Sex Offender Profile Directory : Wisconsin : Janesville

All sex offender files currently in our database from Wisconsin and located in the city/town of Janesville are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Wisconsin sex offender information.

Eric Dixon (M: 28) Kenneth A Ackerman (M: 49) Jesse D Adams (M: 21)
David W Anderson (M: 60) Lawrence B Applegate (M: 71) Kenneth Ashmore (M: 49)
Michael D Asmus (M: 55) Scott E Ayers (M: 45) Lance A Barker (M: 47)
Bryan M Barkey (M: 27) Leo L Bartle (M: 50) Walter W Bartle (M: 61)
Alvin R Batiste (M: 46) Jeffrey J Becker (M: 38) Gary E Bellrichard (M: 50)
Charles L Bernard (M: 54) Ronald E Boatright (M: 58) Ronald Eugene Boatwright (M: 60)
Ronald E Boatwright (M: 57) Thomas A Borgwardt (M: 41) Donald W Bouche (M: 51)
Alfred L Bowen (M: 47) Tyshaun Bowman (M: 23) James R Braya (M: 31)
James N Brieske (M: 49) Dale G Brown (M: 69) John Brown (M: 43)
Robert L Brown (M: 56) Justin A Buchholz (M: 30) Steven J Buckner (M: 56)
Ricky L Buggs (M: 60) Russell E Bunderson (M: 61) Gerald L Campton (M: 53)
Bruce L Cappis (M: 26) Eric N Carlson (M: 47) Angel M Castillo (M: 38)
Blake M Caswell (M: 29) Jamie R Clough (M: 35) Kirk W Clowes (M: 41)
James M Coke (M: 42) Jimmy Lee Colville (M: 48) Jesse J Conn (M: 54)
Deirick Deon Conner (M: 42) Duane R Cook (M: 56) Duane R Cook (M: 55)
James M Cooke (M: 34) Christopher Crosby (M: 49) Ieem Currie (M: 31)
Darick A Dary (M: 32) Anthony A Dean (M: 36) Kenneth E Dean (M: 68)
Rodney D Devoll (M: 46) Daniel B Dickson (M: 58) Seth G Dilocker (M: 34)
Michael D Donnelly (M: 55) Raymond F Drays (M: 65) William J Dummer (M: 50)
David K Ellis (M: 47) Alfred Emerson (M: 40) Buddy L Ewers (M: 60)
Steven D Ewing (M: 45) Chris M Farlinger (M: 36) David G Feavel (M: 56)
Logan D Ferguson (M: 23) Johnny Fernandez (M: 32) David L Ferris (M: 22)
Joseph A Fields (M: 50) Joshua A Finley (M: 34) Philip Francoeur (M: 51)
Tony R Frank (M: 42) Michael R Fraser (M: 46) Kent J Frick (M: 49)
Kenton J Frick (M: 46) Termaine M Garrett (M: 24) Angela Giddley (F: 34)
Jeffrey W Glynn (M: 60) Jeremy D Goldberg (M: 27) Robert S Gransee (M: 30)
Chad M Graves (M: 35) Howard L Graves (M: 55) Steven C Gray (M: 50)
Steven C Gray (M: 49) David C Haas (M: 63) David C Haas (M: 63)
Andrew S Hammett (M: 24) Gilman C Hanson (M: 68) Henry E Hardnett (M: 49)
Steven Scot Harmon (M: 46) Harlyn H Harris (M: 69) Gordon W Harrison (M: 53)
Thomas J Hassinger (M: 50) Obea Hayes (M: 53) Bruce J Hazlett (M: 59)
Christopher M Hebble (M: 37) Kevin A Helwig (M: 43) Larry Henderson (M: 54)
Todd Hitchcock (M: 46) Terrance Hodges (M: 46) Ronald Hodgson (M: 42)
David Hoffmann (M: 61) Christopher R Hollmann (M: 40) Daniel J Howard (M: 31)
Dean A Howarth (M: 80) Duane Allen Huber (M: 57) Duane A Huber (M: 57)
Eric J Hubert (M: 36) Kevin G Isensee (M: 27) Allen B Johnson (M: 67)
Cory L Johnson (M: 43) Robert R Johnson (M: 30) Rodney E Jones (M: 46)
Ronald L Kahl (M: 54) Wayne A Kalscheuer (M: 57) Allan Kaplan (M: 36)
Robbie E Kaplan (M: 34) Jason Lindsey Kay (M: 37) Jason L Kay (M: 35)
Polly Jo Keith (F: 53) George E Kern (M: 67) Luke Kessell (M: 55)
Benjamin W King (M: 38) Ralph G Kingsley (M: 61) Duane L Klobes (M: 58)
Theodore E Krapf (M: 32) Craig S Krueger (M: 51) Stephan L Krueger (M: 47)
Jerome F Kuter (M: 41) Kip M Lecher (M: 57) Kevin R Lewis (M: 36)
Charles E Lindquist (M: 62) Brett W Lochowicz (M: 39) John F Lovaas (M: 61)
Johnn F Lovaas (M: 61) Matthew A Low (M: 27) James M Ludeking (M: 32)
Larry E Lumsden (M: 29) Curtis J Mackey (M: 52) Leon J Maiers (M: 34)
Stormy G Martin (F: 40) Charles J Masin (M: 50) Charles R Mathews (M: 63)
Leonard C Matson (M: 41) Michael Mcbride (M: 38) David Meicher (M: 62)
Larry L Miller (M: 50) Chad Ryan Moan (M: 34) Jeffrey A Montour (M: 44)
Dorothy M Moore (F: 24) Douglas L Moore (M: 53) Willie Morris (M: 46)
Anthony T Multon (M: 39) Timothy W Murphy (M: 41) James E Nain (M: 50)
Charles P Nampel (M: 63) Denise D Newman (F: 47) Patrick L Nicely (M: 34)
Aaron J Nickel (M: 38) Herman North (M: 57) Raymond J Nowak (M: 56)
Kenneth L Olson (M: 73) David L Ott (M: 55) Robert William Pastorius (M: 51)
Robert W Pastorius (M: 51) Charles B Paul (M: 62) Thomas J Payne (M: 40)
Joseph E Peterson (M: 43) Eugene G Philippi (M: 34) Lloyd R Pitzen (M: 62)
Lee A Poffenberger (M: 30) Shawn M Pope (M: 34) Donnie E Powell (M: 39)
Michael R Powers (M: 37) Chris A Preuss (M: 39) Dylan R Quick (M: 20)
Le Roy M Quillman (M: 44) Mark Radtke (M: 34) Ronald H Reeves (M: 42)
James S Reins (M: 43) Scott R Rhead (M: 39) Joe Henry Rhynes (M: 65)
Jeremiah R Robinson (M: 37) Terrell D Rogers (M: 32) Larry C Ross (M: 67)
Daniel P Sagen (M: 30) Brandon Sanders (M: 37) Gary R Sanford (M: 60)
Aaron M Sawle (M: 28) Mark Schilberg (M: 56) Kurt A Schneider (M: 34)
Keith A Schraut (M: 47) Leslie A Seales (M: 50) Billy G Shear (M: 76)
Rickey D Shear (M: 30) David J Sheridan (M: 52) David G Sherman (M: 32)
Thomas L Simms (M: 40) William D Skogen (M: 41) Perry L Smith (M: 44)
Tracy W Snyder (M: 44) Michelle L Sontag-Reed (F: 34) Eric P Sornson (M: 37)
Steven M Spangler (M: 53) Ferdinand H Sparger (M: 36) Jeremy R Spencer (M: 33)
Shawn M Spoden (M: 39) Chris J Stacy (M: 32) Ronald J Stafford (M: 48)
Corey Standfield (M: 34) Brandon Stevens (M: 29) Scott W Stevenson (M: 44)
Eugene Stewart (M: 56) Eugene Stewart (M: 56) Donald J Stibbe (M: 51)
Leroy James Stuhr (M: 48) Ryan P Sully (M: 35) Michael R Suski (M: 28)
John J Sweeney (M: 59) Derek Tabbert (M: 28) Thomas W Tans (M: 40)
Thomas G Tatge (M: 48) Joseph R Tatro (M: 33) Tilford O Thompson (M: 66)
John P Titus (M: 69) Adrian M Toban (M: 33) Joel Trujillo (M: 27)
Joseph E Tuescher (M: 44) Thomas N Turner (M: 35) Wayne L Uhe (M: 52)
Raymond R Unrine (M: 61) Eduardo Vela (M: 39) William Vorpagel (M: 64)
Daniel J De Voy (M: 48) Terrence Waller (M: 59) Terrence L Waller (M: 59)
Randy D Walter (M: 54) James T Wegert (M: 39) David M Welge (M: 66)
David M Welge (M: 66) Joe L Wendt (M: 34) Gerald P Werner (M: 49)
David J Whaley (M: 33) Royal D White (M: 78) Catlin C Wiese (M: 24)
Joshua Paul Wildman (M: 35) Roger A Wilson (M: 63) Jamie J Wiser (M: 34)
Robert A Wunderlin (M: 50) Robert Yancey (M: 41) Daniel W Yoder (M: 44)
Markis D Crenshaw (M: 24) Darrell Lee Clark (M: 51) Rondell C Purifoy (M: 40)
Anthony Martinez Cardona (M: 29) Leon Jeffrey Maiers (M: 35) Stacy A Caudle (M: 46)
Robert L Grimes (M: 68) Steven J Palmer (M: 38) Shawn S Oleary (M: 47)
Paul Sowatzki (M: 46) Rex Streuly (M: 46) Larry Lee Miller (M: 50)
Jeffrey D Spanton (M: 44) John F Sullivan (M: 63) William J Kamstra (M: 27)
Mark R Petersen (M: 35) Roger E Thompson (M: 53) Diane L Nimtz (F: 40)
Steven M Beyer (M: 19) Gary Samela (M: 48) Jeremy C Schade (M: 30)
James W Snyder (M: 46) Everett R Olander (M: 48) Ryan P Sully (M: 35)
Mark E Graves (M: 38) Dennis E Norton (M: 54) Jacob D Sennett (M: 18)
Codie M Dailey (M: 19) Kenneth J Raney (M: 49) David M Yoshikane (M: 48)
James Edward Nain (M: 50) Randolph J Schneider (M: 54) Samuel L Brooks (M: 22)
Michael J Sellers (M: 40)

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