Sex Offender Profile Directory : Ohio : Newark

All sex offender files currently in our database from Ohio and located in the city/town of Newark are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Ronald Lee Armes (M: 25) Gregory Carl Abrams (M: 52) Lonnie J Aleshire (M: 41)
Michael Lee Allen (M: 47) Courtney Autumn Anderson (F: 31) Christina Ankrom (F: 34)
Michael Gilbert Avery (M: 57) William M Babcock (M: 35) Joseph William Bailey (M: 57)
Deirdre Jane Ball (F: 29) Thomas Sidney Ballard (M: 55) James Howard Banks (M: 47)
Stephen T Baum (M: 49) Steven Charles Belt (M: 57) Roger Black (M: 28)
Ralph E. Blanchette (M: 69) Robert E Blankenship (M: 27) Thomas M Bonham (M: 56)
Barrett Bowen (M: 54) Dale Lee Bowser (M: 47) Dennis W. Bradley (M: 43)
George E. Bragg (M: 70) Dennis Russell Bricker (M: 22) Jerome Ray Brown (M: 31)
Scott W Brumbaugh (M: 37) Deborah K Bruner (F: 46) James Burris (M: 59)
Mike Alden Bush (M: 44) Robert L Bush (M: 48) Michael Sherman Byers (M: 48)
Jesse Graham Cannoy (M: 62) Billy Joe Carroll (M: 57) Robin W. Cavinee (M: 55)
James F. Childers (M: 43) John L Church (M: 67) Bobby Clark (M: 32)
George Edward Clarke (M: 32) John Cline (M: 30) Michael Clouse (M: 32)
Clifford Colwell (M: 31) Frederick John Cortez (M: 52) John F Cortez (M: 46)
Thomas Edward Coss (M: 35) Ricky Lee Crane (M: 53) Ernest L. Crozier (M: 47)
Michael Dale Crozier (M: 58) Timothy L Cummings (M: 39) Danny Lee Dalton (M: 41)
David C Darling (M: 43) William F Darling (M: 53) Brian William Davis (M: 57)
Charles E Davis (M: 56) Joseph Elwood Davis (M: 27) Ronald Allan Davis (M: 61)
Scott Albert Davis (M: 27) Scott W Deckard (M: 34) Orville William Dennis (M: 65)
Ryan Christopher Dennison (M: 31) Larry A Denny (M: 75) Shelly M Devoll (F: 32)
Shelly Marie Devoll (F: 32) Gary L Dorsett (M: 50) Richard T Dunlap (M: 36)
Uriah M Dunn (M: 34) Michael James Dye (M: 34) Donald E Eckhart (M: 74)
Travis Eugene Edwards (M: 31) Charles B Ferrell (M: 62) Richard R Finch (M: 58)
Michael Dwayne Fisher (M: 22) Gregory Fitch (M: 37) Lawrence J Fogall (M: 65)
Roger D Fogle (M: 68) Casey L Frankenbery (M: 35) Joshua Tyler Franklin (M: 23)
Rodney Lee Frazier (M: 43) Gayth B. Freeman (M: 48) Ronald Lee Galiher (M: 47)
Robert Earl Gannon (M: 55) Don Everett Garven (M: 38) Francis Raymond Getter (M: 50)
Christopher D. Goodwin (M: 34) Jordan C Gravely (M: 24) Joseph Donald Green (M: 32)
William G Green (M: 53) Carl Edward Gruber (M: 29) Michael John Hamilton (M: 26)
Frank Madison Hampton (M: 43) Griffin E Harris (M: 55) Shawn Allen Hartrum (M: 32)
Harold R Harvey (M: 61) James H. Hayes (M: 84) Michael Eugene Haynes (M: 34)
Stephen Herzog (M: 44) Ronald D Hess (M: 46) Ronald Dean Hess (M: 46)
Brenda Hile (F: 46) Harvey Mason Holcomb (M: 75) Anthony C Hopper (M: 27)
Robert Jack Van Horn (M: 25) Christian Lee Hughes (M: 24) Nathaniel Max Hughes (M: 40)
Jerald Carl Hyatt (M: 64) John W Insley (M: 41) Luis Irizarry-Romero (M: 50)
Walter Jacks (M: 62) Robert Jeffrey (M: 32) Fred Joseph Jenkins (M: 58)
Russell E. Jewell (M: 59) John Lawrence Johnson (M: 54) Randy Johnson (M: 47)
David Michael Jones (M: 32) Jayson Darnell Jones (M: 28) Jesse M Jones (M: 37)
Garry L Kaylor (M: 51) David Allen Kerns (M: 33) Jeffrey Lee Kidd (M: 30)
Marion M. Kimball (M: 47) Lester David Kimble (M: 51) Robert Koval (M: 51)
Dennis E. Lamp (M: 34) Steven R. Lawhorn (M: 52) David Allan Lawson (M: 47)
Jerald W Lewis (M: 45) Donald Ray Limbaugh (M: 50) Robert C Linton (M: 53)
Jessie Lovell (F: 53) Benjamin D Lowry (M: 24) Kyle S Lyons (M: 26)
David Leroy Maher (M: 34) Danny Ray Maines (M: 50) Darrin E Marshall (M: 45)
Shawn Adam Martindale (M: 35) Elzie E. Maynard (M: 52) Thomas Maynard (M: 29)
Thomas Nathan Maynard (M: 29) Timothy L Mccall (M: 41) Crystal L Mcclain (F: 44)
Jacob Rawland Mccloy (M: 29) Frank James Mcdonald (M: 40) Nicholas Matthew Mcelroy (M: 27)
Ronald E. Mclaine (M: 28) Timothy Mcnabb (M: 255) Cary L Mcpherson (M: 39)
James Edward Mcpherson (M: 54) Michael G Mcquinn (M: 59) Jonathan J Mcwilliams (M: 20)
Freddie D Meade (M: 25) Ryan David Miller (M: 36) Joseph T Milton (M: 34)
Andrew Allen Mitchell (M: 45) Darel Jason Mitchell (M: 27) Eric Scott Mohler (M: 40)
Donald Edward Moore (M: 37) Steven Robert Moore (M: 54) Jason Edward Moran (M: 32)
David Ralph Myers (M: 54) Jeremy L. Nelson (M: 28) David Charles Neudecker (M: 64)
David Neudecker (M: 64) Dewey Nichols (M: 38) James H. Nichols (M: 47)
William A Oliver (M: 59) Christopher Scott Page (M: 36) Donald Edward Parker (M: 55)
Donald Edward Parker (M: 54) Shawn Patrick Parrish (M: 34) Christopher Patterson (M: 255)
Corey Michael Patterson (M: 34) Robert R Paynter (M: 53) Robert E Pearson (M: 55)
Robert D Pederson (M: 62) Brian Douglas Pennington (M: 38) Steven Lloyd Pennybaker (M: 52)
Ricky J Phillips (M: 49) William Stanley Phillips (M: 71) Frank Eugene Plummer (M: 25)
Rodney G Pollard (M: 52) William S Priest (M: 43) Lovell D. Lyfe Prince (M: 35)
Gloria Kay Pryor-Beluschok (F: 41) Brach Edward Radcliffe (M: 30) Lewis Tellman Reeves (M: 42)
Brandon Scott Reynard (M: 32) John Lee Richards (M: 53) John L Richards (M: 53)
Kevin Lynn Richter (M: 47) Kevin Lynn Richter (M: 47) Zachariah Rine (M: 29)
Samson Lee Rizor (M: 27) Robert Lee Roderick (M: 45) Paul Rosumenko (M: 26)
J Rodney Rothweiler (M: 35) Jonathan Carl Roush (M: 24) Robert Lee Ruebush (M: 90)
Terry James Sanders (M: 36) Neil Patrick Scanlon (M: 55) George T. Scarberry (M: 63)
Robert Schimpf (M: 34) Robert Ishmeal Schimpf (M: 34) Russell Francis Schimpf (M: 59)
Heath C Schotts (M: 40) Brad Louis Schweitzer (M: 29) Doug Joseph Sclafani (M: 44)
Tyler J. Scott (M: 26) Jeffrey C Seaton (M: 43) Charles Patrick Seitters (M: 32)
Joey David Shaffer (M: 33) Kaylon D Shamblin (M: 25) Larry Eugene Shaw (M: 71)
James Shekerko (M: 50) Robert D Shomaker (M: 30) James D. Shuster (M: 48)
James Robert Simmons (M: 53) Betty Jo Slone (F: 33) Carl H Smith (M: 65)
Gary Eugene Smith (M: 53) Gary Steven Smith (M: 30) Nathaniel Smith (M: 35)
William Dewain Snedeker (M: 32) Jacob Timothy Snelling (M: 33) Jessica Marie Spain (F: 33)
James Hobart Spears (M: 44) Joseph Spence (M: 38) Johnnie Ray Starkey (M: 34)
Peter A. Stewart (M: 76) Christina Marie Stone (F: 31) Joseph Mathew Stone (M: 32)
John Theodor Stouffer (M: 28) Kristopher T Stout (M: 37) Brian Paul Stutzman (M: 39)
Christopher Lee Sullivan (M: 24) Martin Lee Swingle (M: 56) Johnathan Jermele Sykes (M: 32)
John Arthur Tanner (M: 32) Joshua Adam Taylor (M: 25) Robert Eugene Temple (M: 76)
Emmette J. Thomas (M: 60) Jerimie J Thompson (M: 33) Robert Eugene Thompson (M: 43)
William L. Tornsburg (M: 31) Paul Destry Tracy (M: 48) Robert J. Trent (M: 42)
Michael Nolan Turner (M: 45) Gail Wesley Vermillion (M: 69) Robert M Vincent (M: 44)
Adam Rick Wallace (M: 36) Albert O Walters (M: 50) Alexander David Walton (M: 23)
Charles F Warman (M: 37) David Nelson Waters (M: 35) Mark N. Weakly (M: 52)
Johnny Edward Weiss (M: 59) Shad R. Welch (M: 31) Harold E Wells (M: 48)
Leroy Francis Wells (M: 44) John Fredric West (M: 56) John Alan Wharton (M: 29)
John William White (M: 44) Mark C Widebrook (M: 32) Marvin Allen Wielms (M: 27)
Thomas Eugene Wiley (M: 41) Carolyn Wilkins (F: 77) Coss William Joseph (M: 33)
Clarence Williams (M: 31) Matthew David Williams (M: 32) Nathan A Williams (M: 37)
Brian Edward Wilson (M: 49) Dickie D Winchell (M: 43) Jeremey David Winter (M: 33)
Raymond Workman (M: 51) William Audrey Worth (M: 29) Ronald Worthy (M: 38)
Purnell Daniel Yates (M: 45) Troy Louis Moran (M: 49) Joseph Elwood Davis (M: 27)
John R Cooperrider (M: 34) Tyler Deron Dorsey (M: 25) Charles R Gallagher (M: 35)
James O Gossett (M: 84) Barrington A Horne (M: 35) Raymond Lewis Kinser (M: 31)
Denny L Mcclain (M: 39) Chad A Mcmullen (M: 33) David Howard Park (M: 55)
Vickie M Warner (F: 63) Reuel Forest Wilson (M: 81) Darian Deshawn Highsmith (M: 29)
Rodney Hobbs (M: 81) Jason D Monk (M: 39) Ronald Dixon (M: 40)
William J Dube (M: 67) William B Green (M: 40) Mark Hurst (M: 59)
Eric Myers (M: 18) David A Nesser Jr (M: 41) William Shannon (M: 45)
Timothy J Specht (M: 58) Joseph K Vermaaten (M: 41) Brian G Wells (M: 26)
Nathen A Wiseman (M: 22) Ryan Matthew Dewitt (M: 22) Nicholas R Mcelfresh (M: 20)
Robert E Wince (M: 29) Robert L Burns (M: 52) Robert E Jones (M: 60)
Ronald E Lees (M: 20)

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