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Pool Ronald A (M: 38) Billy Joe Aaron (M: 47) Ralph Lee Aaron (M: 57)
Gustavo Adolfo Abadia (M: 25) Bruce H Abar (M: 57) Joseph Randal Abbitt (M: 37)
Randy Strange Abbott (M: 58) Mustafa Jadeed Abdullah (M: 49) Christopher Wayne Abel (M: 60)
Patrick Daniel Abel (M: 47) Patrick Daniel Abel (M: 47) Jeffrey Lawrence Abercrombie (M: 53)
Ulysses Brian Abercrombie (M: 35) Leon Abernathy (M: 73) Lowell Duncan Abner (M: 54)
David Leonard Abney (M: 50) Andre Bernard Abrams (M: 40) Sylvester James Abrams (M: 41)
Derran Bruce Abrams (M: 33) Somwah Abrams (M: 56) Michael Sam Abrasley (M: 61)
John Paul Absher (M: 47) John P Absher (M: 47) Carl Ladonato Abston (M: 31)
Scarver Acie Jr (M: 51) David Wayne Acra (M: 56) Albon Dale Adair (M: 62)
Randy Wayne Adair (M: 51) Cole William Adam (M: 62) Allen Ray Adams (M: 61)
Anthony Lee Adams (M: 49) Archie Jimmie Adams (M: 60) Bobby Joe Adams (M: 53)
Bobby Ray Adams (M: 51) Carson Keith Adams (M: 50) Charles David Adams (M: 59)
Charles David Adams (M: 59) David Michael Adams (M: 60) James Richard Adams (M: 59)
Jeremy Oneal Adams (M: 40) Jerome Adams (M: 51) Jimmy Lee Adams (M: 62)
Lesedrick J Adams (M: 38) Morris Eldridge Adams (M: 68) Paul Allen Adams (M: 59)
Randy Calvin Adams (M: 57) Thomas E Adams (M: 58) Thornal Lee Adams (M: 48)
Tyrone Richard Adams (M: 57) Richard Allen Adams (M: 32) Lorin James Adams (M: 40)
Michael John Adams (M: 38) Pamela Mae Adams (F: 51) Danny Jerome Adamson (M: 43)
Dennis James Adamson (M: 55) Wallace J Adamson (M: 52) Gerald Wayne Aday (M: 66)
Samuel Eugene Aday (M: 59) Jeffery Wayne Addison (M: 44) Clovis Randall Aderhold (M: 56)
Ernest A Adkins (M: 55) Rodney Kyle Adkins (M: 48) Toney Michael Adkins (M: 52)
Yullis Ray Adkins (M: 65) Johnny Lee Adkins (M: 55) Johnny L Adkins (M: 55)
Paco Manuel Aguirre (M: 29) Jared Lee Ahrens (M: 36) Jared Lee Ahrens (M: 36)
Dana Edward Aills (M: 37) Cleveland Ainsworth (M: 41) Willie Lee Ainsworth (M: 77)
Doil Wayne Akins (M: 50) Clinton Edward Albert (M: 47) Howatt John Albert (M: 69)
Smith James Albert (M: 50) James Albert Curtis Jr (M: 19) Jimmy Lamar Albright (M: 63)
John Alex Albright (M: 49) Matthew Justin Aldridge (M: 26) Charles Calvin Alexander (M: 77)
James Durward Alexander (M: 83) Marty Dale Alexander (M: 46) Means Raymond Alexander (M: 27)
Norman Eugene Alexander (M: 45) Ronnie Lee Alexander (M: 46) Tanya Michelle Alexander (F: 32)
John Harlan Alexander (M: 28) Paul David Alexander (M: 32) James Lincoln Alexander (M: 32)
Goldsmith Alfonza Jr (M: 33) Willie Ben Alford (M: 57) Jonathan Adam Alford (M: 30)
Orton James Alfred (M: 54) Cole Alfreddie (M: 68) William G Alianell (M: 40)
William Grant Alianell (M: 40) Robert Leslie Alldaffer (M: 48) Robert Leslie Alldaffer (M: 48)
Jackie Dahl Alldredge (M: 57) Barry Adam Allen (M: 31) Carliss Tunnie Allen (M: 63)
Charles Allen (M: 54) Christopher Richard Allen (M: 26) Christopher Donnell Allen (M: 46)
Dannie Patrick Allen (M: 56) Darmonie Allen (M: 28) Delbert Terrell Allen (M: 35)
Eddie Keith Allen (M: 65) Harland Clifford Allen (M: 87) J T Allen (M: 74)
James Ray Allen (M: 52) Johnathan Allen (M: 32) Johnnie Parks Allen (M: 75)
Joseph Michael Allen (M: 45) Marrio Dewayne Allen (M: 32) Philip Wayne Allen (M: 60)
Phillip Wayne Allen (M: 60) Ronald Lee Allen (M: 40) Thomas Fred Allen (M: 34)
Tshombe Omari Allen (M: 34) Walter Ray Allen (M: 66) Ernest Shane Allen (M: 39)
Joey Rex Allen (M: 47) Kelly Dianna Allen (F: 35) Steven Duane Allen (M: 27)
Victor Colton Allen (M: 23) Bobby Gene Allison (M: 28) James Andrew Allison (M: 46)
Michael Patrick Allison (M: 36) Joseph Daniel Allred (M: 27) James Lloyd Allums (M: 72)
James Lloyd Allums (M: 72) Aldridge Oren Alonzo (M: 46) Rene Tavar Alonzo (M: 44)
Daniel John Alsdorf (M: 31) Daniel J Alsdorf (M: 31) Gregory Altman (M: 55)
Rodney Dale Alverson (M: 50) Ratliff James Alvin (M: 39) Thaddeus Cornell Alvis (M: 33)
Gary Dewayne Alvis (M: 51) Ali Kadhim Alwan (M: 49) Muse Charles Amacie (M: 58)
Juan Carlos Amador (M: 24) Marlon Jason Ambers (M: 33) Reginald Ambers (M: 31)
Anthony Michael Ambrossino (M: 61) Bobby Jack Amerson (M: 42) James Wesley Amerson (M: 62)
Daniel Frank Amerson (M: 42) Michael Amerson (M: 53) Jerry Franklin Ames (M: 66)
Jerry Franklin Ames (M: 66) Lacoreyan Bernard Amison (M: 33) Lindy Dale Ammons (M: 40)
Lindy Dale Ammons (M: 40) Laprade D Amos (M: 33) Jose Martinez Ancelmo (M: 34)
Angela Renee Magnuson Anderson (F: 37) Brantley Jerome Anderson (M: 34) Brenton Ryals Anderson (M: 29)
Carlos Raynard Anderson (M: 26) Cemal Dean Anderson (M: 51) Daniel Anderson (M: 43)
Darryl Lecarlo Anderson (M: 49) Floyce Kevin Anderson (M: 50) James Raymond Anderson (M: 46)
James Ray Anderson (M: 61) James Howard Anderson (M: 60) James Henry Anderson (M: 34)
Joey Dandre Anderson (M: 38) Keith Richard Anderson (M: 44) Kelvin Cournelious Anderson (M: 31)
Kenneth Randall Anderson (M: 58) Kenneth Dobber Anderson (M: 40) Larry Wayne Anderson (M: 57)
Michael Dewayne Anderson (M: 47) Paul Kenneth Anderson (M: 46) Robert Lee Anderson (M: 54)
Terry Anderson (M: 53) Terry Lee Anderson (M: 68) William Andrew Anderson (M: 41)
Dewayne Curtis Anderson (M: 38) Darryl Lecarlo Anderson (M: 49) Brandon Derrick Anderson (M: 27)
Bobby Charles Anderson (M: 46) Derrick Levall Anderson (M: 25) Darren Dwight Anderton (M: 41)
Robert Howard Anderton (M: 59) Thomas Glenn Anderton (M: 43) Juan Carlos Andrade (M: 24)
Hicks William Andrew (M: 32) Moss Willie Andrew (M: 39) Anthony Dwayne Andrews (M: 34)
Anthony Keith Andrews (M: 59) Bobby Ray Andrews (M: 57) Charles Calvin Andrews (M: 59)
Charles Calvin Andrews (M: 59) Christopher David Andrews (M: 54) Frank Leonard Andrews (M: 46)
Gary Lee Andrews (M: 63) Glen Dewain Andrews (M: 65) James Earl Andrews (M: 46)
John Ernest Andrews (M: 54) Monroe Andrews (M: 50) Monroe Andrews (M: 50)
Richard William Andrews (M: 44) Ronald Linn Andrews (M: 50) Stanley Dennis Andrews (M: 55)
Terrance Andrews (M: 27) Thomas Joseph Andrews (M: 54) William Hilton Andrews (M: 63)
Anthony Dwayne Andrews (M: 34) James Earl Andrews (M: 46) James Lee Angles (M: 60)
Stephen Anglin (M: 45) Boyd Charles Anthony (M: 55) Bradley Joel Anthony (M: 45)
Campbell James Anthony (M: 31) Dennis Harold Anthony (M: 55) Donyell Bernard Anthony (M: 31)
Harry Anthony (M: 59) Hinton Michael Anthony (M: 46) Hugh Wilson Anthony (M: 54)
James Otis Anthony (M: 58) Marcel Deon Anthony (M: 25) Mcqueen Michael Anthony (M: 50)
Sampson Lonnie Anthony (M: 34) Brown Robert Anthony (M: 56) David Wayne Antrobus (M: 43)
Paco Manuel Aquirre (M: 29) James Wilbur Arch (M: 66) Roger Stanley Archer (M: 64)
Jimmie Archie (M: 60) Benjamin Edward Ard (M: 45) Christy Lynn Ard (F: 41)
Pedro Rodriguez Arellano (M: 36) Dion Duane Arledge (M: 36) Jeremy David Armitage (M: 33)
Harrill Ray Armstrong (M: 65) Jeffery Lee Armstrong (M: 34) Johnny Dwayne Armstrong (M: 48)
Michael James Armstrong (M: 47) Randall David Armstrong (M: 49) Roger Dale Armstrong (M: 55)
George Lawrence Arnett (M: 60) Ronald Arnold (M: 75) Jason Labarron Arnold (M: 28)
James Rhett Arnold (M: 56) Corey Monta Arrington (M: 35) Kenyon Demon Arrington (M: 24)
Mcdonald Fred Arthur (M: 50) Moore Arthur (M: 53) Warren George Arthur (M: 65)
Nelson Arthur Ray Jr (M: 46) Shane Drew Artrip (M: 37) Jaime Mauricio Arvizu (M: 45)
Ricky Harvey Ashcraft (M: 55) Richard Christopher Ashe (M: 42) Carlos Montez Ashford (M: 40)
Howard Allen Ashford (M: 49) Howard Ashford (M: 49) Winfred Orlando Ashford (M: 58)
Ronnie Ferlisio Ashford (M: 39) Michael Brandon Ashford (M: 27) David Lee Ashley (M: 37)
Ervin Bernard Ashley (M: 47) Willie George Ashley (M: 73) Herbert Askew (M: 46)
Timothy Christopher Atchison (M: 39) James Kenneth Atchley (M: 68) Archie Nelson Atkins (M: 59)
Franklin Douglas Atkins (M: 51) Michael Atkins (M: 32) Sedrick Carlos Atkins (M: 30)
Eldon Ray Atkins (M: 86) James Virgil Atkins (M: 59) Herbert Letus Atkinson (M: 82)
Herbert Letus Atkinson (M: 82) Steven Shane Atkinson (M: 48) James Edward Atkisson (M: 45)
Lucy Aubrey (M: 38) Berryhill Clay Augusta (M: 51) Selzer James Aurther (M: 69)
Billy Gene Austin (M: 61) David Lloyd Austin (M: 67) David Lloyd Austin (M: 67)
Paul Glenn Austin (M: 45) Ronald Earle Austin (M: 60) Todd Evan Austin (M: 41)
Charles Mandel Austin (M: 29) Thomas Walter Averett (M: 43) Lee Edison Averett (M: 46)
Thomas Walter Averette (M: 42) Jerry Lewis Averitt (M: 47) Anthony Vincent Avery (M: 44)
Freddie James Avery (M: 45) Walter Jamar Avery (M: 37) Robert Leonard Avery (M: 49)
Anthony Vincent Avery (M: 44) Randy Joe Ayers (M: 45)

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