Sex Offender Profile Directory : Alabama : B

All sex offender data currently in our database from Alabama whose last name begins with the letter B are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Alabama sex offender information.

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Brown William B (M: 44) George A B (M: 59) Mcadams Robert B (M: 62)
Mccravy Gerald B (M: 50) Rutland J B (M: 52) Timmy Roy Babe (M: 43)
James Edward Bachelor (M: 41) Steven Dewayne Bachelor (M: 34) Gabriel Shane Back (M: 29)
Frank Leonard Badalamenti (M: 71) Frank Badalamenti (M: 71) Brenton Seth Badgett (M: 29)
Henry James Baggett (M: 43) Randall Baggett (M: 63) Ricky Allen Baggett (M: 50)
Ferene Bagi (M: 51) Donald Wayne Bagley (M: 50) Jerrell Lamont Bagley (M: 39)
Charles Keith Bagwell (M: 49) Richard David Bagwell (M: 29) Billy Wayne Bailey (M: 58)
Daniel Mark Bailey (M: 56) Danny Edward Bailey (M: 42) Darryl Dewayne Bailey (M: 51)
David Stephen Bailey (M: 58) Frankie James Bailey (M: 52) Frankie James Bailey (M: 52)
Greg Shasherie Bailey (M: 38) James Mark Bailey (M: 52) James Jeffrey Bailey (M: 42)
James Lee Bailey (M: 38) Jason Keith Bailey (M: 36) Jerry Lee Bailey (M: 32)
Jody Lee Bailey (M: 30) Jonathan Lynn Bailey (M: 44) Lonnie Oneal Bailey (M: 48)
Terry Lynn Bailey (M: 48) Timothy Ray Bailey (M: 44) Vincent Larry Bailey (M: 41)
William Lee Bailey (M: 53) James Jeffery Bailey (M: 42) Daniel Baily (M: 56)
Clarence W Baine (M: 67) Donald Ray Baird (M: 52) Dwight Ollis Baird (M: 51)
Michael Baird (M: 37) Jeffrey Allan Baird (M: 39) Antoinne Baker (M: 31)
Bobby Ray Baker (M: 48) Guy Jeffery Baker (M: 49) James Robert Baker (M: 39)
James Claude Baker (M: 39) James Claude Baker (M: 39) Jerry Lee Baker (M: 39)
Joe Nathan Baker (M: 63) Johnny Edward Baker (M: 57) Jonathan Taylor Baker (M: 34)
Joseph Louis Baker (M: 31) Martin Lashon Baker (M: 68) Michael Earl Baker (M: 52)
Michael Robert Baker (M: 40) Mickey Lynn Baker (M: 48) Ralph Baker (M: 74)
Raymond Carl Baker (M: 46) Samuel Thompson Baker (M: 55) Zachariah Jacob Baker (M: 36)
Jonathan Baker (M: 34) Frederick Darrell Baker (M: 27) Telly Bernard Baker (M: 37)
Joe David Baker (M: 65) Barry Gordon Baker (M: 44) Billy Lidon Baldwin (M: 47)
Billy Baldwin (M: 57) Karen Ann Baldwin (F: 48) Mary Elizabeth Baldwin/Burdette (F: 35)
Timothy Eugene Balentine (M: 41) Gary Steven Bales (M: 49) Jerry Lee Bales (M: 32)
Thomas Lee Bales (M: 52) Freddie L Ball (M: 50) Kijuan Ronjhalique Ball (M: 26)
Milton Junior Ball (M: 35) Redus Edward Ball (M: 57) Melvin Ball (M: 29)
Cameron Dale Ballard (M: 38) Harold E Ballard (M: 62) Harold Earnest Ballard (M: 62)
Dale Ivan Ballard (M: 70) A Ballenger (M: 76) Shade Arthur Ballenger (M: 51)
William Curtis Ballenger (M: 47) Wayne B Ballenger (M: 42) Ralph Lymon Ballentine (M: 56)
Harry John Banchi (M: 49) Harvey John Banchi (M: 49) Bobby Lewis Banks (M: 51)
Bobby Ray Banks (M: 42) Charlie Lewis Banks (M: 43) Clarence Alan Banks (M: 56)
Eric Theoplis Banks (M: 38) Eric Theoplis Banks (M: 38) Norris Banks (M: 45)
Rodriuguess K Banks (M: 26) Terry Leslie Banks (M: 48) Victoria Bell Banks (F: 44)
Wallace Cordell Banks (M: 53) Gregory Brent Banks (M: 46) Gregory Brent Banks (M: 46)
John J Banville (M: 67) Benji Heath Barbee (M: 35) Cary William Barber (M: 43)
Edgar Joe Barber (M: 57) Larry Alfred Barber (M: 76) Cary W Barber (M: 43)
Patrick Ladner Barberot (M: 44) Daniel Allen Barbrow (M: 36) Rodney Darnell Barclay (M: 37)
Sheldon Reginald Barclay (M: 34) Sheldon Regginald Barclay (M: 34) Alexander Leon Barfield (M: 26)
William Ellison Barfield (M: 52) Glenn Tracy Barger (M: 42) Grant Edward Barham (M: 44)
Jeremy Manual Barker (M: 33) Kevin Lee Barker (M: 45) Stephen John Barker (M: 63)
Steven Barker (M: 63) Frederick Allan Barkley (M: 50) Kenneth Allen Barkley (M: 61)
Daniel Morris Barley (M: 52) Joel William Barlow (M: 53) Phillip Craig Barnard (M: 40)
Anthony Dewayne Barnes (M: 39) Antonio Sherrell Barnes (M: 39) Clifford Raymond Barnes (M: 33)
Javaris Kendale Barnes (M: 29) Jermaine Barnes (M: 38) Michael Dale Barnes (M: 50)
Michael Charles Barnes (M: 38) Sean Conrad Barnes (M: 38) Avorious Barnes (M: 51)
Algie Lee Barnett (M: 33) Bobby Alan Barnett (M: 49) Darrell Mark Barnett (M: 46)
Davis Lee Barnett (M: 57) Donald Lester Barnett (M: 62) Earl Barnett (M: 66)
George H Barnett (M: 78) Harry Terrell Barnett (M: 37) J D Barnett (M: 35)
James Fredrick Barnett (M: 61) James Rice Barnett (M: 84) Joe Lee Barnett (M: 63)
John Richard Barnett (M: 59) Kerry Frank Barnett (M: 46) Kevin Ray Barnett (M: 31)
Mark Drane Barnett (M: 56) Mark Drane Barnett (M: 56) Johnny Lee Barnett (M: 65)
Henderson Barnett Lee Ii (M: 40) William Kevin Barnette (M: 35) Robert Barney (M: 56)
Larry Demetria Barnfield (M: 30) Jacob Loyd Barrett (M: 29) Michael James Barrett (M: 31)
Matthew Earl Barrier (M: 31) Matthew Barrier (M: 31) Ernest Junior Barron (M: 40)
Thomas Foye Barron (M: 44) Michael Allan Barron (M: 57) Michael Tavoris Barron (M: 33)
Mcguirk William Bartie (M: 35) James L Bartlett (M: 31) Richard Bartlett (M: 55)
Richard Lewis Bartlett (M: 55) Jacob Dallas Barton (M: 65) Jeffery Barton (M: 40)
Randall Curtis Barton (M: 48) Michael Eugene Barton (M: 64) William Brian Bashline (M: 42)
Andres Basilio (M: 30) Jerry Andrea Baskin (M: 35) Everett Bass (M: 86)
James Maurice Bass (M: 49) Willilam Larry Bass (M: 57) Ronald Lee Bass (M: 53)
Timothy M Bassett (M: 50) John Pete Bastas (M: 53) Ricky Anthony Batchelor (M: 54)
Brian Scott Bates (M: 48) Carl Bates (M: 53) Frank Lavern Bates (M: 36)
Joey Newton Bates (M: 47) Joseph Bates (M: 66) Karl Bates (M: 53)
Kenneth Richard Bates (M: 36) Buddy Sylvester Batson (M: 66) Raymond Jason Batson (M: 41)
Kelvin Dewayne Battle (M: 46) Marvin Ree Battle (M: 42) Robert Steve Battle (M: 48)
Travis Battle (M: 38) Benjamin Eugene Battle (M: 40) Benjamin Eugene Battle (M: 40)
Timothy Battles (M: 49) Thomas Lynn Battles (M: 60) Larry Wayne Baty (M: 59)
James Andrew Baugher (M: 45) Robert Leroy Baxley (M: 52) Bryan Keith Baxter (M: 48)
James David Baxter (M: 59) Larry James Baxter (M: 61) Robert A Baxter (M: 34)
Todd Jerry Baxter (M: 62) Larry James Baxter (M: 61) Robert Antwan Baxter (M: 34)
Billy Bays (M: 63) Rayvon Bazemore (M: 40) James Yaphett Beachem (M: 39)
Jessie Jeff Beadle (M: 66) David Ervin Beagles (M: 71) David E Beagles (M: 71)
Arthur Lee Beard (M: 56) Dennis Wayne Beard (M: 52) Fernando Beard (M: 39)
Jerry Wayne Beard (M: 54) Oliver Roland Bearden (M: 58) Marvin Hugh Bearden (M: 47)
Darryl Eugene Beasley (M: 51) Don Wayne Beasley (M: 52) Eugene Beasley (M: 66)
Kelly Robert Beasley (M: 48) Kelvin Dean Beasley (M: 51) James Author Beasley (M: 45)
Mitchell Wade Beasley (M: 53) Charles William Beason (M: 50) Fred Lee Beason (M: 53)
Johnathan Lamar Beason (M: 28) Joseph Martin Beason (M: 54) William Marshall Beason (M: 43)
Kenneth Dale Beaty (M: 37) Kenneth Dale Beaty (M: 37) Bobby Ray Beavers (M: 49)
Randy Louis Beavers (M: 31) Robert Earl Beavers (M: 42) Vincent H Beavers (M: 58)
Edgar Brooke Beazley (M: 56) Jason Robert Beck (M: 38) Leslie A Beck (M: 44)
Leslie A Beck (M: 44) Myron Kent Beck (M: 49) Robert Durrann Beckham (M: 37)
Bob Beckley (M: 42) James Ellis Beckworth (M: 48) James Ellis Beckworth (M: 48)
L D Beckworth (M: 66) James Curtis Bedell (M: 53) Jonathan A Bedford (M: 56)
Joseph Bedford (M: 53) Robert Edward Bedford (M: 38) Tony Sharell Bedgood (M: 33)
Terry Gene Beebe (M: 26) Terry Gene Beebe (M: 26) Bryan Edward Beech (M: 42)
Sally Elizabeth Beecham (F: 50) Windrey Lee Beecham (M: 35) Alvin D Beechy (M: 34)
Alvin Beechy (M: 34) Samuel W Beenken (M: 60) Darrick Donnell Belcher (M: 34)
Thomas Ray Belcher (M: 73) Nathan Wayne Belefant (M: 24) Ellis Lee Belk (M: 35)
Randall Belk (M: 46) Randall C Belk (M: 46) Adrean Lamont Bell (M: 31)
Anthony Lamon Bell (M: 34) Bobby Ray Bell (M: 33) Corney Lamon Bell (M: 29)
Darrius Bryant Bell (M: 45) Demichael Raffael Bell (M: 31) Dorian L Bell (M: 32)
Jackie Lynn Bell (M: 31) Jerry Hampton Bell (M: 52) Jimmy Sherell Bell (M: 43)
John Nathan Bell (M: 47) Karious Nahaun Bell (M: 34) Kenneth James Bell (M: 41)
Michael Lamar Bell (M: 58) Printess James Bell (M: 30) Robin Floyd Bell (M: 57)
Rocky Lane Bell (M: 46) Vernon Bell (M: 48) Vincent Edward Bell (M: 43)
Willie Frank Bell (M: 36) Tommy Bell (M: 46) Dorian Lamont Bell (M: 32)
Evans Harold Belle (M: 60) Donald Wayne Bellefleur (M: 39) Johnny Lee Belser (M: 49)
Theodore J Belton (M: 38) George Michael Belue (M: 64) Vester Eugene Belue (M: 85)
Jason Oneal Belvin (M: 33) Johnathan Douglas Belyeu (M: 48) Craig Travis Bemis (M: 35)
Joseph Michael Benafield (M: 36) Joseph M Benafield (M: 36) Daniel Cassady Bender (M: 51)
Carlton Lee Bender (M: 45) Clayton Raymond Benedict (M: 61) Christopher Scott Benefield (M: 52)
Faron Durl Benefield (M: 57) Thomas Edward Benefield (M: 48) Fred Benjamin (M: 47)
James Ed Benjamin (M: 53) Dixon Benjamin Franklin Ii (M: 51) Douglas Eugene Bennett (M: 54)
Farrell Bernard Bennett (M: 40) Joe Edward Bennett (M: 44) Nathaniel Dozier Bennett (M: 34)
Thomas Feodus Bennett (M: 61) Tyrone Bennett (M: 43) Harry Wilson Bennett (M: 60)
Matthew Todd Bennich (M: 43) Akins Bennie Williams Jr (M: 52) John Ellice Benson (M: 36)
Earl Roy Benstine (M: 39) Tyler Lee Bentley (F: 39) Terry Bryan Benton (M: 37)
Bolton Edward Berger (M: 51) David Lynn Bergeron (M: 49) Brown William Bernard (M: 25)
Burks Robin Bernard (M: 40) Hill Kenneth Bernard (M: 38) Robert Henry Berrey (M: 39)
Arthur Lee Berry (M: 52) David Jimmie Berry (M: 60) James Leo Berry (M: 77)
Johnnoel Monquel Berry (M: 38) Robert Earl Berry (M: 75) Ron Darion Berry (M: 49)
Timothy Edward Berry (M: 53) Tyrone Berry (M: 47) Johnnoel Berry (M: 38)
Clay Augusta Berryhill (M: 51) Christopher Ray Berryman (M: 35) Harry Reese Beshears (M: 65)
Angie Ann Best (F: 40) Isreal Lamai Bethany (M: 35) Israel Bethany (M: 35)
Marcus Jamaal Bettes (M: 22) Fred Allen Bettis (M: 54) Michael Jason Betts (M: 34)
Danny Clay Betz (M: 42) Timothy Edward Beuk (M: 41) Reuben Douglas Beverly (M: 35)
William Hurbert Beverly (M: 50) Courtney Beverly (M: 23) Edward Leon Bexley (M: 60)
Lydia Eden Bice (F: 42) Scott Allen Bice (M: 51) Richard Nelson Bicknell (M: 58)
Richard Nelson Bicknell (M: 58) Jeffrey Thomas Bies (M: 54) Jeffrey Thomas Bies (M: 54)
Jimmie Lee Bilbo (M: 49) Rebecca Lynn Bileau (F: 42) John Oliver Billings (M: 56)
Robert Windle Billings (M: 57) Cornelius Antoine Billingsley (M: 36) Jerry Leon Billingsley (M: 47)
Phillip Anthony Billits (M: 61) Alexander Billups (M: 51) Dexter Eugene Bingham (M: 63)
James Harold Bingham (M: 55) James Harold Bingham Jr (M: 55) Calvin Earl Binion (M: 42)
Preston Eugene Binion (M: 73) Bryan Elliott Binkerd (M: 49) Jeffrey Scott Binkley (M: 53)
Kristie Leann Birchfield (F: 37) Edward Arthur Bird (M: 46) Edward Arthur Bird (M: 46)
Elton Roosevelt Bird (M: 78) John Christopher Bird (M: 36) Brickie Danny Bishop (M: 57)
David Lee Bishop (M: 49) James Kenneth Bishop (M: 36) Kevin Allen Bishop (M: 35)
Patrick Shane Bishop (M: 29) Ronald Wayne Bishop (M: 53) Benjamin Allen Bishop (M: 47)
Patrick Shane Bishop (M: 29) Leon Bishop (M: 80) Michael Allen Bitten (M: 46)
Steve Allen Bivens (M: 53) David Dexter Bivins (M: 70) Otis Lewis Bivins (M: 45)
Rodney Eugene Bivins (M: 40) Edward Eugene Black (M: 40) Johnny Ernest Black (M: 74)
Luther Clinton Black (M: 53) Patrick Steven Black (M: 26) Robert Charles Black (M: 76)
Roger Dale Black (M: 51) Frank Jeff Black-Jr (M: 38) Randall Edward Blackerby (M: 53)
Alonzo Blackmon (M: 41) Carl Blackmon (M: 55) Joe Archer Blackmon (M: 49)
Johnny Lee Blackmon (M: 49) Muhammed Ali Blackmon (M: 40) Willie James Blackmon (M: 43)
Joe Blackmon (M: 49) Garry Terrell Blackstock (M: 54) Garry Terrell Blackstock (M: 54)
Albert Lyle Blackwell (M: 40) Curtis Joseph Blackwood (M: 47) Denna Leah Blackwood (F: 39)
Jerry Wayne Blagburn (M: 61) Eugene Blair (M: 46) Larry Keith Blair (M: 55)
Oscar Lemar Blair (M: 39) Stanley Fernando Blair (M: 56) Thomas Phillip Blair (M: 32)
Thomas Phillip Blair (M: 32) Brian Nelson Blake (M: 39) Jarvis Deon Blake (M: 28)
Fredrick Lee Blakely (M: 62) Ahmad Blakemore (M: 48) Danny Lewis Blakes (M: 42)
Jerry Wayne Blankenship (M: 52) Jerry Wayne Blankenship (M: 51) Rodney Glenn Blankenship (M: 41)
Alexander Devon Blanks (M: 37) Sean Ray Blanks (M: 38) Howard Lee Blattel (M: 71)
Gabriel L Bledsoe (M: 54) Billy Maxwell Blevins (M: 71) George Blevins (M: 49)
Richard James Blevins (M: 53) Steven Lee Blevins (M: 51) Timothy Julian Blizzard (M: 52)
Timothy Julian Blizzard (M: 52) Leroy D Blocker (M: 39) James Broadus Bloodworth (M: 75)
Charles Edward Blount (M: 54) Jeffery Deshawn Blount (M: 53) Jimmie Lee Blount (M: 42)
Phillip Rhett Blu (M: 54) Jason Wayne Blue (M: 27) Rande Lee Bly (M: 58)
Robert L Blythe (M: 57) Robert Lynn Blythe (M: 57) Hammet Boatner (M: 83)
Beckley Bob (M: 42) Jason Lamont Bobo (M: 40) Charles Randall Bochette (M: 50)
Frank Lee Boddie (M: 65) Ronald Arvid Bodeen (M: 75) Tony Bogan (M: 55)
Tyrone Bogan (M: 34) Kenneth Earl Boggan (M: 53) Clayton Joseph Boggs (M: 47)
Larry Wendell Bohannon (M: 55) Vernon Howard Bohannon (M: 59) Melvin Douglas Bohanon (M: 65)
Rayburn Oliver Bolan (M: 68) Calvin Junior Bolden (M: 66) Jerry Lewis Bolden (M: 51)
John Allan Bolden (M: 24) Jerry Lewis Bolden (M: 51) Bobby Renard Bolden (M: 44)
William Buster Boldin (M: 44) Charles Edward Bolding (M: 59) Marcus Dewayne Boler (M: 37)
William Shawn Boley (M: 40) Joseph Matthew Bolton (M: 35) Michael Wayne Bolton (M: 32)
Michael Wayne Bolton (M: 46) Travis Joe Bolton (M: 56) Michael Wayne Bolton (M: 32)
Fred Bonam (M: 56) Alisha Michelle Bond (F: 26) Ceasar R Bondman (M: 45)
Shannon Dale Bonds (M: 41) Nastrotti Washon Bone (M: 29) Willie C Bone (M: 57)
Nastratti Bone (M: 29) Willie Clyde Bone (M: 57) Christopher Comer Bone (M: 42)
Richard Lee Bonham (M: 74) Richard Lee Bonham (M: 74) Andrew William Bonner (M: 46)
Chris E Bonner (M: 34) Chris Emanuel Bonner (M: 34) David Lee Bonner (M: 57)
Glenn Eugene Bonner (M: 52) Herman Bonner (M: 43) Johnny Lee Bonner (M: 54)
Lamonous Torian Bonner (M: 46) Reggie Lynn Bonner (M: 55) Theodore Clifford Bonner (M: 48)
Michael Magail Bonner (M: 26) Terry Wayne Bonner (M: 50) Oscar James Booker (M: 40)
Sammy Lee Booker (M: 43) Jack Bookout (M: 63) Randall Lee Boone (M: 58)
Timothy Coleman Boone (M: 47) Joshua Lashawn Booth (M: 35) William Albon Bordeau (M: 62)
Bernadine Marie Borntrager (F: 48) Terry Alton Bosarge (M: 54) John Bostwick (M: 70)
Ferrell Boswell (M: 61) Richard Allen Botsford (M: 59) Edward Louis Botta (M: 36)
Jay Daniel Botter (M: 40) Troy Terriel Botter (M: 51) Mark Dywayne Bouier (M: 43)
Michael Ray Bouler (M: 57) Tommie Curtis Bouler (M: 31) Charles Paul Bourgeois (M: 47)
Monroe Gregory Bourland (M: 45) John Garry Bournes (M: 59) Scott Alan Boutin (M: 47)
Lester Dale Boutwell (M: 47) Troy Boutwell (M: 43) Eric Roy Bowden (M: 41)
Henry Clyde Bowden (M: 59) Joey R Bowden (M: 50) Marion Kenneth Bowden (M: 87)
Victor Rex Bowen (M: 42) Albert Lehman Bowens (M: 45) Bobby Louis Bowers (M: 49)
Ronnie Gene Bowers (M: 57) Raymond Ladonte Bowers (M: 35) Gerald A Bowie (M: 37)
Mark Bowling (M: 49) Francis Nelson Bowman (M: 39) Francis Bowman (M: 39)
Gregory Lee Bowman (M: 32) James Thomas Bowman (M: 35) John Bowman (M: 35)
Larry Marcell Bowman (M: 36) Nicholas Allen Box (M: 28) David Bobby Boychuck (M: 53)
Dewayne Finch Boyd (M: 42) Dexter Lamont Boyd (M: 43) Donald Ray Boyd (M: 61)
Donald Eugene Boyd (M: 81) Donta Degerald Boyd (M: 44) Ernest Land Boyd (M: 65)
James Daniel Boyd (M: 37) James B Boyd (M: 64) Keith Alonzo Boyd (M: 55)
Lemuel Nakia Boyd (M: 37) Eldridge Boyd (M: 40) Jason Ray Boyd (M: 33)
William Franklin Boyd (M: 48) James Boyd (M: 54) Thomas G Boyes (M: 63)
Thomas Gerald Boyes (M: 63) Eric T Boykin (M: 44) Michael Jerell Boykins (M: 39)
Charles Allen Bozeman (M: 52) Frederick Houston Bozeman (M: 28) Jimmy Bozeman (M: 46)
Jonathan Aaron Bozeman (M: 25) Jimmy Bozeman (M: 46) Frederick Houston Bozeman (M: 28)
James Earl Bracewell (M: 37) James Jeffery Brackin (M: 49) James David Brackin (M: 33)
Randy Carroll Brackin (M: 65) Robert Earl Brackin (M: 44) David Brackley (M: 51)
David Nmn Brackley (M: 51) Keith Barton Bracy (M: 44) William Harold Bradberry (M: 40)
David Allen Bradford (M: 45) Jammie Devon Bradford (M: 39) Thomas Owen Bradford (M: 43)
Keith Randall Bradford (M: 51) James Bradford (M: 55) Anthony Demond Bradley (M: 35)
Bonds Bruce Bradley (M: 29) Corey Levon Bradley (M: 28) Jessie Lee Bradley (M: 68)
Melvin Cornelle Bradley (M: 44) Robert Kimble Bradley (M: 45) Samuel James Bradley (M: 49)
Joel Anthony Bradley (M: 45) Bruce Edward Bradshaw (M: 57) Reko Charles Bradshaw (M: 36)
Cleveland Edward Brady (M: 59) Alma Lee Brand (F: 56) Anthony L. Brannam (M: 55)
Jeremy Christopher Brannan (M: 36) Jason Lee Brannon (M: 33) Jason Lee Brannon (M: 33)
Jimmy Lee Brantley (M: 48) Whitehead Oscar Brantley (M: 65) Dustin Andrew Branton (M: 31)
Fredrick Oneal Brascom (M: 33) Danny Earl Brasher (M: 58) Earnest Earl Brasher (M: 78)
Eldridge Maurice Brasher (M: 73) Randolph Ramey Brasher (M: 52) Samuel Ray Brasher (M: 26)
Stephen Fred Brasher (M: 45) Larry Marlin Brasher (M: 56) Frank Lee Bratton (M: 73)
Frank Lee Bratton (M: 73) Gary Dean Braxton (M: 44) Raven Atria Brazelton (M: 33)
Michael W Breckenridge (M: 36) Mark William Breece (M: 55) Andre Breedlove (M: 36)
James Warren Breedlove (M: 25) Henry Lee Brent (M: 58) Daniel Earl Brewer (M: 22)
Russell J Brewer (M: 24) Victor Wayne Brewer (M: 45) Victor Wayne Brewer (M: 45)
Walter David Brewer (M: 56) Stephen Dwayne Brewer (M: 25) Rickey Oneal Brewster (M: 33)
Kenneth Wade Brewton (M: 64) Joshua Lee Bridgeman (M: 24) Terry Nathon Bridges (M: 35)
Charles Briggins (M: 41) Stephens Waverly Briggs (M: 58) Anthony Louis Bright (M: 39)
Clarence Bright (M: 52) Jerry Wayne Bright (M: 39) Luther Lorenza Briskey (M: 26)
Richard Franklin Briskey (M: 50) David Brito (M: 49) Brown Jon Britton (M: 49)
John Jacob Broaddrick (M: 38) Sherman A Broadhead (M: 28) Chester Brock (M: 50)
L D Brock (M: 51) Michael Wayne Brock (M: 66) Ray Anthony Brock (M: 49)
Van Allen Brock (M: 26) Kelvin Lee Brocks (M: 46) Walter Deano Brogdon (M: 44)
Walter Dano Brogdon (M: 44) Walter Deano Brogdon (M: 44) Jesse J Bronson (M: 55)
William Wesley Bronson (M: 43) Jesse J Bronson (M: 55) Donald Edward Brook (M: 41)
Nathaniel Brooken (M: 80) Billy Ray Brooks (M: 44) Cathryn Ann Brooks (F: 54)
Gregory Ray Brooks (M: 29) James Morgan Brooks (M: 46) James C Brooks (M: 60)
Lashawn Dewayne Brooks (M: 40) Luther Franklin Brooks (M: 63) Luther Marion Brooks (M: 49)
Michael Earl Brooks (M: 45) Otis Dean Brooks (M: 58) Raymond Earl Brooks (M: 57)
Robert Earl Brooks (M: 53) Tim Brooks (M: 34) Tony Hybert Brooks (M: 45)
Walter James Brooks (M: 49) Tony Hybert Brooks (M: 45) Stewart Carl Brooks (M: 26)
Stewart Carl Brooks (M: 26) Eric Charles Broomfield (M: 50) Joseph Wayne Brothers (M: 43)
James Edward Broughton (M: 58) Shaun Francis Broussard (M: 31) Kenneth Maxwell Browder (M: 36)
Andrew Wayne Brown (M: 26) Anthony Tony Brown (M: 50) Bradley Allen Brown (M: 34)
Bradley Allen Brown (M: 34) Bradley A Brown (M: 33) Broderick Raymond Brown (M: 36)
Cassius Clay Brown (M: 42) Charles Rush Brown (M: 43) Charles Edward Brown (M: 59)
Christopher Dale Brown (M: 41) Clent Anthony Brown (M: 45) Cornelius M Brown (M: 37)
Cynthia Evelyn Brown (F: 47) Cynthia Evelyn Brown (F: 47) Dangelo Brown (M: 23)
Darren Brown (M: 44) David Earl Brown (M: 32) David Earl Brown (M: 32)
Deandre Lashaun Brown (M: 25) Debra Gayle Brown (F: 51) Dennis Eugene Brown (M: 55)
Dominique Kashan Brown (F: 26) Dominique Kashan Brown (F: 26) Edward L Brown (M: 45)
Edward Lee Brown (M: 45) Erick Lamar Brown (M: 27) Frank Joe Brown (M: 75)
Frank Edward Brown (M: 39) Frederick Lamar Brown (M: 68) Gamal Nasser Brown (M: 38)
Garry Lee Brown (M: 51) George William Brown (M: 81) George Eddie Brown (M: 56)
Herbert Louis Brown (M: 66) J C Brown (M: 56) Jack Price Brown (M: 32)
James David Brown (M: 64) James H Brown (M: 45) James Clifton Brown (M: 55)
James Arthur Brown (M: 46) James Edward Brown (M: 71) James Ernest Brown (M: 55)
James Leon Brown (M: 32) Jan R Brown (F: 51) Jeremy Craig Brown (M: 39)
Jermaine Brown (M: 30) Jimmie Alvin Brown (M: 53) John Arthur Brown (M: 40)
Johnny Loyd Brown (M: 49) Jonathan Ellis Brown (M: 38) Kenneth Lamarr Brown (M: 48)
Leroy Jerry Brown (M: 57) Lloyd Ronald Brown (M: 71) Marion Deloch Brown (M: 48)
Mark Anthony Brown (M: 33) Maurice Lavell Brown (M: 38) Melvin Lee Brown (M: 38)
Michael Lee Brown (M: 35) Nathaniel Lee Brown (M: 46) Orr Ollie Brown (M: 42)
Raymond Leon Brown (M: 45) Reginald Dynell Brown (M: 36) Richard Lee Brown (M: 62)
Robert Charles Brown (M: 46) Robert Curtis Brown (M: 54) Ronnie Lee Brown (M: 57)
Ronnie Leon Brown (M: 46) Roy Lester Brown (M: 66) Scott Barak Brown (M: 39)
Stacey Lovell Brown (M: 38) Tammy Wynette Brown (F: 23) Teb Edwin Brown (M: 45)
Vaughnzeal Brown (M: 84) Walter Ray Brown (M: 78) Wesley Brown (M: 49)
William D Brown (M: 61) William Brown (M: 44) Willis Ralph Brown (M: 70)
Lorenzo Brown (M: 42) Jackie Lamar Brown (M: 39) Lannie Wade Brown (M: 39)
Clay S Brown (M: 48) Robert Anthony Brown (M: 56) Cynthia Evelyn Brown (F: 47)
Dennis Eugene Brown (M: 55) James H Brown (M: 45) John Thomas Brown (M: 67)
Vaugh Zeal Brown (M: 84) James Harrold Brown (M: 48) Howard Edward Brown (M: 60)
Jeremy Craig Brown (M: 39) Pelvin Charoster Brown (M: 41) Lorenzo Brown (M: 42)
Darrell Cornell Brown (M: 39) David Kirstion Brown (M: 33) Scott Barak Brown (M: 39)
Gary Christopher Brown (M: 40) Johnathan Lee Brown (M: 24) James Ernest Brown (M: 55)
Dwight Wayne Browning (M: 53) Don Duewin Bruce (M: 51) Tony Evin Bruce (M: 58)
John Bernard Bruce (M: 71) Alston Bruce John Sr (M: 54) William Jeffers Brumbeloe (M: 52)
Joseph Anthony Brundidge (M: 50) Richard William Bruney (M: 50) Gerald Wayne Brunson (M: 58)
Christopher Scott Bryan (M: 30) David Eugene Bryan (M: 56) Bemon Winford Bryant (M: 78)
Carlos Lamar Bryant (M: 39) James Sterling Bryant (M: 54) James Edward Bryant (M: 55)
Kenneth Earl Bryant (M: 52) Kerry Jerome Bryant (M: 46) Lamar Bryant (M: 48)
Larry Allen Bryant (M: 69) Mark J Bryant (M: 54) Murl Junior Bryant (M: 52)
Patrick Jerome Bryant (M: 31) Richard Lee Bryant (M: 57) Robert Marion Bryant (M: 57)
Dennis Collafus Buchanan (M: 44) James Buchanan (M: 52) Timothy Gerald Buckhanan (M: 37)
Terry Lee Buckner (M: 54) Terry Lee Buckner (M: 54) Richard Allen Buffton (M: 44)
David Edward Bujalski (M: 33) David Edward Bujalski (M: 33) David Francis Bujnowski (M: 47)
Anthony Robert Bull (M: 34) Anthony R Bull (M: 34) Larry James Bullard (M: 58)
Ronnnie Gene Bullard (M: 51) Danny Ray Bullington (M: 63) Mark Levon Bullock (M: 45)
Jerome Howard Bumpus (M: 73) Mark Allen Bunch (M: 53) Homer Loyd Bundrum (M: 80)
Peter Bungay (M: 74) Vernon Lamar Bunn (M: 76) William Eugene Bunt (M: 71)
Robert Burbank (M: 50) Robert Burbank (M: 50) Curtis Davis Burch (M: 53)
Dwight Tee Burch (M: 33) Vincent Edward Burch (M: 45) William Oliver Burch (M: 62)
Billy Shay Burch (M: 30) Justin Carl Burcham (M: 28) Richard Glenn Burchfield (M: 48)
Cecil Warren Burden (M: 75) Joseph Ryan Burdette (M: 42) Thomas Wesley Burdine (M: 52)
Samuel Robert Burge (M: 57) Clifford Burgess (M: 55) Jessie Richard Burgess (M: 66)
Robert Michael Burgess (M: 44) Dondale Burke (M: 35) Justin Brent Burke (M: 49)
Raymond Graves Burke (M: 56) Francis Raybon Burkett (F: 43) Kenneth Wade Burkett (M: 51)
James Darnell Burks (M: 53) Robin B Burks (M: 40) Tony Curtis Burks (M: 54)
James Albert Burleson (M: 62) Lewis Shannon Burleson (M: 83) Dennis Bryan Burnell (M: 36)
Dennis B Burnell (M: 36) Barry Joe Burnett (M: 50) Edward Earl Burnett (M: 46)
Lucas Larenza Burnett (M: 27) Marty Ray Burnett (M: 33) Thurman Ellis Burnett (M: 52)
Joshua Wayne Burnett (M: 35) David Paul Burnette (M: 35) Morris Allen Burnham (M: 70)
James Anthony Burns (M: 55) Ronald Burns (M: 35) Harold Douglas Burns (M: 55)
Cecil Levhon Burr (M: 51) Cecil Levohn Burr (M: 51) Andrew Lewis Burrell (M: 35)
William Charles Burrell (M: 39) Raymond J Burroughs (M: 65) Frederick Charles Burt (M: 59)
Timothy Allen Burt (M: 49) Darren Dewayne Burton (M: 44) David Douglas Burton (M: 50)
Freddie Burton (M: 61) George Burton (M: 46) Jeremy Wade Burton (M: 35)
Lance Eric Burton (M: 41) Tyrone Burton (M: 59) John Ellis Burton (M: 34)
David Scott Burton (M: 40) Eric Lamar Burts (M: 41) Bobby Joe Busby (M: 54)
Gregory Delane Busby (M: 51) Robert Herman Busby (M: 59) Thomas Julius Busby (M: 75)
James L Bush (M: 51) Michael Russell Bush (M: 46) Michael R Bush (M: 46)
Myron Ladrae Bush (M: 33) William Daniel Bush (M: 39) William Herbert Bush (M: 73)
Adric Lashaun Bush (M: 35) Charles Edward Bush (M: 49) John Arnold Bushong (M: 39)
Pitch Butcher (M: 39) Frank Samuel Butera (M: 31) Bobby Joe Butler (M: 31)
Bobby Joe Butler (M: 31) Cecil Butler (M: 37) Christopher Lamont Butler (M: 43)
David Lee Butler (M: 31) David Ray Butler (M: 57) David Lee Butler (M: 44)
Daxshryl Martiece Butler (M: 35) Douglas Oneal Butler (M: 48) Iva Jane Butler (F: 49)
Jimmy Buck Butler (M: 70) Kim Allen Butler (M: 49) Larry J Butler (M: 30)
Marion John Butler (M: 52) Rabbit Alexzander Butler (M: 55) Tommy Wayne Butler (M: 35)
Walter Marion Butler (M: 41) Timothy Carl Butler (M: 53) David Ray Butler (M: 57)
James Edward Buycks (M: 59) James Elijah Buzbee (M: 52) Frankie Earl Byars (M: 29)
John Wayne Byer (M: 70) Martelle Djuan Byers (M: 26) John Leslie Byers (M: 51)
Daniel Frank Bynum (M: 46) Jeffrey David Bynum (M: 40) Daniel Joseph Byrd (M: 33)
Doyle Gene Byrd (M: 54) Doyle Gene Byrd (M: 54) Gary Wayne Byrd (M: 46)
Lawrence Edward Byrd (M: 53) Richard Thomas Byrd (M: 59) Gary Wayne Byrd (M: 46)
Richard Lee Byrd (M: 55) Catorien Dandre Byron (M: 36) Cleophus Markin Byrse (M: 32)

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