Joseph Ortega (M: 50) Justin Samuel Ortega (M: 26) Samuel Lawrence Ortega (M: 42)
Moises Ortega (M: 31) Lee Evette Ortega Jr (M: 59) Lee Everette Ortega Jr (M: 59)
Mario Ortega-Montez (M: 29) Elmer Celestino Ortego (M: 48) Jamin Willis Ortgiesen (M: 35)
Jamin Willis Ortgiesen (M: 35) Antonio Ortiz (M: 41) Denise Marie Ortiz (F: 39)
Dionisio Del Cio Ortiz (M: 54) Gerardo Nmn Ortiz (M: 36) Jason Johnny Ortiz (M: 60)
Joseph Anthony Ortiz (M: 46) Joseph Anthony Ortiz (M: 46) Nick Paulindino Ortiz (M: 36)
Thomas Anthony Ortiz (M: 27) Joseph Anthony Ortiz (M: 46) Eric Alexander Ortiz (M: 25)
Lavina Georgia Ortley (F: 57) Lavina Georgia Ortley (F: 57) Bradley Damon Osborn (M: 42)
Charles Victor Osborn (M: 51) Christopher Lee Osborn (M: 32) Darrell Howard Osborne (M: 47)
Robert Thomas Osborne (M: 68) Troy Shane Osborne (M: 43) Troy Shane Osborne (M: 43)
Michael Adam Osborne (M: 21) Ross Allan Osborne (M: 39) Charles Victor Osburn (M: 51)
Efrain Antonio Oseguera (M: 36) Tommie Ralph Osman (M: 69) Steven Jay Osterlund (M: 57)
Holly Christine Ostrander (F: 23) Daniel Michael Ostrom (M: 62) David Osvold (M: 51)
Bjorn Woodrow Oswalt (M: 31) William Ross Oswalt (M: 32) William R Oswalt (M: 32)
William Ross Oswalt (M: 53) William Ross Oswalt (M: 53) Patrick William Otenberger (M: 31)
Patrick William Otenberger (M: 31) Patrick Otenberger (M: 31) Santino Lewis Otero (M: 19)
Stephon Christopher Ousley (M: 31) Jeffrey Michael Outlar (M: 44) Juan Alberto Ovalle (M: 45)
David Lewis Ovalle (M: 56) Ronnie Earl Overton (M: 52) Ronnie Overton (M: 52)
John Owen (M: 43) Kimberly Rae Owen (F: 52) Norman Lloyd Owen (M: 75)
Stephen Douglas Owen (M: 66) John Bryan Owen (M: 43) John Bryan Owen (M: 43)
Thomas Griffith Owen (M: 52) Christopher Keith Owens (M: 28) Norman Lee Owens (M: 41)
Patrick Shawn Owens (M: 41) Walter Allen Owens (M: 66) William Michael Owens (M: 54)
Rosalie Jean Owens (F: 52) Cecil Obrien Owens (M: 38) Cecil Obrien Owens Iii (M: 38)
Todd Lanny Owren (M: 48) Todd Lanny Owren (M: 48) Harry Owen Oxford (M: 63)

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