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All sex offender files currently in our database from West Virginia and located in the city/town of Huntington are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search West Virginia sex offender information.

James Ray Brock (M: 64) Allen Lee Littlejohn (M: 41) Charles William Valentine (M: 42)
Eric Keith Adkins (M: 37) Joseph Ralph Adkins (M: 64) Timothy David Ahler (M: 48)
Habib Amir Ali (M: 63) Troy Lewis Aliff (M: 47) Norman Jesse Allred (M: 72)
Shawn Dale Ashworth (M: 32) Joseph David Baggett (M: 29) Roger Lee Bailey (M: 59)
Ryan Kendall Bartram (M: 31) Vincent Lyle Baumgardner (M: 50) Ricky Dale Beckelheimer (M: 51)
Merlin C Bentley (M: 84) Jerry Leo Berry (M: 72) Robert Lee Berry (M: 59)
Jon Allen Bias (M: 63) Vernon Black (M: 44) Jermaine Leonard Blakely (M: 33)
Matthew Paul Bolen (M: 36) Robert Dale Bolen (M: 51) Claude Russell Brown (M: 53)
Michael Carl Butler (M: 46) John Russell Byrom (M: 42) Joe Carico (M: 60)
Michael Allen Carpenter (M: 59) Anthony Dwane Carter (M: 56) Joseph Chapman (M: 28)
Travis Dale Chapman (M: 32) Harry Edward Cleveland (M: 54) Paul Ray Coal (M: 45)
Paul Mack Collins (M: 73) Michael Paul Conn (M: 37) Roger Allen Cornell (M: 52)
Ronald Eugene Crank (M: 46) Albert Odell Cremeans (M: 49) David Allen Cremeans (M: 51)
Ralph P Croff (M: 38) Marc David Dailey (M: 56) Robert Eugene Darrah (M: 47)
Charles Michael Davis (M: 49) Frederick Edward Davis (M: 69) Pablo Banuelos Diaz (M: 55)
Thomas J Donohoe (M: 76) Carl Bryon Eblin (M: 58) Charles Delane Edwards (F: 59)
Ray Melvin Evans (M: 68) Tommy Farris (M: 48) Billy Joe Ferguson (M: 58)
Marvin Lewis Fletcher (M: 68) Franklin Leo Fox (M: 49) Raymond Lee Frazier (M: 40)
William Harold Friary (M: 43) William Friary (M: 43) Samuel D Frye (M: 53)
William Nathaniel Gatewood (M: 49) Stephen Allen Gayhart (M: 60) James Wellington Gibson (M: 49)
William M Gibson (M: 34) Paul Berthold Gillispie (M: 52) Roger Dale Gilpin (M: 29)
Michael Gene Graybill (M: 40) Leo Hammond (M: 87) Steve Edward Hart (M: 49)
Garland David Hensley (M: 47) John Bruce Higginbotham (M: 24) William Lester Holley (M: 56)
David Scott Huff (M: 48) Mark Allen Huff (M: 45) Brian Lee Jones (M: 37)
Freddie Edward Jones (M: 79) Gregory Lee Jones (M: 50) Walter Clyde Keck (M: 49)
Jimmy William Keller (M: 51) Jason Ray Kilgour (M: 38) Charles Anthony Langhorn (M: 54)
Charles Langhorn (M: 54) Larry Brian Lathrop (M: 42) Donald Martin Lawson (M: 34)
Charles Bernard Legg (M: 58) Dennis Joe Legrand (M: 33) Billy Ray Lewis (M: 42)
Joel M Little (M: 36) Robert Matthew Lowe (M: 24) Bruce Allen May (M: 50)
Kevin Andrew Mayhugh (M: 46) James A Mcalary (M: 23) Jeffrey Adam Mcclure (M: 51)
Edward Scott Mcdonald (M: 49) John Clifford Meachem (M: 55) John Clifford Meachem (M: 55)
Autumn Marie Meadows (F: 31) Stephen Dale Meadows (M: 42) Edward Roy Miller (M: 51)
Keith Howard Mills (M: 37) Herbert Lee Monk (M: 58) Bryan C Murphy (M: 21)
Diane Lynn Murphy (F: 48) William Mansfield Myers (M: 45) Christopher Mark Obrian (M: 38)
Earl Thomas Parsons (M: 25) James Calvin Parsons (M: 49) Harrison William Payne (M: 67)
Clifford Douglas Pelfrey (M: 29) Roger Lee Pemberton (M: 64) Bruce Richard Penley (M: 39)
Bobby Eugene Pennington (M: 66) Robert Thomas Phillips (M: 63) Tracy Lamont Phillips (M: 42)
Danny Lee Plymale (M: 33) Lonnie William Reed (M: 65) Jeff Scott Rice (M: 43)
Charles Lee Ritchie (M: 31) Charles M Roach (M: 65) Raymond Dale Roe (M: 61)
Harold H Russell (M: 42) Chance Aric Sanders (M: 40) Delbert Lee Sayles (M: 64)
William Lee Scarberry (M: 59) Marvin L Scott (M: 35) Kevin Kel Segoviano (M: 25)
Mark Allen Shannon (M: 51) Mark Anthony Sheckles (M: 48) Mark E Sims (M: 41)
Robert Alan Slater (M: 36) William F Slone (M: 60) Joseph Stephen Spence (M: 63)
Patrick James Stapleton (M: 45) Clinton Ray Stewart (M: 60) Todd Michael Stewart (M: 32)
Robert Lee Stinson (M: 52) Winfred Gene Stubblefield (M: 42) Lloyd Oscar Thornhill (M: 33)
Kim Curtis Trussell (M: 52) Charles William Valentine (M: 42) Christopher Eric Vance (M: 42)
Steven R Vander-Vlist (M: 61) Stephen Edward Vargo (M: 36) Brendan George Vilone (M: 25)
James Kenneth Watts (M: 73) Wako Dale Wintz (M: 33) Dennis Patrick Woodard (M: 43)
Charles Edward Woods (M: 29) Steven Norris Woollard (M: 47) Donald Lee Worden (M: 40)
Donald Worden (M: 40) Joel Michael Little (M: 36) Allen Lee Littlejohn (M: 41)
Benjamin Jefferson Adkins (M: 52) Carl Edward Adkins (M: 68) Timothy David Ahler (M: 48)
Troy Lewis Aliff (M: 47) Russell Robert Allard (M: 50) Shawn Dale Ashworth (M: 32)
Roger Lee Bailey (M: 59) Gary Lee Basenback (M: 44) Ricky Dale Beckelhimer (M: 51)
Merlin C Bentley (M: 84) Robert Dale Bolen (M: 51) David Wayne Browning (M: 39)
Michael Carl Butler (M: 46) John Russell Byrom (M: 42) Michael Allen Carpenter (M: 59)
Harry Edward Cleveland (M: 54) Herbert Collier (M: 48) Collis R Cornell (M: 59)
David Allen Cremeans (M: 51) Marc David Dailey (M: 56) Thomas J Donohoe (M: 76)
Carl Bryon Eblin (M: 58) Raymond Lee Frazier (M: 40) James W Gipson (M: 49)
Paul Berthold Gillispie (M: 52) Leo Hammond (M: 87) William Lester Holley (M: 56)
David Scott Huff (M: 48) Robert Dewitt Jackson (M: 59) Mark Randell Johnson (M: 57)
James William Keller (M: 51) Danny Lee Long (M: 33) John Clifford Meachem (M: 55)
Diane L Murphy Brown (F: 48) Christopher Mark Obrian (M: 38) Bobby Eugene Pennington (M: 66)
Jesse Ray Philips (M: 45) Carl Edward Ruley (M: 69) Willard Wesley Shoop (M: 48)
Ivan Matthew Short (M: 27) Mark Everett Sims (M: 41) William Frederick Slone (M: 60)
Patrick James Stapleton (M: 45) Winifred G Stubblefield Jr (M: 42) Charles W Valentine (M: 42)
James Kenneth Watts (M: 73) John Howard Williams (M: 53) Danny R Wolfe (M: 56)
Dennis Patrick Woodard (M: 43) Sean Paul Lindsley (M: 53) Charles E Woods Jr (M: 29)
Don Osborne (M: 41) Phillip Scott Adkins (M: 33) Bruce R Penley (M: 39)
Harold Holt Russell (M: 42) Russell H Coubert (M: 42) David Crockett Alexander (M: 56)
Robert L Bubier (M: 67) Roger Allen Cornell (M: 52) Ronald Eugene Crank (M: 46)
Thomas Egnor Farris (M: 48) Steven Edward Hart (M: 49) John Henry Lambert (M: 31)
Roger Lee Pemberton (M: 64) Charles Allen Schritter (M: 63) Stephen Edward Vargo (M: 36)
James Paul Walden (M: 53) Robert Thomas Phillips (M: 63) Alicia Renee Collis (F: 30)
Stephen Paul Hartwell (M: 46) Marvin Lewis Fletcher (M: 68) William M Myers (M: 45)
Stephen Allen Gayhart (M: 60) Matthew Paul Bolen (M: 36) Garland David Hensley (M: 47)
Jerry Leo Berry (M: 72) Billy Ray Shamblin (M: 60) Marcus Vonkeith Moore (M: 40)
Mark Allen Shannon (M: 51) Mark Anthony Sheckles (M: 48) Arlington Don Birkbeck (M: 38)
William H Friary (M: 43) Donald Lee Worden (M: 40) David Crockett Alexander (M: 56)
Joseph Russell Frazier (M: 40) Apolinar Garza (M: 48) Stephen Allen Gayhart (M: 60)
Mark Randall Johnson (M: 57) James Leonard Riley (M: 34) Timothy Wayne Ward (M: 49)
Shawn Eric Winemiller (M: 39) Danny Ray Wolfe (M: 56) Stephen Paul Hartwell (M: 46)
Mark Anthony Sheckles (M: 48) Russell Allen Black (M: 46) Howard Eugene Burns (M: 41)
John Russell Byrom (M: 42) Raymond Lee Frazier (M: 40) James A Mcalary (M: 23)
William Mansfield Myers (M: 45) Joseph Roy Plybon (M: 27) Harold H Russell (M: 42)
Jonathan Lee Snider (M: 30) Stephen Edward Vargo (M: 36) Charles Edward Woods (M: 29)
Vernon Black (M: 44) Stephen L Etheridge (M: 29) Duane Edward Murphy (M: 47)
Lora Renee Richardson (F: 42)

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