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All sex offender data currently in our database from Alabama whose last name begins with the letter W are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Alabama sex offender information.

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Cole Ronald W (M: 33) Brian Wade (M: 38) Hillis Buford Wade (M: 35)
Kevin Howard Wade (M: 56) Sidney Michael Wade (M: 65) Tremain Lamar Wade (M: 40)
Raymond Coleman Wadkins (M: 60) Randall Lee Wadsworth (M: 46) Terrell Dewayne Wadsworth (M: 46)
John R Wadsworth (M: 44) Earnest Chester Wagner (M: 47) Carless Ledon Wagner (M: 36)
Billy Ray Waid (M: 62) Bobby Gene Waid (M: 76) Gary Glen Waid (M: 42)
Bobby Ray Wainwright (M: 48) Bobby Ray Wainwright (M: 49) Harold L Waite (M: 44)
Kendall J Waite (M: 47) Charles Lakeith Waites (M: 40) Fred Harold Waites (M: 65)
Golden John Wakefield (M: 37) Corey Andrew Walden (M: 26) Dennis Ray Walden (M: 54)
Abraham B Waldon (M: 62) Johnnie Monroe Waldrop (M: 74) Alex Walker (M: 29)
Alfred James Walker (M: 32) Andre Gardell Walker (M: 43) Anthony Charles Walker (M: 43)
Billy Ray Walker (M: 41) Billy R Walker (M: 41) Blue George Walker (M: 50)
Bobby Walker (M: 38) Bobby Joe Walker (M: 38) Brandon Alex Walker (M: 34)
Christopher James Walker (M: 41) Christopher Nathan Walker (M: 32) Jerry Wayne Walker (M: 53)
John Taylor Walker (M: 36) Lamar Knight Walker (M: 60) Leon Andre Walker (M: 60)
Marion Yancey Walker (M: 51) Randall Darrell Walker (M: 44) Randy Lee Walker (M: 50)
Randy Gale Walker (M: 50) Sebrin Lee Walker (M: 47) Steven Wayne Walker (M: 36)
Steven Lawrence Walker (M: 34) Timothy Allen Walker (M: 54) Willie Curtis Walker (M: 53)
Willie James Walker (M: 33) Timothy James Walker (M: 23) Jevon Walker (M: 36)
John Taylor Walker (M: 36) Randall Darrell Walker (M: 44) Terry Wayne Walker (M: 40)
Jason Michael Walker (M: 39) Laderick Lamar Walker (M: 37) Terry Lee Walker (M: 41)
Jevon Walker (M: 36) Timothy James Walker (M: 23) Charles Edward Wallace (M: 57)
David Samuel Wallace (M: 54) David Keith Wallace (M: 34) James Herman Wallace (M: 72)
James Rodney Wallace (M: 42) Jonathan Lee Wallace (M: 37) Matthew Ryan Wallace (M: 29)
Michael W Wallace (M: 43) Michael Lee Wallace (M: 40) Miranda Jo Wallace (F: 31)
Musur Monique Wallace (M: 33) Navarro Wallace (M: 36) Norman Felton Wallace (M: 54)
Parker Wallace (M: 61) Patrick Earl Wallace (M: 45) Terrance Wallace (M: 38)
Timothy Roy Wallace (M: 41) Paul Warren Wallace (M: 52) Jimmie Mckenley Wallace (M: 58)
Christopher Conway Waller (M: 45) Kenneth Wayne Waller (M: 44) Christopher Waller (M: 45)
Joseph Daniel Walls (M: 27) Ricky B Walls (M: 51) Barrett Onie Walter (M: 52)
Fantroy Walter (M: 52) Gray James Walter (M: 61) Vandergrift Walter Henry Jr (M: 43)
Donnie Elmer Walters (M: 54) Jerry Bernard Walters (M: 29) Joyle Patrick Walthall (M: 27)
Brent Walton (M: 26) Johnny Dewayne Walton (M: 55) Paul Neal Walton (M: 44)
Lester Lee Waltrip (M: 43) Anton Jay Wanerka (M: 57) Burt Lee Ward (M: 68)
Craig Andrew Ward (M: 38) Craig Andrew Ward (M: 38) Edward Charles Ward (M: 54)
Eural Lee Ward (M: 52) James Drake Ward (M: 51) James M Ward (M: 50)
James Drake Ward (M: 51) James Ward (M: 54) James M Ward (M: 50)
Kendall Ward (M: 45) Reginald Dewayne Ward (M: 35) Richard Joel Ward (M: 36)
Ricky Ward (M: 40) Tommy Lee Ward (M: 41) Undria Thomas Ward (M: 46)
Undria Thomas Ward (M: 46) Maxamillion Ward (M: 27) Brian Scott Ward (M: 43)
Leonard Durell Ward (M: 32) Demetrius Ware (M: 38) Eugene Ware (M: 60)
Matthew Ware (M: 51) Michael Edward Ware (M: 44) Nathaniel Ware (M: 43)
Willie Edward Warn (M: 58) Carl Ray Warner (M: 51) James Clipston Warner (M: 46)
Carl Ray Warner (M: 51) Paul Edward Warnick (M: 49) Pullen Julius Warran (M: 27)
Gary Allen Warren (M: 57) Johnny Lee Warren (M: 63) Patrick Oneal Warren (M: 36)
Paul Wallace Warren (M: 52) Terry Wayne Warren (M: 53) George Arthur Warren (M: 44)
Kimberly Sue Warren (F: 41) James Edward Warren (M: 53) Carles Lewis Washburn (M: 62)
Rondall Lee Washburn (M: 41) Clarence Keith Washington (M: 43) Devon L Washington (M: 27)
Donald Dewayne Washington (M: 33) Eric Washington (M: 53) James Allen Washington (M: 34)
Kevin John Washington (M: 46) Richard Jones Washington (M: 66) Ron Washington (M: 40)
Samuel Ray Washington (M: 56) Samuel Gerome Washington (M: 50) Richard Jones Washington (M: 66)
Roger Dale Washington (M: 56) Sandy Lamar Washington (M: 20) Demeric Demond Washington (M: 38)
Derrick Washington (M: 40) Jesse Duane Wasserburger (M: 35) Anthony Eugene Waterman (M: 38)
Clarence Waters (M: 56) Freddie Wayne Waters (M: 62) Harry Edward Waters (M: 69)
Steven Andrew Waters (M: 33) Belinda Ann Watford (F: 34) Belinda Ann Watford (F: 34)
Brannon D Watkins (M: 28) Christopher Garrette Watkins (M: 25) Earl Deshane Watkins (M: 34)
Franklin Andrew Watkins (M: 46) John Wayne Watkins (M: 49) Larry Henry Watkins (M: 66)
Marty Mckenzie Watkins (M: 45) Randy Jermaine Watkins (M: 37) Ronald Wade Watkins (M: 51)
Billy Lee Watkins (M: 35) Gerald Watkins (M: 76) Albert Leon Watson (M: 46)
Calvin Wayne Watson (M: 42) Cheron Watson (M: 36) Diatre Ditmone Watson (M: 38)
Floyd Leon Watson (M: 74) Gary Albert Watson (M: 65) Jerry Dean Watson (M: 52)
Randal Ethaniel Watson (M: 42) Randall Ethaniel Watson (M: 42) Steven Lawrence Watson (M: 32)
Timmy Eugene Watson (M: 47) Tommie Watson (M: 69) Tommy Lee Watson (M: 56)
Victor Lamont Watson (M: 33) Walter William Watson (M: 41) Steven Lawrence Watson (M: 32)
Gary Albert Watson (M: 65) John Steven Watson (M: 66) Anthony Tyrell Watts (M: 30)
Bobby Lee Watts (M: 27) Calvin Lavone Watts (M: 48) Daniel J Watts (M: 35)
Daniel Watts (M: 40) David Alan Watts (M: 33) Jerry Watts (M: 66)
Jimmie Lee Watts (M: 48) Willard Richard Watts (M: 50) Burnett David Wayne (M: 32)
Clingan Arthur Wayne (M: 46) Davis Michael Wayne (M: 50) Harris Timothy Wayne (M: 25)
Hughes Larry Wayne (M: 61) Lang Terry Wayne (M: 39) Long Dennis Wayne (M: 58)
Minzey Timothy Wayne (M: 40) Smith Jackie Wayne (M: 26) Upton Donald Wayne (M: 38)
Ricky Earl Weakley (M: 44) William Fred Weakley (M: 50) William Weakley (M: 32)
Robert Lynn Weatherford (M: 39) Robet L Weatherford (M: 39) John Weatherly (M: 42)
John Hunt Weatherly (M: 42) Kenneth Ray Weathers (M: 41) Mark Lynn Weathers (M: 34)
James Michael Weatherspoon (M: 51) Clinton Alem Weaver (M: 23) Danny Ray Weaver (M: 55)
Harold Andy Weaver (M: 51) Ralph Ernest Weaver (M: 46) Robert G Weaver (M: 73)
Thomas Joseph Weaver (M: 46) Wendell Weaver (M: 59) Samuel Weaver (M: 50)
Charles Philip Webb (M: 55) Charlie. Lee Webb (M: 59) Gregory Clarence Webb (M: 55)
Jonathan Brian Webb (M: 44) Joseph Wayne Webb (M: 50) Mark Wayne Webb (M: 49)
Paul Timothy Webb (M: 36) Paul Leonard Webb (M: 56) Rayburn Homer Webb (M: 64)
Tom Webb (M: 53) Dondrale Webster (M: 26) Otis Lee Webster (M: 56)
Phillip Jason Webster (M: 42) Ronald Webster (M: 54) Otis L Webster (M: 56)
Aaron Joseph Weed (M: 35) Henry Gordon Weed (M: 52) David Segrest Weeks (M: 53)
David Segrest Weeks (M: 53) Donnie Ray Weeks (M: 52) Joe Mack Weeks (M: 63)
Jimmy Dale Weems (M: 35) Brian K Weirich (M: 46) James Kernard Welch (M: 40)
Louis James Welch (M: 49) James Dewayne Welch (M: 37) Henry Farrell Weldon (M: 44)
Joseph Thomas Weldon (M: 39) Jeffery Scott Wells (M: 40) Jimmy Lee Wells (M: 36)
Kewan Dewayne Wells (M: 31) Darrell R Wells (M: 55) Antruan Dewayne Wesley (M: 34)
Cunningham Wesley (M: 69) John Huston Wesley (M: 32) Shadle Lawrence Wesley (M: 47)
Terris Dewayne Wesley (M: 39) Thompson William Wesley (M: 61) Rex Arnold Wesley (M: 66)
Curtis Wayne Wesson (M: 48) Perry Wayne West (M: 57) Ricky Keith West (M: 54)
Ronald Dale West (M: 74) William Patrick West (M: 29) Joseph Clay West (M: 37)
Joseph West (M: 37) Jessie Lee West (M: 57) Michael Ray West (M: 45)
Robert Harry West (M: 57) Kary Lynn Westbrook (M: 51) Thomas Clyde Westbrook (M: 48)
Kevin Ray Westby (M: 39) Amanda Juanita Westfall (F: 35) Amanda Juanita Westfall (F: 35)
Marvin C Westfaul (M: 92) Willie Edward Westmoreland (M: 48) Franklin Alan Whaley (M: 52)
Jeril Eugene Whaley (M: 59) Nicholas Cinton Whaley (M: 29) Robert Whatley (M: 53)
Robert Edward Whatley (M: 53) Hank Williams Wheeler (M: 57) James Lewis Wheeler (M: 62)
Joseph Leon Wheeler (M: 39) Gregory Paul Whidden (M: 48) Palma Lynn Whidden (M: 47)
Christopher Scott Whiddon (M: 33) Earl Wayne Whiddon (M: 82) Quintin Jerell Whigham (M: 24)
Larry Don Whisenant (M: 66) Roger Dale Whisman (M: 54) John Brady Whitaker (M: 33)
Bobby Wayne White (M: 55) Bradley Roosevelt White (M: 31) Carl Douglas White (M: 47)
Charles Peyton White (M: 73) Chris White (M: 47) Christopher Eugene White (M: 51)
Clinton White (M: 60) Eric Cornelius White (M: 41) Gary Dale White (M: 49)
Gary P White (M: 56) Hawthorne White (M: 54) Jackie Marion White (M: 64)
James Timothy White (M: 39) James Michael White (M: 56) James Charles White (M: 67)
Janny Butler White (F: 47) Jerry White (M: 40) Johnny White (M: 63)
Lonzo White (M: 58) Lorenzo L White (M: 43) Louis Lavaughn White (M: 71)
Luther Ervin White (M: 75) Luther Ervin White (M: 75) Major J White (M: 51)
Michael Wayne White (M: 53) Napoleon White (M: 62) Rex Oscar White (M: 59)
Rex Edward White (M: 40) Richard P White (M: 54) Rodger Dale White (M: 59)
Ronnie Joe White (M: 71) Samuel Ray White (M: 65) Samuel K White (M: 32)
Ted Hamilton White (M: 70) Terry White (M: 43) Tommie Leon White (M: 66)
Wendall Eual White (M: 66) Wendall Eual White (M: 66) Willie Lee White (M: 49)
Bryan Charles White (M: 32) Gary Dale White (M: 49) Joey Newman White (M: 33)
Willie White (M: 51) Samuel James White (M: 44) Willie Lee White (M: 58)
Samuel Kelso White (M: 32) Kenneth Allen White (M: 63) Bryan Charles White (M: 32)
Moses White (M: 56) George Owen Whited (M: 48) Anthony Dewayne Whitehead (M: 47)
Pennie Renee Whitehead (F: 38) Reginald Ray Whitehead (M: 48) Ronald Wayne Whitehead (M: 41)
Samuel Edwin Whitehead (M: 64) Timothy David Whitehead (M: 26) Pennie Renee Whitehead (F: 38)
John Samuel Whitehurst (M: 26) Thomas Roland Whitener (M: 66) Ellis Bernard Whiteside (M: 52)
John Robert Whiteside (M: 52) Martez Deangelo Whiteside (M: 21) Danyl Michael Whitewing (M: 35)
Daniel Demont Whitfield (M: 33) Perez Lamont Whitfield (M: 40) Willie Joe Whitfield (M: 50)
Ronald Ray Whitley (M: 42) Odell Richard Whitman (M: 69) Jackson Alvin Whitner (M: 62)
Brent William Whitney (M: 53) Richard Douglas Whitney (M: 60) Raymond Richard Whitney (M: 70)
Clayton Leon Whitsett (M: 69) Jerry Whitson (M: 55) William Charles Whitson (M: 49)
James Edward Whitson (M: 54) David Martin Whitt (M: 54) Willie Edward Whitt (M: 65)
Samuel Edward Whitt (M: 60) Arthur Lee Whitten (M: 47) Samuel Lee Whitting (M: 50)
Willie James Whittington (M: 56) Kevin Wayne Whitworth (M: 38) Richard Hayman Whitworth (M: 34)
James A Whyte (M: 52) Walter Anthony Wible (M: 68) Ronald Wayne Wickland (M: 22)
Robert Allen Wiggington (M: 60) Justin Brian Wiggins (M: 27) Mark Daniel Wiggins (M: 32)
Paul Anthony Wiggins (M: 54) Merle Eugene Wightman (M: 73) John Troy Wigington (M: 30)
John Troy Wigington (M: 30) John Troy Wiginton (M: 30) Justin Shannon Wiginton (M: 33)
Paul Everett Wike (M: 57) Donald Ray Wilbanks (M: 51) Kenneth Heath Wilbanks (M: 37)
Phillip John Wilbert (M: 53) Postell Wilbert (M: 32) Walker James Wilbert (M: 51)
Larry Eugene Wilbert (M: 38) Hollis Paul Wilburn (M: 67) Malcolm Carlaz Wilder (M: 44)
Brandon Wayne Wilemon (M: 29) Jonathan Roland Wilhite (M: 66) Daniel Eric Wilkerson (M: 53)
Joe Travis Wilkerson (M: 63) Ross Wilkerson (M: 61) Eddie Dean Wilkes (M: 56)
Jarvis Gene Wilkes (M: 50) Harlen Gene Wilkins (M: 45) Melvin Cole Wilkins (M: 48)
Jeffery Scott Wilkinson (M: 42) Jarvis Wilks (M: 50) Saucier Will Jr (M: 35)
Kenneth Lamar Willard (M: 54) Kenneth Lamar Willard (M: 54) Wilkerson Willard (M: 62)
Paul J Willcutt (M: 75) Edward William (M: 48) Estelle William (M: 53)
Lanier Robert William (M: 54) Mckenzie George William (M: 73) Miller John William (M: 49)
Reaves Charlie William (M: 45) Redmond John William (M: 45) Sloan George William (M: 47)
Thompson William (M: 61) Rice Roger William (M: 28) Holton William Louis Sr (M: 44)
Cook William Martin Jr (M: 60) Price William Ray Jr (M: 61) Aaron Demetrius Williams (M: 41)
Albert N Williams (M: 54) Albert Williams (M: 40) Alonza Eugene Williams (M: 53)
Alvin Ronald Williams (M: 49) Arnold T Williams (M: 73) Barry Williams (M: 57)
Bennie James Williams (M: 50) Billy Joe Williams (M: 37) Billy Joe Williams (M: 67)
Brian David Williams (M: 40) Cafonia Williams (M: 51) Calvert Williams (M: 57)
Carl Timothy Williams (M: 67) Casey Ladell Williams (M: 43) Charles Fitzgerald Williams (M: 46)
Charles Anthony Williams (M: 52) Charles Leon Williams (M: 73) Charles Ray Williams (M: 48)
Charlie Williams (M: 48) Christopher Deon Williams (M: 25) Daniel Eugene Williams (M: 34)
Darren Konige Williams (M: 30) Darryl Tyrone Williams (M: 29) Darwin Williams (M: 38)
Daryl Ray Williams (M: 37) Dashawn Amon Williams (M: 34) David L Williams (M: 26)
David John Williams (M: 42) Demarkules Raphael Williams (M: 37) Dennis Calvin Williams (M: 52)
Denzi Ray Williams (M: 62) Deon Lamont Williams (M: 39) Derick Leon Williams (M: 37)
Derrick Lavell Williams (M: 44) Dimitrick A Williams (M: 35) Donavon Beronne Williams (M: 37)
Dwain A Williams (M: 48) Eddie Lee Williams (M: 52) Egypt Williams (M: 44)
Erik Bo Scott Williams (M: 28) Gabriel Eugene Williams (M: 29) Gary Arthur Williams (M: 57)
Herman G Williams (M: 42) Isaac Theodore Williams (M: 50) James Michael Williams (M: 58)
James Williams (M: 57) James Monroe Williams (M: 45) James Burdett Williams (M: 71)
James Terrance Williams (M: 42) James R Williams (M: 84) Jason Blaine Williams (M: 48)
Jason Curtis Williams (M: 32) Jerry Lee Williams (M: 69) Jerry Lee Williams (M: 53)
Jonathan Williams (M: 40) Jovon Lewis Williams (M: 34) Julius Williams (M: 57)
Kevin Oneal Williams (M: 38) Kristopher Eric Williams (M: 39) Lacorey Darnell Williams (M: 32)
Larry Alan Williams (M: 43) Larry Vaughn Williams (M: 64) Larry Donell Williams (M: 52)
Lebrando Todd Williams (M: 38) Lee Roy Williams (M: 65) Lewis Jim Williams (M: 50)
Marco Upshaw Williams (M: 32) Marcus Dewayne Williams (M: 33) Marshall Ray Williams (M: 69)
Michael Ray Williams (M: 41) Michael Williams (M: 53) Milfred Denson Williams (M: 61)
Paul Nelson Williams (M: 44) Perez Williams (M: 36) Phillip Norman Williams (M: 77)
Quentin Lamara Williams (M: 33) Reginald Williams (M: 55) Reginald Williams (M: 55)
Richard Lee Williams (M: 49) Richard Bruce Williams (M: 51) Rickey Davon Williams (M: 44)
Ricky Levon Williams (M: 35) Ricky Levon Williams (M: 35) Robert Tony Williams (M: 50)
Robert Williams (M: 41) Robert Lee Williams (M: 62) Robin Williams (M: 41)
Rodney Oneal Williams (M: 40) Ronald Keith Williams (M: 29) Ronnie Lee Williams (M: 45)
Ronnie Williams (M: 51) Scottie Dale Williams (M: 40) Scottie L Williams (M: 41)
Scotty Glenn Williams (M: 40) Stephen Derek Williams (M: 41) Stephen Miles Williams (M: 38)
Steven Lamar Williams (M: 46) Thomas D Williams (M: 41) Timothy W Williams (M: 51)
Timothy Wayne Williams (M: 42) Timothy Lamont Williams (M: 36) Tommy Lee Williams (M: 64)
Tommy Lewis Williams (M: 34) Willard Delbert Williams (M: 47) Willie Earl Williams (M: 54)
Zachary Lynn Williams (M: 40) Terry Wayne Williams (M: 53) Todd Deshawn Williams (M: 35)
Charlie Mack Williams (M: 92) Joseph Williams (M: 44) Michael Charles Williams (M: 49)
Marshall Ray Williams (M: 69) Dwight Williams (M: 49) Derrick Lamar Williams (M: N/A)
Joseph Williams (M: 44) Albert Nathaniel Williams (M: 54) Michael Ashton Williams (M: 21)
Robert Ed Williams (M: 35) Charles Frank Williams (M: 52) Horace Williams (M: 49)
Henry Cecil Williams (M: 52) Larry Williams (M: 58) Timothy Allen Williams (M: 57)
Timothy Andrear Williams (M: 34) Larry Donell Williams (M: 52) Leonard Dexter Williams (M: 65)
Timothy Wayne Williams (M: 51) Alonzo Nathaniel Williamson (M: 25) Brenda Gail Williamson (F: 56)
Douglas Howe Williamson (M: 75) Gary Lavel Williamson (M: 52) Jerry Richards Williamson (M: 50)
Joseph Brian Williamson (M: 36) Kenneth Wayne Williamson (M: 62) Mark Phillip Williamson (M: 54)
Hyatt James Willie (M: 47) White Willie (M: 51) Edward Franklin Williford (M: 40)
Lynell Willingham (M: 75) Owen Eric Willingham (M: 39) Christopher Marcus Willingham (M: 37)
Joseph Benjamin Willis (M: 31) Joshua Edward Willis (M: 29) Joshua Clarence Willis (M: 24)
Tavius Tyronle Willis (M: 39) Austin A Willis (M: 34) Robin Harold Willis (M: 56)
Roger Alan Willis (M: 28) Austin Ashley Willis (M: 34) Richardson Timothy Willliam (M: 31)
Douglas John Willowby (M: 49) William Joseph Willsey (M: 64) Adolph Minor Wilson (M: 39)
Aldolph Minor Wilson (M: 39) Arthur Lenard Wilson (M: 28) Arthur Lenard Wilson (M: 28)
Brooks Wilson (M: 36) Deandre Dewayne Wilson (M: 35) Delrick L Wilson (M: 51)
Derrick Anthony Wilson (M: 42) Eric Gregory Wilson (M: 41) Frank Carter Wilson (M: 45)
Glen Alvin Wilson (M: 42) Henry Lee Wilson (M: 42) Horace Bentley Wilson (M: 79)
Hurbert Lee Wilson (M: 47) Jack Spencer Wilson (M: 46) Jackie William Wilson (M: 40)
Jerry Hanaberry Wilson (M: 56) John Wallace Wilson (M: 55) Johnny Terrell Wilson (M: 61)
Kenneth Lamar Wilson (M: 38) Kennith Wilson (M: 39) Leland Wilson (M: 56)
Manuel Lee Wilson (M: 36) Marshall Elmer Wilson (M: 66) Maurice Shawn Wilson (M: 29)
Michael Lee Wilson (M: 29) Nicholas Andre Wilson (M: 35) Ralph Ira Wilson (M: 27)
Randy B Wilson (M: 41) Robert Posey Wilson (M: 73) Roy Dean Wilson (M: 55)
Rozelle Trimm Wilson (M: 61) Stacy Dewayne Wilson (M: 32) Stephen Arnold Wilson (M: 59)
Steve Arnold Wilson (M: 59) Timothy Lee Wilson (M: 50) Timothy Wayne Wilson (M: 47)
William Keith Wilson (M: 49) William Lowery Wilson (M: 70) William Keith Wilson (M: 49)
William Lowry Wilson (M: 70) Willie Edd Wilson (M: 55) Frank Carter Wilson (M: 45)
Alex Warren Wilson (M: 58) Donald Keith Wilson (M: 41) Michael Maurice Wilson (M: 42)
Charles Eugene Wilson (M: 31) Prince Wimbley (M: 48) Dominic A Wimbley (M: 33)
Michael Winborn (M: 47) Donald Ray Winchester (M: 53) Mark Austin Windham (M: 57)
Jim Windwalker (M: 58) Leroy Winfrey (M: 62) Reggie Eugene Wingate (M: 31)
Brian Keith Winn (M: 38) J C Winslett (M: 49) Charlie W Winston (M: 75)
Charlie Will Winston (M: 75) Davis Winston (M: 37) Norman Dale Winters (M: 52)
John Freddrick Wirkner (M: 66) Demarcus Untez Wisdom (M: 33) Judson Earl Wise (M: 48)
Steven Witherspoon (M: 41) Alton Dewayne Witt (M: 50) John Phillip Wollschlager (M: 51)
John Phillip Wollschlager (M: 51) Gary Doyle Wood (M: 51) James Anthony Wood (M: 35)
Jeffery Easy Wood (M: 51) Joe Eddie Wood (M: 86) Jory Scott Wood (M: 30)
Larry Ralph Wood (M: 64) Lewis Owen Wood (M: 85) Stephen Matthew Wood (M: 25)
Stevie Eugene Wood (M: 37) Jason Dewayne Wood (M: 31) Dennis James Woodall (M: 34)
George Wayne Woodall (M: 65) Michael Keith Woodall (M: 40) David Wilson Woodard (M: 44)
James Timothy Woodard (M: 61) James Wesley Woodard (M: 54) James Lorenzo Woodard (M: 44)
Lorenzo Frederick Woodard (M: 42) Shawn Paul Woodard (M: 37) Timothy Eugene Woodard (M: 40)
Willie Frank Woodard (M: 77) Jason Delaney Woodby (M: 36) Michael Lee Woodgett (M: 37)
David Ray Woodham (M: 39) Jeremy Gene Woodham (M: 39) Adam Dewayne Woods (M: 36)
Anthony Dewayne Woods (M: 40) Bruce Anthony Woods (M: 50) Carlton Willie Woods (M: 31)
David A Woods (M: 59) Ernest Woods (M: 52) Fred Lee Woods (M: 59)
Johnny Lamont Woods (M: 39) Kelvin Jermaine Woods (M: 28) Kenneth Loyd Woods (M: 44)
Lawrence Ray Woods (M: 54) Lester Edwin Woods (M: 79) Oddes Lee Woods (M: 48)
Preston D Woods (M: 31) Raphael Q Woods (M: 35) Rickey Cleston Woods (M: 52)
Samuel Woods (M: 33) Tyrone Woods (M: 32) Charles Fletcher Woods (M: 49)
Gregory Dewayne Woodson (M: 51) Bobby Joe Woody (M: 54) Barry Miller Woodyard (M: 47)
Breland Van Wooten (M: 38) Delbert Allen Wooten (M: 55) Roy Daniel Workman (M: 64)
Winford Lorell Workman (M: 78) Cary Eugene Worley (M: 50) Collis Levohn Worley (M: 67)
Durwood Lecil Worley (M: 41) Aubrey Lee Wormington (M: 30) Aubrey Lee Wormington (M: 30)
Frank Paul Worrell (M: 43) Marino Alden Worth (M: 51) Robert Wade Worthington (M: 45)
Robert Worthy (M: 63) Marion Dustin Wray (M: 34) Brandon Theryl Wrenn (M: 48)
Alvin Howard Wright (M: 58) Brian Lee Wright (M: 33) David Todd Wright (M: 43)
David Joe Wright (M: 54) Deon James Wright (M: 41) Douglas Braxton Wright (M: 65)
Eddie L Wright (M: 40) Eric Lavet Wright (M: 51) Gerald Wright (M: 54)
Jack Roger Wright (M: 55) James Albert Wright (M: 71) Jeremiah Seth Wright (M: 26)
Lawanda Lane Wright (F: 53) Paul Anthony Wright (M: 45) Paul Anthony Wright (M: 45)
Steven Carl Wright (M: 56) Terry Wayne Wright (M: 46) William Keith Wright (M: 59)
Gerald Wayne Wright (M: 54) Jimmie Lee Wright (M: 46) Dennis Theodore Wright (M: 65)
Willie Lee Wright (M: 57) Frederick F Wroten (M: 64) Donald Jay Wutke (M: 39)
Jerry Lee Wyatt (M: 64) Jerry Lee Wyatt (M: 64) Larry Franklin Wyatt (M: 46)
Richard Allen Wyatt (M: 54) Danny Edward Wyers (M: 48) Alan Everett Wylie (M: 41)
Alan Everett Wylie (M: 41) Leonardo Anthony Wynn (M: 52)

Other Available Data

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