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All sex offender files currently in our database from West Virginia and located in the city/town of Parkersburg are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search West Virginia sex offender information.

James Edward Arnold (M: 37) Justin Adam Ash (M: 25) Branton Delaney Ashcraft (M: 23)
John Phillip Bailey (M: 39) Shawn Jason Bailey (M: 34) George Willis Baker (M: 37)
William Clarence Barber (M: 41) Robert Michael Barrows (M: 57) Phillip Andrew Baughman (M: 27)
Michael Anthony Baxter (M: 42) John Lloyd Bell (M: 39) Charles Alan Bentz (M: 62)
Danny Ray Bias (M: 48) Paul Edward Bibbee (M: 46) Alisha Dianne Bissell (F: 48)
Allen Endres Blizzard (M: 66) Gene Thomas Bohone (M: 24) Ernest Wade Boley (M: 33)
Clifton Harvey Bond (M: 26) Paul Edward Bostic (M: 34) Ronald Lee Boyd (M: 50)
Marshall Ray Boyles (M: 29) James Stewart Brannon (M: 61) Clyde Albert Brookover (M: 50)
Melissa K Brown (F: 25) John Francis Buksar (M: 43) Henrietta Carpenter (F: 49)
Roger Blaine Carpenter (M: 45) Chad Eric Cheuvront (M: 37) William Daniel Cline (M: 50)
James Anthony Cohen (M: 36) Christopher Dewayne Collins (M: 32) Michael David Combs (M: 33)
Matthew James Cornell (M: 28) Solomon Nathaniel Cottrill (M: 26) Brian Carl Craig (M: 41)
Gary Marden Cunningham (M: 70) Michael Edward Cunningham (M: 40) Edward Leon Davis (M: 28)
Gary Ray Delaney (M: 46) Michael J Dixon (M: 49) James Edward Dornan (M: 29)
Greg Alan Duley (M: 33) Joseph Scott Durrette (M: 31) Dale Clifford Earl (M: 55)
Richard Lee Farley (M: 55) Sean Ray Ferrebee (M: 42) Frank Edward Fulmer (M: 55)
John Richard Gallant (M: 75) Terry Mitchell Gibson (M: 31) Shawn Casey Gray (M: 26)
Michael Allen Gregory (M: 44) Worthey Jeanious Gregory (M: 57) Edna Carla Grimm (F: 60)
Joseph Terrance Grondin (M: 56) Curtis Russell Haislep (M: 34) Marc A Hanks (M: 47)
Marc Alyn Hanks (M: 47) Gary Lee Hendershot (M: 50) Michael Todd Henline (M: 42)
Timothy Paul Hively (M: 60) David Michael Huffman (M: 44) Jeffrey Allen Hughart (M: 44)
Joseph Allen Hunt (M: 35) Kenneth Allen Hutson (M: 32) Scott Armand Jalbert (M: 46)
Robert Allen Johnson (M: 32) Charles Raymond Joy (M: 42) Thomas Steven Kays (M: 63)
James Marshall Keefer (M: 34) Charles William Keith (M: 71) John Albert Kimble (M: 80)
Gilbert Owen King (M: 63) Paul Arthur King (M: 55) Timothy John King (M: 47)
Michael Amos Koon (M: 35) Anthony R Larrison (M: 30) William Heath Lattea (M: 38)
Charles William Leeson (M: 60) Bernard Eugene Lemon (M: 61) Robert Eugene Lemon (M: 39)
Chester Robert Lilly (M: 25) Paul Eugene Lott (M: 59) Clair Edgar Luckabaugh (M: 64)
Robert Rector Lynch (M: 66) Amanda Dawn Mackey (F: 29) Norman William Marks (M: 48)
Ronald Eugene Mason (M: 42) Terry Lynn Mcalarney (M: 54) Jonathan Michael Mcclung (M: 60)
Gurmel Lymann Mcdonald (M: 25) Scott Alan Mcmahan (M: 51) Patrick Henry Mcmillion (M: 55)
Ralph Dale Mcmullen (M: 49) Ralph Dale Mcmullen (M: 49) Dennis Paul Metz (M: 56)
Perry Samuel Mick (M: 63) John Paul Montgomery (M: 55) Robert Eugene Morris (M: 41)
Steven Lee Morris (M: 49) Frank Lee Mulneix (M: 50) Robert Allen Nickols (M: 35)
Ronald Russell Nutter (M: 43) Andrew Tracy Oldaker (M: 37) David Bryan Oliver (M: 50)
Derek Allen Parsons (M: 50) Matthew Michael Piotrowski (M: 63) Matthew Piotrowski (M: 63)
Vann Robert Porter (M: 49) Michael Thomas Powell (M: 23) Perry Alan Rader (M: 53)
Michael Ray Reed (M: 58) Dale Leroy Richards (M: 47) John Manis Richards (M: 48)
Raymond Rolley Richards (M: 37) Howard Leslie Riggs (M: 44) Edwin Allen Roberts (M: 53)
Charles Junior Rockhold (M: 45) David Lee Rowe (M: 36) Donald Jerald Ruddelsden (M: 76)
William Raymond Runnion (M: 46) Daniel Lee Sams (M: 41) Michael David Sams (M: 40)
Edward Leon Schwalbe (M: 44) Patrick Bevin Seaman (M: 37) William Allen Shann (M: 35)
David Marion Shelton (M: 76) James Charles Shepard (M: 43) Terry C Sindledecker (M: 54)
David James Smearman (M: 25) Jason Scott Spiker (M: 38) Denver Lawrence Starcher (M: 55)
Junior Starcher (M: 43) Richard Milton Starkey (M: 53) John Marion Stephens (M: 76)
Christopher Michael Sullivan (M: 36) Terry Allen Tanner (M: 50) Larry Lester Tate (M: 45)
Randy Alan Thompson (M: 29) Thomas Glenn Townsend (M: 31) David Treadway (M: 65)
Patrick Morgan Trembly (M: 42) Charles Francis Turner (M: 52) Charles Howard Velten (M: 31)
Steven Allen Wagoner (M: 44) Steven W Wagoner (M: 27) Murl Leonard Weaver (M: 55)
David Douglas Weese (M: 50) Daniel Gary West (M: 39) Ronald Farriss West (M: 47)
Paul Michael David Westfall (M: 33) William Allan Whitlatch (M: 35) Roger Lee Wigal (M: 66)
Matthew John Wiggins (M: 39) Anthony David Williams (M: 51) Daniel N/A Wilson (M: 61)
Willard Rex Wright (M: 71) Richard Lee Marvin (M: 54) Robert Allen Christiansen (M: 62)
Michael Paul Conn (M: 37) Daniel Lee Sams (M: 41) John Manis Richards (M: 48)
Ernest Nolan Starkey (M: 54) Ernest Wade Boley (M: 33) Charles Raymond Joy (M: 42)
James Edward Arnold (M: 47) John Phillip Bailey (M: 39) William Clarence Barber (M: 41)
David Allen Barker (M: 39) Ronnie Wayne Bell (M: 45) Paul Beni (M: 60)
Clifton Allen Bennett (M: 45) Danny Ray Bias (M: 48) Alisha D Bissell (F: 48)
Allen E Blizzard (M: 66) Paul Edward Bostic (M: 34) Ronald Lee Boyd (M: 50)
Clyde A Brookover (M: 50) Wilbur Lewis Buchanan (M: 50) Lloyd Dale Buckhannon (M: 58)
Harold Lee Daniels Carr (M: 51) James T Childress (M: 49) Michael Edward Cunningham (M: 40)
Greg Alen Duley (M: 33) Shawn Ray Ferrebee (M: 42) Calvin Lee Ferrell (M: 56)
Joseph Russell Frazier (M: 40) Edna C Grimm (F: 60) Gary Lee Hendershot (M: 50)
Robert Allen Johnson (M: 32) Charles William Keith (M: 71) Paul A King (M: 55)
Michael Amos Koon (M: 35) Paul Edward Lott (M: 59) Clair Edgar Luckabaugh (M: 64)
Denver Neal Lynch (M: 74) Amanda Dawn Mackey (F: 29) Scott Allen Mcmahan (M: 51)
John Paul Montgomery (M: 55) Frank K Norman (M: 55) Derek Allen Parsons (M: 50)
Michael Ray Reed (M: 58) Dale Leroy Richards (M: 47) Charles Junior Rockhold (M: 45)
Edward Leon Schwalbe (M: 44) William Alan Shann (M: 35) James Charles Shepard (M: 43)
Willis D Starcher (M: 43) John Marion Stephens (M: 76) Charles Francis Turner (M: 52)
Murl Leonard Weaver (M: 55) David Douglas Weese (M: 50) Michael Whytsell (M: 36)
Daniel Wilson (M: 61) Paul Edward Bostic (M: 34) Terry M Gibson (M: 31)
Robert E Morris (M: 35) Andrew Tracy Oldaker (M: 37) Earl Rowland Pickering (M: 48)
Brian Duane Shann (M: 34) Lewis Warren Smarr Jr (M: 31) Matthew J Wiggins (M: 39)
Gary Ray Dulaney (M: 46) Michael David Sams (M: 40) Steven Wayne Wagoner (M: 27)
Scott Joseph Byers (M: 29) Edward Leon Davis (M: 28) Steven Lee Morris (M: 49)
Phillip A Baughman (M: 27) Michael Anthony Baxter (M: 42) James Edward Dornan (M: 29)
David Michael Huffman (M: 44) Jeffrey Allen Hughart (M: 44) William Howard Butcher (M: 53)
Perry Alan Rader (M: 53) Raymond Rolley Richards (M: 37) Paul Beni (M: 60)
Herbert Bess Iii (M: 40) Robert Allen Christiansen (M: 62) Brian Keith Miller (M: 48)
Lewis Warren Smarr (M: 31) Daniel Allen Bundy (M: 50) Robert E Milburn Ii (M: 23)
John Phillip Bailey (M: 39) Herbert Bess (M: 40) Danny Lee Boggs (M: 66)
Donald Eugene Buckbee (M: 55) James Thomas Childress (M: 49) Michael John Dixon (M: 49)
David Alan Full (M: 47) John Jay Haddox (M: 43) Paul Arthur King (M: 55)
Dennis Paul Metz (M: 56) Robert E Milburn (M: 23) Robert Eugene Morris (M: 35)
Vann Robert Porter (M: 49) Norman Ratliff (M: 56) Murl Leonard Weaver (M: 55)
Ronald Farriss West (M: 47) Paulmichael David Westfall (M: 37) Earl R Pickering (M: 48)
Richard Lee Mcelfresh (M: 53)

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