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All sex offender files currently in our database from Utah and located in the city/town of Taylorsville are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Utah sex offender information.

Allen Duane Aerts (M: 51) Kalil Kamel Al-Bander (M: 42) Rafael David Askie (M: 30)
Karl Edwin Bayman (M: 33) Benjamin Thor Benson (M: 30) Lynn Jeffrey Bernhard (M: 64)
Ronald Erick Boyer (M: 42) Jay Walter Burke (M: 65) Larry Chris Burt (M: 50)
Douglas Lynn Carter (M: 60) Aaron Ron Case (M: 39) Joel Antone Christensen (M: 27)
Matthew Ivan Christensen (M: 35) Heather Anne Cloward (F: 35) Ok Casey Connett (M: 55)
Nicholas Dean Crane (M: 29) Jeremy Sky Crawford (M: 36) Gary Lloyd Crum (M: 47)
Jacob Irving Cunningham (M: 23) Frank James Dade (M: 53) George Richard Davie (M: 55)
William Edward Davis (M: 49) Rick Loren Denison (M: 53) Bryson Lee Dillman (M: 27)
Craig S Doman (M: 55) Raymond Leroy Duke (M: 76) Robert Lee Flague (M: 60)
Jeremy James Fresquez (M: 41) Clinton Walker Gerrard (M: 32) Richard Ryan Golightly (M: 41)
Wayne David Hall (M: 53) David Converse Harris (M: 63) Michael P Hawes (M: 31)
Lynn Milton Hill (M: 60) Stephan D Hintz (M: 29) Delona R Houchin (F: 33)
Jeremiah Joseph Houchin (M: 35) Donald Wilbur Hugli (M: 42) Gregory L Jackson (M: 50)
Colin Jenkins (M: 47) Daniel Lightfoot Jepperson (M: 31) Aaron Otto Jepsen (M: 28)
Wesley Johnson (M: 65) Darrell F Kidman (M: 78) Anthony Donald King (M: 35)
Wai Kit Kwan (M: 39) Maurilio Ledesma-Soria (M: 34) Dion Seth Lee (M: 45)
Rex Lee Lewis (M: 48) Nicholaus Michael Lueck (M: 32) Albert Hernande Martinez (M: 65)
Deon Harris Mayhew (M: 66) Matthew Edward Mayhugh (M: 27) Jacob Thomas Maynes (M: 35)
Matthew Shawn Mcmullen (M: 52) Steven Robert Mears (M: 32) Bryan Grant Mildenhall (M: 59)
William Brent Munro (M: 41) Michael Gary Nielsen (M: 50) Alvin Henry Northrup (M: 52)
Vincent Michael Olsen (M: 23) Anthony George Padilla (M: 28) Paul Franklin Parry (M: 52)
Kevin Troy Poulson (M: 43) David Ralph Revie (M: 70) Dennis Milton Rogers (M: 64)
Claudio Rojo (M: 45) Wesley Allen Sarff (M: 51) William Robert Schwaar (M: 32)
David Rex Shosted (M: 45) Shane Nathan Sickler (M: 38) Joey Tony Soto (M: 32)
Timothy Charles Stoddard (M: 36) Eugene Stone (M: 44) David Llewellyn Taylor (M: 44)
Leonard A Valdez (M: 41) Richard Douglas Varney (M: 54) Brian Viehweger (M: 40)
Shawn Vo (M: 37) Kenneth Wayne (M: 47) Chris Michael Whitaker (M: 30)
Albert Wayne Wilkie (M: 33) Trey Roric Williams (M: 51) Jason Douglas Woods (M: 38)
Dale R Workman (M: 49) Jason Wright (M: 26) Steven Rich Wright (M: 62)
Stuart Bolton (M: 32) George Richard Davie (M: 55) Marlen Dale Terry (M: 75)
Launie Ray Wilson (M: 43) Keith Hymas Loveland (M: 40) Billy D Stands (M: 36)
Frank Edwin Murphy (M: 62) Alan Duane Aerts (M: 51) Karl Edwin Bayman (M: 36)
Andrew Stratton Bollard (M: 40) Jay Walter Burke (M: 67) Cory Scott Fullmer (M: 28)
Jesse William Garlick (M: 27) Andrew Jacob Harrie (M: 28) Michael P Hawes (M: 31)
Michelle Lorraine Hoxie (F: 37) Wesley Johnson (M: 65) Nathan Troy Litson (M: 30)
Brian Jay Macleod (M: 52) Kenneth Loren Marler (M: 35) Jacob Thomas Maynes (M: 35)
David Neal Mortensen (M: 56) Benjamin Thorto Overdiek (M: 38) William Bill Peck (M: 61)
David Rex Shosted (M: 48) Timothy Stoddard (M: 36) Shawn Vo (M: 37)
Jonathan Russell Giesbrecht (M: 30) Jared R Hyer (M: 31) Dustin Jorgenson (M: 41)
David Allen Matovich (M: 62) Guillermo S Mireles (M: 36) Robert K Moeai (M: 52)
Bryan Grant Mildenhall (M: 59) Cindy Astorga (F: 53) Benjamin Carlos Behunin (M: 42)
Benjamin Thor Benson (M: 30) John Robert Case (M: 58) Larry M Christensen (M: 78)
Christopher Michael Davis (M: 41) Craig S Doman (M: 55) Petelo Falaniko (M: 47)
Shane Barton Gundersen (M: 36) Harry R Poll (M: 75) Donald Rickert (M: 55)
Wesley Allen Sarff (M: 51) Donnie Ray Stephens (M: 29) Stephen S Thomasma (M: 39)
Lynn Bernhard (M: 64) Edward J Lewis (M: 51) Bryant James Sowsonicut (M: 37)
Brian Dean Shallenberger (M: 46) Eric Sullivan (M: 40) Michael David Wilbert (M: 49)
John Laray Kenner (M: 29) Jacob Hill (M: 29) Bradlee J Wiscombe (M: 27)
Jason Wright (M: 26) Christian Dean Peterson (M: 24) Troy Willard Trujillo (M: 44)
Anthony G Padilla (M: 28) Richard Douglas Varney (M: 54) Brad Keith Dahl (M: 33)
Lynn Milton Hill (M: 60) Jonathan Robert Trujillo (M: 26) Mark N Briske (M: 42)
Anthony Donald King (M: 35) Lincoln A Smith (M: 47) Raymond Leroy Duke (M: 76)
Cindy Astorga (F: 40) Michael Lee Burgess (M: 50) Frank Edwin Murphy (M: 59)
Kristopher E Kruckenberg (M: 23) Scott Isaac Kruger (M: 37) Jeffery Lynn Noorda (M: 38)

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