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All sex offender data currently in our database from Colorado whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Colorado sex offender information.

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Robert Douglas Nabozny (M: 29) Larry Neil Nachazel (M: 51) Tony Joseph Nadeau (M: 26)
Wayne Lee Nagel (M: 43) William August Nageleisen (M: 60) Calvin Christopher Nagy (M: 35)
Edgar A Najera-Valdez (M: 29) Otis Mark Nalwood (M: 55) Timothy Arthur Napier (M: 43)
Francis Edward Naple (M: 52) Keith Edwin Napoletano (M: 58) John Daniel Napoli (M: 70)
Walters Durham Napowsa (M: 59) Walters Durham Napowsa Jr (M: 59) Kevin Curtis Napue (M: 54)
James L Nara (M: 66) James L Nara (M: 66) Arthur B Naranjo (M: 63)
Rojorlo Roy Naranjo (M: 57) William Robert Naranjo (M: 58) William Robert Naranjo (M: 58)
Rojorlo Roy Naranjo (M: 57) Harold Ned Naranjo (M: 50) William Robert Naranjo (M: 58)
Harold Ned Naranjo (M: 50) John Stephen Naranjo (M: 36) Brett J Narcy (M: 46)
James Allen Narcy (M: 68) Bernardine Nardine (M: 74) Chadrick Thomas Nash (M: 34)
Douglas Wade Nash (M: 42) Jeffrey Scott Naslund (M: 49) Paul Nason (M: 53)
Jeremy Randall Nass (M: 40) Jeremy Randall Nass (M: 40) Nicholas Alexander Natale (M: 34)
Nicholas Alexander Natale (M: 34) Nicholas Alexander Natale (M: 34) Nicholas A Natale (M: 34)
Nicholas Alexander Natale (M: 34) Lemoine Howard Nation (M: 59) Noel Nguyen Natividad (M: 42)
Israel Jesus Nava (M: 29) Gonzalo Navarrete-Cano (M: 50) John David Navarro (M: 37)
John Navarro (M: 37) John Navarro (M: 37) Phillip Caesar Navarro (M: 24)
Joseph William Navarro (M: 42) Gavino A Navarro (M: 35) Edwin Ernesto Navas-Cardoza (M: 30)
Larry Shawn Nave (M: 45) Allen Henry Nay (M: 76) Allen Henry Nay (M: 76)
Allen Henry Nay (M: 76) Gopala Krishna Nayak (M: 59) Alvin Lee Neal (M: 52)
Gary Gene Neal (M: 56) Harlin Richard Neal (M: 64) Michael Scott Neal (M: 39)
Michael Scott Neal (M: 39) Gary Gene Neal (M: 56) Gary Gene Neal (M: 56)
Preston Dwayne Neal (M: 25) David J Neason (M: 55) David J Neason (M: 55)
David John Joseph Neason (M: 55) Michael Lucas Nedell (M: 27) Michael Lucas Nedell (M: 27)
Michael Lucas Nedell (M: 28) Michael Lucas Nedell (M: 27) Olline Laverne Needham (M: 34)
Robert A Neely (M: 58) Donald Joseph Neidig (M: 46) Donald Joseph Neidig (M: 46)
Dale Neighbors (M: 27) Dale Edward Neighbors (M: 27) Thomas Charles Neilsen (M: 55)
Jon Richard Neiman (M: 44) Jon Richard Neiman (M: 44) Gregory Lealand Neisner (M: 66)
Keith Deshone Neloms (M: 40) Eugene Nelsen (M: 74) Alden Kent Nelson (M: 68)
Allen Glenn Nelson (M: 50) Allen Glenn Nelson (M: 50) Alton Nelson (M: 27)
Andrew James Nelson (M: 35) Barry Nelson (M: 47) Charles Paul Nelson (M: 49)
David Thomas Nelson (M: 57) Dirk Kyler Nelson (M: 56) Douglas Kit Nelson (M: 63)
Eric Christian Nelson (M: 39) James Warren Nelson (M: 58) Joe Benjamin Nelson (M: 61)
John Richard Nelson (M: 64) John Richard Nelson (M: 64) Lance Allan Nelson (M: 45)
Richard Edwin Nelson (M: 61) Robert Lee Nelson (M: 46) Rodney Russell Nelson (M: 52)
Rodney Russell Nelson (M: 52) Roy Check Nelson (M: 37) Roy Check Nelson (M: 37)
Shane Matthew Nelson (M: 31) Alton Romero Nelson (M: 27) Barry Nelson (M: 47)
James Anthony Nelson (M: 51) Dirk Kyler Nelson (M: 56) James Anthony Nelson (M: 51)
Jean Ray Nelson (M: 56) Robert Nesbitt (M: 48) Gary Allen Nestor (M: 59)
Joseph Dean Nestor (M: 26) Rashaud Kareem Nettles (M: 31) Rashaud Kareem Nettles (M: 31)
Rashaad Kareem Nettles (M: 31) Jenna Kristen Neuffer (F: 29) Jenna Kristen Neuffer (F: 30)
David Albert Neuman (M: 37) David Albert Neuman (M: 37) Dan A Neustaedter (M: 57)
Alvin Shaun Neuwirth (M: 48) Lance Wilder Neuwirth (M: 45) Michael Arthur Nevans (M: 31)
Ruben Herrera Nevarez (M: 56) Ruben Herrera Nevarez (M: 56) Manuel Nevarez-Carillo (M: 32)
Julian Nevarrez (M: 30) Julian Joseph Nevarrez (M: 30) Julian Nevarrez (M: 30)
Julian Nevarrez (M: 30) Scott Frederick Neville (M: 25) Eric Newby (M: 32)
Scott Turner Newcomb (M: 41) Dr Julian J Newman (M: 81) Henry Nunez Newman (M: 61)
Henry Nunez Newman (M: 61) John Edward Newman (M: 52) John Edward Newman (M: 52)
John Edward Newman (M: 52) Julian Joseph Newman (M: 81) Kevin Newman (M: 53)
Ricky Dean Newman (M: 51) Timothy Eugene Newman (M: 51) Michael Robert Newrohr (M: 56)
Johnathon Dale Newton (M: 31) Timothy Dale Newton (M: 43) Troy Emory Newton (M: 46)
Victor Curtis Newton (M: 38) Timothy D Newton (M: 43) Tony Ngo (M: 42)
Phong Thanh Nguyen (M: 44) Tai Huu Nguyen (M: 34) Thien Tung Nguyen (M: 57)
Toan Quoc Nguyen (M: 39) Toan Quoc Nguyen (M: 39) Viet Tuan Nguyen (M: 30)
Vinh Q Nguyen (M: 49) Thein Tung Nguyen (M: 57) Tai Huu Nguyen (M: 34)
Duc Tan Nguyen (M: 46) Victor Bernardo Nicassio (M: 26) Victtorino Bernardo Nicassio (M: 26)
Dion Travis Nichols (M: 41) Joshua H Nichols (M: 27) Joshua Hsieh Nichols (M: 27)
Joshua Hsich Nichols (M: 27) Joshua Nichols (M: 27) Malcolm Arnold Nichols (M: 80)
Phillip Wayne Nichols (M: 52) Russell Allen Nichols (M: 52) Russell Allen Nichols (M: 52)
Wayne Arnold Nichols (M: 52) Christopher John Nichols (M: 30) Dion Travis Nichols (M: 41)
Robert Edward Nichols (M: 96) Davis Nickerson (M: 62) Joshua Steven Nicklas (M: 33)
Joshua Steven Nicklas (M: 33) Robert Alan Nickle (M: 29) Leo Nicks (M: 46)
Joseph Humberto Nieblas (M: 50) William Anthony Nielsen (M: 41) William A Nielsen (M: 41)
Paul Bech Nielsen (M: 59) Harold Nielsen (M: 72) Brian Lee Nielson (M: 54)
Tony Ray Niemi (M: 43) George Robert Nieser (M: 49) George Robert Nieser (M: 49)
Anthony Jose Nieto (M: 65) Anthony Jose Nieto (M: 65) Jimmy Nieto (M: 39)
Jimmy Nieto (M: 39) Silviano Nieto (M: 33) Silviano Manolito Nieto (M: 33)
Anthony Jose Nieto (M: 65) Jimmy Nieto (M: 39) Juan Jose Nieves Reyes (M: 39)
Frank Anthony Nigro (M: 72) Suresh Uday Nikkam (M: 34) Bryon Oneal Niles (M: 43)
Michael Joshua Nino (M: 34) Theodore Nisbeth (M: 55) Scott Wayne Nisbeth (M: 49)
Lyndon Rimando Nitura (M: 46) Lyndon Nitura (M: 46) Travis James Nitzel (M: 27)
Jack Ronald Nivens (M: 74) Christopher Michael Nix (M: 37) Daria Jean Nix (F: 54)
Derek Mark Nix (M: 33) Jonathan David Nix (M: 43) Christopher Michael Nix (M: 37)
Frank Lee Nixon (M: 73) Raymond Edwin Nixon (M: 70) William Daniel Nixon (M: 26)
Glen Raye Brenette Noble (M: 49) Glenn R Noble (M: 49) David Dean Noe (M: 61)
Ronald Eugene Noel (M: 50) Ronald Eugene Noel (M: 50) Patrick Daniel Nolan (M: 60)
Timothy Douglas Nolan (M: 54) James Ray Noland (M: 56) Steve Thomas Noland (M: 54)
Timothy Scott Noland (M: 53) Timothy Scott Noland (M: 53) Dominic Anthony Nolasco (M: 30)
Joseph Andrew Nolde (M: 56) Patrick Laverna Nollett (M: 47) Patrick Laverna Nollett (M: 47)
Danny Nollett (M: 55) Nicholas Jason Nolting (M: 24) Lou Isaac Nonay (M: 37)
Joseph Howard Nonnasst (M: 61) Joseph Howard Nonnast (M: 61) Joseph Howard Nonnast (M: 61)
Sean Matthew Nook (M: 32) Mohamed Aden Nor (M: 29) Douglas Allen Norblom (M: 59)
Jerome Charles Nordquist Jr (M: 50) Jered Lee Norfleet (M: 24) Dianna Norman (F: 32)
David Joseph Norman (M: 59) Harry Lee Norris (M: 41) Johnnie Leroy Norris (M: 46)
Nicholas Ray Norris (M: 29) Rodney Jerimiah Norris (M: 51) Rodney Jerimiah Norris (M: 51)
Ronald Michael Norris (M: 73) James Louis Norris (M: 32) Johnnie Leroy Norris (M: 46)
Johnnie Leroy Norris (M: 46) Shayne North (M: 60) William Paul North (M: 46)
David Wayne Northcutt (M: 40) Francis N Northime (M: 64) Travis Lee Northrope (M: 32)
William Allen Northrup (M: 24) Brandon Scott Norton (M: 30) Brandon Scott Norton (M: 30)
Daniel Peter Norton (M: 35) Daniel Peter Norton (M: 35) Matthew A Norton (M: 28)
Michael David Norton (M: 58) Michael David Norton (M: 58) Paul Reto Norton (M: 30)
Paul R Norton (M: 30) Scott William Norton (M: 41) Paul David Norvelle (M: 49)
Paul David Norvelle (M: 49) Tyler Joe Norwood (M: 19) Ronald Van Note (M: 70)
Anthony Charles Noto (M: 38) Mickey Wayne Nowlin (M: 59) Johnathan Patrick Nowling (M: 34)
Johnathan Patrick Nowling (M: 34) Johnathan Patrick Nowling (M: 34) Khamnguen Noy (M: 44)
Louis Elton Nuchurch (M: 46) Louis Elton Nuchurch (M: 46) Edward August Nummelin (M: 63)
Richard Nuncio (M: 57) Richard Fuentes Nuncio (M: 57) Jose Eduardo Nunez (M: 61)
Patricio Nunez (M: 51) Philip Fernando Nunez (M: 45) Philip Fernando Nunez (M: 45)
Philip Fernando Nunez (M: 45) Philip Fernando Nunez (M: 45) Philip Fernando Nunez (M: 45)
Jose Eduardo Nunez (M: 61) Jorge Luis Nunez-Izaguirre (M: 36) Shimalis Nunley (M: 37)
Charles Austin Nunn (M: 38) Peter Dement Nusbaum (M: 51) William Michael Nusser (M: 60)
Sean Anthony Nutter (M: 30) Randal Berle Nygaard (M: 55) Adam Nyholm (M: 28)

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